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  1. Housefull Takes Excellent Start At The Box Office
    Friday 30th April 2010 13.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Housefull has taken an excellent start this morning over its first few shows. Multiplexes have seen excellent collections all over while single screens are also very good. The best collections have come in the North with Delhi city and East Punjab multiplexes being fantastic and Rajasthan and CI also performing superbly.
    Some single screens in CP Berar had a slower start but multiplexes were good in the circuit. Hyderabad also suffered a bit as the city had a few bomb scare stories.
    Overall the opening is big as was expected and bought relief all around after the dull period. The weekend should emerge with huge collections as Saturday is a holiday which will further boost the film.



  2. Racist, sexist, homophobic shit as usual from BW:

    “For starters, Khan is not even politically incorrect. He’s just plain racist, contriving a character who balks at a black, African infant, calling it a ‘daamar ka tukda’ (‘a piece of tar’ if you please). And a young woman is such a sex-fiend that she whips a guy in bed (in his dreams you’re informed, a typical juvenile male fantasy). Next morning, Lady Whip dumps him for an Italian beachside hunk. How’s that for female treachery? Plus, gays are literally made a butt of ridicule, with screams and yells, “He’s a’re a homo.” Surely, the homophobic slip is showing.”


  3. B.O. update: ‘House Full’ has earth-shattering start
    – By Taran Adarsh, April 30, 2010 – 15:52 IST

    The much-awaited HOUSE FULL seems to have ended the drought at the box-office. The film embarked on one of the biggest openings ever, with the morning and noon shows opening to a fantastic response. The film has had one of the biggest releases ever, in terms of number of screens as also shows at leading plexes. Generally, a keenly awaited film is screened in 15-17-20 shows every day, but in this case, as many as 22-25-27 shows are being conducted at several plexes.

    Saturday, 1st May is a holiday, so the film should set new records on Saturday and Sunday as well. Now let’s see if the opening weekend numbers find a place in Top 5 openers ever.


  4. Housefull Takes Excellent Start At The Box Office

    Friday 30th April 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull has taken an excellent start this morning over its first few shows. Multiplexes have seen excellent collections all over while single screens are also very good. The best collections have come in the North with Delhi city and East Punjab multiplexes being fantastic and Rajasthan and CI also performing superbly.

    Some single screens in CP Berar had a slower start but multiplexes were good in the circuit. Hyderabad also suffered a bit as the city had a few bomb scare stories.

    Overall the opening is big as was expected and bought relief all around after the dull period. The weekend should emerge with huge collections as Saturday is a holiday which will further boost the film.


  5. Hmmmm, the theatre I was watching it in today was just about 40% full…in a 2 pm show

    anyways, i would say an okay kinda film.. nothing much can be expected from an Akki film but this one was better than many of his recent films… timepass stuff


  6. why does taran adarsh always say 4 every big movie dat ” the movie has taken an earth shattering start”..does he have a limited vocabulary?! aur kuch naya kabhi kuch bolte hi nahi hai bhaisaab!!


    • ideaunique Says:

      that’s because BOLLYWOODHUNGAMA has been hired to do digital promotions for the film and have been paid a hefty amount….


  7. This review is funnier than the movie apparently.

    Housefull: A Prada parrot and a monkey that slaps
    Kaveree Bamzai
    New Delhi, April 30, 2010

    Director: Sajid Khan
    Starring: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta
    Rating: 2/5

    A monkey who slaps. A parrot named is Prada. A tiger, also named Prada. This is Sajid Khan’s strange universe where gay jokes abound, wife swapping makes for humour, and innuendo is rife. Where the language is coarse and the humour in-your-face. Where Gucci bags, Cartier watches and Victoria Secret underwear pepper the conversation. And where characters slip as easily from London to Puglia, from casinos to nightclubs in the blink of eye. Where girls inherit 500 million pounds and boys happily spend it.

    And where yes, Riteish Deshmukh has to do at least one scene where he pretends to be gay (actually this film has more than one).

    For director Sajid Khan, an otherwise intelligent individual, three women rising out of the water wearing itsy bitsy bikinis may be ultimate heaven, but there’s only so much the physical can do for you. What can you say for a movie where Arjun Rampal is the most distinguished cast member, making former superstar Akhsay Kumar look like an approximation of the monkey he slaps? Not much except wonder how Akshay Kumar is planning his career. Is it his intent to antagonize each and every right thinking member of the audience? Insult blacks (there’s a black baby he is supposed to have adopted)? Laugh at gay men? Joke about every nationality other than Indian?

    Yes, he looks good (though I have to say that his teeth urgently require some work). But as loser Arush who’s been down on his luck since the day he was born, he brings neither freshness nor excitement to a role he can do in his sleep-and unfortunately here does.

    The girls, Deepika Padukone as Sandy (not Sa-a-a-ndee, she tells Arush again and again), Lara Dutta (who wears all the bikinis left over from the Blue shoot) and Jiah Khan (who transforms from Bharatiya nari to Western wow in minutes), are easy on the eye but get underfoot of the boys who clearly have a thing going for each other. Deshmukh is beginning to look increasingly androgynous on screen. Is that deliberate or accidental? Rampal keeps a stiff upper lip through the proceedings, as well he should, considering he’s playing a major in India’s “military intelligence” about to receive a medal for bravery from the Queen (of England, that is). And considering he’s now a National Award winning actor.

    Boman Irani and Lillete Dubey have a possible relationship going which Sajid Khan refuses to elaborate upon. More fool him. The two, as Mr Patel and Ms Sulekha Bano, bring the house down. Malaika Arora Khan has a speaking part as Akshay’s two minute girlfriend, which is a pity, because she reveals bad teeth while speaking (which is a relief, given that every other part of her body is perfect).
    There are some fun lines in it, such as sharam, laaj, ya gehna, in teeno mein se kuch nahin pehna.; and yes, Khan did get the fake Queen to say Jai Maharashtra, but there are a few things that really need to be done:

    1. Lara Dutta needs to stop wearing lingerie, passing it off as a dress.

    2. Akshay Kumar needs to learn how to read and then learn how to read scripts, not merely proposals.

    3. Deepika Padukone needs to stop channeling her inner Hema Malini. She needs to come to life and start acting. Flashing one’s dimples is not enough.

    4. Riteish Deshmukh has to stop pretending to be gay. People might take him seriously.

    5. Sajid Khan has to try to make films which at least match his spontaneous witticisms.

    6. Sajid Nadiadwala has to stop trying to shoot every film in exotic locations, varying from Macau to Puglia, hoping that it will be enough to distract viewers.

    7. Malaika Arora Khan has to desist from doing speaking parts.

    8. Bollywood has to stop making fun of Africans. The continent will rise in revolt.

    9. Chunky Pandey has to stop doing faux accents, even if it is Italian.

    10. Randhir Kapoor doesn’t have to appear with a glass in every scene just because he is, you know, a Kapoor from a “khata-peeta ghar”.


    • Hillarious stuff!!!


    • Rediff also gave 1 star. But the opposite is happening at the BO for this film basedupon earlier reports. So does the audience care for reviews?


    • Rajeev Says:



    • ideaunique Says:

      ha ha ha…..did kaveri write this?…..super stuff…..looks like an honest take….anyway, i was never excited to catch up this one (and off-late, i’m never excited to watch akki movies ;-( )


  8. Housefull Into Overdrive In Evening Shows

    Friday 30th April 2010 19.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull is doing tremendous business at multiplexes all over India in its evening shows. Delhi and East Punjab are seeing bumper collections at multiplexes while other places are excellent.

    The places where the start was slightly slower in the morning shows showed improvement in the evening. There are some single screens which are below expectations in CP Berar and Bihar but overall this will not make much difference to overall scenario.

    The film is looking to emerge with a huge weekend which may well be the second biggest ever after Three Idiots which should put it on route to emerge a hit film.


  9. Am surprised that this didnt release in my closest local cinema (Maveli Twin in Rockland County). Wonder why?


  10. LOL,Housefull all set to beat MNIK at BO.
    If Akki has one more biggie this year at the BO, he will officially be the number two after Aamir. If Kites does as well as expected, Hrithik can lay the same claim. SRK must be shaking in his boots. If he is not, he should be.


    • agreed.. if akshay has two big ones this year, if Hrithik can get a big one with Kites, both of them must be considered ahead of SRK. It’s also not just about one film or the other. SRK doesn’t have an obvious winner at hand, specially since he needed one after MNIK.


