What’s up with Hrithik?! (updated)




34 Responses to “What’s up with Hrithik?! (updated)”

  1. Oh.My.God.


  2. I know, why is he looking like this?!


  3. I think it’s for SLB’s Guzaarish , most be quite an intense role then .


  4. What, the amount of hair equals the amount of intensity?

    The implied machoness of the beard and moustache doesn’t go with the effeminateness of the long permed hair and satin harem pants.

    Besides, the moustache makes him look exactly like his father at that age.


  5. Is Guzarish a remake of Cast Away?


  6. I don’t mind it.
    It’s better than make up wearing and waxed looking Hrithik.
    And it must be for Guzarrish since it is currently filming.


  7. The problem isn’t too much hair or too effeminate etc. The problem is he’s looking damn unattractive in these pics.


  8. Hrithik Roshan shoots on a remote-controlled chair

    Hrithik Roshan, who plays a paraplaegic in director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish, is shooting with a remote-controlled modernised wheel chair. This, even as the rest of the set erected at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai boasts of an old-world charm and depicts a lavish haveli. The actor, who started working on the film from July 30, is currently shooting scenes that require him to don a patient’s kurta with straps tied up to his back Meanwhile, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who joined him a week later after shooting portions for Raavan in Kerala, was spotted shooting in an Anarkali kurta with churidar. Eyewitnesses reveal that the two, who have been shooting some emotionally-intense scenes, were quite comfortable with each other. Earlier, the duo had been paired together in Dhoom:2 followed by Jodhaa Akbar and share quite a good working rapport.

    Apart from his scenes with the pretty actress, Hrithik is also shooting scenes with Shernaz Patel, who is reportedly playing doctor to him. Bhansali, who is known for extravagant set detailing in his film, has booked the studio till January 2010, which is the time the film’s shooting is likely to wrap-up. However, the six-month schedule will see the unit taking a two-month break to shoot at an outdoor location.


  9. this is hrithik new avatar for his new cming blockbuster film GUZZARISH & this is talent of a SUPERHERO of INDIA


  10. Shahid Kapoor leaps past Abhishek Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan at the box office


    I am not sutre how IBOS puts Shahid ahead of Akshay…

    Satyam, this may not be the right thread to post this. You can move it.


    • that’s fine Ted.. obviously I disagree completely with IBOS on this.. in fact there’s been quite a bit of hyper-ventilating about this in the media. My own sense is that Shahid will never be an elite star. In any case I’m sure Shahid would exchange his own film lineup with Abhishek’s any day of the week!


    • LOL – the media builds you up to tear you down. From recent interviews, it seems Shahid is starting to believe the press. But he should remember what happened to SRK and Akshay after they declared themselves King. Now he has to have a hit with all his releases.

      It is always better to fly under the radar so you can keep expectations low.


  11. I agree with you.


  12. what happened to srk?

    rnbdj, the second highest grossing movie?


  13. masterpraz Says:

    Dpnt like his GUZAARISH look at all! Is this a contemporary film? Period? Or fantasyland?


  14. It appears to be based on Diving Bell and the Butterfly.


  15. in the very first picture where HR is wearing the blue tunic and flute in hand, he looks as if posing for JETHRO TULL….he could be playing Ian Anderson in a biopic, that shows ‘Heavy Horses’ being composed 😉


  16. damn!!! n i thought it was the IN thing.. was actually growing my hair long 😦


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