Regal Talkies in Amritsar’s old city

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14 Responses to “Regal Talkies in Amritsar’s old city”

  1. Wow, I think I actually drove by this theater when I was in Amritsar. I must say I was kind of depressed at how unprepossessing it looked.


  2. दीपावली की ढेरो शुभ कIमनाए

    खुशियाँ हो ओवरफ्लो, मस्ती कभी ना हो लो,

    दोस्ती का सुरूर छाया रहे, धन और शोहरत की हो बौछार,

    ऐसा आए आपके लिए दीवाली का त्योहार


  3. Thank goodness at least someone took initiative to greet and make this blog warm otherwise it was giving cold, serious and academic vibes!
    ‘Saalmubarak’ and ‘Nutan versa bhi nandan’ to all.


  4. thanks pradip
    Satyam- i was recently watching the Blueray of OSO( don’t ask me why)
    In the Director’s commentry Farah talks about the fact that the premier scene was shot in the Capital Cinema because that is the only one left with the balconey etc. with the fans etc.
    maybe you or rooney or aarkayne can dig some piicures of Capital cinema.


  5. Sacred Games is toooo long, it has 35 cds. I am on the 7th one rite now.


  6. some info that i remember from farha-
    1.they had a comedy track for Akhshay Kumar- but he said that since he is going back to action, he would prefer an action sequence, so coz of lack of time they ripped the entire sequence from youtube.

    2. Rekha was the only person who wanted reheasals.

    3. Farha did not like SRK’s hair in some sequence- she said they were too Don like.

    4.They had every one playing older wear scarfs and full sleeves shirts to save time on “Aging” makeup.

    5. Arjun was considered that he looks very similar to Amitabh in CheeniKum in his grand entrance scene at the end of the song.

    6.saif was acting as a Fan and taking pictures of Sanju, Salman, SRK etc.

    7.Lara was lucky that she was the only women available the day, Salman, Sanjy saif were shooting

    8. Salman just showed up during Dharmendra shoot and forced himself in.

    9. Malika even though has a small part in the film, forced herself in with Arbaaz khan

    10.Abhishek Bachchan showed up after his other shooting and stayed till 12 a.m. to finish the shoot.


  7. she also wonders as to why Manoj Kumar was mad at them and that he should have understood the humor .


  8. BTW- the food at the kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar is out of this world.
    makhani Dal, Paranthas and Kheeer .
    don’t miss it if yoiu are ever in Amritsar, the other place to visit besides the Golden Temple is the Hanuman Temple, apparently there are very few temples which have Hanuman jee in sitting position and this temple is one of them.


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