Allahabad’s Palace theater

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  1. Palace is now closed down, I think. I saw Roja and Nayakan here (Hindi dubbed versions of course) among others. There’s a famous sweet shop on the ground floor of this building and a great Chhole Bhature place adjacent to the building. Thanks for posting.


  2. satyam can i share these pics at my blog ? This would be treat for some of my buddies studied from Allahabad.


  3. saw hum aapke hain kaun here in the 50th week ,it was housefull and so much crowd ,wow thanks for putting this here


  4. Yes, The famous sweet shop on the ground floor of this building is “Kamdhenu” which was earlier a restaurant, and a few step ahead there is also a famous coffee shop thats, “Coffee House” in which many Prime ministers, CM’s, Freedom fighters have sipped coffee.


  5. vyom tripathi Says:

    Palace Theater Is being renovated , ground floor will have west-side showroom while the first floor will have a cineplex with two screens . It will open by 20th of July.


  6. varun pandya Says:

    Palace theatre will be re-opening on 4th May 2012 will releasing of Jannat 2. The best part of this theatre is the theatre shut down its operations when the movie Jannat was screening and its going to be re-opened with Jannat 2.


    • that’s good to hear and ‘unfortunate’ coincidence with those two Jannat films! Is it reopening as a multiplex of some sort or or has just undergone renovation?


  7. Its opening on 6 july 2012


  8. dhirendra singh Says:

    no yaar “”””it’s opening on 3 aug 2012


  9. Pradeep Kumar Yadav Says:

    Judaai was my first movie in Palace, the sound system was best of its time…no other theater has like it. The main attraction of the theater was its interior and seating arrangements…it always gave a royal feeling watching moving in Palace with lesser price than the prominent theaters in Allahabad. Whenever I pass through Civil lines, I always take a look at the Palace expecting it open…last time I visited on 16th March 2013…its still not opened!


  10. Another one…from my hometown falls prey to the multiplex/mall onslaught – very vivid memories from childhood and youth..of crossing the railway tracks and running toward the ticket-booth..

    Met with many Marathi actors (Sachin, Nilu Phule, Laxmikanth Berde, Sonali Kulkarni) owing to the fact that my uncle was a Marathi film distributor..

    check out the images

    For the past 34 years Nartaki theater has been a landmark in the city for showcasing some excellent movies. In the recent past with the advent of Inox and Big Cinemas, Nartaki too was renovated to be at par with the multiplexes and it was undoubtedly the best Single screen cinema hall in the city.

    With changing times, Nartaki will today show its last 4 shows and from tomorrow there will be no shows in Nartaki. A new 4 storey mall would come up in about 2 years time and on the upper floor Nartaki would again commence showcasing movies. The Hindu says, Owner Avinash Potdar, has stuck a deal with a builder, who intends to construct a four-story mall in its place. The demolition will begin once the builder makes a full payment to Mr. Potdar. “I have already received an advance payment. I took decision with a heavy heart and under tremendous financial stress.”

    But no hard feelings, currently Nartaki would be shifted next door to Swaroop as Nartaki from March 21, after the renovation is complete. A thanksgiving program has been arranged tomorrow at Nartaki where in stalwarts from movies industry are supposed to come.

    The 600-seat theater, was established at a cost of Rs. 16 lakhs in 1979 and had seen upgrades over the years. Cinema legends V. Shantaram, Raj Kapoor and Sunil Dutt and even Tabla maestro Ustad Zakir Hussein are amongst the few who have visited the theater.

    The first film screened at this theatre was a Kannada movie, the Rajkumar-starrer ‘Nanobba Kalla’.


  11. Now t=The Palace will re-open on 05.07.2013 with Policegiri.


  12. Pradeep Kumar Yadav Says:

    Yes! Palace has been re-inovated and starting from tomorrow with the release of “Policegiri” …happy to hear this, but sad at the sametime as I am far away from my hometown



    I viewed my first flim at place cenema some were in 1972 – ANAND.
    hall as whole was good and having decent look


  14. palace cinema is now restarted…


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