Rahul Bose interview


Actor-social activist Rahul Bose feels that movies can’t change society but can help make sensible people “more sensible”.

“Films have a small impact on society – it can be negative or positive. But the impact is very little. But at the same time I feel movies can make sensible people more sensible and that sense of compassion will make you a better human being,” said Rahul.

The actor, known for his powerful performances in “English August” and “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer”, was here for a campaign.

“I’m into activism because I just feel like it. I strongly feel it from my heart. In my opinion, if you feel like doing some change for your society, do it from your heart, not from your brain. For me, issues like gender equality, communal harmony, climate change and child rights are of utmost priority. In my case, activism comes very naturally,” he said.

Do you think that an actor should be political?

“I think everybody should be political. Politics plays a major role in our lives. What you wear, where you go, whom you meet… all these are determined by certain politics.”

Talking about the current situation of Bengali cinema, he said: “There are good commercial and art films from Bengal now. Filmmakers like Rituparna Ghosh, Gautam Ghosh, Aparna Sen and Buddhadev Dasgupta are coming with good films. Bengali art films like ‘Kalpurush’ and ‘Anuranan’ are getting critical acclaim.”

The actor says he is open to act in any language movie.

“That is just a matter of good script. If good scripts, directors and film crew are there I am ready to act in any language films, whether it is Tamil or Italian.”

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