A film on ‘Savita Bhabhi’!


Its pubescent obsession with sex boys made her the darling of an entire nation of cyber addicts. Until the prudes killed Savita Bhabhi, the Madame Bovary of the internet generation. Yet love, as they say, never dies. Savitabhabhi.com, a raunchy website that became a rage for its detailing of small town aesthetics and its lurid chronicling of a randy housewife, will now be seen on the big screen. India’s favourite sister-in-law will be rechristened as Sheetal Bhabhi in a film titled Sheetalbhabhi.com.

C M Jain, a regular visitor on the website, will helm the direction. He said, “The savitabhabhi website was very popular and everyone was aware of it. The plot interested me and I am certain that it will interest everyone.”

Jain started shooting for the film six months ago; in film trade parlance it will be coming to a cinema near you by March end.

The movie stars Heena Rehman in the lead (her prior claim to fame is the Bollywood turkey I Am Proud To Be an Indian, co-starring comrade Sohail Khan); Jatin Grewal will play her husband (he, in turn, was in the 2001 box-office disaster Rahul, directed by Prakash Jha).

The movie also stars Shakti Kapoor and Vikas Kalantri in pivotal roles. “My movie is about a wife who hits on her husband’s friends. In the end it is revealed that the couple has planned this entire drama in order to avenge their friends.”

Unlike the website, this movie won’t be pornographic, Jain adds. “It is a comedy. There is nothing pornographic or sleazy in the film.

The motif of a woman obsessively seducing men will be writ large, but there is nothing vulgar in the film.”

When quizzed about whether he had spoken to the website or its owners on making a film derived from savitabhabhi, he said, “I haven’t spoken to them and I didn’t feel the need.

This is my inspiration and I have just used a few punch lines from their comic strip.”

The Cultural Currency of Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi was a cartoon porn website, featuring explicit depictions of the adventures of a housewife called Savita.

The site became the subject of much debate when it was banned, since pornography is illegal. The website, which initially was free, became a subscription only entity.

On 3 June 2009 the government of India banned the site, something that instigated a debate on censorship and freedom of expression.

Following the ban the Savita Bhabhi site continues to be popular in India.

According to Alexa, a subsidiary company of Amazon.com, the website is currently among the 100 most popular sites in India, and over 80% of the traffic to the site comes from here.

The comic is printed in 10 different Indian languages, not counting English.

23 Responses to “A film on ‘Savita Bhabhi’!”

  1. “It is a comedy. There is nothing pornographic or sleazy in the film.”

    LOL, why are they bothering then?!


    • ideaunique Says:

      yeah – this is really hypocrisy at its best – since in India, such movies won’t see the light of the day – they try to make a mess out of it.

      Savita Bhabhi was unabashedly a porn website (and it didn’t go round and round – it was straight to the point) and exploited a sex-hungry woman’s adventures to satisfy her ever-growing libido – now to make a comedy out of it – WTF 🙂 better go to Hollywood where porn film industry is legal and make a film there instead of bothering the people of “Kamasutra land” 🙂


  2. Instead they can name it munni bhabhi or Sheila bhabhi. Will they have the guts to name the film after our famous heroines?


  3. iffrononfire Says:

    its banned in india( though its active with other name kirtu )

    don’t know why they are glorifying it

    its just absurd and make fun of indian sensibility


  4. Havent been exposed much to this entity.
    However, the little i have seen, was not bad.
    Dont mind more unabashed unadulterated sex comedies cuming from bollywood.
    Better than a naughty hidden reference here and there.
    IN this age of internet and virus-spyware infested cyber cafes in every nook and corner, whats the point of this censhorship.
    “its just absurd and make fun of indian sensibility”—iffronfire–hahaha-cmon gimme a break—
    “indian sensibility”!
    “shakti kapoor in a pivotal role”—lol— @ pivotal
    My question is —who is the best choice to play this interesting character on the big screen HD version–I usually never take her name for any prject—but for this one—it should be a toss up between katrina and kareena!
    what do others feel?


