Dum Maaro Dum, the rest of the box office


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  1. Taran’s review:


    read the last paragraph..I thought Hindi films have been depending on multiplexes for a long time?!

    Would read his ‘predictions’ as positive, given his history, and even obvious in many ways.

    But yeah they might pretend for a while that ‘it’s doing well only in plexes’ and so on. This is old hat.

    • ideaunique Says:

      yeah satyam, plexes shd. generate a healthy business for DMD and guess what? taran also goes ga-ga over abhi…

      “Abhishek is super in the role of a tough cop whose life undergoes a U-turn when personal tragedy strikes. He projects the varied emotions such as rage, turmoil, helplessness, anxiety without going overboard.”

      hmmm…..abhi is bollywood’s new “cop” – finally he has created an image of him? ;-)

    • ” One doesn’t mind action films [I am all for it], but why make it so real that it puts you off?”

      This is criticism? haha. Only Taran

      • ideaunique Says:

        LOL :-) Trust taran to write that kind of cliche’ time and again but the man’s B.O. predictions are true 7 out of 10 times and going by it and the rating for DMD – the film is in safe territory

    • And now here’s BOI spin:


      such bull! Paid previews for 3I, the highest ever, were at 2.5 crores. Here Indore is 90 lakhs just taking BOI info at face value as complete. They talk about Mumbai multiplexes being ‘decent’ (read ‘good’). I suspect that the all India paid previews number is 1-1.5 crores. Even at the lower end it’s very good given the record holder there!

      • Amit Srivastava Says:

        Well I watched this up in North India in an almost empty theater, so there is some truth to this spin….let’s wait for the numbers please & we will see if this one reaches….& it’s a long weekend as well.

      • The total comes out close to 90000 not 90 lakhs.

    • The two critisisms here of 1) climax and 2) violence are pretty half baked ones. The former could have flopped but the ending conjured up more then makes up for it. On 2) I’d love to see Taran say when he watches a romantic film there should be no holding hands, kissing or cuddling.

      • amit srivastava Says:

        Violence, crude dialogues…they all went very well with the nature of the film however the second half was a downer with last 25 minutes absolutely spoiling it for me…..they could have done better.

  2. Amit kumar pandey Says:

    It seems taran adarsh in more ways or not give hints of climax and secret parts.. idiot!!!!

  3. Amit Srivastava Says:

    Watched it yesterday in an almost empty auditorium, good movie overall with a lame climax though. Abhi was good, much better than his last few outings however I don’t see this one working in a big way, may be an average grosser at best. (3/5)

  4. ideaunique Says:

    satyam, after a long time – i am actually looking forward to watch an abhi film…….long means really long, i’ve watched a few in between but nothing like refugee and sharaarat (both were certified BO duds but very close to my heart) – …….will also await your Ph.D. stuff on DMD ;-)

    • Taran and Nahta reviews are terrible. I hope they are proved wrong. Tarans critisisms are bizarre.
      Style and no subtance? Bollucks. If this was the script for Dhoom 3 and Aamir got Aditya’s role, it would have been the Dhoom 3 I wanted. But most likely that will be a film with style and no substance. DMD has plenty of substance. There is a story behind each protagonist for a start…each character is introduced through there past background for a start. Each character suffers be it situations, dillema or past demons. I can understand critics if they have not have a certain likeness for this type of film – families may not like it but thats a genre thing. The positives from these two reviews is the lead character is getting praised at least.

  5. Shiv Sena says Dum Maro Dum is based on fact
    Pallavi Polanki

    In a significant departure from his party’s recent comments about the film Dum Maro Dum, Goa’s acting Shiv Sena chief Ramesh Naik says the party has absolutely no objections to the movie. The film’s portrayal of Goa, especially a line about women being cheaper than alcohol, has attracted strong reactions in the state. Naik tells Open that he stands for the truth. “I called a meeting and told our workers that this is not right. Fact is fact. From what I have read in the media, Dum Maro Dum shows the true story of what is happening…” He called the controversies surrounding the movie unnecessary. “It is an absolute fact that this is the situation in Goa. Booze, dances, parties—all this is happening openly here. We have no objection to the movie. This is the reality of Goa. And there is no problem in showing reality. Far worse things than what can be shown in films are going on in Goa.”

  6. disappointing movie..stereotypical characters..excessive violence..None of the characters impress..The suspense element is interesting,but by the time you reach there, u have already lost interest..To rub salt to the wound,there are some irritating songs which add to snail like pace of the film…Abhishek is good in parts..But in scenes involving little bit of shouting he looks ridiculous with his expressionless eyes..Bipasha,Rana,Pratiek are just about OK but these characters do not have any depth and thereby everything looks so superficial..Goa is a major character here,but director has failed to bring any authenticity,rather it is the same stuff dished out by bollywood over the years…One good thing is stunt scenes are well choreographed…The violence is in the face and graphic and disturbing also…

  7. Saw it yesterday in preview. Atmost 10% audience only in north india big cinemas.
    had huge expectations and it met it. Surprised today with reviews and unfair criticism. I expected unanimously good reviews ranging from 3 to 4. Where films like dabang got positive reviews, this one not getting from industry itself lools sad state of affairs. I feel sorry for the director especially. Good work needs to be applauded

  8. amit srivastava Says:

    Dum Maaro Dum Box-Office Opening: Not Too Impressive


    Abhishek Bachchan’s Dum Maaro Dum managed to open better than Game. But still, the initial was less than expected. The occupancy in the morning shows was in the region of 15-30 per cent but collections picked up as the day progressed. They are expected to be better in the evening and the night shows.

    Paid previews of the film were held on Thursday and except for a few multiplexes, collections in the paid previews were far from encouraging.

    In Punjab, Jimmy Shergill’s Punjabi film, Dharti, released today, proved to be a huge opposition for Abhishek starrer DMD. Collections of ‘Dharti’ and ‘DMD’ are as follows:

    Big Cinemas Jalandhar

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 8,520
    Dharti: Rs. 36,510

    Wave Ludhiana – First show:

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 2,733
    Dharti: Rs. 21,963

    Wave Ludhiana – Second show:

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 8,500
    Dharti: Rs. 35,854

    PVR Ludhiana

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 5,100
    Dharti: Rs. 31,203

    Aarti Ludhiana

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 6,000
    Dharti: Rs. 12,000

    Big Cinemas Bhatinda

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 1,378
    Dharti: Rs. 18,861

    Harsha, Karnal

    Dum Maaro Dum: Rs. 1,507
    Dharti: Rs. 10,076

  9. disappointing figures.

  10. Distributor from Mumbai:

    akshayerathi Akshaye Rathi
    @mastidea Audience reaction and collections trends…positive..hoping for the best…i
    @juniorbachchan I wonder if a friend of yours has sent you a snap that looks like bliss ;-) DUMdaar at the single screens here!

  11. tonymontana Says:

    Just came back after watching it.

    First half was good. second half goes nowhere.
    Overall an attempt that could have been a lot better.
    Abhishek was fine.

  12. CNN IBn first show viewer response:

    PiyaHingorani Piya Hingorani
    The reaction of the 1st two shows of #DMD have also been spectacular!Not even 1 negative response. Interesting!! @juniorbachchan @rohansippy

  13. Film is not going to earn much in north, mumbai should be better.

  14. Shivakumar Says:

    HI, watched the movie. a good entertainer frm ABHI after long time. The trend in Bangalore is Jhakas!! as per reports, evening and night shows will result in more than 85% occupancy despiste heavy rain.

    WOM is very good for DMD especially youth are enjoying the film to the core. Sure shot winner. 40 Cr, 50 Cr OR 70 Cr… time will tell the result. BAD Luck for Taran and Komal….. For ABHI, time to bounce back…

  15. B.O. update: ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ opens to dull houses
    – By Taran Adarsh, April 22, 2011 – 16:58 IST

    Despite the fact that Friday is a National Holiday, DUM MAARO DUM opened to dull houses at major centres of the country. Of course, the opening trends of DUM MAARO DUM were better than Abhishek Bachchan’s last release GAME, but that’s no compliment.

    The occupancy at multiplexes was slightly better, especially at metros, but the average occupancy was in 30% to 35% range [although a few venues reported better occupancy], while single screens were between 10% – 15% – 20%. The average opening, thus, stands at 25% – 30%. Meanwhile, the paid previews on Thursday recorded dull figures at most venues and one of the reasons could be the number of shows that were held. DUM MAARO DUM had screenings from 6 pm onwards and as many as 5 to 6 shows were held at some venues. The business, therefore, got divided.

    In view of the fact that it’s a National Holiday, the morning and noon shows of DUM MAARO DUM should’ve started on 50% – 60% note at least. The terrific promotions as well as no major opposition to contend with are two factors that go in its favor. But Punjabi film DHARTI, starring Jimmy Sheirgill [in North India] and Telugu film MR. PERFECT, starring Prabhas [in South India], besides the IPL matches in Kolkata and Mumbai, respectively are likely to prove tough opponents.

    Let’s hope the evening and night shows of DUM MAARO DUM show a major jump. Fingers crossed!

    • this kind of commentary (from Nahata to Taran to BOI) is par for the course for an Abhishek film. Notice not one of these actually talks about multiplex numbers in the major metros! Now take this from Taran’s report for example:

      “The occupancy at multiplexes was slightly better, especially at metros, but the average occupancy was in 30% to 35% range [although a few venues reported better occupancy]”

      this is I’d say pretty good for morning shows. He then averages it out with single screens. But whoever thought this was going to open big in singles?!

      Nahata says the same:

      “The occupancy in the morning shows was in the region of 15-30 per cent but collections picked up as the day progressed”

      again they factor in single screens. so the outlook either way seems quite fine. Otherwise the reporting gets hysterical as we’ve seen in the past.

      Either way what stands true is (and I’ve been saying the very same since the days of BnB) that Abhishek just cannot get a fair shake with these guys. They will literally praise the opening of every other kind of film with every other kind of star with all kinds of divergent numbers but not his stuff. And when the films do work eventually they’re brought screaming and kicking to the table.

  16. “Taran and Nahta reviews are terrible. I hope they are proved wrong. Tarans critisisms are bizarre”


    Jayshah , aren’t you trying to prove them wrong for last few years.

  17. alex adams Says:

    it is understandable that taran and the rest of “reviewers” have their issues with the bachchans.
    BUt undoubtedly, these “Middle men” do have some credibility with the paying public who DO get influenced rightly or wrongly!!
    As pointed out earler–BAchchans have the cumulative filmi experience of close to 100 years!!!
    Are they naive enuf or lazy or not bothered about this—Why have they not yet mastered the art of keeping the key reviewers happy (if this assumption is true)
    KNow there is a hint of unethical there, but there is nothing wrong in trying to safeguard your product to be hijacked by motivated parties.
    One cannot cry foul by refusing to learn/ being lazy or thinking/believing oneself “Above all this”.
    Hope abhishrek and rohan sippy get a well deserved hit here!!

    • the next step of this will be ‘doing well in Bombay and south’ or some such thing. It’s so predictable and stale. Now note even in the North they’re offering figures from Ludhiana and Kanpur! How about some numbers from Delhi multiplexes? How about the top ten Indian metros with an averaging out of morning multiplex shows and then evening ones or what have you? By the way even the single screen bit is exaggerated greatly at times as I’ve seen in the past. Not referring to DMD here but with Guru for example the film was proportionately more stable in the smaller centers as the weeks went on but these guys kept saying it was about multiplexes after initially saying it was nothing. With BnB Taran said for weeks it was Bombay and Delhi only where it was doing well. Nahata’s the same. So I’ve literally been seeing this for years and years and before the film’s release was predicting as much.

  18. alex adams Says:

    But the question remains unswered—Why havent the bachchans still not figured the tarans and nahatas out till now and “sorted them out”?

    • they’re just not going to do that. I think they’d rather take all the negativity than (as they would see it) stoop to a certain level. what happens is that hits and flops are not controlled by these narratives nor frankly are most in the audience guided by this sort of thing. I have constantly been surprised as to how anecdotally one often hears a lot of stuff that completely belies the reporting and even sometimes the reality. Much as many people who even follow the online reporting assume dishonesty and corruption as a matter of course. One of the hazards of being online a lot is that one’s perspective can get distorted if one is not paying enough attention elsewhere. And of course you can settle into your own little corner online and construct your own version of reality. There’s always that attraction. Now Taran and Nahata also percolate through the media in terms of their narratives but again many people just don’t buy it. and precisely for the reason that if you see DMD in a full theater in Mangalore (as a guy the other day did) and you see a good audience reaction and if this continues there and you talk to people and here similar things you’re not likely to be persuaded about this sort of reporting. Will say though that there is a split in the trade and the media sometimes in the current environment. Because the channels being a bit more ‘populist’ in these matters like to follow the audience. So for example with Paa the same games were played but the media called it a hit relatively early in the game.

      The reason I get into all of this is that it is possible to hold the view that this kind of stuff doesn’t change reality on the ground. Obviously a distributor is not going to care what Taran or anyone else says. He’s going to look at how much he made or did not. Producers similarly know these realities. So you have then the Bachchan’s with a ‘naive’ view. ‘Naive’ not because anyone can change what’s really happening with reporting or that hits depend on this sort of dynamic but because one underestimates the ‘story’ in this day and age at one’s own peril. So even when no one can really prevent a success with this sort of nonsense a certain narrative can certainly be fostered. As for example in the media with regard to Abhishek. And things start sticking when repeated enough times.

      By the way I forgot to mention this earlier. The one Abhishek film that got a great reception relatively early on in this sense was Dostana! LOL, any guesses! And by the way I said this when the film released. That it was doing well but that wasn’t the reason why it was getting positive reporting.

      • It is really depressing to see movie fails even with positive audience response.

        • True. This is an important moment for Abhishek. Because his previous films have not had any support and they failed – support from critics, audiences or analysts. This time there is good support from reviews and generally the audiences who have blogged have maybe had some issues with the film but overall have been quite positive about the film and crucially about his performance. My general feeling in theatre I watched in and it was a 9.45pm show probably 80% full was it was well liked. So if those factors are working then the box office should show an uptick. I was a bit agressive in saying Abhishek is curtains if this does not work, but there is some truth to it. This time boxes have been ticked and some kind of success is due. If he does not achieve anything positive out of the box office here then its going to be a struggle…sure good acting and performances accolades are welcome, but with such a commercial line up to follow he needs a success….those kinds of films won’t rely on performances, more starpower.

  19. amit srivastava Says:

    Well let’s wait for the Friday numbers, I believe it should be in the 4 crore region or so.

  20. ajay rawail Says:

    saw this film today in Mumbai. this is easily the best thriller in recent times.

    but was disappointed with the 30-40% hall on a holiday. but this film has the potential to jump to 100% by tomo evening.

  21. alex adams Says:

    I know many people who tell me they are smart enuf to check reviews in major papers/tv before venturing into cinemas.
    Those and many others do get affected in marginal cases.
    Obviously a 3 idiots or a fardeen khan solo starrer ( on either spectrum) wont get affeted by their reviews.
    If an actor/producer is REALLY bothered, he will not leave anything to chance/spin if he can help it.
    Aamir was once saying that his most hectic phase of making films is the 1-2 weeks belfore release and dealing with hype/reviewers/piracy/lawsuits etc (read the “dirty work”). And the lesser said about SRKs pre release machinations, the better.
    But i dont blame them for doing this. There is just too much on stake in terms of money, reputations, credibility and much more to lose from passivity than gain!!
    I repeat—anybody should not underestimate anything including the tarans and nahatas.
    NObody has the luxury of considering themselves “above all this” or “stooping to that level”.

    This reminds me of old nasseruddin who seems to have a bad chip on his shoulder about everything in the commercial film industy—although thats what he has secretly wanted and dreamt of. But he has always considered himself “above all this” whilst secretly wishing to master it.
    ONe cannot have it that way and definitely not cry foul later. To win in a system, one has to be a part of it first, embrace its good and bad points and not be immune from the “dirty work”
    I am obviously subsribing to illegal unethical stuff. There is a sensible tactful middle ground im talking about here!!

  22. alex adams Says:

    Obviously *not* subscribing to illegal unethical stuff.
    Also to add-PR seems to be made out to be a “dirty word” when one is not good at it!
    Also–PR like many other things in life, can indeed be learnt/ improved upon in todays day and age.

    • well Abhishek does the media rounds extensively. The problem is that you can’t get the likes of Taran and Nahata without the unethical stuff. We should not kid ourselves about what goes on in the film media. There is a very great deal of ‘compromise’ and often downright ‘corruption’. These guys are wined and dined, they receive interesting gifts and so on and worse. Nahata himself said as much not so long ago though of course he pretended he wasn’t part of the game. And again this is a ‘debate’ I’ve had for years. You can’t say those who engage in this stuff and get the right kind of writeup in the media are ‘smart’ without also being ok with that sort of corruption. The idea that one can somehow control these guys without resorting to unethical stuff is a fantasy. Having said that there is nonetheless the ‘ideological’ to all of this. Why? Because while many stars engage in this sort of thing many do not and their films too get better reporting a lot of times. With Abhishek there is always this sense that things must be ‘foreclosed':

      1)Make every flop from D6 (decent gross for a flop) to KHJJS (non-existent gross) a disaster
      2)Deny even the opening (how do films like JBJ or D6 get to those grosses if they didn’t open well and then trended terribly?)
      3)When it looks like a success focus on only those centers that support a negative picture
      4)Or report morning percentages that are the norm for most successful films as poor ones
      5)When all else fails and the film looks to be a hit look for other excuses (engagement et al) or say it’s doing well only in pockets and so on

      Note what’s common here. Whether the film is a hit or a flop Abhishek’s ‘star’ quotient can be denied either way. Because the narrative that is advanced is that there’s no initial in any case. So even the hit depends on WOM! And then many like BOI also reduce the numbers to the extent possible so that even the Abhishek hit ends up not looking like a big deal.

      Now it is far to say that continual success erases many of these problems. The trade and everyone else realizes it’s a losing battle. Aamir is the classic example here (Nahata argued for weeks RDB wasn’t doing well! Note how he never makes these ‘mistakes’ with a SRK film!). For years despite the hits and the critical acclaim he wasn’t quite given his due in the media. They couldn’t deny the hits but they weren’t calling him one of the very top stars either. Ghajini changed everything for him in this sense but that is surely a high bar?! But ‘continual success’ is still a high bar when most other stars don’t have to live upto the same standard.

  23. alex adams Says:

    ANd i hope someone puts these thoughts on bachchans blog/ twitter or soemwhere where there is access.
    As i have pointed out before, if i have a “fan” blog, i will pay much more attention to the negative/critical/constructive entries than the congratulatory ones

  24. Dum Maaro Dum: Crackling entertainment, cracked script

    Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maaro Dum has a unique storytelling style with crisp dialogues and interesting music, but if critics are to be believed, the film could have done better in the script department. Read on for critics’ report on the movie.

    Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama notes that the editing of the film could have been sharper. He says, “Rohan Sippy has given the film his all. He has a unique style of telling a story, which is evident all through the film. But he’s letdown by the screenplay writing in the second hour. The highpoints of the film include crisp dialogue and a popular soundtrack [music: Pritam]. The title track has already caught on and will prove to be a major crowdpuller, though there’s a sizable section of cineastes who loathe its lyrics. ‘Thayn Thayn’ is catchy, but the placement of this song should’ve been better. Amit Roy’s cinematography is top notch. In fact, the film bears a stunning look all through. Background score [Midival Punditz] is electrifying. Editing could’ve been sharper. Clocking in at roughly 2 hour and 05 minutes, it’s much longer than it should be.”

    The film is also a visual delight, which captures the spirit of Goa. Writes Kaveree Bamzai, India Today, “From red-lipped Russian procurers to suntanned Brazilian good time girls, from sharp suited dialobical Goans to white trash Englishmen, the film captures Goa’s edginess. Watch it for the most shocking torture scenes, one involving a gun, a condom and lots of red chilli; a sophisticated sadness from Bachchan; and some cracklingly fine dialogues: na thaka hai, na bika hai, bas tika hai (I’m not tired, or sold, just still here).”

    Dialogues of the film are interesting enough to keep the audiences engaged, but some of them come at inappropriate time. Sonia Chopra, Sify writes, “Dialogue is a mixed bag-there are nice lines and some puzzling ones. For example, there are lines with a pun delivered by the character as it the pun was unintended – “Ye air-hostess ban na chahti hai, par take off nahin ho raha hai.” Then there is a spin on the popular bangla-gaadi-maa dialogue where the word maa is punned upon, but it appears at the most inappropriate time (the character who writes this dialogue has his life in danger and would hardly be making jokes). If the attempt was at edgy black humour, it’s lost on the viewer.”

    The film, however, will make for an entertaining watch as Anupama Chopra, NDTV notes, “Dum Maaro Dum has all the ingredients of crackling entertainment: a sun-kissed but suitably seamy location: Goa. A subject that works as an anti-drug cautionary tale but also provides ample opportunity to revel in the gritty glamour of rave parties, cocaine and formidably toned women wearing as little as possible. A director – Rohan Sippy – who has an edgy sensibility and loves stylistic flourishes. An actor – Abhishek Bachchan – who is channeling his father’s Angry Young Man along with the unhinged, suicidal Mel Gibson from the Lethal Weapon series. And of course the irresistible title, which comes from an iconic song that four decades later, still has the power to seduce instantly.”

