Bachchan — 472

“Its that time of the day ! Quiet, alone and with myself. The city is silent even in the most busiest of hours. People, traffic, high rise housings, commercial establishments, all abound. But they exude a disciplined quietness.”

One Response to “Bachchan — 472”

  1. [“… that the time may have all shadow and silence in it..”
    (measure for measure)

    “the rest is silence” as Hamlet famously says. It is to avoid that ’silence’ that noise is created in life. We indulge in noise to escape silence. To get a bit mystical about this creation itself is ‘noise’ as it was perhaps too silent before. The creator was rather too alone!

    I am not sure whether you have had the chance to see anything by Edward Yang. This great contemporary Taiwanese director offers in many of his films unparalleled meditations on the interplay of sound and silence in contemporary metropolises. He sets his stories in Taipei. You in Singapore are perhaps not too far removed..]


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