Kamal to direct once more!


The versatile Kamal Haasan will now act and direct his upcoming film Viswaroopam besides writing the story and screenplay as well. He has replaced Selvaraghavan who was originally supposed to direct the film. Due to Selva’s busy shooting schedule for Irandam Ulagam, he had to walk out of the project. The film will see the 57 year old multiple National award recipient co-starring with Dabangg (2010) star Sonakshi Sinha. It is rumored that the film will be based on the Anthony Hopkins starrer Hollywood film Hannibal.

The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The shooting begins in July.


14 Responses to “Kamal to direct once more!”

  1. This is fantastic news! Nothing against Selvaraghavan but I’d easily take Kamal over him. In any case I’ve longed for Kamal to direct more often.


  2. alex adams Says:

    A very good news.
    Loved his acting and direction in “hey raam”.
    Someone pointed about the inability of a south indian male actor from ever having a pan indian appeal…
    Think Kamal hassan is the closest anyone has come to being accpeted on a pan indian level.
    HIs “hindustani” with Shankar did qute well everywhere inspite of the southern sensibilities.
    After that, it seems to me that he could have taken the easy route out and ocntinued in a similar vein but somehwere he likes the craft (acting and direction more).
    Easily one of the BEST hero-director in India –would actually rate him slightly better than Aamir as a director, on the basis of “hey raam” (although as is evident from my other post in the db thread, loved tzp and thought it was brilliant)


  3. This is terrific, terrific news…even if I hope that they’re not serious about the Hannibal bit. Kamal’s easily one of India’s best commercial filmmakers and any time he decides to direct a film is an occasion to celebrate.


  4. Kishore Says:

    Most of Kamal’s movies are straight lifts from hollywood
    e.g. Tenali-what about bob
    Avai shanmuki-Forest gump
    This time he is stealing from Hannibal, and somebody says he is better than Amir Khan..LOL


  5. Rooney:

    Kamaal Hasan as Ethan Hunt (desi)

    Kamal Haasan’s next project, Viswaroopam is going to be a biggie. It is rumored that his character would be similar to Hannibal, the psychopath cannibal, immortalized by Anthony Hopkins. But apparently this is not true and Viswaroopam is closer to Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series, complete with all kinds of cool spy stuff like sexy gadgets, fast and furious action, and stolen national secrets.



  6. Sonakshi ditches Kamal Hassan

    Deepika Padukone may fill in for the Dabangg girl, the way she did when Sinha opted out of Rajinikanth’s Rana

    Vickey Lalwani

    Posted On Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 03:37:56 AM

    Filmmakers seem to be sharing very similar casting priority lists. And Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone seem to be classic examples.

    Sonakshi was the first choice for K S Ravikumar’s Rana and Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroobham, but with the actress having to opt out of both films, Deepika has been the second-best option.

    Recently, Sonakshi opted out of Hassan’s bilingual film, in which she was to play his wife, due to her prior commitment to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s project, Rowdy Rathod.

    Her decision to opt out comes as a surprise since the actress was very enthusiastic when she initially signed the film. Even the age difference between Hassan and her did not hinder the actress from taking on the role. In a media report, Sonakshi stated, “I don’t think that age should be a bar to essay the role of Kamal Hassan’s wife.

    When I stand before the camera, it is the role that matters. It is not an easy task to act with Kamal. I was a little scared, initially. Language too will not be a problem for me.”

    However, Sonakshi’s enthusiasm had fizzled out, when the film failed to go on floors as scheduled. Shooting for the film was to start from the first week of June but the plan was squashed when director Selvaraghavan walked out of the project.

    He reportedly stated that he could not commit to the project as much as needed. Hassan then decided to take on the directorial reins but has yet to announce when filming will commence, which has perturbed Sonakshi.

    A source close to the actress told Mumbai Mirror, “All her excitement is a thing of the past. She has decided that she is not doing Kamal Hassan’s film. But trust me it wasn’t easy for her to take this decision.

    She has lost her first opportunity to work with Kamal Hassan. Hassan had serious creative differences with Selvaraghvan. Then, Hassan decided to direct the project himself. And consequently, there were delays in production. “

    With Hassan postponing the filming schedule, it clashed with Sonakshi’s dates allotted to Bhansali. The source added, “Sonakshi was extremely professional, while explaining her case to Kamal Hassan Productions. There is no animosity between Kamal Hassan and Sonakshi.”

    Hassan’s search for a replacement is already on and Deepika seems to be the likely contender. Previously, Deepika had filled in for Sonakshi, who was the first choice for the Rajinikanth starrer, Rana. Reportedly, Rajinikanth was uncomfortable to pair up with his friend Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter.

    Despite repeated attempts, Sonakshi remained unavailable for comment.


