Shashi Kapoor & Rakhee on Star & Style (Dec 31, 1976)

12 Responses to “Shashi Kapoor & Rakhee on Star & Style (Dec 31, 1976)”

  1. salimjakhra Says:

    If i’m thinking of this pair, i’d much rather think of them as they looked in Sharmilee…6 years previously – Raakhee lookeed so incredibly beautiful in that movie – and although she lost it within a couple of years, at her peak she could match any of bollywood’s greatest beauties.


  2. In Sharmilee,Raakhee was lovely and in Jeevan Mrityu her beauty was ethereal. Perhaps she didn’t have the talent to match the beauty whereass the other great beauties, Meena Kumari, Waheeda, Hema Malini had something else besides the beautiful face.
    I like their Sharmilee pairing but I also like the more mature Shashi-Raakhee here. Nothing wrong with mature looks but maybe it’s not appreciated in India as much–India having a large under 25 population base.


    • “Rajesh Khanna brought good films, Amitabh Bachchan brought bad films”!


    • Thanks, enjoyed reading that. Sure I might not agree with all she says but appreciate her being honest in stating her opinions. It’s a short interview and she could probably expand on the statement about Amitabh bringing bad films – a lot of his cinema from the 70’s and 80’s isn’t what i enjoy watching either.


      • It’s one thing to not have a taste for those films and quite another to call them ‘bad’ when these are among the best scripts in the history of Hindi cinema. So Raakhee’s statement even without the details is pretty horrifying! But this was by no means an uncommon view at the time among bourgeois classes who of course saw all the Bachchan films like everyone else but hankered for the ‘easier’ comforts of Rajesh Khanna’s films. I’m a fan of many of these myself so not knocking them but Salim-Javed they are not! More on all this here:


        • I am pretty sure that this is not what she meant , I am pretty sure there will be a clarification soon …


        • ‘Even without the details’ – but I think that’s exactly what makes the statement seem worse, because she’s not explaining what she means. I think a lot of things did get worse at the same time as Bachchan became the superstar – music quality deteriorated, the roles of actresses became less significant, and there was so much fighting!! Although it’s not his ‘fault’, these things did happen (probably arguable but there’s enough people that at least hold that opinion).

          I’ve always said I think Jaya did ‘better’ movies than Amitabh, but the kind of films he made were far more successful and brought in a different era.

          So I’m not really defending what she said, but just that i don’t think it’s ‘horrifying’ that she holds such a view. And Amitabh has said far, far dumber things in so many interviews over the years.


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