Devgan in remake of Puthiya Mukham


After featuring in comedies like ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Sunday’, Ajay Devgn returns to action movies with the remake of a Malayalam film. The actor-producer has bought the rights to produce the Hindi remake of ‘Puthiya Mukham’, which had Malayalam superstar Prithviraj in the lead.

‘Golmaal’ director Rohit Shetty will wield the megaphone for the yet-to-be titled Hindi remake.

‘I have seen ‘Puthiya Mukham’ three times. Ajay and I have been wanting to do a hardcore action film for the last three years. At last, we are doing it,’ said Shetty whose last last action film was ‘Zameen’.

Released in 2003, ‘Zameen’ starred Ajay with Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu.


14 Responses to “Devgan in remake of Puthiya Mukham”

  1. Has anyone seen this? It’s being remade in Tamil as well (same title and lead).


    • Haven’t seen it but it was a hit and pretty liked, I think. Prithvi doesn’t do much for me though outside a certain kind of role. He looks too much like his father who always represented a rather villainous/smarmy presence for me. This was not always the case but prevalent enough in my memory of the movies to keep me from embracing this guy – which is a shame because he’s probably the only real prospect among the younger Malayali actors.


      • I am unfamiliar with the family history here but Prithviraj has always had a bit of creepy quality for me! Perhaps because I first came across him in Kanaa Kanden.


      • I have the DVD but haven’t got around to watching it yet. GF, although Sukumaran had a certain smarmy demeanor, he was also quite an excellent actor- and he had screen presence in spades.
        Prithvi still has quite a way to go, but he seems to be coming along. This song from the movie is excellent.


        • Thanks for this, CG.

          Sukumaran was certainly a very effective presence as an actor, I guess I’m more familiar with his archetype than his more actorly works. Actually, it kind of makes sense that Ratnam is using Prithvi given Sukumaran was in Ratnam’s only Malayalam film, Unaru.

          Sukumaran was very effective in that film as the trade union politician who goes corrupt. The movie itself is not a great movie by any means but one certainly gets a sense of Ratnam’s thematic interests that he explored in the years that followed.


    • Are they really remaking it in Tamil? That seems so unnecessary. This is a movie that could very easily dubbed.

      Prithviraj’s character is a Palakkad Iyer. Priyamani is known to Tamil audiences and Bala is Tamil as well. What could they possibly change about it other than the regular actors who play the goondas and dads?


  2. No one seems to worry about the real topic of discussion here!
    In PM Prithvi played the character of a college student. How can Ajay portray the same, considering his age?


    • If Aamir can, why can’t Ajay?


      • True but Devgan really looks his age. I’m not suggesting that Aamir is fresh as a daisy but Devgan even back in Yuva looked completely out of place.


        • Oh, my comment was facetious. I know many people felt Ajay looked too old even in Yuva. But maybe, now that they’ve got used to the idea of 40+year old college students, they will be more receptive, if they like the film overall.


          • btw madam hav u written something on veer wen i was out ?? if so please provide the link ..

            and if not write it soon!!! as u are percieving writing!!


          • I will if you’ll stop calling me madam! ๐Ÿ™‚

            (One mention of physics and I suddenly get elevated to formality!)


          • lol.. but as u will read on other thread (mnik bo) in my reply i liked a physics a lot and u being a physicist thats why the respect madam.. oops lady.. oops sm ๐Ÿ˜‰

            tc gn


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