Images from Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dubara’ (updated)

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168 Responses to “Images from Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dubara’ (updated)”

  1. Perhaps this is from the shoot.. don’t know..

  2. jayshah Says:

    I like the cast here..Abhay deserves a bigger film finally

  3. abhay has intresting lineup

    thank god he is staying away from CIRCUS of other two deols sunny and bobby

  4. abhay is looking like an idiot here..little gay-ish!! all d others are looking good..!! looks interesting this one..not sure about the lame title..!!

  5. ^^^that picture is not from actual movie

    they havne’t even begun shooting yet

  6. and what’s wrong with looking like “gaysih”

    i m gay

    u have problem with me

  7. Abhay is actually a good looking guy, in an unconventional way.. I wont say more about him as it would make me sound more gayish than what he looks in the pic!

    But cast wise, this film looks very interesting. seeing two very good actors in the same frame.

    btw is Farhan acting in this film?

  8. arrey yaar..nothing wrong in lookin gay-ish if u are supposed to look like it is unintentional i think..he looks like bobby deol in dostana who looked more gayish than abhi nd john !!
    p.s. aadmi ..if you r gay nd r proudly admitting it (which is good 4 you) then why d name “aadmi”?!

    • I don’t think this is appropriate at all. Totally unnecessary.

      • was just an observation..dont take it that seriously..i know its a sensitive thing nd dats y i said nothing wrong in looking gay if the character demands it!!

  9. this is unintentionally funny!

  10. I have to say, nothing against Zoya Akhtar whose LBC I thought was enjoyable enough, but this looks completely uninteresting to me. Abhay is just about ok and usually he’s playing the same lethargic-toned character over and over, so I expect the same here. Farhan Akhtar I actually find a rather uninteresting screen presence. He’s not a bad actor, just predictable.

    • Agreed, but I would say four bland actors (Farhan, Abhay, Kalki and Katrina). Only Hrithik brings some energy to this group.

      Plus I’m not interested in another BW road trip movie overseas. Why not do a road trip in India?

      • I believe Abhay Deol just did a road movie (titled Road, Movie [!]) set in India…

        Kalki’s far from a good actor but she has this weird, unique look to her. It’s neither attractive nor repulsive, just strange and different. I don’t mind her too much. But Katrina is just the worst possible actress around. I don’t think Raajneeti will change my mind any on this count.

  11. GF i guess u haven’t manorama 6 feet Under or even ek 40’s ki last lokal

    yes his last 2 movies road movie and Dev D had same type of characters but i think abhay is far better than these new group of actors like john abrham, ranbir and shahid IMO

    • Actually I have seen every movie of his except for Manorama. And on evidence of what I’ve seen I disagree with what you’re saying. Is he a better actor than John Abraham? Sure. But then that’s not exactly scaling great heights!

      • if u are saying he repeats himself

        well who doesn’t

        specailly in bollywood

        SRK made carrer for himself by doing RAJ and Rahul roles for decade

        there are few directors like mani ratnam, vishawl bahrdwaj and others who can bring distinct style of acting from lead stars

        • That’s not the point. It’s not a question of how an actor may or may not repeat him/herself, it’s whether one finds this actor interesting at baseline. In Abhay Deol’s case, I simply don’t. Having said this, I don’t find him offensive or bad. I just wouldn’t stake seeing a movie on whether or not he’s in it. Utterly bland for me, particularly if one is the least bit exposed to indie-acting in the West, which is pretty much what Abhay Deol seems to aspire to. At least to my mind.

  12. considering his last name is a Deol it is very welcoming change that he doesn’t get stuck in sunny and bobby’s choice of gudho dhanoa, anila sharma movies

    • Aadmi, are there any stars you like?

      • i don’t like any “stars ”

        in other words i have no favourites

        but i do like these smaller actors like abhaydeo, irfan khan, kaykay, and few others who are not stars but act in diffrent yet intersting movies

        i rather like to see road movie over Kites or MNIK

        • Irfan and Kay Kay are examples of actors who are tremendously interesting. Especially the former. Abhay may be at their level in terms of the size of the projects they work in, but I’d end the comparisons there.

          • i never said abhay is at their level

            he never will be

            i m just saying the kind of small movies he works in

            again he has very right script sense and knows his limts as an actor

    • yes that is a relief….Abhay Deol has created his own niche and now he’s doing mainstream movies which should get him a bigger fanbase.

      i’v liked him from his first film Socha Na Tha, but i think thats because Imtiaz made a v.good film with a newcomer. Ek Chalis ki local and Manorama were good. he’s interesting but sometimes goes to the other extreme and makes really arty films like DevD and Road Trip which were really not my cup of tea

  13. i gotta admit Kalki looks HOT

  14. IMO i dound Dev D much more berable than Srk’s devdaas:)

    • Yeah, that’s for sure. I can’t stand the “straight” Devdas-es; Rehman as Chunni was the best thing even about Dilip’s Devdas…

  15. abhay to me is combination of omal plaker and edward norton

    • what an act this guy was in Fight club.. gem of a film.. saw it just a couple of days back.. wonder how come i never watched it before

  16. Alex adams Says:

    Aadmi -really nice of u to proclaim that u r gay-a wel cum change. Agree with mansi though, that your choice of username aadmi is probably unintentionally intersting, in that context.also interesting is that u find kalki hot.before I get accused of doing a kjo as with dostana, I will stop this comment here…

  17. Alex adams Says:

    I liked abhay deol in dev d, oye lucky, ek challis ki. Feel that the first two were nearly cult films esp dev d. Wanna see road movie, manorama. Also don’t see y hritik is indulging on this project. He has nothing to gain while this project has everythin to gain from him

  18. alex adams Says:

    “so accoding to u a gay guy can’t call another woman Hot”relax aadmi- You are entitled to find ANYONE hot, including “another woman”. Happy…
    You dont need our approval…
    bu the way-“IMO i dound Dev D much more berable than Srk’s devdaas:)”
    agree there aadmi—while the bhansali one was loud, melodramatic, cliched and hammng-packed(SRK), dev d was quite refreshing, bold.
    Liked the music as well. besides abhay deol, mahie gill and kalki were well cast and did a good job…

  19. I think this might be an appropriate time to expand the conversation and include bisexuals.

  20. alex adams Says:

    “I think this might be an appropriate time to expand the conversation and include bisexuals.”Agree satyam, entirely.
    thats what i also meant but did not specify–to avoid offending anyone esp aadmi….