    The performances of all the actors are applauded and Abhishek Bachchan has managed to impress as cop again after Dhoom. Says Taran Adarsh, “Abhishek is super in the role of a tough cop whose life undergoes a U-turn when personal tragedy strikes. He projects the varied emotions such as rage, turmoil, helplessness, anxiety without going overboard. Much of the joy comes from watching Rana Daggubati infuse believability into his character. He’s easy on the eyes and is a complete natural when it comes to acting. Bipasha shines in several moments of the film. Prateik [credited as special appearance in the titles] impresses a great deal. Aditya Pancholi is first-rate. Anaitha Nair does well in a brief role. Govind Namdeo is in terrific form. Muzammil [as Mercy] does a fair job. Gulshan Devaiya is tremendous. Hussain is okay. Vidya Balan [cameo] is alright. Deepika scorches the screen in the title track.”

    Says Nikhat Kazmi, The Times of India, “There’s something about Abhishek Bachchan and his cop act. It always works, unlike most of his other screen avatars. Till date, Dhoom remains one of his most memorable performances, where his savoir faire as the sassy policeman stood up commendably to the charisma of the bad guys, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan. Dum Maaro Dum reiterates the fact that Abhishek seems to be a natural charmer when it comes to slipping into the shoes of a quintessential somewhat crooked-somewhat straight cop. His body language, his dialogue rendition, his lazy zeal and laidback attitude, adds a cutting edge to the character of ACP Vishnu Kamath, Goa’s desi Bruce Willis (Diehard) who plays the game according to his own rules.”

  25. atticus finch Says:

    Finally a good movie from AB. Dark & bloody well made :).
    Though for some weird reason there was hardly anyone in the theater, sometimes perceptions become so strong that its hard to shake them off. Never the less this one is a damn neat effort… Kudos..

  26. atticus finch Says:

    Another point to note is that unlike the western countries where dark movies (Chinatown, Taxi Driver, Streetcar Named Desire, Raging Bull, Pulp Fiction etc) have been lapped up by audiences since aeons, the Indian movie goer has always had a soft corner for light movies with happy endings.. I’m sure if someone were to remake the above classics and by a stroke of effin good luck the remake turns out to be as good as the original, the movie would still fail to cut ice with the Indian audiences.

  27. alex adams Says:

    Good points about the “dark” opposed to hte “light frothy stuff”–atticus finch.
    ntw a nice name, atticus!!

  28. atticus finch Says:

    ep… In my opinion Atticus Finch is the greatest male fiction character ever sketched. Or maybe second only to Rhett Butler.. I so wish Harper Lee had written a few more books.

  29. alex adams Says:

    Thankx Finch–dont read “books” nowadays lol
    Btw—what are your views (and of others) on the above discussion on some reviewers being consistently anti bachchan and the latters reluctance/inability to “sort this out”—if u have read my cumments above!

  30. “This time boxes have been ticked and some kind of success is due. If he does not achieve anything positive out of the box office here then its going to be a struggle…sure good acting and performances accolades are welcome, but with such a commercial line up to follow he needs a success’

    This is more like it. Finally better sense prevails !

  31. atticus finch Says:

    All said and done at the end of the day any business is about making money. You are good till you sell. Period. No matter how good an actor is, he has to be able to have a 50 percent hit ratio in order to survive.

    Now as far as the reviews are concerned. These guys are trade analysts, they want to be seen as people who are able to predict the box office better than others. Hence more often than not they take the safe route & with Abhi we know what the safe route is :P.

    But again I must add that Jr AB is a much much better actor than what his movies tell us. He has not been able to do justice to his potential. But again every coin has two sides.. & the flip side of the coin is that Abhi has without doubt gotten many many more chances than an actor deserves. So the odds are stacked highly against him.

  32. tonymontana Says:

    Its idiotic for Nahata and Taran to still talking about percentage occupancies on a theatre basis whereas they dont talk about actual collections.

    To give credit to the film, I think the theatre was about 30% full but it was an afternoon show on a hot Friday, in a multiplex which had about 12 shows of DMD.

    The days of ‘Housefull’are long gone. To expect those kind of occupancies in today’s multiplex era is utter foolishness. I wonder why Taran or Komal dont realize this fact. They need to change the basis of their reporting

    • it’s not even this. They don’t use the same standard for other films. I’ve seen the same numbers for other films and they are far more positive or at least spin things a certain way. Taran still says there will be an uptick. Nahata already talks about an uptick. But the fact is that morning shows running on full houses with this many screenings is a fantasy. Sure some films get off to flying starts in the morning shows but it’s still not housefull everywhere or even anything remotely close to it.

      And by the way how do we know this? How did Dabanng or 3I open to 80 crores? Or Ghajini to 64 or whatever? Those films were liked a lot but it also shows market capacity. And obviously even with those 80 crores it wasn’t literally housefull all the time. What then with those 30-40 crore openers? Clearly average attendance in multiplexes inclusive of all shows could at best be 40-50% for these films. But again many of these shows then run very strong in the evenings or on Sat or Sun. So then we’re talking about not more than 30-40% numbers (for multiplexes) in the opening rounds (morning shows). The point I’m trying to make is that DMD is absolutely fine assuming there’s a significant uptick later. If there isn’t all this won’t matter. But that’s true for any film. By Fri evening the film is supposed to show some real strength and then really build on this over the weekend.

      if Taran and Nahata were consistent about those standards we could disagree but at least not doubt their integrity. But they use very different levels of spin for different films. A good recent example is Wanted where the film did very well in single screens but hardly anything in multiplexes. The trade completely ignored this for the most part. More recently Nahata pointed this out and the difference was stark even in his version. But again months or years later no one is interested.

  33. Tony there is no point running away from realities.

    Those same theares will be running packed soon. Witness the hysteria on June 3 for yourself.

  34. alex adams Says:

    “lol @ “cumments.”
    ome other things on mind,Freudian slip”
    Hahaha, well picked pega!!

  35. With stiff competition from IPL and poor pre-release hype – the films biggest USP was Deepika Padukone’s hot item number – Dum Maro Dum has opened to a below average response at the box office on Friday. The paid preview shows received a dull response and the Friday opening has meant that the film will be yet another failure for Abhishek Bachchan, unless it picks up big time on Saturday and Sunday.

    The Friday night shows could be affected by the big Mumbai vs Chennai cricket match and the story could be similar for the weekend, with the nation experiencing cricket fever after the World Cup victory early this month.


    • here you have the same Mumbai distributor Akshayerathi you posted from earlier who’s saying “positive reactions, positive collection trends”.


      someone asks him about Taran and Nahata and he says everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

      • I thought that was good comment that i posted earlier.
        Anyhow, this may be slipping away with mixed reactions. In South Mr.Perfect had great opening.

    • Raavan was close to 6 crores on opening day even according to BOI. Hard to believe DMD will not do better than this. RNBDJ was under 7 according to them. I’d be very surprised at a number less than Raavan here. And since Taran and Nahata were saying the same things for the Raavan opening nothing’s different there. There’s a very plausible scenario here of 7 crores on opening day and say 8-10 crores on each of Sat and Sun. So it could very easily be a 25 crore weekend. If the weekend isn’t at least 20 crores there’s a problem. Because by the weekend certainly films that are going to pick up do so in a big way. paa was about 2-3 crores on opening day and had a big pickup over the weekend though of course this was a smaller film and release.

      By the way here’s the interesting thing, check out BOI’s day one number for Raavan and compare it some of the other films in that range:


      That wasn’t the impression BOI or Nahata or Taran or anyone else gave us at that time. So here’s a film that’s doing as much as OSO on day 1 according to them!

      • given all the reviews and responses if this film does not perform as I expect it to and just does decently or half-decently I’d say this was the Khakee factor. Basically a film that’s unrelentingly dark and no ‘happy’ message. But I do agree with Jay on everything he said in the earlier comment. This is really ‘the’ moment for Abhishek.

        I will still stand by my 35 crore benchmark for week 1, more or less. Haven’t seen it yet though. Trying to today but might not be able to before tomorrow.

      • See Taran’s comments:

        Dum Maaro Dum': Opens better than ‘Game’, but that’s no compliment. Plexes 30%-35% [few venues were better], single screens 10%-15%-2

        ‘Dum Maaro Dum': Ideally should’ve started on 50%-60% note. Terrific promotions + no major opposition are two factors that go in its favor.

        ‘Dum Maaro Dum': Punjabi film ‘Dharti’ [in N India] & Telugu film ‘Mr Perfect’ [in S India], besides IPL, likely to prove tough opponents.

        • saw those earlier. He says the same in his piece though he also says there it will do well in multiplexes. But again he (and others) said the same thing, almost verbatim for all of Abhishek’s past films, most notably BnB and Guru.

          let me put it another way. If a film started at 50-60% in the morning shows it would be doing 100% by the evening. That wouldn’t just be ‘good’ but a monster opening. No film starts off at 70% in the morning as an average. Note how even 3I didn’t maximize the market on Fri despite strong preview showing.

          Single screens we were never looking for for this film. But were taran and Nahata looking at them for all those years when SRK’s multiplex romances did zero in smaller centers and single screens?!

          Whether the film eventually works or not this commentary is still unacceptable. And this is the point most miss. I’ve said this every single time whether it’s JBJ or D6 or Raavan, that the openings were good or very good but the films collapsed. However the week 1 numbers still show the film must have opened well to make that much. Otherwise we’ve seen what happens when it’s like a KHJJS or a Game. Now we see even BOI give Raavan 6 crores on day 1 which puts it in the range of many hits. This after very bad WOM.

          We should care about these things. Why? Because when other stars have flops there is the sense that film at least opened well. With Abhishek even when there’s a good opening they don’t report it properly. BnB was the first film to clear 2 crores in Bombay and Delhi. You could never have got that impression from Taran and Nahata. So on and so forth. The week 1 total tells you what’s happening with a film. SR did 25 crores in week 1, then slipped rapidly. Two things here. Either it opened super and started slipping from Mon onwards but not too badly or the potential audience here was exhausted within a week. Either way different films behave different and these details are important.

          I said this before the DMD release and at many other points. The trade will not be kind on Abhishek unless he gives multiple hits in a row. It just won’t happen. Even if DMD makes 60 crores Taran or Nahata will come on board reluctantly and qualify their verdicts in many ways. We’ve seen it again and again in every conceivable situation involving the Bachchans, especially Abhishek. Why would things be different all of a sudden?!

  36. alex adams Says:

    hi tata-comment vos concerts vont-ils ?

  37. Zen Master Says:

    Interesting observations from The Skeptic on rkbunty shoutbox

    TheSkeptic : Seriously, I think the whole thing is better seen as a game. An infinite game of chess. If you can come up with counterarguments, you present them. Then Satyam invents some of his own and the game goes on. There is nothing that important at stake, except to the extent that Satyam has made it so and others have been gulled into taking it as real.

    TheSkeptic: Satyam predicted that DMD would be “big”. Now it is not, so he says its like Khakee. Well, I could have said so before and in fact did. So it is that trivial to make predictions and then come up with excuses. What is it if not a game?

    TheSkeptic: In several essays Satyam implies that the fate of the nation lies in the trajectory of Abhi’s career. Must we follow him into Alice’s Wonderland?

    TheSkeptic: If the opening is as bad as indicated that is certainly a bit surprising, but not too much so. I have been saying that the trailers are not sending clear signals, or that the signals it sends are not exactly catnip to the BO.

    • The problem is it’s hard to respond seriously to anything when people cannot or will not read to quote a favorite thinker of mine. I will just pick up on the Alice in Wonderland reference not least because my position becomes grossly distorted in that ‘restatement’. Because I will not defend Abhishek but Alice today! Isn’t it completely to miss the point of Alice to use this in such a cliched reference? What theskeptic does not realize is that precisely the ‘logic’ of Alice turns back upon that question and deconstructs it mercilessly! aren’t we all deep down into the (internet) knucker-hole anyway?!

  38. 3.5-4 cr 1st day for DMD according to BOI.

  39. I watched the film last night (late show). I enjoyed the film and so did my 3 friends. I personally would give it 3.5/5.

    BUT and its a big but the film does not really have any repeat value. I thought Abhishek and Aditya Pancholi were EXCELLENT in there respective roles.

    In terms of occupancy not good. (by not good I really do mean not good).

    I hope film picks up coz IMO it deserves good collections.


    • btw i was discussing with friends after the film that bips was taking more cocaine than what i have for breakfast and she looked same even after 5 years lol

      I’m not complaining coz she looked HOT :)

  40. Michael Barbosa Says:

    Dum Maaro Dum Early Numbers CI And Rajasthan


    Friday 22nd April 2010 23.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum has turned out to be a huge disappointment as far as opening is concerned. The opening day is in the 3.50-4 crore nett region which is a very bad considering the Easter holiday factor helped it. Even if it was not holiday the collections would still be well below the mark.

    Below are the Dum Maaro Dum collections from CI and Rajasthan and a few other recent releases. Thank You had a larger release than Dum Maaro Dum, Faltu was smaller while Patiala House was similar.


    Dum Maro Dum – 12.86 lakhs

    Thank You – 18 lakhs

    Faltu – 18 lakhs

    Patiala House – 14 lakhs


    Dum Maro Dum – 15 lakhs

    Thank You – 27 lakhs

    Faltu – 22 lakhs

    Patiala House – 21 lakhs

  41. Michael Barbosa Says:

    DMD Indore day 1 (Comparison with Faltu), point to be noted DMD had an advantage of Friday being a holiday. It’s doing much worse than Faltu up in the north.

  42. Michael Barbosa Says:

    Dum Maaro Dum Dull Opening Thank You Steady Second Week

    Saturday 23rd April 2011 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maro Dum opened to a poor response of 30-35% at multiplexes. Single screens were very bad. The collections did not show much of a turnaround as the day progressed apart from some prime multiplexes. The first day collections are low for a normal day but considering it was a holiday it makes them even worse. The film will need a big turnaround on Saturday.

    Teen Thay Bhai is a poor fare with around 3.50 crore nett collections in its first week. FLOP

    Thank You held steady in week two with a 60% drop from week one which is good as the first week had an advantage of two holidays. The second week total was 11.25 crore nett taking its two week total to 40 crore nett. BELOW AVERAGE

    Faltu is still hanging around with 2 crore nett in week three taking its three total to 23.50 crore nett. AVERAGE

  43. Michael Barbosa Says:

    Dharti Starring Jimmy Sheirgill Storms Punjab

    Saturday 23rd April 2011 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jimmy Sheirgill’s Dharti (Punjabi) has stormed Punjab and has left Dum Maro Dum well behind even when there were more shows of Dum Maaro Dum at multiplexes.

    Dharti has taken the biggest opening ever for a Punjabi film beating Jimmy Sheirgill’s own Mel Karade Rabba released last year which is also the highest grossing Punjabi film ever. Dharti had full or near full houses all over Punjab on day one.

    At a prime multiplex like Wave Ludhiana, Dharti collected 2.10 lakhs approx on day one on six shows whereas Dum Maaro Dum could only collect 1 lakhs approx on 11 shows.

    At a theatre like Big Jalandhar, Dharti collected 2.30 lakhs approx on day one on six shows whereas Dum Maaro Dum could only collect 1.20 lakhs approx on ten shows. This was the case at all multiplexes in Punjab and the difference was even more at single screens with Dharti collecting ten times more in cities where both films were running on single screens.

  44. Michael Barbosa Says:

    Abhishek dropped from Ramu’s film

    By: Mauli Singh Date: 2011-04-23 Place: Mumbai


    Dum Maaro Dum co-star Rana Daggubati replaces the actor in RGV’s department

    Abhishek Bachchan is no longer part of Ram Gopal Varma’s ambitious next project Department. RGV has roped his Dum Maaro Dum co-star actor Rana Daggubati for the role, instead. Considering it has come immediately after Spoilsport, (Hitlist, April 21) on the Dum Maaro Dum SMS fiasco (where Ramu was reportedly accused of revealing the ending of the film and making a dig ot Abhishek) it is quite likely that it has lead to a fallout between the director and the actor who have worked together in Naach, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj and were now going to team up on Department.

    This film is touted as Ramu’s most expensive project with Amitabh Bachchan playing a gangster-turned-politician and Abhishek Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt playing cops. Now, Rana will reprise Abhishek’s role in the film. A source said, “For the past few months Abhishek stopped responding to Ramu’s calls. And after the SMS fiasco it was evident that Ramu will drop Abhishek from Department.” Ramu confirms, “Due to certain date hassles I am going ahead with Rana Daggubati.” He adds, “Department is a very high intensity action film and I strongly felt that Rana on account of his looks and strong personality will fit in terrifically into the role.”

    Asked about the speculation of the fallout with Abhishek over the DMD SMS controversy, he strongly denies, “It’s absolutely wrong. I have the highest regard for Amitabh sir and Abhishek. Such trivial things can’t affect our friendship.”

    Ramu also denies sending texts about the film to anyone. “I am busy shooting my own film A Love Story and did not have time to watch Dum Maaro Dum. So how can I send texts on the film revealing its ending?” When asked if Amitabh Bachchan is still part of the film Ramu reveals, “It’s too early to speak about the rest of the cast. So far Sanjay Dutt, Kangna Ranaut and Rana have been finalised.” Abhishek Bachchan remained unavailable for comment. Rana confirmed, “Ramu met me yesterday and narrated the story. I loved the idea of the film and said yes.”

    Tough times
    This news has come at a time when Abhishek is going through a bad patch in his career. His last few films Raavan, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey and Game tanked at the box office.

    • Amit kumar pandey Says:

      ufff.. midday have made a trivial matter of just date hassles that big and linked to untrue events and making it as reasons for fallout between abhishek and ramu..disgusting!!!!

      • Michael Barbosa Says:

        Rana Daggubati replaces Abhishek Bachchan in RGV’s Department Click here to add this article to My Clips
        By Bollywood Hungama News Network, April 23, 2011 – 12:16 IST

        Rana Daggubati After sharing screen-space with Abhishek Bachchan in Dum Maaro Dum, South actor Rana Daggubati has now gone ahead and replaced Abhishek in Ram Gopal Varma’s forthcoming flick Department.

        RGV’s Department was to star Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Abhishek Bachchan and Kangna Ranaut in lead roles but now the news is that Rana Daggubati has been signed for the part which was originally to be played by Junior Bachchan.

        Ramu even confirmed the same on Twitter and said, “Due to date problems to match combinations with other actors I am going ahead with Rana Daggubati instead of Abhishek Bachchan in Department.”

        While the filmmaker cites the common date issue as the reason, one wonders what’s the real reason behind Abhishek’s ouster from the film? Has it got to do with the poor performance of AB Jr’s last few films or has there been a fall out between Abhishek and Ramu, especially after a tabloid recently carried a story of Ramu sending out negative SMSes of Abhishek’s recent release Dum Maaro Dum. Your guess is as good as ours.

  45. Just got back from DMD..For a 10 PM show on Fri evening there was about 30-40% occupancy..Liked the movie very much..Abhi is in full form..Excellent story telling by Rohan..All the characters are well defined..I don’t know what is all the fuss about GOA..if one watches the movie ,ACP Vishnu Kamath is promoting GOA in his last lines..

  46. iffrononfire Says:

    DMD also has A TAG( for adults only)

    don’t see family audiences and childrens patronizing it

    on the positive side there is no competition till june, so even its a slow starter if it is liked it has a free run ( as most biggies has opted out of this period due to IPL)

  47. Dont agree with people criticize its climax. I was afraid to see abhishek single handedly killing everyone as the film was quite authentic in its narration. So climax came as a pleasant surprise :D

  48. IIiI didnt want to see another dabaang kinda climax it was more acceptable though all indian sensibilities may not get well with it

  49. alex adams Says:

    I still recall the opening of delhi6.
    I personally could not get tickets for D6 in two london multiplexes on three consecutive occasions in two different weeks.
    And this was in a “mainstream” multiplex not having much of bollywood audience anyways!
    ON the second day of the realease, it was announced that the movie had flopped and that the “overseas” was even worse.
    I dont need any confirmations there sinee this distortion was seen by myself.
    It seems that repeated and cumulated failures plus distortions are affecting the opening of a geniunely good abhishek rohan film–Hope dmd sails through!

  50. I think these cuss lyrics in title song stop people humming the song else music and song is very popular

  51. Michael Barbosa Says:

    Dum Maaro Dum First Day Business

    Saturday 23rd April 2011 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum grossed 4.50 crore nett approx on its first day which was poor collection considering it was Easter holiday. The one plus for the film is that it has done well in Mysore circuit where it should emerge a hit. East Punjab and Nizam uderperformed due to competition from egional films. rThe paid previews collected 50 lakhs nett taking the film’s total to 5 crore nett. The film will need good growth on Saturday and then on Sunday if it is to have a decent weekend. The territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 1.75 crore

    Delhi/UP – 96 lakhs

    East Punjab – 39 lakhs

    West Bengal – 20 lakhs

    CP Berar – 17 lakhs

    CI – 13 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 15 lakhs

    Nizam – 18 lakhs

    Mysore – 30 lakhs

    Others – 18 lakhs

    TOTAL – 4.41 crore

    • this is higher than was earlier being predicted. But of course the weekend is now key. It needs a very significant jump. It’s at 5 crores. Ideally it needs 8 crores each on Sat and Sun. Because this would mean strong trending.

  52. Looks like another flop for jr B.

  53. DUM MAARO DUM TAKES THE 2ND HIGHEST OPENING of 2011 Bollywood hits its first six during IPL!
    Posted on April 23, 2011 by Dum Maaro Dum

    Dum Maaro Dum takes a massive opening grossing Rs 11.4 crores across India, US, UK, UAE and Australia/ NZ.

