(Death of) Last Action Hero!! : KHILADI ! (ROONEY REWINDS)

dedicated to akki fans..
below originated from an comment of manish on lafangey parindey post a friend of mine from NG.

Long ago before Housefull, KM, Blue, etc happened there was a time when khiladi and his action movies had showed a future when Akki was destined imo for greatness in so called B grade action movies. The Desi James Bond was the dream, the views below are nostalgic yet tragic disappointment that one feels when a franchise goes awry in hollywood, same happened here.. it was .. In time that will come a movie remembered for many as it will be remembered as great comedy ever made (HERA PHERI), but for some like me it would be the day of the death of khiladi, as that took away i guess the Last action hero from us. its Death of a Hero who represented dreams and fascinations of childhood games of spy and police police games and much more which only some1 who is as much a lover of action movies can see and feel.

a favourite movie of mine.. INTERNATIONAL KHILADI trailer..

The apple of Discord being the fact that one now looks at Salman Khan for reviving Some dead action movies genre (ofcourse still masala unlike khiladi series), though highly appreciated by me.. but still a KHILADI FAN wishes if this was not the day, this was not the time, and what if instead of Action Replay and Tees Maar Khan.. he was gonna see RETURN OF KHILADI!!! an international trail of murder, action, blood and money! ah.. i indeed dream friends.. need to come back to reality! I need to thank Salman Khan for Wanted and Dabanng! (ofcourse Aamir who showed the way with GHAJINI.. it would have been indeed interesting khiladi as Ghajini, intellectual as well could have been modern day khiladi story)

LIST- (its random and only from memory correct me if some wrong name!)

MOHRA (all time fav)
Khiladi (thriller)

Mr Bond,
tu chor mein sipaahi,
jai kishan,
Mein Khiladi tu anari,
sabse Bada Khiladi,
Khiladi khiladiyon Ka (my all time fav khiladi movie)
International Khiladi (all time fav)
khiladi 420
and many more

Long time ago..the above where the names which would be discussed on every cricketing pitch and among chor police games! the name of above movie will strike chord with any child grown up in 90s.. for some they were mere faltu B grade (ofcourse the niche from above are excluded) while others they were stuff of everyday legends, when we dreamt of beating the gundas, blowing the cars, and yup some good heroine! Yup if English movies had Rambo, Bond and all we had Khiladi.. aptly the last action hero !! Rambos and all we werent educated enough or mostly came once in a while in theater or mostly cable.. so it was khiladi magic.. and when u are small u sometimes pic ur desi bond/khiladi over firangi πŸ˜‰

Indeed that was time when a child either prefer sunny paaji or akshay as action hero. My choice was based on childhood logic- akshays more intelligent and flexible and knew KARATE!!!! (that was a big factor) and interesting then dhisoom dhisoom paaji and also that he was there.. while akki was the new boy and as elders said without any support in industry and There was story of how RAJU BHATIA learned his karate from being a cook.. and his journey of becoming karate expert was fascinating to a child that added to help to make the choice πŸ™‚ thus i accepted HIM AS MY ACTION HERO (whom i will simply adore years later movies..)

He was considered as the indian answer to james bond in childhood conversation and whenever i played chor police, or thappo.. i imagined my self as khiladi or some other character πŸ™‚ and so did others.. and there was always fights over who plays khiladi.

How can i forget the debates of Undertaker v/s Khiladi, especially when akki fights him first time, to save honor and respect of Madam Maya, still remains one of my favourite scenes, mein ladoonga madam maya ke liye!!

And similiarly khiladi beating Lawyer sadasive amrapurkar.. as inspector vijay.. and akal ka upyog karo.. usme badi takat hoti hain!! alongwith potrayal of menancing “DEVRAJ’ the INTERNATIONAL KHILADI.. in what was and still remains imo one of the most amazing and shocking thrillers and most cool story line.. as till midway u are convinced khiladi is actually villain, but wait till u complete it πŸ™‚

And above are few of fav potrayals alongwith inspector Amar Saxena from Mohra and many more from those movies, they still remain deeply loved for that nostalgic feeling that they bring. Atleast they were relief compare to all those love stories that were made at that time.

I can go on and on.. but back to point RAMBO, TERMINATOR, and other action series kept the names of their lead intact and gave them widespread acclaim, while i guess after International Khiladi failed.. or somewhere there.. we lost khiladi.

People say Khiladi stopped as we stopped seeing him in that avatar, fact was we still be interested (heck look at rambo, internaationally and salmans wanted nationally). The time is never lost on a perfectly made action film with good sequences πŸ™‚ we guys love action movies every guy loves them they are part of the culture we grow up.

We all have dreamt some day sometime of being a spy, how i would have loved to see a movie like Hero Love story of Spy for Akshay Kumar someday. People accused me of hating KM and thus hating Akki (this not answer to them, but only factual reference) but fact is guys everytime i watch a bad akki comedy, i the child in me regrets the Great Action Hero of my childhood.

No i never mind Akshay doing comedy when atleast he could have managed one action movie in 1-2 years?? its never too late or too bad o release a good action movie, it never gets stale.. imo and on point of Manish on remembering Akshay movies, dude one never forgets such childhood action movies, they are and will remain part of nostalgic life.. and moreso when one is feed with HF, KM, Blue, CC2C..etc one needs to watch them again.. indeed to remind its not inception and ones not dreaming its reality there indeed was one who was called Khiladi!



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  4. mksrooney Says:

    satyam i dont know why but format has gone total bold.. if u can correct it than thnx πŸ™‚


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  6. Akshay’s films are not B grade action films.They are good action films.I hope he acts in Action films soon.


    • mksrooney Says:

      @sunil.. no no.. i dont mention them as B grade.. its normal laymen and general view for them to dismiss them .. to say.. typical action movie..

      i hope u didnt misunderstood..


    • mksrooney Says:

      btw wat are ur thoughts on khiladi series.. i would like to know them if u can express in detail.. it will be nice to read them!


  7. Akshay was recogonised in khiladi as an action hero.Then superhit Mohra established him as a full fledged action hero.Then he became more popular with mai khiladi tu anadi.Then came khildai ko khiladi.


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