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  1. I didn’t want to given that this is the last week for the film but I was forced to create a third thread for the images and trailers. I guess they’ll come in handy when all the reviews are posted. But a comment I put up on this the other day:

    “The major Raavan threads have been by far the all time blog leaders. For the images I had to create a second thread because there were too many comments and hence slowing down the thread. Ditto for the trailer thread. The images have about 12000 hits between the two threads with about 430 comments on the older thread, about 500 on the newer one, I would have started a third one except that the film is releasing within a week anyway. The trailer threads have over 9000 hits between the two threads and again about 450 comments on the first one and 260 on the second so far.

    In terms of previous top threads like MNIK or 3I Raavan is ahead on the images by at least 6000 hits and on the trailers by at least 3000.”


  2. Abhishek returns in baddie avatar in ‘Raavan’ (IANS Preview)
    Monday, June 14, 2010 9:13:37 AM by IANS –

    Mani Ratnam New Delhi, June 14 (IANS) After playing the edgy villain Lallan Singh in Mani Ratnam’s “Yuva” in 2004, Abhishek Bachchan is all set to return in a rougher than ever avatar as the outlaw Beera in “Raavan”, which is releasing Friday.

    Co-produced by Reliance BIG Pictures and Madras Talkies, the movie has been made at a budget of Rs.45 crore. It is releasing approximately across 3,000 screens worldwide.

    A bilingual, the Hindi version of “Raavan” also stars Aishwarya Rai, Govinda, Nikhil Dwivedi and Tamil superstar Vikram.

    The Tamil version of “Raavan” stars Vikram in the negative role alongside Prithviraj, Karthik and Prabhu Ganesan. Aishwarya plays the same character in both versions.

    “When I met Abhishek for the first time during ‘Yuva’, I was so worried because he was so proper and straightforward. I had to ask him to learn bad words and be abusive all the time as Beera is that badly behaved character,” said Ratnam, who is teaming up with the actor for the third time after “Guru”.

    “Raavan” revolves around Ragini (Aishwarya) and Dev (Vikram).

    Dev is a cop who falls in love with Ragini, a spunky classical dancer who is as unconventional as him. Eventually they get married and Dev moves to Lal Maati, a small town in northern India.

    On reaching Lal Maati, Dev realises that the word of law there is not the police, but Beera, a tribal who has shifted the power equation of the place from the government to the havenots.

    Dev wants to put things in order and he knows that to achieve his goal he will have to vanquish the big fish, and in this case Beera.

    In one master stroke he manages to rip open Beera’s world and sets in motion a chain of events that claim lives and change fortunes.

    Beera’s sister gets killed in the mayhem and to avenge that, he abducts Ragini and hides in the jungle. Hence starts a journey that forces all three to face the truth and test their beliefs, convictions and emotions.

    Said to be modern retelling of the epic Ramayana, the movie projects a battle between good (Dev) and evil (Beera). However, the line dividing good and evil starts to blur fast and apparently Ragini who portrays Sita, develops a soft corner for her abductor.

    Noteworthy is that all three actors have performed death defying stunts in the movie like climbing cliffs, jumping from them, getting drenched under a waterfall for hours or being suspended from a bridge for hours.

    “Mani would never let us do something that is risky and it is only for love and respect for him that we would do anything that he asked us to do,” said Abhishek and Aishwarya in unison.

    While Abhishek sports a buzz cut and edgy look in the movie, wife Aishwarys sports completely no-make-up look.

    The music of the movie is already topping the charts with numbers like “Beera Beera”, “Behene de” and “Ranjha Ranjha” courtesy lyrics by the legendary Gulzar and music by A.R. Rahman.

    “Raavan” will have its London premiere June 16.


  3. chengez Says:

    03 Days : 18 HRS : 30 MIN : 56 …left for me to watch RAAVAN ON BIG SCREEN….BOLLYWOOD AT ITS BEST


  4. chengez Says:



  5. 4 Days to Raavanan- Bad news from B’lore!
    By Moviebuzz | Monday, 14 June , 2010, 19:31

    Mani Ratnam’s eagerly awaited Raavanan in Tamil will not be releasing in any multiplex screens in Bangalore! In Bangalore city the film will only be screened in seven single screens!