  21. Since this conversation about a poster’s sexuality is continuing when I thought it had ended, let me contribute. I don’t see why a username of “aadmi” should be “interesting” or otherwise noteworthy just because the person is gay. Is the implication that a gay man is not a “real man”? If so, that is not correct. (Besides, we do not know whether the poster is male or female).

    As to the original comment that started it, about Abhay Deol “looking gay” in the posted photo, again I don’t see how anyone can “look gay” — the spectrum of looks among gay people is too broad. If the person who said that originally used the word “gay” the way it currently seems to be used among teenagers and preteens, to express a vague disapproval, then it has nothing to do with sexuality at all — for example, a film, a piece of clothing, or an article of furniture, can each be described as “gay” if the speaker doesn’t happen to like it.

    I would describe Abhay Deol’s look above as being that of a “nerd” or “geek”, mainly due to the glasses, which I presume is part of the characterization.

    • Well said.

    • Also great to see you hear after some time, sm!

    • To be honest I haven’t followed all the comments here but there are certain ‘codes’ that mark people out for sexuality sometimes. Of course these are all stereotypes but they are ‘codified’. So for example I never knew till it came it with the Kagan nomination recently that a woman playing softball was a lesbian stereotype.

      Having said that I do agree with your general point. And here’s the evidence of everything you’re saying — in a former lifetime I was in a ‘debate’ with someone where Ranbir was attacked for looking ‘gay’. I had to remind my interlocutor that Abhishek and Hrithik had also won gay icon awards from different groups and were regarded as such in India and in the UK.

      So while I don’t disagree with your point I am surprised that you express surprise at the appearance of a gay cliche!

      • That’s fine but the the sort of hipster-“metrosexual” look Abhay has going on in this picture is usually placed in a pejorative light when slotted into that kind of stereotyping, which is what I’m at least responding to here. And I can’t speak for sm here but my problem is more with the questioning of using “aadmi” as a screenname for a gay male. The politics behind this kind of questioning is kind of distasteful.

        There’s definitely such a thing as gay cliche. A film like Dostana hinges on this, but that’s not the source of (my) grouse here…

    • Haven’t you ever heard that spongebob is supposed to be gay?!

  22. alex adams Says:

    this was a bait from me and satyam to unleash sm and his/her enlightened comments….lol

    • Ha!

      In all seriousness I find bisexuality to be the most respectable position. It’s more inclusive. And there is the pragmatic point here that men then don’t have to go panting after male stars on blogs all the while pretending to love the female ones. they can then just admit that they for example love Hrithik more or find him more beautiful than Deepika.

      And I am really, truly being serious here when I say that we are all minimally bisexual..

  23. alex adams Says:

    sm– were u hibernating for some time. We missed useful education.
    or were u around (with a different name)….Anyhow, we are privileged to finally have u back…lol

  24. alex adams Says:

    “stop hurting my emotions will ya”-If not already clear, we have nothing but respect, esp the way you clarfied your stance.
    however, since priorities/tastes/tendencies can be varied/diverse, confusions are not unexpected.
    thats what debates/discussions are for.
    Seems-poor mansi has been scared away after her “gay-ish” comment above.
    The thing is that someone is gay and NOBODY has problems with it. The threshold for getting offended/ hurt emotions should not be low , just bcos one is gay- it should not be ones birth right to look out for anything remotely offensive which may “hurt” oneself…
    The non-gay people are also equal citizens, u know…lol . We are also slightly hurt by this accusation of “causing hurt”…

    • I don’t think mansi has been scared away, or at least she shouldn’t be…

      I don’t want to drag this pointless discussion on any more, but my only issue here is that I thought her joke on aadmi was in bad taste. End of story.

  25. alex adams Says:

    “In all seriousness I find bisexuality to be the most respectable position. It’s more inclusive.”-Agree with the sentiment…(but dont personally subscribe to it)…

  26. alex adams Says:

    dont worry mansi– we shall provide u with protection…lol
    oops, now its the women’s lib problem—women DONT neeed our protection…

  27. Aadmi, hadn’t seen the earlier comments.. just did.. if you indeed are gay I am pleased to the extent that you are around on this forum (I forgive you your Abhishek remarks!). Just as I’d like to see more women (whether they like Salman or not!) I’d similar like to see more than the boring heteros most of us are (or pretend to be at any rate)!

  28. geez ppl relax..y so serious?! i just said wat i felt like..maybe my definition of looking “gayish” is d stereotypical nd cliched one..but thats that.i found bobby deol in dostana quite gayish nd abhay reminded me of his brother
    neways..seems like d aadmi joke hasn’t gotten down well with ppl..i apologize 4 hurting sentiments..but now i feel how srk must be feeling a lot of d cuff remarks can produce a lot of resistance..neways wasn’t meant to offend…
    alex..u really think i will really get scared away by all this?!..nah..i aint dat weak-hearted!! :)

  29. ^^^i m not gay

    i had spilit personality and my other half turns homosexual

    there is darkness inside of me trying to get out

    and that darkness is gayness

  30. mansi u seriously can’t compare abhay with bobby

    bobby is more wooden than andy wood

    abhay has carried his carrer beterr than bobby whose “bhiya is great” attitude ruined his career

  31. alex adams Says:

    “alex..u really think i will really get scared away by all this?!..nah..i aint dat weak-hearted!!”mansi–good to hear u are not weak-hearted except maybe for sonu nigam and anil
    But u will agree that i “stood up” for you…wink wink

  32. thnx for d support alex..much appreciated!!
    neways..didn’t know where to put it so m putting it here..
    enjoy!! this one’s for,,women,, and…!!

  33. alex adams Says:

    Agree mansi– this pic has something for everyone…lol

  34. alex adams Says:

    “..but now i feel how srk must be feeling a lot of d cuff remarks can produce a lot of resistance..neways wasn’t meant to offend…”
    mansi—about srk -i have a hunch- his absolute LACK of scandal with the opposite sex may be justbcos he is a v decent family man apparently.
    BUt his v deep compatibility with the likes of kjo DO appear a bit unusual. KJO also is surprisingly unattached given his age and being a successful film maker.
    kjo, to me, looks MORE gay than abhay deol above.
    However, we shall let aadmi have the final word on this subject, for obvious reasons. His take on this will surely present another perspective…

  35. clearer image.. click on image for wallpaper..

