Dabanng sequel for Salman


Salman is more inclined towards Dabaang 2 and doesn’t mind putting the Wanted sequel on hold. This year Salman Khan is so busy remaking south films that he has no time for his much successful film Wanted’s sequel. We have learned that though the actor is keen on starting Dabangg 2, he doesn’t have dates for the sequel of Boney Kapoor’s Wanted.

According to a unit-hand Salman Khan is totally impressed by south remakes and will be shooting for all of them this year. After Ready he will start shooting for Bodyguard which is directed by it’s original director Siddique.

Interestingly Salman is keen to start his Dabangg 2 which gave him the Best Award after so many years. Reportedly the actor has also cleared all his difference with director Abhinav Kashyap.

It is also believed that one of the sequels he is doing this year is of No Entry which is a Boney Kapor production. The actor agreed to do the sequel when his character was sketched nicely. However he signed it on his terms and conditions.

Meanwhile Wanted 2 is more crucial for Prabhu Deva and Boney Kapoor. But Salman’s busy schedule has kept the Wanted sequel on hold and miffed the director and producer.

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  1. Elsewhere there was news that Kashyap is also back on board here. If I were Salman though I wouldn’t rush the sequel. Yes it will always get a great initial but you want there to be enough of a buildup for these things. Let the audience live with the original film for a while. With the passage of time because of inflation and so on the greater initial seems even more magnified. This will for example be the case for Don 2. A sequel so many years after the first one. If it performs just like the first Don it might do 80-100 crores and this will be celebrated as very big when it will only have kept pace with the original film which was not more than decent overall given all the factors. I think they should spent enough time on the script and the Salman lines and so forth. Otherwise you often get a film with a massive initial that doesn’t trend as well. You still have a very big grosser but you don’t quite capitalize the way you otherwise could.

    I don’t think though the Wanted bit is right here. First Prabhudeva was supposed to do the Abhishek film. Then he signed on for the Akshay film and this was moved up. Don’t think he’d direct two Hindi films at the same time. Obviously Boney must be keen for a Wanted sequel (though this will again need some time as the original did not have a sequel and Bollywood hasn’t written a successful masala script in ages) but I doubt it’s being held up because of the Dabanng sequel.

    The other thing is that Salman should be careful and not exhaust his market here. He doesn’t need to do three masala releases every year. A couple are more enough, and he could do Bazmee or this sort of genre if he wants more volume.


    • Agree again Satyam. The problem which I can see is the sequel to this will on the same lines of a KICK or even BODYGUARD. I would much rather see something else from Salman coz he and co could come back to this whenever they want.

      I keep hearing about PARTNER sequel. Can any1 update me. That is one am looking forward to provided it gets made.


      • I think the Partner sequel is on but it’s a question of when it gets made. Again if Salman thinks through this stuff carefully and has going forward masala combined with Bazmee, a Wanted sequel combined with a Partner sequel he would really be sitting pretty. Big initials combined with significant grosses even if the films disappoint. I think it hasn’t looked this good for him in many many years. Some of his own bad decisions but in fairness Bollywood wasn’t playing to his strengths either. But things have been turning around for a while now. Salman could potentially have his best phase since really his debut period when he had a number of successes in a row. Not exaggerating at all. Because even in the late 90s when he was otherwise doing very well SRK really seemed to be dominating the conversation because his Yashraj/Dharma stuff would usually outgross everything else. But not Salman has the cool genre (masala is ‘in’ in some ways!) and also the supergrosser tucked away with the potential of more. However it will require more discipline from him than frankly he’s ever shown before in his career. But that’s the only test for him. Getting back to the Partner sequel directors like Dhawan embark on many projects at the same time. If it’s not one it’s the other for them. I think Dhawan’s doing Rascals currently. But in any case you have to get on their case if you want the film rolling sooner than later. Again it’s upto Salman in terms of what choices he makes here.


