Mysore’s Opera Cinema

apparently this has an unusual ventilation system.. no windows for the air to travel through..

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  1. I saw Sunny Deol’s Hero in Opera. Earlier (in the late 90s) they used to playsoft porn movies ( with hardcore bits added in between) in this theater. and after the police raid they started playing main stream Hindi & kannada movies

    This is the oldest cinema hall in Mysore I think (built somewhere around 1920s)


  2. Lido Cinema Mysore (just few feet away from Opera)

    Lido Cinema - Mysore, India


  3. Woodland Cinema : (between Opera & Lido

    Woodlands Cinema  - Mysore, India

    I have watched most of the movies in Woodlands, Lido & Sangam and when it comes to Hollywood movies, Sterling was the only cinema playing english movies


  4. Sangam Cinema Mysore

    Sangam Cinema - Mysore, India


  5. Ranjit Cinema (next to woodlands)

    Only Kannada movies are played here…saw couple of movies here

    Ranjit Cinema - Mysore, India


  6. This theater (Opera) is easily one of the most striking ones I have ever seen..


  7. Thanks for showcasing my flickr photos of Mysore cinemas!


  8. What a beautiful picture! The building itself is striking, but with the blooming flowers and sunlight, it’s just gorgeous.


  9. Due to some poor note taking on my part, I cannot ID this cinema in Calcutta. Anyone?


  10. (1) In the early 70’s I remember to have seen the movie ‘The French Connection’ in Bangalore. Can some old timers remind me where that might have been – the Plaza or the BRV? Also ‘Spartacus’ in the 60’s (it was on MG Road)?

    (2) Can some kind Mysorean put up vintage pictures of the Ganesha theater where I saw many an old Hollywood rerun like ‘Samson and Delilah’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’?

    Thanks to this beautiful site for some nostalgia, of a Mysore and Bangalore that is receding fast from one’s sight!


    • very hard to get those images but also see below:

      Hindu (2002)

      Cinemas face a bleak future in Mysore

      By Our Staff Correspondent

      Regency Theatre in Mysore, which has been closed down.

      MYSORE July 8. Ever since satellite and cable television technology came of age, cinemas in the region have ceased to be a good business proposition. A total of 47 cinemas in Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Hassan, and Mandya districts have closed down in past few years.

      At least four cinemas in Mysore city — Ganesha, Sreenand, Vidyaranya, and Regency — have either been demolished, converted into marriage choultries and office premises, or are lying idle.

      Ganesha Talkies at Krishnamurthy Puram, which used to be the favourite haunt of English filmgoers not long ago, has been reduced to rubble. The owners have begun demolishing the premises apparently to explore the possibility of erecting a commercial complex.

      Sreenand Talkies at Bannimantap used to screen Hindi movies and occasionally English. But financial viability compelled the owners to convert the premises into a marriage choultry. Vidyaranya Theatre at Vidyaranyapuram, which used to screen Kannada blockbusters, is now an income tax office.

      Regency Theatre near Karanji Lake has been closed down.

      Though a question mark hung over the future of Sterling and Skyline cinemas in Vidyaranyapuram, they have been refurbished and thrown open to film-lovers after remaining closed for a couple of months.

      Quite a few cinemas in the city are reported to be incurring losses due to various reasons, including poor turnout of cine-goers.

      Cinema owners confess that many theatre establishments in the city were facing the threat of closure.

      According to the President of the Mysore City Film Theatres’ Association, Ganesh, running a movie theatre is not a viable business proposition anymore.

      For, running a film theatre entailed a huge investment. And the returns did not commensurate with the investment and the operation expenditure, he said.

      “Why will the people go to cinemas when they can get to watch the latest movies on television in the comfort of their homes?” he asked.

      As if the telecast of movies by television channels, albeit after obtaining the rights, was not enough, many local cable TV operators were illegally beaming the latest movies into the homes. “All they have to do is just play a VCD and relay it to the homes of their subscribers,” a cinema owner said.

      The relaying of movies through cable television by local operators was illegal, Mr. Ganesh said.

      The authorities had not been able to implement the provision of Cinematography and Cable TV Act to check such illegal telecast of movies.

      Obtaining the rights of telecast was essential for showing movies on television, he said.

      Mr. Ganesh urged the authorities to crack down on such illegal telecast of movies by invoking the provisions of the Act. The State Government’s decision to levy entertainment tax on remake Kannada films was another reason contributing to poor turnout of film goers, Mr. Ganesh said and urged the State Government to withdraw the tax.

      The deplorable condition of cinemas is another factor keeping people away from cinemas.

      Mr. Ganesh admitted that a few cinemas claimed to have air-conditioners, but did not provide the audience with the facility. Also, the condition of seats in most theatres was far from satisfactory.

      A few cinema owners are of the opinion that people will start watching films in cinemas if the managements maintain the premises well.


