GANDU – directed by Q (pun intended)

above 18, imo


Director Quashik Mukherjee, who prefers to be known as Q rather than being called by his own name. The movie, Gandu, is his latest one. Gandu is a Bengali movie which basically combines bengali rap music, porn scenes, pety crime, masturbation, and sex. A completely expletive movie but one which has already been selected for the South Asian International Film Festival in New York. The trailer below shows a clip of the flick. It might even be the first Bengali movie to express such strong issues. The movie reflects largely as to what is happening in the present society.

Read more: LINK

Indian cinema is not just as Bollywood studios or large way melos “My Name Is Khan”.
“Gandu (The Loser)”, toned erratic in the shoes of a junkie.
He is not called Khan and mocks show the world that is not a terrorist. He’s Gandu (“poor guy” in Hindi), a young deadbeat whose wanderings in a crack in India Apocalypse evoke more drifts Harmony Korine white trash that Bollywood seductive ballets. He is the hero of Gandu (The Loser), the last feature film of the mysterious Indian filmmaker Q. The trailer, surprisingly violent, was broadcast a few days before the world premiere of the film.


(translated from french site by alibhai from NG)

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100 Responses to “GANDU – directed by Q (pun intended)”

  1. LOL! kam se kam isee bahaanay yaad to kiya :-)

    • mksrooney Says:

      kya q bhai.. hum toh aapko daily yaad karte hain, jab jab court mein bethe no. ka intezaar karte hain, ok.. to much hindi.. i often think wat will q bhai be doing in courts of newyork.. or offices of newyork :-)

  2. Unless my knowledge of hindi expletives has completely failed me (that’ll be the day!), the title does NOT in any way mean ‘loser’ or ‘poor guy’…

    Though I’d expect Rajen to direct something like this :)

    • LOL.
      Hum ne app ka kya bigada hai,Saket ???

    • The Hindi meaning of Gandu is quite irrelevant, as the film is Bengali.

      Gandu in Bengali is a medium-to-low level abuse (highest being banchod, machod, babachod, etc medium being bokachoda, shuorer baccha, etc).

      Gandu is NEVER used in civilised conversation, and its use is absolutely unacceptable in polite conversations (similiar to calling someone a motherfucker in a board meeting) as civilised Bengali conversation are totally intolerant of any sort of abuses (even minor ones) being used in conversations.

      From this perspective, Gandu is indeed a very bold name for a Bengali film. Its name is such that a boy cannot tell his father that he has watched ‘Gandu’ as such abuses are almost forbidden in family conversations.

      Gandu in Bengali generally means ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’, not ‘loser’.

  3. Yes, I thought the meaning of “Gandu” was something a little stronger than “loser”, though I am not sure exactly what it is. Anyone care to enlighten me, and in English, not Hindi? :)

    • Even if written in Chinese or Aramic, I guess, SRK & KJO mentioned together would imply only one thing (cue my response to Rajen in Hindi :)). That I believe is the real meaning of the word. And surprisingly, it’s a very common word in the Middle East, even though I think it’s a pure hindi term, which also finds a fan following of sorts in the South of India. Specially Hyderabad, if I’m not mistaken.

      • LOL! OK, thanks for the euphemistic but clear explanation. :) Does it mean the same thing in the Middle East?

        • Oh, I could have been less ‘euphemestic’ but then Satyam would have used his editing scissors (I know you are reading Satyam; it’s a joke. Don’t mind*)

          It means exactly the same thing in the Middle East. And it acquires a much more sinister meaning as it’s punishable by law (from a few whiplashes to jail, depending on one’s luck)

          BTW, sm, I enjoyed reading your tribute to Agatha Christie. I know it’s the wrong thread, but anyway. I too have read my fair share of Christie mysteries. Mostly involving Poirot; the episodes and mini-series involving David Suchet as Poirot are also quite fun to recall. Having said that, I remain a diehard fan of Sherlock Holmes. And I think in some ways, Agatha Christie was influenced by Arthur Conan Doyle’s great creation. It’s just that Holmes and Poirot inhabit different universes. Holmes’ universe is more about horror, the fear of the ‘unknown’ whereas Poirot is the great avuncular eccentric, inhabiting a world of murderers who otherwise appear to be as ordinary as anyone else…

          *Unless the joke’s on Abhishek, I don’t think Satyam will ever mind :)

          • Yes, among all the amusement about the word, we must not lose sight of its essential bigotry and homophobia. Somewhat connected, I have been reading the comments at various news sites about the Jet Blue flight attendant incident, and am saddened to see how many of them condemn Slater not so much for his actions, as for being homosexual.

