Dil to Bachcha Hai Ji, Dhobi Ghat & Yamla Pagla Deewana (ongoing), the remaining box office

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  1. B.O. update: ‘D.T.B.H.J.’ starts quite well at big city plexes, reports good
    – By Taran Adarsh, January 28, 2011 – 16:49 IST


    DIL TOH BACCHA HAI JI started on a 40% note at big city multiplexes [premium properties were 65%], while single screens were lower. The noon shows showed an escalation at various centres and the distributors and exhibitors are confident that the business should pick up further by Friday evening/night, since the audience response is very positive and also because the advance booking at certain properties is good. Besides, the film enjoys a solo release period, which goes in its favour.

    Box-Office Top5
    Top 5: ‘Y.P.D.’ 2-wk Rs 50 cr, ‘Dhobi Ghat’ Wk 1 Rs 13.6 cr nett
    – By Taran Adarsh, January 28, 2011 – 16:23 IST



  2. Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji Starts Poorly

    Friday 28th January 2011 17.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji started poorly all over India today. The morning shows at multiplexes were around the 25-30% mark while afternoon shows were just slightly better.

    The single screen response was even lower than the multiplexes. The film will be dependent on word of mouth and it could work in urban centres as the reports seem to be good but it remains to be seen if the good reports translate into good collections and can the film pick up by the evening.

    The film has had a fairly large release of around 900 theatres across India with multiplexes having 10-12 shows on average.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      according to the latest BOI report, DG has crashed 80-90% in india on the 8th day. not good. if the film does not make it to 20cr after a 13cr first week, i would say the film has been rejected by the audience and thus first Aamir KHan Productions to be rejected. ofcourse in reality aamir was smart with the financing and made sure this movie wouldn’t bomb. even aamir himself was not very confident with the outcome box office wise before the film released. meanwhile YPD is the surprise hit and that is great news for the doels.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        (here it is)
        Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Below Par Dhobi Ghat Crashes

        Saturday 29th January 2011 09.00 IST

        Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

        Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji started slowly but picked up at metro multiplexes in the evening but single screens were not good. The first day was below par and Saturday will be important as a good pick up can se it do decent weekend business. A big jump and even a good weekend may be possible.

        Dhobi Ghat was saved by a decent first week of 13 crore nett thanks to Republic Day holiday. The film fell on Monday but its weekday business was still decent as it grossed 4.50 crore nett on weekdays thanks to nearly 1.75 crore nett on holiday Wednesday. The film has crashed badly on its 8th day with collections down 85-90% from day one. The film may not even hit the 15 crore nett mark and is probably the first film from from Aamir Khan Productions which has been rejected outright by paying public.

        Yamla Pagla Deewana was very steady in week two with around 14.75 crore nett business taking its two week tally to 49.50 crore nett. North India is performing very well and republic Day was fantastic across the board. HIT


        • AamirsFan Says:

          this is a fair report, i have no problems with it. but back in the day when sunny doel was on a roll i remember BOI used to pump up his movies all the time. then when his movies began to flop left and right they jumped all over SRK and then around ’07 when Aamir pretty much forced his way into the top they had no choice but to jump on his band wagon. it’s just interesting how they are clearly showing excitement over YMD’s success.


        • BOI means to say that DG would be able to collect only 2 crore after this?


        • Taran has it at 13.6 crores. Note however the BOI scam here (and yes they’ve not been supporting this film from day 1 for some reason.. also agree with the rest.. they’ve had an ‘anyone but Bachchans’ ideology for the longest time though there’s definitely a Punjabi angle to the commentary.. they’re softest on the deols.. among others they also have a thing for Akshay and Salman), they had the weekend at 8.75 crores. Well 13 crores is then not bad at all. the film makes over 4 crores during the week. Again they are underplaying this because you shave off 50 lakhs here, 75 lakhs there and it makes a difference at this scale.


      • i had intitally predicted 17-18 cr for DG.looks like it might end well below dat.


  3. masterpraz Says:

    DIL TOH BACHCHA HAI JI is a winner! It’s not a loud comedy like ALL THE BEST or YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA, but more subtle in tone with equal doses of emotional moments between the laughs. The story is solid, and Bhandarkar surprises with a genre you didn’t think he could pull off with such aplomb.

    The first half is fabulous through-out but it’s the second half that drops a bit of momentum and lacks pace.

    performance wise Ajay Devgan springs another winner as a man going through mid-life crisis and falling for his new intern who’s 21 (he’s 38). Om Vadiya is a scene-stealer after 3I and comes across as a experienced veteran. Emraan Hashmi even manages to add a few dimensions to his serial kisser part.

    Bhandarkar touches on a few areas he has in films like PAGE 3 and FASHION, but in a passing manner. His story-telling style, atmosphere and ambience is fantastic.

    The end is cliched and I wish it did end a bit differently, but it leaves you with a smile……

    Full review up later, but it’s another winner after NOKJ, YPD, and DG!


    • masterpraz Says:

      And this could be defined as a “mature” version of something like MASTI. The comedy/tone is subtle and relies heavily on character development and witty dialogues, not back-to-back gags/situations.

      More importantly, the cast succeeds in connecting with the audience. I saw it in Burwood(SYD) Full House FDFS!


  4. masterpraz Says:

    YPD in the afternoon show was 60% full which is VERY odd for a any Indian movie here with the exception of a rare few (same cinema ran TMK next to empty shows after the opening weekend). NO IF NO BUT, SIRF JATT! Wouldn’t be surprised if YPD ended up crossing 60 crores and held on strong for another few weeks!


  5. masterpraz Says:

    I’ll also add here Devgan has always shared commendable chemistry with his co-stars. Whether it’s Ajay-Saif (KACHCHE DHAAGE, OMKARA), Ajay-Vivek (OMKARA, YUVA, MASTI) or the more recent Ajay-Emraan (OUATIM, DTBHJ)!


