Bombay’s Plaza

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12 Responses to “Bombay’s Plaza”

  1. I really want to see a movie in India in theatres like this.

    Past 10 years I have been visiting this

    So its pretty obvious to me its not an apple to an apple comparison!


  2. This, if I’m not mistaken, is based on the Buddhist Sanchi Stupa. Having visited Sanchi a couple of years ago, this is a pleasant surprise!


  3. Love the Bachan tapestry on the right Satyam. It would make you envious to note that currently I have six Bachan films on my DVR: Mr Natwarlal, Manzil, Dostana, Kala Pathar, Parvarish and Iman Dharam. Have seen them all multiple tmes except Manzil.


  4. Plaza is also one of the landmark cinemas of the city. Unlike the other famous ones which are in South Bombay, this is in the very heart of the city, Dadar. Very close to the station, located in a very “live” area. Believe me, this place can be crowded at times. Unfortunately, this was also one of the sites of 1992 serial blasts and was refurbished later. This is also one of the few big theaters that screen Marathi movies, though mostly in the matinee show.


  5. I believe this theater is also owned by the V.Shantaram family. When refurbished originally (prior to the 1992 blasts even) it began playing JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAAJE. Unfortunately this is one theater I have yet to see a movie in though have passed it probably a million times.


  6. any idea in which year it was buit??


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