Bachchan — 403 (Bachchan refuses Queensland honor)

“I am simply overwhelmed by the volume of response that has come my way in the shape of comments and in the shape of votes to the POLL question. My gratitude has no bounds. I am without sufficient words or expression. I feel today like the elder in the family – a family that has lived and grown with me through strife and struggle and happiness and joy. You are an amazing community ! And I am truly blessed to have you with me.”

8 Responses to “Bachchan — 403 (Bachchan refuses Queensland honor)”

  1. truth teller Says:

    SRK shud learn who went head over heels to get ‘Datuk’ award from Malaysia last year while the Malay govt was busy crushing down the indians protest there


    • This is why one has to love Aamir! He says it isn’t only because they’re ‘Indians’ but that no ‘human being’ should have to face this sort of thing.


  2. Agree Satyam.
    BTW,also agree with and respect BigB’s decision. Just would be unseemly to be accpeting this at present time.


    • I too said on his blog that I respected his decision but I’m can’t say I agree with it (for some of the reasons I brought up in 402). The attacks have been horrific though. One guy who was attacked with a screwdriver is still in a coma. Sadly racist attitudes are all too common for Australia even if this kind of violence has not been the norm. Surprisingly just next door in NZ there is not at all this sort of problem!


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