    In India the film has hit a huge six during IPL season – a box office of Rs 6.2 crores net including paid previews which is the 2nd highest opening day for any Bollywood film this year. The positive word of mouth on the film has seen evening shows fueling the box office growth.

    Compared to the films released in 2011 Dum Maaro Dum has opened only behind Yamla Pagla Deewana. In the film has had the 3rd biggest opening in North India after Yamla Pagla Deewana and Thank You. The film also enjoys the biggest Opening in the South market for any Hindi film this year. Infact in Mysore the film has registered double the box office of any other Bollywood film released in 2011.

    Rohan Sippy works the magic again with this suspense drama thriller that has caught the imagination of the movie going audiences who were looking for a masala entertainer. The film has opened to an overwhelming thumbs up from the audiences and rave reviews:

    FILM FARE : 4 stars – Movie mein hai Dum…

    TIMES OF INDIA – 3 ½ stars – A Compelling Watch, Complete Paisa Vasool

    OYE 104.8 FM – 4 stars – One of the most ‘dumdaar’ films of recent times!

    93.5 RED FM – 3 ½ stars – Missing this film could be ‘injurious’ to health!

    INDIA TODAY – 3 ½ stars – Edgy… Elegiac -a stylish thriller written as smartly as it is directed.

    Alok Tandon CEO INOX says “ DUM MAARO DUM has got a very good opening as we expected. The movie is appealing to a cross section of audiences across the country and in spite of IPL we have seen an increase in footfalls leading to a big jump in the box office across our plexes. We are positive the pace will continue in the coming week.
    “The capital has given DMD a superb opening! Across Delhi shows picked up during the course of the day with evening shows running houseful” says Sanjay Ghai – Mukta Arts, distributor for Delhi/ UP/ East Punjab.

    The exhibitors are quite bullish on the performance of the film. With the strong word of mouth supporting the film, this number is only expected to grow.

  54. It’s not about date hassles. It’s about an actor starting to lose projects because of his current movies are not doing well. A year back, we were hearing about Hangover remake, Hera Pheri sequel, Special Chabbis, Prabhu Devaa’s next etc.. It’s not a coincidence that none of them is in the pipeline now. 2 weeks back RGV and Abhishek were talking about Department. DMD has a poor start and now Abhi is out of it.

    When an actor delivers consecutive duds that gross only 6cr and 6.5cr respectively, then of course any producer will think twice before casting him in any 30 or 40 cr project. Moreover, while we could use the lack of promotions as excuse for Game, we smply can’t use that for DMD. ABjr simply cannot deliver any kind of opening these days.

    I really hope DMD sails through. It will be safe at anything above 40cr and I really hope it at least turns out to be an average grosser. But then if it doesn’t do well, what’s left for Abhishek? It will be all about Players. Bol Bachan is a Shetty-Devgan flick and Ajay is riding high and you can bet he will get the best deal in the film. Aamir is going to get all the credit in D3, no doubt about that. It is going to be his movie.

    There is only RKS’s Ladies and Gentlemen left after that and I am not even sure the movie will go ahead. Look at the number of movies RKS announces and look at how many actually go ahead. Right after APKGK, he has announced different flicks with Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir and Power with Amitabh and none of them has made headway.

    Look at ABjr’s line-up 1 year back and look at what he is left with today. It’s not a co-incidence.

    • Abhishek he said he has learned to say NO. Maybe he will say no now. It does not do anything, all the films? it may be starting to think about his image, choose her roles commmercial etc. .. why not rather think that??.

      • Department even if it is a prestigious project and it is a role for COP (suit him like a glove), but the films did not necessarily commercial, a risky project for Abhi (my opinion).

        • Department had flop written all over it.Its good that he has opted out of this!

          • I agree with you. I think he finally figured out how to choose his films! it needs only success.

          • Rana just confirmed in live interview that he is doing Department, Abhishek has date problems.

          • RGVzoomin Ram Gopal Varma
            Due to date prblms to match combinations wth othr actors I am going ahead wth Rana daggubati instead of Abhishek bacchan in Department

    • Bol Bachchan is a Golmaal remake. Abhishek has the Amol Palekar thing here and Devgan has the Utpal Dutt part as far as I know. Doubt very much Devgan would have the better part with that title!

      On Department not sure what happened yet but if there’s one guy who can sincerely claim he doesn’t care about box office realities given who he casts in most of his films it’s RGV. If I were to hazard a guess I’d say that Abhishek is probably privileging Dostana 2 at this point. This suddenly got back in the news after Game. He might have reshuffled things to not have room for Department at this point or he might not want to do it at all right now. But if Bachchan is also not part of the project something’s going on.

      Special Chabbis was a completely different reason. Nothing to do with his box office woes.

      Do agree with the overall point though. there are consequences for failures and that too continual ones. And yes I’d say that some stuff might be in jeopardy if DMD doesn’t work. Players of course cannot be affected. I think Bol Bachchan will be fine too precisely because there’s Devgan also there, irrespective of what kind of role he has. Ladies and Gentlemen Abhishek confirmed even a few days ago. Suspect this goes through too. But yeah already after Game I did say DMD needed to work or there would be issues. Will say though that barring an example or two so far the consequences of failure haven’t been too bad for him. But yes some of those films will not happen at all if things don’t change.

      • Did you watch DMD?

        • watching tonight, was planning to last night but something came up. I will know tonight how the film’s trending. Because at my suburban theater where I’ve seen very many films I have a good sense of what kind of crowd can be expected for each film and relative to good WOM and so on.

          • It seems doing well at newJersey someone posted next 3 days full. It looks picking up even in India.

          • said this yesterday and stand by it:

            “There’s a very plausible scenario here of 7 crores on opening day and say 8-10 crores on each of Sat and Sun. So it could very easily be a 25 crore weekend. If the weekend isn’t at least 20 crores there’s a problem. Because by the weekend certainly films that are going to pick up do so in a big way.”

            obviously expected a higher number on opening day (Rohan still has 6 crores versus 5 for BOI, each includes paid previews.. ) but the rest could still materialize. In fact if the film has strong WOM 8 crores is not an improbably number at all. That would give you 21 crores just going by BOI’s day 1. More important it would show strong trending in this scenario.

        • note how Taran has not provided the update for evening shows. He usually has that and talks about a pickup and so on. here he hasn’t. Probably waiting for a clearer picture to emerge over the weekend. But again these unusual things start happening with an Abhishek release!

          • @juniorbachchan just wanted you to know that I saw DMD last night and it was sold out in Chicago.

            @juniorbachchan just saw DMD, it was awesome! You rocked it

    • In Abhishek’s interview, before DMD release he didn’t mention department in list of upcoming films. Bol Bachchan, Ladies and gentleman, D-3, Dostana-2

      • you know I noted that then, didn’t say anything. Even earlier RGV mysteriously decided to shoot another film ‘in between’ and said Department shoot would follow. Now why would he do that all of a sudden?! Similarly Dostana suddenly got back in the mix. With each failure Abhishek has made his lineup a little more commercially sound. The Bazmee projects were never starting right away but yeah without hits those could be jeopardized. There was a story though that Nadiadwala didn’t want to do a Hangover remake anyway as there was word that ZNMD had a somewhat similar plot. You know I thought Bazmee was a good idea only for Abhishek box office graph and one should as an Abhishek fan hold one’s nose and accept it. But BAzmee has seemed shaky recently. Two films haven’t really worked. Ready doesn’t mean much with a post-Dabanng Salman. It could ride on his current box office if it’s half decent. In any case it can’t happen before next year. Abhishek has those other films on the schedule and D3 begins by the end of the year.

        • Abhishek might have opted out of depratment due to repeat cop roles. He has to keep some gap since D-3 is huge.

      • alex adams Says:

        good point ted—Slipped my mind that D3 is also a cop movie!!
        Not too sure of this bol bachchan project.
        Knowing devgun, dont think he will agree to anything but a vastly superior role than abhisehk (esp since he has been doing much better than abhi recently)
        Not a big fan of rohit shetty types anyhow!

        • iffrononfire Says:

          to be frank junior is a competent actor and infact got better reviews in yuva and zameen with ajay when he was nobody in beginning

          after a long time i liked him here(DMD) in terms of performance and can predict this to be his comeback on big stage whether the movie work it or not

          akshay did with janvar and that started his pretty sucessful 2nd half ( tough it wasn’t a big sucess)

          ajay showed it with golmal and salman after a bad decade with wanted

          but from now on i can see more action and comedy from ab junior

  55. Rohan Sippy said on twitter:
    “DMD In India hits a huge 6-PW Düring Rs 06.02 crore net incl-2nd Highest Paid previews opening day for “any Bollywood movie this year”.

    • So Rohan has it at 6 crores as opposed to the 5 BOI have.

      • yes but I could confience to rohan.

        • agreed.. Rohan doesn’t strike me as being in Johar’s mode of hyping things up. And a 1 crores differential is not too hard to believe at all. Even at 6 crores it would only be very slightly higher than Raavan’s day 1 according to BOI. But this is more or less the same number given this is many months later. Also the Raavan figure might itself be lower at BOI’s end. The point is that Raavan had terrible WOM. So matching it is not the biggest deal around. Precisely because it is a small total these things matter. And I’ve seen this game before where you shave off a crore here a crore there and so on.

          • ideaunique Says:

            Satyam, 6 + 8 + 8 = 22 cr (being moderate here, cud be more) will take this to 30-35 cr week (IPL is a serious opposition though I feel, but still this film is heading for certified B.O. hit) and with no major opposition I guess in coming week – this can go above 50 cr? looks possible…..

          • the advantage it has is no real competition till June. So even where IPL is an important factor on certain days (eg there was a Mumbai match last evening) collections might be affected somewhat but honestly I don’t see the IPL as making the difference barring important matches towards the end.

            On the rest it’s sometimes hard to predict trending these days. But I’d say that with 30-35 in week 1 it will easily get to 50 and with some stability to 60.

          • ideaunique Says:

            60 cr Hit will do a hell of good to abhi……..he definately needs this and what’s more….i think with this film at-least now he has been able to establish one image in viewers’ minds – a cop! and absolutely nothing wrong with that….one feels quite comfortable watching him as a cop in D series now in DMD…..and if that is the foundation, he can gain more acceptability in future in other roles like his dad did…..BIG B got an image of Angry young man and then on that foundation he went on to do many other roles……still too early to say how much abhi will captitalize on this….but it is surely time to celebrate…..for now. RUM maro RUM Abhi ;-)

  56. better make DMD2 than Department…

  57. Abhishek Bachchan is on high
    IndiaGlitz [Saturday, April 23, 2011]

    B-town hunk Abhishek is machoing ‘Dhoom’ with his cop act once gain. The Bachchan junior is riding high on the rave reviews he’s received for his performance as the gritty police officer in Rohan Sippy’s ‘Dum Maaro Dum’.

    Reveals a source, “Paid previews in Hyderabad had 100% occupancy and today Delhi multiplexes are packed…the film is picking up well.”

    Rightly adding the “Dum” to the title – Abhishek with his portrayal of a no-nonsense inspector out to sweep Goa clean re-affirms yet again that he is here-to-stay-in -the-top rung status as an actor.

    The film targeted at metro cities and the conventional multiplex audience courtesy the soundtrack and promos, but the collection trends tell a different story. First show at My Raipur cinema – Raj has opened multiple times bigger and better than any of the multiplexes and that too with ticket rates as low as Rs 50! The weekend promises seems to be better.

    Akshay Rathi, distributor from Raipur adds, “I’m delighted to see the audience clap, whistle and cheer for Abhishek’s cracker dialogues and the title track!”

    Adds trade analyst Amod Mehra, “A very powerful performance…Abhishek’s best till date…even better than Yuva.” The star who seems to have his way with both masses and the classes is one of the finest actor’s of his generation and there’s no doubt about that.

    Having proved his mettle with Yuva and Sarkar, Abhishek went on to deliver big hits like ‘Dhoom’ and ‘Bunty Aur Bubli’ and proved that he was here to stay with ‘Guru’ and ‘Paa’.

    Says a source, “Amitabh Bachchan made his mark with his iconic character of inspector Vijay and with Inspector A.C Kamat Abhishek has proved that he’s got the charisma, the swagger and the talent and is here for a long time to come. Stealing the show, he walks away with the film – one of his finest performances till date – Abhishek adds the Dum to Dum Maro Dum.”

    • alex adams Says:

      Good to see some positivity coming through for abhishek and DMD.
      Saw some good reports on telly as well.
      All the best rohan and abhishrek.
      Will hopefully catch DMD myself sometime this long weekend !!

      • Abhishek and Rohan seem in a celebratory mood.. Rohan also seems to be contesting some of the figures being put out.. looks good for the film.

    • good to hear. But again this is what I talk about.. why didn’t anyone report those 100% occupancies for Hyderabad?

  58. DMD received good buzz. Abhishek is appreciated and the film has caught the imagination of youngsters. I will not bother about BOI analysis because MNIK was given such a hype by them for weeks and months though it proved to be a dud in India. I am only worried that now Abhishek may be typecast ad nauseum.

    • alex adams Says:

      its better to be “typecast” than NOT be casted at all lol

      • lol. indeed, he knows how to bounce back quickly BO. Just put the uniform Cop:)

        • alex adams Says:

          lol–this way he should put on the uniform and not even take it out even while sleeping or…..

          • lol yes. But it is true, although there are Hollywood actors it works like that DiCaprio-specialized roles in psychology-complex roles, Matt Damon in trillers (we always find traces of “The Bourne Identity” in the films), Will smith-cool cop, De Niro-gangster, Jack Nicholson, psychological dramas, roles eccentrics .. the list goes on…..

  59. One can draw parallels to Jalwa, starring Nasserudin Shah. It was shot in Goa, had awesome music, a crisp new presentation, and was a rage among youngsters when it released in 1988. Yet, the movie barely made it to average tag. A movie needs to reasonably engage good portions of various audience segments to make even 50crs.

  60. I would really trust Rohan’s figures rather than BOI. We know the negativity of BOI when it comes to any Bachan film. I hope the figures go only upwards during the week-end. A decent week-end, followed by a healthy number at the end of the 1st week and suddenly ABjr detractors will have to look for alternative means to pin the movie down. As I said, anything above 40cr and the movie can’t be tagged as a flop. Will catch it tomorrow.

    • think it could do 30-35 crores in week 1 if weekend trends are really strong. Clearly there was a strong pickup in the Fri evening shows.

    • I think 10 crores is now on the cards for Sat and Sun each which means if there’s a 25 crore weekend 35 crores is quite possible for the week.

      • it looks it is possible to recah 8-10cr. Twitter is full of positive feedback.

        • I have not even seen negative comments. It’s going very well. Now there is a positive buzz. and the public had doubts will go see the movie.

        • even taking the lower 5.4 number 8 crores is almost certainly going to be the case and I’d expect even higher because one senses now some real buzz developing in the media and so on.

          I once more get back to my older point because people think I complain too much. But surely this strong Fri evening pickup wasn’t a mystery to anyone? But Taran still hasn’t updated. BOI went up once but haven’t updated since. Nahata is mum. And then people wonder why I call them anti-Abhishek. Of course it is also true that the social media and the regular media often overwhelms the trade voices (as with Paa) but nonetheless just because the news is now good let’s not forget how they spun it. So many other films in that 5-6 crore opening day range. Did we get anything like that same negativity from these sources?! What happens is that whether the film is a flop or a hit the overall narrative seems to make these sorts of details less important. But we shouldn’t forget how these guys play dirty.

  61. First time commenter here … But been following Satyamshot for a loooong time… Huge fan of his and of course Bachchans ;-)

    I really hope that DMD picks up after positive WoM and emerges a “Hit” at a minimum.

    If it doesn’t, I agree with most here that AB’s career is on significant shaky ground. I find it hard to believe that he just doesn’t click with the audience. He can’t pull an opening whatsoever and being a Bachchan fina, it hurts to be honest. I think he has significant potential, but just somehow doesn’t click with hte audience.

    I live in Seatttle, and the local crapppy theater was at maybe 20% capacity, again not surprising. But when I talked to people around me after leaving the movie, the response was really good.
    Hope that is echoe’d in other cinema halls as well and postiive WoM help push this movie to a Hit status.

    Is upcoming lineups have me really really concered as well. Player I’m sure will not find any takers.. similar to Game. Bol Bachchan could be a hit more because of Ajay and Rohit Combo. Ladies and Gentlemen, seems like a dud. I don’t believe that Santoshi has this romantic craft mastered. D3 like everyone says will be an Amir show al the way, howevver, don’t think AB will be short changed the way he did in D2.

    I think he needs a MAJOR overhaul… take couple of years off, work on his body (yes very very cliched but getting toned and built will be really welcomed by the audience), and really master the craft. Sometime it appears that he just doesn’t put everything into it as say like Hrthik or Amir (again my perception).

    what was shocking is that a new comer like Jaccky is able to pull in the crowds than AB .. ok granted it wass the type of masala movie and not the actor, nonethless its worth noting.

    Anyway, I honestly feel unless a miracle happens, AB’s movie career is over…. and it really hurts but he comes across as a genuinely nice guy. Best of luck to him. He definetely needs it.


    • thanks for the thoughts Mahesh.. do keep commenting..

    • one or two performances and hits like DMD will get the audience back. i’ve in mind the same as yours, but the twitter comments show people like him a lot. Just they’ve got fed up with his non entertaning movies.I agree he has to work to look good.

      • 30% to 40% in Seattle is good. With piracy and getting online movies the same day, it is very rare to see full houses in US.

  62. wow..Getting Hopeful on this now..Rohan responded to a tweet that he will not post any fugures further..But I hope he really does and negates any negative news gives by Taran and co.

  63. It’s a win-win for ‘Dum Maaro Dum’
    TNN | Apr 24, 2011, 12.00am IST

    The cast of Dum Maaro Dum are enjoying the good reviews
    Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maaro Dum, produced by Fox Star Studios is a slick film with a powerhouse performance by Abhishek Bachchan.

    Says a trade analyst, “Technically, it is a superb film and Rohan’s work as a director is also impressive. He is a stylish technician and it shows in his work.” Trade guru Taran Adarsh feels the film reaches out to a metro audience in a big way. Yes, DMD that was riding a huge buzz is striking a chord with the youth across the metros and in the small centres as well. Shot in Goa, the film that has an ensemble cast of Abhishek, Bipasha Basu, South hottie RaNa Daggubati and Prateik; and Deepika Padukone in a sizzling title track is one of the big ticket attractions this IPL season. Abhishek feels since it is a cost effective film, the producers sail home comfortably after the weekend.

    The actor who flew to Russia yesterday says he is hugely relieved to have gotten the kind of praise he managed. Rohan is also excited about the good word of mouth… and the two young boys Rana and Prateik are basking in all the attention coming their way. Guess it’s a win-win round for everyone concerned.

  64. alex adams Says:

    Havent been able to make it to the cinema yet for DMD….been stuck with some work…
    BUt caught parts of “Do Dooni Chaar” on telly.
    Didnt expect much but found it a nice sweet movie.
    Promising dialogue, screening and director Habib faisal–one to look out for !!
    And a good performance by rishi

  65. iffrononfire Says:

    they are rectifying it :


    ( now its 5.4 cr opening days and immediate jump of 1.4 cr which is big ) and now rohan is talking about 6 cr opening day) ….it itself shows it didn’t opened badly as made out to be …these are terrotorial backgroud from fox and they sucked upto it for MNIK in india and used their number

    similarly ravan’s first day number tells a different story on opening which was projected(though it tanked later on)

    satyam BOI is only site which put bunty and bubli at 34 cr( a gross under-reportation of close to 7-8 cr) accepted by even taran and nahata

    atleast nahata accepted thar mistake on press for it and rectified it on year end but they didn’t

    but ya junior has such bad time lately and these under-reportation became very easy as there was lot of negetivity on him for last 2 year ( a phase which comes for every actor)

    i guess the reason being the rival IBOS has always sucked upto bachchans

    • yeah this is what some of us were discussing earlier. One of the links in the thread above mentions 6.2 crores.

      • iffrononfire Says:

        is not about abhi who is comparitively a smaller fish here

        collection of most of amitabh’s movie of 70’s and 80’s here have been degraded as that is easy with no authentic online data to back it

        but ya nahata’s past piece on film street themselves contradict those

        anyway till 90’s neither street journal’s nor taran maragzine was most popular it was box office a different trade outlet that was and its no more now

        anyways an industry which itself is based on black money and coruption there how can you expect transparency

        these days all the middleman jointly provides the same number to avoid conflict of interest (chor chor mausere bhai)

        at most lines are drawn on verdicts

        and i here i am being to lenient on bachchans who themselves are no angels but really bad in using press and these middleman

        • yes true about Bachchan’s films being downgraded.. but even otherwise this severe resistance to Abhishek as a ‘possibility’ for Bollywood in the authentic sense (which isn’t about just disliking him…) always has the ghost of Bachchan attendant. And it isn’t just about a resistance to the sign of ‘Bachchan’ for various ideological reasons but also about the ‘anxiety’ felt about the past bleeding over into the present. In other words a gigantic legacy that refuses to go away and Abhishek then as long as he remains viable keeps alive the legibility of that sign in a way Bachchan himself cannot because of age and so on though even he with his longevity and cultural transcendence ensures that his past does not really ‘pass’ till that newer legibility comes about. So it’s this latter bit but also of course a resistance to certain political codes within that framework. In any case this is the entire ideological matrix, the effects of which cannot be laid out at length without the greatest rigor.