            And thanks for your comments about my posts on the Agatha Christie thread. I’ve been meaning to add some more thoughts there. But the main difference between Holmes and Poirot (as well as Miss Marple and even Parker Pyne), is that Holmes relied exclusively on external or physical evidence, while Poirot relied mostly on psychological evidence. That is in fact what attracted me to Poirot in the first place. I wonder if the different approaches can be attributed to the different genders of the respective authors? In any case, Christie herself acknowledges Conan Doyle’s influence on her when she first started writing mysteries, and indeed her early novels are much more in the Holmes tradition, not only in having a Watson like character (who, however, unlike Watson, is always deprecating his “Holmes'” ability), but also in the greater importance given to physical evidence.

      • I think “gaandoo” unites desis :-) and can be a symbol of Indo-Pak peace: because the term is widely used in Pakistan as well, among Punjabis, Pathans, Karachiites, you name it! And, like saket, I can testify to its Hyderabadi popularity…

        • I can very well imagine the day both of us start discussing hindi cuss words here. With Rajen’s support in the background, I thinkSatyam will be forced to shut down the site on a temporary, if not permanent basis :)

  4. Its popular term, Period!

    Its funny name for a movie for sure.

  5. mksrooney Says:

    in the middle of experts, what does gandu means in bengali? may be its the bengali director? may be ..

    • Gandu in Bengali means ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’.

      It is in fact a medium-to-strong level abuse, and its use is totally unacceptable in civil conversations, as Bengali society is as intolerant of abuses as the Taliban is of girls going to school.

  6. is the title what i think it is… i.e. an expletive? or does it mean something else?

  7. alex adams Says:

    the title and the attempt by the “director” reminds me of the boys-hostel- coridoor sensibilities.

    “gaandu” is a cult, all-pervasive term in the above setting–have had the privilege of seeing it being used by some “hep” uni girls (obviously for someone else)…lol

  8. alex adams Says:

    before i go deeper into “gaandu”, think we have to worry bout satyam–by the way, he seems to be on holiday, it seems…

  9. alex adams Says:

    hahaa-i was itching to post but just voluntarily with-held some comments about this title–just to maintain the decorum of this blog, also frequented by dignified people…lol.

  10. Missed this entire discussion! still haven’t had a chance to see the trailer.

  11. Angshuman Says:

    Hello All,

    Just going thru your discussion. Just loved it absolutely. Such strong movies like this really put indian movies to a new horizon. Will really be waiting anxiously for the full length.. And does anybody know the mother shown here? Aparajita Addya or Komolika?

  12. I am a bengoli..In bengali ‘GANDU’ is mns bloody bustrd… n it is here ‘LOSER’..i think i hv helped u a lot..n the mother is komolika.

  13. when is the movie relesing in india??
    will it b censored?

  14. The preview of the film with stark black and white images, narrating a story of a wayward half-naked young man breaking into Bengali rap, has almost become a viral video. It already has fan clubs in India. And two weeks ago Indian filmmaker Q — yes, he is known by the 17th letter in the English alphabet — brought his provocative film Gandu to New York.

    In a visually stunning fantasy sequence, the film’s protagonist Gandu (Anubrata) engages in explicit sex with a woman who may be an angel
    It was a nearly sold-out screening but towards the end some people walked out during a visually stunning fantasy sequence in colour where the film’s protagonist Gandu (Anubrata) engages in explicit sex with a woman who may be an angel.

    Q seemed pleased with the idea that some people had walked out of the film at the world premiere screening at the South Asian International Film Festival. “It is an extreme film and I would feel really insulted if some people did not walk out of the screening,” he said the next day over coffee. “What kind of an extreme film is it if people do not faint, vomit or walk out?”

    I asked Q why he did not want everyone to see the film. “Not everyone can take it,” he said. “For some, it has to be seen with a couple of Pudin Haras.”

