Khote Sikkey at Naz Cinema, Lucknow

Feroz Khan’s campy Magnificent Seven inspiration is a fit for the theater if ever there was one! this theater only screens classic films..
real ‘widescreen’ pic here

3 Responses to “Khote Sikkey at Naz Cinema, Lucknow”

  1. Coincidentally, I just saw this film for the first time last month. And was struck by how many elements from Sholay are present in this one (Khote Sikkay came out in 1974; Sholay in 1975). These commonalities (right down to the fact that Danny’s romantic interest, like amitabh’s, is a village widow) underscore the campy badness of Khote Sikkay, as compared to the integration of the same elements in Sholay into an epic narrative. Large segments of the background score were ripped off from Ennio Morricone’s score for “For A Few Dollars More” (Firoz Khan plays a man with no name here)…

    “Jeevan Mein…Tu Darna Nahin
    Sar neecha…kabhi karna nahin
    Himmat waale to..marna nahin”

    Some gems from this film:

    I couldn’t find the title sequence, so am pasting the other version of the song referenced above:

    LOL, those lyrics had to be from a Firoz Khan film. In recent times, the title song from Tashan had the same Firoz Khan-ishtyle flavor in its lyrics (“Apni to, baat magar kuch niraali hai / Apne to, khoon mein ishq ki laali hai”)


  2. Nice pic and clips..


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