          To get back to your point the small fish is used to get to the big one! and here the collective ‘Khans’ label serves as the principal site of resistance in very many ways. Within the media and on the blogosphere there is often a three musketeers ‘one for all and all for one’ formula at play. So if one ‘Khan’ is seen as ‘weak’ at any point he is nevertheless propped up by the other two and so on keeping the overall ‘Khan’ signature alive. Of course this signature is a complete fake because it brings together very different identities, an exercise that ought not to be possible except that it relies secretly on a religious archive to make such a label minimally meaningful. In other words there is a phantom at work here. The ‘Khans’ is a kind of empty signifier which can always be filled in with suitably ‘anti-Bachchan’ content.

  66. Off topic:

    Anurag Kashyap:
    On reports of Aamir Khan starring in the film, the filmmaker said that Aamir is not in Bombay Velvet. He further added, “I don’t need stars for my films. It’s because my films are real, I shoot on real locations. I can’t afford to put Aamir Khan or Salman Khan on the streets and shoot without giving rise to a commotion.”


    Kashyap is so full of himself. I guess he cast John Abraham as an ‘actor’ not a ‘star’.

  67. Dum Maaro Dum: huge collection on very first day

    April 23, 2011 Visionmp.com news service

    NEW DELHI (IANS): ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ may have been in controversies since so many days, but the Abhishek Bachchan-starrer movie collect Rs.6.2 crore in India on its opening day itself. The director is overjoyed with the response especially since the movie faced competition from the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

    ‘It’s a very good start! We have got an exceptional response from the south, especially from Hyderabad. And of course metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore have given a positive feedback and good footfalls too. I am glad amid Sachin and Dhoni … we have been able to hit one of our own sixes!’ Sippy told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

    Made at a budget of approximately Rs.20 crore, the film released Friday in 20 countries at 350 international locations and at 1,000 theatres and multiplexes throughout India.

    Sippy is confident the movie will bring good returns over the first weekend as it has grossed Rs.11.4 crore across India, US, Britain, UAE and Australia on its opening day itself.

    ‘It is a little early to start predicting figures, but we are sure the movie will get good word of mouth publicity and will continue getting a good audience through Saturday and Sunday. Till then, we are waiting and watching!’ he said.

    The multi-starrer, which also features Bipasha Basu, Prateik Babbar, Aditya Pancholi and Telugu actor Rana Daggubati, is a thriller which revolves around drugs, sex and violence. The movie garnered a lot of publicity prior to its release, due to objections that it portrays Goa and its people in bad light.

    However, neither that, nor the IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore Friday deterred the audience from sampling ‘Dum Maaro Dum’.

    ‘It was a big match! We heard people still filled in the evening shows and that’s a great feeling in this cricket-crazy nation. The opening day figures are a very encouraging sign that the movie may run not just this weekend… but for two to three weeks more,’ said Sippy, son of veteran filmmaker Ramesh Sippy.

      • Are these figures correct?

        Prakash Jaju:
        DMD – Fri (Holiday) 3.34 cr, Sat 2.84 cr

        • NO .. Prakash is one joker, He first tweeted to abhishek on friday “Congrats, DMD opened to very good response” and later he deleted the tweet and tweet again that it opened to poor response. He don’t have anything except looking here and there. FOX has released opening day figures of 5.4 Crore first day and 80 Lacs on paid previews. FOX can’t give wrong figures.

          • That’s what confused me. From twitter, i can see good figures for Sat. Overseas is looking good.

          • Michael Barbosa Says:

            LOL, u remember 25 crore worldwide day1 figure from fox for MNK dude, they are more shytty than taran & co.

            Day 1 is around 5 crores including paid previews while day 2 will hover around the same mark…let’s wait for the numbers though !!

          • LOL to those ignorant believing FOX numbers. They were a laughing stock with MNIK numbers and they are doing the same with DMD

          • If fox can’t give wrong numbers then why u people threw brick bats at them when they gave numbers for MNIK?Why such double standards?Anyways DMD is gonna be one more disaster for Lil baby and don’t indulge into futile exercise by trying to prove it a hit.It is d law of nature that jealous and biased people can never see happiness in any department of life.Try to be positive in future and hope for better.

        • that’s nonsense, Even BOI are at 4.5 crores for Sat, BoC have 5.4 crores, 6.2 crores elsewhere.

          • BoC have clearly mentioned those numbers are “According to Fox Star India”

          • iffrononfire Says:

            there was 25 cr gross for mnik with no detailed number but here they have released the territorial background with score

            anyway media everywhere is going with around 6 cr for this number

            looks like some people desperately wanted it to bomb big time

            movie way work or not its a different matter altogether but disgusting reporting is exposed and so do the transparency

          • if they can fake the overall number, they can fake territorial number. they had it for MNIK as well. Australia overseas weekend number Fox had 3-4 times the actual numbers when it clearly wasn’t the case so.

            Media is ignorant and will lap up anything that the producers/distributors will throw at them. They went on saying (for first few days) MNIK had beaten 3 Idiots when it clearly was not the case so.

  68. Michael Barbosa Says:


    DMD down by 10% on Saturday as compared to Friday at the Indore theaters.

    • that’s Doga. I still haven’t seen at BOI and so on figures from Bombay, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad… and so on.. multiplexes. Instead we get Ludhiana and Kanpur and what not. What about the real strength theaters and cities for this film?!

      • Rohan Sippy would have posted, it is a concern.

        • BOI usually gleefully report on Abhishek’s films when they’re not doing well. There were lots of updates on Game. But they updated the Fri DMD number upwards and there has been nothing since.

      • iffrononfire Says:

        lol its more funny to see people talking about faking numbers and all and they themselves don’t have the numbers for all major 6-7 centres

        its all estimation for some of the new box office gurus

        as i say with more and rational argument and logics things are coming to surface

        where are the numbers to back the claim


        • iffrononfire Says:


          fox for east punjab has given lower number than boi and slightly higher number (of 15,000 for both delhi and mumbai ) as the collections where releaed later

          infact most of their numbers are matching with boi and they have given it for most centres actually

          comparing these two it look authentic

          boi didn’t reported tamilnadu/kerala

          ap +marthwada etc

          numbers looks authentic imo

          • iffrononfire Says:


            just reporting a west bengal amd an east(bengal+orissa+bihar) are different

            lol boi increased its initial eastimate from 3.5 to 4.4 crore why?(its close to 1 cr increase)

            because they themselves got it wrong

            on the paper fox has reported more centres with clear numbers here

            anyway watched this movie yesterday in delhi, night show which was sold out and with the reaction of audiences(especially youth ) one know where it is heading into especially when it has no major release till june

            btw this smearing campaign has only exposed the system compleately

  69. prashant choksi Says:

    hi satyam,
    now figure comes out for day 1, dmd has collected 6.2 crores net on day 1, i have seen movie for two times, and i fill that this is one of the best thriller movie in recent times, abhishek hit bull’s eye with his performance, there is never any doubt in his efficiency as an actor, but he should improve his selection, if he wants to be on top, he should be spot on every time, in ahmedabad, according to local radios, collection of dmd is very excellent, there is very strong positive buzz especially in youth. i strongly fill this time it will be win win situation for abhishek bachchan.

  70. Waiting eagerly on Satyam’s review….I thought it would already be written…maybe he got back late from the movie….

  71. tonymontana Says:

    Im happy for Abhi.

    This guy certainly didnt deserve all the backlash he had been receiving for the last couple of years when he had all the flops. Even though I had some issues with the film (Vidya’s character and the Bips-Rana love angle was a distraction in the screenplay), the film was a decent thriller overall with a good performance from Abhi.

    I have a friend who watched Game recently and he commented that it isnt a bad film at all.

  72. There are many people who go see the movie 2nd or 3rd time.

    • alex adams Says:

      “There are many people who go see the movie 2nd or 3rd time.”lol tata–im sure abhishrek and rohan will like to hear that…
      Tata chéri-est dmd montrant dans des halls de cinéma près de vous. Vous avez déjà vu lui

      • not in France at the cinema there is no DMD (I expect …. Anyway I’ll be happy if the film will be a HIT “

  73. alex adams Says:

    Agree Iffron that it seems many were waiting to declare DMD a “flop”.
    But was sat lesser than fri as propped up by ted

  74. just back from dmd..watched it second time with frens in same 400 capacity theatre and it was housefull again..and audience loved the film and there was claps for the climax…people loved it something the intelligent critics dint like….and when we were coming out of the theatre there were lot of ppl waitin for next show…my frens to loved the film and one of them is plaaning to catch it again..and another fren who watched it in sangli he too loved it…..he too planning to watch it again…

    • alex adams Says:

      Thanx tata for the link.
      Hmmm Varun, u really seemed to have liked dmd.
      Which place did u see the movie–i presume it was a multiplex not a small screen?

      • you saw? I was right for (2rd or 3rd time lol) that is good, maybe his will be a bluckbuster??

        • from twitter:
          dum maaro dum collections take an upward swing… Pretty good sunday. Lets hope it improves from here.. we need hits!

        • alex adams Says:

          Hahaha Maybe tata is right!!
          Stuck with “scrubs” at the moment —must be one of the most annoying things on telly lol

  75. its a multiplex in mangalore,karnataka,india and it was a multiplex(big cinemas)

    • alex adams Says:

      Thanx Varun.
      Lots of Manipal crowd, eh? haha

    • iffrononfire Says:

      lol one admire mangalore for deepika padukone and aishwarya rai

      if i am correct these days kumble is the brand ambassador for manipal

  76. yup weekends..they come to mlore to catch the latest movies but today no idea..the ppl sitting next to me where mloreans.but it was fully young crowd..and how come u know abt mangalore

    • alex adams Says:

      SO i placed u correctly.
      It was Manipal indeed??
      HAve heard loadns of things about goodlooking magalorean girls.
      knew about ash but is deepika also from the same place, maybe shilpa shetty?

  77. It’s Sun night in India and BOI still hasn’t updated even for Sat. meanwhile taran appeared on twitter yesterday and talked about other films but didn’t say anything about DMD. These guys can’t wait to spread the negativity when they detect weakness!

    Not one source has so far provided any numbers for the very theaters and centers where the film was always going to be strongest. There have been numbers from Ludhiana and so on. Give me a break! Even Indore. This old much exaggerated ‘Indore barometer’. There are tons of films today for which this standard just doesn’t hold.

    But again we know the pattern here. BOI had lots of updates on KHJJS and Game. What happened here?!

    Sure I expect taran to show up eventually and say it’s ‘doing well in select multiplexes’ or ‘Mumbai and the South’ or whatever. We’ve seen this stuff every single time and for films that were doing well universally everywhere.

    the WOM here with younger audiences is very strong, we see this reflected in the social media. Even otherwise people who are Abhishek fans have reacted to this in a way that they weren’t with Raavan or D6 or whatever. We’ve heard the accounts of theater attendance and so on. And finally the media overall has been very positive on the film, even moreso on Abhishek. And even those who haven’t liked the film have called it so-so. Hardly anyone has completely rejected it. This isn’t all just illusion!

    • alex adams Says:

      WOnt worry bout box office reports.
      One of my friends checked dmd in london and told that this was abhishreks best performance till date!!
      She is quite a “difficult to please” cookie and “discerning” and so the WOM has to be v good..
      SOrt fo people who havent liked an indian film for ages are tweeting around and praising it
      Dont think DMD can fail from here on–How much it does time will tell…
      But anyhow abhishrek survives for another day as the movie is already safe financially (from reliable sources)…

      • It is easily one of Abhishek’s most charismatic acts. The ‘performance’ here is much more in the body language and the gesturality and so on. It is not a difficult part the way Guru was. But there are marks of a fine actor even here. Again there is something in common with BM where the performance is deceptive in certain ways. And here one can separate the empty swagger which one sees from a lot of stars in this sort of part which though often very effective simply lacks the subtlety and tone that only a true actor can bring to the proceedings. In a Rohan sippy film especially the ‘actor’ is certainly required. In some less serious outings one can get away with the ’emptiness’. But I really liked every actor here one way or the other.

  78. @tata i watched it for second time….the first time i watched on the premiere show on thursday in same theatre and that too was housefull..i might watch it for third time one of my fren is forcing me to watch it again and he wants me to accompany him…so if i am going might watch it nxt weekend…in belgaum the place where i study…loved the movie and even the second time i dint get bored and loved the movie even more..if i watch it again it will equal my delhi6 record which i watched thrice in theatre..that too the first two times in the first weekend

    • it’s very unfortunate for me: (I can’t watch MDM :(

    • alex adams Says:

      Varun m8, if u watch it the third time—u should be given a medal personally by abhishrek (and even amitabh)..lol
      SO do u travel from manipal to mangalore to catch these flicks–hmmm..
      U need a mangalore girl to accompany u now–hahaha

      • don’t worry, he is not alone … on twitter I see people who watched 3x :)

        • alex adams Says:

          hahaha tata–wink wink—-ne sentez pas mauvaise Tata. Vous pouvez venir avec moi. nous la vérifierons dehors à Londres.

  79. ya shilpa shetty is from mlore…she keeps visiting to attend her family functions and poojas and i have heard deeepika father is from moodabidre which is 30 kms away from mlore..i have heard some say deepika was born there but not sure..

  80. Also think this movie will sustain well in those key centers even if the initial is less than expected. It’s going to be strong with a certain cross-section of the audience for a while.

    I will just make this adjustment after having seen the film. It is a BM kind of deal here. BM was a nice film which did very well with certain demographics in major metros. It was very stable but never produced huge numbers or anything. I think released a few years later it would have done more actually. DMD I think is registering strongly with its key demographic, possibly stronger than BM but it too is not a film for ‘everyone’. The target demographic here is really a younger major metro multiplex one. It is definitely not for family audiences in terms of its tone and so on though there are many here who will like it once they can get over the hump of that tone and there are here certain raw scenes and ‘frank’ dialog and so on. But many just might not go to the theater for this one. I do however see repeat viewing with a younger crowd and a wave effect.

    So it’s not the very same demographic as BM. Younger family audiences took to BM in a strong way, specially younger women. But it is analogous in that it’s not pockets of the multiplex audience and it has hit a home run with these. And again I do expect a great deal of stability with this demographic.

    But again I don’t think BOI are exactly going to shuffle their feet to report ‘low’ numbers for DMD if that’s the case!

  81. I am having a problem thinking of an appropriate piece for DMD. It’s hard to do a straight piece and avoid the spoilers completely. I am more interested in a thematic piece anyway here but that requires an even greater reliance on the spoilers.

    The thing is that it is a rather rich, and actually unusual film in certain ways. Much like BM there is a lot more here than meets the eye but also (again like BM) it’s also a very deceptive work. I sensed this earlier but there is definitely continuity between BM and this but also between Raghavan’s Khakee and this. A proper piece needs to be done on all three scripts. But in terms of the visual cues Rohan I believe takes the BM project further.

    I might just do a piece over the next day or so with the usual spoiler alert though the spoilers would then be rather serious ones unlike for the usual film.

  82. i am a manglorean actually and the multiplex is only 500metres away from my home..i have come for vacation here but i study in belgaum…north karnataka..big cinemas mangalore is the only multiplex in south karnataka…manipal there r single screens but not all hindi and hollywood films get released there and single screens r not that comfortable so i have seen many studyin in manipal coming to watch movies here…

    • alex adams Says:

      Relax Varun–was just pulling your leg m8-lol
      Thanx for the info on karnataka and manipal.
      Surprised that there are no multiplexes in manipal.
      (KNow a few interesting humans originally from manipal!)
      Talking of karnataka–or is it andhra—-
      by the way, heard about the sai babas death today not from an indian but a russian girl whose parents are his devotees. Told me of some of his “miracles’–not sure if they can be believed!

    • If you live 500 meters from the multiplex. Then you can tell the neumbre spectator. (so we will have more exact numbers):)

  83. alex adams Says:

    “If you live 500 meters from the multiplex. Then you can tell the neumbre spectator. (so we will have more exact numbers):)”—hahaha
    The “500 metres” explains the three times DMD and D6 lol
    Varun dude: u must be spending a lot of time IN the multiplex.
    By the way, we have yet to hear of a negative report from a young person (or young at heart) till now.
    Also saw bits of an interview of rohan sippy–he looked focussed, earnest and a really nice guuy.
    Want this to work for him now…

  84. alex adams Says:

    I thought I will check it out this weekend but am having to sort something out online.
    WIll see it when i can force myself out –most probably within the coming few days
    (and when the company is good and appropriate lol)

  85. @tata haha..actually when a abhishek bachchan movie releases in the multiplex..i always keep looking at the theatre whenever i pass through that road…but mangloreas always liked abhishek bachchan movies..i remember ppl clapping in the climax of delhi6 and appreciating the film…so the occuppancy is good for his films here…except for his disasters..he makes once in a while..
    @alex a ticket costs about 180 rupees in mlore and in belgaum its only 100 and single screens in belgaum is 50 rupees so first time i watch in plex the second and third time watch it in single screen..but dmd watched both in multiplex

  86. @alex yup..rohan sippy is a very good director..he knows wat the audience wants…and doesnt treat them like sajid khan….hope dmd becomes a big big hit…so that he makes even his next movie with abhishek…
    but one of my fren a srk fan who watched the movie messaged me and told me dmd was good but rana dugabbati was the hero of the film not abhishek.loll..i told him ok there is no need of arguing with such ppl…

  87. DMD has a very good weekend in the US – early estimate of $332,000 according to MCN.

  88. Alex adams Says:

    Change in plan. Watching Dmd tonite!!

  89. Post Release, DMD Protests Die Down In Goa
    Press Trust of India
    Saturday, April 23, 2011 (Panaji)

    The protests against Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maaro Dum in Goa seems to have calmed down after its release as several locals who saw the film came out of theatres looking happy.

    The movie, which hit the screens yesterday garnered more than 50 per cent collection at the box office on its release day in the state.

    Women organisations including Austuryancho Awaz, which had stepped up protests against the movie last week, have now toned it down after the positive response from viewers.

    Protestors initially had resorted to sit-in near a multiplex here hours before the theatrical release but decided to do away with it after recieving good feedback. Except for a handful of them, singing songs and displaying placards, no protestors were visible.

    Panaji police had stationed its contingent outside the multiplex expecting trouble on Friday.

    Movie buffs, who caught the first show said the storyline was no way derogatory of Goa although promos hinted at portraying the state as a drug and sex destination.

    “The movie was entertaining. It is based on facts. I do admit that there is bollywood masala in it,” said journalist Pramod Acharya, who was the first among to watch the movie.

    The audience, who are used to their regular dose of news about policemen-drug mafia nexus in the state, found the plot close to happenings in the state. Seven policemen were held here last year for their alleged nexus with drug peddler.

    “Actually, the plot should have had included politicians too. How can they miss this reality,” Aaron Sequeira, a youngster, asked.

    “We loved to see our Konkani bad words being used in the movie,” Sharon Dias, another youngster, commented.

    The movie starring Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu in the lead roles shows Assistant Commissioner Vishnu Kamath (Bachchan) cracking down on the drug menace in the state.

    DMD begins with special thanks to Goa Government, Goa Police, Corporation of City of Panaji and Entertainment Society of Goa.

    A sentence in the movie ‘here liquor is cheap and women are cheaper,’ which had created an uproar before its release, has been replaced in the movie. Bipasha, who plays the role of
    an airhostess has a dialogue which now says ‘Here liquor is cheap and relationships are cheaper.’

    The filmmaker replaced the sentence after a PIL in the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court alleging that the movie show Goa and its people in bad light.

  90. Saw DMD today in Plainsboro, NJ. Enjoyed a lot. great acting by Abhishek and Rana

  91. Sunday is 6cr, only 20% increase thats not good sign. From tuesday it will fall pretty much

    TOtal will be around 35-38= FLOP

  92. Michael Barbosa Says:

    indore weekend.

  93. Dum Maaro Dum Has Below The Mark Weekend
    Monday 25th April 2011 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum was below par over its first weekend. The film collected around 16 crore nett including paid previews over the weekend as per early estimates. The opening was low and there was limited growth on Saturday and Sunday.

    Sunday was decent in some parts but the big jump it needed on Saturday or Sunday was missing.

    The film has done well in West Bengal, Nizam, Mysore and Tamil Nadu/Kerala, infact it is likely to do hit business in all these circuits but the problem is the bigger circuits.

    Mumbai was decent in only city and Pune while Delhi/UP and East Punjab did not perform and when these circuits are not on board its tough to have a good all India total. The weekdays and second weekend is all important if it is go anywhere as far its Indian theatrical performance is concerned.


    • given that their estimates have been ‘lower’ earlier also I suspect the weekend is higher than this. They had 4.5 crores initially when other reports had 5.4-6.2 crores. Using the same % of increase the film could be anywhere in the 18-22 crore range. Think this will be quite stable in the weekdays. Don’t buy the 16 crore number in any case. Nor do I accept that it’s not good in Mumbai outside the city or in Delhi. Mumbai for example was 2.25 crores on Fri (this with the 5.4 crore total.. and this is a good number). Actually this is the Guru sort of commentary from BOI here or the sort reserved for an Abhishek success! I expect similar stuff from Taran and so on. And by the way based on what I think is the right range (it could well be close to the higher side here.. if one works with the 6.2 crore number and again assumes minimal jumps on Sat and a somewhat better one Sun we’re still looking at 20-22 crores here, a bit lower with the 5.4 crore base) we could be looking at a 28-30 crore week 1 number, assuming just 2 crores on each weekday.. not unreasonable if one assumes stability here).

      By the way if you put up comments where you’re going to reveal spoilers put up a ‘spoiler alert’ or the comment will be deleted.