    Reliance Big Pictures, who are marketing the film have been told by Karnataka Film Chamber (KFC), that they can treat Raavan and Raavanan as one film, and not two. Suhasini Mani Ratnam, one of the producers of the film had even provided proof that both the Hindi and Tamil versions are two negatives, but KFC remains adamant.

    The KFC is very clear that only Kannada films can release in any number of screens and Other Language Films (OLF) can only release in a maximum of 24 screens. So in case of Raavan, Raavanan and Villain will have to be screened in 24 screens in the state. Since Bollywood is bigger in Karnataka, Raavan will release in 16 screens in Bangalore multiplexes (ticket prices are higher, so more revenue), while Raavanan will play in 7 single screens and Villain in one single screen.

    It is bad news for Raavanan and Tamil fans of Mani Ratnam and Vikram, as the film cannot be screened at the multiplexes, which forms the bulk of their viewership.

    Meanwhile the official count is that 550 screens worldwide will be screening the Tamil Raavanan, with nearly 300 of them in Tamil Nadu. The film just looking at the number of screens is sure to take a very big opening.



    These are really good images , they would have used for posters in addition to
    the existing one that got displayed in Theatres/cannes. I am not sure why they like that image.


  7. They are posting the same cannes image in Theatres and papers.


  8. Abhishek lashes out at metrosexual men!

    Using bum bags, bronzer for getting that tanned Latino look might be a rage amongst Bollywood heroes but Abhishek Bachchan is one actor who feels all of this is unmanly.

    “I am against men waxing their chest, arms or even legs! Tweaking eyebrows is out of question. Men visiting salons and trying to look prettier than women is just not happening. I have known many men who take longer than their women to dress up. I am against all of this. It’s the women who should be beautiful and not men” revealed Abhishek Bachchan as he expressed his opinion on metrosexual men.

    Talking about his colleagues Hrithik and John who do wax their chests, he added, “As it is they don’t have much hair on their bodies.”

    Abhi concluded jokingly, “All you men who are thinking of indulging in these pretty activities, I’d beat you up! Its just unmanly.”



    Mani proved to be lucky for both, you and Abhishek
    Oh Mani is very special in my life. He is my Guru. We all used to come to the sets as students. Mani calls me Kanak and Abhishek, Maple. Abhishek and I are very close to Mani sir. He is my first director, and was in fact keen that I do Bombay.


  10. alex adams Says:

    Never agreed more with abhishrek on his (usually) politically correct interviews—-


  11. alex adams Says:

    to me, vikram>abhishrek in the promos/ pics till now. Hope abhishrek kicks (vikrams) ass in the actual film.
    but aishwarya looking and acting better than both.


  12. I can feel the character of raavan in both versions are different. I’ve liked Abhishek more than Vikram in behene do and Ranjha song, Thode de I just switch the channel.


    • i completely agree with you ted..vikram nd abhishek look drastically different in both my eyes (frm watever i can see frm d pics) vikram’s character looks like this totally “alien like” character..totally “junglee”..totally “tribal”
      whereas abhi’s character looks like a person who is very intelligent,,shrewd smart nd someone who is aware of his surroundings..!! hence more real!!
      vikram’s chrctr looks more like a fantasy based one!! i m sure both r gonna rock!! d only person i m feeling bad for is prithviraj who doesn’t register any impact as dev..whereas vikram even in dat small part shows amazing screen presence in d hindi version!!


  13. If our guess about the characters is right, Hindi raavan will do well sinec it caters all types of audience. I am not saying Tamil one doesn’t do well..


  14. filmifever Says:

    I have not been able to understand this abhishek,vikram comparisons.Both are good and to me they both look different in their respective roles. From whatever seen so far of the movie, both have played raavan part differently in different version. I also have the feeling that the initially abhishek looked like overdoing or working too hard but as the time passed i felt only he could have played this kind of character. All that overdoing and overacting feeling is not there. (Satyam your view on that part please. As on other websites and blogs lot of abhishek bashing going on in the name of overacting and overdoing.I think they are being unfair to him before the realese.
    On the film i wount be surprised if abhishek turns out to be good fellow at the end and vikram the bad. That will be a good twist but than who knows.