      • ideaunique Says:

        i disagree with that satyam….SRK’s will do much more than MNIK….I trust anubhav sinha more than SRK and KJO 😉


    • ideaunique Says:

      HF will fizzle out in 1 week flat…..reports are nothin much to talk abt. and i guess kites is around the corner so people will save money for that…besides, akki’s films have become a tiring watch off-late…how long one can go on assaulting viewers’ senses……


  11. quinqart Says:

    no…not at all….aksahy no matter how big a success he has wont be able to cross MNIK worldwide…..even if he does it that wont be enough to compensate for his 5 flops he gave last year.
    hrithik i believe is the closest to two khans and if he has big grosser with kites then he and srk will be combined no.2..
    and why do u guys forget SRK has two audience friendly films coming up…DON 2 and RA.1….
    I think most of us are under estimating SRKs box office pull.
    RA.1 is 100% commercial film and if ra.1 flops then officially srk will be out of the top league


    • The first Don was just about decent at the box office. Hardly a big winner. On Ra 1 one wouldn’t want to bet too big on Anubhav Sinha!


    • Rajeev Says:

      lets talk after the housefulo weekend ….all this talk of Akki surpassing SRK will prove bunkum,childish and premature…


      • ROONEY Says:

        rajeev reports are hyped.. i saw the 7 30 show only 60 % full !!.. and every one were bored in first half.. second saves something but this isnt worth it.. to sit till second half..


  12. Housefull Gives Akshay Kumar His Biggest Opening Ever

    Saturday 1st May 2010 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Akshay Kumar has his biggest opening ever in the form of Housefull. The early estimates also suggest the second biggest first day in the history of Hindi cinema. Based on very early estimates the first day business of Housefull is around the 10 crore nett region. This easily smashes the 7.25 crore nett for Singh is Kinng and 7.50 crore nett for Kambakkht Ishq which were the biggest first day openers of Akshay Kumar.

    Housefull is looking to settle behind the record 13 crore nett of Three Idiots as the second biggest first day in the history of Hindi cinema but it has to be noted that the Three Idiots record was achieved on Christmas Day holiday which is regarded as the biggest day of the year for box office collections in India today. This makes Housefull the biggest non holiday opening day in the history of Hindi cinema.


  13. ROONEY Says:


    this movies doesnt deseve the reviewing… 0 star out of 5 from me..

    i left the the theater at 2 hrs mark.

    i had went to chill with friendsxams got over.

    MOst pathetic, stupid, non senssical and u funny movie ever.

    sajid khan no one will pirate this movie it doesnt deseve to be pirated !!

    any more words on this film from my end is time wasting…

    ps- hi guys… xams over.!!!! m back and i have missed ravan action… but saw the trailer at theater mindblowing.. abhisekh bachan is the man.. rathnam the director.. rahman magician… cant wait.. audience reaction superb … people cant believe it.

    ps- housefull was only 60 % FULL IN NIGHT FIRST DAY 3RD SHOW.


    • Great to see you after a long tome Rooney! Thanks for the brief thoughts on Housefull. And I envy you for seeing the Raavan trailer in the theater!


      • ROONEY Says:

        and great to see the blog after long long time… i have many threads to visit specially the ravan ones.. also q bhais commentary on music.. and hell i havent yet got chance to hear the music will buy the original today.. only hopefully… loved it… it looks interantional quality..


        • welcome back! am a bit surprised as I had thought housefull might be better than some other comedies, but I guess not. In any event, am totally cold when it comes to these films…


          • Hey,Ronney.
            Nice to see you around here.
            Hope exams were okay.
            You are one lucky bastard if you got to see Raavan trailer in theatre.
            Anybody know if they are showing it here? I might go to watch Housefull just for that.


    • jayshah Says:

      LOL … brutal. Anyway, most bloggers seem to be ripping this one up. I still want to give it a go.


  14. jeevcy Says:

    I expect this to trend badly given the critics, WOM and T20 world cup. Not going beyond MNIK in my opinion. Also, competition in form of Badmaash Company and Kites will eat into its revenue.


  15. Shezad Says:

    U forgot, if ravaan is big hit, abhishek bhi srk se ageh.


  16. quinqart Says:

    arrey shezad mere dost abhi jr toh dostana hit hote hi srk se aage ho gay thaa…emraan hashmi raaz2 ke bad srk se aage ,ranbir APKGK ke baad,ajay devgn all the best,and even priyanka chopra after fashion,arshad and naser after ishqiya…..srk is presently at no.11-12…..


  17. ideaunique Says:

    what i m looking forward is whether RAAVAN will do better than KITES at the BO? this for me is the clash of the year……..both the films have everything going for it……litmus test for both ABHI and HRITIK….both films will be SH ….but who is liked more by the paying janta…..let us see


    • oldgold Says:

      I wouldn’t compare these two films.
      While Raavan seems to be a far far superior product, Kites might just be more popular because of HR’s dances and I think a sort of masala content.

      Though I want Raavan to be the highest grosser ever, I know that won’t happen. But if it does, I’ll be the happiest person to have my theory proved wrong.


  18. jeevcy Says:

    Rs. 8.90 cr for Housefull first day behind 3 idiots and Ghajini


  19. Housefull Disappoints?
    By Uma R 30/04/2010

    After a lull that marred box office collections due to the IPL and no major releases, Sajid Khan’s Housefull has brought some cheer. Pitted against only one other release – Chase – it could have taken a flying start. Only, it didn’t!
    Some distributors say the film did manage a flying start but others feel it didn’t live up to the hype. Judging by its opening, “very good” but not “excellent” is the verdict. The big question is: Will Housefull be able to sustain?

    According to Ramesh Sippy of BRA Enterprises, “Morning shows of Housefull were quite good, with 70 to 80 per cent occupancy in multiplexes. But I don’t think the film can sustain for long, not beyond Monday. It’s not worth talking about Chase.”

    Utpal Acharya, Vice-President – Programming and Distribution, INOX Leisure Ltd, feels Housefull will do well at the weekend simply by default. “With no other big release this week, the film should be a crowd-puller. The opening was good, at 80 to 90 per cent occupancy. We’re hoping occupancy levels don’t dip as there are no other big releases for a while. As for Chase, well, shows were cancelled.”

    In Delhi, Housefull fell well below expectations. “The reports are not encouraging but the film will do good business at the weekend as Housefull has no competition. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. Chase, as expected, did pitiable business in Delhi,” says G D Mehta of Bobby Arts International.
    Another distributor from Delhi, Avtar Singh Aulakh of Dolly Films, says the opening was nothing to rave about. Occupancy was between 60 and 70 per cent. Singh points out that the opening of Akshay Kumar’s earlier release, De Dana Dan, was better than that of Housefull. “Once the first weekend ends, collections will nosedive. Akshay used to be a big crowd-puller in the North but his popularity is declining,” he says.

    At least one distributor claims the opening of Housefull was “outstanding”. Says Aditya Choksey of Morya Arts, “In CI, the opening was 70 to 80 per cent in multiplexes and 80 to 85 per cent in single-screens. The response seems mixed so it is difficult to predict whether the film will sustain. Chase was a disaster.”

    Another distributor in CI, Ashok Choudhary of Neha Movies, adds, “The opening was pretty good in CI, at around 80 per cent in multiplexes and 70 to 75 per cent in single-screens. The weekend will be good and the film will do decent business for two weeks at least.”

    Dilip Tandon of Indra Films is one relieved distributor. He says Housefull has brought footfalls back to cinema halls in Nizam, where the opening was “excellent” at 70 per cent. “Just like the film’s title, I believe weekend shows will also be housefull!”

    Kolkata was no different from most other territories. The film opened to 70 to 80 per cent occupancy in multiplexes and 50 to 60 per cent in single-screens. We’re hoping that in the long run, Housefull does decent business,” says Arun Mehra of Aum Movies.

    Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers concludes, “Multiplexes have experienced 100-per cent occupancy for morning shows of Housefull. In single-screens, the opening was 70 per cent. However, the reports are average and I don’t think it will sustain.”


    • so a very different picture from what BOI and Taran have presented.. I’m inclined to believe this as well. The second only to 3I deal didn’t make much sense to me.


    • ideaunique Says:

      “Once the first weekend ends, collections will nosedive. Akshay used to be a big crowd-puller in the North but his popularity is declining,”

      I second this……akki needs to stop taking the audience for granted otherwise he is going exactly in the way his SASUR (RK) did 😉


  20. Housefull First Day Business

    Saturday 1st May 2010 16.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull grossed around 9 crore nett approx on day one. This is the third highest ever first Friday business behind Three idiots and Ghajini. Both of those films were releases over the Christmas period.

    The approx territorial breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai – 3.30 crore

    Delhi/UP – 2.10 crore

    East Punjab – 80 lakhs

    West Bengal – 35 lakhs

    Bihar – 10 lakhs

    CP Berar – 40 lakhs

    CI – 35 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 50 lakhs

    Nizam – 45 lakhs

    Mysore – 35 lakhs

    Others – 20 lakhs

    TOTAL – 8.90 crore


    • LOL, after being second only to 3I it’s suddenly behind GHajini too (this when Ghajini release earlier than Fri!).

      At any rate BOI had the ‘second only to Ghajini campaign’ for a long time, now the ‘second only to 3I’ one begins.

      Let’s see the film that out-initials Ghajini and outgrosses it. We’ll get to 3I later. LOL!


