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Actor Rishi Kapoor, one of the most successful actors of his generation known for his romantic flair described his son Ranbir’s passion for movies as his best quality. It could well be the quality that has earned Kapoor an almost universal nod as both a star and a very competent actor. Those with a fingerprint in the twitter world would have witnessed the complimentary tweets about Kapoor’s performance. Away from the click of the virtual world at Krishna Raj cottage in Pali Hill, things are no different. The watchman at the gate gives me a worried look–the reason is explained by the young actor soon enough-a gang of girls drops by in the mornings to greet him and get his autograph! Like his movies, the young Kapoor takes the attention rather seriously. “It’s great and very surreal but I have to work hard to retain that attention or it will go away,” he says.

Wake Up Sid, with debutante director Ayan Mukherji he says was one of his toughest films and appealed to him because of its inherent freshness and honesty. “It’s a very honest coming of age film not bastardised by foreign locations and all that. I had to lose a lot of weight as Sid is a lazy boy. Bachna… was a walkthrough compared to Wake Up Sid where Sid is character that I had to turn into. I don’t want to do dishonest work.”And after the happy-go-lucky Sid, the actor has movies with characters of different shades coming up. Prakash Jha’s Rajniti, he says, has him play shades of grey while Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Yearhelmed by Shimit Amin is “an underdog film, a dark comedy.” There is also the lighthearted Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani by Rajkumar Santoshi. “Today an actor can experiment with the characters he chooses to play. Earlier you had to look a certain way, have a certain physique and hairstyle to be a hero. Now it’s different; I can play a Sikh with a proper turban.

Actors have become characters like Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Par, Dil Chahta Hai or Rang De Basanti and Shah Rukh Khan in Chak De! India.” Rather excited about Rajniti for which he has been shooting in Bhopal, he says, “The movie has a great ensemble cast— Nana Patekar, Naseeruddin Shah, Arjun Rampal, Ajay Devgan and Katrina. It is also a very interesting concept–a modern adaptation of sorts of Mahabharat.”

Speaking of talented actors, one actor he really wants to work with would be his father Rishi Kapoor. “He’s my favourite actor. Sharing screen space with him would be something wonderful. There have been offers but nothing that has excited us.” Till such a movie comes along, he is looking forward to watching his parents come together in Do Dooni Chaar. “I haven’t seen Chintuji yet as I was busy shooting but I will. I am really excited to see my parents romancing each other. Earlier I used to be awkward about my mother’s movies but today I am more excited about her films than any of my own.” As for advice from the family, he admits to consulting his mother if he likes the script. “She is very objective and I like the way she reacts. As for my father, he would rather have me learn me from my mistakes than sit me down and give me tips.”

Being a part of Bollywood’s first family, Kapoor, undoubtedly is to the camera born. “I have grown up with film directors, music directors around so I understand that. I love movies and the fact that I am a working actor. I have so much to learn, I am just a student of cinema.” As of now, each of his three films has reaffirmed industry’s faith in his prowess as an actor and entertainer. Says Siddharth Raj Anand who directed the actor in Bachna Ae Haseeno and works with him in his forthcoming Anjaana Anjaani, “Ranbir has spontaneity, a very natural reaction of how a character should be played. He goes purely by instinct. That he appeals equally to the young and old contributes to his huge star appeal. He is very tuned into storytelling so even as a rank newcomer he would offer very pertinent script and screenplay suggestions. Like Aamir, there is a director within him.”Quiz him about wearing the director’s hat and he concurs with Anand, “My heart is in that direction but my only problem is that I am not a writer.”

Of tags such as youth icon or the next-superstar-on-the-block, he is dismissive. “I have a reality check.” As for competition from his contemporaries, he admits it’s tough but works in a good way. “There is a great positive energy between all actors Imran, Deepika, Genelia, Sonam and Shahid. As an actor when you see someone perform well, that’s definitely competition, but nobody is trying to destroy anyone’s career. There’s place for everyone.” Meanwhile as we go to the press, UTV claims a collection of Rs 21.5 crore for Wake Up Sid on its opening weekend! Kapoor obviously is turning out to be one of Bollywood’s bright students.

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  1. Ranbir has never looked as good in any film to my mind as he does in some of his off screen appearances. This picture is a good example of that. Don’t believe this is from WUS though I could be wrong. In any case I should be careful about such statements in the post-Dostana age!


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