Golden Decade Honours to be given at IIFA 2009


Golden Decade HonoursIIFA Academy in its tenth year has decided to institute a special set of Awards to commemorate the last decade of Indian Cinema.

Therefore, celebrating the best of the best, it has put together nominations in five major categories for The Videocon IIFA Golden Decade Honours which will be announced at the IDEA IIFA Awards on the 13th of June, in Macau. The five categories are Star of the Decade – Male, Star of the Decade – Female, Movie of the Decade, Director of the Decade and Music of the Decade.

The nominations for the same are as follows

Star of the decade – Male: Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan.

Star of the decade: Female: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra.

Movie of the decade: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam – 2000; Kaho Na Pyaar Hai – 2001; Lagaan – 2002; Devdas – 2003; Kal Ho Na Ho – 2004; Veer Zaara – 2005; Black – 2006; Chak De India – 2008 and Rang De Basanti – 2007

Music of the decade: Taal – 2000 AR Rahman; Kaho Na Pyaar Hai – 2001 Rajesh Roshan; Lagaan – 2002 AR Rahman; Saathiya – 2003 AR Rahman; Kal Ho Na Ho – 2004 Shankar Ehsaan Loy; Veer Zaara – 2005 Madan Mohan; Bunty Aur Babli – 2006 Shankar Ehsan Loy; Rang De Basanti – 2007 AR Rahman and Guru – 2008 AR Rahman.

Director of the decade: Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Hum Dil De Chuke Saname 2000, Devdas 2003 & Black 2006; Rakesh Roshan – Kaho Na Pyaar Hai 2001 & Koi Mil Gaya 2004; Ashutosh Gowarikar – Lagaan 2002; Yash Chopra – Veer Zaara 2005; Raj Kumar Hirani – Lage Raho…. 2007 and Shimit Amin – Chak De India 2008.


20 Responses to “Golden Decade Honours to be given at IIFA 2009”

  1. My choices:

    Star of the Decade (male): Aamir (From Lagaan through Ghajini this arc is impossible to argue against)

    Star of the Decade (female): Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (seems to easily dwarf her contemporaries in most ways)

    Movie of the decade: within this list I’d give it to Lagaan.

    Music of the decade: Any Rahman would do!

    Director of the decade: Would give this one to Hirani because Gowariker with Aamir leaves in some doubt as to how much credit to give to the former especially since the following two films have been let’s say not as superior as products.


    • I agree with your choices except for Director. That would have to go to Gowariker (Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar) or even SLB (HDDCS, Devdas and Black) although some may not like his movies.

      BTW, how did Priyanka get on this list? What has she done that is memorable?


      • other than Rani no one should be on that list.


        • Rani? She is a good actress but most of her movies have been mediocre or bad and limited to big banners.

          I have to give this award to Aamir and Aishwarya based on their diversity of work and memorable roles.


          • Rani hasn’t been able to sustain what she had earlier but I still think she belongs as one of the top stars of the last decade.
            Aishwarya and Rani are the only 2 I say belong there from this list.


          • Agreed. Rani hasn’t been consistent but someone who’s done her mix of the commercial and the critically acclaimed needs to be taken seriously.


          • When on song she’s still my favorite actress from the entire post-Madhuri generation.


          • I’ve never been fan of Rani though I do recognize her ability in movies like BNB and Yuva.
            She just never captured my attention in other roles. The last role I liked her in was Saawariya. I thought she was good there and bettered what both Sonam and Ranbir did.


  2. why is taare zammen par missing??? only because the producer hasnt send the form????

    and abhisekh( with pain the unfulfilled talent) dont deserve to be in star of decade category….


    • Hmm, then Akshay and Salman should be removed from the list too. Akshay has given hits only recently and Salman is a lost cause since the end of the 90s. Plus at least Abhishek has critical acclaim for his roles and these two are not known for their acting ability.


      • I wouldn’t disagree..


      • I’m in utter agreement. You can make a vast case for many of the nominees not deserving to be on the list. But most just crib about Abhishek per usual.

        People who crib about Abhishek being included in the list of star of the decade forget that there are also others in both of the lists of actors and actresses that are nominated who are either low on hit movies, low on talent, low on skill, low on meaty definitive roles, low on critical acclaim, low on diverse movies, and low on having vast variety of roles in their careers.

        Abhishek has had hit movies in diverse genres the last 4 years. And while Abhishek does not have as many hit movies as some others that have been nominated. Abhishek more than makes up for it by having other important requirements like talent, skill, meaty definitive roles, critical acclaim, variety of roles, diverse movies, etc.

        It’s not a coincidence that Abhishek continues to be offered topnotch movies and roles. I think Abhishek deserves to be nominated just as much as the others. In the end the honours or awards belong to Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Bachchan. If fair play is executed then those two should both win.


        • hi eire & tyler
          (firtly I don’t believe if this awards r fair )

          so as u guys gphave pointed abt othrs in same category I primarily agree on behalf of all that hrithik, aamir & srk deserves there…

          so firstly name of aWard is STAR of decade & not actor of decade..(so if it was actor thn only aamir, big b would have made from mainstream)

          below is positive analysis of wat makes them desrve with combination of box office garnished with critical acclaim…(& not other way round)

          firstly akshay
          -he had foyr hits in a year
          -one time he nearly broke the record first week(sik)
          -critically zero marks
          – so he desreves 50-75% to be there