  21. alex adams Says:

    Saw Houseful! Not sure, what prompted me but thought I will “get over” the underwhelming experience of my last cinema outing MNIK.
    Well, i went with low expectations and got what i had expected– time pass stuff.
    I had a slight suspicion that it may be better than expected sonce sajid khan was “threatening” in the interviews that he had come up with an absolute blockbuster. That is surely NOT the case.
    Glaring loop-holes and absolute lack of logic was a given. BUt even the execution of the confused script was not upto the mark.
    Overall, found it slighly below par EVEN with LOW expectations.
    Having said that- a few guilty pleasures here and there of crap comedy-the sort of jokes u are not proud to be laughing on.
    a monkey slapping akshay and getting slapped in return (repeatedly)-as an example.
    Coming to the perfromances—
    akshay was earnest and delievred hi role well and did well IMO..
    boman was irritating here-his get ups and dialogues were irrtating.
    ritesh- was NOT bad-
    akshay and ritesh did their best in the circumstances
    lara dutta-used all the costumes left over from blue–looked past her prime—has NO business to continue as lead heroine and trying to get away with looking like a sexy girl-oh cmon….eeks (ok she
    was one, TEN years ago)
    deepika –NOT sure y she overdid the revealing outfit bit–NOT that i am complaining and nOT that i did not like what i saw. Just was surprised at her doing this much -what was her issue of behaving like a desperate wannabe starlet in her first break…
    did not mind jiah in her “brief” avatar-pun intended-she has screen presence and is surpririsingly confident
    All in all- if u HAVE to see it-pirated -oops dvd / satellite should be more than enuf for this


  22. alex adams Says:

    In continuation to my comments above to houseful-stars 2 and half.
    I am still getting tempted to remove that “half point”.
    but more importantly, this viewing highlighted another thing.—
    the UK cinema hall was full of indian expatriates- usually young/youngish couples.
    surprisingly, they were ahvin a v good laugh and appeared to have a satisfied look in the end.
    which brings an imp question to the fore.
    iut is the change of cinema culture (not only the advent of mutliplex)
    the expectations and motives of cinema goers have change. they seem to be content with a good multiplex ambience, “cool” surrounding”, ANYTHING that makes them laugh a bit and be “destressed”.
    And if this deal comes wiht a-list stars like akshay here, add in a dash of deepika and a half-decent ensemble cast- U ACTUALLY HAVE A V GOOD CHANCE OF GETTING A HIT-SURPRING BUT TRUE!
    Maybe, it is personal but find this trivialisation of cinema (and box-office) a bit disconcerting . I am not asking for satyajit ray or kurosawa, but atleast there should be some minimum threshold for this “success”.
    No wonder, sajid khan was decalring his movie a Blockbuster much b4 release.
    I am afraid, people like mani ratnam , vvc (as director), rom have their backs against the wall– even if their risky concepts work (by chance), thye still will not get universal family patronage and usually not much interms of repeat viewing, that these halfbaked “entertaining” ventures can ensure just at the outset.
    food for thought indeed….


    • alex adams,you think a film like 3 Idiots where pissing on doors is quality?If aamir can resort to that lowest level why cant Akshay do it in a far more dignified manner.


  23. BOI is a joke. The second only to 3I and Ghajini is actually quite funny. I am sure BOI wishes this to happen but everybody needs to emember Ghajini is not that easy to beat and 3I is just impossible.


  24. IBOS:

    Box Office: Housefull looks to take top opening of 2010
    Saturday, May 01, 2010

    The Indian box office saw itself to an affirming return at the turnstiles this weekend as Akshay Kumar-Chunkey Pandey-Ritesh Deshmukh fare Housefull has taken a big opening in most of the country.

    The film which has been in news for Calcutta High court staying the song remix of ‘Apni To Jaisi Taisi’ from the 1981 blockbuster hit of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Laawaris is set to be benchmark weekend of the year so far ahead of the Shahrukh Khan starrer My Name is Khan, and others like Ishqiya, Veer, and Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge, the other major releases of the first half. The remix has been stayed by the court but the purpose of song in terms of promotions has materialized with the good opening.

    In terms of collection patterns, the movie isn’t all housefull everywhere contrary to some reports but boosted by the huge number of screenings in multiplexes (upto 25 a day in Bombay, Calcutta etc), 50-70% opening occupancies being registered there are still adding upto some big totals from the plexes. Single screens are typically strong for Akshay Kumar starrers and here it is also true though to a lesser degree as some single screeners in Central India are not as strong with occupancies in the 50-60% range while others are going at the more typical 80-90%. All in all, top opening of the year, and a Rs. 45-50 crore week is in the radar.

    Now Akshay Kumar has had a string of movies that have opened big and then not held well. That’s a testament to the star’s initial draw but also points to the lack of original scripts he’s working with which are limiting the final grosses. It will be interesting to see if Housefull bucks the trend, but it’s onto a good start for itself.

    Next week May 7 will see the relatively fresh pairing of Shahid Kapoor-Anushka Sharma in Badmaash Company. The ‘Kaminey’ star, who is one of the few reliable ‘solo-hit’ calibre stars in the industry, is looking to start his inning this year after a couple of slow-runners in Paathshala and Chance Pe Dance earlier in the year.

    May 21 will see Hrithik Roshan’s international hopes for Hollywood play out with Kites on the screen. The actor was in the top 2 grossers of 2006 but his Jodha Akbar in 2008 brought him a few notches down in the relative rankings compared to other films and stars. He’ll be hoping once again for a comeback towards top in India and step into Hollywood with this film. The rights cost for Kites however has been floated at over 125 crores.

    Major release after that will be June 4 which will release the Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif political thriller Rajneeti under direction of Prakash Jha. Ranbir Kapoor is one of the few major stars to attempt the political thriller genre in recent times. After the surprising success of Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani, Rajneeti will be the awaited fare.

    Ending the first half in June will be Mani Ratnam’s ambitious Raavan featuring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai which is tipped to release on June 18. The Mani Ratnam film is billed as a romantic thriller involving an inurbane, low caste kidnapper and an upper caste housewife played by Aishwarya Rai.

    Meanwhile major grosser in Tamil Nadu is a film called Paiyaa this week. In Telugu/AP, a film called Darling is topping the chart and among Kannada releases, Prithvi is the benchmark leader.

    Last year’s big Hindi cinema hit and currently Indian cinema’s biggest grosser 3 Idiots is still playing on merit in some stations such as Surat. In an era jubilees are unheard of, 3 Idiots may be heading for a few.


  25. HF 3rd biggest opener: another confirmation from BOI


  26. so Eros claiming 10 cr nett. Doing a Kambhaqt Ishq again?


  27. ROONEY Says:

    @ q bhai.. yup m back!!.. but npw the trouble starts as uptill now i was a coleegian and had more hours to spend online and free time.. will be working like all of u guys very soon…

    @ Rajen.. yup m lucky!!! and that was the only thing worthwhile.. as i was thinking to skip the movie at half hr mark.. but i had a chat with ticket tender guy who told me ravan trailer would come….

    and xams were great!!! and hopefully will become lawyer at the end of the month..


  28. I dont really believe all these reports about being next only to 3 idiots kind of opening.. when i watched 3i for the first time, i saw it in theatre 3 weeks after it released, in an afternoon show, and it was packed.. housefull on its first day had just about 40% occupancy in the same theatre when i watched it …

    though i dont think the film is too bad.. better than usual akki stuff… but he needs to stop doing this stuff asap


  29. big bolly, bad bolly

    An open letter to the review-proof director of housefull

    Dear Sajid Khan, we know reviews don’t matter to you. You cancel press shows because, well, you don’t care what critics say about your film. You make it for the audiences, you say. So, here’s an open letter from (just) an audience member because truth be told your so-called masterpiece doesn’t exactly qualify as an accompanying text for James Monaco’s How to Read a Film.

    First up, what’s admirable is your confidence in yourself and your film. You assure your producer that Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers ki aisi ki taisi, Housefull will make at least Rs 60 crore at the box office. Then as a mahurat moment, you message all your stars: “Today you start work on the biggest hit of your career!” How cool — or cocksure, if you please — is that.

    Talking of cool, you must have thought of Housefull after watching — we didn’t forget your tweets of how you watch a blu-ray disc every night — The Cooler. That charming 2003 film about a man who is employed at a casino to bring bad luck to the players and good luck to the casino.

    So Akshay Kumar (Shabbir Kumar neighing out loud Loser kahin ka…) is William H. Macy (sorry Bill, we’re co-operating!) here. He’s a panauti — a word you will hear 257 times in the film — who spells doom for anybody and anything he walks past or into. He is looking for a Kismat Konnection and lands up in chaddi buddy Riteish’s house in London.

    The vacuum cleaner from 3 Idiots swings into action as the man sucks in, as a gesture of friendship, everything from bum cheeks to talking parrots! The joke doesn’t end there. Both Akshay and Riteish are electrocuted and start hip-hopping and beebopping on the streets of London.