    Shock value aside, Gandu is like no other film from India. In its visual style, the film measures up to some of the cutting-edge European cinema. In fact, Q proclaims an eclectic mix of influences on his work ranging from films by Mike Figgis (Time Code), Gaspar Noé (Irreversible), Lars von trier (Dancer in the Dark), Larry Clark (Ken Park), Kim ki-duk (3-Iron) and Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream).

    The angst and alienation of the protagonist Gandu is very compelling. Much of the film he spends killing time, projecting his anger at the world around him in rap songs and hanging out with his rickshaw driver friend Ricksha (Joyraj), who is a fan of Bruce Lee. Whenever Gandu needs money, he crawls into his mother’s bedroom while she is engaged in sex with her lover. Carefully avoiding his mother’s glance, he steals money from her lover’s wallet. At times, he sits in a cybercafé staring at a woman in a sari (played by an actress who goes by the name Rii), on a cam chat with a man. By the time the film switches to the brief colour sequence with graphic sex, we have experienced so much raw emotions that nothing seems shocking anymore.

    Q was born and raised in Kolkata. His birth name was Kaushik Mukherjee. His mother still calls him Babai and there were other names, too. At 36, he has made ad films and a few documentaries — Love in India, and also films on music — Bopping Against the Beat and Le Pocha. His first feature Tepantorer Mathe did not get theatrical release. In 2009, he did release his second narrative film Bishh. Then four years ago, he decided to rename himself Q.

    “Q is a radical filmmaker and he goes and does wrong things,” he said about himself. “As I transform to Q, I am slowly shedding my cultural baggage. When I say Q no one knows I am a Bong. There is no beginning, middle or end. That’s what my films are about. I don’t give any back story or what Indian cinema or art is supposed to give you. But I give you give something else.”

    After NY, Gandu played at the 3rd I South Asian Festival in San Francisco. Q is confident that he will be able to release Gandu in India. “The censor board for the last three years has been inundated with films that are very strong narratives that push the envelope,” he said.

    “Every time I have been inside that room, I can tell that they are not the villains,” he added about the censor board in Kolkata. “They are regulators, trying to regulate a very complex volatile scenario. They themselves do not have faith in the idea of censorship, but there is nothing else, no rating system.”

    Aseem Chhabra is a freelance writer based in New York who has previously written for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer and Time Out, New York

  15. Indian cinema might be finally breaking free from its “no sex (or kissing) please, we’re Indians” corset. At 3rd I’s eighth annual San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival, there’s spy-cam sex, live-in lovers, even full-on fellatio. “It’s not just the code of no kissing,” says festival director Ivan Jaigirdar. “They are definitely pushing boundaries.”

    Jaigirdar didn’t set out on the great sex hunt while programming the festival. And the festival isn’t some Kama Sutra romp. It includes films about the civil war in Sri Lanka, rich young slackers in Pakistan and Tibetan monks. But there’s a lot of sex out there as well. Times are changing.

    Read more:

  16. Q, The Kolkata-based director, has done what he does best — challenging social clichés and making the audience put on its thinking cap.

    Now, with his latest venture, ” Gandu”, which had its world premiere at the 2010 South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) in New York, Q has had a clean sweep, neatly tucking the Best Director and Jury Prize Awards under his belt. Said Q’s partner, Rii, “Recognition was long due. Q is such a director who not just brings money for his film, writes the storyboard, edits, he is also actively involved with every aspect of film-making. With “Gandu”, he has done a perfect job.” Rii added that the Best Director award was the icing on the cake, “I was numbed when Q called up to give me that piece of information.” Meanwhile, the film has generated a lot of interest in the film industry, with director Anurag Kashyap posting on a social networking site how he really wanted to watch the film, but couldn’t, because of ill-health.

    Read more: Q makes the audience think again – The Times of India

  17. Asshole, aka: Gandu, is that rare portrait of aimless youth that not only looks good but also has a grain of wisdom supporting its protagonist’s self-indulgent angst. The film follows the travails of would-be rapper and young punk Gandu, who takes the titular insult everyone hurls at him and proudly uses it for his name. To wit: if this kid wasn’t a teenager, you might think he had anger issues.

