Images from Rockstar (updated)

thanks to Kassam…

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  1. Alex adams Says:

    Not bad– looks ” promising”…


  2. Pretty.. Hope she can act too…


  3. Alex adams Says:

    Yes sneha— good if she can act.
    But won’t be worried if she can’t — going by her pic that satyam has specially “chosen” and posted above… Lol


  4. Saw a b/w pic in the Auteur’s corner with the byline: Enga Veetu Pillai/1965

    I don’t think that is correct.

    Enga Veetu piLLai was a colour film. I am guessing the pic if from the film ‘aasai mugam’


    • Indeed it is Aasai Mugam. My error there. I was looking for Enga Veetu Pillai, I then saw this snap I liked but I forgot to change the title there. Thanks for pointing it out.


  5. Meh


  6. Ranbir should dump Katrina for her if he has not already. She is WOW. I sure will see Rockstar now..


  7. mksrooney Says:

    @dimps: i thought alex and the lingerie shoot might bring u here 😉 so posting it here.

    i read somewhere ur department of national treasury or something announced some critical point where cash reserves are very low.

    can u explain, or did i read something wrong? and something relating to august 2 deadline!


  8. alex adams Says:

    “@dimps: i thought alex and the lingerie shoot might bring u here “—hahaha
    so lingerie and Dimps follow me…
    Anyhow satyam—nice link ^^—Keep “it” up & have fun…


  9. alex adams Says:

    “Ranbir should dump Katrina for her if he has not already”–Dino–what advice !!lol
    Apparently this girl has mixed Czech-pak lineage.
    Something about mixed race and lineage……
    ps–hope satyam is “done with” the lingerie “photoshoot” ….lol


  10. Alex adams Says:

    Sometimes deepika looks a bit anorexic Especially in certain key locations ( though don’t mind her here).
    Unrelated to this pic, she has a
    Certain aishwarya aspirational hangover off screen and onscreeN ( but not without her own individuality)


  11. alex adams Says:

    Unimpressed with Ranbirs “cool” look here—expected somethign better!
    However, the Czech-pak girl Fakhri is better (not surprising lol)
    The stakes are higher imo since the music is by AR Rahman…


  12. I don’t think this is the official poster of Rockstar,think it’s a fan made one. I have seen this pic from a photoshoot of Ranbir’s in a filmfare.


  13. alex adams Says:

    hmmm, thanx filmifan..
    ok, ok–ranbir is good!! lol


  14. satyam ji, Nice to see Shammi Kapoor photo from film Rockstar.Thanks.


  15. iffrononfire Says:

    nice pic

    original rockstar of indian cinema in his last venture ironically with name rockstar

    RIP to great man


  16. Rockstar goes over budget

    Vickey Lalwani

    Posted On Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 04:02:50 AM

    Imtiaz Ali’s next film, the Ranbir Kapoor-Nargis Fakhri starrer Rockstar, has gone over budget. Thanks to the unwarranted delay caused by the Eros International-Ashtavinayak conflict that took place three months back (Mumbai Mirror, May 11) and Imtiaz Ali’s continuous reshooting of various portions of the film.

    According to the buzz in the industry, the film has exceeded its estimated budget by Rs 15 crore (approximately). The film, which was supposed to be completed within the estimated Rs 45 crore, has already added up a bill of Rs 60 crore. A source said, “Imtiaz has become a perfectionist. If he is not satisfied with a particular scene, he will not compromise even a bit.” And this seems to have added some unwanted pressure on the producers’ pockets.

    “The film has turned out very well. But yes, the rise in the cost of making the film has hit the producers (Eros International and Ashtavinayak) quite hard. Any film that gets delayed incurs a rise in budget,” added the source. Rockstar, which was scheduled for a July 2011 release will now hit the theatres on November 11.

    The delay in the schedule that began with a dispute between the producers Ashtavinayak and Eros was resolved only recently. “Eros International paid Rs 15 crore to Ashtavinayak, which in turn resolved their dispute,” explained the source.

    However, this did not prevent the director from fine-tuning his film and in turn adding to the estimated budget.


  17. Like the poster design though it should have looked less ‘animated’ than it does.

    the film should open big.. eagerly await the soundtrack.