      • expanded the above comment..

        one error there.. Bombay was 2.12 crores with the 5.4 crore total not 2.25 crores.

        And to add to something I’ve just said I do not believe the film will do hit business in Bangalore but not in Bombay. And similarly some other major metros.

      • now all depends on the weekdays of course being stable. But if that does happen I think 50 crores will be on the cards. With a second relatively strong weekend 60 crores would also be on the cards. Again this is the Guru debate all over again. The gap at the end between BOI and IBOS (and what some of us calculated) was 8-9 crores. You shave off a couple of crores every week and it never seems much at any one point but it adds up at the end. Obviously if DMD doesn’t stay stable on the weekdays this debate will matter less.

    • Nahata on how the Bollywood territory system is set up. this is from the early 2000s…

      THIS time round, let me acquaint you with the many circuits or territories.

      To get his film to reach out to cinegoers like you and me, producers need distributors and exhibitors. Exhibitors, as you all know, are the cinema-wallahs — either owners or controllers of cinemas

      And distributors are the link between producers and exhibitors. They acquire films from producers and screen them in different cinemas.

      Save for Rajshri Pictures, no other production house has a chain of distribution. All other producers need to sell their films to distributors.

      Top producers are now emulating the Rajshri example but, of course, they have a long way to go.

      For while Rajshri has distribution offices all over India, producers like Yash Chopra and Subhash Ghai have distribution offices in some circuits only.

      THAT brings us to the circuit. A circuit is a territory for which rights are purchased by distributors.

      India is divided into the following circuits (one or more of which distributors acquire films for):

      Bombay. This includes Bombay city and suburbs, Thane district, parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Saurashtra and parts of Karnataka.

      Delhi-UP. Includes Delhi city and suburbs and Uttar Pradesh.

      East Punjab. This covers Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

      Eastern circuit. This is further sub-divided into four sub-circuits. A distributor may acquire the entire Eastern circuit rights or he may acquire one or more sub-circuit rights:

      West Bengal

      Bihar and Nepal



      CPCI Rajasthan. This, too, is actually divided into three sub-circuits.
      Years ago, distributors acquired films for the entire circuit. Today, deals are usually struck for three sub-territories with three different distributors:

      CP (or CP Berar), which stands for Central Province and comprises parts of Maharashtra (Amravati, Akola, Jalgaon, etc), and parts of Madhya Pradesh (Raipur, Jabalpur, etc)

      CI – which stands for Central India. This consists of part of Madhya Pradesh (Indore, Ratlam, Gwalior, Ujjain, Bhopal. etc.

      Rajasthan covers the entire desert state.

      South. This territory is today broken up into four sub-territories:

      Nizam — consisting of parts of Andhra Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra.
      Andhra — consisting of parts of Andhra Pradesh
      Mysore — comprising stations like Bangalore, Davengere etc – the part of Karnataka which is not the portion of Bombay circuit.
      Tamil Nadu and Kerala .
      WHEN we talk of film prices or film ratios, we generally mean the price for one major circuit.

      At one time, Bombay, Delhi-UP and Eastern Circuit were the three major circuits.

      But, today, Bombay is the real major circuit. That means a film’s ratio is the price for which it is sold for the Bombay circuit.

      Given that Bombay is a major circuit, the prices of other circuits are calculated as percentage of the Bombay prices. By and large, these percentages are fixed.

      Broadly, they are:

      Bombay: 100%

      Delhi-UP: 80-85% (but if it is an action film, Delhi-UP is also 100% – or, in other words, it is a major circuit for an action film).

      East Punjab 40%

      Eastern circuit
      West Bengal 25-30%
      Bihar-Nepal 40-45%
      Assam – 10%
      Orissa – 10-15%

      CPCI Rajasthan
      CP (or CP Berar) – 40%
      CI – 20-25%
      Rajasthan – 20-25%

      Nizam – 25-27 ½%
      Andhra – 7 ½-10 %
      Mysore – 10-15%
      Tamil Nadu-Kerala – 5%

      APART from the above Indian territorial rights, the producer sells audio rights for his film to a music company, overseas rights to an overseas distributor, satellite rights to a satellite channel, DVD rights, Doordarshan rights, etc.

      A lot of money? Sure it is, but only if a film is an exciting proposal. Otherwise, the monies obtained from sale of all these rights may even be less than the total cost of production of a film.

      • some of these percentages have changed over the years. Mysore is probably a bit more important at this point and W Bengal probably a bit less. And the same holds in some others as well. But I put this up for a reason. BOI typically have a habit of pretending it’s about the lesser territories when it comes to an Abhishek film. They similarly never let the Abhishek film be very important in the larger territories that drive the box office. For a film like DMD it’s actually absurd to suggest that the Bombay territory wouldn’t be driving the gross. Or in other words that this wouldn’t be setting the pace not just as an overall number but also that the film couldn’t be doing better elsewhere.

  94. I watched it yesterday. It’s certainly one of the best flicks made in recent years. Abhishek delivers a powerhouse of a performance. ACP Kamath is right up there alongside Gurukanth Desai when it comes to the quality of the performance. It is the kind of movie that stays with you for several hours after you come out of the theatre. Rohan really needs to direct more films. He is an extremely fine film-maker and it’s a pity that there is a such a big gap between his directorial ventures.

    Will try to catch it again next week-end.

  95. Big B applauds RaNa

    April 24, 2011
    Anupama Subramanian

    RaNa Daggubati has many reasons to rejoice!

    Basking in the success of his recently released Bollywood debut film Dum Maaro Dum, an SMS from the Big B has caused the young actor to grin from ear-to-ear.

    RaNa hasn’t stopped grinning after the Bollywood superstar applauded his performance in the movie.

    Speaking to this newspaper from Hyderabad he said, “Big B was one of the first people to send an SMS after watching the special screening of DMD.

    He had said, ‘You have done a great job and no one will say that it is your first movie. Keep up the good work’. I was really touched by this gesture, coming from the undisputed king of Bollywood, I consider this my most prized possession.” .

  96. Mysore Equals East Punjab For Dum Maaro Dum

    Monday 25th April 2011 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum has grossed more in Mysore than East Punjab which has never happened before for a major film. In East Punjab it collected 1.17 crore nett including paid previews while Mysore was 1.21 crore nett including paid previews.

    This is because the collections are very good in Mysore but very bad in East Punjab. The East Punjab and Mysore weekend numbers for major films released this year are as follows.

    No One Killed Jessica

    East Punjab – 1.20 crore

    Mysore – 88 lakhs

    Yamla Pagla Deewana

    East Punjab – 3.53 crore

    Mysore – 49 lakhs

    Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

    East Punjab – 1.33 crore

    Mysore – 62 lakhs

    Patiala House

    East Punjab – 1.83 crore

    Mysore – 55 lakhs

    Tanu Weds Manu

    East Punjab – 1.51 crore

    Mysore – 53 lakhs


    East Punjab – 94 lakhs

    Mysore – 39 lakhs

    Thank You

    East Punjab – 1.84 crore

    Mysore – 58 lakhs

    Dum Maaro Dum

    East Punjab – 1.17 crore

    Mysore – 1.21 crore

    • LOL, BOI have deconstructed their own case with these numbers….

      1)Forget the differential between those two territories for a min. DMD is better than every one of those films in Mysore and usually by a very huge factor.

      2)DMD could hardly hope to compete with YPD in E Punjab (LOL!). But given the Dharti competition and given that the Punjab-centric Tanu made 1.5 crores here and the Punjabi-centric PH made 1.8 crores here is 1.2 crores for DMD really the worst result in the world?!

      Leaving this aside if this is what the film is doing in one of its weakest territories I think one can get a sense of what the strength territory numbers must be like!

    • amit srivastava Says:

      That’ a good report, I believe DMD is heading for a 24-25 crore week1 if it holds well during the weekdays. This was never a movie which would have got HUGE initial but a one which could hold well if liked by the paying public, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

    • another way to understand the DMD weekend numbers is that it is more or less in Guru week 1 range over the first weekend. Could be more or less depending on what the actual numbers are. But Guru got to 50 crores after a 20-22 crore week 1. BOI had it at 41 or so in the end with 16-18 in week 1 (don’t recall the exact number). Guru also fell reasonably in week 2 but then stabilized in week 3. Of course the important difference is that Guru with that number in early 2007 (opening number) was 55% or more of the leading gross at the time (D2 with 33-35 crores). DMD at 28-30 crores for the week would be 35% or more of the 80 crore current record. This however is an extremely high number which only two films have reached. Using a 60 crore week 1 number it would still obviously not be at 55%. However if one works off the 40-45 crore range which still seems to be the one for most big films then there is a fair comparison.

      Again I hasten to add that the film needs to remain stable over the weekdays since pickup over the weekend it is safe to say wasn’t dramatic (though we have to account for a family audience that is generally not on board with this film).

    • Look at Taran now..he is tweeting the numbers of Tamil and Telugu movies in USA and highlighting their avereage or per screen collections..Now we know DMD as performed well in USA..but cannot compare to those 2 films due to volume..But Taran will bring this up and will mention DMD underperformed in USA too.

  97. amit srivastava Says:

    Dum Maaro Dum First Weekend Business

    Monday 25th April 2011 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum faired very well in South and well in West Bengal Rest was below the mark especially North India . The weekend territorial breakdown is as follows. All numbers include paid previews.

    Mumbai – 6.50 crore

    Delhi/UP – 3.13 crore

    East Punjab – 1.17 crore

    West Bengal – 86 lakhs

    Bihar – 20 lakhs

    CP Berar – 51 lakhs

    CI – 40 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 49 lakhs

    Nizam – 1.15 crore

    Mysore – 1.21 crore

    Others – 52 lakhs

    TOTAL – 16.14 crore

    • compare the numbers with Thank you here… and this did 31 crores in week 1 according to them!

      Thank You First Weekend Business

      Monday 11th April 2010 17.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Thank You was below the mark over its first weekend grossing 17.50 crore nett approx. Saturday saw growth but Sunday was disappointing at multiplexes. Below is the all India territorial breakdown.

      Mumbai – 6.40 crore

      Delhi/UP – 3.75 crore

      East Punjab – 1.84 crore

      West Bengal – 69 lakhs

      Bihar – 40 lakhs

      CP Berar – 97 lakhs

      CI – 67 lakhs

      Rajasthan – 1.03 crore

      Nizam – 84 lakhs

      Mysore – 58 lakhs

      Others – 35 lakhs

      TOTAL – 17.58 crore

      • amit srivastava Says:

        Have already done that, Thank you(week1 29 crore as per BOI) got benefit of couple of holidays during the weekdays & remained stable…infact it’s still relatively stable! Let’s see where DMD is headed for during the weekdays.

        To give them the credit, they never really praised the opening week numbers for “Thank you”

        • that’s true but the commentary was always lot more ‘encouraging’ and ‘hopeful’. But as I’ve also said on DMD they’re not quite as negative as they usually are on Abhishek films. This is the Guru kind of tone and reporting here.

          • amit srivastava Says:

            I don’t think people will watch movie on the basis of “BOI” commentary……….I didn’t like DMD all that much, was good but with no repeat value however the buzz for the movie in the media (both print & tele) is very positive….yet to see anyone rejecting the movie outright(very unlike Thank You). If this doesn’t sustain with such positive buzz, I don’t know what will work for Abhi….strangely the jump on weekend was hardly there…..may be it will sustain well in the weekdays…..interesting next few days for sure.

        • amit srivastava Says:

          In-fact the opening of Thank You was disappointing as per BOI from day1 & the same is the case with DMD. I see this one behaving like Thank you if it is able to sustain well in the time to come.

          Howevere, let’s not underestimate small movies like “Shor in the city”, they can hurt BADLY DMD within the multiplex audience niche.

          • a film that is really dependent on younger audiences and loses out on the family audience segment of the multiplex coalition isn’t doing badly if it’s keeping pace with Thank you. Having said that if Abhishek had gone into the film with a stronger standing these numbers would have been higher on Fri. No doubts there.

            I am most interested in trending but DMD just has a 20 crore budget.

        • they’re reduced the total at this point.. earlier week 1 was 31 crores if memory serves..

          • amit srivastava Says:

            Don’t remember that…….DMD will do pretty well if it goes past the 45 crore mark…will be an achievement of sorts.

  98. amit srivastava Says:

    Midweek B.O.: ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ collects Rs 16.5 cr in opng wknd
    – By Taran Adarsh, April 25, 2011 – 13:07 IST

    Collected approx. Rs 16.5 cr in its opening weekend. The business was clearly divided – it was excellent in plexes of Mysore and Nizam circuits, but plexes in several territories ranged from average to below average. Business at single screens remained low all through the weekend, despite the holidays. Breakup:- Thu [previews] 80 lacs, Fri 5.4 cr, Sat 4.7 cr, Sun 5.6 cr.

  99. alex adams Says:

    Saw DMD yesterday night.
    60-70 % multiplex attendance-multiplex UK. Movie played with no “interval” but still noticeable that only 2 0r 3 (including me) took a v small break at the “intended interval”!!
    Wont write a review but just an assortment of random thoughts..Also it is difficult to explain without spoilers…
    Basic questions–
    Does the movie have “dum”–the answer is “yes”
    Is it a recommended watch–“yes”
    Is this the best film of the year so far–“yes” (barring dhobi ghaat for me, but the genres are so different that not entirely comparable)
    Who are the “winners” here—Both Rohan and Abhishek will have a shot in their careers and both acquit themselves well (irrespective of the box office)
    IS this Abhisheks best performance till date(as some told me earlier)-“No”
    Those who really know his work, will find this one of his best works but not the best (which still remains “guru”). But he does have a certain “fire in his belly” and gets the “wolf whistle” lines to play with this time.
    Rest of the cast—Not as bad as some reviews suggested. Infact there is no real weak link. All did their job reasonably well.
    Liked Prateiks vulnerability and for the first time IMO he really showed acting glimpses of his mother (better than his DG performance to me—short role but showed enuf subtlety and talent)
    Sridhar Raghavan and Rohan combine did v well. If one is to use just two words–“Taut, gripping”
    Now comes to my personal ” test”–Notwithstanding prevalent reviews, my personal curiosity was–How does this compare to the “gold standard”–of sorts in this space—khaki..
    Well, DMDs theme (sex drugs), music and treatment have endeared more youth to the film and does quite well overall–and may do bettter than khaki in box office terms
    But for me, it just falls short of Khaki overall!–which is not a mean achievement!
    NOw coming to the box office–think it will do enuf to rescue abhishek in his current state. Will not be a flop but wont be a big hit either.
    During the well picturised deepika song and some crude violent scenes, one could sense the female/prude/family crowd get a bit fidgety at the “crass lyrics” and “crudeness”.
    The movie has already lost a segment of the audience by an “A” tag and now this! (although it does add to the impact for those who dont mind it)
    No matter how one makes fun of the likes of rakesh roshan—they know the audience and how to make it more inclusive not the other way around (for all their utter predictability and lack of originality and authenticity).
    Whats the point of being more “authentic” for your own good. Thats not why this movie is being made–Actually, It is difficult to restrain and “not doing too much”…
    The music is good and is well placed and is as unobtrusive as can be in these sort of taut proceedings
    The first half is definitely nearly flawless and moves with silken touch of a guy who really knows his job inside out (rohan, raghavan). The second half (though not inferior) has problems for a typical hindi movie goer.
    I know where sippy and raghavan are coming from—but the bottomline is –that they had the “cat in the bag” till about 1hour 30 mark but then let bit of it out towards the end (losing some of the audience and box office).
    REmote Spoilers*****
    The “ending” wont get them extra points.
    Dont personally like this Sarkar Raj-esque “Sudden twist” with reference to the the “lead hero”.
    Thats NOT what the indian audience want and so why to do that??
    WHat do u want to prove and achieve. Infact (i know thats not the reason) but it appeared an excuse to prop up someone else’s (ranas) role.
    Its indeed a pity why soem v sensible guys work with inherent “safety valves” against success so as not to achieve it.
    All was needed was to tone down a bit of crass lyrics and the crude violence and the box office would have relfected in the decisive difference.
    Having said that, the movie may still do better if motivated negativity is “kept in check” and proactive “positivity” is practised rather than “above these things passivity” by the likes of rohan/abhi.
    Shor in the city appears promising and may create a bigger dent in multiplexes than envisaged. BUt DMD has enuf dum to surpass 45-50 crores with some luck, and adept handling of media and opinion.
    The best thing in its favor is the good word of mouth and near total absence of downright negative reports.

    • merci !! super commentaire !!! ;)

    • alex adams Says:

      Satyam what did u think about my cumments on DMD above.
      and when r u coming out with your DMD writeup..lol

      • was just reading them.. interesting stuff.. thanks for putting them up… I actually liked the second half more than the first one.. if you notice the first half is just about an hour while post-interval it’s an 1.15 or something. It’s not by accident. Do see your point in that a twist at the end is a ‘tricky’ one for the film but I think this is mediated by what follows though you might be right in that many in the audience might not have wanted that particular plot development. Do agree that this film helps Abhishek even if it’s a moderate success as opposed to a big one. Think it will stay very stable in its strength centers though. The ‘South’ deal is being exaggerated by the trade in my view. In other words not that the film isn’t excellent here but that Bombay has much greater variation, i.e. many more multiplexes that don’t all behave exactly alike. So I’m sure many are below the mark here but many that are excellent too (the same for Delhi and so on). Just don’t buy that the film is under-performing in the Bombay territory. But in any case going forward expect real stability here.

        Getting back to the twist I’d disagree that this doesn’t serve a point. I’d say in some ways it seems entirely logical. But I’ll explore this is in a piece. Hadn’t written it so far because it was hard to do one without the spoilers. But I’ll do one relatively soon now.

        Also don’t know if I agree with the language point. Let’s put it this way. If you have the same kind of thriller and not have a drugs backdrop but something else and you reduce some of frank dialog and also some of the sex and so on you have the family audience completely on board from day 1 (this too has to be factored into the numbers). But then it’s a different sort of film and not as good of one. Certain things go with the terrain. There are always ways to dilute edgier films and make them more acceptable for a wider audience. As an Abhishek fan I’d have loved for the film to have the family audiences on board and get a much bigger initial. But ultimately in a film of this kind I could never quite agree with the compromises that would be necessary. In a more commercial ‘nothing’ film it would be a different matter.

        I liked SR at the time and still do but there I had a problem with a couple of things as I found these problematic within the world of the film and for the entire logic of the franchise. Wouldn’t say the same for DMD.

        • alex adams Says:

          thanx satyam …
          as pointed out, a maker is always faced with a sirtuation–whom to please–the majority audience or the niche audiience or himself/herself…
          Thats depends on ones priorites.
          The point is more illustrative in guys like Vishal Bhardwaj who as a capable film maker is heads and shoulders above his peers who gross more than 3 times his grosses. But thats the choice HE has made and then he should not blame or be “surprised” by the box office..
          Obviously one cannot show kindergarten tunes or religious bhajans in a sex drug mafia film, but the question is of calibrating the extent as per the majority target audience..
          I overheard stuff from audiences coming out that “abhi again could not finish the job. Rana was the real hero and even he was a wimp in the beginning. So mazaa nahin aaya—hahahaha”
          when the target audience has similar “needs” and being a fim maker either one is not aware of these needs or doesnt pay heed to them , one has made a certain decision–nothing wroing or right–its just that the box office would reflect it an one should be aware of it.
          SPOLIER***Y the way, I think abhishrek nailed it in the “attempted suicide” scene. he showed maturity and restraint and his eyes talked more than his actions—That one scene alone reaffirmed my faith that he ahs it in him as a lead hero!!

          • “The point is more illustrative in guys like Vishal Bhardwaj who as a capable film maker is heads and shoulders above his peers who gross more than 3 times his grosses. But thats the choice HE has made and then he should not blame or be “surprised” by the box office..”

            I agree.. but if everyone thought purely about the gross we wouldn’t have anyone like Bhardwaj to begin with. We’d only have the likes of Bazmee or Abbas-Mustaan. I don’t have a problem with commercial filmmakers even where I don’t like the genres. I’ve never had a condescending attitude towards commercial cinema. Quite the opposite (even if it’s just too much with some of the comedy stuff these days.. the Golmaal franchise is disgraceful from what little I’ve seen..) and certainly meaningful commercial cinema is something I like far more than the purely offbeat. But the point is, and with respect to DMD, that sometimes the subversion inherent in a script has to be taken through to the very end. You just have a lesser film if you make the easier decision. But the issue then is that why stop here? So if that one element were changed about DMD (which I frankly do not find decisive as for example with SR) that would still leave others. In other words I could also think of other elements that too would help the film’s cause. Presumably one keeps increasing the gross this way!

            But there’s another way to look at it also. The audience has plenty of such comments even with very commercial films and even ones that are successful. It’s just that those other films just attract a larger cross-section of the audience (whether they’re hits or flops) and hence the rest seems immaterial. But we’re arguing two different things here. If Abhishek had been going into DMD with 5 hits behind him the initial would have been much bigger but those people you overheard would still be saying the same thing! There would in fact be many more people like them! But there would also be many more who liked the film. A bigger base (initial) is helpful not least for this reason. If 60% of an audience is going to like a film it’s better to have a base of 20 people as opposed to 10! This is where consistent stardom helps. You just get closer to 20 people for every film and come up with the biggest gross possible even in the worst situation. But this only takes you so far without an obvious genre (defined as one that attracts most cross-sections of the audience). so much of the discussion is focused on Abhishek in this sense that other aspects are obscured. So for example check out how JA opened or Guzaarish, check out how Swades opened or Asoka, check out how much a ‘hit’ Kaminey did overall. So on and so forth. There are very many examples. Even the best stars with consistent track records can suddenly become very mortal with genres that don’t attract everyone in the audience. Then it’s about WOM and stability and so on. Always a more delicate dance. But also one where the gross cannot be huge even with great WOM.