    • filmi-fever..u have to go to passionforcinema to see what abhishek bashing “really” is..!! omg..those intellectually loaded(pseudo ofcourse) souls get so damn personal while commenting abt.abhishek’s “acting” in d film..!!


    • Actually there are folks with an anti-Abhishek agenda to put it mildly and who otherwise wouldn’t be able to tell a Tamil film from an Iranian one who’ve suddenly turned fans of Vikram with the Hindi version (it’s not as if they’ll watch the Tamil version even now!). On the rest I always knew (because everyone attached to the film said so) that the performances were differently pitched. Having said that the reason many of those criticisms have died out is because there are not plenty of ‘over the top’ Vikram images available as well. Beyond this I have enough faith in Rathnam as a filmmaker that a central actor in his film wouldn’t simply be over the top without rhyme or reason. But as for the bashing I can assure you that the folks doing so aren’t exactly Abhishek fans. Ironically Tamilians who are truly Vikram fans don’t have any such problem with Abhishek.


      • thats d strangest part satyam..i have interacted with a couple of ppl on twitter who r frm chennai nd are movie buffs nd they (strangely) actually prefer d “madness in abhishek’s eyes” (as they put it) over vikram’s!! nd its not that they dislike vikram..they r actually vikram fans as well!!
        i have never understood as to why abhishek garners so much criticism..i personally feel its got to do less with abhishek himself nd more to do with his superstar dad nd ofcourse now..his superstar wife..nd dats a pity!!


        • it’s because what they fear most about him/in him is precisely the continuation of the Bachchan signature. And of course their fear/anxiety of course highlights the fact that he is an authentic ‘star-actor’..


  15. filmifever Says:

    Yes Mansi you are right any particular reason why they are trying to pull abhishek down not even waiting to realese the film.


  16. filmifever Says:

    Satyam, thats so true man. Vikram is no doubt a huge talent and very big star in south and with hindi version he is going to be appreciated in a big way. But the signs are clear that vikram has become huge simply to make abhishek tiny


    • Man… madras talkies could have charged for the making of Raavan video itself 🙂 This is awesome super cool stuff… this movie is gonna rock.


  17. It is incerdible, watching ‘making of raavan’ .


  18. Damn! that was good. I can’t believe some of the stunts the actors did! And again some beautiful visuals.


    • Those was damned dangerous stunts for the cast and crew under incredible conditions. But visually stunning.


      • yeah they’ve done some astonishing work here, all three leads.. Vikram talked about how dangerous some of the stuff they did was despite the safety precautions taken. I was personally most astounded to here that Abhishek made that jump off the cliff. whether his shot was chosen or not is immaterial. Making the jump is extraordinary.


  19. no need for any other promos. Making is enough to create interest in the film.


  20. Astounding videos (on the making). Even after having seen so many striking images those shots are extraordinary on film. With the cascade and so forth. I made the comment sometime back that this film looks to be Rathnam ‘Seven Samurai’ effort in terms of having that sort of dynamic camera at every point and I was happy to see Sivan confirm that sense here. Also great to hear Rathnam talk about how taut the script kept getting. All in all the expectations can only be sky high here but based on how this film has been produced in every sense one would be justified in expecting one of the great Rathnam efforts here. Incidentally the water trope dominates here and Rathnam has been very good in this sense in the past both with the dynamism (rain) and the stillness (lakes) and he finally has made an entire film about this much as he seems to have made a proper jungle film for the first time. Again in a visual sense we can see how aspects of KM have been expanded into an entire film here.

    If one does not see this movie in the theater one should altogether stop watching movies on the big screen. Irrespective of what one thinks of Rathnam or the cast it would be a sin to watch this any other way.


