The landmark Shenoys theater in Ernakulum, Kochi

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4 Responses to “The landmark Shenoys theater in Ernakulum, Kochi”

  1. The Lal film here is I believe Kurukshetra.


  2. Boy, as a kid, visiting Shenoys was always a treat. It had a circular ramp leading up to the balcony and the sight of that cloaked in red carpet is unforgettable. On our trips back to Kerala, my dad and I watched many a movie at Shenoys followed by a dinner of porotta and chicken roast at a small restaurant on Marine Drive. As a college goer, I kept up the tradition of Shenoys but of course, the restaurants grew more hip 🙂
    The last movie I saw there was Udayananu Tharam back in 2005- ironically, the last scene in the movie is set at the same theatre…


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