  18. Predictable script to death

    Nishant is a rock star : he drinks, he takes drugs (tabacco?), he f*ck a lot more than the guy next door. But one day, he meets Natasha… Sonya… Deepika … (oops) and goes from the proudly-jerky-ubersexual to the lovely-faithful-shaved-metro. He drops rock for Banhgra and discover that life can be beautiful, even when you wake up sober at 6 in the morning.
    Nishant and Natasha… Sonya… Deepika … lives an happy-virgin-love-story-forever (yes she’s not that type of girl y’all know!) and have babies (well, life is miracle 🙂 )

    By the way the poster is coooool imo…


  19. Alex adams Says:

    Lol@ oops–“Nishant and Natasha… Sonya… Deepika … lives an happy-virgin-love-story-forever (yes she’s not that type of girl y’all know!) and have babies (well, life is miracle)”

    My interest here is the at Rahman numbers (& nargis fakhri).,,


  20. Alex she will fail to impress like her debut on America’s top model. Show was in 2004 and she claims to be 24 there. So she is already hitting 31/32 before even arriving on the scene. Don’t expect much once she opens gab on screen.

    Fakhri at America Top Model


  21. alex adams Says:

    “so she is already hitting 31/32 “–Dont mind “mature” !
    Has its own charm…
    “Don’t expect much once she opens gab on screen.”–I never have such


  22. Great looks really promising i hope it turns out to be a huge hit for Ranbir.


  23. Looking interesting! Excited for the first trailer! Sure RK will be awesome in it!


  24. The thing to look forward to here as I’ve said for some time is Rahman’s work. Really hope he comes up with something special here especially since as far as a rock albums go it’s increasingly challenging to sound unique.


  25. Song teaser


    • The teaser is disappointing! 😦 I expected much more from A.R. Rahman. But then again I always find ‘rock’ music in hindi films to be terrible with a few rare expections. Between the foreign heroine who cannot speak Hindi and the theme of ‘rockstar’, which Hindi films usually handle in a ridiculous manner, I am not looking forward to this at all.

      Also, I just cannot buy Ranbir as a romantic hero. I think he’s a fine actor and I like him in roles like Rocket Singh and Wake Up Sid! But I do not think that he posseses either the looks or the charisma to be a romantic hero.

      Rock On! was bearable, but the idea of infusing the two genres of rock film and new-age rom-com does not excite me since both of these genres are still in their infancy in Indian cinema and are usually handled in an idiotic, pretentious manner.

      Jab We Met had a spontatneous feel to it, but in Love Aaj Kal the ‘coolth’ factor felt a little forced, even if the film was quite good otherwise. I have a feeling the ‘cool and new-age’ angle is really going to be shoved down are throats in this film. In the poster Ranbir looks like an absolute poser.


      • I beg to differ, I love Ranbir as a romantic hero! Really enjoyed his performances in Sawaariya, BAH and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. I find him really handsome and I think he has a certain charisma about him that’s really alluring.


        • Haha…different people, different tastes.

          I love Hrithik-centric romances, I think that Imran, Farhan and Prateik are all adorable as romantic leads, I like Shahid as well, and even Ranveer was endearing enough in Band Baaja Baraat.

          But I just cannot stand Ranbir as a romantic hero and his offscreen persona only contributes to my dislike of him in such roles. He comes across as really boorish- like a desi fratboy. But then again, I dont find Aamir, Akshay, Ajay or Salman appealing either, so I clearly have odd taste. 😛

          I’d really like to see Sendhil Ramamurthy in a rom-com of this kind. He would fit in perfectly given how often these films tend to be NRI romances. He really impressed me in Shor – on a superficial level, not because of his excellent acting skills 😛 but these films are usually very superficial anyway. I think that him and Priyanka would make a beautiful onscreen couple.


          • True guess we all have different tastes! I personally love Ranbir as a romantic hero! My likings are the complete opposite to yours, since I really really like Salman,Aamir,Akshay and Ajay, I find all them appealing! Think the only person I agree with you on is Hrithik, I love Hrithik!
            Don’t care much for Imran,Farhan and Prateik.
            Lol, funny how much different people’s tastes can differ!

            Sendhil, I’ve only seen him in heroes, havn’t watched him in Shor, really liked him in Heroes though. Can totally understand liking him on a superficial level! Don’t know if he would appeal to me as a big screen hero though. Agree he and PC might make a good couple.


          • You don’t find Sallu, Aamir and Akshay appealing? wow!


  26. Like the artwork.. just not sure about the ‘message’ being conveyed here..


  27. That’s Jack Sparrow in contemporary times..!


  28. Makes me think of Albator 🙂


  29. Awesome poster of Rockstar .


  30. The newest pic is not from Rockstar though, it’s from an old photoshoot of Ranbir’s for John Players.


  31. Rockstar is a musical journey: Ranbir Kapoor

    Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who promoted his upcoming flick Rockstar here on Sunday described the movie to be a musical journey.