  21. So much for all the ‘South’ objections. Check out the bit on the same village being ‘painted’ white or brown depending on the version. And they talk about the tribal dress, the language and so forth. Isn’t it amazing that the more Rathnam tries to be authentic the more that ‘South’ charge comes up? What does it really mean though? One must unpack this! The true ideological import of such charges has to do with an ‘annoyance’ on the part of some that Rathnam doesn’t subscribe to the ‘Bombay-multiplex’ program in terms of his visual codes and so on.


  22. I’m going to hold off on watching that making of video. I’m ready to be a bit surprised.


  23. yes, I’ve noticed white and brown versions. It is very hard to manage filming both at same time.



    “The Hindi version starring Abhishek Bachchan as the male protagonist with Aishwara Rai and Vikram in the cast would be released with 500 prints across the country besides 305 for overseas. In total 1280 prints of Raavan in different versions are set to storm cinema halls. ”

    WTF, Only 500 Prints for Hindi Version ?? I am not sure if this is true, Will confirm same tomorrow.


  25. Outlook:

    I Still Feel Like a Beginner: Mani Ratnam

    His credentials as a filmmaker are well established and he is on the wish list of top Bollywood stars, but Mani Ratnam still feels like a newcomer before the release of his each film.

    The Tamil director is awaiting the release of his bilingual film ‘Raavan’ this Friday.

    “I am not worried about the craze and expectations from others. I just want to get the film right and do as good as I can. I feel as pressurised as a beginner before every release,” Ratnam told PTI.

    The 54-year-old director, who made films like ‘Roja’, ‘Dil Se’, ‘Bombay’ and ‘Guru’, which garnered both critical acclaim and box office success said that he often turns to his writers and actors for help while making a film in Hindi.

    “I trust the writer when he says something will not sound right in Hindi. I ask him how would it sound right. I trust the actor and discuss it with him. So we discover many things together,” said Ratnam.

    The director, fondly called Mani sir, feels that making a film in Hindi is a liberating experience because he lets go of the control.

    “In Tamil, I hold more reins and control while in Hindi, I trust the other persons more so it becomes a liberating experience,” said the filmmaker.

    Ratnam described making ‘Raavan’ which stars Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Vikram, in Hindi and Tamil simultaneously as a “huge task”.

    “I am an instinctive filmmaker and the challenge is not to let go totally the instinct while directing a scene in two different languages. Once you finish a shot you can’t move on to the next shot immediately. The tempo just changes,” he said.

    Ratnam, who has given Abhishek Bachchan hits like ‘Yuva’ and ‘Guru’, does not think that the upswing in the actor’s career is due to him.

    “I have not done anything drastic for Abhishek. I just made him play a character which is close to him. Since ‘Yuva’, Abhishek has grown as an actor by leaps and bounds,” he said.

    “As a filmmaker you are selfish, you want what is right for your film. If I think Abhishek can do a role well and if he is equally interested, then we do it together. It is simple.”

    Ratnam said in all the three films he has done with Abhishek so far, he had given the actor drastically different characters and each time he has delivered.

    “He has done something which we did not know how to do, but we managed and he was able to get across the gist of the character on screen. Abhishek is great to work with and he has been able to convert the film into a fine product. But unless we find something new we will not work,” the director added.

    According to Ratnam, ‘Raavan’ as compared to ‘Guru’ and ‘Yuva’ was larger than life and needed bigger portrayal and flamboyance and Abhishek managed to shed his inhibitions to portray the character convincingly.

    The director wanted to cast Abhishek in Tamil version as Dev. “But, Abhishek would have to learn the language first and I would have still been shooting,” he laughed.

    However, he is happy with Aishwarya’s progress in Tamil. “Her Tamil is as good as my Hindi. But, she understands the language and picks up the dialogues fast,” Ratnam said adding that the actress’s formal training in Tamil started when she debuted with his 1997 Tamil movie ‘Iruvar’.

    The perfectionist that Ratnam is, he does not like to look back on his previous movies because he sees “only mistakes.”

    The veteran filmmaker believes that cinema is an extension of story telling and he likes to narrate his stories in a language that the audience understand.

    “I don’t believe in being different for the sake of being different,” he said, adding that all his films deal with different facets of relationships.

