Splits villa or Sleep-villa?


Is that the magic formula to reach MTV Splitsvilla 2 finals? Swagata G Shah, a contestant of the reality show, claims so

There seems to be no stopping the skeletons pouring out of MTV’s Splitsvilla closet. Just a few days after MiD DAY exposed the sleazy underbelly of the hit reality show, more former Splitsvilla series two contestants stepped up to speak about how the show was doctored from the word go; how finalists were chosen in the director’s bedroom and how a top contender indulged in behind-the-scene doping.

Show-all pool party

The icing on the cake allegedly was the wrap-up party during which the ‘favourite girls’ spent an entire day and night in the pool with their ‘mentors’ and star VJ Nikhil Chinappa booked a room for the ‘queen’ who ‘kept everyone happy’ yet couldn’t win. “After the show was over, we had a pool-side party.

After almost everyone had left we saw Joanna Magee (one of the top contenders and a finalist) and Sakshi Pradhan (the show’s winner) in the pool with Hitesh (the show’s director) and a few other men from the production team.

They stayed there till the next day. I also heard a room was booked for Joanna through Cafe Mambo, a disc at Goa’s Baga Beach, where Nikhil Chinappa performs.

Most contestants knew Nikhil had booked a room at Sun City Resort, Baga Beach, for Joanna.

She stayed on in Goa even after the show had ended,” said Swagata G Shah, one of the contestants of Splitsvilla 2.

Threats to participants?

Interestingly, Swagata alleged former participants are being coaxed to sign a contract that forbids them from revealing details about the show to the media.

“Sharon Irani, the contestant manager working with the production company Colosseum, asked us to sign a new contract on July 24.

She said three or four other contestants had already signed the contract, whereas to my knowledge, they haven’t. I have been receiving calls every day, asking me to sign it,” said Swagata.

Sleeping with the boss?

Reportedly, Hitesh, who works with the production house Colosseum, which produced Splitsvilla 2 for MTV, abused his position to back Joanna in return for sexual favours. “When I re-entered the show, Joanna boasted she would win it.

I retorted, ‘I don’t sleep around for Rs 6,000 like you do.’ I had heard about Joanna from people in Chandigarh, her hometown.

During this conversation, Hitesh pulled me out and said, ‘You get out of Splitsvilla right now. I just want this chick [sic] out of the premises.

You can’t speak anything against Joanna because Joanna se mujhe kaam hai. Tumse mujhe koi kaam nahi hai (Joanna is of use to me, you are of no use).’

If I had slept with him like Joanna did, I wouldn’t have been voted out so early and given so little footage,” said Swagata.

She alleged other contestants were scared of speaking against Joanna, because ‘she was close to the top boss’. “I had seen Joanna kissing Hitesh at a party. But I am not sure if MTV was aware of these wrongdoings,” she added.


When contacted, an unflustered Hitesh refused to comment. “I am not authorised to say anything,” Hitesh said, leading us on to the creative director of the show Rajeev Laxman.

Laxman, who is also from Colosseum, was more forthright. “It’s all speculation. We don’t have to explain ourselves to tabloids.

I don’t know whether MTV was aware. As far as sexual favours go, I don’t think anyone is aware. I don’t need to respond to these stupid allegations from tabloids.”

Shakshi backed the show. “I faced two rounds of auditions and made a wild card entry. Nothing was fixed. It was a reality show and the people behind it were professionals.

They were nice and friendly towards us. I don’t want to comment on what others have alleged,” said Shakshi.

MiD DAY tried to contact Joanna, While one of her cellphones was switched off, the other mobile went unanswered.

What’s real?

Doubts were raised about Joanna’s candidature too. “Joanna did not audition for Splitsvilla 2. She was selected for season one but couldn’t participate.

So, she was given a chance in season two. Both Joanna and Sakshi seemed to be friendly not only with Hitesh, but other housemates like Suyash Kumar and Param as well,” Swagata said.

Cheshta Bhagat, another contestant, agreed. “I heard about Joanna’s escapades. But I am sure Sakshi Pradhan is a sl*t.