  36. masterpraz Says:

    Great cast…huge Abhay and Farhan fan!

  37. IAMTHAT Says:

    Off topic, Satyam dunno where to put this:

    My Own Private India.,9171,1999416,00.html

  38. Alex adams Says:

    Farhana akhtar has exploited hritik here from the looks of it, just like he did in lbc. But y does hritik fall prey is a bit confounding.
    Wana put one up Farhans for the way he deliberately trivialised the biggest star in India bachchan in lakshya and armaan. Then remade don. Def see qn agenda there.
    Pardon the countless typos thee– hays what happens when u use an iPhone 4 ios4 with Bacardi Stella../.

    • i will take excel films over any day YRF or kho crap

      atleast their movies have some merit and so far i haven’t been dispaointed

      also zoya kahtar is talented director much better than farah khan

  39. Veer,MNIK,Kites,Raavan,IHLS woah, back to back 5 “Not Liked” movies, cant get worse than that.

    This Bull should be better than all the above and atleast provide some “Gul”.

  40. Below Average :


    Borderline Bad(notch below the above ones) : Kites

    Average : MNIK

  41. Aadmi:

    on sets of ZNMD

  42. The Running of the Bulls

    The cast and crew of Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is in Spain shooting for the first schedule of the film. Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay participated in the popular ‘running of the bulls’ ritual to shoot a scene for the film. Since the film is shot in Spain, Zoya has planned to incorporate many local customs and traditions.

    Every year from July 7th-14th thousands pack into Pamplona to start Spain’s most famous bull-running fiesta to honour Navarre capital’s patron saint, San Fermin. Spain stages more than 3,000 fiestas (festivals) each year but the seven days of bull running are the favourite in terms of spectacle and excitement.

    Dressed in the traditional costume of red and white, the three leads were made to run along with a group of locals while being chased by running bulls. A source says, “The bulls had their trainers with them, so they don’t go rogue. The scene is one of the film’s major highlights.”

    Apart from the running bulls, Zoya also shot another popular custom — a tomato-throwing match where opponents douse each other in tomato pulp. Katrina Kaif and the three male leads of the film shot for the scene.

  43. Movie is based on a Novel

  44. looks like a good movie. the starcast is fresh and its a nice mix. i like all the 3 male actors…..v.strong. out of all of them i prefer Farhan, i think he’s a v.under-rated actor. He was v.good in all his films.

  45. this movie may clash with abhishek’s dum maro dum

  46. Zoya Akhtar urged to drop bull run scenes from her film

    Indian filmmaker Zoya Akhtar has been asked to remove scenes capturing Spain’s famous running of the bulls from her upcoming film “Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara”.

    Spanish-American actress Charo has written a letter to the filmmaker asking her to delete the scenes, reports

    “Deriving any pleasure from abusing bulls is something we should all be ashamed of and certainly nothing that should be promoted in a feature film,” Charo wrote in her letter to Akhtar, who had earlier helmed “Luck By Chance”.

    “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” features Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar and it is scheduled for a April 2011 release. A few scenes in the film were reportedly shot in Pamplona, Spain, during the famous bull event, part of the annual nine-day festival of Sanfermines that involves crowds running in front of a herd of the beasts let loose throughout the town’s streets.

    “Non-violence is the greatest virtue. We have long been out of the caves. Let us get rid of these outdated traditions. (The) World will be a better place without these blood-sports,” said Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism.

  47. Still rocking on


    Posted On Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 02:01:48 AM

    Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol have sung the title track of Zoya Akhtar’s directorial next Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. It’s a rock number in which the trio is shown jamming together.

    “Besides singing, Farhan has strummed the guitar and Abhay has played drums in the song” informs a source from the crew.

    Shankar Mahadevan who has done the music for the film with Ehsaan and Loy confirms, “Yes, Farhan, Hrithik and Abhay have sung a song in the film. It has come out really nice.

    Farhan and Hrithik have crooned before in Rock On and Guzaarish but for Abhay it was the first time in front of the microphone. All three of them have done a great job.”

    Talking about their singing skills Shankar adds, “They are not professional singers but are musically very adept. They took the scratch song with them and came all prepared on the day of recording. Abhay did a rough take, which became the final take in the song.” Kudos, Abhay!

  48. I keep getting this gut feeling that this is a remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Swapnakoodu’

  49. Didn’t like LBC,hope this one is good

  50. Not convinced with zoya akhtars abilities yet…
    having said that, Luck by chance had its sporadic moments though–a bit more subtle for indian tastes…
    anyhow, like the vibe of a few stills here—the ORIGINAL title was much better b4 the bro sis chickened out!
    seems farhan has managed to bracket hritik with himself with an equal-ish footing here—not sure whats hritiks compulsions though..

  51. i liked Zoya’s LBC and nearly all of Farhans films are very cool and absorbing films. Will definately watch this one. This will be a hit for sure because its got a gr8, young cast…..imo Hrithik looks v.bland/jaded here whereas Farhan & Abhay stand out

  52. Hrithik, Kat recreate Holi with tomatoes in Spain

    Be it Sholay, Silsila, Namak Haraam or Baghban, several films have captured the magic of Holi over the years. Now, the song Ek Junoon in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD), promises to be one of the most expensive Holi sequences in Bollywood till date.

    The only difference is that instead of colours, the producers recreated the Tomatina festival, the Spanish version of Holi, which is played with tomatoes and water. It wasn’t easy as the unit wanted to shoot in July while the annual festival is celebrated in the Valencian town of Buñol in August. Also, the tomato crop in Spain wasn’t ripe enough in July, last year.

    So they imported tonnes of tomatoes from Portugal before shooting with Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif, Kalki Koechlin and Ariadana Cabrol. Producer Ritesh Sidhwani says, “Tomatina is important to our movie, which is about a group of friends who are on a road trip around Spain. I thought the Indian audience would relate to tomatoes because in India, people also use eggs and mud to play Holi.”