          -he had very good initial years acc to me…Hum dil de out out winner of one year…
          -many hits like mujse saadi karoge, partner,
          – no entry another big one of its year…
          -all negative points like..flop..big flop..etc
          40-60% desrves to be on list…

          if u take risk u need to get win…sadly he hasn’t…though as satyam knows nd I appreciate him for that…but common wat critical acclaim has to do with star of year…how many single top 3 grossers on his owm (except bnb)…sallu & akki got their stupid movies work…they r ultimately common mans star & not abhi..who gets a flop with d6 & drona…& that’s why he doesn’t deserve to be there…

          we all abhi fans need to have patience…for only our liking giving the undeserving the deserving lead over deserving isn’t it undeserving insult to abhi & all his fans….

          with all his flops & not working risk he cannot be termed star…though others have survived on mediocrity thn wat stopped abhi from doing it if only wanted to become he didn’t he chose to become & unfortunately he should pay his price….

          thus nyone feelng abt presence of others as n undeserving have got their definition of star…

          because there were once a moment for both akki & sallu wen they were either equal or above srk, aamir & hrithik on atleast box office….eg early 2000 for salman & one yr back for akkii….& in comparing abhi he’s been a kid among them ( a rising kid) but a kid..who has never been equal or better in this decade to srk aamir hrithik

          hrithik has smashed thrashed etc abhi in game star (not actor )…so we need to accept it

          we have a saying about talent skill etc the horse that doesn’t run on the day of dashera is no horse…same abhi infinite may be his talent skill but on paper i n reality he’s a avg performer…who will one day win but till that day he is not wat others have achieved atleast once in last decade though for howsoever small period of time a champion is champion …ie akki, sallu & not abhi
          btw hi satyam m back from xams

          critical acting makes u naseer bhai…not big b, srk..they r stars..& abhi..well he’s a raw diamond

          gn eire, tyler its hard to accept but abhi is nobody as of now to claim himself as a star….& with all due respect we need to respect the star quotient of sallu & akki….so though we may not consider sallu good enough but hey dus ka dum says a lot about star salman….


          • Completely disagree. I stand by my previous post from above. To even try to palm off Abhishek as somehow being a nobody is delusional in my opinion. As I stated we can all make a case of which actors or actress does not belong in the nominations based on different requirements. There are numerous requirements of being considered as a star in the entertainment industry. It is not just beholden to one requirement or trait. Like I have stated before its no coincidence that he continues to still be offered good movies, etc. Abhishek has indeed earned his place in the industry as an actor and a star. Abhishek has room to grow, improve, and learn in his career. But he is indeed a good versatile actor and yes a he’s a star.

            I’m going to suppose that the requirements for star of the decade is not just beholden to only hit movies or those actors or actresses who have the most hit movies in their career. Because otherwise Abhishek, Aishwarya, Kareena, and a few others on both lists would not be nominated. I’m also going to suppose that the requirements for star of the decade are not just beholden to talent, skill, variety in roles, diverse movies, or critical acclaim because if it was beholden to just these requirements then many of the actors and actresses like Akshay, Salman, Priyanka, etc would not be nominated on either list as well.

            It’s clear as day that many requirements have been taken into account for the nominations of star of the decade. I see no reason to carp about Abhishek being included in this list when he has indeed earned his merits for inclusion and belongs just as much as the others that have been nominated in my opinion. Abhishek won’t win nor should he win. At the end of the day Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Bachchan should win the awards. But I think Abhishek’s nomination is copesetic and nothing out of order.


  3. aby2000 Says:

    srk won’t be happy with this….he won’t take anything less than ‘star of the ‘millennium’……. 😉


  4. I have no doubt that Aishwarya will win the Actress of the decade. Rani is very limited to banners and her popularity is no where closer to Aish.


  5. eire-agree on aamir not on aishwarya…because none actress deserve to be star of the decade..none have dominated acc to me ….its been a mix bag and whosoever wins will actually be queen of beggars…


  6. jayshah Says:

    Pretty tough on the “star of the decade” debate. Purely box office and its a toss between Hrithik and SRK. But the stamp Aamir has had on the decade is hard to ignore. Lagaan, DCH, MP, RDB, Fanaa, TZP, JTYJN, Ghajini and finally 3 Idiots (expecting a good one here) is an impressive track record as a star/producer/director. He’s got the more memorable films to his name by a distance and with Ghajini he has shown he can be a match for anyone at the box office. But I would expect Hrithik/SRK to be front runners mainly as they have picked up more acting gongs in the time frame.

    Aish is the only convincing choice in the female choices – mainly since from the start of the decade to the end she’s a name that sticks out. Rani/Priety fizzled out by 2006 and others are not deserving enough.

    Film will go to Lagaan, find it hard to think of anything that will remotely give it any competition. To think films like KHNH and V-Z even make the grade is an insult!

    Music anything Rahman, I’d go with RDB mainly because of its youthfulness, multiplex orientated – kind of defines the era more than any of the other albums.

    Director, Gowariker for Lagaan – though Hirani for LRM is definitely a contender.


    • Good point on RDB. On star of the decade it’s a rather easy one for me as I suggested earlier — Aamir. SRK would have been my choice for the 90s. Not because he had the big ones but seemed to define ’90s values’ better than anyone else. But by the same token Aamir has better defined trends in this current decade. And has had success doing every kind of genre. Also has the historic grosser in Ghajini as well as an extraordinary international milestone in Lagaan. In terms of the box office Hrithik and SRK have a case for sure but I think the Aamir difference is precisely about the box office not being enough on its own.


  7. For actresses : a tie between Ash and Rani. Ash is more an icone than an BO killer but no other got her aura, international reputation and all. And Rani should receive something ’cause she’s one of the few who manage to mix with success (before being drugged by A. Chopra 🙂 )
    For actors, a tie between SRK and Aamir but Aamir should got it ’cause he’s managing his career better. SRK is doing too much stuff at the same time. He got so much power now that he thinks he can make money in one side, playing well, being a producer etc… but somewhere down the line he’s loosing something.


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