Abhi-Ash on the cover of Ciniblitz (Oct,2000)


16 Responses to “Abhi-Ash on the cover of Ciniblitz (Oct,2000)”

  1. It’s extremely hilarious to see a photo of Aishwarya hugging Abhishek, and an article headline on him saying, “Salman should MARRY Ash!”


  2. Yeah lol…
    Is it me or Abhi at that time was not sexy at all…


  3. Is it me or does Abhi look like Alfred Molina here?


  4. no wonder his movies failed until Yuva. With Yuva, the major transformation happened.


  5. Abhishek looked exactly like Jaya in these early days, especially when he was clean shaven. For me that prevented me from thinking of him in a very masculine sense, because I was always thinking of his mother. 🙂 After he grew some facial hair, the resemblance wasn’t so noticeable, and now, that he’s older it is not as marked. But I don’t think I’ve seen him with a clean shaven face lately.


  6. they look like babies, man.


    • Ditto they looked like babies because they were in regards to their careers and age. We have to remember that this magazine cover was taken when Abhishek was vastly new to the industry. He was brand spanking new. Abhishek was working with Aishwarya in DAPK which was only his 2nd movie as an actor in Bollywood. He had no bearings, image, persona, easiness, confidence, or comfort factor as an actor at this advanced-early stage of his career which explains his awkwardness as well as the green factor in the mag cover(and his early movies). Abhishek literally had to learn on the job in movie to movie his early career by which led him to Yuva which was the clear turning point for his career(and image).

      Abhishek will always facially look like his mother with or without facial hair. I have also liked that he facially resembles his mother. Jaya Bachchan has always been one of my favourite actresses in India. She was not sex symbol, but I found her beauty really lovely when she was younger. And her acting was cream of the crop. Jaya had vastly expressive eyes and so does Abhishek. Whatever they both are feeling immediately shows up on their faces which is a quality needed for actors. So I feel that Abhishek has been given an advantage by facially resembling his mother. Its also a boon in my opinion that his acting sort of matches his mothers at given points. I think both are pure actors.

      In turn Abhishek has his father’s height, voice, diplomacy, humour, intelligence, and acid wit which also helps him. Abhishek can be soft, subtle, masculine, and dominate depending on the role. Abhishek having physical traits and qualities from both his parents is what makes him such an interesting actor to me. This is one of the reasons(besides his talent and persona) that I’m such a big fan of him as an actor. Bollywood has so few actors that can interest or excite these days this is why I cotton to Abhishek as an actor. I cotton to the fact that he seems unique and different from the rest of the lot.

      The cover is a copesetic blast from the past. I think this magazine cover is ironic because of the fact that only 7 years later after this cover Abhishek and Aishwarya indeed ending up marring each other. It’s always ironic how life is unpredictable and always comes full circle. 🙂


      • Rajen’s comment:

        You still cannot deny Abhi does look too young and he did even in pics. I think he debuted a little prematurely. As star sons often do. One should always make a debut somewhere between the dissolution of the baby fat and the beginning of middle age spread.


        • Eire:

          I concur that Abhishek did look young. He looked like a baby. I said as much and more in my post. Abhishek was was young, green, not formed, and awkward. Perhaps he should have waited before he debut. But there were many reasons why he debut when he did. But I stand by the rest of my thoughts.


  7. Aishwarya on the cover of Filmfare

    Stunning, man


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