DDLJ Magic – Filmfare April, 1996


21 Responses to “DDLJ Magic – Filmfare April, 1996”

  1. Thanks for this.. SRK looks really young here.. could do with less lipstick though!


  2. DDLJ seems a lifetime away much as the whole yashraj 90s phase seems so passe..


  3. The success of this movie was in a way a curse for Yash Raj
    as they moved away from making real films gradually after this monster hit.


  4. On a related note, saw TPTM on cable tonite and while it is set in the fairyland only YR know about, I dont mind this film. It deserved a better fate and has as much heart as any of the recent YR films. So much better than TRRP. Which may not mean much.


  5. GO YANKEES!!!!


  6. The Yankeeeeeeeeeeees win.


  7. Whats the headline, It happened ONE NIGHT referring to?


    • Looking at the way the words and images are positioned on the cover, it seems to be referring to the Filmfare awards night, where, presumably, DDLJ won the bulk of the awards.


  8. I want to know what Aditya said in this edition!

    PS Apparently the lipstick got transferred from one pair of lips to the other – is that what happened one night?! (No..no… don’t say the award sweep!)


  9. PPS SRK’s eyebrows are better than Kajol’s; his lips are more polished. We’re still to believe there’s nothing between him and KJo. Queer…

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it!


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