    Now Riteish is a card dealer at the casino and his wife Lara is a waitress in a Playboy bunny dress. Their boss (Randhir Kapoor playing a sad man’s Rishi Kapoor) gets Akshay married to his daughter (Jiah Khan). Just like that. Indian values and all. No such luck with the girl who wastes no time in parading in a bikini with a firangi on the honeymoon beaches of Italy.

    Just the cue for more bikini babes as Deepika emerges from the waters to save suicidal Akshay and Lara flies in — with Riteish in tow — to complete the bikini troika! Spend on locations, save on clothes.

    Then you have Lara’s father (Boman Irani) from their Gujarati village and Deepika’s brother (Arjun Rampal) from the Indian military intelligence all converging in London to justify the second half of the 160-minute borefest.

    Honestly Sajid, Housefull is like a never-ending Micromax mobile commercial. (No offence to the telecom company.) And Akshay is not even guffawing. Just get some stars together, bombard starved audiences with promos and publicity, pile on the shows and anything goes. Anything. Right Mr Host-’’-Dost?

    You keep trashing the likes of Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Ashutosh Gowariker but you are not even fit to cut a trailer for them. You boast of the crores your film will make at the box office. So do Ravi Kishen’s Bhojpuri blockbusters. Should we compare thee to….?

    If PETA can protest against parrot-sucking, Sajid you have so kindly given a reason to every human rights organisation to bay for your film’s bad blood. Housefull is racist, sexist and homophobic. The Gujarati grandpa almost flings away the black baby and calls the baby’s mother Surpanakha. Later Santa and Banta keep cracking Sardarji jokes. Where are our sensitive protestants who make a hue and cry about the correct length of a Sikh beard?

    Your first film Heyy Babyy, despite the stink of the flying potty jokes, was genuinely funny at times. But it was not funny enough for you to repeat the PJs. Or is that your signature style, a director’s special? Whether it’s the tiger roar joke — “beta, sher sunao” — or Akshay-Riteish doing the gay routine in the bathroom, you have left your best lines back on the small screen. You have even repeated the Heyy Babyy dance moves… daiyya re daiyya!

    Not just Boman’s Gujarati Pappa, the rest of your cast and crew are sleepwalking too, Sajid. Akshay looks like the sugarcane whose last drop got squeezed out in the last movie. Riteish, the face — and body — of Bollywood’s everlasting gay joke, should try a career on some cartoon network. Lara and Jiah may have toned bikini bods but the tiniest of two-pieces cannot cover up their lack of acting sills.

    Boman is the only funny man on display playing the grumpy Walter Matthau-esque father figure with aplomb and tickling the funny bone just that much in the second half. He is helped by Arjun Rampal playing the suave speculator with the right amount of panache. Deepika continues to impress, not just for her Kingfisher swimsuit calendar wardrobe but her completely natural demeanour.

    After two sound outings in My Name is Khan and Karthik Calling Karthik, Shankar Ehsaan Loy again hit the wrong chord with Housefull. Sajid you are a celebrity DJ and you can’t help spin a single original chartbuster?! The only foot tapper is that stolen 30-year-old Laawaris song Apni toh jaise taise.

    You know what Sajid, you were really funny in that TV show of yours Kehne Mein Kya Harz Hai where you used to label every filmmaker, from Mahesh Bhatt to Prakash Mehra, a copycat and laugh away at the “ham scenes”. Well, be assured that a few weeks from now, no one will bother to even make fun of your second film. Remember Joginder, that pet bully of yours? He is funnier.

    Yours seriously…


  30. Dishant Says:

    10.5 crore friday and a record breaking 13 crore saturday for housefull. housefull banners wawing high at all cinemas throughout.sunday exceptionally good so far n evenings allready sold out.

    yakuzaa said this on May 2, 2010 at 11:19 am |


  31. Box Office: Housefull on track for Rs 300 million opening weekend in India

    Story By: HETAL ADESARA updated on: May 03, 2010

    MUMBAI: Sajid Nadiadwala produced Housefull has finally broken the jinx at the Indian box office. The first movie of the summer has opened well across India and is likely to do a net business of Rs 300 million (Rs 30 crore) in its opening weekend.

    The multi-starrer did a net business of approximately Rs 90 million (Rs 9 crore) on Friday and followed it up with Rs 100 million (Rs 10 crore) on Saturday taking the net total of two days to Rs 190 million (Rs 19 crore). Sunday’s net business of the movie is estimated to be in the range of approximately Rs 110 million (Rs 11 crore).

    Until now, 3 Idiots holds the record of the highest opening weekend (Friday – Sunday) net box office collections of Rs 410 million (Rs 41 crore), followed by Ghajini Rs 300 million (Rs 30 crore) and My Name Is Khan Rs 300 million (Rs 30 crore). With its opening weekend performance, Housefull now joins this elite club.

    Housefull is also Akshay Kumar’s highest opening weekend performer. His previous highest opening movie was Singh Is Kinng, which did a net business of approximately Rs 260 million (Rs 26 crore) in India in its opening weekend.

    However, it remains to be seen how the movie holds up at the box office from Monday onwards. The net collection of the movie on Monday is likely to drop in the range of Rs 35 – Rs 40 million (Rs 3.5 – 4 crore).

    Cinemax India senior vice president Devang Sampat said, “On Friday, Housefull had a remarkable opening up to 5 pm shows with prime shows still to perform. We saw 41,000 out of 46,000 footfalls across 29 properties for Housefull only. All screens of Cinemax were 100% full.”

    Fun Cinemas AVP programming Bhumika Tewari added, “Housefull is houseful at all Fun Cinemas properties across India i.e. Fun V3S Delhi, Agra and Ambala playing only Housefull in all screens in these properties.”

    Housefull stars Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone, Jiah Khan, Boman Irani, Randhir Kapoor and Chunky Pandey. It is directed by Sajid Khan and presented by Eros International. The movie was released across 750+ screens in India.


    • what they keep ignoring with the Ghajini comparison is that Ghajini released two days before Fri and still put up those massive numbers which is indicative of trending. This is not to take away from Housefull which has obviously had a big opening.


      • Rajeev Says:

        Ghajni released two days before Friday all right..But those two days were Christmass Holidays…


    • jeevcy Says:

      proof that Taran is a liar. He gave MNIK an opening of 33-34 cr using Fox numbers. He knew as well as we know that was not true. Now, with Housefull, an opening of 30-32 cr is the biggest of the year? How?

      He is making up numbers as per his review ratings !!


    • jeevcy Says:

      Even BOC which gave MNIK an opening of 33-34 crores at the time of it’s release is now saying MNIK opening weekend was 30 cr. As the dust settles, the truth is out. Will be in the case of Housefull as well.


      • didn’t know they’d downgraded this. Always felt the week 1 total of 46-48 crores (I think they were at the higher end here) was ridiculous.


  32. yakuzaa Says:

    ghajini released on christmas.And had 2 holidays on its 4 day weekend.
    So it had same advanage as housefull for its first 3 days.


  33. yakuzaa Says:

    oh, thats sunil.Yakuzaa name was posted by computer accidentally.


  34. oh, thats sunil.Yakuza name was posted by computer accidentally.


  35. Taran – ‘Housefull has fetched one of the biggest starts ever and the biggest opening of this year to date. Fetched approx. Rs. 10 crores nett on Friday and approx. Rs. 11.8 crores nett on Saturday [figures confirmed by Eros]. The two-day total adds up to approx. Rs. 21.8 crores nett. Sunday was humungous too, although the figures aren’t compiled yet. But the opening weekend should easily be between Rs. 30-Rs. 32 crores nett. Fabulous!’

    Who said in this forum that Akshay’s film’s opening is getting affected. Dude, this guy is infectitious. His fan size is increasing day by day and his acting and talent is slowly beng noticed. Sad that critics hate his films when the fact is that uder reviews tell an opposite story. I do not think it happens to any other star’s film. Housefull for example is far better than MNIK or Luck By Chance in terms of entertainment. Why the credit is not given perplexes me. Is entertainment so difficult to value? Why a handfull of critics and lovers of cinema are taken seriously? Why people read their reviews and decide whether to watch a movie or not?
    A bad review all round can affect the prospects at the Box office of a good film. Easily Housefull would havefor couple of crores more over the weekend.
    This film is going to trend well and will end up in 75-80Cr category. SUPERHIT!


    • jayshah Says:

      Taran’s numbers amuse me. Here he is quoting Rs 21.8Cr for Fri-Sat. Then saying weekend will Rs 30-32Cr implying that Sunday can only be around Rs 8.2-10.2 Cr. This further condition implies Sunday’s total can be not much more than Friday’s, infact maximum pretty much is Friday’s. When does a film ever do more business on Friday than Sunday? Look at any big movie and Sunday is the biggest day usually. Most likely the Fri-Sat numbers are overbaked.