  5. iffrononfire Says:

    alex a word bhabhi in many cases in indian context is used as respect so do bhaiyya and that is what i mean by typical indian sensibility

    anyway each has its own preference and one has to respect that

    ya porn websites gets maximum number of traffic in cyberspace but that don’t lend them credibility or respect

    even in bollywood the word porn is assiciated with b or c crade movie which had their own niche market but that don’t makes them mainstream

    they may make sexuality or so called sex scenes much bolder may be on par with hollywood and thats worth another debate but portraying something like this and glorifying in celluliod makes me uncomfortable


  6. iffrononfire Says:

    “who is the best choice to play this interesting character on the big screen HD version”……………………..rakhi sawant


  7. Iffronfire-thjanx for educating me on the word “bhabhi” and agree wiht u about the same.
    btw—indians in general ( living in india and abroad) are amongst the toppers in cyberporn consumers—-And most here on the blog (including me) will agree!
    The schoolkids are quite adept in using their phones mms technology—they dont have to wait to go to the nearest theatre for the latest “release”–pun intended!
    Having said that, it os not to advocate a legalised public free-for-all scenario—
    Release films wiht the correct age code (18plus etc) and let those who are “uncomfortable” not watch them!
    btw—just chekced out a few “episodes” of kirtu—not sure who is the “creator” here but he has nice imagination and drawing skills—chill out iffron!


  8. “even in bollywood the word porn is assiciated with b or c crade movie which had their own niche market but that don’t makes them mainstream “–hahaha, maybe thats the problem.
    The next time if we have “Creative” and “artistic” porn by say—bhansali or ramu —maybe it will becum more “respectable”—lol
    Bring in the era of the bold!


  9. iffrononfire Says:

    you are quite right on that and i am quite chilled out on that

    they to are making movies on mms and all now

    i have no problem infact censor can make depiction of sexuality bolder in bollywood which is even needed but only with an “A” TAG


  10. iffrononfire Says:

    in case of bhansali its always “blue and beautiful” and in case of ramu its more “muse and beautiful” rather than bold and beautiful


  11. alex adams Says:

    iffronfire—cmon have your fantasy..
    who is your preferred/ favorite cast in a porn film by bhansali and ramu ie who will u be happy to “see”.
    and that in a kjo/yashraj etup—titled porn in switzerland!


  12. iffrononfire Says:

    ramu…………………………………..still urmila
    bhansali …………………………….(kareena or aishwarya )


  13. Hahaha iffron…
    “bhansalis— kareena or aishwarya” in a porn film— hmmm: u certainly
    Have gr8 (s)expectations.
    But agree on that.
    However nobody can make me watch a porn film with rakhee sawant or urmila(now) or Srk ( even by paying in kind!)


  14. I want to see Vidya balan in it. She looks like bhabhi who can turn on Teens whao palay cricket in front of her house and break the window glass.


  15. Alex adams Says:

    Vidy does look like an aunty but one sans sex appeal…besides that, think her performces in paa and maybe in ishqiya maybe v good but think she is getting more Awards or nominations than she deserves as of now.


  16. Delhi’s lust for mommy porn puts publishers on overdrive-
    The term “mommy porn” was coined by New York Times to describe the hard-to-place genre of ‘Fifty Shades’. Many critics and even the author herself have resisted and criticized the tag as “insulting” and “derogatory
    The erotic ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy has been the “top-seller” at his store for two months now, with even the three-book set flying off the shelves at the rate of nearly 15 every day, says Mirza Afsar Baig of Mid Land. “Most buyers are young to middle-aged, employed women,” he adds


  17. Volkswagen India Puts Vibrators In Newspaper Ad, Gets Negative Buzz –
    A sexist tweet was allegedly sent out from the Volkswagen India account directed at females who made fun of the vibrating ad, according to Jalopnik. However, the tweet has since been deleted.

    The tweet reportedly read: “Women would be dumb to call it a vibrator. Or maybe that do not understand real driving experience #PunIntended #Volkswagen #Creative.”

    “Dumb on so many levels,” quipped Jalopnik’s Matt Hardigree. “First, not only women were making the joke. Second, it’s just offensive. Three, don’t imply women can’t enjoy driving you chauvinist dickweed. Fourth, unless puns work differently in India there’s no pun there. #puntintended, #punnotachieved.”

    It is unclear whether Volkswagen India posted the tweet.


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