Bombay’s legendary Maratha Mandir


15 Responses to “Bombay’s legendary Maratha Mandir”

  1. this is the theater where DDLJ has been running for such a long time.. you can see the poster on the right.. however Sholay’s Minerva record still stands because DDLJ did not originally run in this theater.


    • yup i regularlly see when i get off at mumbai central.. it was one of the best of it times theater..

      between nowadya i have heard its only use for matinee is people looking for lonely place in a crowded city..


  2. This is such a digitally retouched snap though…hate it when they do that. But yes, this site is part of the legend of the city and its culture.

    I’d taken Qalandar to this place…though we didn’t go in and see DDLJ!


  3. Thanks for posting these pictures; takes me back to 60’s and 70’s. This was definitely one of the better maintained theatres in Central Bombay, along with Minerva, Apsara and Novelty.


  4. Thanks for the nostalgic post AKA. It reminds me of my visit to Bangalore in the mid 70’s with my friends. We went to see a Hindi film; I think it was Manoj’s Sanyasi. I don’t remember the name of the movie hall; but can stll remember its impressive interiors including the cleanest toilet area that I had been to in a theatre until then. The best of Bombay cinema halls were no match for this Bangalore one.


  5. I remember watching movies in – Satyam, Vivek, Rachna, Plaza, Odeon, Regal, Rivoli in New Delhi for Hindi movies, Archana and Chanakya for english movies and Golcha, Sheila , Naaz in older parts of Delhi.
    The best hall in north india used to be Raj Mandir in Jaipur and a movie at Rajmandir was a must watch for any jaipur bound tourist.


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