      In any scenario, Housefull has taken a massive opening and is at least a mini victory for Akshay Kumar as his recent films have been pretty ordinary at the box office. Least Housefull will end with a decent total no matter what happens from here and has had a humungous opening weekend which means Akshay is back. Have been told not to watch it, but will risk the potential torture tonight 🙂


    • These are very big numbers without doubt. I was one of those who did believe that a number of poor releases had affected his opening and I think there is evidence of this in some of the past releases. But again I am quite pleased to see Akshay back on track here, hope this sustains well. Not my kind of cinema at all but I have great affection for Akshay.


  36. The voice against critics goes stronger 🙂

    Critics vs Housefull

    Critics love to thrash movies especially comedy is their favorite genre in this case. Now a days Akshay Kumar is first choice of audience for any comedy movie and critics always criticize him. Since Mr and Mrs Khiladi, Akshay has done lots of comedy movies and 90 % of his comic movies have been box office winner though only a few have been liked by critics..

    His latest release Housefull has same story. Critics especially who belong to news papers are thrashing housefull. According to them Housefull is worst movie ever in Hindi cinema. But box office is showing a totally different picture. Houseful is the biggest opener ever of Akshay as well as standing next to 3 idiots. Housefull has broke 1st day next collections of Ghajini which were near to 9.5 cr including paid previews. Housefull has collected more than 10 cr on Friday without any paid preview. Collections of Saturday are also superb. Two days total figures are more than 20 cr. However exact figures are yet to come. Advance booking for Sunday is also mind blowing.

    Why always critics like to whip Akshay’s comedy movies and why in spite of all this his movies always earn handsome amount?


    • jeevcy Says:

      Is this guy a joke? Ghajini 9.5 cr for Friday was without any paid previews. Also, Housefull did 8.9 cr and Ghajini did 9.5 cr on Friday as per BOI. If you want to go with producers numbers, please ask the Ghajini producers as well. They may as well quote 11 cr for Friday.


  37. Housefull Has Extraordinary First Weekend – 31.5 Cr weekend Nett

    Housefull has broken the bad run over the last few weeks by recording extraordinary first weekend business. The weekend has has grossed around 31.50 crore nett. Business is fabulous all over, even territories like West Bengal and Mysore which are known to be historically weak for Akshay Kumar starrers are fabulous.

    The first weekend business is the second highest in the history of Hindi cinema. The weekend business has almost ensured the film is a theatrical hit in India and now the weekdays and second weekend will decide if the film can emerge a Super Hit or Blockbuster. The first week is looking to finish somewhere between 45-50 crore nett, this will depend on how it sustains on Monday.

    It remains to be seen what is in store for Housefull on Monday but with the film on a upward trend from Friday to Saturday to Sunday the odds are that it may sustain well. Normally a big film falls slightly on Saturday if the opening is strong but Housefull showed a jump. It could be said it was a holiday Saturday but when this happens with a major film which has not been liked then collections fall on Sunday and even here Housefull showed a healthy jump.


  38. “The first weekend business is the second highest in the history of Hindi cinema.”

    So BOI confirms that Akshay’s recent flick is right after 3I in terms of weekend opening. Ofcourse, Housefull will never match Ghajini’s week 1 or its total, but if opening is any indicator, then with buzz half as that of Ghajini and a non-holiday release, the Akshay Kumar film’s opening is Superstar like.
    One just wonders that by the end of this year, Top 4 opening will have 3 in Akshay’s name (Housefull, Action Replayy and Tees Maar Khan)


  39. Housefull, half empty

    Busy dispensing tickets, box office vendors at most cinema halls around the city are having a good laugh at the expense of Sajid Khan’s latest film’s title. But the joke isn’t on the multi-starrer, which opened to a relatively packed house around theatres over the weekend and made around Rs 10 crore net across India.

    The 70 to 80 per cent occupancy around single screens and multiplexes alike on Friday, seems to be leading them on a steady path to recover the Rs 45 crore spent in making the film, and the nine crore invested in the print and publicity blitzkrieg.

    Even as a major chunk of the credit for the film’s success is being given to its ideal time of release — post the IPL, only big film after My Name Is Khan, after college exams and during the summer vacations — only the coming week will tell whether it can sustain and can truly be called a hit.

    “The end of the IPL has benefited Housefull, as has the popularity of the music and the promotions. But the box office has not seen such a rush in a really long time,” says Komal Nahta, a film trade analyst, who estimates that the film should be able to make a clear profit of Rs seven to eight crore, if not more than that.

    Rumour of the film’s opening even earned itself a comparison to the newest benchmark of a hit film — 3 Idiots. But some analysts think not: “It is doing decent business, but what is the meaning of comparing it to 3 Idiots. It doesn’t even come close. Earlier the yardstick for every film doing well was Ghajini and now this. Is this a joke? This kind of an opening is something that is expected from any Akshay Kumar film,” says Amod Mehra, a film trade analyst.

    The fact that this film is about Rs 20 crore cheaper than Kumar’s earlier films like Kambhakt Ishq (2009), Blue (2009) and De Dana Dan (2009), that didn’t please the box office, also increases the chances of it recovering its money.

    Says Vinod Mirani, editor, Box Office magazine: “With profit sharing, now the producer is not the only one taking the risk. So, instead of sustaining itself in theatres, it’s more about how much you can make on the weekend, and they are minting it. We can safely say, Housefull’s one of the best openings we’ve had since 3 Idiots.”

    Now that the audience finally has a film to saturate themselves with, after a series of not-so-impressive-releases, only this week will tell the fate of the film, whose title seems to be talking, or proclaiming more than enough, for itself.
    Akshay KumarOverfull?

    According to Komal Nahta: “Rajhans theatre in Surat was packed for the last show of Housefull at 11pm on Friday.

    Apparently, the people who came to watch the film and didn’t get tickets, refused to leave the premises of the theatre. Finally, the theatre owners took a call and set another show for 11.30 pm. The tickets for this show were again sold out within 15 minutes. The show started at 12am. This is how much people were yearning to watch the film. What more can be said?”

    This year again, you have four to five releases… Akshay: You know how releases work… dates keep changing. We expected a film to release on July 23, and then we find out that it has been delayed to July 23 next year.

    At a time like this, when Aamir Khan is not signing a film and Shah Rukh Khan does only one or two is your decision to take this route a conscious one?
    Akshay: Everyone has their own way. They believe in doing one film. But I like doing as many as I can. I like waking up in the morning and going for a shoot. I like entertaining people and I do commercial cinema. And I enjoy it.

    Sajid: On the flipside, among the five existing superstars who can assure you your money back — Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan, and Hrithik does one film in two years. Salman does one or two in a year. Shah Rukh does one film in two years or a year. Aamir is very exclusive and does one film every two years. How is the film industry going to survive? Honestly, 60 per cent of the revenue for studios to pay spot boys, technicians and junior artists comes from an Akshay Kumar film. I ask him why he’s doing six films at a time. He likes working.

    Do you consciously choose comedies? All your releases this year are comedies, as against action films.
    Akshay: It’s not like that… Patiala House is not a comedy.

    Sajid: Housefull is not really a comedy.

    Akshay: If you look at the list of films that have been a hit in the last five years; 95 per cent of them have been comic entertainers. We have to do films that the audience likes. I have no choice. If I try to do different films, if I try to do Tasveer 8X10, four by two people don’t turn up at the theatre. (Laughs)

    In small town India, there is a tendency for action films to create more buzz. Like I saw a poster, somewhere in Bihar, of a movie called All The Best, where all the actors in the poster were holding guns…
    Akshay: Yeah, they do that. In Bihar, everything has to be blood, guns.

    Sajid: Really? I wonder what they are going to do to the poster of Housefull.

    Akshay: The bikini one? We’ll have to get the guys to wear a bikini. That segment has been a very serious audience for you. Your movie Jaanwar, for instance, was a huge hit there.

    Do you feel that a genre like comedy brings you into the multiplex audience?
    Akshay: Well, it brings moolah to my producer. That’s why I get more roles. They couldn’t possibly want to sign me again after losing money on a previous film with me. When I did Hera Pheri (2000), the comedy market was at an all-time low.
    Internationally, a comedy film doesn’t even recover 30 per cent of its investment, as compared to a romantic film. Suddenly, after Hera Pheri, the market became strong. Things changed.

    Sajid: It’s simple, 150 to 160 films release every year but the success ratio is not even five to seven per cent. Who are those filmmakers making films for? Nobody wants a film to do badly. If it does, it means only one thing — audience rejection.
    Irrespective of cost or genre of the film, it gets rejected. A good film will always find its audience. And the audience always finds a good film. No good film ever flops.

    For a fair part of your career, you’ve been accepted as an action hero and a star to the masses. Is urban acceptance important to you?
    Akshay: It’s important to be accepted everywhere. It doesn’t have to be urban audiences only. You have to make sure that your movies run everywhere. It’s very difficult to get all segments to like a film.
    It’s difficult to appeal to everyone. It is difficult to even decide what kind of films to do. The only solution is to do commercial cinema and leave the rest up to the audience. Thank God Dubai has started enjoying comedy. (Laughs) Earlier, they only wanted action.