        • Thanks Satyam for the info

          Yeah Dhawan is busy with Rascals and I wonder when his HOOK YA CROOK will release (John Genelia starrer).

          It just occurred to me how where all looking forward to some monster hits this year but I can potentially see some major disasters primarily, due to the amount of big films lined up.


      • Guess I spoke too soon!

        Sense & Saleability

        He has hired a brand manager, has become money wise, and got rid of all distractions in the form of women. The inside story of the transformation of Salman Khan

        Kunal M Shah

        Posted On Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 05:52:37 AM

        Even as you read this, several projects are being tweaked to make room for the one star producers have put their monies on.

        Boney Kapoor is turning his mutli-starrer No Entry sequel into a Salman Khan comedy. David Dhawan’s Partner 2 has been shelved because Salman refused to do a multi-starrer and Atul Agnihotri’s Bodyguard has gone through several changes to make it a film about Salman.

        Enjoying what is undoubtedly the best phase of his professional life, Salman has turned a completely new leaf. The eternal struggle with the expanding waistline or multiplying chins apart, the 45-year-old has never looked more confident, sounded more assured and made so much money.

        Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, his friend of 20 years, says it has a lot to do with the way the star has finally managed to rid himself of negative press and the bad boy image. In fact, the way Salman, known for his utter contempt for the media, has been working it, has fuelled speculations that his new image may have been sculpted by spin doctors. “There are no brains driving him, it is just Salman bhai all the way,” says Sajid of Sajid-Wajid, who have been composing music for his films. Insiders say, Salman’s turnaround came just before Dabangg, which was also the time Arbaaz had hit rock bottom in his career. “Salman wanted to make Dabangg work for Arbaaz,” says Sajid. “And he took charge of the film like the dutiful elder brother.” It also helped that there were no distractions (read women) in his life then.

        Salman began with getting rid of some of the sycophants who surrounded him all the time. “When he got into TV Salman realised he needed better brains to drive a better deal for him,” says a source. While negotiating for Dus ka Dum, Salman was allegedly unhappy with the way his finances were being handled. He hired business managers who took charge of his brand endorsements, television appearances and accounts. “All his peers were minting money on TV and Salman, who realised he had a fantastic connect with his TV audience, was determined to milk it,” says a Salman watcher.

        While Salman was paid Rs 80 lakh per episode of Dus ka Dum, for the second season, he demanded Rs 1.2 crore per episode, and got it.

        With Bigg Boss, which came close on the heels Dabangg, Salman’s impossibly lucky streak continued. Here too the star showed how serious he was about getting it right. He worked hard on the promos and made sure the TV channel made good the investments it had made in the star, which was Rs 24 crore. Along the way, he also assumed the role of a mentor for protégé Sonakshi and despite his breakup with Katrina, continued to be protective about her. Incidentally, post Bigg Boss, Salman has also signed three brand endorsements for Rs 15 crore.

        Says Ashvini Yardi, programming head of the channel that hosts Bigg Boss, “Salman’s persona appeals to both the classes and the masses. His unique sense of humour, spontaneity and ability to connect with everyone and his Dabangg attitude took Bigg Boss to new heights this season.”

        There is a pattern in Salman’s choice of films. “He knows the audiences no longer accept him in soft, romantic roles,” says an industry expert. “Tere Naam, Wanted, Dabangg have convinced him that the way to the box office is by picking up hit southern-style, male-oriented films and customise them according to his image,” he says. It does not really matter who directs Salman’s films, as long as he gets to call the shots.

        It is a formula successfully tried out with Dabangg. Insiders says Salman is now concentrating only on projects driven by the motley crew at the Khan household, from Arbaaz to Alvira to Sohail, so that he has the last call on everything from the budget to the final product.