  11. hello ,

    i saw your blog and this entry and i wanted to ask if you might help:
    do you know of an old cinema in the state of gujarat?
    I would like to film one, i’ m working on other subjects but leaving Delhi i found Regal theatre and i wanted to film it but i’m leaving tomorrow,\. is there a place like the regal in gujarat? or jajasthan?
    thank s for any help


    • this is Rajasthan’s most iconic theater:

      An old, legendary building.

      On Gujarat hopefully someone else on the blog will respond to your question.


    • hey joana!

      i am from gujarat!

      have seen movies in most of the places in guj!

      1. Regal means regal colaba mumbai, tht i have seen.
      2. but what is jajasthan??

      there are many old theaters in ahmedabad, specially in the old city, namely “relief” (other names i know but need to inquire whether they are working)

      also in ahmedabad, there are many other single screen if i m not wrong which are working, rajashree at gandhinagar i guess, but shall inquire on that.

      there are some unique theaters in surat too, if u can frame ur query better or provide more info i of better help.



      ps:- which gujarat u are visiting.


    • also have u heard of iconic drive-in cinema of ahmedabad thats the best old vintage place to njoy a movie imo and unique experience.

      open place with loads of cars, i love to watch the movies there.

      @satyam please post that drive-in link, post uhad posted written by me


      • alex adams Says:

        hopefully im sure that rooney can show u around the place as well.
        He knows the area well and ofcourse is a very helpful (and nice) guy


        • lol joana thats alex at his best 😀 but as he has mentioned, and i m.not saying to be courteous, if u have any difficulties in staying or any thing please do contact, gujarat is a beautiful place.

          as amitabh bachan says khusboo hain gujarat ki 🙂

          @alex and we gujjus are known for hospitality! and our khamans and dhoklas 😉


          • alex adams Says:

            sure rooney…
            I KNEW u would oblige lol

            U also mentioned j(r)ajasthan
            If there is an option, prefer rajasthan beats most other locations in india (with due resepct to others)

            As for shooting or even amateur stuff–
            loads of locations

            ps-btw hope u r not the joanna i know (and not up2 pranks)


      • Rooney…R U enjoying the “ponkh”?
        Gosh..I miss “poonkh” and “neera” the most. Undhiyu (party) in the village/farm pit..ahhh.
        Will almost make me relocate to gujrat for these two!


        • U wont believe!! i just had ponkh since last two days!!!!!!!!!!

          the season is coming to end but it was the best ponkh i got this season!!

          Undhiyu man is a sunday thing, especially the surti undhiyu of my family


          • I had ponkh (orderd from india) on sat. The pokh wasn’t the same. The berries were 2 small and not sweet/juicy enough. Ohhh…the neera. I want to relocate to india for one full year and enjoy life. I wish. So jealous of you right now 😦


          • LOL so sorry to know that 😦

            To get ponkh of good quality is tough..


          • Is it hard to get kid admission in India (without donation money?) in good school? what would be rent near school of a home would be? 😉
            I am relocating!! I will put out my e-mail address next (let me create one first)!


          • mksrooney Says:

            Hey sorry!! just saw ur comment, belatedly!

            Yes india needs donations, unfortunately, u can correspond at my mail address :


          • ponkhvad at gmail.
            lolz to e-mail address 😉


    • @joana:-

      my post on sunset drive-in theater in the heart of ahmedabad.

      it reminds u of old days, drive ur car, with family and carpet n pillows njoy the movie!!

      please do visit it!!


    • regards!

      Have a great trip

      Aapnu Gujarat ma swagat che!

      Aavjo 🙂


  12. alex adams Says:

    well, joanna–satyam is the expert in ‘old cinemas’ but he seems to be sleeping !!!
    Talking of gujarat, reminds me that there are loads of vintage locations caught on bollywood films
    Not sure if u are aware of ‘bollywood’–rings a bell?
    Anyhow -courtesy google–a quick link

    suggest it will do u good to film this stuff than old cinema halls
    by the way, plz tell us about the work u r doing –some folks here know a lot and can help u!!
    Some good buddhist stuff–
    ps–while u are around regal, do sample/film some of the scenery and ‘tradition’ around connaught place-certainly liked it when i ‘visited’


    • There is Advance Talkies and Asoka cinema also still surviving AFAIK.
      But, yes Ronney is the man here.


      • Rajen, as i now know ur age 😛 i guess you can remember there was a famous theater in Surat, 20 years ago…


        which was famous for some glass thing or something like twin cinema.. i cant recollect can u help? if u have any clue?


        • Sorry, no idea.Rooney.
          Once saw Kranti and Barsaat Ki Ek Raat on the same day in two different theatres in Surat. That is all the experience I have of theatres in Surat.


  13. mksrooney Says:

    @satyam: the notification on right top pannel are amazing way to communicate, thanx a ton man!!

    @di: sorry for the late replies!


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