Qalandar’s Movie Poster Yatra [UPDATED 9/29/09]

[I had omitted the Eros cinema shots in the Mumbai section yesterday. In general, for all the Mumbai theaters I am deeply indebted to Abzee and his father for taking me there — Qalandar]

In honor of movie poster/theater day on Satyamshot, some shots from trips to India over the last 3-4 years…

In Delhi (February 2006) (“Suhaagan Banaa Das Sajnaa Hamaar”):

In Ajmer (February 2006):
Near Ajmer Shareef:

In Rawalpindi (February 2007) :
“Aaj Da Badmaash”:

“Bebas Kaliyan”:

In Hyderabad (November 2007):

“Om Shanti Om” and “Jab We Met”:

“Viyyala Vari Kayyalu” in Raitu Bazaar (Thanks Madhu for the film title!):

In Warangal (November 2007):
“Yamadonga” giving way to “Munna”:
Hyderabad Tourist 094
Hyderabad Tourist 095
Hyderabad Tourist 096

In Bhopal (December 2007):
“Qismat” and “Partner” in Bhopal’s Old City:
Aurangabad 001

In Mumbai (December 2007):
“Welcome” & “Dilwaale Dulhania Le Jaayenge” at Maratha Mandir:

“Sautela” and “Laadla” at Royal:

“Judwaa” at Alfred:

“Aandhi aur Toofan”:

“Welcome” and “Taare Zameen Par” at Eros (opposite Churchgate):

In Varanasi (March 2009):

“Delhi-6” and “Ek Haseen Khiladi”:


23 Responses to “Qalandar’s Movie Poster Yatra [UPDATED 9/29/09]”

  1. thanks for this.. what city is this?


  2. These are phenomenal pictures! The perfect way to cap off those earlier posts. FANTASTIC!


  3. Wow great pics, Like the Juwa on the best- That’s how they did it in the old days !!


  4. Re: the first Ajmer clip: that guy was smoking, and when he saw me taking a pic he threw his cigarette away and hid his face! LOL!


  5. Unfortunately, with so many images the post took up some memory. I tried using URLs for some of these images that I have already posted online (e.g. my Picasa album), but the size was messed up and I couldn’t figure out how to re-size images from URLs on wordpress (I can do it on blogspot).

    Thanks satyam and Rocky — some of these pics are more fun bigger (see e.g. ONE, TWO THREE), but then they wouldn’t fit…


  6. Great stuff,Q.


  7. Thanks Q bhai for these great pictures. Royal (Mumbai) looks exactly as it was 40 years back; surprised to see it (and Alfred) still survives as a movie theater.


  8. very nostalgic.. i remember the old days . when i was kid and loved this poster.. hand painted


  9. I plan to do this regularly.. lots of cities to visit in India!


  10. wow great pics. how long did it take for you to wait when they were tearing one poster and putting a new one. the other telugu movie is one of numerous uday kiran’s flops called viyyala vari kayyalu meaning the fighting between ‘in-law’s.
    about pindi, i have seen some of pakistani movies on sky tv asian channels. they are pretty down trodden though the 70s and 80s films i think were a bit close to the hindi movies though look a few years outdated. nadeem, shabnam and others were i think quite decent actors and their songs were always quite good. but i understand they make only 3 or 4 urdu films now a days and probably half a dozen punjabi films per year and none are on target. since you were there what is your impression about their movie halls and films. how popular is their industry? were they playing any hindi movies when u visited there?
    I forgot to mention. I have absolutely loved this post and all the other posts by satyam on different posters. thanks for covering the single screens rather than multiplexes. they are definitely more fun than plexes.


    • Thanks Madhu! I will edit the post to add that title.

      I visited Pakistan in Feb. 2007, at that time Hindi films hadn’t started in a big way. The industry does produce very few Urdu films in a year, but I have strong impression they produce a lot more than half a dozen Punjabi films a year. I am sure they must produce more than that, but that’s just my impression…

      I have never known anyone who could watch Hindi films instead of Pakistani films, who didn’t, let’s put it that way. In fact, Nadeem had long argued for lifting the ban on Indian films (some in the industry anted the ban to continue, for protectionist reasons), on the theory that Pakistani films would not improve unless they faced competition. Plus, he felt Indian films were the only way to re-trigger investment in infrastructure like cinemas. Now every big Hindi film is released in Pakistan, but sadly all too often only in very high end cinemas, so even a film like Wanted is released as a luxury good rather than a populist film. [My friend saw it in Karachi, said the crowd went berserk, and that 70% of the crowd consisted of girls and young women.]


    • Madhu, glad you enjoyed these..


  11. loved the raitu bazaar pic… from the middle of the market


    • Just for you rooney, check out more pics of Raitu Bazaar


      • some how i came here.. and hadnt seen this before.. i guess i missed em!

        it reminded me sabz bazzaar in fort area.. in mumbai forgot the name.. and one in surat.. where i go to purchase papdi and ringana.. ratalu .. and yup sweet potato!! for SURATI UNDHIYU (if u have heard of its.. its a surati speciality with rich flavour of green garlic.. and aroma.. )

        wow i am hungry now!!


  12. Qalandar, sorry for the off topic post, but this is a desperate attempt to reclaim my reputation. 🙂

    I couldn’t find the thread where I had said I would give you Telugu film recommendations, with all the new ones on various theaters, so I thought I would use this one to catch your eye.

    I was going to give more details of each film, but don’t know when I can manage that, so for now let me just give you the titles:

    – Nava Vasantam

    – Vinayakudu

    – Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam (this one has big stars, Siddharth, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna, and an up and coming heroine, Tamanna, whom I found to be ethereally beautiful. She can certainly draw circles around Ileana, IMO. 🙂 )

    – Kick (again has big stars — Ravi Teja and Ileana, and Shaam)

    – Akasamantha (Telugu dubbing of the Tamil Abhiyum Naanum, with Prakash Raj)

    – Ashta Chemma (this one I just missed, as it moved out of the multiplexes and was only showing in single screens, and I couldn’t convince anyone that I would like to go to such a theater! But I saw it on dvd)

    Aside from Kick and Ashta Chemma, the others all had good, heartwarming stories. Kick and Ashta Chemma were more “fun” movies, with almost non-stop comedy. Ashta Chemma is inspired from a well known work of literature, but I won’t say which one, for fear of spoiling your pleasure.

    Finally, though this is a few years old, I also recommend Sri Anjaneyam, both for the story and its treatment, as well as its special effects (which may seem dated now).

    All of these are available on dvd with English subtitles.


    • Oops, I forgot the film that actually prompted the “visual remark” earlier — Prayanam. This may not be on dvd yet, since it’s quite a recent release. But I liked the way they used animation to supplement the live action portions.

      Other films which have received general acclaim, though I have not seen them myself, are: Anand, Godavari, and Happy Days, all directed by Sekhar Kammula (though I think the last one may have been directed by someone else, though produced by Kammula).


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