    Since they couldn’t clog Buñol’s drainage system, the producers had to pulp the 16 tonnes of tomatoes before shooting. It cost ` 1 crore to get the tomatoes for the shoot. They also shot some wide angles when Tomatina was celebrated in August.

    Director Zoya Akhtar says, “It was extremely sweet of the people of Buñol to cooperate with us during the shoot. It was great fun as they celebrated twice, once as they always do, and again for India.”

    • Re: “the Tomatina festival, the Spanish version of Holi, which is played with tomatoes and water.”

      Moral of the story: even the Spanish version of Holi is more acceptable for some than Holi!

  53. Hrithik, Katrina, Farhan & Abhay shooting for Tomatina fest in Spain Click

    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, March 19, 2011 – 15:15 IST

    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, is one of the biggest releases of this summer. The film is a complete joyride with three friends taking off on a fun filled road trip.

    Just as the nation is gearing up for the riot of colours with the festival of Holi, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara brings the famous Tomatina festival of Spain. The Spanish celebrate Tomatina every year by throwing ripened tomatoes on each other. Zoya Akhtar has put together one of the best looking cast who shares great chemistry with each other. This film has an elaborate scene, with the four stars, Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol taking part in the fun Tomatina festival.

    The Tomatina was re-created for the shoot of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. It was shot in Bunyol, Valencia, Spain. Almost 16 tons on tomatoes were used for the shoot and they were flown in from Portugal. Apparently, the import of tomatoes itself cost the producers a good Rs. 1 crore!

    Talking about the shooting experience for the sequence, director Zoya Akhtar says, “Tomatina in Spain is a festival closest to our Holi. They play with tomatoes and the world turns red for the day. The energy is infectious and the scene is a visual treat. We had a blast shooting this sequence but it was not all rosy. It was a logistical nightmare for the producer. We shot in the same location where the festival actually takes place and we had to shut the town down. The residents of Bunyol were extremely sweet and in turn they celebrated Tomatina twice last year… once for Spain and once for India.”

    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara hits the screens on 24th of June 2011.

  54. Gee, I wonder which one’s Hrithik.

  55. I am sure it will get huge opening, people got addicted to these type of looks.

  56. feverbaba Says:

    ahem-ahem! does this film has anything for guys? i m looking foward to a kat still :)

  57. Excuse me, but is it a gay movie? I looked at the 1st pic posted above, and it looked like a gay-coming-out movie.

  58. Well if DMD’s first look could feature only Deepika’s midriff, I do not see what’s wrong with this. Isn’t there an item number overload right now anyway?

    It initially looked like DMD had little to offer women, but the subsequent trailers and song promos looked interesting enough for people of both genders. Hopefully this shapes up similarly. There’s Kat and a spanish actress Ariadna Cabrol as well.

    The only thing is that people seem to be tiring of glossy, westernized movies these days, so ZNMD could be affected by that. But its a really interesting ensemble cast that I never thought I would see together in a movie- Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin and Katrina Kaif. I think the Kat-Hrithik pairing and the sensationalism that’s bound to surround their lip-lock will be enough to reel quite a few people in. The only weak link in this cast is Farhan Akhtar and the wild card is obviously the Spanish actress.

    It comes right after movies like Ready and Double Dhamaal, so people might be up for something different . But I think it has to have a really strong marketing campaign to succeed. Excel will need to do a lot better than GAME with this.

    • people tiring from western movies-

      well to be frank, thats true, but that is for shallow filmmakers!! imo when production house like excel (game apart ;) ) chooses such subject, such leads, and it seems quite a ride on the lines of DCH, or hangover.. and good script and good journey to discover oneself, which already explored subtely in DCH, and majorly in Lakshya.. its another generational movie imo youth would love.

      add kat, spain, running bulls !! u have got it all.

      For not commercial section : Abhay deol, he has typical following imo
      commercially- hrithik-kat!!
      others- dch makers, 3 friends, journey, spain road trip!!

      add good songs..

      and we have a good, fresh and indeed innovative looking movie ahead.

      But question marks-

      1. can hrithik and gang form a gang like feeling ala DCH, RDB, 3I, because i always felt when one looks at other b town flicks superstar overshadows the chemistry!! .. but they need to gget this aspect right.. though hrithjik may be lead story…

      2. this could be totally new thing ..with kat-hrithik.. and this couple could be interesting!

      3. heart of the story, as title suggest needs to be beating..

  59. looking fwd to this

    should be a good watch

  60. alex adams Says:

    Like the topmost pic (now)
    Hritik just exudes style and charisma—even farhan facial cut(half visible) seems quite good.
    If this pic lives upto its promise, we maybe in for a v good film here.
    The ensemble cast assembled here is interesting—as said before howevr, hritik has more to lose than gain out of this association where he seems to be nearly at equal-ish footing to farhan and abhay. For the latter two and excel howver, hritiks involvement is a boon since it takes this project to a different strata both in terms of interest but also openingn and revenues.
    Having said that, the sensibilities one can sense here mean that this film can be a “hit” at the best but dont think it can go beyond that even if liked.
    i shall definitely catch this on the big screen though….

    • I agree that the Akhtars are going to gain much more out of Hrithik’s involvement in this film that he is. But he’s obviously fiercely loyal to the Akhtars (who are his childhood friends)- he did a cameo in LBC and he flew out to Berlin to do a cameo for Don 2 (he didn’t charge for either appearance, from what I hear), and now he’s doing an ensemble film with Zoya.

      But looking at the poster- he’s centre front and shirtless- I’m sure the film will give him much more prominence that Abhay or Farhan (who imo is undeserving to be part of this trio, where one is a fine, talented actor and the other is a dazzling star)

      As for how the film will fare- the box office is very unpredictable-When DCH released, Taran Adarsh predicted that it wouldn’t do well because it was too westernized and would not connect with the audience, yet it went on to become a super hit and an influential and acclaimed one, at that. This seems to be the new decade’s version of DCH. I think they will really concentrate on the similarities between both in their marketing campaign.

      I agree that given the sensibilities of the film, at a time when item numbers rule supreme and masala is coming back in a big way, the chances of commercial success are not high. But do not completely rule out the possibility of it going beyond a hit and becoming a big success, because the box office is unpredictable.

