RED SWASTIK (Hindi, 2007) and the (S)exploitation genre

The (s)exploitative B-grade genre is thriving in Bollywood. Majority of these films feature a “hot” girl who is willing to bare almost everything for the camera as she kisses and sleeps around with a whole bunch of ugly looking men. Oh there is a story too but the main reason for these movies is to titillate the viewer with its pathetic and cringe-worthy sex scenes as well as unintentional laughs. Infact the titles of these films alone will give you an idea of what these films are about with classics in the genre such as HUSN-LOVE AND BETRAYAL, MEN NOT ALLOWED, BOLD, BOBBY, RAIN, TOPLESS, MASHOOKA, UNLIMITED NASHA, CHETNA: THE EXCITEMENT, MASTAANI and hundreds more. Though the genre has always existed, the upward spiral of “sexual” films in the last few years starting with MURDER gave a new lease of life to the genre and some films even managed to make a mint amount of money at the box-office like HAWAS. The reigning queens of the industry include the likes of Payal Rohatgi, Meghna Naidu, and Mona Chopra. Which brings me to the question that must be going through your mind, WHY are you watching this film Akshay Shah? Firstly curiosity, secondly the deliciously entertaining review by Great Bong, and lastly because RED SWASTIK is one B-Grade film which managed to create a stir in the Indian media(including warranting a review by “top dog” Taran Adarsh) with controversial director Vinod Pande making his next film after SINS.

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4 Responses to “RED SWASTIK (Hindi, 2007) and the (S)exploitation genre”

  1. I hadn’t heard of this film and I see with good reason! LOL!


  2. LOL!


  3. Talk about a ringing endorsement 🙂


  4. There’s another one called HOT MONEY (which has Rakhi Sawant) which i’ll put up later!


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