    Asshole director “Q” shows us via a query posed to four random strangers and filmed via a four-way split-screen, everyone knows what “Gandu” means: variations of “idiot” and “moron” are bandied about freely and authoritatively. But other interviewees don’t quite get what Gandu’s other interests, namely rapping, beating off, smoking pot and tripping out. Q is deadly earnest in his willingness to immerse us into the world according to Gandu through a nostalgic narrative that frequently gives way to aggressive rap taunts aimed directly at the camera. Full of double and triple exposures and gorgeous black-and-white photography that recalls the music videos and photography of Anton Corbijn, Asshole is basically a rap musical about a kid who shows his love for his squalid life by railing at it.

    Asshole’s dialectical coming of age story treats narcissism as self-loathing and vice-versa. Gandu hates being trapped under the thumb of his mother. Though she always is shown to worry about him, Gandu hates her because of the way she humiliates him by constantly screwing around with some mirror glasses-clad creep that noisily boffs his mom in their home almost every day. Gandu’s only friend is a kid named Rickshaw, a Bruce Lee-obsessed teen he meets after Rickshaw almost runs him over. They get high, hallucinate and talk about farting–but in a serious way (“My life is a giant fucking fart!”). Gandu then sublimates the rest of tension–mostly sexual in nature, as he’s always pining for the girls at the internet cafe he frequents–in rap verses (“Words are burning inside us. Rap is the way to say them.”).

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    8 Million Stories: Asshole, Corner Pocket
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    AssholeGanduQSIAFFSIAFF 2010


  18. One filmmaker, who goes by the single initial Q, had to smuggle his work out of the country without the approval of the Central Board of Film Certification, which censors material it deems objectionable. Chief among potential complaints might be the film’s title, a common epithet that can be paraphrased as “Jerk” or “Loser.” But the film, shot mostly in a stylized black-and-white with split screens and floating subtitles, goes much further as it follows the misadventures of an alienated Bengali rapper. The finale features an explicit sex scene between the main character, Gandu (a performer named Anubrata) and a fantasy girl (Rii).

    “There is no way in a hundred years that will ever get a release,” Mr. Rosenthal said. “He’s advertising it as India’s first underground movie.”


    • LOL guys i cant believe its smuggled out as it says above!!! its an underground movie!

      • I don’t know why he needed to “smuggle it out” of India, even if it hasn’t been given a censor certificate in India. Many Indian films are shown outside of India in festivals before being certified in India – e.g., Matrubhoomi, Black Friday. But it adds to the publicity of a film, especially at a festival, if the maker can claim that he faced opposition/oppression/threats to life and liberty in making it.

  19. I’ve updated the trailer once again here.. youtube keeps removing it..

  20. Outlook:

    Graphic sex, Indian movie? Gandu breaks a lot more shackles.
    Namrata Joshi

    Qaushik Mukherjee, aka Q, is the rare filmmaker who is actually pleased to see people walking out on his film. It happened a few weeks ago at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York, where his provocative new Bengali film, Gandu (Asshole), premiered to the world. It was the hallucinatory, protracted and exceedingly explicit sex sequence towards the end of the film that apparently caused some of the audience to head for the exit, leaving the director curiously content with their reaction. “It is an extreme film. I would have felt disappointed and disregarded if it didn’t offend people,” he says. For him, any acute response—love, hatred, disgust—is a welcome affirmation of himself as a filmmaker and what he has chosen to do in Gandu.

    You have to watch Gandu to make sense of both the director’s intriguing views and the intense audience reactions. This is a bold and audacious film, of a kind not seen before in India. From its use of cinema as an art form and its daring sex scenes to its incisive comments on society and its many hypocrisies, it pushes the envelope in a raw, discomfiting manner. Whether it’s the mother figure, relationships, love, sex, materialism or even religion, the film takes potshots at everything that we hold sacred. “As a society, we have forgotten protest, and as an artiste I think I need to keep questioning,” says Q. The film challenges our safe, middle-class morality by treading the fine line that separates the aesthetic from the pornographic, making us think hard even as it titillates in equal measure. It’s sure to leave the house divided on whether the sexual explicitness adds to the impact or is merely a measure of the filmmaker’s self-indulgence and pretentiousness.