      Also, Hrithik is a fab dancer, and if the music is catchy, it will help boost the film’s profile a lot. (Even a low-profile, non-starrer like F.A.L.T.U made decent money because its music was well-loved).Recently there has been a spate of female item numbers, but nothing like Hrithik in D2 or SRK in OSO or John in Dostana etc. A sexy, catchy song with Hrithik could really address that gap and has the potential to become insanely popular. Zoya used Hrithik very well in the circus/ item song in LBC, which looked glorious and had some impressive choreography, so the music + videos could really be this film’s ticket to the big time at the BO.

      Satyam, what do you think? You haven’t commented on this film’s commercial viability at all :-)

      • There is absolutely no doubt that this could be a multiplex hit. but I pause a bit when I think how easy it was to make a success out of LBC and Zoya Akhtar couldn’t do it. But purely in terms of what the film is about I certainly don’t see multiplex problems here even if you already know what I think about a coming of age experience about Indians set in Spain!

        • “even if you already know what I think about a coming of age experience about Indians set in Spain!”

          I’m guessing that you’re one person who is not going to be contributing towards the financial success of this film :-D

          Yes, Zoya’s first film did not seem in tune with Indian sensibilities, but I hope she’s learnt from its failure. I did love the sense of humour in LBC though- it was typically unIndian and maybe a bit alienating, but it would be a shame if she’s replaced her wittiness with the usual Bollywood slapstick for the sake of commercial success.

          • No I’ll check it out in the theater if reviews are reasonably good!

          • grb- well i am sure satyam would contribute, and not only that we would get a good piece from him.

            on movie- actually i liked this setting of coming of age in spain :)

  61. alex adams Says:

    “It makes me sick that even newer, experimental, intelligent, well-educated filmmakers like Zoya and Rohan are ripping off foreign films. This is truly pathetic.”—agree somewhat bombaygirl.
    Did not expect this sly ripping-off by zoya/farhan.
    CAn these buggers not even design an imaginative poster of their own? A 12 year old school child can design “original” posters on downloadable software.
    The premise of the film does look interesting.
    Loved DCH–one of the real “cult” films of the last two decades!!

    • I agree- I like the premise of the film and it does have DCH vibes- three Sobo boys on a road trip, male bonding, romance , light-hearted comedy. The film does look very promising, apart from the plagiarized poster.

      I loved Abhay and Kalki in Dev.D so I cannot wait to see them together again. I’m not pro-Kat or anti-Kat, but it will be interesting to see how a director like Zoya uses an actress like Kat who is best known as arm candy and has a really ditzy/sexy image. I’m also curious about how the Spanish actress fits into the film. She isn’t the typical foreign model import like Jaqueline Fernandes or Lisa Haydon, she has a really interesting filmography. The only person I’m not looking forward to is Farhan Akhtar. Why he decided to become an actor is beyond me, that man is absolutely charmless and much better off as a director and writer.

      • alex adams Says:

        yes-I loved Dev D —eveeyting about it was good.
        Infact, for all his eccentricites, have liked averything anurag kashyap has ever done–including “no smoking”!!

    • All over the media there is a sense of the ‘fakeness’ of ZNMD now that we have the ‘original’ poster to compare it with. But the problem here lies with us! We didn’t need to look at the original to figure out that the poster already hearkened various Hollywood images of this sort. Again as I said with Game recently here in a different way the exact ‘copy’ reveals the gap far more profoundly. But why are we so amazed/horrified/indignant etc? As if we had discovered for the first time in our lives Bollywood ripping off Hollywood?! Doesn’t the very name of ‘Bollywood’ contain this ‘parasitism’?! We are really upset because our own pretensions are exposed. We are the audience Johar and Zoya Akhtar and whoever are making films for. We are the ideal consumers because we are that perfectly colonized audience! What happens (to take the Abhishek example once more.. because it is deeply symptomatic) is that when we see Abhishek not ‘with the program’ either in a very Hollywoodized film or else otherwise (our reality too is Hollywoodized because we have completely absorbed a certain ‘American’ way of looking at the world and we consider this totally ‘natural’.. so when we talk about a ‘work ethic’ or a certain model of ‘physical fitness’ we ‘spiritualize’ these things.. we completely forget that this ‘contingency’ is an American one.. in other words if there were a Hollywood trend of overweight heroes we would never have a problem with this!) it is not just that Abhishek is then not seen as matching a Hollywood model of ‘fitness’ or athleticism and so becomes problematic but that in his choices he exposes our own inner anxieties. We too are always afraid of being detected as colonized ‘fakes’ before the ‘Western’ originals. To put it in film terms Game and ZNMD are exactly the same thing! They are part of the very same Hollywoodized dynamic. The Euro-thriller, the coming of age genre, so on and so forth. In a perverse sense people like Johar and Zoya Akhtar (whom I otherwise criticize) are truer in a way than many others are. Because they are colonized and they are making no bones about it (of course their distasteful if not disgusting politics is another matter)!

      The original poster wasn’t needed to reveal just how ‘fake’ ZNMD was! By the way notice the Game previews where Abhishek literally repeats the Bond spin!

      • But Satyam, there is a big difference between being westernized and blatantly copying a western film. Westernization of Bollywood films can be good or bad depending on your point of view, but plagiarism is unethical, period. And even films with a very desi feel have plagiarized foreign sources. DMD, for example, has copied Chungking express. And drug mafia films are no more an Indian genre than coming of age films or whodunnits. Its just that Abhi looks in character in DMD as desi cop, but he seemed very out of place as a wannabe bond in Game.

        And most Indian heroes are very unconventional looking by Hollywood standards, most of them would not be considered attractive by typical American audiences. I’ve often had friends look at trailers of recent Indian films and comment on how amazing the women look, while the men are not conventionally good looking.

        • but what of those elements in our own lifestyles that too are blatant copies?

          • This discussion is getting too philosophical for me now :-P I don’t think its about copying western lifestyle. Its about adapting elements of their culture that you like while maintaining your own identity, and I do not think there is anything wrong with that. I obviously do have colonial thoughts on some subconscious level, but I do not have an active hankering to be white/ caucasian. Maybe when I was younger, when I lived in Mumbai and hadn’t been exposed to foreign countries except on holidays, I did have a desi inferiority complex. But the longer I live ‘abroad’ the less infatuated I become with trying to be a western original, as you put it.

