Rajesh Khanna on Star & Style (OCt 15, 1971)

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  1. The Stardust Oct 71 cover is the best (of the ones you’ve posted). This one is also nice but there is a little too much jaw there. My favorite Rajesh Khanna look is in Safar.


  2. Fantastic cover once again satyam,my hat is off 2 u.
    that cover looks pre -release amer prem…
    just wondering if you find shammi kapoor cover on any magazine would be nice…maybe an evening in paris or junglee…just a thought..



  3. I’d love to see what Devi (Devyani Chaubal) was spouting about her ‘Phenomenon’ then!

    On a related note, I don’t believe too many have come across this particular Star & Style of August 15, 1975 before. Very interesting to say the least. Here are the links to the 11 pages including the cover and editorial.

    Cover – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813154516/

    Editorial – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2812307063/

    Page 1 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813166304/

    Page 2 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813155488/

    Page 3 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813165000/

    Page 4 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813163756/

    Page 5 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813162748/

    Page 6 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2812310987/

    Page 7 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2812308983/

    Page 8 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2812309853/

    Page 9 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/30061153@N07/2813167428/


    • interesting stuff (even if the writer hardly seems ‘neutral’ on Khanna!), will read it later but I caught something where the author talks about Rajesh Khanna bouncing back with 3 hits in 1974. Quite right, I often say that Khanna had a better ’74 than Bachchan. But of course history has proven the writer horribly wrong!

      Devi was always a Khanna ‘partisan’ and once said somewhere he was the only star she had ever slept with.


  4. salimjakhra Says:

    Re Kishore Kumar (Khanna’s voice hence I’m justifying putting it here)

    Lata on twitter today:

    Aaj,4th aug ko kishore da ka janmdin hai,kishore da,bahurangi kalakar the,wo sirf ek mahaan gayak hi nahi the, wo utne hi acche sangeetkar,kavi,abhineta,film director,producer bhi the,aur sab se badi baat ek sacche insan aur pyare bhai bhi the,shayad hi aap sab ko pata hoga ki kishore da aur mera janm varsh 1929 hai,wo mujhse 1 month 24 din bade the, hum dono ka janm madhya pradesh me hua tha,unka khandwa aur mera indore,hum dono ne pehela duet ziddi film ke liye gaya tha 1947 me,wo har tarha ka gana bahot accha gate the.kishore da ka hasna,hasaana,unki baatien mujhe bahot yaad aati hai,.aise mahan kalakar ko unki choti behen ke koti koti pranam………

    I find it so strange reading entries by Lata and Asha on twitter, esp when they’re in English! I suppose I always knew they could speak English but have never really heard them do so in interviews. Hence for a while I was sceptical it’s even them! But it apparently is, so it’s cool having access to their daily thoughts!


    • Asha Bhonsle’s daughter was a freelance writer and regular columnist at rediff. A right winger though, but she was a very good writer..


      • She wasn’t just “a right-winger”, she was from the looney fringe of the right; her writings were rabid and maniacal…


        • I think she was equally, if not more, rabid about the lefties or ‘pinkos’ as she liked to call them..

          I haven’t read all of her columns, but the ones that I read could be categorized under the ‘nationalistic’ folder. She was a BJP supporter (but also criticized them on occasion). I am not sure if she was also a Shiv Sena supporter?


          • If she was indeed a Shiv Sena supporter, I’d be more likely to believe she was nuts — incidentally a charge that she quite seemed to enjoy and ironically, there were personal problems that led her to an attempted suicide..


          • I would never characterize someone in the way that I did just for being a BJP supporter — Bhosle expressed support for the VHP, for Praveen Togadia; routinely was among the Rediff writers (a Rajeev Srinivasan was another) referring to Nehru as a “Stalinist” (do they know what that means?); I even vaguely recall her advocating sterilization of Muslims (although I am not 100% sure in that last instance if I have the right person in mind; but fairly confident). But then, Rediff seemed to bring out the worst in some writers: I recall the urbane, one-time progressive Pritish Nandy (and now again; in between he was Rajya Sabha MP supported by the Shiv Sena) repeating as fact the notion that there were 400 million Muslims in India (and blaming them for the fictional 400 million for this or that electoral defeat); quite frankly, wouldn’t surprise me if this article was ghost-written by someone, but is a sign of how much so many of our celebrities have sunk.

            Didn’t know about the personal problems — to be honest she did not seem like the most normal person from her writings.


      • salimjakhra Says:

        Obviously it’s been a while since i read her stuff but I remember thinking she was a good writer at the time (can’t remember what i thought of the content!).

        Asha’s so cool.


        • Yes, she serves up tweets and sweets. (I’d like to visit her restaurant).
          Besides, if you don’t say things in your 70s then when are you going to?


  5. omar rawoot Says:

    I remember this picture of Rajesh Khanna . He was truly India’s first superstar and the “phenomenon” he was.

    The media was often critical of him.


  6. thanx salim for posting lataji tribute to kishoreda-the two greatest singer ever india has.similarty-both belong to M.P.
    both higest paid singers


  7. The Stardust Oct 71 cover is the best of Super Star Rajesh Khanna

    Super Star Rajesh Khanna – The real example of characterization :

    With his honest performance, he has made his status on the Indian Silver Screen as a most dignified and sophisticated performer in commercial environment, who along with his historic first superstar image never forget that the actor Rajesh Khanna born via theatre world and always proved the real example of characterization in varied way.


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