    “The film is a musical journey and a love story. A lot can be explained through the promos of the film on how the journey goes and when the film opens in theatres on November 11, 2011 you will discover yourself,” said Kapoor, who plays the lead role in this movie.

    “But, of course I play a rockstar in the film, whose name is Janardhan Jakkad and who in the film would transform into the rockstar Jordan,” he added.

    Meanwhile, the director of the film, Imtiaz Ali, who was also present on the occasion informed that the music of the film, which will be launched on September 20, was parallel to the personality of the protagonist and was a mix of local flavour and the dominant western influence on his music.

    “See the title is Rockstar so it’s obviously about music and I think the spirit of rock, I think is local to the place. This guy (the protagonist) is a Hindi speaking guy who can’t speak English well,” said Ali.

    “He is a very local guy, who lives in New Delhi, but he plays western music. His music is a mix of the local taste and the influence of western music,” he added.

    Nargis Fakhri plays the female lead in this movie. Oscar winning music director AR Rahman has composed the music of Rockstar.

    Legendary actor Shammi Kapoor, who breathed his last on August 14 this year, makes his last silver screen appearance in this film.


  32. the two kinds of artwork here seem to belong to radically different films. It’s the ‘comic book’ versus the graphic novel with a much harder edge to it. The latter even invokes some horror movie art of the Japanese kind. On the other hand the comic book art suggests ‘classic’ cinema of some sort. I like these images a lot but I don’t know if either choice of design really works with the ‘idea’ of this film.


  33. aargh–another hectic day/
    Sort of looking forward to this film now…
    Hoping for an ace music score from ar rahman.
    Also seems to be the biggest role for ranbir—(whether it works or not is to be seen though)
    Perhaps the first ranbir film after Rocket Singh that found interesting…
    Also pertinent to point out that Nargis Fakhri is interesting .
    PS–Ranbir and Nargis share good rapport but look like brother-sibling (siiblings)
    Hope this is more than an “incestuous” fare lol


  34. Alex adams Says:

    An eye catching pic there -the top one
    There are issues with ranbir pulling off this persona but he is somewhat better than initially though…
    Can’t think of many in the current set up who could pull off this “rockstar”

    But Nargis F continues to look interesting in the topmost pic.

    Ps– what head gear hAs she got inthe second from top pic. Is that a “Muslim” head gear


  35. alex adams Says:

    Ranbir is incidental here–not much interested there…(though he seems better in “emoting” than actually looking a “rockstar”)
    Its ar rahman’s show all the way—see the other (much better)thread on rockstar music
    though am curious about Nargis F


    • “though am curious about Nargis F”

      I’m sure you mean performance..


    • The soundtrack is a very strong one. Agree with you completely. And as I thought it is the RDB kind of ‘integrated’ soundtrack. And it has very many tracks too! Like a number of songs here but none as much as these two instrumental ones:

      But do like most of the tracks here. And certainly I already like this more than I ever did RDB (though many elements here grew on me). This is definitely a very major album. It doesn’t touch the heights of D6 but that’s no shame given that the latter is easily one of his 2 or 3 greatest Hindi albums (I’d say only Dil Se is comparable). The one thing I would add here, and purely as a metter of personal taste, that ‘North Indian’ Rahman is generally not my favorite. He’s produced great work on Taal and now Rockstar (D6 had elements too but here the mix was much more varied and often dramatically so) and some other places but these works also tend to be much more ‘controlled’ (for want of a better word). I think I admire them more than I love them (relatively speaking). The other way to understand this is to perhaps suggest that Rahman is also an ‘older’ man at this point and some of his very youthful elan and zest is necessarily lost except by way of ‘signature’. Except when he works with Rathnam in Hindi where he is more likely to summon up that ‘Tamil’ connection. Not just in terms of genre songs but also by way of offering less formally ‘orchestral’ works. Here a good example would be the Ranjha song in Raavan (something like Beera is truer to Rahman’s Tamil roots anyway) which is fairly ‘regular’ and yet there’s something very compulsive about it. It is this propulsive quality that Rahman generally doesn’t bring to his North Indian soundtracks and when he wants to introduce that sort of quality he generally goes in for ‘Arabic’ strains (both on RDB and now on Rockstar.. also in Zubeidaa for that matter). perhaps there’s a certain ‘Muslimness’ that subliminally informs him in these choices.