    Sajid: People don’t watch movies to fall asleep or change their lives. Films are entertaining, though it can be trash in the name of entertainment. It’s like a meal; we go to a restaurant to eat, not change our lives.
    But you can’t serve sushi at a dhaba, right? The multiplex audience, which is 65 to 70 per cent of a film’s revenue, is very different from the guy who loves Jaanwar…

    Akshay: Last week we had 17 releases, all multiplex movies. Together, they only made 10 per cent revenue. So where has this audience gone?

    Sajid: Given a choice, any of us would want to watch movies at multiplexes. Not just because they offer better viewing experiences, but also because we like entering those malls. We like paying Rs 100 for the samosas, which in Chandan Cinema, cost Rs 20. They’re the same caterers, by the way…

    Akshay: That’s Guru Kripa in Sion. I grew up there and used to watch movies in Roopam cinema.

    Did you realise you’re going to become this big a movie star?

    Akshay: No… not at all. I didn’t even want to be an actor. I was a martial arts trainer. I earned about Rs 5,000 a month. And one day I landed a modelling assignment and got paid Rs 21,000 for two hours of sitting next to furniture. After some ramp shows, I landed an assignment in Bengaluru. I had to catch a 6.30 flight. I was so happy, I was almost in tears. I woke up in the morning at around 4.30 am and at 6 am, I got a call and someone asked me “Where are you?” When I said I was at home, he started saying, “Unprofessional people like you will never get work.” I had mistaken a 6.30 am flight for an evening flight. It was a big deal for me, they had even bought me a business class ticket. All my dreams were shattered.

    Then I used to go from studio to studio with my modelling photographs. Once, I went to Natraj Studio and I met this make-up man who asked me if I wanted to work in films. He asked me to wait outside and he went in to show my pictures to Pramod Chakravarthy, who called me inside and said, “Akshay, I really like these photos. I’m going to start a film, and I would like to sign you for it.” Just after seeing my photographs. He signed a Rs 5,001 cheque in my name. It was exactly 6.30 in the evening when he handed me that cheque and that changed my life. I always wonder what my destiny would have been had I taken that flight. I might have been a small model somewhere. But God had something else in mind.

    Was it scary facing the camera for the first time without being trained?
    Sajid: You’d gone to some acting school right… or was it some dance school?

    Akshay: No, I hadn’t (nudges Sajid). When you make up your mind, you just have to face the camera. At the most, you’ll be humiliated and asked to go back home. And you will try again tomorrow. That’s the way strugglers think.

    Basically, you had no ego at that point?

    Akshay: I don’t have an ego now either. So many bad things are written about me… I have no problems with that.

    Do you still ride your bike?
    Sajid: He did it three days ago. He came to an event seated on a bike with a cloth wrapped around his face. I thought some terrorist had arrived. He travelled from Film City to Taj Lands End in Bandra in slippers. I couldn’t take him on stage because his clothes and shoes were in his car, which was stuck in traffic.

    Akshay: Guys, please travel by bikes; you save two hours everyday! I get extra time to spend with my son. Sajid: But don’t travel like him, he’s the first guy in the world who has a driver for his bike too.

    Most people succumb to politics in the movie business. You’ve stuck around for 20 years. Did you have to deal with it?
    Akshay: I didn’t have to deal with much. Bad stuff keeps happening, but you have to keep your mind straight and keep working. I have never manipulated my releases and I am very proud to say that I’m the only actor who doesn’t have any movie in the can. All my movies have been released. If shooting has begun and I see a Mahurat (inauguration clap), I finish it.
    You’re a disciplined person. You don’t drink or party, do you?

    Akshay: No. I don’t go to parties at all. I just play with my son. I don’t even know what coffee tastes like. I drink fresh juices and hot water with lime. Thanks to the newcomers entering the industry, I have to keep fit.

    When did you first realise that you’ve finally arrived?
    Akshay: Whenever I think I’ve arrived, I always deliver a flop. (Laughs)

    Was there a turning point in your career?
    Akshay: My career graph has had plenty of highs and lows. There was a time when I had delivered 14 flops in a row; then I delivered 14 hits. I have never had a stable career.

    Have you wondered why a certain film flopped?
    Akshay: Some of my good films have flopped and some bad films became hits. I have no idea what the formula for a hit film is. I just try my best. After acting in 120 films, I still don’t understand the formula for a hit film.

    Which good film has flopped?
    Akshay: Sangharsh was a big flop. I think it was a very good film. I don’t know why people didn’t like it.
    After all these years, do you tend to look at scripts differently now?

    Akshay: It has to change. I have to be in tune with the world to see what kind of films work these days. Now I follow my instinct. It isn’t always right though, it can be wrong.

    Is there any film you saw lately that you wished you were in?
    Akshay: Yeah, I liked Wanted.


    • “Which good film has flopped?”

      The question here really should have been “Good film?”


  40. BOI:

    this list is such bull! Judging from this Ghajini was just a very good opener like many others. Wonder where those still unmatched numbers came from! Even the lowest here DDD is not a world removed from Ghajini’s number.


    • On the box office reporting clearly this looks like Akshay’s biggest opening if it stays stable during the week. But there is some hyperventilation here. Just going by the numbers everyone’s providing both Sat and Sun seem weaker compared to Fri. Also the idea that it’s matched Ghajini is just plain dishonest. Ghajini released earlier but even so how is the absolute number being matched? Housefull isn’t going to do 55 crores or more over week 1 (ghajini had about 64 crores or so including previews)! The idea that the weekend was matched is also not likely looking at the very same numbers.

      This doesn’t take anything away from the huge opening (though again only Ghajini and 3I did very well even accounting for vol which cannot be said for some of these others films) of course.


    • there is the incorrect, the biased and plainly ridiculous. This falls in the last category. The others are true anyway!


  41. (ghajini had about 64 crores or so including previews)

    thats for 8 days.


    • ok so it’s not even 9 days as I thought.. in 8 days it made 64 crores. The weekend must have been extraordinarily massive. Now obviously Ghajini was huge on weekdays as well (but then other films that had comparable weekends and way lower weekdays must be considered tanks!) but it doesn’t make sense that somehow it was only as big as LAK (give me a break!) on weekends but the ultimate monster on weekdays!


  42. quinqart Says:

    satyam ghajini was released during xmas and had to compete with RNBDJ.there were not many shows of ghajini in first week in smaller cities.and thats why as you say weekdays were extremely good.and it was 55 crore week more or less like MNIK.But in case of MNIK weekdays were not tat good. and even RNBDJ i think earned 9-10 crores that particular week.GHAJINI at that time looked extraordinary but success of other biggies(like 3idiots,mnik,housefull) have made it look achievable.


    • jeevcy Says:

      Forgetting the much higher ticket prices, much bigger releases, 1.5 yr old movie comparison? are we?


  43. jayshah Says:

    Just watched Housefull. It was Housefull show.

    What to say…highly disappointing film and simply atrocious first half. Sajid Khan’s brand of humour is so low and drawn out [the gags drag for bit too long and are very un funny]. The only plus, a minor one is the second half has some better moments. The case of mistaken identity is the main crux of the humour in the second half and does work at points. Decent album too.


  44. US – Housefull $642,156 from 82 screens.


    • nothing special.. I think SIK did a lot more than this (1.1m).. KI opened to 768k off 112 screens which is more or less the same average. In fairness too much more cannot be expected for this genre in the US. SIK was a bit of an exception.


  45. Always hard to decide who the more offensive of this brother-sister pair is:

    It’s one thing to be utterly, utterly mediocre and worse and quite another to wallow in it so shamelessly.

    For the record the total reported on KI is about as sensible as the film itself.

    I have a gripe with Joginder here too.. “hugest multistarrer”? Really? Who’re the other stars?


  46. My Name Is Khan a hit in Egypt

    Shah Rukh Khan starrer My Name Is Khan seems to have touched a chord with the Egyptian cine lovers, who continue to throng theatres even two months after its release.

    The film, which talks about the Islamophobia that gripped the US after 9/11, made a record one million Egyptian pounds in the first four weeks of its release.

    The Karan Johar directed film, which was distributed in Egypt by United Motion Pictures, has become a hit among public as well as critics.

    The distribution head Antoine Zind says it has been decades since he took the risk with showing an Indian movie in Egyptian theatres but My Name Is Khan has changed his perception about Indian cinema.

    Famous analyst Muhammad al-Kurdusi is one of the strongest supporters of the movie.

    “This is no ordinary movie. This movie reflects what we, as Muslims, learnt in primary school. The hero is no ordinary hero. He is more like a new prophet of his time but are we true Muslims to believe in him?,” al-Kurdusi said.

    The Indians have done Muslims in general a huge favour, according to media pundit Khalid Muntassir.

    “If we had placed thousand sheiks in the thousand largest squares in the world and aided them with microphones, they wouldn’t have rectified the image of Islam and ridded it from the false accusations Osama Bin Laden stuck to it like this one Indian movie My Name is Khan has,” Muntassir wrote.