  6. Subtlety might not serve DTBHJ well.
    I dont think Indian audiences appreciate subtlety.
    YPD is an unqualified success and has held up well. Am happy for the Deols. They deserve it. Hope Sunny- Bobby are able to make more out of this success and do not get bogged down by mediocre stuff.


  7. Pranav Rawal Says:

    DTBHJ has got an A certificate which will definitely affect business!


  8. Subtlety AND an A certificate. Not good.

    Indian audiences to bacche hai ji.


  9. salimjakhra Says:

    Just got home from Dhobi Ghaat – there were ten of us and only 3 (including me) loved it. 2 were undecided. The others seemed pretty bored.


    • I watched it yesterday and really liked it. Very natural film with appealing characters! There was only 30 of us in a theatre and clearly the general audience has pretty much rejected this one, with a section that has really liked it.


  10. Its time to get serious satyam.As I said dg will gross 16 cr max.Whats the verdict?disaster?


    • according to Taran it’s fine:


      don’t think it’s adding just 2-3 crores after 13.6!

      but yes it won’t be a blockbuster like the last 5 Akshay films!

      even if DG doesn’t hold up so what?! I mean is the Aamir opposition now so desperate (I guess it has to be after a decade!) that it’s going to pick on an art film to prove Aamir is somehow failing? Give me a break!


  11. Record Number Of Cinemas For Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

    For Madhur Bhandarkar, the extensive release of Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji must be a record, going by numbers. In India alone, the romantic comedy has opened in around 1,400 cinemas (around 475 prints and roughly 950 UFO screens). The number of cinemas in the Overseas circuit is not a record but it is, nevertheless, a close second. Except for Fashion, no film directed by Bhandarkar has opened with over 100 prints in Overseas. But DTBHJ has been released abroad with 106 prints. The record, of course, is held by Fashion which had opened with 122 prints


  12. IBOS have YMD week 1 at 30 crores, Jessica at 27 crores so far, BBB at 20 crores, TMK total at 55 crores.


    • on an educated guess I believe this 30 crore number a bit more than the 35 crore ones. For a film that was basically a single screen affair in the North, that wasn’t doing much in Bombay at all, that even by BOI’s admission wasn’t great in Delhi multiplexes, given all this it’s a bit hard to believe this film opened to 35 crores. And of course being ‘historic’ in E Punjab doesn’t mean anything since that territory contributes negligibly to the overall gross. Even if the film is Sholay there the balance cannot be tipped so heavily. But I should also add that given YMD’s otherwise impressive number given it’s basically doing well in the Hindi belt and on certain kinds of screens this shows how some of those big films whose grosses are celebrated are actually fairly pathetic. What does for example 40-45 crores mean for a big film when YMD is opening this way?


      • >on an educated guess I believe this 30 crore number a bit more than the 35 crore ones.

        You don’t have to say it Satyam. You always believe them 😉


        • no not always.. I’ve had many disagreements with them and I’ve actually written some of my strongest (polemical) pieces arguing against their commentary on their very site. Even without seeing the IBOS number I had my doubts about the BOI one.


    • ibos is the worst of all the bo sites. more often they have a political agenda to sell, otherwise a bunch of bachchan fanatics.


      • Mr Arun ,I would like your opinion on Ibos as you sound that you are expert in those fields and maybe a proper anti-bachan flaggers,i need your opinion on that of which is a good site and please dont tell BOI is the best as thay are worse then Ibos as you said…IBOS expert! Hmm


  13. HotTubTimeMachine Says:

    ibos is crap, worst of the lot.


  14. don’t think it’s adding just 2-3 crores after 13.6!

    but yes it won’t be a blockbuster like the last 5 Akshay films!

    even if DG doesn’t hold up so what?! I mean is the Aamir opposition now so desperate (I guess it has to be after a decade!) that it’s going to pick on an art film to prove Aamir is somehow failing? Give me a break!

    Others will pick anything satyam to bring aamir down.Since dg is a commercail release it will be discussed.Tasveer 8/10 did better than dg as an offbeat film and trended better.

    PL becomes a non regular film.Dg is art film.Trending is exempted.
    next what dekhi belly has no big stars?

    It only takes the flop of db for people to talk of aamir being finished. 😀


    • Tasveer did better?! Sunil check the numbers! LOL!


    • I never knew a film with supernatural element and a “rap” song could be called offbeat. Maybe I am missing something. I thought it was a suspense thriler or pyschological thriller of sorts, had a soundtrack, had a romantic track or two. Maybe we are getting bad film and offbeat confused. Sure it is is not as commercial as Welcome, SIK, TMK etc but it surely is not offbeat as Raincoat. It’s maybe more “serious” than the regular Akshay film but hey the standards there are pretty “low” anyway!

      I would look at the “rejection” of Dhobi Ghat in different light. If its made 15 crores at the box office or thereabouts, thats pretty much the market price of Aamir Khan today. Not to take anything away from what is a fine film, but without Aamir’s attachment, this film would hardly get “any” audience at all. That its making 15Cr is to at least saying Aamir adds about 15 crore to a project minimum. Because take Aamir out of this film and you have a film with a “new director”, no songs, offbeat subject, “newcomers” or non stars etc. Practically everything that goes against the grain of a good box office run except story and characters.
      Not sure how one can deduce the success of Dhobi Ghat. I would call it an experiment, smartly conceived cost wise and a unfloppable project once Aamir is in the film with that kind of budget. So under the traditional parameters of distributor share its a winner.
      Audience wise I think its either been loathed or disliked by most and liked/loved by minority. So overall its been rejected. But surely its a good example to use budget wise that one can experiment and not go too crazy on the budget and still make a profit. Unless your in an Akshay Kumar movie where the fee to sign him is usually more than Dhobi Ghat’s box office revenue!


