Tamil cinema’s biggest hits in 2010



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  1. Sify Man of the year: Rajinikanth
    2011-01-01 12:58:56

    Superstar Rajinikanth is 2010’s Man of the Year, for giving Tamil cinema global reach.

    The combined world gross (Tamil, Telugu & Hindi versions) of his Enthiran would be around Rs 250 to Rs 300 Crore. Phenomenal for a south Indian hero at 61, to get this kind of global reach, which puts him on par with any A-grade Bollywood superstars.

    Rajinikanth has opened up hitherto difficult markets like Japan for Tamil cinema. The buzz is that Enthiran and Robot together did business worth Rs 65 Crore in overseas market, which is unheard of for a south Indian film.
    Closer home in Kerala Enthiran has taken a share of Rs 8 crore plus, which 2010’s biggest hit in Malayalam Mammootty-Prithviraj starrer Pokkiri Raja has not been able to touch!

    A close look at Rajinikanth’s career graph from Billa (1980) that made him a superstar till Enthiran (2010), reveals what made him a global phenomenon. He is undoubtedly the man of the masses and the face of inspiration as the star has constantly reinvented himself over the years, and wooed the generation next audiences throughout his career.

    Ace director Shankar recently said: “The way he has structured his career and his extraordinary reach among all sections of the audiences makes him the icon of Indian cinema. He has terrific script sense and understands what would work with the audiences and has moved with the times.”

    Adds KS Ravikumar who has made one of his biggest hits Padayappa : “Rajini sir has the uncanny ability to judge the commercial potential of a film, as he understands the audiences pulse.”

    “Rajinikanth is a combination of fearless bold mass movies and modest humility that makes him the complete superstar”, says Swaroop Reddy in whose Sathyam Cinemas, Enthiran has grossed the highest in the world. Suresh Krishna, who made the superhit Annamalai and the star’s biggest hit Baasha (in terms of the number of people seeing a film in a theatre including repeat audiences) and his biggest flop Baba said: “From an ordinary bus conductor to a superstar, it’s the fire in him that has made him a phenomenon”.

    Rajinikanth is not only the newsmaker of 2010, but the man who put Kollywood on a high pedestal. Today he has more reach and penetration than all other Tamil stars put together in the global market.


  2. Robot was entertaining in parts but othrwise a loud and outrageous film. Shankar went totally overboard with the special effects. Rajini was the best thing about it


    • imo, Robot was the most entertaining film of 2010 along with Dabanng.


      • agree Kassam — and between Dabanngg and Robot, I would take the latter any day of the week. Personally, I found Robot more enjoyable than most films I have seen over the last several years (and miles ahead of the crapfest Sivaji).


  3. No Offence to anyone and sorry if i will hurt anyone. But rajni is looking like a joker day by day (ofcourse in films not in real life i admire his simplicity). He is making a mockery of himself. I don’t know how someone sits through his movies. I have not seen ROBOT yet. But i watched shivaji and it is an attack on one’s senses.


  4. I am an north indian so it may be that i don’t know south indian’s sensiblities. My exposer to the South indian movies is only through SET MAX, ZEE CINEMA and STAR GOLD. But it’s a fact whenever i and my wife want a uniententional laugh we watch South indian movie. Most of the movies are such OTT and the heros(my god less said is better).


  5. why_so_serious Says:


    Rajini doesn’t look out of place at any point in Enthiran. Agree that Sivaji is crap though.

    LEt me know about any other film industry that manage to make films ranging from VTV to Nandhalala to Enthiran to Angadi Theru to ManMadhan Ambu to Ayirathil Oruvan to Madrasapattinam to Mynaa to Kalavaani to Easan to Thamizh Padam..


  6. dj,
    my sentiments are exactly the same..
    all the dubbed south indian films on max and star gold are unintentionally hilarious..


  7. I’m glad South Indian cinema is providing you guys with some much needed laughter. One needs to keep a sense of humor alive when you’re on a steady diet of “Bollywood.”


  8. Thanx, everbody take my take on south indian in right spirit.
    “those dubbed films are actually poor B grade stuff at best”. ya it may be and also many things lost in translation. But may i dare to say that i watch Aliya Payathu (english sub title)and Saathiya. In tamil version i found only madhvan compareble to the hindi version. In every other aspect Saathiya scores over Aliya Payathu. May be it is magic of Gulzar’s lyrics and witty dilouge.


    • “In tamil version i found only madhvan compareble to the hindi version. In every other aspect Saathiya scores over Aliya Payathu. ”

      I am very sorry for you DJ…


    • This is sacrillege.Saathiya even with a literal scene by scene remake happened to be a poor cousin of Alaipayuthey.

      Even rani oesnt stand upto Shalini(who is other wise not so great actress but she was good).


      • Dj, I dont think you have the kind of sensibilities to pull off watching anything that is not in your tongue or in your cultural.

        So, I suggest you dont pretend for the sake of it and just stick to enjoying our hindi film over the top romantic and slapstick humour.


  9. Satyam, you may be right about the B-Grade stuff..
    but whats surprising is good actors like Nagarjuna associating themselvs with such stuff.

    Talking of regional cinema, I did watch few gems like Ramji Rao speaking and the original Malayalam film that inspired Bhool Bhulaiya. Both were great and much better than their remakes in Hindi.

    I have also watched Alaipayuthe and it is definitely superior to Saathiya.


  10. Just finished watching Boss engira Bhaskaran and it is utter tripe. wonder how it landed in the top 10


  11. aajkaarjun Says:

    Top 10 Tamil Stars (SIFY)
    (excluding Kamal and Rajini)

    10. Vishal
    9. Jiva
    8. Arya
    7. Ajith
    6. Vikram
    5. Karthi
    4. Simbu
    3. Dhanush
    2. VIJAY
    1. Suriya



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