Scorsese and DiCaprio once again with Wolf of Wall Street


Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio will collaborate for the fifth time on The Wolf of Wall Street, a project the two attempted before and later became Leo’s possible reunion with Ridley Scott.

Vulture learned last week the project left Warner Bros and secured independent financing to possibly shoot by June 2012. The potential film keeps Scorsese working with “Boardwalk Empire” producer Terence Winter, who wrote the script circa 2008, after the legendary filmmaker shot the HBO pilot and executive produced the series.

It also puts Scorsese back in his wheelhouse of crime and corruption, centered on the meteoric success of Jordan Belfort, a former white collar criminal in the 9′0s who turned his own life of stock market manipulation into a bestselling memoir. In a sort of Casino meets Boiler Room, the book (and, subsequently, the script) tells the story of a hungry broker scratching his way from the bottom selling penny stocks to million-dollar suites loaded with high-priced hookers, drugs, and stacks of under-the-table earnings.

However, while Scorsese is completing post-production work on his 3D family film Hugo Cabret (now scheduled for November 23), he will not move immediately into the financial drama. According to the Playlist, Scorsese’s next film is Silence, a drama based on the Shusaku Endo novel about two 17th century Jesuit priests who face violence and persecution while traveling to Japan to spread the gospel of Christianity. Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio del Toro, and Gael Garcia Bernal were attached to star in a previous try, one of many false starts since 1998.

Scorsese also has The Irishman lined up with his other muse attached, Robert De Niro, and potentially Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. Let’s hope he finds the time to make all three.

11 Responses to “Scorsese and DiCaprio once again with Wolf of Wall Street”

  1. If an amazing director like Scorsese can be this prolific, I can’t understand why it takes so many years for guys like VVC and Rohan Sippy to complete a film.


    • Rohan Sippy has especially annoyed me on this front. DMD will release more than 5 years after BM. Fellini would have made 5 films in the same time! And it’s not as if one has made Sholay that one needs to take such a long break! But yeah Scorsese has really been enjoying a renaissance for some years.


  2. alex adams Says:

    Hope this gets made unlike the other “false starts” …
    Nothing against him or his acting–but its interesting how diCaprio manages to get such projects..
    Henry —agree wit your comment above, but surprised at how u mentioned scorcese with rohan sippy of all people.
    (i still have some regards for VVC both as director and producer–maybe im the only one besides vvc who liked eklavya)


  3. I was just trying to highlight the fact that if great directors can be prolific, then why not a newcomer like Sippy? What do they need so much rest for?


  4. alex adams Says:

    “What do they need so much rest for?”—Henry–some people have lives!
    on a lighter note, heard somewhere that rohan sippys wife left him..
    Amybe he had to take a break to get certain anatomical thingz sorted —heard of certain treatments?—lol


  5. masterpraz Says:

    Wow…I’ve heard the book is brilliant..this is EXCITING news and PERFECT for both Scorcese and DiCaprio! Dicaprio will ROCK this part!


  6. great news! Jean Dujardin to join Leonardo De Caprio in Scorsese’s “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET- other cast members r- Jonah Hill and Kyle Chandler-


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