The MMS was recorded and circulated by Sakshi as Nalini and Varun (Nalini Negi and Varun Jhamb were contestants of Splitsvilla 2) had alleged in the MiD DAY article (edition dated July 22),” said Cheshta.

Doped out
“We saw Joanna smoke contraband stuff many times during the show. We saw her rolling grass or coke [sic] in paper.

But it was always off air. She would say she needed a strong drag before she faced the testing times,” said Swagata.

Transport trouble
Reportedly, some clauses in the contract signed with the participants were not honoured. “The contract we signed specified our transport costs were to be borne by the show producers.

But I paid for my trip back to Pune from Goa. They just gave me Rs 1,500 for excess baggage,” said Swagata Shah.

Gifts taken back
Swagata also accused Colosseum of cheating them of the gifts they received during the show. “The Vodafone sets gifted to us during the show were taken back.

We all received a certain number of clothes sponsored by Levi’s but Joanna got extra pairs,” she said.


20 Responses to “Splits villa or Sleep-villa?”

  1. i was seriously shocked by reading this….


  2. ideaunique Says:

    hey rooney! don’t take such stuff seriously….if u read the whole write-up carefully, that lady swagata or whoever she is just assuming a lot of things…no one has ever caught any other participant (refering to this write-up) doint what exactly they are accused of here! this is all blame-game – again to draw attention….looks cheap publicity stunt to me unless they come out with something concrete!


    • good point idea but sometimes we only find accusations and bitching and not the proofs….with my limited exposure to mumbai industry i will presume it to be true though i will like it if ur view is correct in reality….


  3. omrocky786 Says:

    I am listening to the unabridged version of “The Reader” everyday on my way to work and have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road as I start imagining the 15 yrs old doing Kate Winslet . Kambakht Bardaasht nahiin hota…….


    • I presume you’ve seen the film!


    • Don’t know if you’ve seen Hotel but this is a guilty pleasure and more or less inspired by Oliver Stone’s the Hand.


    • ideaunique Says:

      The Reader is a very bold and beautiful film if you watch it till the end. The film has so many layers that by the time the film ends – one no longer feels the shock-value which wud have remained if one left those initial scenes where kate literally teaches that kid to “screw” her 🙂 but hats off to Kate and that kid – the chemistry is sparkling….*spoiler* – watch out that scene towards the end of the movie where that “kid” who is now in his fifties and Kate who is into her seventies – when that “kid” comes to meet her after all these years…and the kind of emotions they go thru inside but outwardly they remain (or rather try to remain) restraines……marvellous! cinema is made of such beautiful and poignant moments….


  4. Rocky bro watched it , was fun watching Kate(I mean watching). But, this was not the Kate Winslet we all watched in Titanic, things are more droopy now.


  5. Agreed Idea, I liked the movie a lot but liked it more for Kate and wished I had someone like that when I was 15 to teach me, I would not have minded reading for that.


  6. ideaunique Says:

    Ravi, i don’t know whether u r joking or serious 🙂 but, i don’t think any kid wud mind that because at the age of 15, the hormons are running wild and kids really don’t know what to do….in indian society, parents wud hardly explain things as it should be…so i thought it was natural for that kid to get attracted to kate in the movie…but the way kate taught her…do u think any indian woman will be allowed to do that in the society? she will be promptly labelled as “Savita Bhabhi” 🙂


  7. There have been lot of lucky kids/people in that sense in India too, though maybe not because they read to someone but because of other things.

    Society frowns on stuff if it comes to know, but these kind of things happen all the time in India too.


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Ravi- from RGV-Q and A

      . Why do guys at PFC hate you so much?
      Ans: I don’t know who PFC guys are. But I have realized that pretty much most hate me because they feel that I am the most careless and dispassionate filmmaker ever and inspite of my failures I seemingly continue to do whatever I please and they themselves don’t seem to get anywhere.

      In short when people hate anyone who they are not directly connected to, they hate them for being what they dream to become but can’t become.

      P.S: You should check out an earlier article of mine on this blog “I love the hate”.


  8. has any one seen sakshi pradhan MMS? who is the guy?


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