  7. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/10311288.cms

    Kamal’s daughter’s ADing the film and they’ve cast Rahul Bose. The real news is that the film seems to be centered on terrorism. This would be stale if it were almost anyone else but it’s Kamal behind the helm here and hopefully he’s got something up his sleeve. I read elsewhere that SEL is doing the music here which, if true, is kind of a shame because it means Kamal’s not going with Ilayaraja this time around.


  8. Kamal learns Kathak

    The actor has been training under Birju Maharaj for a dance sequence in his upcoming film Vishwaroopam

    Subhash K Jha

    Posted On Thursday, December 01, 2011 at 03:00:09 AM

    Wearing a white kurta-pyjama, Kamal Haasan in the 1983 national award winning film, Sagara Sangamam, showed what it takes to be a well-trained classical dancer.

    The actor, who worked in a hundred films before he turned 30, is all set to surprise the audience once again,this time in an all new dance form. Haasan is training under leading exponent of the Varanasi Kalka-Bindadin gharana of Kathak dance, Birju Maharaj, for his upcoming film Vishwaroopam.

    Birju Maharaj will choreograph a Kathak sequence for Haasan’s upcoming Hindi-Tamil bi-lingual.

    The dance maestro’s last association with cinema was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas, wherein he choreographed Madhuri Dixit in the Kahe Chede Chede Mohe number. Haasan’s Vishwaroopam will mark Birju Maharaj’s return to Hindi cinema after nine long years.

    A friend of the actor revealed, “Kamal has been performing classical dance pieces in his films on and off. In Vishwaroopam, there was an opportunity to do a full-fledged Kathak dance number.

    He immediately got Birju Maharaj on board.” Reportedly, Haasan and Birju Maharaj have been practicing the steps for the Shankar Mahadevan composed song for the last two months.

    Confirming the story, Kamal Haasan said, “I am indeed doing a Kathak number under the supervision of Birju Maharaj for Vishwaroopam. The dance is an integral part of the script. I thoroughly enjoy watching and performing classical dance forms.”


    • So much surrounding this film seems interesting. Something else to add to the list. It will be my most awaited film whenever it releases and unless Ratnam has something coming out the same year…


  9. thanks to Rooney:

    Aamir Khan’s choice of films makes Kamal Haasan happy
    IANS Jan 1, 2012, 04.42PM IST

    He candidly admits that he couldn’t have made it big in Bollywood without his mentor K. Balachander, that Hindi movies still enthuse him and that he loves the kind of films Aamir Khan is making.

    He is also proud of his daughter Shruti Haasan’s career in Tamil and Hindi movies as she has made a place for herself without his banner’s support.

    Excerpts from the interview.

    Are you enthused by Hindi cinema?
    Yes, some of it. I am very happy Aamir Khan is now attempting films that should’ve been done 10 years ago in Hindi. People attribute this new cinema to the entry of corporate houses in Hindi cinema. But where were these corporate houses when Hrishida(Hrishikesh Mukeherjee) made his films, and Gulzar bhai made “Achanak”? Brilliant films are possible in every corner of India and at any time.

    Your elder daughter Shruti has made a career in both Tamil and Hindi?
    I’m proud of her because she isn’t doing a product of our home banner Rajkamal Films. The only thing Rajkamal did for her was to give her a chance to do the background score in “Unnaipol Oruvan”. It wouldn’t matter to me if she failed as a movie actress. But right now it looks like a winning streak.

    Do you advise her on her choice of films?
    No. When we talk career, we get into an argument. In Hindi films, she is facing the same problems I did. If a K. Balachander hadn’t come along to do ‘Ek Duuje Ke Liye’ with me in Hindi, I wonder what would’ve happened to me! I would have suffered much worse because Shruti is far more savvy than me.

    Don’t you want to act in a film with her?
    Shruti has been telling me that we should. But I don’t want her to do it just for the heck of it. She is a star now. I want her to act in one of our home productions for the glory of our banner.

    By the way, for the Tamil version of “Dasavatharam”, she was my coach for my American accent. She had just returned from the US and was the perfect medium to help her father’s Madrasi accent to be transformed into a yankee accent. She was a bully. She made me do many retakes in the dubbing. And after dubbing, she wanted me to correct some more of my accent. Eveyone thought that was taking it a little too far(laughs).

    Q: And your younger daughter?
    Every time Akshara stands behind the camera and says, ‘This is where I want to be I am reminded of myself.’ I started behind the camera and gradually moved to the front.

    You are often forced to take over troubled projects. Wouldn’t you just like to focus on acting?
    But I was always a reluctant actor! I continue to be that. I announce a project, the camera rolls and I’m happy. I’m fortunate to be doing leading parts even now. Except for my mentor K. Balachander, for whom I can do even a walk-on part. When he directed his 100th film, I just walked in to do a small role. I just clowned around on camera.
    Ads by Google

    Balachander is my inspiration. He had a heart problem 40 years back. He has been making films for another 46 years. He can never grow old. My father used to be like that until he suffered a stroke. Then I suddenly realized he was an old man.That’s also true of my brothers Chandra Haasan and to an extent Charu Haasan.I can never imagine them being old.