            Ten years ago, I would have been delighted by SRK’s speech on how Bollywood needs to learn from Hollywood to remain valid in today’s times and I would have probably even liked YRF’s attempt at western chick flicks. Today, I’m more likely to enjoy Ishqiya and be excited by a Masaum than a Short Term Shaadi. Yes, I do want to watch ZNMD, but that has more to do with my love for DCH and LBC (and Hrithik, Abhay and Kalki) than out of a colonial desire to see Indians live the European dream.

            I do however like aspects of western culture, the freedom, the greater equality, the quality of life, the personal space. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, or that it makes me any less Indian/ more colonial. :-)

        • I obviously don’t disagree with your overall point.. just that a radical break cannot be posited.. so DMD looks very much like an American and/or Americanized ‘international’ film. Abhishek’s look belongs to another local archive (though even here a certain tough type owes something to American models) true, but perhaps this is the minimal ‘difference’ inserted into the film (and all such efforts) to make it not just a ‘copy’.

      • Great comment, Satyam.

  62. ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ to shift ahead?
    By Taran Adarsh, April 12, 2011 – 08:33 IST

    Okay, here’s another development that’s sure to have repercussions on other new releases. ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA, which is slated for release on 24 June, might be shifted ahead — by two weeks, to be precise. The talk within the industry is that it will now arrive on 8 July, which means it will now clash with BBUDDAH – HOGA TERA BAAP and MURDER 2.

    ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA producer Ritesh Sidhwani doesn’t rule out the possibility of a postponement. “My editor [Chandan Arora] had a slip disc recently and that in turn affected the post-production schedule of the film. However, I wish to add that I am not sure whether ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA will make it on that date or shift to a new date. I will take a call by the end of this week,” Ritesh states.

    If ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA shifts to 8 July, as speculated, will BBUDDAH – HOGA TERA BAAP and MURDER 2 stick to that date or shift ahead?

  63. alex adams Says:

    UNrelated, but a little known but good sing–Like it!

  64. Poster is a ripoff of Lords of Dogtown

  65. Zoya and the Edit Problem : OPEN

    There are rumours in the trade that ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is currently going through a difficult editing process.
    There are rumours in the trade that ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is currently going through a difficult editing process.

    Zoya Akhtar, writer-director of the excellent drama Luck By Chance, is currently putting the final touches on her new film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which stars Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif and Kalki Koechlin. Shot extensively in Spain, the film will check into cinemas in July at a landing cost of approximately Rs 70 crore, making it an enormously expensive and risky enterprise for Eros International that will distribute the film worldwide.

    There are rumours in the trade that the movie is currently going through a difficult editing process. Reliable sources confirm that as many as three editors have already worked on and prematurely exited the film due to clashes with the director. Right now, Zoya’s actor-director brother Farhan Akhtar is believed to have locked himself into the editing room with his close friend and long-time editor Anand Subaya to fix the edit.

    Anand, who edited Farhan’s Lakshya and Don, and Zoya’s Luck By Chance, was brought in at the eleventh hour after three editors left the film midway. Veterans Deepa Bhatia and Chandan Arora and a third junior editor apparently signed up at various stages, but didn’t see the project through. The grapevine has it that Deepa (who has worked on Taare Zameen Par, Rock On!! and My Name Is Khan) bid the film adieu when she discovered Zoya and she couldn’t agree on just about anything. Chandan (who has edited Jungle, Company and Cheeni Kum) left shortly after he came on board, citing health problems, but it seems that he grew frustrated when the director insisted on changing all the work he was putting in daily.

    Interestingly, each of the three editors, despite taking only a short stab at the job, has revealed that the film itself is looking very good. One of the three, in fact, lavishes particular praise on the climax, filmed around a thrilling bull chase sequence in Spain, describing it as “an editor’s wet-dream”.

    • Interestingly, each of the three editors, despite taking only a short stab at the job, has revealed that the film itself is looking very good. One of the three, in fact, lavishes particular praise on the climax, filmed around a thrilling bull chase sequence in Spain, describing it as “an editor’s wet-dream”.

      Ah! A bull-chase climax in Spain… this is what all editor’s pray and wish that they get a chance to edit! Should I linger a few frames more on Hrithik’s chiseled torso or add a few frames to the bull dashing headlong with his horns? Should I drop the frame-rate on Farhan’s curly mop swaying ever so gently or give some stay on Katrina’s intense expressions showing concern for a bull chasing her man? This is what every editor’s wet-dream is made of.

  66. Looking fwd to this one.

    Will definately watch this over rubbish like Ready.

    No offence to Salman fans but I find films like Wanted/Dabang/Ready devoid of substance & intelligence. This is my personal view

  67. alex adams Says:

    Like the setting of Sunny Spain here. Hritik looking gr8 as alwayz

  68. Alex adams Says:

    For all those who follow “house”—
    Hugh Lauries maveric medic may be coming to an end after the eighth season!!!

    • Awwwwwwwwww….don’t say THAT! I love house (sometimes more than movies, I am addicted to these shows…lost was another one that I adored).
      On a side note, I think Satyam is a lot like House….what do you think AA? ;-)

      • Alex adams Says:

        Hahaha “Awwwwwwwwww….don’t say THAT! I love house (sometimes more than movies, I am addicted to these shows…lost was another one that I adored).
        On a side note, I think Satyam is a lot like House….what do you think AA? “Dimps — I like “house “– did not know u r a house fan as well.
        As for satyam being like house– hmm- think u r getting obsessed (with satyam)

        • “As for satyam being like house– hmm- think u r getting obsessed (with satyam)”

          HA….just that I…have to accept defeat….don’t like that at all. Satyamgaru…everyone likes…so not that big deal…is it?

        • Alex…did you like LOST?
          Speaking of obsession: What is your fav. obsession movie? I liked the one with Glenn Close and MDouglas…and glenn coming out from bathtub with a knife…my all time fav scene…almost as iconic as shower scene of Psycho!!

          • Alex adams Says:

            Not an “obsession” fan…lol
            Really like “house” but NOT “scrubs”!!
            Btw Dimps – which was your favourite “story” in “love actually”– satyam wants to know… Lol
            p.s. Abzee has one thing right in life– got a really good gravatar….