    However, the immediate question that springs to mind on viewing the film is: will it ever get past the scissors of our outdated and conservative censors? They are likely to be left gasping for breath by its sex scenes, which besides full frontal nudity include daring depictions of masturbation and fellatio. The film’s trailer, meanwhile, has evoked quite a different reaction among young people, and judging from the fan clubs already springing up, Gandu has the makings of a cult film. The protagonist is a young wastrel, an aimless drifter. He lives in a stark, bare apartment with his mother, the mistress of a businessman, Dashbabu; the relationship is the implicit cause of his deep-seated anger. Gandu regularly creeps into the room while they are having sex to steal money from the man’s wallet and buy lottery tickets in the hope of striking it lucky one day. The winding streets and alleys of Calcutta, the riverbank and the cyber cafe are his other favourite haunts; the only talent he has is to beatbox and rap. A chance encounter brings him close to another young outcast, Ricksha, a rickshaw puller, who is a fan of Bruce Lee. He becomes Gandu’s companion in doing drugs, and a repository of his confidences about his musical ambitions.

    The film is a gritty, compelling, at times enigmatic and inscrutable portrayal of this bleak world, brought alive by persuasive performances from little known actors (especially the mesmerising, electric Anubrata in the lead role). It is made with tremendous visual flair. Shot brilliantly in black and white (only the final sex sequence is in blazing colour), the geometric frames highlight the emptiness and barrenness of lives on the margins. The fantastic music, on the other hand, from the calcutta group Five Little Indians, uncoils Gandu’s nervous energy.

    the rest here

  21. Incidentally they keep removing the trailer on youtube but the other link I have up here works..

  22. when the film is gonna release ?


  24. rather remarkably this has become the most accessed post on the blog by a significant margin. And I routinely get inquiries from people on how to get hold of this film!

  25. I guess no 1 of us has seen the movie till now and it also has became impossible due to a very careful step of our sensitive Indian sensor board. I think we all have seen the movie ‘MALINA’ .It was full of nacked scene played by Monika Belluci . Still it was a superb 1 due to a mindblowing fanatstic meaningful story. I think it does not matter whatever the name is.Is it ‘GANDU’ OR ‘BANCHOD’ whatever, except it does not sound good . It must b suitable to the story from each and every corner.Thats all.Do u remember that the movie ‘kalyug’ was 1st proposed to b named as ‘BLUE FILM’? .LAter the authority has changed it, but not the content. So we should better hope for the movie to b released with a changed name but same content.

  26. I fully support cinema which pushes boundaries of convention or, as in this case, demolishes all conventions ruthlessly. However, the title of the film should not have been G#@%&. Would you like children of all ages to read out posters and banners and learn this word ? I know there is enough profanity on the streets already, but if we permit swear words to be used publicly in the name of art, how far would be the day when little children begin using these words casually ? A lot of adults would find their sensibilities justifiably hurt, if we allow the use of expletives publicly.

    I fully support the use of even the most depraved depictions of human nature on screen, on canvas, in stone or on paper, but only when exposure to them is avoidable/preventable by people who dislike it.

    As for the film, any idea if it is available with anyone in Bangalore in any form ?

  27. Rajan Banerjee Says:

    Hey,being a bengali, i am rather proud of Quashikda,as he pushed the bengali cinema to a new genre….all i jst want to do s watch the complete movie……pls can any1 tell me whr i can gt it……

    • everyone’s been interesting in watching this.. this has been one of the most accessed posts on the blog.. unfortunately I have no idea where to get this.

  28. Sutirtha Roy Says:

    i think the film is never going to be launched in India……..but i hope the director wont desert us from watching it………….Mr. Q can u please share the link here or email it to
    i recently read a review in anandabazar patrika on the film and i am interested to watch it

  29. akshat kaul Says:

    Hi Q

    Would this film be only released in select theaters or film festival; or are you planning to bring out cd.. or online streaming… for people who want to pay for it and watch it…

  30. hii..
    Film ta kobe release hobe ??

  31. Angshuk Nag Says:

    Gandu is used most often in heated( aggressive – with the intent of landing kicks and punches) conversations in bengal. actually , the idea of abuse in bengal is all about starting a fight. If you dont want to fight, dont abuse, let it go. but if you start giving abusive words , then be prepared. In other states i have seen people are more tolerant than in bengal. People dont start fighting, it’s rare. I dont know about punjab or haryana,.. that side. But over here street fighting is very common.