    The next film to be screened in Egypt is Kabir Khan’s New York’ starring Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham and Katrina Kaif.

    Incidentally, New York also talks about how the 9/11 incident changed the lives of Muslims living in the US.


  47. Full house for Housefull

    Akshay Kumar starrer comedy Housefull has set the ticket windows buzzing again by grossing Rs.64 crore in its opening weekend worldwide.

    Released Friday, the comic caper opened with more than 2000 screens worldwide and garnered a collection of Rs.48 crore gross in India and Rs.16 crore overseas in its first weekend.

    “’Housefull being the first major release post 45 days of cricket frenzy, we were confident that it will open very well. With its excellent weekend performance, the biggest of the year so far, Housefull has lived up to its name,” said Nandu Ahuja, Senior Vice President (distribution), Eros International Media Limited.

    Distributed by Eros International Media Limited, Housefull has been produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Sajid Khan. Made at a budge of Rs.45 crore, the multi-starrer also features Riteish Deshmukh, Arjun Rampal, Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone and Jiah Khan.

    “Housefull” revolves around Akshay who plays the world’s unluckiest guy and believes his luck will change when he finds true love and gets married.

    “The weekend response was tremendous. Despite having 31 shows at a gap of half-an-hour, the average occupancy has been nothing less than 80-85 per cent and the weekend was jam packed. It has a done of business of gross Rs.2.5 million in three days,” Amit Awasthi, manager (programming and operations) of Spice Cinemas, told IANS.

    Added Yogesh Raizada, corporate head (cinemas) of Wave Cinemas: “The first weekend of the movie has been very fruitful with an average occupancy of nothing less than around 90 percent. Multiplexes will now heave a sigh of relief.”

    A source from PVR said: “Housefull exploded like a bomb at the dull box office and has been amazing. People are liking the content and it has brought us close to 80 per cent occupancy despite having more than 200 shows across all our propertied in Delhi and NCR.”


  48. BOI:

    Housefull remained steady on Monday and recorded very good business of around the 5-5.25 crore nett mark. The film now is a certain hit and may be on its way to becoming the biggest hit of 2010 and Super Hit status.

    The fim showed a drop of around 40-45% from its Friday business which is very good. All circuits were steady and some showed very small drops. CI was 34 lakhs on Friday and 23 lakhs on Monday which is just 33% drop. Nizam was 44 lakhs on Friday and 27 lakhs on Monday which is 39% drop. Rajasthan and CP Berar droped most at with 50% drops.

    The four day business of the film is around the 36.50 crore nett mark and another 12-13 crore nett should be added over the weekdays which will enable the film to get close to the 50 crore nett in its first week. The lifetime business is hard to judge this early but it seems like Housefull film may cross 80 crore nett mark.


  49. Akshay kumar , speaking to Star Week, latest issue. This is a mag from the Magna (stardust and others) group–not available online.

    On Houseful and Sajid Khan:

    Housefull has taken a phenomenal opening at the box office. Was he (Akshay) sure about the film right from the beginning?

    ‘One can never be too sure actually. I remember how everyone went mad when they caught the first glimpses of CCTC. People were calling me to say that they were dying to see the movie. Now look what happened there! So …I am not counting my chickens before they are hatched.’-

    ‘Even Sajid would agree with you that today, he is ten times a better director than he was during Hey Babyy….I have never doubted the man and would stick by him like he was my own brother’.

    ‘I don’t think I have ever met a more confident person in my life. Sajid is not big headed but he has faith in his films. He wants to be the best filmmaker of all time and I have no doubt that he would be up there one day.’


    • jayshah Says:

      “He wants to be the best filmmaker of all time and I have no doubt that he would be up there one day”

      He is not even the best film maker in his own home! What a total nonsensical comment.


      • hey congratulations for Spurs qualifying for champions league


        • jayshah Says:

          Thanks neo … I am over the moon!


          • u should be . its amazing achievement considering the team u were against had spend so much in summer . and Spurs has played super football throughout summer .

            when is new stadium coming up ?


          • jayshah Says:

            New stadium is probably years away still … I believe they still have to vote locally to pass it thru. It’s a shame its not already built…it would be perfect timing.


          • Do us a favor.Stay there. Will send Bobby Deol for company.


  50. Taran:

    Domestic B.O.: The drought ends!

    May 5, 2010 – 08:07 IST

    HOUSEFULL was meant to open big, yet the results have come as a surprise. For, no one expected the business to be so huge, even on weekdays. With tremendous hype and a massive star cast as its trump cards, an earth-shattering opening weekend was inevitable. But there was unprecedented opposition from a quarter: A few critics/reviewers. Sajid had gone on record to state that he believes in the verdict of the aam junta, not critics. Sometime back, he even poked fun at prominent critics [including this writer] by singing a qawwali at an awards’ function, ridiculing them for having gone wrong with their opinions on movies in the past. I am told, Sajid spoke against the critics at several press conferences.

    To rub salt to their wounds, Sajid decided against holding the press screening of his much-awaited film and that upset a lot of media persons, who are used to watching movies a day or two before its worldwide release. The two Sajids [Nadiadwala, Khan] had just two screenings of the film. On Sunday [for the cast and crew] and Thursday [a night before its global release] at Yash Raj, which was attended by their close friends and a few members of the cast [Riteish, Deepika, Jiah, Chunkey].

    Expectedly, HOUSEFULL opened to an overwhelming response and even though few critics wrote off the film, it didn’t make an iota of a difference to its business. The audience thronged the theatres for various reasons, but a prime reason was the dearth of qualitative entertainment since the past few weeks. They were starved for a hardcore masala film and HOUSEFULL seemed to fill the void.

    Since the onset of IPL, a number of movies had released in rapid succession, but none that could draw the audiences to cineplexes. HOUSEFULL was a biggie with a massive cast and coupled with the entertainment factor, was the right venture to lure audiences back to theatres, across the length and breadth of the nation. And that’s what happened!

    Despite mixed reactions to the film [some loved it, some hated it], the opening weekend numbers of HOUSEFULL were humungous and the weekdays have been rock-steady as well. Of course, like it happens with the biggest of films, which are released extensively, there has been a slight decline from Monday onwards, but the film is likely to have a super Week 1, in terms of numbers.

    As things stand today, HOUSEFULL is a success story. How big a success, only time will tell.


  51. 4 Crore Tuesday For Housefull

    Wednesday 5th May 2010 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull grossed around 4 crore nett on Tuesday which takes its five day total to over 40 crore nett. The week is now heading for a 47 crore nett total.

    The film did drop slightly at some places as compared to Monday but still collections are pretty high. Business is good in all circuits be it big ones like Mumbai and Delhi or interior circuits like CP Berar and CI.

    The first week share will finish around 26 crore mark and we could be looking at a 40 crore lifetime distributor share which would put it eighth on the all time list after Three Idiots, Ghajini, Gadar, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dhoom 2 and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.


  52. Deadly silence in the thread shows that ppl against Akshay kumar’s stardom have accepted self failure. 😀


  53. LOL,Housefull.
    Actually, quite a few of us are happy for Akshay.
    Not only has it opened quite well but is not decaying like MNIK.
    I am still disappointed that Akshay continues to do this sort of films but it is hard not to root for him.
    Anyway, before rejoicing we need to wait a few more weeks to see if it can beat MNIK’s performance in Poland.


  54. I’m going to be the party pooper here. Whatever the BO outcome here is, I’d rather not see a crappy movie. And as for rooting for Akshay Kumar, I honestly don’t care for an actor who seems to have no interest in developing anything remotely watchable.


  55. I see where you are coming from GF .But, while I feel mediocrity/wretchedness should not be rewarded I root for Akshay the guy who has come up the hard way and has by and large played by the rules.


  56. let Action Replay release adn you will watch it gf.


  57. oldgold Says:

    Yes, I too wish Akshay success but am waiting for Action Replay.
    I don’t think I would enjoy Housefull but all my wishes for it to break whatever records it wants to.


  58. Guys check out this site –

    It was mentioned on Deadline Hollywood since was started by several former reporters and critics from Variety. The site covers Asia’s three biggest movie markets -India, China and Japan.


  59. alex adams Says:

    “while I feel mediocrity/wretchedness should not be rewarded I root for Akshay the guy who has come up the hard way and has by and large played by the rules.” agree there, entirely…
    the same reason, i give credit to SRK- being an outsider in eveery sense of the word and achieving so much–inspite of NOT being a fan of his “performances”.
    there is a similarity between both delhi boys akki and srk here…
    if one looks around, the ONLY mainstream big stars in the younger lot, NOT to be related to someone—no doubt they have had it MUCH more difficult …


  60. Indore Barometer Tuesday Housefull v My Name Is Khan

    Tuesday 4th May 2010 16.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull on Wednesday at Indore multiplexes continues to compares very well with the figures of My Name Is Khan which is the biggest hit of 2010 till date. On Monday business of Housefull was 44% higher, on Tuesday 48% higher and Wednesday is 39% higher. Below are the Wednesday numbers at Indore multiplexes for Housefull and My Name Is Khan.


