Bachchan — 325

“I am most pleasantly surprised by the interest that is being generated through this younger generation for poetry. Hindi poetry. I have lamented the disregard towards this medium for some time and still do. I express my fears to Abhishek and the lack of interest his generation has towards our mother tongue. He gives patient ear. I notice the improvement in his diction and style on speech, as I do from many others. This is a good sign. We must never ever allow our mother tongue to be hijacked by another culture. Accommodating others is healthy. We must do it with due respect and regard. But the essence of our lives will echo in the resonance of our Mother’s language.

The requests from readers for the translation of my Father’s works has prompted me on this topic. I am keen to do it for those that show interest, though my own acumen may just not be sufficient on the subject. But I will endeavor. Soon I hope. It will be my greatest joy. “

One Response to “Bachchan — 325”

  1. [from Rilke’s Duino Elegies in the Edward Snow translation:

    And death demands labor,
    a tying up of loose ends, before one has
    that first inkling of eternity.–But the living
    all make the same mistake: they distinguish too sharply.]


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