      • good points all..

        as I said earlier without Aamir Peepli makes Rs 5 and DG makes Rs 2. And again DG isn’t just a different film or a risky subject. It’s an arthouse deal which is a different cup of tea. Even in the US or the UK or wherever such films are not big grossers. So even if DG had been liked by everyone it would not be doing a TZP. Also with this sort of film one has to be a bit lenient in terms of trending. Not for the usual reason but because many people show up for this kind of film not realizing it’s not just different but arthouse. This is just not the audience for such a film. So you have a bigger drop-off. This kind of film in the US would have released in a handful of theaters in NY and LA even with a major star and would have expanded a bit if it had worked. The ceiling for such films is very low even in the best of situations.


  15. you may be going woth jay shah’s Bo column? I go with BOI on this.


  16. 15 cr in 2009 will be like 20 cr now.


    • yes but the problem is you define anything Akshay does away from his usual comedy genre as ‘offbeat’! Most of us have a rather different definition!


  17. ——Spolers———-

    Sorry guys it seems that DG has just got stuck into my mind a little bit but let it be.

    @ OldGold (From the lost thread)

    You really think that it is possible for Yasmin to drown himself into a beach a la Water ! I wont be able to let myself agree with you on that point. Lets move forward, another thing I had doubt and I shall be obliged if anyone of you(especially OldGold hope you are not tired) is willing to discuss about that is(I still am stupefied by fact that the only things that people here are discussing about DG is BO collections by in large) –

    What was the nature of relationship between Munna and AuntiJi( who was frowning on Munna over the”gori” girl)?

    Was it sexual-physical or sexual-imaginative-in-hope(from AuntiJi’s side) or it was a sattire on the general outlook of those sort of ladies who are highly fed and lowly taught and in their leisure time( which is basically all the time) watch ‘Challiya’ of ‘Tashan’ , which IMO is reciprocated by (after the initial get-familiar-to-the-characters scenes the story basically moves in a 123123 format ) the count 1 of Munna-being-fired scene having count 3 in the scene where Shai’s maid (Agnes) is telling her to keep distance from Munna. Although the maids in general are in no ways comparable to those sort of Auntijis in general but either Agnes was genuinely trying to to be good for Shai ( according to her perspective that is limited to lack of education ) or she was jealous of Munna or again it was an empty-mind’s-devil-workshop attitude.


    • It is implied that Munna and Aunti mustve been having a sexual affair. Shai implies similarly, when she comments on the way back that Aunti is PO’d having seen Shai with him. This is confirmed when Aunty scolds Munna before firing him.
      Another implied by not developed affair is between Arun and his attractive female art agent. When she playfully takes the Yasmin tapes and runs around the room, with Arun following, they get into an embrace, and an almost liplock initiated by her. At that point she says something, which I could not really catch, but the looks on their faces suggested as if this ‘union’ had taken place previously.
      Agnes is indeed jealous of Munna. She treats him with contempt by serving him tea in a cut-glass vs the porcelain. It is common to see such petty jealousy among the bais-dhobis-rikshataxiwallahs etc when it comes to their renumeration, or favorable treatment of one over another.


      • alex adams Says:

        “Another implied by not developed affair is between Arun and his attractive female art agent…….they get into an embrace, and an almost liplock initiated by her. At that point she says something, which I could not really catch,”
        Nykavi—she said something meaning that arun was hiding alone at home watching porn!
        but enjoyed the way—kiran rao likes keeping these things open for interpretation and discussion—rather then spoon feeding viewers the bollywood way.


      • I don’t see the Munna and aunti relationship. Arun and the female art agent yes, because she says something to the order of your not in the mood this time or something like that.


    • alex adams Says:

      “What was the nature of relationship between Munna and AuntiJi( who was frowning on Munna over the”gori” girl)?”—pega—enjoyed the ensuing column on this crious “relationship”!


    • @pega
      >(especially OldGold hope you are not tired)
      LOL, no. I’m enjoying it.
      Well, I’m of the same opinion as others. To me it was clear. Her sentence ‘tumhe lolipop deke chalijayegi phir na kehna’…or something like this. So it was clear she’s trying to mock his getting serious over the nri girl, and she’s doing that out of jealousy.

      >(I still am stupefied by fact that the only things that people here are discussing about DG is BO collections by in large)

      I would have ben interested too, but to me it was clear. When I like a film, the chances of it being a flop is 90% 😀


      • >> I would have ben interested too, but to me it was clear. When I like a film, the chances of it being a flop is 90%

        Nice One

        Thn why dont use ur best weapon instead of picking little little things abt ” that star”.

        like all his movies and movie is history


  18. alex adams Says:

    Liked dhobi ghat quite a lot, as expected!
    Not a film that hits u instantly, but takes time and stays with u —lingers—a quality that v v few indian movies have nowadays..
    my brief random thoughts —-
    gustavo santolala outperforms everyone in the movie so much so that the background music also becums one of the lead characters.
    the title “mumbai diaries” would have been more apt than dhobi ghaat but maybe not appealing to the majority (who are not the target audience anyhow)
    kiran rao is definitely quite talented and is v promising—hope she herself and aamir and others around her dont lose faith in her after a seeminlgy “not so successful “box office!
    Monica Dogra was easily the best actor on show followed by prateik and aamir in that order—not sure what gr8 acting yasmin did (as some people are proclaiming)
    MOnica dogra is quite natural, instinctive and effortlessly portrayed a not-so simple role.
    By contrast, aamir seemed to be trying too hard at places and his slight lack of spontaneity and range was epxposed in some places —however, overall he did quite well.
    Aamir could not (and i think did not try to) overshadow others in his home production….
    Prateik did better than i saw in the promos. He does have te expressive eyes and skill of smita patil. but he did look raw, realtively unpolished in a few places. The only qualm i have is –HIs body language did not do complete justice to a poor uneducated dhobi. He seemed at places to be doing a “summer job” from uni as a dhobi to earn his extra pocket money–the entire social strata was not correctly portrayed …
    BUt made it up by the last scene—
    SPOILER—where he runs after dogras car to hand her aamirs address.
    the few seconds silent pause after that gave me hope for prateik and vindicated y kiran rao (and aamir) had reposed faith in him..