  32. where can i get to watch this movie . i am very very eager

  33. please recomand me a link for downloading gandu for free.please help me.

  34. The trailer is mind boggling…it would be unfortunate if people tag this masterpiece as ‘the first Bengali XX adult movie’ or something. I understand people’s curiosity about the famous Bengali celebs like Komolika, Rii and shilajeet doing explicit sex scenes for the first time in the history of Indian cinema, but only time will tell how relevant those scenes are. I am frustrated of Q’s marketing team. Who cares about Indian release? What’s keeping you from a US release dudes? If you guys are not expecting an oscar then please get us a DVD at least!

  35. Anirban Ghosh Says:

    I have seen this movie at Milwaukee Film Festival. I am a student of University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Being a bengali, I would say this is just an ” ” movie. I do not know what adjective to put in here! I was simple dumbstruck when I was in the movie theater! Just incredible!

  36. Can anybody tell me the link to download the movie or watch online or buy online the whole movie?Because i am looking for it for a long time.It was not released in India.My email id is reply as soon as possible.

  37. Watched The Full movie ..excellent direction by Q…this is a new diversion of tollywood movies..

  38. Watched the movie. Felt nothing, absolutely nothing, the film could not touch me at all. However, as I realized that this film (?) is supposedly a “novel” concept, I could not help resisting an urge to know its director my reactions (or the lack of it).
    Best of luck to Q’s IQ and hope he takes CUE from the responses to this movie. I would also add, though little off-the-topic, rechristening oneself as “Q” is hypocrisy personified.

    • if you did please leave instructions here on how this film can be seen. I get multiple requests on this every week. So many people just completely desperate to watch this!

  39. This brings a new era in Indian cinema.So bold & fearless scenes r really appreciable.

  40. These chalti ka naam gaadi directors (Read Anjan Dutta / Qaushik someshit) are actually ruining Indian cinema & Culture. Modernization er naam korey all they are doing is flesh trading & some so called intellectuals are backing them up either for selfish interests or cheap publicity. These Lot deserves to be shot in public.

    Funny…Some people holds the nerve to appreciate such PORN in the name of cinema. Seems a day would come when somebody is going to shoot his honeymoon and call it an intellectual movie. Some would even then argue…”Well!! He is trying to show reality!! Thats how honeymoon happens. Thats how one should deflower his wife….” Intellectuals might call that Art…We…the Majority class (The ppl without intellect) call that PORN / Flesh Trading. Nothing to do with Art. Be that Extreme or Moderate.

    • “Thats how one should deflower his wife”

      I guess this represents the high thinking and imagination of the ‘majority class’.

    • “Funny…We…the Majority class (The ppl without intellect)… that PORN.”

      If by “Majority class” you mean stupid people, then I suppose you have a point.

  41. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    Hmm…I’ve seen a documentary made by the director Q, called ‘Love In India’. It was not a masterpiece by any means, but it was a very honest piece of work which brings up some pertinent questions on morality and hypocrisy in India society. I especially liked the way he explored the issue of public morality vs. private morality.

    There was some explicit sex, and it was quite uncomfortable to watch, but it was not cheap or titillatory. I’m guessing that this film is getting a massive hype because of it’s so-called ‘porn scenes’ but I have a feeling that it will not be sensational and lurid.

    Having said that, I do think that 90% of full-frontal nudity and explicit/ unstimulated sex in movies is more for the shock value that of actual artistic merit. Especially in commercial Hindi cinema, where anything to do with sex is treated so immaturely/ hypocritically/ regressively, I do think that censoring is very much a necessity.

  42. Alex adams Says:

    Agree with those views about “frontal nudity”
    “There was some explicit sex, and it was quite uncomfortable to watch, but it was not cheap or titillatory”—that’s a rare mix
    Not sure if worth checking out —the film, I mean

  43. Alex adams Says:

    And by the way:
    Amy: hope u would take things in good humour : cheers

    “Thats how one should deflower his wife”
    What’s this goin on here: hoho

  44. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    Positive review from Variety:

    Sounds a lot more hardcore than Love In India. I usually have little tolerance for this kind of stuff, so I will probably skip it.