    Housefull – 1,44,312

    My Name is Khan – 93,521

    Inox Sapna

    Housefull – 57,568

    My Name is Khan – 49,139

    Big (Adlabs)

    Housefull – 47,979

    My Name is Khan – 37,452


    Housefull – 42,309

    My Name is Khan – 33,632

    Inox City

    Housefull – 52,167

    My Name is Khan – 26,404

    Satyam Cineplex

    Housefull – 19,421

    My Name is Khan – 23,235


    Housefull – 3,63,756

    My Name Is Khan – 2,63,383


    • first BOI had the Tue Indore comparison where Housefull was very significantly ahead. Now Wed. Though they’re trying to suggest that Housefull is ahead of the “biggest hit of the year” (how many other significant releases have there been so far?!) they’re making exactly the opposite case! This shows just how fast MNIK was fading!

      Riddle me this… they are predicting 47 crores for Housefull which is on par with their original MNIK number. But the famed Indore barometer (their standard not mine!) shows a different story. Of course as someone told me the other day they’ve since downgraded the MNIK initial. It’s an old trick of theirs.


  61. Chennai Box Office – April 30 to May 2
    Tuesday, 04 May , 2010, 17:57
    Last Updated: Tuesday, 04 May , 2010, 18:04

    After a long time, the CBO boomed this weekend as Vijay’s Sura took an extraordinary opening, netting nearly Rs 80 lakhs from 17 Chennai screens.

    At number two is Paiyaa, which is steady, and in third position is Akshay Kumar’s comedy Housefull, which is running ‘houseful in seven Chennai screens.

    Angadi Theru is doing well at number four, while Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa is in the fifth position.


  62. If I were to make a very educated guess I’d say no film other than Ghajini and 3I has touched even 45 crores in week 1. And for all the Ghajini comparison these films are falling well short. But here’s a related set of points I made to someone elsewhere:

    Ghajini was closer to 55 crores over the weekend plus the HUGE fact that the film got that weekend despite 10 crores or so coming in before fri! and then we saw the weekday trending as well. Much as we saw all of these factors in a much bigger way with 3I. How often does this happen?! But there is clearly a desperation to have a film get in that zone.

    My older point stands. Unless a film can prove otherwise the benchmarks for big openings and final grosses have more or less remained the same for many years looking at inflation and so on. So if D2 did 32-35 crores in ’06, OSO did more or less the same in ’07 (maybe a little more allowing for the Saawariya competition..), a year later you had films nudging 40 crores, now it’s a bit higher.

    So irrespective of how much the market is flooded, irrespective of all the hype the numbers are relatively stable. One could even go back to the beginning of the last decade and see the big openings slowly inch up from say 12-15 crores and then the 16-17 crores of VZ or MP (the latter higher) and then the low 20s range with a few films, then mid-20s to high 20s with KANK or Krrish. On and on. There is a continuum here.

    The only films that are off the charts are the two Aamir ones.

    Could a film with other top stars repeat this feat? Possible but always improbable. It’s historic stuff for a reason! But there is also the more prosaic reason that films have to trend extraordinarily well even over the weekends (this is something that people often miss) to get to those biggest numbers. It’s not just about sustaining on weekdays. So Sun for example is often the biggest day but it comes through massively if WOM from the previous two days is really extraordinary.

    Allow me to be a little old-fashioned here. Those two Aamir films were ‘true’ films. Not every true film will be big of course but no film that is merely ‘disposable’ cinema will ever get to the highest possible benchmarks. We see this even in Hollywood. Guess why Titanic and Avatar did what no other film did. Why was Dark Knight so far ahead of every other superhero film. The films that really go on and on strike a chord. The ones built on hype and that offer basic entertainment can get big numbers, not historic ones.


  63. On Housefull I’m certainly pleased for Akshay here but I’d be surprised if this film did more than 80 crores. Even a bit less wouldn’t surprise me. So it’s basically the SIK, Welcome sort of deal (accounting for inflation and so forth). Nothing to be sneezed at. Akshay’s the only guy who can get so much out of the comedy genre. But the top number here has more or less flat-lined.


    • Well summed up. Tho I would not club Welcome and SIK. SIK had a lot of hype and opened huge but faded fast. Welcome on the other had had a slightly more modest start but trended better than SIK.
      Housefull seems to be faring better than SIK and significantly better than MNIK. Kind of surprising given the WOM is really not good.
      owever this underlines how fast MNIK faded.


      • ok i will stand up here and suggest housefull will crash @ 65 crores flat. full stop. period.

        m no expert, but thats how i felt in the theater while watching this attrocious piece of crap!


        • Rooney, buddy it doesnt work that way. It cannot trend the way it is trending and suddenly stop at 65 crores.


          • i know rajen and i appreciate that.. m trying hard to accept the fact that people are watching this crap!!! becoz it was a plain torture.. how can people enjoy such a movie i ask my conscious..




      • You’re right on Welcome. Plus it also had TZP to contend with.


  64. okk..did anyone see this??!! love him or hate him..u just cant ignore this guy..nd i love his (over)confidence!!


    • If any one other than his parents,wife and kids love him, they need psychiatric evaluation. He comes across as brash not confident.


    • can’t stand the guy..


      • He is one of the most unabashed philistines in the industry.


        • Nahata here is the very model of sycophancy and at least plain dishonesty.. he’s agreeing with all the absolute bull that Sajid is indulging in including the idea that Housefull is biggest after 3I.


          • and Sajid’s sister is as atrocious as he is..

            But listen to Sajid here.. it’s repulsive.. the stuff he’s saying.. comparing the film with Titanic and what not..


  65. i know this guy is an absolute moron..but still i love d quotable quotes like” this is my titanic nd my next is gonna be my avatar” ha ha.. or in one other intvu he said ” if any one can bring srk nd akki 2gether its only me”!!


  66. haha,satyam if you dont like can say so directly.No need to indulge in sajid khan bashing.But to expect honesty from you is too much.


  67. alex adams Says:

    sajid khan does have attitude problems.
    by the way, i found this interview more entertaining than the movie houseful.
    where can u find gems like- this was my titanic, my next will be my avatar-this single line was better than ANY line used in his two films.
    but, few things came out of this interview—
    he definitely speaks his mind and LOVES movies. LPlus he is not confused about his priorities-just deliver paisa vasool films (although houseful was NOT one for me)
    another gem-“what if my future wife does not like himmatwala”- i will throw her out-hahaha.
    his best outing till now for me was ikke pe ikka– esp the “ham scene of the week” regularly featuring HAM LEGENDS like joginder, rajesh khanna etc…
    Anything he has done b4 or after “ikke pe ikka” has been just bull…-plain noise.
    also enjoyed the spat with ashutosh gowarilkar at star awards–agreed with ashu on that one.
    BUT all in all, he comes across as a delusional but mast, harmless boy (not man)….lol


    • i agree alex!!..very entertaining interview indeed!! much better than d usual boring diplomatic ones that we see on tv..!!
      nd i agree with him on one point abt wen he says dat “if i have to watch a small budgeted 2-3 crore movie..i will rather watch it on a dvd ..y waste money in d theatre?” i think 90 percent of d public thinks like dat..ppl want to enjoy big movies in d theatre..small movies they can watch in their homes!! after all ” fokat ka paisa kiske paas hai boss??”
      (ok.. dat was my bad sallu bhai imitation)


  68. alex adams Says:

    “much better than d usual boring diplomatic ones that we see on tv..!!’
    agree, mansi (again).
    hmmm—We seem to be agreeing a lot lately–lol
    Better rake up some controversy/ gossip –oops sm is watching-lol


  69. Rajeev Says:

    “”” “if i have to watch a small budgeted 2-3 crore movie..i will rather watch it on a dvd ..y waste money in d theatre?” i think 90 percent of d public thinks like dat..ppl want to enjoy big movies in d theatre..small movies they can watch in their homes!! after all ” fokat ka paisa kiske paas hai boss??”

    Absolutely..Atleast i watch in this way only…I watch 3/4 movies per year in a theatre ..SRK,Aamir and HR movie is a must for me in the theatre…2/3 other movies having good WOM…Most of the rest qualifies for DVD watch and some in pirated ones 🙂


    • you guys would have missed Satya in the theater based on that standard! I watched it in a more or less empty theater but I was glad I didn’t see it any other way.


    • usual criteria nowadays is word of mouth mostly!! i dont really care whether its srk, hrithik or aamir..i just go nd watch if d wom is good!! but i m sure 90 percent think like you!! d last srk movie that i watched in theatre was om shanti om nd rab ne.. nd was royally i ignored mnik!! last hrithik movie i watched in theatre was jodha akbar nd krisshh..again was literally snoring in d theatre!! so dont trust these big stars now..except aamir ofcourse!!


  70. alex adams Says:

    “Most of the rest qualifies for DVD watch and some in pirated ones ”


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