    • >not sure what gr8 acting yasmin did (as some people are proclaiming)

      For me she was the best. I think if that segment and her superb acting wasn’t in the film I might not have liked it so much.
      Shai was just being herself…an nri fascinated with ‘India’. IMO it didn’t require any special effort.
      Yasmeen had a tough one, to just sit most of the time and express through expression of her face and eyes.

      The name Mumbai meri jaan would have suited very much, but unfortunately it has been taken. Something like ‘mumbai ki baahon mein’ or something would have been far better.


      • >>Something like ‘mumbai ki baahon mein’



      • alex adams Says:

        oldgold— the segment of yasmeen definitely was the fulcrum of this story.
        but i did not particularly find the performance by the actress palying that role otstanding. it was good but not as i had heard about in superlatives…
        it seems even on this blog, there are haves and have nots now–those seen DG or not—lol
        “an nri fascinated with ‘India’. IMO it didn’t require any special effort.”—SPOILERS-check her out in the scene where munna point blank asks her if she had her heart set on munna and the scene where munna hands her aruns address at the end.
        the few seconds instinctive “response”on each occasion was enuf indication of her talent..
        im sure u also feel that u dont have to be shouted at upon into submission ala kajol or karishma to be a v good actress.
        Subtlety of a few seconds is enuf sometimes.
        Same for munna.
        incidentally,as much as i credit aamir for suppoting and prodcuing this film, i personally found him a bit out of sorts with the films overall tone.
        he did seem to over state and overemphasise(overplay) on some occasions in this sliver of a delicate experience –reminds me of sushi!


        • ..spoiler…
          >check her out in the scene where munna point blank asks her if she had her heart set on munna and the scene where munna hands her aruns address at the end.

          The former seems not to have registered, but yes the second one I noted, but since I’m an old cinema enthusiast I’ve seen a lot of such scenes…..this quiet, non noisy expression of something that hurts.
          I’m not saying she wasn’t good,,it’s just that you were impressed more by her, and I was impressed more by Yasmin. Her hesitation, her looking away from the camera self conciously even the tone of her voice! I thought it was all brilliant.


          • alex adams Says:

            typo–check her out in the scene where munna point blank asks her if she had her heart set on arun (not munna)….
            young gold–yes it was a subtle moment but “batsmen” like u r not expected to miss that “ball”!the female viewer accompanying me also found yasmeen more endearing.
            i personally felt it was the better written stronger part of the two…
            kiran rao still has glimpses of the “fresh out of nsd eager and maverick” syndrome. if “groomed” and channeled properly—she can go a long way!
            what did u think of aamir and prateik performance?


          • Actually I wrote in detail about what I thought of Amir’s performance in that post ‘first fay first show Dg’ posted by Masterpraaz.

            To paraphrase, I liked him in the Yasmin segment because his expressions were very nice while he watched her videos. His rushing out of the room in horror was electrifying and communicated the horror of the thought very well.

            But the rest of the time he seemed to have a Gajhani hangover, and his depiction of an artist was clichèd.

            Pratiek was alright. He didn’t stand out, and I felt he looked too refined.


  19. alex adams Says:

    contd from above—dhboi ghaat boasts of delicate brush work and all characters are filled in subtle shades.
    there is no spoon feeding, infact kiran rao adopts a “wont tell you” stance in many situations leaving it to the discerning viewer to unravel the layers.
    will agree wiht aamir that tis is not meant for all and the varied response to this worthy film comes as no surprise.
    anyhow, kiran rao (and aamir) should be proud of this one


  20. @Nykavi–“Not in a mood today !!??” were the words and therefore imo the nature of relationship was explicitly mentioned.

    Regarding Kiran Rao– We have all seen many movies which came out to be very well made when AK teamed up with debutant directors.
    Who knows next of Kiran Rao might just be in the league of WatsUrRashee or RockOn.


    I found AK smoking obnoxious to my eyes. I am yet to see anyone who smokes regularly , in real life or cinema , to smoke in such an odd manner.
    Right from sucking the smoke inside ,to the cheeks becoming hollow everytime when he took a puff ,to the way in which he released the smoke( some one trying to put off a candle) everything was odd. To my eyes it was obvious that AK was not trying to inhale the smoke but just doing mouth-puffing according to the slangs.
    We have seen many movies in which actors used to smoke differently( Belmonto) but this was something else.

    Also I found Yasmeen writing her name in Urdu in the sand brilliant. For realizing this phenomenon you have to be close to any Muslim family which is still leaning towards the orthodox side, where still the Maulvi Sahab comes to teach Quran to the children, and understand what is the importance and place of Urdu language in their lives and how they consider Urdu as their first language and how sacred and esteemed it is considered to write anything formal in Urdu or just go to a monument where Muslims are in considerable number ( a la Bada Imambara in Lucknow),you will see it in the walls , all the Romeo-Juliets , I-love-yous et al written in Urdu.


    • Pega, thanks for clarifying those words. Now it makes sense. “Not in a mood today” is as explicit as it can be to signify his sexual relations with his art agent as well.
      It also ties in with the scene in which his art-agent mentions that the Eduljees were one of his biggest buyers, and that she saw him talking with Shai Eduljee at the exhibition. At that point, Aamir doesnt kinda clams up, obviously, he was not going to let in on his one night stand with Shai to his sex-buddy/art-agent!


      • edit: Aamir clams up
        in place of: Aamir *doesnt* clam up


      • Also, when Arun is informed that Eduljee is his biggest buyer, the next thing he tries to do is warm up to Shai over a cup of tea when he runs into her in his neighborhood. The intention at that point was perhaps to elicit a more business relationship rather than to establish romance. On the other hand, poor Shai is chasing a pipe-dream of romance with Arun. And her rejecting a far more besotted-to-her Munna due to class differences is all the more ironical.
        These snippets do establish the total ‘self-centered’ world of Arun, and his surprisingly deeper angst on realising Yasmin’s fate.


