A galaxy of releases at Jaipur’s legendary Raj Mandir

thanks to Rocky for reminding me of this..
click to enlarge


8 Responses to “A galaxy of releases at Jaipur’s legendary Raj Mandir”

  1. I wish there were a history of post-Independence India by way of these movie theaters.. such a rich heritage waiting to be written about..


  2. Raj mandir used to spray different types of Air freshners every 30-60 minutes in the movie.
    The whole screen would light up as soon as a Hit song started running !!


  3. Nice….all these pics are seriously brilliant!


  4. Wow! I saw Hum in Raj Mandir. They showed Jumma Chumma twice. Best movie theatre that I have been to.


  5. updated this with more images..


  6. maza aa gaya..in fact last weekend only, at a Holi Party I was talking to a friend who is from Jaipur and he was telling me that everytime he goes to India, he still sees atleast one movie at RajMandir……


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