    Your brother-in-law Mani Ratnam too had a heart scare recently?
    He is a cool cat. I was surprised when he had a heart problem…People think my film with Mani, “Nayakan”, is my best work. To an extent it’s true. But I’d like to think my best is yet to come.

    Another film with Mani Ratnam?
    We keep discussing ideas…We spoke again on my birthday when he came visiting. He wanted to know what it felt like acting, producing and directing (“Viswaroopam”) all at once.

    What does it feel like?
    Direction is a lot of responsibility. But if you’ve been trained under Balachander as I have, it’s a lot easier. You have everything down on paper before you start shooting. By now while directing I am experienced enough to know my moves.

    What next?
    There was one character Balram Naidu in “Dasavatharam” of a research analyst that became very popular. His speech and personality have become iconic. He was also played by Sanju Bhai (Dutt) in a Hindi film (“Chatur Singh 2 Star”). So yes, I am returning to comedy. Then someone wants me to play Tipu Sultan. My hibernating historical “Marudanayagam” is still talked about. People ask, ‘When are we releasing it?’ They talk of it as their own.

    Tipu Sultan was a very controversial figure?
    We aren’t taking the political angle at all. Tipu Sultan is now being researched and written.


  10. Hassan returns with Amar Hain

    After a long hiatus, the actor who doesn’t believe in dubbing, is now ready to create a separate Hindi version of not one but two of his big-ticket Tamil films

    Subhash K Jha

    Posted On Monday, January 23, 2012 at 02:15:38 AM

    Just returned from a month-long shoot of the Rs 100 crore Vishwaroopam, billed the actor’s biggest film yet, and he is already on to his next plum project, Amar Hain, a film that takes a dispassionate look at the legitimisation of corruption in present-day India.

    In typical Kamal Hassan style, Amar Hain too, is being made in two different languages, Tamil and Hindi, and Hassan will direct and play the lead in both versions.

    A super-charged Hassan tells us, “It’s a script that I wrote two years ago and put aside because it required great intellectual and financial inputs. I think I am now ready on both counts.”

    One of the country’s most versatile actor-directors, Hassan, has earned a reputation for making socio-politically relevant films like Indian for instance. “People ask me why I haven’t joined politics and when I say, I don’t wish to, they turn around and say, ‘But there’s so much money in it!’ So even the common man sees politics as a means to make money,” he explains. As such, Amar Hain is a film that says it like it is; it isn’t judgmental about corruption, it looks at contemporary mores dispassionately, he adds.

    The other angle is the invisibility of global crime lords in the era of technology. “In the digital era, everything including crime is on the computer and the phone. That’s why we never see global players in the crime game, land in our country. They don’t need to since all their work is digitally manouevred. Amar Hain goes into all of this,” Hassan reveals.

    Atul Tiwari, who is writing the dialogues for the Hindi Vishwaroopam will also be doing the dialogues for the Hindi Amar Hain. For Hassan, “Tiwari gets the sur right and that is very important in relocating the language and culture from Tamil to Hindi through the spoken word.” He goes on to say, “This is also why I’ve always stayed away from dubbed films. I prefer to do films in two languages although it’s time consuming and costly. And so it is with Vishwaroopam and Amar Hain”.

    Commenting on Vishwaroopam, which is almost complete except for the climax to be shot in Delhi, he says, “We shot the main outdoors in New York because the protagonist is based in that city. And then we matched New York with the Grand Rapids in Michigan. No one will be able to tell the difference”. The biggest high is the Kathak dance he has performed, choreographed by the legendary Birju Maharaj. “That’s a dream come true. It’s a very short piece of dancing in Vishwaroopam, lasting a few minutes. But I rehearsed with Birju Maharaj for a month. The looks of approval I got during the final take are my greatest reward,” he declares proudly.

    Ribbed about his daughter’s hit chartbuster Kolaveri Di with Dhanush, Hassan simply chuckles, “The song functions through some sort of secret formula, which I haven’t been able to crack. The day I do, I’ll have my own Kolaveri Di.”


  11. i am putting another link as the earlier link might not just work-http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Dx0rU8qFTtH8&sa=U&ei=G6qfT8H0BqWviQKk6oHmAQ&ved=0CDEQtwIwAQ&usg=AFQjCNGCwFDuMbjen3vO936WvALnQw1otQ


  12. and first look of a.r. murugadoss’ film “thuppaki” starring joseph vijay, kajal aggarwal and vidyut jaamwal-http://reviews.in.88db.com/images/stories/vijay-thuppaki-first-look-poster.jpg


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