    “Every film cannot have the same element. The idea of ‘Raavan’ struck while I was shooting the last schedule of ‘Guru’. I even discussed the concept with Aishwarya,” he said.

    Ratnam said he had high regards for Oscar-winner A R Rahman, who has been a permanent fixture in all his movies. In fact, it was Ratnam’s ‘Roja’ that first introduced Rahman to Hindi audience.

    “He wants to do something new and experiment. He leaves away safety and does not want to concentrate on commercially hit songs,” Ratnam said.

    This time, the director is introducing Tamil superstar Vikram to Indian audience through his film. “Why not… He brings freshness to the script.”

    Incidentally, Ratnam has yet not decided on his next project after ‘Raavan’.

    “I have two three ideas in mind. Nothing has been finalised,” he said.


  26. Those who are familiar with the malayalam movie vadakkan veeragath can sense a similarity in raavan theme. In veeragatha, MT gave a new dimension to the historical villain character chandu. Here Mani is doing the same thing with Raavan and I hope Mani’s Raavan will be liked and loved by all.


  27. SPOILERS!!!

    I was Inviuted for SPECIAL SCREENING for the movie and i have to say movie DISAPPOINTS and here’;s my short review

    Abhishek is NOT playing “villian” he is more like antihero type character

    He has some posychological problems too kind of like “split personalities” hence darr sarr walle idea comes from

    there is scene where abhihske’s character talk to his “oither self” and he debates what is good or bad and that scene is shot well but dragss for good 5 minutes

    Abhihske’s sister is in love with some villiager who wants to deliver Guns to local town

    Abhishke disagrees with him so he asks for his sister’s help

    and Vikram cathes yp that guy and in an encounter he kills abhihske’s sister mistakly

    Abhishek gets upset and his other side starts to take over him

    He kidnaps Vikram’s wife by disyuising as Begger who asks for charity

    then rest of movie is vikram meeting Govinda (in an interval point) and chasing abhishek

    in preclimax abhsihek has chnage of heart his other good side starts to over his bad side and he decided to return aish to her husband

    however his other gang member disagress but abhsihek still takes aish to reunite with her husband

    this is where that bridge scene comes in

    abhishke’s one frind who disagrees with his good dide starts shooting vikram but bridge breaks down and aish falls and she dies

    however abhishek saves vikram (that him holding vikram)

    vikramm is devsatetd and he wants revnege abhishek is with him

    and they both chase down other ganga members and kill them

    abhishek dies saving vikram’s life

    Movie ends with one guy asking Vikram if his wife slept with Raavan(beera) and mmovie end up with close up shot of Vikram

    by the way the the action trailler where abhihske is screaming and other stuff going is the climax

    both vikram and abhishek looks for other guy who killed aish

    also abhishke’s caharcter becomes “half insane ” when he is angry

    hence those exgarrtad experssions when we him in action trailer

    also abhishek dies butprotecting vikarm and he gest shot

    and vikram asked him whwy did he save him abhishek replies “dass sarr walle” (seen in promo) and he says “har ek raavn main ek raam hota hain” and he dies


  28. i just want to revela that i m BOLLYWOOD CELEB but i don’t wanna tell who i am

    But u all can guess who aim


    • from knowing a celebrity to becoming one yourself.. that’s fast progress! If you really are serious I think it would be quite impossible to simply ‘guess’ given that you’ve hardly provided any clues. Your ‘review’ here seems fairly specific (didn’t read all of it for obvious reasons) so I am assuming you saw it or you know someone who did. Don’t think you’ve explained why you found the movie disappointing.. or have you?


    • r u govinda? 🙂 looks like the negative publicity has already started.


      • the way he types with all d spelling errors nd all..looks like salman khan to me (reference : twitter)..
        nd he has REASONS too 4 spreading negative reports..ha ha..!!


        • I don’t think Salman is clever enough to find the right site and post it!!!
          Anyhow, I’ve read his whole review, didn’t see spoiler!

          He is spreading in other sites as well


          • well he does reveal details that sound plausible given what we know of the film. Haven’t read the whole thing. What I read made it sound like an even narrative.


