From the India Today enclave (Aamir Khan, James Cameron, Ranbir Kapoor) [updated]


Ensuing discussion which includes Ranbir and Asin


23 Responses to “From the India Today enclave (Aamir Khan, James Cameron, Ranbir Kapoor) [updated]”

  1. The Aamir, Cameron discussion is now up..


  2. ideaunique Says:

    part 5 and 6 don’t work – any other source?


  3. Saw the onclave live…It occured to me it was james cameron who was doing all the talking…VVC and Prasoon Joshi asked some interesting questions to James…


  4. Cameron is very articulate and to the point. I liked where he kind of disagreed with Aamir and said everyone does their job with 100% effort but then he is not aware of Indian film industry culture 🙂 .

    I think Cameron can very well speak about future of cinema. I am not sure bollywood has that right!


  5. This is a bit amiss. I don’t know how many in attendance are on cue with James Cameron’s ‘cinema’. Unfortunately that includes Aaamir as well.

    Bollywood is punching way above its welterweight, here. James almost has to take a couple steps down to bridge it!


  6. I would love to produce regional films: Aamir Khan

    Aamir KhanBollywood actor Aamir Khan says that his birthday resolutions include learning Marathi and Urdu as well as promoting regional cinema by turning producer.

    “I’m learning two languages properly this year, Marathi and Urdu. I can read and write Marathi but can’t speak while Urdu I can speak but can’t read and write,” the actor-filmmaker told reporters here.

    “I would love to produce regional language cinema including Marathi,” said Aamir, who celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake at his residence in suburban Bandra.

    Aamir said he will not do any films this year and would concentrate on the films produced under his banner.

    “This year I want to spend my time with my family members and will concentrate my banner’s three under-production films – ‘Peepli Live’, ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and ‘Delhi Belly’,” he said.

    Aamir said his trip to Delhi where he met Hollywood filmmaker James Cameroon was great. “Cameroon is a great filmmaker and is very down to earth.
    When I spoke to him I got an idea about his thoughts.”

    “We discussed cinema in general and not specifically about Hollywood or Bollywood,” he added.


    • I thought Cameroon was a good footballing country, building on Samuel Eto’o!

      (Some sources are just nice humour stuff!)


  7. the combination will rock…..that what i call SUPERSTAR..


  8. The following people feature in the latest issue of India Today (March 22), as frontrunners in the the annual 50 Power List of Indians –according to India Today team–. 1. Ratan Tatan, 2. Mukesh Ambani, 3. Anil Ambani, 4. Aamir Khan. 5.Sachin Tendulkar, 6. SRK, 7.Industrialists Shashikant and Ravi Ruia, 8. Media barons Samir and Vineet Jain, 9. Kumaramngalam Birla (whose Ultra Tech Cement constituted the entire Bandra-Worli sealink), 10. Anand Mahindra.

    Aamir at #4.

    Power Read–‘Gandhi and Churchill’ by Arthur Herman–comparing the two.

    An offer he did refuse–Of Rs.500/- crore to start a studio by a consortium headed by Rakesh Jhunjunwala.

    India Today team chose Aamir ‘The Megahit Man’ at # 4,

    1. because he is India’s most consistent box office star with four films in four successive years grossing over Rs 100 crore each, proving himself as actor, director and producer of films that make a difference.

    2. because everyone wants a slice of his integrity, whether it is the govt of India’s Incredible India campaign, the Election Commission or the Human Resource Development Ministry’s copyright panel.

    3. beacuse he is now the country’s highest paid endorser at Rs.35 crore for two years.

    4. because even as everyone in Bollywood wants to work with him, he’s content to bide his time and produce three little films of his own.

    5. because he has emerged as the man the industry turns to whether to aid the junior artiste association or combat piracy.

    Most recent habit–Badminton. His home is littered with Yonex rackets.

    Most recent holiday–In Chamonix, France, with wife Kiran Rao to help her recover from a miscarriage.

    Loves to–Write notes to authors he likes, as he did to Ramachandra Guha upon reading India After Gandhi.

    Excited about–A skiing lesson in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival.

    SRK at #6–

    1.Because he stared down the bullying Shiv Sena, emerged as the voice of the liberal Indian, and showed courage to a city that lives in fear of paper tigers.

    2. Because when the Sena called for a ban on MNIK, he got the govt machinery firmly behind him even as citizens flaunted multiplex visit as a badge of honour.

    3. Because with a vfx studio and IPL cricket team, he has shown that showbusiness can be big business.

    4.Because he pulled off a stunning performance in MNIK, silencing critics who thought his repertoire limited.

    5.Because even when he loses, he wins, as the net profit of his team Kolkata Knight Riders has shown.

    6. Because he has a stranglehold on our affections, and as much as he cannot stop talking, India cannot stop listening.

    Loves to–spend time with his children.

    Cannot live without–Luxury brands–Ralph Lauren towels, Dolce and Gabbana shoes, Gucci T shirts.

    Should be embarrassed about–going ahead with the Lux Cozy endorsement despite being aware of owner Ashok Todi’s role in the Rizwanur case. ( India Today seems unaware that SRK pulled out of Lux Cozy advt deal–after facing flak from many quarters).

    Power Wheels–The 14 ft vanity van designed by Dilip Chhabria.

    Is re-reading–Mark Haddon’s The Curious incident of the Dog at Night-Time.

    I typed out a couple of relevant pages,above, since the material is not yet available on website. This may not be the appropriate place for the topic, but shared it anyway, since it involves the publication that sponsored the Conclave.


  9. alex adams Says:

    Really nice link satyam. thanks for putting it up.
    Have NOT seen aamir owning up to watching a movie (not involving himself). Here he is participating in this live discussion ( arguably one of hollys best director in recent times) and claims to have not watched avataar.
    dont believe him there
    “This is a bit amiss. I don’t know how many in attendance are on cue with James Cameron’s ‘cinema’. Unfortunately that includes Aaamir as well.

    Bollywood is punching way above its welterweight, here. James almost has to take a couple steps down to bridge it!”


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