Magadheera remake in Hindi


Geeta Arts in talks with Bollywood stars Hrithik, Aamir for the lead role. Hyderabad-based production house Geeta Arts, maker of Bollywood blockbuster ‘Ghajini’ starring Aamir Khan, is planning to remake its latest Telugu movie – Magadheera – in Hindi.

Confirming the development, Allu Sirish, executive producer of Magadheera, told Business Standard that, “Keeping in view the potential of the multiplex-driven Hindi film market, we are planning to remake this Telugu money spinner in Hindi with an estimated budget of Rs 45 crore. We are currently in talks with the league of top eight actors in Bollywood, including Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan, for the role of the protagonist in this sword and sandal genre film.” Sirish, however, declined to comment on when the Hindi version will go to sets.

Magadheera, a film made on the theme of reincarnation, which begins 400 years ago with a love story between a princess and a warrior and ends in the contemporary world, has set an all-time box-office (BO) record down south, grossing nearly Rs 80 crore worldwide (Rs 65 crore gross collection including Rs 55 crore producer/distributor share in Andhra Pradesh alone). The film, made with a budget of Rs 42 crore, was released on July 31, 2009, with 500 prints and in 1,250 screens across the world.

The earlier record was held by Rajnikant-starrer ‘Sivaji’, which grossed Rs 65 crore in Tamil Nadu (producer/distributor share of Rs 40 crore). In Hindi, Ghajini holds the all-time record with Rs 200 crore worldwide gross collections with the producer/distributor share being 40 crore, breaking the previous BO record of Rs 70 crore (producer/distributor share Rs 45 crore) by Sunny Deol’s ‘Gadar’.

Sirish said the production house, had set up a 24-member team to tackle the physical form of piracy, besides roping in five software engineers and ethical hackers to tackle Internet piracy. “We are now in the process of nailing some of the pirates of the Internet,” he said.

“Lavishness, huge star cast including Tollywood megastar and Prajarajyam Party founder Chiranjeevi’s son Ramcharan Teja and Hollywood-style graphics in Magadheera unlocked the market potential and brought back the old school glory of the film industry. We are now in the process of dubbing this movie in Tamil with plans to reshoot some sequences with the local star cast and release it by this year end,” said the 23-year-old, who is set to take the reins of Geeta Arts from his father Allu Aravind, producer, next year.

On Geeta Arts’ future projects, which has produced 29 films till date including Prathibandh, Aaj Ka Gunda Raj, Gentleman and Ghajini in Hindi, Sirish said the production house would produce another sword and sandal movie titled ‘Badrinath’ with his elder brother Allu Arjun. “The film, with an estimated budget of Rs 35 crore, will be directed by VV Vinayak and will go on floor from February 2011,” he added.


36 Responses to “Magadheera remake in Hindi”

  1. HR would suit the role very well, Aamir for sure would not.

    But, I would think these are all rumors.


  2. I wish they take SRK for this one. The love story would really work with him.


    • Hi do you think this ack suits to SRK ? no not at all.
      I too like SRK so i dont want his name to be spoiled because of this type of act.He is not fit for the action movies.
      he is only fit for comedy films and immotional films.
      so take your suggestion back.


  3. Hrithik/Shahid/Ranbir all would be OK.
    SRK, yes if the hero has a dad in a significant role.


  4. Hritik is THE RIGHT choice for this one – IMO.
    Aamir will not do this…..
    I am dying to see this movie…waiting for a DVD with subtitles…


  5. Hrithik yes. Shahid maybe.


  6. yesterday I was watchin this song with my kids and noticed the pout of Shammi Kapoor and thought to myself this looks awfully similar to what Hritik does- take alook – starts at 1.16 and ends at 1.24


  7. Hrithik should do this movie. Director and music director should not change. There is a mistake in “wanted” about the same choice… ugly music given by sajid wajid for an awesome story Pokiri.

    Though amir’s presence will get more collections than hrithik. He might suggest the director to change some scenes related to muslim king. As the last scene will make the muslim kings as inefficient… As amir is a muslim.


  8. Hey…………….. who ever does……I love chiranjeevi to come again for the begining song… and i want the new hero to dance for chiranjeevi song…………………………………………………..


  9. OOhh..a reincarnation movie in Telugu? NICE! Gotta see this…


  10. Thanks im hyped! Incidentially I just got back from my local, DVD outlet(picked up BAABAAR, DEKH BHAI DEKH, FOX, THREE and KAIMEY) and saw a few copies of MAGHADHEERA, BHEEMA and KANDHASAAMY lying round..unfortunately no subtitles :(!


  11. I think Hrithik is the excelent choice for this film and Aamir can also do this role but it suits to Hrithik much.
    And i would suggest Sunil shetty to do the negative role.
    And jacky shrof for as SHER KHAN.


  12. I think SRK should do if there is any grandfather role of the king…any hero should do it,but not Aamir..Aamir s too gud 2 b acting in these kind of reincarnation stories..If Aamir s doin it then it ought to be gud….


  13. I saw Magadheera last night and am not sure how it’ll translate into Hindi. The story needs some work, I think. The music and choreography were awesome (including one song that was obviously inspired by Azeem O Shaan from JA, but was better than that), and I agree that the Wanted music was way below par.

    Between Aamir and Hrithik, I think Hrithik is far better suited, simply because of his age, though he, too, is on the edge of being too old. I am doubtful, however, if he can do such an all-out action movie. Actually, that was my biggest regret as I was watching it — that there should be no young leading actors in Hindi who can at all match the — for lack of a better word — “manliness” of people like Mahesh Babhu, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Vikram, Surya, etc. Ram Charan is no great shakes as an actor, but he was excellent in all the action scenes and was completely believable.