          • email id and ip address can reveal something..


          • comeon..satyam..just read the last u think such a silly ending is even plausible?!. mani ratnam is more intelligent than that..pleasse…


  29. Disappointed for what? I haven’t seen any negative points in the review.

    I too have read from twitter taht poeple loved it. We can not take early comments seriously.


    • LOL – especially from someone who has been making negative comments about all the promos and Abhishek from the beginning.


  30. LOL.
    If the story as you narrated it turns out to be true, I will accept that you had enough pull to get invited to some special preview.
    OTOH, if it turns out false, your dwindling credibility here will be compromised further.


  31. Has fake IPL player ( bollywood celebrity) resurfaced or what? The movie hasn’t screened yet for anyone or has it?


  32. It was screened for crew.

    Hectic on ground raavan promotions- on bus,on roads, interviews, flights! Saw raavan again today at the crew screening. Loved it again.


  33. If that story is true, it is devastating!!


  34. Ok time to reveal who i am

    i am BOBBY DEOL

    since i m jobless these days i kill my time redaing satyam’s blog


  35. It seems very feasable that you’ve seen the film but there’s nothing you’ve said to make it seem disapointing and I’ve got doubts about your supposed ending of the film but I did say on one of my comments in the earlier posts that it might have something to do with split personality. Thw waits almost over now and we’ll find out.


  36. Am not sure if Aadmi Deol’s version of Raavan is true or not but till we find out, Satyam it would be better to move his comments in a different section with a HUGE potential spoiler warning.


  37. chengez Says:

    Aadmi is Salman khans driver who is on a mission….


  38. chengez Says:

    Release: 17/06/2010
    Length: 138 Mins
    Rating: TBA (TBA)
    Genre: Bollywood / Drama
    Director: Mani Ratnam
    Distributor: Icon Film Distribution
    from the theatre near me…that means the films length is 2 hr: 18 minutes.


  39. Ash on Raavan:

    The Bollywood Hungama interviewer suggests Ranjha was one of the most accessed promos in the site’s history with 200,000 or so hits in 3 days.


  40. advance booking opens for RAAVAN in delhi/NCR region…booked my tickets for friday night show. evening shows almost full in most plexes.


    • great to hear.. keep is posted about your experience all round.. crowd reaction et al.. I love getting reports from people on the scene..


      • IAMTHAT Says:

        Off topic but its going to 1st decade of LAGAAN, so why not start a thread and re visit the classic again, Satyam. Would love to hear ur, GF, Q and all others view again…. from the distance of 10 yrs….


  41. just convinced office friends to watch RAAVAN instead of RN this friday and did corporate booking of 40 tickets. Mostly apprehensive that respective spouses(especially ladies) may not like dark/violent stuff. But my wife is a big Vikram fan so she is excited about his debut in bollywood.


  42. Heavy rains in South and Mumbai would affect openings


  43. Aishwarya and Abhishek interview on BBC Breakfast


  44. 2 days for Raavanan- Awesome advance booking

    By Moviebuzz | Wednesday, 16 June , 2010, 17:36

    First the good news, Mani Ratnam’s Raavanan has taken a mind blowing opening in advance booking, when it opened in 16 Chennai screens today (June 16) morning!

    Tickets for all shows in multiplexes have been sold out for the first week, while in single screens like Bharath, I Dream it has been equally good.

    Maayajal is the only multiplex in India who are playing all three versions of the film. They are holding a record 50 shows of the film per day- Raavanan (45 shows), Raavan (5 shows) and Villain (2 shows). Says Meenakshi Sundaram, Manager of Maayajal: “ The booking for Raavanan is phenomenal, nearly 80 percent of the shows have been sold out on the first day of booking.”

    Meanwhile Mani Ratnam held a special screening of Raavan for its crew and family members in Mumbai on Monday night. Next day the crew left for the London premiere of the film, which will be telecast live on NDTV tonight at 10.30 pm.

    The big news in Chennai is that the first official preview of Tamil Raavanan was held on Tuesday night at Four Frames Preview theatre for the family members of AR Rahman (who is away on a world tour). Rahman’s mother and other family members seem to have loved the movie.