    • Saw a recent episode of AVS where Aamir was saying Yasmin and Prateek’s characters are authored backed and public would like it unlike his which will find difficulty with adudience to connect with.


  21. Saturday Update: Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

    Sunday 29th January 2011 13.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dil To Baccha Hai Ji picked on Saturday with business in the 4.80-4.90 crore nett range. The two day total for the film is around the 8.75 crore nett mark.

    Business picked up at multiplexes of big cities, the single screens had a limited jump of around 10%.

    The film is doing its best business in Mumbai circuit especially Pune where it is very strong. Mysore is good. Rest of the country is average. The weekend business seems to be heading for around 14 crore nett.


    • Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji First Day Business

      Saturday 29th January 2011 13.30 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Dil To Baccha Hai Ji was below the mark on its first day at around 3.75 crore nett. The figure is okay if we compare the first day number with likes No One Killed Jessica (3.20 crore) and Dhobi Ghat (2.85 crore) but the release of Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji was considerably bigger than those films. For the release 3.75 crore nett approx is a disappointing first day number. The approx territorial breakdowns are as follows.

      Mumbai – 1.50 crore

      Delhi/UP – 76 lakhs

      East Punjab – 36 lakhs

      West Bengal- 19 lakhs

      CP Berar – 19 lakhs

      CI – 13 lakhs

      Rajasthan – 17 lakhs

      Nizam – 21 lakhs

      Mysore – 15 lakhs

      Others – 13 lakhs

      TOTAL – 3.79 crore


  22. World Cup, IPL boon for smaller films

    As usual, this year big banner production houses have shied away from releasing films around the World Cup. The series lasts from February 19 to April 2, followed by the Indian Premiere League which lasts till May end.

    Industry experts say this will be a blessing for small and medium budget films. Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures says, “The IPL is a good window for the release of mid-sized high concept films. There’s not much happening in the entertainment space, giving these a fair chance to perform.”

    Balaji is slated to release Shorr on April 28 and Ragini MMS on May 12. Some bigger films like Dum Maro Dum (April 22), Thank You, Game, Love You Mr Kalakar are also reportedly releasing around this period.

    Clear period
    Trade pundit Amod Mehra says, “The Khans (Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir), Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan won’t release their films as they don’t want to clash with the matches. That gives smaller films a chance to get more media coverage and better shows in theatres.” Mehra points out that for small films, getting critical acclaim helps them bargain for a good price for satellite rights.

    Actor Vinay Pathak, whose film Bheja Fry 2 is releasing during this time, insists that people should have a choice of entertainment whether or not there’s a match happening.

    Cricket Fatigue
    Vikram Malhotra, COO, Viacom 18 Motion Picture who is releasing Shaitan and Tanu Weds Manu in March-April, says, “There was the India-South Africa series, now the World Cup, followed by IPL. People need something different and a film that’s projected well will attract an audience.” Malhotra had successfully released Love Sex Aur Dhoka during the IPL last year. He says, “It’s a myth that IPL draws audiences away from movies.”

    Mehra agrees, adding that the cricket overkill will push audiences to the cinema halls, provided the films on offer excite them. He says, “Schools and colleges will go on holiday, so the films that releasing in April will benefit.”

    Films releasing around World Cup and IPL
    Feb 18: Saat Khoon Maaf
    Feb 25: Tanu Weds Manu, Yeh Dooriyan
    Also in Feb: Bhindi Bazaar Inc.
    March 11: Shagird
    Also in March: Run Bhola Run, Nauka Doobi, Tere Mere Phere
    April 1: F. A.. L. T. U., Teen Thay Bhai, Game (initially slated to release on March 18)
    April 8: Thank You
    April 15: Haunted
    April 22: Dum Maro Dum
    April 29: Shorr
    Also in April: Bheja Fry 2


  23. alex adams Says:

    pega—i had the same thoughts on seeing aamir “smoke” and thats precisely thepoint from where his “rehearsed” performance seemd to jar a bit in this slurry of understated perfomrances.
    i have a feeling that the slight detour where the old-silent lady started to move slightly to see aamirs slightly exggerated responses towards the end —aamir had a hand in tweaking kirans original bit!
    But overalll, aamirs contribution even as an actor to this film was above par…
    liked the way kiran rao left the bit about munna-aunty open to all possibilities!


  24. @ alex –spoilers–
    I found AKs acting in the initial scenes below par (scratching head and smoking off course) apart from that he was very good also as Amir -a self confessed loner- was giving expressions of “effin hell” meeting all the people in the exhibition , the way he and Shai met and got along was giving impression that they knew each other imo.

    Regarding OldSilentLady in all probabilities she knew what had happened to Yasmin and to me the grave and haunting look in her eyes and her silence denoted many of such horrible things that she have seen in course of her life living in that no-lease-problems flat and locality.


  25. ideaunique Says:

    overseas had 8 cr in first 3 days so can we say 12 crs in 10 days now?
    so total (assuming that 2nd weekend in India gave 3-4 cr):
    India (10 days) = 15 cr
    Overseas (10 days) = 12 cr
    Total nett = 27 cr (10 days)
    Movie might end lifetime theatrical business with 35 cr nett – which is outstanding for this genre of film where such films hardly earn 1-2 cr in India….brave decision by aamir….and i don’t get one thing from the reviews….film is not entertaining? it surely is but not the typical masala entertainment…


  26. Akshay Kumar Finished? Like Ajay Devgan In 2007?

    by Komal Nahta

    Turn to any magazine or newspaper reporting on Bollywood, and Akshay Kumar seems to be their favourite punching bag. Switch on any TV channel these days covering Hindi films and chances are they will be talking about how Akshay is ‘almost finished’. Tees Maar Khan seems to have become the last nail in Akshay’s coffin. But is the situation really so bad for the actor whose name till three years ago spelt box-office magic? Not really! Established stars like Akshay Kumar don’t fade out merely because their films fail to perform at the box-office. Their contribution is far too great to be washed away by 10 or 15 flops. And frankly, Akshay has to his credit a successful Housefull in between his several flops like Blue, Khatta Meetha etc. Besides, ‘Tees Maar Khan‘ broke even, it is not a flop which it is being made out to be by the media. Agreed, no one expects an Akshay-Katrina starrer with Farah Khan as director to just recover the investment, but even then, an average grosser cannot be as bad as a flop or a disaster.