      Similarly there was a middling kind of Rahman in Tamil once upon a time who’s been left behind as Rahman, busy on the international front, has decided to take ‘major’ projects more often than not. In Hindi Ghajini or JTYJN (as some of us discussed here recently) are closer to that kind of spontaneous moment. Not ‘great’ albums but addictive ones. But in Tamil the major projects are masala more often than not and hence he can keep his early ‘younger’ self alive. For example on the Enthiran soundtrack which is quintessential Rahman. Very true to that legacy without being simply repetitive.

      Again all of that is meant to be descriptive in a critical sense and more about personal taste. Don’t intend a criticism anywhere here. I do like Rockstar a lot, I adore D6 (didn’t care much for JA though) and so on. All I’m saying is that I’d take Enthiran over all of these and Raavan as well (just among the recent stuff). But of course with Rahman it’s always an embarrassment of riches. Rockstar is an important soundtrack by any measure and certainly one I’ll be listening to quite a bit.


      • Insightful comment — on Delhi-6, I think it steers clear from the “Northern” characteristics you note by virtue of being so modern — i.e. there ARR was able to weave the “Northern” motifs/music into something that pointed the way forward (I’m not being very articulate here, but Taal is surely a more conservative album); Dil Se is also in the Delhi-6 category, whereas The Legend of Bhagat Singh is also in the Taal category. Rockstar — which is most certainly a major album — is something in between, not completely in the Taal category but not in the Delhi-6 one either. (“Phir se ud chala” is a great example — it seems like a less edgy cousin of “Aaromale” from “Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya”).

        Re: “In Hindi Ghajini or JTYJN (as some of us discussed here recently) are closer to that kind of spontaneous moment.”

        But these albums are not a patch — as far as compulsive listening is concerned — on Tamil analogues (i.e. relatively “ordinary” projects): Sakkarakatti; Sillunu Oru Kaadal; Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya — those are just more fun.


  36. alex adams Says:

    by the way–is that “Kashmir ki kali” headgear on Nargis F…
    Also like the pic— below the “headgear” ones and above the ranbir-with-guitar pic
    THAT pic deserves close inspection


  37. Must say I can’t get behind this album as much as you guys. Calling it a major Rahman album in Hindi is a bit much but then I’m the guy that far prefers RDB’s sound to this sort of thing. Part of it is Rahman is inherently working within the constraints of a genre rock film. There’s obviously more here than rock but then those pieces aren’t really knocking me out or anything. Charming, perfectly easy listening and certainly not bad (!) but also not any kind of breakthrough for Rahman. Where I do agree is on Satyam’s comment on Enthiran which has grown to become my very favorite work of Rahman in years. But then comparing the Tamil albums to the Hindi isn’t exactly fair when it comes to Rahman…

    Among the true pieces of rock here, I’d easily take Nadaan Parindey over everything else. Has a latter day Chili Peppers feel to it and I’m a sucker for that. Jo Bhi Main is also pretty strong. But even these pieces, good as they are, are somewhat derivative in terms of their arrangement. I think what I’m getting at is as impressive as the work here is, the best of it doesn’t sound unique to Rahman’s voice. The one piece where this is isn’t the case is Hawa Hawa where the orchestral arrangement sounds like the kind of smooth “double-helixing” of disparate musical influences that Rahman is so impressive at concocting. Here there’s a bit of a Spanish inflection with the castanets and such but it doesn’t lose the subcontinental backbone. Something similar could be said for Aur Ho which has that Metallica-esque riff hanging over the whole track but remains (impressively) a classically rendered Hindi film “sad song”.

    As always I’ll end on saying that Rahman on an average day shames most composers on their best. This is a good album but not quite a great one. Time may make up the gap for me.


  38. Alex adams Says:

    Interesting viewpoints there folks…thanx
    Just like rehmans albums, the “reactions” they generate are also noteworthy

    “must say I can’t get behind this album as much as you guys”–gf: in that case–it’s a good idea to get infront of “it” if not possible to get “behind it” lol–difficultto resist a full toss half volley like that…
    A)With that being dispatched( to four lol and out of the way)—yes, there are certain issues here–which can be summarised as “derivative”; “conservative”; “not pathbreaking” etc
    This is actually partially correct…
    B)For eg this album maybe one of the most “accessible” of rahmans albums for me.
    By the second hearing, I was already on the “enjoyment” mode for most tracks which is quite rare for a Rahman album…
    C)This is not necessarily a bad thing always (although there is a temptation to think it as “inferior”)
    Sometimes this is done intentionally by the musician either to suit the genre or as a design to enlarge the target audience.