  45. just watched ‘Gandu’. boldly experimental movie. liked it

  46. okay… !!! the movie rocked and could have actually won the awards it was nominated for but for the WORST (SUCKIEST) SUBTITLES i have gone across…

    okay like …for eg… the only lines where the subtitles meant what it needs to, to the eyes of the movie-watcher were slangs like …”bara kothay jabo ??”….being titled “where the fuck do we go”….. but more or less the rest of the movie had a lot more to say than wat was read on screen !!!…

  47. Alex adams Says:

    Hmm interesting
    So is this film in Bengali–Hope there are English subtitles

    And thanx Amy for that info on “love in India “—u r cool lol-btw hope this is in English not Bengali
    Btw where are these movies available-online download -never come across these names

    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      If you go to the Landmark stores in India they have a small collection of DVDs of offbeat/ art films and documentaries- including some Indian movies that are very hard to find anywhere else.

      • alex adams Says:

        thanx bright amy
        “If you go to the Landmark stores in India”–will be quite a distance ot travel :-)
        and where are these ‘landmark stores’ –connaught place?
        Will keep in mind

        • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

          LOL! Landmark is a pretty popular chain of stores all over India- and I’m sure you go back home once in a while. :-P

        • There is one in CP, have gone there . But yes there all over India in most of the big cities

      • I used to keep going to Landmark before joining college. Also had their membership card. But can’t afford to buy original cds, do not fit in my 4000 bucks of pocket money per month.Btw Ami have u checked out the Crosswords book stores in India, they aren’t bad

        • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

          The bookstore that I go to in India these days is the Oxford Bookstore- and Landmark more for Bollywood CDs/ DVDs- which I only buy occasionally. I haven’t been to Crossword in ages.

          • Thanks for telling me about Oxford Bookstore- had not heard of it before. Well for movies I usually prefer my 40-60 bucks pirated cds (there r 4-6 films in a single cd and the prints r pretty good). Only buy original ones if i have to gift someone or for rare films. By the way Ami do u read Robert Ludlam

  48. This is a trailer of Q’s (Kaushik Mukherjee) first film “Bishh” which released in 2010-

  49. alex adams Says:

    haha thanx minor
    btw has anyone watched “gandu”
    minor–is this actually the meaning used in ‘crass lingo’–whats the movie about –curious
    cant practically see all these –atleast should know about em lol

  50. I have seen Gandu (was recommended to me by a friend studying in Yale). and the meaning of the word changes in Bengali(but I don’t even know the meaning of the hindi word, u know I never utter such words :) )The film is a rock-bong rap musical having a psychedelic kinda tone and talks about drugs, sex romps and angst of the youth. it’s in black-and-white

  51. alex adams Says:

    that sounds interesting
    so whats the executive summary
    “by a friend studying in Yale”–is that whats taught in yale
    and is that uni any good or only indulges in srk talks?

  52. Well that friend is one of the most intelligent guys(in the field of arts/literature/political science) I have ever met in my life. And supposedly for the course which he is doing yale is amongst the best in the world

  53. tonymontana Says:

    Sorry, but did not really understand the director’s psyche here.. If he wanted to shock with unbridled sex and profanity, it might’ve achieved the purpose.. If its an artistic / abstract use of visuals and storytelling, I’ve seen better works.

    Nothing to like here really..

  54. Tony ‘Gandu’ shabd me hi saara raaz chhupa hai :) . i haven’t seen the film but i guess u found it pointless. seems this film, in trying to be Lynchanian, ended up being like ‘a rebel without a cause’

    • tonymontana Says:

      precisely! the writer-director appears a smugman.. Despite a couple of well-shot sequences, it does end up being wannabe n relying on shock value for titillation

  55. But answer this honestly! Did u get titillated? if u did, atleast the director achieved sumthing :)

    • tonymontana Says:

      Lol! Honestly.. No.. There’sa lot of porn stuff available elsewhere if all one has to do is get titillated..

      I’d probably recommend The Dreamers more than this one. Though Im not a big fan of that film, it does have a coherence in its narration despite elements of shock involved. In this film, the rap songs, that were meant to be the highlight, come as a distraction..