    Coming back to established stars, flops and failures don’t drive them out of business. Go back in time to the years from 2000 to 2007 and you will recall how Ajay Devgan’s films bombed one after the other. Right from Deewane and Raju Chacha in 2000 to Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag in 2007, Ajay had delivered 26 flops in eight years. In all, 34 Ajay starrers had released from 2000 to 2007, and 26 of them had bombed. Only eight managed to make money and most of the eight were also mediocre successes. But did Devgan have to sit at home, without work? Surely not. Not only did Ajay bounce back with successes but year 2010 was probably one of the best years in the charismatic actor’s career. Golmaal 3, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Raajneeti and Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? gave his career such a solid boost that nobody really cared if his Aakrosh, released in the same year, bombed at the ticket windows. And if Ajay could stage such a successful comeback, what makes people think that Akshay can’t? Akshay Kumar may be passing through the worst phase of his career but that in no way means, he is finished or almost finished. His selection of films may have failed, the actor himself hasn’t.



  27. tonymontana Says:

    with the subject of DG under discussion(glad its portions have sparked off debates), has anyone seen Thanks Maa, a film released last year..
    saw it last night on DVD, and havent seen a more disturbing Hindi film, at least in recent years.


  28. On DG, IMO Aamir was trying to test the waters so to speak. He had nothing to lose even if the movie had not done well. This was a movie which ran solely on his name – no songs, off beat theme, new director, unknown star cast. We can now safely assume that at a zero level, Aamir will bring X crores of business to the table – x being whatever total DG finishes at. If it finishes at anywhere near 30(worldwide) – I would say that is pretty impressive.


  29. Midweek B.O.: ‘DTBHJ’ collects Rs 15 cr nett in Wknd 1



  30. Enthiran profit= Rs 47 Crores!
    2011-01-31 13:03:39

    It’s official! Superstar Rajinikanth’s Enthiran directed by Shankar and produced by Sun Pictures has made a clean profit of Rs 47 Crores.

    Sun TV a public listed company has stated in their quarter report (Q3) that their movie production arm Sun Pictures made the big budget movie Enthiran.

    The cost of production for the Enthiran (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi) stood at Rs1.32bn and Sun TV has earned total revenues of Rs1.79bn from the movie including sale of satellite rights.

    The actual production cost is Rs.132 crores and earnings from it are Rs 179 Crore. It is their published report and hence all other unconfirmed reports of the film collecting Rs.300 crore at the global box-office turned out to be mere rumours.

    Enthiran is a case study of the global reach of superstar Rajinikanth and smart marketing done by Sun Pictures.

    It has also officially become the highest collecting and most profitable Tamil film ever produced.


  31. Chennai box office (Pongal special) – January 14 to 17
    Wednesday, 19 January , 2011, 16:15

    It was total confusion at the CBO this Pongal. For the first time, the market was divided because no theatre could gauge which film was the winner.

    On January 14, Aadukalam and Siruthai released, with the former getting a better opening.

    On January 15 – Pongal day – Ilaignan and Kaavalan released. In the suburbs, Kaavalan opened with a matinee show, but loyal Vijay fans thronged the theatre to give it a good opening.

    The picture changed dramatically by January 17 (Kannum Pongal). As per early indication, Dhanush’s Aadukalam was the clear number one at the CBO, thanks to its good word-of-mouth, strong multiplex preference and fantastic publicity on the Sun Network.

    At number two was Karthi’s Siruthai, torn apart by critics but loved by the mass audiences. The film – after a very dull opening day – picked up considerably in multiplexes on Sunday and Monday.

    Karthi and his team promoted the film aggressively by appearing on all television channels.

    Vijay’s Kaavalan, on the other hand, released without any fanfare. It is the first-ever ‘big’ film to release without any publicity!

    Added to that, Vijay’s favourite screens like Albert, Thyagaraja, Bharath, Kasi and Kamala were screening other Pongal releases!

    In spite of the odds stacked against the film, it managed to open well in limited screens and is at number three.

    In fourth position is Ilaignan, which released in good theatres – including prime shows in multiplexes – and has taken an ok opening.

    In fifth position is Ravi Teja’s Mirapakay, which is the best among Sankranthi Telugu releases.



  32. Kerala Box Office – January 11 to 26
    Thursday, 27 January , 2011, 16:08

    Dileep’s Marykundu Oru Kunjadu is at number one position and creating box office history in Kerala. The Christmas release has got a distributors’ share of Rs 4.10 crore, from 65 screens, in just 27 days.

    The film made for around Rs 3.5 crore (including print & publicity), and is already profitable from theatrical collections alone! Trade thinks it will get a share between Rs 6.5 to Rs 7 crore from theatricals alone, making it a blockbuster.

    At number two is Traffic, which has been critically acclaimed and is a multiplex hit. From Ernakulam multiplexes and Savita, the buzz is that it has netted a whopping Rs 19.25 lakhs.

    In third position is Malayalam director Siddique’s Kaavalan, which, though a remake of his Bodyguard, managed to get an extraordinary opening in Kerala, thanks to the Vijay-Asin pair.

    In fourth position is Sarath Kumar’s first solo hero movie in Malayalam, Metro, which survived its opening week only because of its strong distributor – Graand Productions.

    Jayaram’s Kudumbasri Travels opened in the fifth position.



  33. Re: the buzz is that it has netted a whopping Rs 19.25 lakhs.

    Whopping 19 lacs????


  34. Talking of DG’s oversees+national BO, does this mean people will acknowledge MNIK’s National+oversee’s earnings to judge its BO?