  100. alex adams Says:

    Thanx Tata—hahaha
    Much Appreciated.
    ENjoyed the “movie” lol

  101. Will probably do 25cr by the end of its 1st week if it remains fairly stable. Not bad at all for a film of its genre. It’s total cost is reportedly under 35cr, so I do feel with good trending, the film will easily be safe in the weeks to come. There is no major opposition ahead as well.

    There should be some interesting comparisons with Thank You in the weeks to come. BOI will probably try to be very lenient with the latter. Thank You had total cost of nearly 60cr riding on it, so if it will be interesting to see the trade verdicts of BOI on both of the movies.

    You’ll probably notice that BOI were saying that DMD has grossed 35cr in its 1st day when in fact from Taran’s numbers, it did 54cr. Even BOI rectified their Friday numbers later on, but it was either that they were completely wrong and off the mark by nearly 20cr or then they were deliberately trying to underline the film.

    Anyway a 16.5cr week-end for DMD is very decent. If it remains fairly stable in the days to come and then in the weeks to come, it will be an average earner at the very least. It’s a very fine film and it certainly deserves to do well.

    • amit srivastava Says:

      This would mean around 2 crore per day for the rest of the week (4 days). As I stated earlier, interesting days ahead for DMD for sure……….

  102. Sorry for the typo. Meant lacs instead of cr for some of the figures above.

  103. alex adams Says:

    Hmm…Yes Kev.
    From the type of recent track record abhishrek is coming from (unfortunately for him) the performance of DMD (till now) is reasonably respectable and probably already more than the overall gross of the cumulative gross of some of his recent films!!
    As for the “reporting”, it is incumbent on the bachcchans to “sort out” the taran adarshes and komal nahatas “amicably” and keep them on ones own side!!
    Its not too late even now. lol
    Suddenly there will be a 10-15 crore “uplift” in the total!!
    As for the news of “RGV replacing abhi with rana”–Not going into the intricacies, but if RGV is indeed a “friend”, what was the reason of releasing this “news” the same day as the DMD release??

    • I’ve read few tweets from Abhishek’s friends. It looks he was out of depratemnt after release of DMD. Until the day before, Abhishek has confirmed them
      doing DMD. RGV needs some attention, release all controversial comments. Abhishek is not going to lose anything with this decision.

      • This is actually very stupid on the part of RGV. Except for the Bachchans, nobody is willing to act in RGV’s films. Now he is alienating them. With Rana, the movie would not get any visibility in Hindi.

        • alex adams Says:

          yes Prasad–right about rgv.
          saw Komal Nahata on telly about dmd–He appeared to be trying to put down DMD. But appeared to be less sure that it will under perform.
          He praised abhi and the gripping film and praised rana and prateik even more.
          As expected, he blamed the “second half” and that the climax wasnt “explained properly” and felt that the “crass lyrics and violence “may reduce the business—Exactly what i had predicted in my cumments above!

          • yeah these guys gradually change their tune over time when things look good for the film. Talked to some people in India and the sense of a success is certainly there with this one.

        • http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/report_is-there-trouble-brewing-between-rana-daggubati-and-abhishek-bachchan_1535895

          Abhishek Bachchan had definitely heard the script of Department, but had never committed to it as he knew that he was going to be busy with Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ladies and Gentlemen, Rohit Dhawan’s Bol Bachchan and then Dhoom 3. So, there was no way he could allot the dates to Ramu, and this was conveyed to him early on,” said the source.

  104. amit srivastava Says:

    Box Office: Dum Maaro Dum opening weekend collections
    HETAL ADESARA 25 April , 2011


    MUMBAI: The opening weekend collections of Abhishek Bachchan’s Dum Maaro Dum have been below average for a film of its caliber. The movie saw net collections of approximately Rs 165 million (Rs 16.5 crore) at the box office in its opening weekend. DMD was released in India across 1200 screens.

    As was reported earlier by Businessofcinema.com, on Friday the movie saw net collections of approximately Rs 54 million (Rs 5.4 crore). Collections on Saturday saw a drop with Rs 47 million (Rs 4.7 crore), whereas the movie’s net collections on Sunday stood at Rs 56 million (Rs 5.6 crore). The paid previews on Thursday saw collections of Rs 80 lakhs.

    As per information available with Businessofcinema.com, the movie performed particularly well in the South territories like Andhra Pradesh, Nizam, Mysore and Karnataka.

    International Box Office

    The movie has collected approximately $1.4 million in the international markets. The collections of the major international markets are given below:

    US – $360,000
    UK – $157,000
    Mid-East – $300,000
    Australia – NZ – $150,000

    According to Fox Star Studios India, the movie’s opening weekend worldwide theatrical revenues combined with the cable and satellite rights of the movie, which have been sold to Star for Rs 80 million (Rs 8 crore) and the overflow revenues from music; Dum Maaro Dum has already recovered it cost of production of approximately Rs 220 million (Rs 22 crore).

    The performance of Dum Maaro Dum is also better than Bachchan’s last two movies Game and Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey.

    Opening weekend of Abhiskeh Bachchan’s last three movies:

    Game – Rs 28 million (Rs 2.8 crore)
    Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey – Rs 32.5 million (Rs 3.25 crore)
    Raavan – Rs 170 million (Rs 17 crore)

  105. Saw the DMD in multiplex with 15% occupied… the movie is neither too good or too bad, found last 20 minutes really good, may be that will suit not coomon masses and there i think lies the success n failure of movie… one of the best one liners and dialogues in the movie, found deepika’s song really irritating, screeching and interjected one…. govind namdeo and ricky were the best and they have best lines of the movie.. prateeek has to really work on his voice and dugga seems to be dead pan face, may be suiting his role in movie.. could have been much crispier and tight, and found little audience that was there really laughing and enjoying it… but the moot question remains, can WOM force ppl to see it? its still the better dish than wat is served every friday in BW… I hope AB sees success but ppl are not coming out, I sense so… for me movie was good watch…may add more later

    • Thank god people are mentioning Prateik Babbar annoying voice and performance. He ruined it each time he came on screen. The film deserves far more than what its getting right now. It is one of the better films in quite a long time.

      • I was disappointed with Pratiek. He was good in DG and even his cameo in JTYJN. I think he took the 17 yr old character too hard and came up with an irritating squeaky voice

  106. International Box Office
    The movie has collected approximately $1.4 million in the international markets. The collections of the major international markets are given below:

    US – $360,000
    UK – $157,000
    Mid-East – $300,000
    Australia – NZ – $150,000


    • The cinema I went to had 22 people I think. That hall is around a 250-300 seater. Me and my 3 friends were shocked. That is the lowest occupancy I’ve ever witnessed in a cinema hall on the opening Fri. A real shame.

      Therefore I can fully understand such poor collections in the UK

      P. S considering DMD is a biggie I was surprised it had only 2 shows on Fri. I expected more shows. Maybe it was intentional by Fox.

    • that’s not a Nahata piece.. all koimoi pieces are not by him.

      • Michael Barbosa Says:

        OK but KOIMOI is his baby & they are reporting a CRASH !!!!

        • let’s see the numbers. Listen if it’s not working it’s not going to depend on my opinion! I wasn’t disputing a whole series of other Abhishek failures! But excuse me if I don’t just take the trade at face value in these matters. If DMD does 2 crores on Mon it’s fine. If it does less it would seem bleak. But even if it did 2 crores Mon it would still have to maintain this more or less every day. Unless it’s more one day, less the next. Let’s see what the trends are. What’s the desperation about?! If you’re looking for a flop here whether you get it today or 2 days later shouldn’t matter much!

    • note how everyone has different numbers. From the 13 crores mentioned here to 14.25 in the koimoi piece to 16.5 everywhere. BOI say in their q&a that everyone estimates differently based on the numbers! LOL, what a revelation!

      DMD definitely has to be stable over the weekdays. But let’s see what the numbers are first.

      • Until now AB was silent on DMD but thankfully he just broke that silence and put this on his blog..

        Fox Studios that co produces ‘Dum Maro Dum’ sends out these details on the collections – they speak for themselves

        FIRST WEEKEND DOMESTIC NET Box office – Rs 16.5 crores

        · 3rd biggest opening weekend in 2011 after YPD and THANK YOU ( YPD is Yamla Pagla Deewana )

        · Biggest opening in South India for any Hindi film in 2011

        · Third biggest Abhishek film ever after Dhoom2 and Dostana

        · Bigger than Kaminey, New York

        · Bucked the IPL trend and has reposed good BOX OFFICE numbers in the cricket season.

        Break up is as follows :
        Thu . 8
        Fri – 5.4
        Sat – 4.7
        Sun – 5.6

        · International Box office 1.4 mn US$

        · Joint 2nd with Dhobi Ghat opening in US after YPD

        · ME – One of the top openings in 2011 ( ME is Middle East )

        · OZ/ NZ – No. 1 of all openings in 2011 ( Not too tough to get that its Australia and NewZealand )

        Word of mouth score of 69 which is jointly tied at no. 3 with No One Killedd Jessica from all films released since September – have attached the ranking list and the EXIT POLL.
        Abhishek performance is coming out a winner + Dialogues are connecting
        DMD trending on twitter India – continuously for last 5 days

        STRATEGIC Opportunity
        DMD recovers its COP of 22 crores in the first weekend from domestic + International theatrical + music (including overflows) + Sateliite
        Good WOM + Longer run due to a strategic release window as has been experienced by Tanu Weds Manu during World cup.
        ( COP is cost of production, WOM is word of mouth )

        Head of Distribution, Marketing and Syndication

        • glad he did.. it’s the 16.5 crore number here as well.

          it needs to stay stable on the weekdays and it should be fine.

        • Would have to be very stable over the next few days to get anywhere close to 50-60 cr. Based on WOM this one shd definitely do much better than D6 and Raavan both of which were in the 30-35 cr range. There are no major releases the entire May so that shd help. If Abhishek wants to be considered an A-lister he shd consistently be doing over 50cr.

          • this is where the damage over the last number of flops has been revealed in the sense that with a greater initial those higher numbers are more likely. Or else you need a much safer genre where most people show up so that with similar WOM the jump is really universal whereas with a family audience if they don’t want to watch something because of ‘sex and drugs’ or whatever they won’t just be persuaded by good WOM. but do agree it would have to be very stable to get to 50 from here. Guru got to 50 from a first week of 20 crores or more. And this after dropping by 45% or more in the second week (it was very stable from the third week). So it can be done. But Guru had the advantage of no cross-section of the audience avoiding it. Let’s see here. The Mon and Tue numbers could make it fairly clear where this is heading. Realistically at this point unless something surprising happens and the film trends better than expected we are looking at a 25 crore week 1 number as an aim. It’s not much to expect an average 2 crore gross over the next 4 weekdays. This would put the total right up with SR (the latter went on to do 37 crores and faded rather fast after week 1). If it does this it will then need a pretty solid second weekend relative to the first one. So some hurdles remaining for sure.

          • I am disappointed with the numbers. it may end up with 35 crores. There is no point AB blogiing the numbers.

          • even if it ends up with 35 crores (and the final fate of the film is far from clear at this point) there is a world of difference between the perception of this film and something like Raavan or D6. The WOM on it has remained very positive as far as I can tell with its key demographic. No comparison on the review front either. Would be surprised if this wasn’t reflected in the final total.

          • by the way Ted have you seen the film?

          • I will be going tomorrow.

  107. Praise for Abhishek Bachchan in ‘Dum Maaro Dum’

    Dum Maaro Dum was released last Friday to mostly positive reviews. The film, directed by Rohan Sippy, is a crime thriller set in modern Goa. While the movie was a solidly entertaining nail-biter with some amazing action sequences, the film’s real stand out was Abhishek Bachchan’s portrayal of reformed cop Vishnu Kamath. Bachchan saw universal praise for his role, and the actor is undoubtedly proud with the positive buzz his performance received.

    Rajeev Masand of CNN IBN had this to say about Bachchan, “In the end, it’s Abhishek Bachchan who throws you with his sheer presence. He plays Kamath with just the right amount of steely nerve and naked emotions…”

    Taran Adarsh of Bollywoodhungama.com writes, “Abhishek is super in the role of a tough cop whose life undergoes a U-turn when personal tragedy strikes. He projects the varied emotions such as rage, turmoil, helplessness, anxiety without going overboard…”

    Congrats, Abhishek! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    • ideaunique Says:

      in fact kavita bamzai, sukanya and many others have praised abhi for dmd – and if he gets 50 cr for this film – this can be a major turning point for him

  108. Fall on Monday is 60%, Tuesday fall in the morning shows is even lower, Overall will do 33-35cr at best.

  109. Dum Maaro Dum Has Poor Monday

    Dum Maaro Dum had a poor Monday was collections were in the 2-2.25 crore nett region. The collections crashed in many areas while South held up a bit better.

    In the North, even an up market centre like Gurgaon crashed 65% plus which means little chance at the box office as if films like Dum Maaro Dum can’t sustain in multiplexes of Gurgaon then has little chances at multiplexes of the rest of the country.

    Single screens had crashed over the weekend and collections on Monday were simply awful. The four day business of the film is around 18.25 crore nett.

    The film is looking at business of around 23 crore nett first week and possibly 30 crore nett lifetime business. Business in places like West Bengal, Nizam, Mysore and Tamil Nadu/Kerala will still be good due to opening.

  110. Dum Maaro Dum Has Poor Monday

    Monday 26th April 2010 08.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum had a poor Monday was collections were in the 2-2.25 crore nett region. The collections crashed in many areas while South held up a bit better.

    In the North, even an up market centre like Gurgaon crashed 65% plus which means little chance at the box office as if films like Dum Maaro Dum can’t sustain in multiplexes of Gurgaon then has little chances at multiplexes of the rest of the country.

    Single screens had crashed over the weekend and collections on Monday were simply awful. The four day business of the film is around 18.25 crore nett.

    The film is looking at business of around 23 crore nett first week and possibly 30 crore nett lifetime business. Business in places like West Bengal, Nizam, Mysore and Tamil Nadu/Kerala will still be good due to opening.

    • this is ridiculous. How is it a crash if Fri was 5.4 crores (according to them just 4.5!) and Sun was 5.6 crores also? If the film does 2 crores every day of the week it has 25 crores for the week and here they’re talking about something higher. And if pulls in 2 crores every day the second weekend will be quite alright.

      Now if it does less tomorrow that’s another matter but this is bull given that BOI otherwise always compare to the Fri numbers as with Thank you recently and come up with favorable reports! see here:

      Thank You Has Steady Monday

      Tuesday 12th April 2010 12.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Thank You was steady on Monday compared to Friday as it grossed around 2.80-3 crore nett on Monday. The drop from Friday is 40-45% but problem is the collections on Friday were low so although the film is steady the collections are on the lower side.

      The first week business will depend on what sort of jump comes today (Tuesday) and Thursday as both are holidays. The film has now grossed around 20.25 crore nett in four days.

      It was business outside major urban centres like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore which showed the best trending on Monday. A 30 crore nett week would be a fair result for the film considering the low collections on Friday.

      • I am not seeing much activity in twitter regarding DMD. It is exam time and IPL, not foreseeing any collections. Even in South, Rana’s next is releasing this Friday. DMD may end up with 20-22 cr.

        It is a missed opportunity just like D-6.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      not good….but considering the last couple of disasters for abhishek…this is not that bad. plus the movie is kick ass. looks like abhishek is still looking for that solo blockbuster…guru seems like a lifetime ago.

  111. Michael Barbosa Says:

    A 59% fall in Indore on Monday.

  112. Amit Srivastava Says:

    Box Office: ‘Raavan’ me Koi Khas Dum Nahi; Dum Maro Dum continues trend of underperforming Abhishek Bachchan starrers
    Tuesday, April 26, 2011


    Abhishek Bachchan has had a humiliating streak post-Raavan with this Bachchan’s starrers like Game and Khele Hum Jee Jaan Se failing to take even a respectable initial in India. Infact his solo starrer Game was just recently beaten at the box office by a ‘Faltu’ movie literally.

    So it is not surprising then that his new release Dum Maro Dum, despite collections boosted in Nizam due to Telugu star Rana Dagubatti, hasn’t quite evoked a benchmark response in India, taking once again an underwhelming opening on Friday of less than 5 crores net and then checking out for a weekend haul of 15-16 crores net, 20 crores gross weekend.

    The saving grace for it is DMD has beaten the Punjabi movie Dharti of Jimmy Shergill and another regional Telugu film Mr. Perfect; however its occupancies and collections are nothing to boast about when capacities for major Hindi films are hovering around Rs 80 crores gross weekend and Rs 175-180 crore week mark at full capacities in 2011 figures.

    Bollywood simply has been losing ground with lack of much star appeal and last decade’s holdovers like Abhishek Bachchan simply unable to pull in the crowds at the box office. As such middle aged actors who would be near retirement or transitioning away are still showing up in big banner films as leads. Some examples being Salman Khan whose Ready is pitched for release, Shahrukh Khan, and Akshay Kumar whose Thank You and Patiala House have flopped one after another after Tees Maar Khan as well.

    The average ticket price at upscale theaters is hovering around Rs. 300. However last week the highest grossing movie at many such places was an English film Rio 3D.

  113. hi
    I was a member of indolink forum but got free more recently.I have been observing some of the points
    mentioned by some people in NaachGaana – (More or less anti Abhishek forum). I cant seem to
    understand the logic of BOI as well as some so called trade pundits like (Tango).

    Anyway if the movie has grossed around 19 crs in 4 days assuming me it takes in another 1.75 cr in
    the next 3 days – i have given extreme predictions so this comes to

    1.75 * 3 = 5.25 = 19 + 5.25 = around 25 crores.

    Again the weekend comes add another 1.25 cr for friday and another 2 cr each on sat and sun which
    makes 5.25 cr for the weekend so the total comes to = 30 crores

    take another 1 cr for following monday and another 3crore for the week which makes
    1+3 = 4 CR

    SO the total = 34 crores in 3 weeks? where BOI get 30 crore life time>

    if some one could educate me on this will be obliged?

    Cheers to everyone love peace


  114. atticus finch Says:

    I really liked the movie when I saw it and was pretty sure that it will do well, but the way the movie has crashed poses a fundamental problem for AB Jr. He just doesn’t have the pull anymore, so much so that even his good movies are not able to break even. I find this difficult to grasp, because the very fact that he is still getting good & big banner movies (with a lot of money riding on them) means that the people in the industry still believe in him. No one would put big money in a project if they ain’t sure of the returns no matter how big the star.

    & for sure this was a very well made movie & should have invariably done well in the multiplexes, & the failure of the movie should ring some bells at many places. We all know that there are no permanent stars and no permanent successes (my father was a king ??).

  115. masterpraz Says:

    Interesting set of views all around on DMD. I’ve seen it twice, disliked the first time, and liked it a LOT the second time…

    I’ll reserve my full thoughts on the film until I see it again, however Rohan Sippy has definetly made a movie smarter and more layered than BLUFFMASTER though applying the same “overall” technique in a different genre…

    Prateik was absolutely brilliant yet again after DHOBI GHAT in a endearing and seamless act.

    As for Abhishek, I’ll hold off all my thoughts until my review, but this seemed like a “teaser” for what’s potentially to follow with full-fledged entertainers (DMD I would hardly cast in that category) BOL BACHCHAN, DHOOM 3, PLAYERS and THE HANGOVER remake!

    He pulls off a similar trick to what Aamir did in RDB with DMD and I’ll certainly call this a land mark performance.

    • I felt prateek annoying more so his voice, so weak n screeching sometimes, the best were Ricky n Rane…

  116. Amit Srivastava Says:

    ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ gets good response in South
    IANS | Apr 26, 2011, 03.19pm IST

    Telugu star Rana Daggubati has turned out to be a crowd puller for Rohan Sippy’s Hindi movie ” Dum Maaro Dum” (DMD) that was screened in 46 theatres in and around Hyderabad.

    “We screened on three screens in IMAX and we had a fantastic collection. DMD was the most awaited film. Rana’s popularity coupled with the famous title of the movie was a crowd puller. In fact even our weekday was close to 80 percent which is quite exciting,” said T. Srikanth, GM Operations, Prasad Media Corporation Ltd, in a statement.

    “The impressive star cast of Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu also helped stimulate the cinema goers,” he added.

    In Mysore, the film’s box office collection is the highest among all the Bollywood films released in 2011.

    The thriller amassed Rs.6.2 crore in India on its opening day.

  117. Amit Srivastava Says:

    ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ going dull at box office
    ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ fails to capitalize on the long weekend
    By Aparajita Ghosh
    Tue, Apr 26, 2011 08:15:28 GMT


    Despite a lot of odds being in its favour, last Friday’s release Dum Maaro Dum has failed to live up to expectations at box office.

    It was a three-day weekend, thanks to Good Friday. On top of it there was no competition in the form of other major releases. Add to that the special paid previews on Thursday. The immense publicity that Rohan Sippy’s latest film Dum Maaro Dum got in the days leading up to its release failed to translate into collections at box office.

    One might have expected the film to set the cash registers ringing but its first weekend collection is below par. The film fared slightly better in the southern belt (thanks to Rana Daggubati?). Its three-day collection stands at a little over Rs. 16 crore.

    To make matters worse, the collections dipped substantially on Monday – averaging around Rs. 2 to 2.25 crore nett.