      Anyways dont think this deserves to be discussed as much. Watch Dreamers :) (im betting you must have already(

  56. LOL! no, have not seen/heard of Dreamers. thanks for recommending. but think abt this film Gandu has become so popular certainly not for its surrealism and shit but bcos of the sex scenes and the title, right (that is why so many people even come and visit this particular thread)- so sex, when packaged well, still sells like hot cakes

    • The Dreams is a mundane film (bertolucci) but it has the ravishing Eva Green in it (you’ve seen her in Casino Royale) who let us say immensely pleases her male viewers (perhaps some female ones too)!

      A vastly better film on the same subject is Regular Lovers.

    • mksrooney Says:

      if u havtn heard of dreamers its criminal..

      it has eva green.. need i say more saurabh… google eva green and dreamers ;)

  57. Ok, thanks Satyam for recommending Regular Lovers- will now try to watch this film

  58. Alex adams Says:

    What’s this guy q doing now
    Or has he said everything he had to in g.ndu?

  59. Gandu is a gem of a movie. Watched it a few weeks back….first of its kind.
    the first and immediate reaction i had after watching it was of shock.
    though i love subversion in literature and movies…. gaandu is so BRUTALLY and PATHOLOGICALLY honest that no matter how liberal you are it will shock you.
    Q has exposed the naked,helpless,ridiculous man after robbing him off …all his self delusions.
    but the whole portrayal is so repulsively honest…that you feel like slapping the director.
    Gandu is not a work of art….gandu is an angry repudiation of art.

  60. omrocky786 Says:

    My films, your films
    What happens when Rituparno, Q and Mainak talk movies and Tagore? A fascinating adda, with t2 sitting in

  61. watched it and here are few thoughts(Spoiler alert):

    another one of those can movies(especially for festivals ) with major positive being innovative concept of being one of the few movies in recent times which are shot in black and white

    movie has inspiration from classics and just like trend is mixture of not one but various other hollywood dark themes

    on the backdrop of eminem’s 8 mile:
    ( ….just like eminem gandu is angry rapper and the main cause being his mother again and just like eminem writes his own lyrics

    certain sequences are funny and have contrasting layer with positives being:

    1)the same gandu steals only small notes from wallet( that to from his mother’s bf when she is having sex) and buys lottery tickets and at same time prays in front of another mother(godess kali) for sucess…

    2)the same girl comes in different sequences as part of fantacy in gandu’s life first as sexy cafe bengali girl then as mother kaali and finally as pussy cat signifying three different stages first as dominating and expressive modern lady then as spiritual mother who keeps on biting and attacking gandu for her wrong deeds on drugs and finally the male fantasy for women as pleasure and consumption good

    3) the utter and helpness of gandu’s in real life compared to fantacy where the guy who beats him first (rickshaw ) is his inspiration and friend and even he even fantacize submissive gay sex with him after his first counter

    4) the occasional humour in this dark’s movie provided by rickshaw chinese antics like his worship of lee and kung fu, his constant diet of chowmeen and his low level language and his huge apetite of drugs ( chinese leads here to )

    there is also a sequence of overdose of drugs which lead to hallucination inspired from enter the void and so the case of ejaculation and hallucinated sex sequences and that strictly goes over the top including the use of religious figures as noir imagery (shiva in eroticity as well as biggest consumption of opium)and sex as colourful fetish


    all and all it has innovativeness and so does the climax which ends with kalash carried by dashbabu and rickshaw the two male figure signifying the end of loser the film but ya it does go over the top and stale in last 30 min or so making it only a 1 time watch

  62. Kolkata Extreme | Down and dirty in Kolkata ( Livemint)
    Kolkata’s bold, new agent provocateurs, who portray explicit sex and reinterpret Tagore with equal ease

    “None of the 1970s guys,” Q says, referring to older Bengali film-makers, “had the time or space to explore sexuality.” The directors “were so caught up in social issues that they couldn’t look at their dicks”, he adds. “For us, that is one thing that resonates. They didn’t explore sex, so I felt that if I explore that, you can’t link me to those guys.”
    Q is an agent provocateur with a plan. He has been assiduously working towards creating an alternative system of finance and distribution with Overdose (its business cards promise “explosive Indian content”). He collaborates with a tightly knit group of like-minded souls, some of whom he has grown up with, in the production of “cheap and dirty pictures about sexual, social or political extreme content that otherwise can’t be made”, on budgets of Rs.25-30 lakh, that will subsidize each other.

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