        The new-found confidence is also attributed to his getting smart about money. With Matrix hired to manage his endorsements and finances, Salman is laying down the rules for every ramp he walks on, every ribbon he cuts. He has refused to attend awards shows unless he is given a live performance slot, for which he charges anything between Rs 1.5 crore to Rs 3 crore. For films, he is demanding something like Rs 30 crore. On several occasions he has also demanded that his remuneration be donated for his charity Being Human, which incidentally has ventured into branded retailing.

        Everyone wants a piece of Salman and he is in no mood to give any. Story has it, Himesh Reshammiya, who had a famous fallout with the star from which his career never quite recovered, called him recently saying he was in the vicinity and wanted his audience for a few minutes. Salman kept him waiting for three hours, during which Himesh made several rounds of Galaxy apartments. Salman eventually met Himesh for 30 seconds, only to tell him that he had no time for him.

        “For the first time in his life, Salman bhai is concentrating on himself,” says Sajid. It shows, and how.


  2. We all know Arbaaz will be making the sequel very soon 2012 most probably. I just hope the script is a lot tighter this time round coz DABANGG had many loopholes. It isn’t particurlarly great on repeat viewings, something which WANTED has in it’s favour IMO.

    Anyway Arbaaz can breathe easy and count his fortune coz DABANGG 2 will easily do 100 (taking into account what the first 1 did).


  3. Bodyguard is not a masala film at all. It is not action based. It is a old style love story. Except for a slight twist it has a rather dragging screenplay. I dont think it will click with the hindi people at all.


  4. tonymontana Says:

    that is the problem. films like Dabangg and Wanted are the once in a while sort of entertainers that audience likes to watch. In an age where so called multiplex cinema called IHLS and BKB fail left, right and center, Dabangg was a big hit coz audience wanted to watch a desi film for a change.But that does not mean that an overdose of such stuff would always work – because this tried and tested formula became obsolete by the mid 90s.


    • Bhalo_Manush Says:


      “In an age where so called multiplex cinema called IHLS and BKB fail left, right and center”

      But IMO these films failed bcoz they were not good…Better romcoms like Hum tum or JWM will work any time…


  5. alex adams Says:

    as have pointed out b4, for me the dabang performance outscores salmans rest of entire filmography. this is coming from someone who detested his onscreen and offscreen persona..
    recently i have maybe changed my opinion — post dabang and big boss…
    as for salman choosing to give precedence to dabang 2 over wanted—if he indeed is doing this—i would give him full points…
    a)in bollywood as in cricket and everythign else in life, momentum is the key thing.
    what salman can achieve back to back after dabang cannot be achieved by a few underperforming films followed by a dabang2….
    b) roles like dabang need a ceertain physicality and gesturality. salman like aamir and srk are not getting younger and are slowly coming towards the wrong side of forty.
    Unlike some other films, dabang cannot work a few years down the line by an over the hill salman.
    think he is not doing anything wrong. he should go for it…


  6. Arbaaz not Abhinav will direct Dabangg 2

    After a nasty spat with Abhinav Kashyap, Sallu’s brother has taken over

    Kunal M Shah

    Posted On Thursday, March 03, 2011 at 03:02:43 AM

    Abhinav Kashyap is not directing Dabangg 2 and it will be Arbaaz Khan who will be helming it. This will be Arbaaz’s debut as a director.

    Abhinav, it turns out walked out around 10 days ago after differences with producer Arbaaz Khan turned into an all-out spat.

    At 9.30 one evening, Arbaaz received an SMS from Kashyap saying that he was not going to direct the sequel.

    Following this, Arbaaz, who has been eyeing the director’s cap for some time now, grabbed the opportunity and took over.

    He even flew to Bangkok to convince brother Sallu of the musical chairs that had ensued in his absence. Dabangg was Abhinav’s debut film as a director.

    Our source said, “It is strange considering that Dabangg was the biggest hit of 2010. Abhinav walked out of the film and Arbaaz decided to step in, not a surprise considering he’s been harbouring directorial ambitions for some time now.

    So Abhinav walking out is a blessing in disguise. He is now confident that he will give Dabangg 2 a special zing.