    Now the bad news is that the monsoons have hit Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Mumbai and by today evening Delhi. Please note Mumbai and Delhi are major markets for Mani Ratnam’s Hindi Raavan, and rains can ruin box-office. So the trade is keeping its fingers crossed.



    June 16, 2010

    As predicted, advance bookings for the opening weekend of the much awaited Raavanan has literally hit the roof with theatres experiencing maddening rush to book tickets. Ticket slots, allotted for online booking, have been sold out the moment they opened and the turnstiles at theatres witnessed huge rush of fans trying to catch the movie over the weekend.

    Some theatres are reportedly running shows as early as 5.00 a.m. and tickets have been sold out for those shows as well. Now bookings are on for the next weekend. As it seems, Raavanan will keep the turnstiles busy for sometime from now.


  46. I hope Raavan doesnt have to rely on combined Hindi-Tamil-etc collections for it to earn a hit tag like MNIK had to rely on overseas collections to earn an average tag.


  47. It is not a surprise, people wait for Mani’s films in South. It happens with any start cast under his direction…


    • Vikram is huge in TN and even Andhra. With Rathnam this is an even bigger deal. No one gets his kind of opening in TN. It is only Rajni who surpasses him these days.


    • of course advance in the North is just not the way it is in the South for any film. There has been a continuous decline over time.


  48. Most of Vikram’s dubbing movies failed in Andhra. Surya is famous in Andhra


    • that’s not really true Ted.. in fact a couple of his movies that didn’t do as well in Tamil (for example Arul) did way better in the Telugu dub.


  49. Aparichudu is the last one that fared well. his recent movie with Shriysa was majotr failure in Andhra.


  50. I will be happy even it becomes hit combinedly (Hindi+Tamil). We need this type of cinema.


    • If it does well it will do so on its own… the ‘combo’ will not be needed..


    • there’s nothing to worry about on the initial front.. the idea that Abhishek doesn’t get good initials is a myth.. what happens is that when the films do put up good numbers the trade either underplays it or attributes it to factors like the ‘engagement’. when the film doesn’t work they don’t have to say much more than that the film flopped. Whether it’s a JBJ or a D6 week one numbers were actually rather good for a flop (the first was of course a big one). You can’t get to those totals after the film has been rejected if the opening weekend isn’t good enough.

      With Raavan I don’t see anything stopping a good initial (remains to be seen how big it can be) unless it be a strong monsoon! Let’s hope it’s not the latter!


      • If it works in the South but not in North, might just become a ‘naturalised’ South Indian myself.
        Have already started looking for a Mundu.


        • LOL!

          The thing is advance (as I just said) leaving aside all factors of stardom and so forth is a big deal in the South in the way it isn’t in the rest of India anymore. So we saw most recently Rajneeti’s advance being called very average and then getting off to a big start on Fri. Because of the very high volume of screens people either do not make reservations that early or do relatively late or just show up when they need to (there are tons of shows all day). In the South the proportion of multiplexes to single/double screens is very different. Certainly the latter segment is major. No film can be a hit in the South just on the basis of multiplexes. The very opposite is true for Hindi.

          But I absolutely do not see this as the kind of film that wouldn’t work in Hindi and be a big one in the South. That doesn’t happen with Rathnam. Because his sensibilities have often not been aligned with his Tamil audiences either since the 90s.


        • There were quite few twitter comments that Raavanan was very good.

          Unless it has any controversy with climax, it should be fine.


  51. “Have already started looking for a Mundu.”

    I’ll hook you up.


  52. Whatever story aadmi has posted might be true. I’ve read it same in tamil papers today.


  53. yes, may be you are right. that may be the correct ending.


  54. I haven’t seen any movies in recent times getting box office with that type of climax.


  55. Yes, I had a feeling Mr.Deol had actually seen the movie and am encouraged by the fact that Raavan’s character is not just black.


  56. Impressive set up for the Raavan premiere


  57. Tyler & Satyam can’t thank enough for this link though it is taking all my time & attention!


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