    The film, starring Abhishek Bachchan, can’t be labelled as a flop yet, but it would take a miracle to turn its fortune around at ticket windows.

  118. @taran adarsh intwitter: 26/04
    ‘Dum Maaro Dum': Thu [previews] 80 lacs, Fri 5.4 cr, Sat 4.7 cr, Sun 5.6 cr, Mon 2 cr. Total: Rs 18.5 cr nett.

    • Amit Srivastava Says:

      A fall of around 64% as compared to Friday.

      • Again,Fri was a holiday. So a 60% fall is less daunting. I think the detractors want to have it both ways. First they want to call a 5.5-6.0 crore opening low for a holiday and then conviniently forget the holiday argument when addressing the fall as compared to Fri.
        Opening is certainly at the low end of what one would have exected but as Satyam said, a 2 crore average for weekdays should carry it to 25 crores. I think chances of that happening are 50-50.

        • Amit Srivastava Says:

          It will be great if it crosses the 40 crore mark.

          • To cross the 40 crores mark it will first have to put in 2 crores each day the rest of the week. That gets it to 25 crores. It will then need 10 crores over the second weekend or something of the sort (which will be quite strong relative to the first weekend). At that point it would definitely cross 40 crores. But it is definitely an uphill battle at this point because there is no margin for error. I must confess that some aspects of the box office story here have been a mystery to me. I was never expecting the family audience. Also accounted for Abhishek’s poor box office run. But still the film had positive reviews, even better ones for Abhishek and specially within the target younger demographic it seemed to have hit a home run (here there was very significant buzz anyway though it didn’t quite lead to a flying start). Even if it sustains at the low end of things it shouldn’t have come down to this. over the weekend it didn’t keep pace with Raavan, a film that released almost a year ago and was still slightly ahead of DMD even in literal terms. Of course we should also recalibrate the Raavan box office, something I’ve long believed. This film though obviously a flop did not have a box office performance to match the hysterical media reactions. And one wonders if this film might not have done somewhat better without the latter. In other words not that films depend on reviews but the hysteria surrounding this film was of a different order. With D6 it was negative in the normal way, not hysterical. Anyway getting back to DMD I must admit I am puzzled here to some degree. Because even accounting for Abhishek’s recent box office damage strong WOM usually helps all kinds of films with all kinds of stars with all kinds of track records. And again the buzz was there for this film within its target demographic. They knew who the lead was even then!

          • Why RohanSippy or AB became quiet? No tweets for the last two days. They have to clarify today’s midday mumbai article. I don’t think Rohan would compare Game with this.

          • Abhishek is shooting for Players in Russia.. not on twitter very regularly over the last few days.

          • Rohan responded to someone that he wouldn’t be tweeting any BO figures. After he did it the first time someone tweeted him that he shouldn’t have to and he said he agreed.

            Watched DMD this weekend. I enjoyed it a lot. Good solid movie. Which means of course, it won’t make a lot of money in BW!
            I don’t know how much it will end up making but I guess what’s important now is how the media refers to it. To this day they still give Abhishek a hard time about Raavan which is so tiring.
            I’d be nice of DMD is looked on positively. The plus is that for the most part Abhshek’s performance was praised the most.

          • Nahata has been piling on.. the dishonesty about the reporting is this.. if the film did about 4.7 crores on Sat were they expecting 4 crores on Mon?! Or 3 crores? If the film was going to do this on Mon wouldn’t it have jumped up a lot lot more at least on Sun?! The weekend should have been bigger but given that it wasn’t a 2-2.25 crore range is fine here for a Mon. Obviously the film cannot slip further but to say that it’s a crash on Mon is simply ridiculous. That would be true if the film made vastly more over the weekend. Anyway here’s that Komal link:


          • by the way note how Nahata now says the weekend was alright whereas previously he was singing a different tune. Now because he wants to say it’s crashed on Mon/Tue he’s pretending to be more liberal about the weekend numbers.

          • yes saw that Rohan comment on the first day.

    • April 26, 2011 05:16:08 PM IST
      Glamsham Editorial

      DUM MAARO DUM has collected a worldwide gross of Rs 29.8 crores.In spite of the IPL frenzy, DUM MAARO DUM has managed to post an opening weekend nett of Rs. 16.5 crores in India and an equally encouraging box office of Rs. 6.3 crores from the international markets.

      It’s the 3rd biggest opening for a Bollywood film in 2011 after YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA and THANK YOU.
      Saturday fall was expected as Friday was a holiday and the numbers were high. The word of mouth on the film grew and Sunday saw a huge jump in the numbers posting 5.6 crores net which was more than the Easter Friday holiday box office number.

      The film has attracted audiences in International markets as well grossing a phenomenal US$ 1.4 mn. It has got the second best opening for a Bollywood film in the US after YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA in 2011.

      “The film has already recovered its cost of production of 22 crores in the first weekend from domestic and International theatrical, music (including overflows) and satellite. Propelled by positive reviews and supported by great word of mouth we hope to have a long run at the box office aided by no big release in the forthcoming weeks. ” says Vijay Singh CEO Fox Star Studios.

    • It’s a simple deal at this point.. it has to maintain that 2 crore average the rest of the week. If it does that and gets to 25 crores we can start thinking about the weekend. If it falls below that there’s a problem. It can be 2.25 crores one day, 1.75 the next but that 2 crore average has to be maintained.

  119. Have yet to see the film but I suspect the ending while more realistic might have eroded the BO a bit as the ‘average’ audience has different expectations.

    • that might be the case but I don’t believe that is the most significant factor here. With SR I have always believed that was a big issue. here I don’t think it made a difference other than on the margins.

  120. BOI initially had it at 3.5cr opening and then they rectified it to 4.5cr when its in fact 5.4cr. It then does 2.25cr on Monday and they call it poor. Had it been another movie, they would have called it ‘standard 50% drop’. And then Friday was a public holdiday as well. So, the drop from a public holiday is always going to be steeper.

    It does need to be stable from now on on week-days. If it reaches around 25cr in its 1st week then it can make it to the 40cr mark by the end of its run.

    • Oh no questions on BOI, they’re always dishonest when it comes to Abhishek’s films and actually quite dishonest at other points when they want to celebrate other films.

  121. First Monday Thank v Dum Maaro Dum Gurgaon Multiplexes
    Tuesday 26th April 2011 17.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Thank You a film which scored at mass single screens had better collections than Dum Maaro Dum at Gurgaon multiplexes on there first Mondays. Gurgaon is the prime multiplex centre of India totally dominated by multiplex business. Below are the collections of Thank You and Dum Maaro Dum on there first Monday at Gurgaon.
    PVR Ambience
    Thank You – 1,56,879
    Dum Maaro Dum – 1,29,785
    Thank You – 1,19,876
    Dum Maaro Dum – 89,631
    PVR Sahara
    Thank You – 57,897
    Dum Maaro Dum – 31,129

    DT City
    Thank You – 56,843
    Dum Maaro Dum – 53,113

    DT Mega
    Thank You – 53,213
    Dum Maaro Dum – 56,016

    DT Star
    Thank You – 50,008
    Dum Maaro Dum – 34,575

    SRS Omaxe
    Thank You – 35,547
    Dum Maaro Dum – 18,614

    SRS Wedding
    Thank You – 24,445
    Dum Maaro Dum – 14,260

    Thank You – 51,983
    Dum Maaro Dum – 38,946

    Thank You – 6,06,691
    Dum Maaro Dum – 4,66,074

  122. I think DMD is a ‘good’ success here. Given time it won’t matter how ‘much’ it earned but that it’s a success. Also,

    – it’s a highly ‘narrowcast’ film: ‘A’ certificated, thriller… So, the numbers will be considered quite good.

    – Abhishek has been complimented

    – Rohan has been hailed

    Their next film would be lapped up at a higher value not lower

    – Distributors will be happy at the end fo the day with it

    I don’t know what the fuss is about bringing DMD down and a haggling over a couple of crores here and there. The film is good and the returns are good. That’s that.

  123. “I don’t know what the fuss is about bringing DMD down and a haggling over a couple of crores here and there. The film is good and the returns are good. That’s that.”

    Really ???

  124. “-Abhishek has been complimented

    – Rohan has been hailed

    Their next film would be lapped up at a higher value not lower

    – Distributors will be happy at the end fo the day with it ”

    Are you sure you’re not being sarcastic here ???

    • iffrononfire Says:

      lol these things are still going on with numbers

      2.25-2.5 cr is not bad for a A CERTIFIED dark thriller

      btw see a different rending for this one… may do well on weekends till june(due to no comeption) and so-so for weekdays

      40 cr is not bad for this genre

    • The MNS Cine Worker’s wing, though a wing of the political party, doesn’t comprise of members from the political party. It has over 3000 members form the industry… technicians, actors, etc. among others. Irrfan Khan, Aamir Khan, etc. are members of the MNS Cine Worker’s union.

      This is TOI trying to ‘create’ headlines and news. Yes, the MNS has targetted Amitabh Bachchan distastefully in the past… but those were the acts of a new born political party trying to gain some ill-though mileage… and in the run becoming a proxy of the very party it wanted to distance itself from!

      The Cine Worker’s wing has disrupted other shootings in the past even for reasons ranging from low wages to technicians like spot boys, etc. to foreign dancers being employed. I don’t see anything wrong in objecting that. When one shoots in France, Germany or what-have-you… the laws require you to hire locals for dancers, extras. Trying to push an anti-Amitabh angle in this story is ridiculous.

  125. Everything stated in your comment.

  126. all my friends who have seen this movie have said its b een best of the year, and said abhi too was good, but still many others say they wont like to check this out in theater.. becoz of past flicks .. rather a dvd watch.

    the later part i found disappointing but something that cant be argued with. thats life i guess, all comes in a cycle.

    • that’s a real pity because it’s hard to imagine a better visual experience than this (from Bollywood). It deserves to be seen in the theater. To see it otherwise is a bit criminal. But yes this is where box office damage of the past and on a consistent basis reveals itself. Having said that this is also where if a film exhibits reasonable stability people can change their minds over time.

      • Filmbuff Says:

        Satyam, other side of the coin – I saw this movie on the big screen last night. Easter holidays combined with school holidays plus the fact that Tuesday is the day when tickets are cheap, I think the cinema chains over here give preference to the regular hollywood flicks that fetch them money. As a result DMD was shunted off to a small cinema at the Castle Hill Greater Union in Sydney. The hall had only 8 rows and I was on the last row at the back. What was worse was that the screen itself was small. So through out the movie the top part of the characters ie the heads were cut off, we could only see their “below the eyes” face. So you can imagine the visual experience. We could not enjoy even Goa’s beautiful landscape on this screen. That is my story from Down Under!

        Nothing unusual about the story ie we can second guess at every stage. However it does keep flowing through ie never a dull moment. Music was sub standard – not suprising with Pritam as the music director. Performance wise I was impressed with preitek, the guy who acted as Mercy, Rana and Abhishek. It was sad to see the original melodious DMD song murdered – even the picturisation was sub standard and Deepika looked ill at ease. Vidya Balan and Abhishek look good together. Hope they make a full fledged movie as the leads soon.

        • thanks for your views.. pity you had to see the film this way..

          • Filmbuff Says:

            yep, i actually would like Rohan Sippy or Abhishek himself to be aware of this incident but don’t know how these sorts of things can be passed on to them. On the other hand, I did send an email to Ash Gowar regarding another experience with cinema chains here wrt Jodha Akbar. I only got a polite acknowledgement from some guy who I guess maintains Ash Gowa’s website – that’s it – no indication if they would take up the matter with their distributors. I guess some countries don’t matter to them so long as they get their moolah from the US market.

          • Finally I’ve watched it today. I liked it a lot, but felt like a lost opportunity to make big. Rohan Sippy can do miracles if he is flexible towards BO. They have spoiled the title song, would have done better to create hype. Abhishek is at his best. I am happy overall irrespective of BO outcome.

  127. Looks like a stable Tuesday


    • Great, It seems First week will finish at 24-25 Crore. I am expecting very stable second week because new releases are not that kind to attract much crowd. DMD will be first choice for those who missed it in first week. 9-10 Crore second weekend is on cards and probably 13-14 crore week. DMD will finish at 45-50 Crore range.

  128. Business Talk With Taran Adarsh
    Sigh of relief

    April 27, 2011 – 08:18 IST

    Abhishek Bachchan can heave a sigh of relief. The actor was going through the worst phase in his career, after RAAVAN, KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY and GAME emerged financial setbacks for their respective distributors. But what was worrisome and may have given the actor nightmares was the fact that the opening weekend business of his films had begun to dwindle to alarming levels. KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY and GAME in particular had hit an all-time low as far as Weekend 1, Week 1 and Lifetime Business were concerned.

    You may be the most talented actor in the business, but the industry follows just one rule – Hit hain to Fit hain. Your last Friday decides your status. No amount of PR articles/interviews and Page 3 stories rescue or resurrect your status if the box-office numbers are missing. Naturally, Abhishek was in troubled waters. DUM MAARO DUM had to deliver.

    Though DUM MAARO DUM hasn’t delivered as per expectations and the weekdays have witnessed a decline in business, Abhishek can heave a sigh of relief only because the business hasn’t been as low as KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY or GAME. Of course, DUM MAARO DUM is no success either. The Overseas numbers are below the mark, in view of the fact that it was released with a massive screen count. After adding the revenue accrued from the non-theatrical rights [Satellite Rights – Rs 8 cr, Music + Home Video – Rs 3 cr], Fox Star will have to rely on India theatrical business to do the trick. Will the film make it to the safety zone? The business on weekdays and second weekend will be the deciding factors.

    • When it comes to Abhi’s movie Taran can’t live without multiple use of ‘Though and But’.
      He can’t help as kutra ni puchadi vanki te vanki..

  129. One of my coligue watched DMD yesterday evening in Faridabad multiplex. When I asked about him about the occupancy, he told me that it was around 60% which I think is quite high. Although, this multiplex is most popular in Faridabad due ti its location and its occupancy level is always higher than other multiplexes, yet, it still indicates stable Tuesday.

    • Yes, Upward trend in multiplex is very rare these days and DMD showing jump on Tuesday at Indore multiplex (Around 55% jump at one multiplex) is surprising .. This shows that people are interested to check it in theaters. I am sure movie will be stable in second with with healthy collections of 12-13 Crore. Looks like life time 45-50 Crore.

  130. OK, first things first. Watched DMD last evening (Trivandrum 6 pm about 100 people in a 800 seat theater),but I’ll leave the BO musings to better folk than me.
    The movie itself, what a super cracker of a narrative, good all round performances, found Prateik extremely good, and AB in top notch form, living the role, rather than essaying it. Aah, bliss!
    Loved thayn thayn, really took the story forward, not so much the title track- the crazy camera zooming killed it for me, but what follows after the song is a real twist.
    Many images from the movie are haunting – the accident scene took my breath away, though I knew it was coming (AB and Vidya do make a great on screen couple, in the AB Rani mold), the attempted suicide, the torture, the raiding of the ship – raw action!, and AB on the ground after the betrayal.
    This particular scene brought the quite unbidden and unrelated thought of the 26 nov Mumbai attack to my mind — its seems quite fantastic and improbable that 6 senior police officers could be felled in one blow. Was there a Rane in the ranks??
    On a personal note, my husband, whom I dragged kicking and screaming to the theater – I dont want to watch your stupid Abhishek movie – he hates AB in direct proportion to the amount I love AB, cant imagine why(!!) – absolutely loved the movie and AB in particular. In fact he said that AB is looking most relaxed and comfortable in his role and is also looking quite good. (AB looks like a million bucks!!!)
    One crib, Nana patekar would have had a greater impact as Biscuit, Aditya Pancholi was quite ‘naram’ .
    And oh, the disposal of the drugs in the end, what a kinky idea Sirji, looks like Old Monk and Sridhar Raghavan are a real potent combination!!
    But one viewing is not enough, cant wait for the DVD to come out. If I try to get my husband back to the theater again, I’ll end up with a divorce on my hands!! No can do.
    My next few lines are only for Tata – if i can borrow your copyright Alex! – Tata, how did you get interested in Hindi films and especially AB in particular, given that you dont even get to watch them soon enough. Could you share please, if alright with you?

    Satyam, awaiting yor review.

    • great to hear your take on this .. will do the piece soon..

    • ha ha lol- I am of Armenian origin. pandant the Soviet era in Russia they looked a lot of Bollywood films (so we have this culture) contrerement the French. In France there is not a large diaspora hindien, so the films can not hardly watch. But thanks to the Russians arrive to watch them. The Russian community and ex-USSR they all: DVDs, videos, websites etc. .. (and then you have to want it all) …
      P.S. My English is not great: (

      en français:
      je suis d’origine armenienne .Pandant l’époque sovietique en Russi on regardait beaucoup de films de Bollywood (donc, nous avons cette culture ;) contrerement aux français. En france il n’y a pas un grand diaspora hindien, donc les films on ne regarde quasiment pas. Mais grace aux russes j’arrive les regarder. La communauté russe et ex-URSS ils ont tous: des DVD, des videos, sites etc.. (et puis il faut vouloire c’est tout ) …

    • Nice set of thoughts. Since you mention Nana Patekar, he was actually offered the part that Govind Namdeo eventually ended up playing. Apparently, Nana himself suggested that taking him for the role would lead to people guessing some foul play. In any case, Abhishek and Nana are already in Rohan’s next film.

      I actually didn’t mind Aditya Panscholi. On the contrary I loved that he chose to play the villain straight and not as a caricature. Real life bad guys are normal… they are evil in their actions, and rarely need histrionics to support those.

      I loved the way the drugs are disposed off as well… what a joint! Smoke it up!

      • liked Pancholi here. Conveyed the right sleaze quotient!

      • alex adams Says:

        I would say that Aditya Pacholi fitted the bill here v well.
        INfact, think he deserved a better showing in bollywood in general. He is nmore than decent in acting & looks department…

    • alex adams Says:

      Mirabai–nice review—enjoyed reading it–lol
      Agree bout Sridhar raghavan and old monk being a potent combination..
      “My next few lines are only for Tata – if i can borrow your copyright Alex!”–hahaha u can borrow her (only briefly though)-lol

      • hahaha.cool

        • alex adams Says:

          pour vos yeux seulement lol

          • Happy to see this blog is providing other services for some besides boring cinema!

            One of the great (and greatly cheesy) Bond opening sequences incidentally. The guy in the wheelchair controlling Bond’s helicopter over London till Bond eventually gets control and dumps him in a huge chimney! Check it out here.

            Sorry to bore you with cinema again Alex!

          • alex adams Says:

            NIce Bond sequence there lol..
            Like the cats “eyes” there a lot–hehehe

  131. DMD Tuesday sounds like 2 crores from Doga’s estimates. Not bad, all things considered.


    As Abzee said, write the damn piece already.

    • yes and when it’s stable BOI don’t update!

      On the piece.. definitely today!

      • BOI never updates on Tuesday unless it is a big movie. Tuesday’s it usually only provides overseas numbers, which it already has

        • DMD is a big movie .. isn’t it ? And BOI updates Thank you Tuesday numbers as well .. which was more or less in same range of DMD (2.25 Crore) ..

        • Just checked, Thank you Tuesday was 3.5 Crore due to holiday .. But Monday was low .. In any case BOI updates Tuesday numbers for all big movies and DMD is a big movie as well ..

  132. Thanks Satyam and Tata for your replies.
    And rightly so Abzee, Nana in Namdeo’s role would have surely given the ending away. Still feel he should have been Biscuita. However, great to hear of Nana and AB together in the next Rohan movie – Love Nana’s madness juxtaposed with AB’s understated sophistication.
    And yes Satyam, write the piece already!

    • Abhishek worked well with Nana Patekar in BM. Always felt they had a certain chemistry and did want to see more of them together.

  133. Alex adams Says:

    Why the heck has taran adarsh cum up with an earlier review as early as mon/ tues for ” shor in the city” imploring people to go out and watch the film!!!
    so as to dissuade people who were planning to watch Dmd on tues we’d as well!!
    Know of somebody who was planning to check out dmd and now is in double minds whether to wait for fri for shor in the city!!!
    What’s the “official” reason for tarans inconsistencies in the day of writing to the review– it does have an impact on those who have marginal understanding and are ” on the fence”….

    • yes this is a very deliberate move. If you notice the tone of the piece there is clearly the sense of a small, artsy films that can nonetheless appeal to a larger audience. Really? and what examples do we have? Dev D did very well and managed only 16-18 crores. Started off with a very small base and stayed that way. Other small multiplex hits don’t cross the 10-12 crore range on many occasions. Have nothing against Shor… and I in fact expect it to be a good film, I’ve been following it for a while. But these are pieces framed in a certain way.

      Having said that he’s still more careful with DMD than Nahata who’s been extreme about it from day 1 and also has the lowest weekend number on it.

      The thing with DMD is these guys are in trouble if it stays stable over the weekdays. So far so good. But if it gets to 25 crores for the week which it would with 2 crores or more every day the chance of having an 8-9 crore second weekend is then a fair one. Because this number is hardly big but would be great relative to the first weekend. And if that happens you’re minimally looking at a 45 crore grosser. Still a long ways to go till then and a film at the low end of course has no margin for error.

      • Matter of fact DMD is a giant and very tall film-average height of this movie is 6’3″! Abhi, Muzammil, Aditaya, Rana, Hussain Shaikh and Rohan Sippy all average 6’3″..

