Yash Chopra to announce new project next month


After five years’ break, veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra says he is all set to wield the megaphone once again for a romance saga. “I am going to direct a film in December or January. It will be a romantic film. I haven’t decided about the cast or any other detail as of now. But I will surely announce the project next month,” Chopra said.

Chopra is known for making hit movies like Dil To Pagal Hai, Chandni, Silsila, Trishul and Deewar.

The filmmaker was here to receive the prize on behalf of his son Aditya at the 55th National Award ceremony Wednesday. Aditya’s Chak De! India was named the best film in overall entertainment for 2007.

39 Responses to “Yash Chopra to announce new project next month”

  1. It will be a surprise if SRK is not in this film….


    • I don’t think he’s gonna take any risks here. He’ll stick to SRK. If he takes SRK, at least 65 cr in India and good overseas collections are guaranteed. If he takes someone else and the film does not live up to expectations, his “brand” will take a beating.


  2. masterpraz Says:

    It may even be Aamir!


  3. It will probably be Ranbir , SRK and Amitabh .
    Kal, Aaj aur Aaj ka Baap.


  4. Nice Rocky bro. Hope you are doing good.


  5. Yes Ravi, I am good but where are you?
    not been active much of late?


  6. Just keep AB out of this film and i am happy!


  7. Been here and at NG regularly but not commenting much.

    Doing good but little busy. Waiting for Aladin.


  8. The only kind of deal I would be interested in here if it had Aamir is if Madhuri or a big casting coup was involved. That is the state of affairs with the top dogs at YR. Its really got to be a “star” vehicle to get people on board now. Yash/Aditya don’t even ignite the same excitement as a Shmit Amin project now – by this I mean it is purely the “star” aspect that can get ppl interested.


    • That indeed would be wonderful though Yash Chopra is such a dinosaur at this point he’ll probably go with SRK and Preity! Jokes aside Aamir has had a problem with Yash Chopra since the Darr days more or less and it would have to be a special project to entice him. I think Aditya directing it would make it far more likely. But I do agree that there has to be something special about the casting here to get people interested. Not necessarily the biggest casting, just something special.


  9. Satyam- why is it that when I click on the link. it wants to print the page ???


  10. The Cool Dude Says:

    Yash Chopra’s movies have been crap of late…Be it DARR (yes it is such a cornfest), DTPH (zzzzzzzz) and VZ (the token Pakistan and Pakistani at their best). He is going to announce the project with SRK, Deepika, and a token 2nd hero. Aamir wouldn’t be in it (Thank God)


    • Darr and VZ I accept are crappy but DTPH was a great film. The idea was very novel at that time. The way human relationships have been explored in this film had never been done before. All the relationships in this film, Akshay-Madhuri, SRK-Karisma and SRK-Madhuri were very well developed(this was never the case in Hindi cinema that preceded this film). In the future this film will be remembered as a path-breaking one that shaped the course of hindi cinema.


      • To be honest, I had precisely the opposite reaction: i.e. give me the relationships in Veer-Zaara and Darr any day over the ones in Dil To Pagal Hai, which to me seemed like a sitcom done for cinema (the flashback portions of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai go even further in this respect, towards not just sitcoms but rather juvenile ones). In Dil To Pagal Hai, the relationships all seemed very two-dimensional, none of the characters had any backstory or depth (“depth” in the sense of foregrounding or backgrounding), and thus didn’t exist as real characters, more like poses and marionettes.

        I might be inclined to agree that this film was influential, or perhaps symptomatic of a trend (consider the characterizations in the recent comedies), but I consider the trend abominable. Mercifully, Yash and Aditya Chopra never seem to have repeated this sort of thing, not only in the films they direct but the ones they produce. Whatever one might think of films like Veer-Zaara, Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, Aaja Nachle, Chak De India, Bunty aur Babli, they seem to me to have turned their face against the mode of Dil To Pagal Hai.


        • Q.. contrast the relationship between SRK-Preity in VZ and any of the ones in DTPH and u will see the difference. There is absolutely no chemistry between SRK and Preity in this film and this how most of the romances in the past used to be. Usually in love triangles, one pair is shown to be better “Made for Each Other” than the other and the case is closed. This is the easier route to take. But in DTPH, even Akshay and Madhuri seemed to have very good chemistry(e.g the tape recorder scene which I think is very intelligently written). Now the director’s task is even more challenging, he has to come up with scenes that show why Madhuri likes SRK more than Akshay and this is where the real triumph of DTPH is according to me.


        • masterpraz Says:

          Well said on DTPH…..I found the same for VZ! Only Yash Chopra film I enjoyed was DARR in recent times….neither VZ or DTPH did much at all!


        • Agreed Qalandar.

          I can watch VZ again but not DTPH.


  11. masterpraz Says:

    More comments here..going nowhere..leaving soon:)

    “Angels and Belds: How are ya? Long time no chat…

    “i think there is a difference between a masala movie and a slick thriller. the latter is more cerebral. on the topic of masala – i would put OSO, wanted and ghajini on the same level. tho i havent seen wanted – i have seen pokkiri and my fav among the 3 wud be pokiri. ghajini is more a gritty movie whereas oso is a total timepass.”

    I also think there is a vast difference between an authentic masala film, and a wanna-be multiplex masala film! I can write a whole novel on this, however to down-size it..in a authentic masala film, the audience is clearly connected WITH the character on more than just a surface level basis. The connection is an emotional one, so when the “hero” goes and bashes 20 people in one hit-we don’t mind! The “rage” the “hero” feels is also felt by the audience who over-look the obvious ! Sunny Deol beating up 1000 people in GADAR is the perfect example! In that retrospect WANTED was never an authentic masala film, but more a crude, bastardized 90’s version! Here we have no emotional connect with Radhe, but he’s COOL! The violence is cartoonish/video-gamish and again without emotional resonance! In that retrospect only GHAJINI in essence is a “true” masala film. Regional films don’t seem to have this problem !

    On old and new DON, i’ve said everything i’ve had to say and dont plan on getting in to discussions which lead nowhere anymore (rest you can read on my blog).

    However,it’s not about which film is cinematically better etc, all I said was the old DON Is a far truer and authentic masala film then the new DON will ever be! I don’t see why SRK called the film DON when it is as far removed from DON as it can possibly get apart from a desperate attempt to step in to Bachchans shoes (something which has been left as nothing more than a wet dream for SRK) and will not happen in this lifetime.

    Like I said, as a stand-alone film DON is fine, works well, slick thriller along hollywood lines etc-GREAT! But it’s NOT DON.

    Slick, yeah sure, technical values are excellent in DON, however DUS, BLUE etc are all technically slick products (I would take DON over BLUE and DUS anyday)! ANd lets not pretend that DON is the first slick actioner to come out of bollywood…Sanjay Gupta was making flick films while Farhan Akhtar was growing up watching Bachchan films !”!


    • omrocky786 Says:

      A.Shah- we have not interacted much so I don’t think it is my place to say this but I have enjoyed your posts a lot so I will say anyhow- I think this was probably not a very good move by you.
      I was also under the impression that Satyam tries to discourage this sort of thing but may be not.


      • Akshay, I do agree with what Rocky is saying here.. I don’t want to eliminate all context here so I’ll let this exchange stand but I think it would be best to not import comments from NG here, i.e. this sort of contentious thing. Knowing you as well as I do I know you never intend anything untoward. My reasons are other. Thanks for your consideration.. in advance!

        I missed out on this bit earlier and then it was brought to my attention.

        Rocky, thanks for your comment as I am happy you understand my sincerity on this score.


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