    D)Comin back to the issues of “conservative”;” derivative”&”non pathbreaking”—
    Think that one of the reasons for that assessment especially by some “veteran” rehman listeners is–
    E)The knowledge that a director like imtiaz ali with all his jab-we-met-esque baggage at the helm.
    This sort of “bias” is difficult to shrug off for most while “enjoyin ” this album
    F) the title “rockstar” is proving too much for most (even discerning) viewers since it is putting off /distracting then –the preconceptions about what the “style” of music or the “look of the lead” should be is creating conflict in their minds
    G) impression of “regional” influence eg ” northern” or even “Muslim” here– also gets overplayed more
    H) trying to expect sleighing “out of the blue /pathbreaking” wife–hey this is “rockstar” & rehman with all his promise of “innovation” hasn’t been THAT innovative here and maybe surely because of him getting “older” somewhat from when he did the other “iconic” albums
    I) as u have mentioned elsewhere before: that informally unleashed this into sown unsuspecting multiethnic multinationality students of music — the result was more ecstatic than an average rehman work.. Maybe because they didn’t visit it with some preconceived “expectation” from rehman with respectto genre, style, regional influence etc –something that a more “seasoned and aware” listener got entangled with!!
    J) as mentioned at the outset in the other thread, one ought to visit this one with an “open mind” keeping regional, directorial, genre and “rockstar title” related issues at home with the spinal level basic hearing tendencies for maximum result.
    Also for those, hope gf’s words would also suffice–“Time may make up the gap for me”
    All the best- enjoy!!


  39. alex adams Says:

    Rahmans songs while travelling r gr8—good to be in this musical “prison”
    Yaiyai ya

    “brilliant acting” by Nargis F–she deserves an oscar here imo lol


  40. alex adams Says:

    “Jo bhi main, kehna chahoon
    Barbaad karein, alfaz mere….”—yo

    Nice music on the move…
    by the way, for me, the “rockstar” music trumps RDB and yes, even Delhi6

    “Something similar could be said for Aur Ho which has that Metallica-esque riff hanging over the whole track but remains (impressively) a classically rendered Hindi film “sad song”.”===quite a underestimation and “deconstruction”.
    Hope any other musician or even rahman himself can come up with such a “sad” song….


  41. It had beeen very long i ever waited for a movie.
    I am egerely waiting for Rockstar and also to visually see the songs picturisations and alos what Imtiaz ali dishes out to us.
    I see Ranbir Kapoor as a actor with lots of potential which will run very long and if things go his side then his name too will be taken in same breathe in top actor/star of Indian Film Industry.. His Urban punjabi genes only add to his advantage. It seems he knows what he is doing and what king of roles to pick. He can and i am most certain will make a mark in future.


  42. alex adams Says:

    nargis f in race 2?


  43. this song from Rahman’s recent Telugu album Komaram Puli is symptomatic of a number of things I was trying to say here. There is a certain ‘classic’ spontaneity and joy of an older Rahman present in this song which is not as often (if at all) available on many of the Hindi/’North Indian’ soundtracks (great though these might be in other respects):


  44. “Rockstar wasn’t directly offered to me” – Ranbir Kapoor

    By Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, October 20, 2011 – 15:38 IST

    Ranbir KapoorNovember 2007, 4 Diwalis ago, a young, lanky actor made his big Bollywood debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. Even though the film tanked at the B.O., this young boy got appreciated for his screen presence and acting prowess by one and all. Today as we come close to Diwali 2011, this young boy is one of the hottest and most sought after actors of Bollywood. He has proved his potential with films such as Wake Up Sid, Rocket Singh-Salesman of the Year, Raajneeti, & Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and is now rightfully playing the lead role in a film aptly titled Rockstar. He is none other than Ranbir Kapoor. Bollywood Hungama’s Nikhil Ramsubramaniam caught up with Ranbir at his palatial bungalow Krishna Raj where the actor was in a relaxed mood and spoke about his character Janardhan Jakhad, his experience with Imtiaz Ali, his debutant co-star-the beautiful Nargis Fakhri, sharing screen space with his favourite Shammi dadaji and of course those magical music sittings with A.R.Rahman. Read on…

    What was your first reaction when you were offered Rockstar?
    Well Rockstar wasn’t directly offered to me. There is a quite an interesting back-story behind it. When I was about to start shooting for Saawariya, one day me and my friend went out driving and discussing movies in general. I remember Rockstar was being made with a different actor and by a different production house at that point of time. My friend told me this one line description of the film which is basically a journey of a musician who becomes an iconic Rockstar only after her suffers a heartbreak. I really liked the story and was waiting for the film to be made. Cut to 3 years later, Imtiaz came to me with another film. While discussing that film, I asked him, “What happened to Rockstar which you were supposed to make?” He said there were some problems with the budget and script etc. 2 months later I got a call from him and he said that he had gone back to the drawing board, had fleshed out the script in detail and was now keen to make Rockstar with me. So it was like a dream come true moment for me.

