Ghajini & Delhi 6 at Calcutta’s Paradise Cinema

12 Responses to “Ghajini & Delhi 6 at Calcutta’s Paradise Cinema”

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do a movie theater tour of India?.. all the landmark ones all across India..


  2. will collect all these posts into one and put it permanently in the sidebar..


    • Am just loving these posts on theatres across India and thanks Satyam for this. Wish someone could post thier thoughts on theatres in Hyderabad and Chennai – both of which have a great movie history. Unfortunately during my stay in Hyderabad I could frequent only a couple of theatres and definitely would like to know more


      • will get to all the cities eventually Latha!


      • actually I was hunting in Trivandrum and Hyderabad a bit earlier today. Couldn’t find the right picture in either case. It’s partly a question of what cities throw up the pictures most easily. Multiplexes are barred admittance! But I will as I said get to all of these cities.

        Aajkaarjun has been extremely helpful in really pulling up a lot of this stuff. of course I don’t want to do only one city at any given time otherwise Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore are rich in terms of these pictures.

        Glad you’re enjoying these. I have the permanent sidebar widget for these posts now.


      • Agree with Latha, thanks Satyam !!


  3. Love the Dulhan kee tarha sazee hui Paradise for Ghazini !!


  4. cool satyam these has been a rollercoster ride through india in a very unique way.. thnks a lot to u and everybody for making this a memorable experience…

    now i can say i have seeen something in life before i die 😉


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