    Arbaaz was also unhappy that Abhinav sent him a message so abruptly at 9.30 pm one evening saying that he doesn’t wish to direct the film.

    He didn’t even come and tell him. Arbaaz felt that certain professionalism or decorum should have been maintained.”

    When contacted Arbaaz Khan said, “Yes, there have been issues and Abhinav is no longer directing the film. I don’t want to get in to details of what happened between us, but this has happened over the last two weeks.

    He didn’t want to direct it, and, fair enough, it is his choice. We have to move on. I don’t know his reasons but I am happy that he is no longer doing the film after what transpired.

    It was strange how he shot me an SMS and didn’t even bother to meet me personally. I wish him all the very best. I just hope that whatever decision he has made is the right decision.”

    So who will be directing it? Will he take the plunge? Arbaaz said, “Yes, I am directing it and the process has begun. I was involved in every aspect of Dabangg as producer.

    We have started work on the script and in the next 2-3 months I will have the first draft ready as well. But I don’t want to say anything more about the film and it subject.”

    When finally asked if he went to Bangkok to inform Salman about this blockbuster development, Arbaaz said, “No, that’s not true.

    I had gone to Bangkok to do a cameo in the film.” Let’s hope it’s not a cameo in the director’s role too. Abhinav Kashyap, for his part, remained unavailable for comment.


    • so much for a worthwhile sequel…


    • I guess there were issues from start and this Kashyap looks much decent than other one.


      • do think Bollywood is going a bit overboard with the sequels. The moment a film is a hit they announce a next one. There should be a proper gap for these things to be maximally effective in a box office sense. But also there’s no rush. Why not for example do a different film in the same genre with the same director? Some people are not that inspired by sequels. But it could also be that Kashyap didn’t want to become an ‘in-house’ director and I can’t blame him.


    • If true, this has a mega disaster written all over it…..foolishly the khan brothers seem to be convinced Salman was the sole reason behind Dabanng’s success.


      • yeah it will get a big initial but it will drop quickly.. Kashyap brought a certain tone to the project which will be hard to replicate and certainly I’d be surprised to discover a strong director in Arbaaz! Don’t know why they didn’t select someone different.


  7. Prakash in Dabangg 2

    Wanted villain signed on for Salman Khans’s much awaited sequel

    Vickey Lalwani

    Posted On Monday, October 24, 2011 at 02:48:39 AM

    Wanted villain Prakash Raj seems to be Salman Khan’s most wanted baddie these days. The actor, who played Gani Bhai in Salman’s 2008 blockbuster, has been signed on to play the baddie in Dabangg 2 – the role that was essayed by Sonu Sood in the first.

    A source informed Mumbai Mirror, “Dabangg 2 will not be similar to the first part. Arbaaz Khan had mentioned earlier how Salman’s look in the film will also change. even the antagonist will be different. Prakash Raj will play the main villain in the film.”

    Interestingly, Sonu Sood, who played the main villain Cheddi Singh in the first part, will also be a part of the sequel. Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha will also continue as the male and female lead in Dabangg 2.

    With Prakash Raj entering the project, Sonu’s role in the sequel is now being questioned, claimed the source. “Prakash Raj is a national award winning actor. His portrayal of Gani Bhai earned him a lot of good reviews. Also, Sonu’s character in Dabangg was killed in the end. So, we don’t know who will be cast as the bigger villain in the film,” said the source.

    Sonu’s friend, however, decided to defend the actor and claimed, “Sonu has a bigger contribution to make than Prakash in Dabangg.”

    Commenting on how Prakash Raj was roped in for Dabangg 2, the source added, “Prakash and Salman have been friends since they worked together in Wanted. Perhaps, Salman recommended his name for the role.”Arbaaz Khan remained unavailable for comment.


  8. Salman Khan in Suzuki Hayate ad pic (Dabangg 2)


  9. Chulbul Pandey rocks


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