    In contrast, Hindi gives us Ranbir, aka “WUS.” 🙂


    • Thanks for your views SM. The problem is that Hindi cinema does not have the right masala hero for this sort of deal. Hrithik is too clean to do this. Not the right fit for this world. Abhishek would be the best bet but he probably wouldn’t be interested. But you can see the Drona connections here. A few scenes seemed similar unless there’s a common source. But in any case this is the sort of film Drona ought to have been. I certainly don’t see anyone as a good fit for the role. It could be big in Hindi though toned down a bit presumably.

      Wanted has proven one thing, if Salman whose best days are assuredly behind him, and with really a non-star in the female lead, a rather mediocre soundtrack can get big success in this sort of film there are real opportunities here, again as long as a star can fit into that universe (Abhishek is the only one with the genealogy, thought he was effective in Run too but that film released at the wrong stage in his career, again should have been tweaked a bit in some ways).

      Unfortunately he too doesn’t quite believe in this stuff. He’s not even willing to invest capital on more intelligent thrillers like say a Kaakka Kaakka in terms of enabling these projects. And this remains Bombay’s tragedy from my perspective. All the major actors and directors really belong to a different sociological universe and have very little if any investment in resuscitating masala. Again no one should be interested in such a project for its own sake but for the possibilities offered by this world.


      • I am not sure how remake fares in hindi. The telugu version is completely director an technician’s movie. To me, it looked like the mix of Drona and JA with an execllent direction andaction compared to Drona. I think Hrithik will suit the role very well. Abhshek I can’t imagine for these kind of roles. It is a pleasant surprise to me if he succeeds in these kind of roles (wanted or Magadheera remake).
        I may not agree that he is not interested, he has tried similar roles with Drona and Dhoom series. I am hoping raavna will bring cheers, with the huge cast I don’t think it is his solo movie like Guru. As name suggests, he should have definitely powerful role as Raavana.


        • Raavana has him in the title role so I don’t think there’s a solo issue here. Vikram is not a star for Hindi audiences. Govinda is supposed to have a very limited appearance. But in any case he has the title role here much like Guru.

          Dhoom ought not to be confused with an authentic masala venture like Magadheera. And certainly the director of Drona should be kept apart from that of the latter! I think it’s a mistake to think that athleticism and dancing ability alone ensure masala effectiveness. hrithik has never done a masala film and his persona is not the masala kind either. One could perhaps alter the film quite dramatically and make it suitable for multiplex consumption. But that would be to lose the masala. Masala requires dramatic intensity and comic ability. Don’t think Abhishek lacks either. Dostana and Sarkar, BnB and Guru I think offer enough of a juxtaposition. Again his action scenes in Run are rather effective, better than Maddy’s I think. On Drona this was a disaster of a film that cannot be defended on any score, it shouldn’t be the benchmark for anything. For what it’s worth though the lead character was conceptualized here as a ‘reluctant superhero’. So it wasn’t a Krrish attempt gone wrong by any stretch. But they should have attempted something like Magadheera even if they didn’t want to go the whole hog on masala.


  14. Sorry, I meant Mahesh Babu, of course. Sorry about the typo.


  15. aslam shaikh Says:

    please give the role of negetive character to my heart indian arnold suniel shetty bhai only he can do that role of villain in remake of maga dheera please,

    yours lovingly
    aslam shaikh,
    president of indian arnold suniel shetty fans club,
    kurnool (a.p).


    • That’s interesting, someone writing from Kurnool.. are there other Suniel Shetty fan clubs in India that you are aware of besides the one you’re running? I am rather interested in this as a cultural matter.


  16. Interesting that this topic is back up. I haven’t yet seen Veer (will be going later today), but after seeing Wanted, I have now changed my mind and think that Hrithik will be no good for any hypothetical Hindi remake, and neither will Aamir.

    Really, the only Hindi star that would pull it off convincingly is Salman. Unfortunately he is about 15 years too old. OTOH, if Salman plays the hero, there’s no problem having Suneil Shetty play the villain. 🙂 (though I can’t imagine Suneil exhibiting the kind of psychotic rage that the villain shows here. What I would really like to see is Red Alert. Is that out on dvd, or available anywhere on the net?)

    Even Akshay could work (barring the age factor), but he may no longer have the image in the public mind to pull it off.


  17. I think Hritik will be the best fit for this telegu flick. He has got the physique and morover he is a great dancer and the film requires both. As for the heroine…..please retain Kajal. She is superb.


  18. I finally saw this one. Was disappointed. First off Ram Charan Teja is pretty much a dud. Passable in this film but nothing more. The ‘historical’ portions were rousing at points despite the questionable CGI and while the film was engaging mostly the contemporary portions didn’t do much for me at all. And while I’m all for masala the film didn’t quite need to stoop to this level of bargain basement entertainment as this does at times and if it is rather par for the course when it comes to major Telugu productions. But for this sort of mass cinema I think Pokkiri was for example way more enjoyable. Not least because there’s simply no comparison between ‘Prince’ and Ram Charan Teja. And there’s an equal gulf between NTR Jr and him even if I’d still take Mahesh Babu over NTR Jr. In my view Magadheera is never anything special barring that one song video that GF put up a post on sometime back.


  19. Ramcharan’s face resembles a lot with John Abrahim… But Harsha’a role is only for Ramcharan


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