Aamir’s Latest Coke Ad and all the older ones


Known for his experiments, Bollywood star Aamir Khan will now be seen in an animated avatar for the first time in a television commercial for Coca Cola.

Conceptualized by adman-turned-lyricist Prasoon Joshi along with Ashish Chakravarty, the ad has been shot by Abhijit Choudhary for the ‘Coca-Cola Open Happiness’ communication initiative.

“It is a very interesting concept as for the first time my features have been replicated as an animated character through special effects. I think the robotic animated look has really come out well in the film and I hope that my fans will like me in this new animated avatar,” said Aamir, Coca-Cola brand ambassador, in a statement released here Thursday.

The ad showcases two girls searching for their friend (Aamir) who is so engaged in playing videogames that he has become a part of the virtual world.

But when the girls open a bottle of the aerated beverage, Aamir starts to lose his focus from the game and is tempted to come out in real life. The ad ends with Aamir’s rival from the game, another animated character, also stepping into the real world to taste the drink.

32 Responses to “Aamir’s Latest Coke Ad and all the older ones”

  1. omrocky786 Says:

    Cool, Bulbule gungunane lage !!


  2. As a group it’s a contest between these and Abhishek’s Motorola ads for me. The latter’s Idea ads are also populist like the Aamir ones here.


  3. Idea ads are very popular even in remote villages. Abhishek has become more popular with IDEA than his movies…


  4. ideaunique Says:

    tata sky – aamir – sardar – video – ?


  5. I can’t seem to find the Hyderabadi Aamir ad on youtube! It has been years since I saw it, and for obvious reasons I miss this one…


  6. ideaunique Says:

    mannobhabhi ad is a riot 🙂


  7. Aamir for sure knows how to integrate products to promote his films !!


  8. just saw the ad on tv … its really unique and fun


  9. any takers for this AAMIR – Preity coming together in an aamir khan productions movie..??



    • seems pretty unlikely to me that Aamir will sign anyone without the script being complete! This seems to be a old story rehashed – was to be produced by Yashraj earlier!


  10. This is the most fun part of the year. Finally some previews should be coming of 3 Idiots, Kites and other biggies. I didn’t like this commercial though. The animation looks ordinary.


    • The other commercials are great though


    • I liked it.. there’s something about Aamir and his anal attitude in many ways that seems to find a good correlative in the animation!


    • Rakesh is trying to decide whether he should release the Hollywood preview first or the Indian one. Much as he’s also trying to figure whether he should be offering competition to 3 idiots or Spielberg’s next.


      • I would suggest to Rakesh to put all his eggs in the Indian market. If GF or Qalander show up for the premiere, Kites won’t fly, just like CCTC fell flat on its face.
        Giving this kind of a film a Hollywood gloss is just going to be a disaster.


  11. great quality on the new ad now.. check it out..


  12. aajkaarjun Says:

    Aamir, Aishwarya & Mahima in a Pepsi Ad (1991)


  13. Rooney:

    Dear actors, will you still ‘sell’ colas?

    Shekhar Kapur asks celebrities if they will still endorse fizzy drinks even after he exposes the MNCs that are taking away water from farmers

    Shekhar Kapur took to Twitter to talk about multinational company Coca Cola and the adverse effect their policies are having on the lives of farmers. The director, who often talks about environmental issues like global warming and climatic changes on his page, argued about the soft drink owners destroying the lives of farmers in the country.

    On Sunday, at around 1 pm, Shekhar posted:
    “If Coca Cola is drawing our ground water and destroying crops for miles around, would you stop drinking Coke?

    If it was proved that Coke is taking water away from farmers and their livelihood, should our stars advertise for Coke and Pepsi?

    And if our stars refused to stop, would you refuse to see their films? How far are you willing to go personally?”

    When someone asked Kapur on the site if he had any proof to follow up his statement, he added, “Am at the airport on (my) way to London, as soon as I get there will give you proof of Coke taking water away from farmers.”


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