Indian Express – The most powerful Indians in 2011








#68 Aamir Khan


#78 Salman Khan


#81 Karan Johar


#95 – Kareena Kapoor

#99 – Katrina Kaif

19 Responses to “Indian Express – The most powerful Indians in 2011”

  1. Are the stars you’ve pointed out the only ones in the 200?


  2. alex adams Says:

    from bollywood–kareena and katrina over bachchan and srk?
    where is rajni kant in this list?


  3. Rajani should be there, he has given biggest hit in South(may be he has to do some crimes to get into the list like SK.)
    Interesting one was Jagan (andhra Ex-CM’s son) has mae 20.


  4. Rajani should be there with biggest hit in South. they never care actors/directors from South. Recent example is Raavan didn’t even nominated for cinematography in recent awards.
    Not sure how that guy made #78. They may give padmashree also next year


  5. Looks like a stupid list.


  6. Are filmstars powerful Indians? What power do they exercise except selling some brands? And where is Sachin?
    There are only powerful politicians. Even media is powerless in front of them.


  7. By the way Don2 and are most awaited moviesof 2001(bollywood hungama).Is this one also stupid?


  8. LOL rajen! You’re being feted as an SRK fan.
    Never thought I’d live to see this wonderful day! 😀


  9. alex adams Says:

    The only thing worth noticing here was that katrina does have a nice figure and carries off a sari well indeed in the pic above!
    Anyhow–jokes apart, the curious case of sonia gandhi is perhaps a v rare one when someone as alien to a country, culture , language and job can ultimately be as effective as this—stuff beyond belief—not sure whom to credit this to –sonia or the all-accepting open hearted indian people!
    “Are filmstars powerful Indians?”—Vtikala–on the face of it, your view that filmstars have no power ecept selling some brands may appear fine.
    but if one looks at it carefully, the really infulential and suxessful actors can indeed be quite powerful.
    DO u think MGR or the likes in the south or even regan in the states would have made big politicians on theis own (without accounting for their filmi credentials)
    Think that people in public life / media domain do have a common interface and the option of politics (some feel the last option) is open to all who are known to the public.
    How “powerful” they end up being is also ones own personal attributes and handling…
    An excellent actor like bachchan was not stopped from becoming a “powerful” politician by bahuguna or any opposition party but his own limitations and lack of the “person specifications” required for this job!


    • 2nd ranked and 99th ranked ladies are outsider. And both of them have good position in their field. And one is enacting role of other 🙂


  10. What is revealing is the comments following the above article.


  11. Katrina symbolises what most Indians want to see. No heavy duty acting, no classical dancing steps and an easy going attitude. Hero does all the acting while the heroine is just his companion for light hearted romance. Who else except Katrina can fill the bill?
    MGR just used his popularity to lure gullible fans to make him chief minister. Most Indians are fools who worship filmstars and cricketers and even elect them. That is why India will never witness a true revolution against the evils of society. Indians are drugged with these 2 passions. The few who can make a difference have no power.


    • I recall some Indians who loved Madhuri.. someone who could act and dance!

      “Most Indians are fools who worship filmstars and cricketers and even elect them.”

      Actually this allies them with the ‘fools’ of every other nation. I am proudly one of them!


  12. Now Madhuri will not find as many who will make her movies boxoffice hits. She had her day. But the audience who loved her are now above 50. The younger generation’s tastes are somewhat different. both in films and music. Some of the films almost have no heroines. Udaan and TZP to some extent.
    Vyjayantimala, Padmini, Hema, Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri, Aishwarya belong to that select group of heroines who made a difference. But those golden days are over heralding twitter age. Most heroines have become item girls.
    Films and politics dont go together except for some superficial gains. I wish there are institutions which will groom a set of young politicians who will be well versed in politics, civil society norms, law, international affairs etc and have a practical training of 2 years at the end of the course. And these students of politics should be the ones who can contest the elections.
    Will our present set of politicians ever allow this to happen and take away their livelihoods of amassing billions?
    I should have said that most Indians are emotional fools.


  13. iffrononfire Says:

    “That is why India will never witness a true revolution against the evils of society. Indians are drugged with these 2 passions. ”

    we had a J.P who led a true revolution against emergency and even there are RTI activists who are working at grass roots to cure the problem even though they constantly are getting death threats and exposed various scams but as u said lack of power is major scenario


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