  69. Hrithik looking like an old man in the uppermost pic.

    Needs to get some rest ;-0

  70. filmifan Says:

    Haila, Hrithik! I have to watch it for him! He’s looking so good here!

  71. aajkaarjun Says:

    OT: Not sure whether you have seen this before or not….

  72. Alex adams Says:

    Abzee- lol@ “wet-dream”…
    This film seems to be pressing the right buttons for the multiplex crowd many of whom in the “resurgent” india want to go “global”!!
    Even a holiday HAS to be in nothing closer than spain( note how this started in goa in dch)
    Anyhow like the pics here and a good ensemble mix .
    However take out hritik from this “ensemble” mix and the opening (and gross) will become one-FOURTH!!!!!!

  73. Alex adams Says:

    I’m a bit surprised that in this war of editors nobody is taking hritik roshan into the picture. He is the ONLY one who will get the film a major gross and opening (if at all)…
    Zoya, and even Farhan , (ESP the former), for all their talent,’promise and attitude have yet to produce an indisputable hit….
    Srks don was a disputable one indeed..
    dch was a modern day cult classic but did not set bo on fire…
    Sometimes even a truly remarkable film is killed by egos, manipulation and the editing table……

  74. p.s. Abzee has one thing right in life– got a really good gravatar…

    Thanks. That’s Marion Cotillard… I am presently obsessed with her; never thought anyone would be able to come close to my obsession with La Pfeiffer, but Cotillard has come mighty close. Love Emily Blunt as well, but not as much as Pfeiffer and Cotillard. Cotillard I would marry! It’s another matter that I don’t stand a chance in hell.

  75. Alex adams Says:

    Share your liking for these (though not obsession)
    cotillard has that french enigmatic appeal but somehow she looks better in your gravatar than otherwise IMO.
    Emily blunt is well ….The archetypal English gal…
    All the best for your obsessions…lol

  76. Alex adams Says:

    Just revisited parts of “catch me if u can”…
    When one has tombanks on screen, others like Leo here, becum inconsequential , irrespective of the role…
    Whats your favourite hanks film??
    I loved him in “castaway “……

  77. alex adams Says:

    Is this a film (ZMND) or actually a postcard picture album…….
    BTW—Further to the comment above, what is your favorite Hanks film folks….

    • If it’s a film starring Hanks, it has to be Saving Private Ryan. But the film’s not deeply affecting because of Hanks.

      If you are talking about a film that’s affecting because of Hanks, I’d say “Big.”

      • For me Hanks is one of those offensively bland ‘Middle-American-values-representing’ star for his generation much as someone like Jimmy Stewart was in an earlier age. To be honest I don’t mind either one too much (despite my characterization just now) but there isn’t anything to love either. Hitchcock was great at using precisely these qualities (Stewart) to great effect. No one has done this with Hanks yet. In this sense Castaway seemed like a happy story till he actually got rescued! America always needs a Hanks-like star (Harrison Ford was another one of those) to assure itself that someone’s preserving the apple-pie values in the midst of more ‘current’ movie stars who offer newer models.

        • Alex adams Says:

          Nice comment on hanks, satyam- agree…”in sense Castaway seemed like a happy story till he actually got rescued”– astute point– liked hanks a lot here …

        • So true, Satyam. A perfect reading of Hanks and Ford. I dont mind either.

      • He’s always been more effective in lighter, comedic roles for me. Big for sure and I also liked him in some of his light, supporting roles in movies like A League of Their Own and Catch me if you can.

  78. alex adams Says:

    For me—Castaway….by far…

  79. alex adams Says:

    Think Hanks is much more than a “light hearted comedic” ………
    In Castaway, he conducts a masterclass in holding audience interest
    For much of the time, Hanks is on screen by himself, his only dialogue addressed to a “ball”!!!!
    Credit also goes to Zemeckis…
    Never once did it feel repetitive or boring or “losing grip”. And all this while coming across as so “bland”
    Any lesser actor and this concept would not have taken off……
    Im struggling to name ONE actor who could have done this better!!
    Also liked Helen Hunt here..

  80. Alex adams Says:

    Lol. I saw many others attending this class!! Hehe…

  81. Alex adams Says:

    All of someone seen hanks only as. “light hearted comic”, it’s “personal”…
    Which brings it to the logical conclusion of this poser…
    Who would u like the ONE human with u if u were in hanks place marooned in that island – cliched but pertinent…
    MS Vatikala- will that be a macho hunk??
    For gf–maybe mohanlal?
    Just kidding– nice to hear the choices….lol

  82. Alex adams Says:

    Ms Vatikala — there is no respite ..”plane” will mot be available as in castaway.. Lol
    Which macho hunk do u want there with u? Or do u wantto be there “alone”.

  83. I was really looking forward to this movie but the recent posters just dnt cut it for me. It looks really……boring?!?

  84. alex adams Says:

    WOuld be interesting to hear who satyam will take along in the marooned island a la castaway….see above!
    Given that Mohan Lal has already been “booked” by gf…

  85. alex adams Says:

    Kat giving a much more “real” vibe here…

  86. masterpraz Says:


  87. alex adams Says:

    Federer leading Nadal 4-1 first set—lets see how long he can sustain….

  88. alex adams Says:

    “Federer leading Nadal 4-1 first set—lets see how long he can sustain…”
    The key ominous words were “lets see how long he can sustain…”
    Nadal fights back to lead 7-5, 3-1….
    ps–Federer is/WAS one of my most favorite sportspersons of ALL time….

    • Heard the music

      Loving it

      Only exceptions are Senorita, Suraj & Farhan’s shayari

      But definately a quality album

  89. alex adams Says:

    Looking forward to this music by SEL…
    Saw “Senorita” in the promos—looks a no no for me and hritik is being made to look silly here.
    Farhan Akhtar is spoiling the scenery a bit…and trying to hog more limelight than he can handle or command !!
    Dont mind Abhay deol much though—after Dev D and OLLO, am willing to give him some patience and even respect…
    Love ANurag Kashyap and his “crusade” against people getting roles due to their “connections”
    Dont mind kalki-Kashyaps live-in girlfriend– but did she get her role in Shaitaan and “the girl in yellow boots” due to talent alone? Sometimes things are not black and white…

    • I think the problem is that when you make a film which doesn’t require stars or larger than life figures and you accordingly cast two actors keeping this in mind but then suddenly choose a star for the third part it creates an imbalance. So it’s not what Hrithik is doing as much as the fact that Hrithik is just being a regular guy here. Zoya is not accounting for Hrithik the star. Farhan and Abhay are fine for this terrain but Hrithik is not part of this ‘series’. Either all three should have been stars or all three should have like Abhay or Farhan. I’ve always felt this was the essential issue with the film. Similarly Katrina shouldn’t have been here either. But since the film is more about the three bachelors (a la Hangover) Hrithik becomes a greater issue. And hence with that Senorita song where the other two look fine just breaking out into a spontaneous sort of jig whereas Hrithik as this extraordinary dancer looks paradoxically forced!