    I remember Rockstar was being made with a different actor and by a different production house around 5 years back.
    You play Janardhan Jakhad who later becomes Jordan the Rockstar. Could you tell us more about the character?
    The story starts off with Janardhan Jakhad’s character who is bit of a village bum, a bit of an idiot. He lives in Pitampura and studies at Hindu College. He sings, plays the guitar and wants to become a Rockstar but doesn’t quite know how to go about things. He is quite frustrated as everything that he churns out is eventually rejected. One day someone tells him that you will never be able to make great music unless you have suffered a heartbreak. He takes this advice very seriously and starts hitting on the hottest girl in college trying to make her break his heart. In the process, they end up becoming friends and it’s their love story which spans almost 10 years. During the course of this how he grows as a musician and ends up becoming Jordan- the iconic Rockstar forms the crux of the story

    Is the film inspired from the life and times of legendary rocker Jim Morrison?
    Not at all… Imtiaz Ali is a very original writer. He is one of the finest writers we have in our industry. His characters are very rooted, very Indian. Janardhan Jakhad has a poster of Jim Morrison in his room but that’s about it. He even says that he wants to be like him one day so Morrison is like a benchmark for him. But Jakhad’s journey, course and experience is completely different from that of Jim Morrison.

    Imtiaz Ali is a very original writer. He is one of the finest writers we have in our industry. His characters are very rooted, very Indian.
    Your look and get-up in the film is quite different from that of a conventional Rockstar. What do you have to say about that?
    Firstly, the Rockstar title in this case cannot be taken too literally. This is not your typical head-banging kind of a Rockstar. He does become an iconic Rockstar but to become that person he has to go through a life changing journey to reach that level of greatness. So this film is more of his journey and love story.

    You have worked with most of the leading actresses (Deepika, Priyanka, Katrina, Sonam). How was it working with a rank newcomer like Nargis Fakhri?
    Well…it didn’t feel like I was working with a rank newcomer. Since Nargis was new to the craft of acting, she had to be in the moment and go through the emotions. But after I see her performance now, I am shocked. It’s such a finely nuanced performance that I don’t feel as if it’s her first film.

    Nargis has given such a finely nuanced performance that I don’t feel as if it’s her first film.
    Is your look in the film modeled on any particular iconic Rockstar?
    We didn’t base the look on any one particular Rockstar as in our country we don’t have really have many iconic Rockstars. We just wanted to stay true to the character. He is from Pitampura so in the beginning of the film, you see him wearing these tight jeans, tight sweaters and silk fabric shirts. As the film progresses, the character is exposed to various cultures of places like Kashmir, Prague and Verona and somewhere it starts getting reflected in his dressing sense as well. His physical appearance has really been worked upon by Aki Narula, Imtiaz and Aalim Hakim. It all goes very seamlessly with the character and the narrative of the film.

    Ranbir KapoorHow has been the experience of working with Imtiaz Ali?
    We all know Imtiaz is one the most recognized directors in our industry. Beyond that I think he is one the finest human beings I have met. His knowledge about Indian literature, culture, poetry, history is so profound that it translates on screen beautifully. He also understands the complexities of relationships like very few do. He is just a great guy. As a director he was generous to share his personal experiences so that I can use bits and pieces of that as well to fine tune the character. Everybody on the film wanted to give their best shot because Imtiaz has really motivated us.

    Rockstar is also extra-special for you as it gave you a chance to share screen space with the legendary icon- late Mr. Shammi Kapoor. Take us through that experience…
    Firstly when you are making a film called Rockstar, it would be gross injustice if you didn’t have the original Rockstar in the film. Shammi Kapoor is the original Rockstar of our industry. We wanted someone in a special appearance for the character of an ustad, a shehnai player. We wanted someone who could give the character a lot of dignity, grace and a certain presence. I don’t think anyone else was more apt than Mr.Shammi Kapoor. In spite of achieving so much, he still took his role seriously and was like a little child on the sets. He used to practice the shehnai to make it look as authentic as possible and even worked hard on his lines which was really amazing. I clearly remember a day before shoot he called me and was a bit worried if he would be able to pull it off at this age. I told him, “Don’t worry Shammi dadaji, we all will take care of you and will have lots of fun shooting for the film.” When I put the phone down, I realized that I was giving assurance to a legend like Shammi Kapoor. Such is the quality of the legendary actor; he is humble beyond words and is just a great artist and left us with a lot of love and dignity.