  35. Release Date Updates: ‘Rockstar’, ‘Shagird’ shifted, ‘Mumbai Cutting’, ‘Chalo Dilli’ announced
    By Taran Adarsh, February 1, 2011 – 14:29 IST

    Here’s an update on the release dates of some films…

    * KACCHA LIMBOO: Directed by Sagar Ballary [BHEJA FRY], the film will release on 18 February or 25 February.

    * SHAGIRD: This Nana Patekar – Mohit Ahlawat – Anurag Kashyap starrer has been shifted ahead. Is now confirmed for 11 March.

    * MUMBAI CUTTING: Comprising eleven short films and directed by a host of eleven directors, the film will release in March. The exact date is under finalization.

    * CHALO DILLI: A co-production between Eros and Mahesh Bhupathi/Lara Dutta, it is confirmed for 29 April.

    * CHILLAR PARTY: Also confirmed for 29 April is this UTV film.

    * DOUBLE DHAMAAL: Arriving on 10 June.

    * AZAAN: Directed by Prashant Chadha, the film is slated for release on 23 June [Thursday].

    * ‘Rockstar’, starring Ranbir Kapoor & directed by Imtiaz Ali, shifted to 8th or 15th July.

    * MAUSAM: Is NOT arriving in July. Eros is yet to finalize the date.


    • I knew ROCKSTAR would not come on may 27th. Just wait guyz coz I feel ZNMD will also not come on that day. Let’s see


  36. Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Has Decent Monday

    Tuesday 1stth February 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji had a decent Monday of 2 crore nett. The drop is just under 50% from Friday but it must be noted that Friday was on the lower side.

    The four day business of the film is around 16.50 crore nett and the week will come in at around 22 crore nett.

    If the film can hold up well over the rest of the weekdays and its second weekend then the film is likely to emerge an Above Average affair which would mean a good January for the industry as Yamla Pagla Deewana and No One Killed Jessica have already scored at the box office this month.


  37. No One Killed Jessica And Band Baaja Baaraat Continue To Collect

    Tuesday 1st February 2011 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    No One Killed Jessica and Band Baaja Baaraat are continuing to collect despite new releases. Apart from Yamla Pagla Deewana these are the only two films released over the last two months that are still doing well.

    No One Killed Jessica grossed 2.65 crore nett in its third week and will now get very close to the 30 crore nett mark.

    Band Baaja Baaraat collected 26 lakhs in its seventh week which is just 23% drop from its sixth week. If we look at its business from the sixth week onwards it has done 60 lakhs so far.

    The best performance from sixth week onwards last year was by Dabangg which picked up 90 lakhs followed by Housefull and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai with 82 lakhs and then Raajneeti with 75 lakhs.


  38. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    “The actual production cost is Rs.132 crores and earnings from it are Rs 179 Crore. It is their published report and hence all other unconfirmed reports of the film collecting Rs.300 crore at the global box-office turned out to be mere rumours.”

    No. The global gross is probably between 300 and 400 crores to give an earning of 179 cores to Sun.

    In fact, there is an article in Screen, which talks of the turnover of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industries. The figure for Tamil industry was 500 cr in 2009, it went up to 800 cr in 2020. And all because of Endhiran.


    • Why not 600 crores or may be even more than Avatar.


    • My estimation is 68 -70cr overseas gives 30 cr dis. share, 30 -35 cr sattelite revenue. This gives around 120 cr. Distributor share from domestic market.

      So my approx.
      210-200 cr domestic nett(tamil prints accounts for high no of single screens , hindi and telugu dont give that high %ge of disr. Share)

      gross figure easily cross 270 domestic 70 overseas = 340 cr
      my estimation could be quite close as BOI reported 185 cr nett from domestic and 56 cr overseas gross after 4 weeks of its run.


  39. tonymontana Says:

    Watched the filmtoday..
    DTBHJ was a disappointment..Nothing really happens in the film.. even the twists were very much expected. it stretches beyond thepoint of testing one’s patience.. actors let down by the script.

    some may find it a decent timepass though


  40. Rajinikanth adds 30% to Kalanithi Maran’s Sun TV Network revenue

    31 Jan, 2011, Sagar Malviya & Maulik Vyas,ET Bureau

    MUMBAI: SO, what powers Sun? Rajinikanth, of course! It’s not one of those email/SMS jokes on the Tamil superstar; Rajini-starrer Robot added a cool 179 crore to the third quarter numbers of Kalanithi Maran’s Sun TV Network , accounting for nearly 30% of the company’s revenues for the period. “It was Rajini’s formidable brand image that did the trick this quarter,” says Ajay Vidyasagar, Chief Operating Officer of Sun TV.

    “While there is no official source for box office collections, Robot must have raked in at least 375 crore for us and the trade combined and this is a conservative estimate,” he says. The company had spent 132 crore to make the film.

    Sun TV posted a 50% increase in revenues to 607.06 crore during the quarter ended December 2010. The company’s net profit rose 48% to 225.5 crore.

    Rajini’s portrayal of superhuman characters earned him superstar status among filmcrazy Tamils while some of the 61-year-old actor’s movies became cult hits even on foreign shores. After a forgettable stint in Hindi films in 1980s, he earned pan-India acceptance after the unprecedented success of Robot.

    This was followed by a wave of Rajinikanth jokes that are still being made and circulated through emails and SMSes.

    Robot, arguably the biggest Indian film ever, was released on October 1 last year in more than 2,400 screens worldwide, while the movie’s Tamil version Enthiran was released in 1,400 screens in Tamil Nadu.

    Aggresive marketing for Rajini film

    “This is a huge number for an India movie,” says Mohan Lal, media analyst at the Mumbai office of UK-based Elara Capital Plc.

    Sun TV bought the rights of Robot from the original producers Eros Entertainment and Ayngaran International , which backed out citing failures of other projects and global financial crisis. Sun TV’s gamble to produce the most expensive Indian film ever paid off as the movie became a big hit with the audiences.