      Will say once more though that this film might split the difference between a younger segment that loves DB and an older segment that finds such films mostly risque.

      • by the way the supreme example of this problem is Main Azaad Hoon. How could a star simultaneously do both Agneepath, that ultimate essay in the iconic, and then this film at more or less the very same time?! Bachchan did a good job but it was the strangest performance because being that ‘ordinary’ seemed surreal coming from him! Stars cannot just be characters. They have to be stars playing characters. This is essentially the difference between a star and a non-star. Or the difference between bachchan and Naseer. The latter could become the character. Bachchan always had to be Bachchan playing the character. This is true in every industry of the world. Therefore those like Naseer who have sometimes attacked Bachchan for being too ‘Bachchanesque’ at all times completely miss the point. The great performance in this instance is always a compromise made with the star signature.

  90. alex adams Says:

    “Zoya is not accounting for Hrithik the star. Farhan and Abhay are fine for this terrain but Hrithik is not part of this ‘series’. Either all three should have been stars or all three should have like Abhay or Farhan.”—-EGG-jack-tly….
    in addition–i have had this qualm about Hritik being “taken for a ride” by the bro-sis duo.
    EVERYone here will gain form this movie in one way or the other except hritik ….
    Also feel that the bro-sis have deliberately made this film visually over appealing and accessible to increase their multiplex prospects, “foxed” HR into the mix and seem to have “smartened” up after the Karthik-calling-karthiks and the s Zoyas directorial debut (forgot the name)..
    By the way, have a soft corner (both film and music) for a flop by excel called “armaan”—not sure if anyone has seen it though–soft sensitive and music by SEL

  91. Zoya in a dilemma over Hrithik-Kat’s liplock
    By: Hiren Kotwani Date: 2011-06-23 Place: Mumbai

    Zoya Akhtar is thinking of toning down a 3-min long kiss between Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’

    A few weeks ago, director Zoya Akhtar had to tone down the chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the song Ek Junoon in her next, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Reason being it was a group song also featuring Farhan Akhta, Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin.

    And Hrithik and Katrina’s chemistry was taking away the essence of the group number. Now, Zoya is faced with another dilemma; to retain or drastically tone down a three-minute intense kissing scene filmed on both of them.

    A very long scene
    Revealing the nature of the scene, an insider elaborates, “After a severe exchange of words, Hrithik’s character Arjun leaves in a Buick. Katrina (Laila) chases him on her bike. Stopping his car, she forces him out and pinning him on the bonnet, kisses him. And it’s a rather long scene, about three minutes long.”

    However, Zoya’s predicament triggered from their sizzling chemistry in the Ek Junoon number.

    “When they saw the first cut of the song shot during the Spanish Tomatina festival, Zoya felt that the chemistry between the two actors was too much for a group song,” recalls our source, adding that the filmmaker also understood the dilemma of the two actors for whom it could get awkward personally.

    “Hrithik’s kissing scenes with Barbara Mori in Kites and Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 were talked about a lot. Kats’ liplock with John Abraham in New York was hyped too.”

    Our informer maintains that the scene is very crucial as it conveys the strengthening of Arjun and Laila’s romance. “That’s why Zoya is finding it difficult to decide on how much of the kiss to retain and how much to leave out,” source says.

    We tried contacting Zoya Akhtar, but she didn’t revert to our text messages.

  92. A short interview with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani– about their first film DCH, and how it all began, their South Mumbai schooldays, the lot.

  93. “The success of ZNMD is something that Zoya really needed” – Farhan Akhtar

    By Subhash K. Jha, July 20, 2011 – 15:29 IST

    Farhan Akhtar Zoya has been missing for the past few days. Says the brother Farhan jokingly, “She fell asleep on Friday night and has not woken up. Any director after the film’s release needs 4-5 days to unwind. Hopefully we will see the re-emergence of Zoya Akhtar.”

    Farhan has a lot to be happy and grateful about. “There’s a general sense of elation in the family about the success of ZNMD…..Pa (Javed Akhtar), Mom (Honey Irani) and Shabana. The success of this film is something that Zoya really needed to happen after her first film Luck By Chance. She was confused about what would work and what wouldn’t. We’re really happy for her. I am truly grateful to Naseeruddin Shah for doing the cameo of my father. I can’t imagine anyone else doing it.”

    There was always the chance that ZNMD might fail. But Farhan was not bothered by the specter of failure. “With my partner Ritesh Sidhwani and me doing what comes naturally to us is every important. There had have been no point in saying, ‘Let’s do a film about three guys on a holiday in Spain. Sounds really exciting. But let’s cheat and shoot it in Madh Island.”

    A lot of people have criticized ZNMD for being a touristic guide to Spain. Farhan protests, “Not really. Of course ZNMD does showcase Spain because the characters are traveling through the country. But that’s like saying Sideways endorses alcoholism. Of course Spanish tourism board was extremely helpful. They assisted us in every way possible. They allowed us to shoot on the streets and even recreated Spanish festivals. The Tomatina and the Running of the Bulls festivals were recreated for our camera.”

    Says Farhan, “We were not mobbed much. It’s sad. But not too many Indian films release in Spain. The actor they knew was Hrithik. They had seen him in Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai. Hopefully after ZNMD they’ll start watching lot more Indian movies.”

    Why the theme of three heroes on a journey repeatedly in films produced by Farhan Akhtar? “I don’t know. Maybe people think I like this genre, so they keep coming back to me with such scripts. It’s just a coincidence. Luckily, after the release of ZNMD they’ve stopped comparing it with Dil Chahta Hai.”

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