    Firstly when you are making a film called Rockstar, it would be gross injustice if you didn’t have the original Rockstar in the film. Shammi Kapoor is the original Rockstar of our industry.
    Not many films about Rockstars have been made in India…the only one which comes to mind instantly is Rock On. Are you guys wary of comparisons with Rock On?
    Not at all… like I said it’s a different film. Rock On was about a group of friends forming a band. Rockstar is one man’s journey and is primarily a love story. It’s a very Hindi film…it’s not trying to be a wannabe kind of a film. When you see the film, you will realize it that there is no similarity to Rock On or any other film for that matter.

    The film has music by the great A.R.Rahman. You were part of the music sittings too with Rahman. How was that experience?
    Ranbir KapoorRockstar is a story about a musician so it was very important have a talent like Mr.Rahman who would add a lot of depth to the character not just superficially but by also taking the narrative forward. I was lucky enough to be present at the music sittings with Mr. Rahman and got to see him work from close quarters. It was really inspiring to see a true artist like Mr.Rahman whilst at work. Just to see him so devoid of all the superficiality and the frills that get attached to his name is simply magnificent. He is dedicated and passionate towards his work beyond words. He still shows child like excitement while at work and is always open to criticism. In fact he hates it when people compliment him, he is not somebody who has ‘Yes’ people around him, he works in solitude and that’s why he is what he is. He has been constantly giving us great music and has taken Indian music worldwide. It was my honour and privilege to be alongside a legend like Mr.A.R.Rahman during the making of Rockstar.

    Mr.Rahman is dedicated and passionate towards his work beyond words. He still shows child like excitement while at work and is always open to criticism. In fact he hates it when people compliment him
    Mohit Chauhan has been chosen as your voice in the film. Considering Mohit is known more for his soft, romantic numbers, do you think it’s an apt choice?
    Imtiaz was very clear to have one uniform voice in order to stay true to the character. I think it was my disadvantage that I can’t sing. Both he and Mr. Rahman thought Mohit Chauhan was the best. I agree Mohit has been known more for his soft romantic songs but the way he has reinvented himself and pushed the envelope in this album is simply outstanding. I hope that when you see the film you identify with the character with the voice.

    Rockstar has been shot at various locations from Mumbai to Delhi to Prague. Which has been your most memorable location?
    We shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Dharamsala, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Prague and Verona in Italy so because of this film I got to see many places. I think my favourite location was Kashmir. I used to go there quite a lot as a child with my dad when he used to shoot movies. But now I went there after almost 18 years and it was just amazing. The people are sweet, the valleys are beautiful and I don’t think there is better food than Kashmiri food anywhere in the world. I hope the tourism really catches on in Kashmir as it’s indeed ‘Heaven on Earth’.

    I went to Kashmir after 18 years and it was just amazing. The people are sweet, the valleys are beautiful and I don’t think there is better food than Kashmiri food anywhere in the world
    Finally after Rockstar, what are your forthcoming films?
    Right now, I am only working on Barfee directed by Anurag Basu. My co-stars in the film are Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’cruz. Barfee is a fun, happy go lucky, children friendly film. People have a wrong perception that it’s a serious film but it’s not true at all. The backdrop is of a love story and I feel that children will really like the film. The film is 50% complete. Post that I start work on Ayan Mukerji’s film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani where I am paired with Deepika. I have consciously not taken anything after that as I want to wait and watch how Rockstar is received by the audience. But yes I will be soon signing a couple of films as I want to take up more work.

    There is buzz that you have been offered the film based on Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States to be now made by Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar. Is it true?
    Well…it’s on the anvil but like I said till Rockstar releases I am not hearing any scripts. Having said that, it’s an exciting project. I really liked Chetan Bhagat’s book but have yet to read the adapted screenplay. I hope something comes out of it.


  45. Alex adams Says:

    Wonder who the “original hero” and director was…?? Any guesses

    ” Since Nargis was new to the craft of acting, she had to be in the moment and go through the emotions. But after I see her performance now, I am shocked. It’s such a finely nuanced performance that I don’t feel as if it’s her first film.”— ookie
    Let’s see…


  46. Alex adams Says:

    Said is older for this one but he is good as a rockstar andcan play one better
    ..also won’t match with nargis well…
    But don’t think he has the required “depth of emotional resonance ” neededfor this one, as I read it..