        • alex adams Says:

          Good statistic Pradip!!
          Didnt notice that.
          Viewers were busy “noticing” something else!
          Even deepika is realitvely tall–dont know her exact stats though!
          By the way, even bipasha looks alright here…

        • interesting factoid! Who’s Muzammil? Hussain Shaikh?

          • Muzammil as Mercy and can’t recall screen name of Hussain Shaikh but he was as Omar in BM.

          • alex adams Says:

            Pradip–u certainly have an eye for detail..
            Have u seen the movie only once like me..
            Maybe i was a bit distracted lol

          • It was shockingly easy to convince die hard HR’s fan to give company for DMD. It was more shocking to find her getting ready in just 10 minutes. Mystery was really deepening and suddenly brain succeeded in resolving it.
            It was a payback time. Great stubbornness while accompanying ‘kite’ and repeated digs at the movie and HR was not a forgotten chapter and now tit for tat was in the offing.
            Finding just 20 people in 300 capacity Regal cinema put a dent in my on the border positive mind frame. “Don’t worry it is 12 show (As a Gujju got to save in Matinee show) and who comes in that” was her reaction or rather sarcastic reaction.
            130 minutes of highly engaging, immensely interesting, superbly performed, intelligently directed, written and captured dumdaar moments completely erased payback time idea at least for a now!
            Yes, alex until now it is just one viewing and couldn’t help noticing exceptionally tall actors along with great camera work, lighting, clothes, locations, accents (Rana’s voice was dubbed-Rohan lied but everything is fair in marketing so no grudge), crow feet under Abhi’s eyes, little hard working and not so curvaceous Deepika and Bipasa.
            After Abhishek Bandekar’s splendid review there is hardly any scope for anyone except Satyam to add to it.

          • alex adams Says:

            Pradip—good writeup about “payback time” and the “gettin ready in 10 minutes” lol.
            By the way–must add- I didnt find Kites that bad (obviously was a let down but not as much as made out to be).
            Like the song- “Zindagi do pal ki”!!

    • I agree Alex..There was no need to for early review . Taran is doing all he can to bring down DMD.

      • alex adams Says:

        “I agree Alex..There was no need to for early review . Taran is doing all he can to bring down DMD.”
        Thanx Rajesh.
        “Subtle behind the scenes games” always go on (in all fields).
        But this is NAKED !!
        I will even offer him an “excuse” for this “earlier” review —that he was shown this movie earlier through an invited screening.
        Cmon thes sort of “excuses” are absurd to say the least.
        The way he is “desperate” to somehow prop up this film and make people “change their minds” is quite obvious.
        Nothing against “shor’ which may well be a v good film.
        Think Tyrant Adarsh needs a spanking here and be (s)exposed —Hope someone does a “shakti kapoor” type sting operation on him –!!!! hahaha
        Media can bite both ways

        • i completely agree Alex there needs to be sting operation on this Non-Adarsh wasi, the na-P(m)asand and Nahata.

          Seems like Ekta Kapoor gave a better gift to Adarsh than the Sippys.

  134. Dum Maaro Dum Collections Have Steep Falls

    Thursday 28th April 2011 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dum Maaro Dum collections are having steep falls on the weekdays. The film picked up 16 crore nett over the weekend including paid previews but since then its been downhill all the the way with collections falling fast.

    The collections on Monday were around 2.10 crore nett approx, on Tuesday they fell again and were 1.70 crore nett approx while Wednesday was around 1.40 crore nett approx. The week will finish below the 22.50 crore nett. Dum Maaro Dum did well in West Bengal and South over the weekend but even these areas have fallen badly over the weekdays.

    The film will fall badly in week two as multiplexes have reduced its screens heavily. The lifetime business is expected to be a 14-15 crore distributor share.


    • damn, now even the multiplex owners are trying the best to get DMD down. Whole world is conspiring against Abhi

    • AamirsFan Says:

      hmmmm, mr doga has the week at 23.35cr for DMD. BOI is predicting a very low 22.50cr. under 25cr for the week seems like a probability for this film…disappointing as far as the box office is concerned.

      • Amit Srivastava Says:

        It’s loosing over 60% of it’s shows this week in nearly all of the big multiplexes, will bundle out at 30-32 crores at best.

  135. cosyrohit Says:

    boi at it again first they did not report the tuesday num till today morning and now the num they have put up is totally absurd.just one ques to every1 had tuesday num been bad would boi have not reported it yes itself for obvious reasons

  136. No way DMD had a lesser Tuesday than Monday. At least from a sample of the few theatres where my friends saw it at, Tuesday was surprisingly stronger for DMD than its Monday.

    In any case, quite a few multiplexes cancelled the previews that they were going to have for Shor on Thursday evening and retained DMD instead! So these numbers are puzzling.

    In any case, I never get into BO cuz I don’t understand much of it and don’t really bother about it.

    • yeah I’m a bit skeptical too..

    • Fame Adlabs is running 6 shows of DMD in week 2, 7 of Shor, 6 of Chalo Dilli.

      • prashant Says:

        even fun cinemas at ahmedabad is running 12 shows, pvr cinema is running 10-12 shows, bigcinemas is running 8-10 shows, wom is very positive, i wonder if this film will not achieve 40 cr mark, and that is excellent for ab, because last two films have not touched 10-15 cr mark, this film will certainly boost the morale of ab, there is nothing doubt about his talent as an actor, but box office performance of last movies were pathatic.

  137. I guess considering the weekdays numbers, it can very well be said as another flop for Junior B. 22.50 week 1 numbers against expectations (Satyam) of 35 tells the story.

    Weekdays were terrible – Monday – 2.1, Tuesday – 1.7 and Wednesday – 1.4.

    • Just thought to check how many movies Jr. B has done post Dhoom(2004) and what is his success/failure rate … Here’s list ..

      1 Dhoom Success
      2 Phir Milenge Flop
      3 Naach Flop
      4 Bunty Aur Babli Success
      5 Sarkar Success
      6 Dus Success
      7 Bluffmaster Success
      8 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Success
      9 Umrao Jaan Flop
      10 Dhoom 2 Success
      11 Guru Success
      12 Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Flop
      13 Sarkar Raj Success
      14 Drona Flop
      15 Dostana Success
      16 Delhi-6 Flop
      17 Paa Success
      18 Raavan Flop
      19 Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey Flop
      20 Game Flop

      This list gives 55% Success and 45% Flops in last 6 Years. Some times i wonder if we made big deal with Jr. B flops.There are stars whose filmography is even worst and they didn’t even give Hit for 8-9 years, is it such a big deal ???

      I am not defending Abhishek here, he has given duds and deserve brickbats. But does he really deserves such bashing ?? There are other stars whose movies flopped in a row But i never heard such a strong bashing for any one, Arre even most of time no one even notice ..

      • Just for your information, Abhishek has given 16 duds in a row before Dhoom!!!

        Its kind of record that he has given 16 straight flops.

        Why you are being selective here?

        • Lol .. Check Ajay Devgan Profile, This guy didn’t give any Hit for 8-9 years post 2000, He has 25 Flops in 9 years.

          Check Dharmendra list of movies in 1987-1989 .. He has 24 Flops in 3 years.

          Check Sanjay Dutt list of movies post 2000 .. Except Munna Bhai, all his movies are flops. And exclusively 20+ flops …

          Why so big deal out of Jr. B ?

        • And i am not getting selective here. Just checking his career graph post his first Hit .. this is fair analysis. Its not that bad if u check ..

          • 27 movies of total 38 movies of Abhishek are flops!!! Thats ratio of 71% and not 45% as per your previous comment. (You left out Yuva and Laga Chunari Mein Daag).

            Though I have my reservations over calling Bluffmaster and Duss a success. And even some sub-distributors lost money in Paa, Sarkar Raaj and Dostana.

          • In that sense can you imagine how much flops Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty has given ? Check their list and you will surprise that 85% are flops with more than 75 movies in their kitty ..

            And don’t fool yourself by going down to sub distributors level .. in that sense even MNIK is total flop .. 7 out of 11 sub-distributors lost money .. Bluffmaster and Dus was decent success, everyone knows.

            And Yuva was before Dhoom .. LCMD was his guest appearance .. I excluded all guest appearances ..

          • Sanjay Dutt don;t have even 15 Hits in his lifetime . . Ajay devgan has not crossed 20 figure Yet ..

            Abhishek still has 11 Success … in last 6 years .. But as i said, I am not defending him here, Its just that mere 4 flops in row has been shouted like 20 flops in row ..

          • Jeevan, yes. Now you have got it right. You can compare Abhishek to Sunil Shettys in terms of BO.

          • Sachin .. Now you are behaving like [ edited] .. I am also talking about Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan and even Dharmendra .. If you put specs properly ..

          • Sachin, Jeevan.. don’t think this is going anywhere.. no point in putting up a 100 responses on the very same thing..

            thanks for understanding..

          • Here you go. Getting personal comes naturally for some.

            Anyways, good luck with Abhishek to you.

          • Thanks Satyam for editing. Appreciate that.

  138. cosyrohit Says:

    hey admin i wanna have some fun on ng nd i have even registered there but to sign in my acc has to be validated .do u have idea how much time time they take to do that?

  139. Watched DMD on its opening w/end on Saturday in Cardiff,UK.

    Cinema was nearly empty which is shocking because it was a bank holiday w/end too.

    I didn’t have any expectation of DMD because of the mixed reviews I had been reading.

    Must say though, I found it to be thoroughly entertaining!

    Hats off to Rohan Sippy for making a cracking film. Very much what your urban youth wants. This is not a film for families or your uncle/aunty.

    Loved the songs, slick picturisations. Goa itself, the vibe of the movie.

    Rohan Sippy is the biggest winner here imo. The story esp. with the way the characters are introduced and their parallel stories (a bit like Yuva).
    From the cast I think Prateik,Bipasha do really well. Aditya Pancholi does v.well to bite into a chunky role as the villain. The new guy Rana is ok, he does well in some bits, ordinary otherwise. I didn’t understand the praise some of the NG crowd were giving him.

    I thought Abhishek had a v.good role and some gr8 dialogues – Baaqi sab ke liye Google hai

    However I’m very confused about his performance because in some scenes he is extremely good but then in some scenes he is below par. This was THE movie for him. I was thinking that if this movie had Ajay Devgan instead of him….would it have been a better performance?

    However for me this was still the best film of the year so far. A must watch if you something hatke and daring.

    1. DMD
    2. Dil toh bacha hai ji
    3. Tanu weds Manu

  140. Just thought to check how many movies Jr. B has done post Dhoom(2004) and what is his success/failure rate … Here’s list ..

    1 Dhoom Success
    2 Phir Milenge Flop
    3 Naach Flop
    4 Bunty Aur Babli Success
    5 Sarkar Success
    6 Dus Success
    7 Bluffmaster Success
    8 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Success
    9 Umrao Jaan Flop
    10 Dhoom 2 Success
    11 Guru Success
    12 Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Flop
    13 Sarkar Raj Success
    14 Drona Flop
    15 Dostana Success
    16 Delhi-6 Flop
    17 Paa Success
    18 Raavan Flop
    19 Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey Flop
    20 Game Flop

    This list gives 55% Success and 45% Flops in last 6 Years. Some times i wonder if we made big deal with Jr. B flops.There are stars whose filmography is even worst and they didn’t even give Hit for 8-9 years, is it such a big deal ???

    I am not defending Abhishek here, he has given duds and deserve brickbats. But does he really deserves such bashing ?? There are other stars whose movies flopped in a row But i never heard such a strong bashing for any one, Arre even most of time no one even notice ..

  141. It looks like heading towards flop. The film would have done well with actor in the form. I feel bad for Rohan. Let us hope they make it bigger next time.
    Though twitter has good feedback, some might have seen in pirated versions, we never know.

    • I don’t really buy the BOI numbers. First they didn’t have anything on Tue even yesterday. Now they suddenly have both Tue and Wed. My own sense is that the 2 crore average on weekdays is more or less holding up. The second weekend is obviously key. I still expect some stability here.

      • Satyam, there is no point in singling out BOI. Every other trade source have been estimating figures about around 16-17 cr. weekend, which is downer with 1200 prints. And about BOI reporting Tuesday and Wednesday figures in one day, well I dont see anything WRONG in that.

        • Actually I do see a point in singling BOI out specially on a Bachchan film because they are disgustingly dishonest when it comes to them. I have long held this position and it’s a non-negotiable one as far as I’m concerned.

          As for the rest well even Fox have a 16.5 crore weekend figure. No one said this is super. Which is why we’re all waiting to see if the film can be stable during the week and over the next weekend. But many in the trade have their agendas too which is always revealed in the commentary (not necessarily the numbers though this then invites doubt) and this has been so in the past even for the hit films of Abhishek.

          Of course I am not insisting that others follow me on this. But I have also not debated many failures. Similarly if DMD doesn’t hold up even at the lower end I will certainly accept the result. But I don’t see signs of that yet. Even if there were that doesn’t mean I’m going to accept just any figures. So 25 crores is low too. That doesn’t mean I will accept 22.5! Similarly if the film doesn’t do much over the next weekend this debate might seem academic. Still not a reason to go with deliberately lower numbers.

          • Ok. Whats the recovery target for DMD?

            As far as information available, DMD needs to generate a distributors share of 20 crores in India alone to be a safe movie for their main distributors i.e., Fox. For that to happen it needs to do around 40 cr. nett Indian theatrical business.

            So even if their is difference of couple of crores in your perception (higher side) and BOI, still the movie needs to reach break-even in the long-run in order to be called safe.

            And for that to happen it needs to garner a good amount on second weekend (which looks doubtful as of now due to new releases coming week).

          • DMD has got 33-35 crores after accounting for advertising costs according to Nahata. The film has cost 20-22 crores otherwise. I am frankly not very interested in distributor shares because this is another area where voodoo math is performed. For example SRK’s RA 1 has cost 120 crores apparently. and this is going to have an extraordinary marketing campaign. Let’s see how much that is figured into the final gross! And this has happened in the past too. Many big films are given a clean pass just because they reach a decent total which actually isn’t decent relative to the scale of the film. It’s like saying Dev D did 17 crores or so while DMD did that just over the first weekend. This sort of standard is however regularly used for big films.

  142. vatikala Says:

    Everything is a bit hazy and confused. BOI figures, Fox figures and Satyam figures. The thing is that Abhishek’s fans expected a superhit and other expected a super flop. And this film settled somewhere between.

    • To me, average is fine. But it looks trade may declare it as flop.

      • I am looking at the final total here, not really bothered about what the trade calls it since I’ve never accepted them in the past on numerous occasions.

    • I don’t have my own figures here. the Fox ones are the most reasonable and actually don’t suggest a superhit at all. BOI can be discounted on an Abhishek film or at least you have to ‘translate’ them! Doga (boxofficekings) seems to extrapolate from Indore (very obvious issues with doing it this way..). Or at least I have not seen anything but Indore from him. Still can’t understand why one cannot do the same comparisons for Bombay theaters or some of the other important centers for the film and so on.

      As a simple rule though if BOI is calling it at 22.5, 25 crores is probably a safe bet! It’s not that hard to do really. You take the lowest possible range on every number imaginable and subtract some (!) and it makes a difference. Or there are those who offer precise numbers. But mysteriously are not able to offer the precise math on such precision! This applies to everyone more or less. If you tell me a film did exactly 24 crores show me how!

      By the way even around 25 crores this is hardly a great number, this only matches what SR did in 2008. It’s in that range. SR though fell steeply after the first week and finished around 37 crores or so. In any case DMD would have to be relatively stable in week 2 relative to the first week to get to a considerable total. The second weekend is important here far more than would be the case if it had a much bigger opening.

      • it is the responsibility of maker to release the figures. If they are not releasing, it is a concern.

        • I’m sure they’ll release it after the week is done. No one releases them every day of the week. They release after the weekend and then once the week is over.

      • vatikala Says:

        Even I dont understand the significance attached to Indore theatres. I stayed there for some time and it is a small town with mostly conservative people. The infrastructure is terrible. Of course there is that youth factor raring to be modern and hip.

        • Indore was once considered a traditional ‘barometer’ for films. So if you figured out how a film was doing here you could make guesses about the rest of India. There was frankly always something a bit mythologized about this. Certainly it owed something to geography. So a center from Central India was selected to account for North, South, East, West! But irrespective of the arbitrariness of the ‘selection’ at least it made some degree of sense in an age when films behaved much more uniformly across centers (again there are important caveats here too). However in an age when the audience is much more splintered this makes absolutely no sense anymore. You could select two multiplexes just in Bombay, one with 10% attendance, one going houseful for the very same film. Not exaggerating at all. The thing is that multiplexes at one point in time behaved in similar fashion but as this number has increased dramatically across India these do not now behave all in the same way. Because these cater to different audiences and so on. Getting back to my Bombay example it depends on the makeup of the audience in each instance. For example RGV’s Satya was massive in Bombay and very good in the South. Hardly did anything elsewhere. What good would an Indore or any other sort of barometer do here? Even if you took a Bombay one that would distort things. The other issue is the weight each territory carries. So Bombay has 40% of the pie. It’s overwhelming. Delhi-UP is next with 30% (more for action) of which Delhi city is really the bulk of it. So between these two territories you have most of the gross accounted for. The other way to do it is to go by metros. So about 7-8 metros in India account for most of the gross for any film. Of these very few can cross the 2 crore mark for any film! Again Bombay (city) can be 2.5 times the Delhi gross all else being equal. And Delhi itself is probably double the next closest competitor. But you then get to cities like Ahmedabad or Pune on the one hand or Bangalore and Hyderabad on the other. Calcutta isn’t what it once used to be but it is still important and can throw up strong numbers. You have a couple of other cities. The thing is Indore is not even close to being one of the heavyweights. It’s not even comparable to Ahmedabad for example. Yet it’s constantly offered as a barometer! This is why it’s also easy to present all kinds of reporting on a film. A given film could do superbly in key multiplexes in those 7-10 metros and still have a considerable gross. When DCH released it did about 20 crores in 2001 solely on the basis of Bombay and to some extent Delhi. They didn’t have enough multiplexes then or it would have done vastly more. The point is that the Indore barometer hardly meant anything here. Which does not mean that a film cannot be doing well in Indore. Many do but you still cannot extrapolate from this to the overall performance because films can behave so differently even within the same city. If anything the calculation at this point has to be more complex not less. These days you can of course account for multiplex data in most instances and there are investment firms in Bombay for example that look at this stuff (occasionally these numbers are reported in an article somewhere) but this data is not otherwise available. Even when it is you have to pay a service something for it. No one does that. But people still keep throwing out precise numbers. If one can offer totals one should also be willing to offer the numbers that went into those totals given that one says these are available. And when I say numbers I don’t just mean those for the overall territory because here the same problems occur.

      • And there is the little hurdle of battling 8 releases this Friday-

        SHOR, CHALO DILLI, NAUGHTY @ 40, I AM, QUEENS, THOR, SOURCE CODE and LIMITLESS… in addition to two Marathi releases and one Tamil one (not that they’d be making much difference, but they will take a few shows from the multiplexes).

  143. cosyrohit Says:

    satyam i m cent % sure that tuesday was the same as monday coz had that not been the case boi wud have released it on tuesday itself .wed cud have witness some fall but certainly not tuesday. same if not more .surely

  144. cosyrohit Says:

    sandhu ***** ? every1 take a guess

  145. thecooldude Says:

    The Problem is that even if we throw out BOi numbers and take the highest possible first week figure (say 25.5 CR), it’s still not good. I expected this to be around 32-33 CR in the first week and around 52-55 lifetime. Don’t see how that’s going to happen now.

    • I think it’s roughly 25 crores for week 1, possibly a bit less but that’s the range. And I agree completely. I too expected 35 crores in week 1 and here the lack of a bigger initial has cost it. Now to get to 45 crores even it has to be extremely stable and a lot depends on the second weekend.

      • prashant Says:

        at this time, 25cr on week 1, is very good, after seeing fate of khjjs and game at the boxoffice, right now, to expect ab film will cross 35cr in week 1, is too much,

      • prashant Says:

        film’s opening heavily depends on how’s actor’s last few film have faired at bo, in case of ab, he had the worst phase of his career after the debacle of raavan, his last two films have totally been rejected by people, so, how can we expect bumper opening at this time, first, he has to stabilise his position, and then with consistancy he can command opening at bo, for eg, after kites, hr’s guzaarish gets very cold response at bo, this could happen to any actor even great big b have faced similar problem after 4 flops in row during 1989, his agneepath has not got the ab kind of initial at that time, so, ab can’t be any exception.

  146. Shor is getting lot of good reviews and seems to be good movie. Rana’s Telugu flick is also releasing tom..So chances of DMD doing well in the second week are uphill..It was a tough competition..So DMD may end up like D6 kind if a verdict- average or BM which has strong fan base even though it was not a big Hit..In the end, still a Good news for Abhi has it may help him to bounce back..But personally will be sad if DMD cannot beat movies like ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, ‘Faltu’ or ‘No One Killed Jessica’..One factor may also be due to ‘Game’ just getting released 2 weeks ahead of DMD and that being non-starter.

  147. As expected the reactions of all Abhi fanatics. After miserable low collections all Abhi fanatics are still in denial that DMD is a flop. I wonder if it had done 35 cr week one Abhi fanatics head would have exploded and he would have been anointed new number 1 of Bollywood.

    22.5 cr week one, LMAO!! Itna to Jacky Bhagnani bhi karta hai.

  148. Message for Abhi Fans

    Rum Maaro Rum,
    Mit Jaaye Ghum,
    Bolo Subah Shaam,
    Abhi Flops Kare Jeena Haraam

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