    Robot grossed Rs 62 crore from all versions in the first weekend and Rs 117 crore in the first week, thus becoming the first Indian film to cross this mark in a week. The film went on to become the highest grosser, overtaking Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

    Part of the huge success was due to the aggressive marketing unleashed by Sun TV. “Robot became the top searched item on Google five days before the movie hit the screens,” says Vidyasagar.

    The film gained from the increasing acceptance of masala movies among India’s movie-going public.

    “The success of movies such as the ‘Robot’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Ghajini’ clearly suggest that the audience is accepting masala movies,” says trade analyst Amod Mehra. “During 1980s, people used to love entertainers without any social messages. That phase seems to be coming back,” he adds.

    “There is a subtle change in the mindset of movie makers. Earlier, they used to make movies for the balcony class. Now they are making it for stalls,” says film critic Taran Adarsh . “The spending power of the masses has increased and they (moviemakers) know how to cash in on it.”



    • surprising choice.


    • Does this story have any truth at all? The only exciting thing here would be Aamir and Abhishek together in a project! But in Dhoom????


      • yeah we’ve heard the story many times.. it would make sense at a certain level though.. Abhishek after D2 definitely wanted another stab at it.. don’t think he would have gone ahead without a good enough script.. he hasn’t worked with Yashraj after JBJ and it’s not because they’ve not wanted to! Also there is a certain trust that exists between Aamir and Abhishek. I don’t think either one would have gone ahead in a multistarrer without this factor, especially a Yashraj film! I wish the two were coming together for a better film for sure but hey I’ll take what I can get! Again there has been so much on D3 over the years that it’s hard to believe anything but the direct quotes make this plausible. If true the pressure’s on this one to deliver the biggest opening ever!


        • alex adams Says:

          without holding it back—abhi should be holding to this one with whateva he has…
          an easy superhit at least.
          and if aamir has green lighted it, i trust that the script should be good.
          plus the “brand equity” of dhoom will take care of the rest..
          finally some good news trickling in for the bachchans…
          hope abhi (and even amitabh) learn to give due respect to the importance of signing on the dotted line for the correct project.
          As far as i know, this is the first ever bachchan collaboration with aamir as an actor (including sr bachchan and ash)
          Another imp hidden benefit for abhi is if he learns something from aamirs discretion and sense of script and film economics..


  41. horror of horrors! 😛


  42. Abhishek will have it easy here.I think he wil overshadow aamir.Dhoom is more of an abhishek arena than aamir.


  43. alex adams Says:

    not sure this is a true news!
    goes against the “run of play”
    Firstly not sure how and y aamir will do it at THIS stage…
    ALso, the equity of abhishrek is at an all-time low and uday—well–not sure if he ever had any equity!
    BUt if it is true, the ones heaving a sigh of relief will be the bachchans since this v announcement will help abhi at this stage,,,
    by the way—whats abhisheks lineup now—players wiht abbas mustaan, bhansalis next? and now dhoom3
    dificult to give much chance to “game”!


    • Abhishek has gone commercial with a vengeance. Even without this there’s a Santoshi romantic comedy with Ash and/or Katrina depending on the news story one believes, Hera Pheri 4, Bol Bachchan with Rohit Shetty, the constantly delayed (and I hope never made) Dostana 2, Italian Job, Game and DMD of course but also Department with RGV, the Bhansali film, one with Balki. He still has a fully loaded lineup though with much more stress on the commercial. A number of films here could be very big grossers.

      As for Aamir it’s a no lose situation here. With his track record he will never be seen as getting overshadowed. This is an easy commercial winner for him to balance out the other project he currently has (the suspense thriller) but also one that allows him to get a big gross. I don’t think he’d mind parity at all with Abhishek. Actually he’s never minded this in his career (AAA is a good example) but with Yashraj/SRK/johar an element of distrust comes in for good reason. That problem is solved here.


      • satyam
        In a movie like dhoom,both the leads will be compared,its inevitable.The media n the public are gonna go all out with who overshadowed whom right since the promos come out.wait n watch.


        • oh absolutely, I don’t doubt this at all!


        • And actually this is not rocket science. A few obvious things to be said here:

          1)I’ve been saying for years that this franchise would never move forward without Abhishek. They need him for continuity.

          2)Abhishek needs important success before this film releases. Otherwise even if D3 is a big one and even if he liked a lot in it commercially it will seem like Aamir helped him out.

          3)If however he gets his hits you’re looking at good matchup in every sense. The two stars will work well together. For the first time the two main characters won’t belong to the same age group. Also I expect Abhishek to be in ‘cool’ mode here and Aamir to have a different sort of characterization. He can’t be presented as a stud a la John Abraham or Hrithik. The matchup on screen isn’t a problem for Abhishek. The commercial track record will be if he doesn’t get something going.

          4)For Aamir it’s a win-win situation any which was. In terms of the box office and otherwise. Even if Abhishek has some success before this Aamir would have Ghajini and 3I. Those are massive benchmarks. Abhishek would need a big one commercially for there to be any sense of box office parity. But as long as he has success and is back in the mix the film will be fine for him. If not even leaving aside the Aamir comparison he won’t get much credit for being in a blockbuster. So he has to get his hits elsewhere. But Aamir doesn’t lose irrespective of what happens on any front (unless of course the film doesn’t work!).


  44. Audience not amused by Dil To Bachcha…

    Madhur Bhandarkar’s first comedy Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji has failed to impress the cinegoers, and that’s showing in the movie’s opening collection. The movie has fared poorly at the box-office, reports Indiantelevision.com.

    Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji collected only around Rs 40 million on Friday, but it consolidated on Saturday and Sunday to finish its first weekend with Rs 142. 5 million at the domestic box office.

    “The film lacks in comedy and romance and has started dropping from Monday. Due to lack of any other release, the film had an exhaustive release and seems to have exhausted its potential. The film could have done with some trimming, its playing time being about 245 minutes,” writes Vinod Mirani for Indiantelevision.com.

    Looks like Madhur Bhandarkar should stick to being “realistic” in his career moves.


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