    Te music also signifies the ups and downs and phases of a musician in love–the title “rockstar” is not literal here IMO


  47. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    The original hero was supposed to be John Abraham. What a lucky escape we have had!


  48. Rahman on the music for Rockstar
    Tuesday, November 01, 2011 (Mumbai)

    Music maestro AR Rahman looked a little distracted at the final day of rehearsals for the Rockstar concert in Mumbai. Ever since he has won an Oscar, Rahman has been shuttling between Los Angeles and Chennai and clearly life has never been the same. In an exclusive interview with Mid-Day, the Rahman talks about creating a new genre of music for Bollywood.

    Here are some excerpts…

    Question: You’ve composed 14 songs for your latest film. The last time we saw those many tracks on one album was for Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

    Rahman: Rockstar is about the evolution of a character from India and the songs tell his story. I have seen many Indian kids from middle-class families turning into rock musicians. After a point they hit a wall. The songs in this film track that journey. To depict the emotional catharsis a rockstar undergoes was the biggest challenge for me.

    Question: Is that emotional turmoil essential to create good music?

    Rahman: It’s essential for any artiste. You have to be suppressed first, to be able to come out of it. Life’s boring and mundane otherwise. For musicians it’s easy to visit that pain because all you have to do is go to a particular raga.

    Question: Have you been to a point in life where you think it couldn’t get worse?

    Rahman: Everyday. I can’t explain, but everyday there’s something that pains you. That’s why I’ve tried to stay away from both happiness and sadness.

    Question: How do you manage time away from your kids?

    Rahman: Last year has been so hectic. I was so overworked that I thought I was going to die. I want my kids to have a father, at least for some time. That’s why I have had to reject many offers. I’ve stuck to Rockstar and just one other Hollywood film.

    Question: Will we ever see epic soundtracks like Lagaan or Rang De Basanti again?

    Rahman: I think the effort has to be wholesome. I can’t just create beautiful songs, and expect them to work. If there is no story to back them, they won’t stay.

    Question: It’s been a new theme for you. You’ve never done rock music for Bollywood before.

    Rahman: I consciously kept away from using distorted guitars and heavy snazzy music. But I have done it here. Plus most songs are acoustic, so even if people don’t relate to rock, they would enjoy them.

    Question: Is Ranbir a good rockstar?

    Rahman: Well Ranbir is a much better actor. He has been very enthusiastic and arrives at rehearsals promptly. I’m sure he’ll look back 20 years from now and feel proud of this experience.

    Question: You’re gearing up for yet another world tour and also working with the likes of Mick Jagger. Will we see less and less of AR Rahman?

    Rahman: There’s a lot to learn from Hollywood, plus there is a lot to impart. I will only work with people who I feel understand my music.

    Question:…Like Danny Boyle?

    Rahman: Yes, like Danny. But I am not sure of his next film. He also has another music group called The Underground that he works with

    Read more at:


  49. “Rockstar happened because of me, I’ll take credit for it” – Ranbir Kapoor: Part 1

    By Devansh Patel, November 4, 2011 – 13:00 IST

    Ranbir KapoorAt Mehboob Studios in Bandra, Ranbir Kapoor has just arrived from hectic promotions of his most ambitious film Rockstar. Dressed in Indian traditional – colours that cannot exactly be described – a pink and purple coloured dhoti with a brown and cream kurta, he welcomes me with a warm hug and something that goes, “My mother loves you a lot. She can’t stop talking about you”. I’m speechless. Then he lights up his cigarette and sips his nespresso. That’s a new form of espresso coffee that Ranbir’s mother, Neetuji, offered me the first time I met her at her house in Pali Hill. I felt something personal was connecting but not my network. My blackberry is almost crashing after I’ve uploaded my status that says – ‘With Ranbir. Do not Disturb’. He looks right in my eyes and says, “Ask me whatever you want to ask today”. I ask and he talks. His words flow. He’s got one crazy, free-floating, head-spinning way of expressing himself, and though he could say more, explain more, he doesn’t. He’s already moved on to some other rabbit hole and can’t be brought back. But that’s just how his mind works. And come November 11, the minds will be at work again – of the critics, of the audiences and of the box office and suddenly Ranbir will be sitting pretty once again. Then I look at him again and he looked casual in his traditionals yet immaculate, an expensive version of himself. I stare at him to make out how serious he’s being. Beneath that silken cool-cat exterior, I catch a small flash of the foxy, radar-jamming contrarianism that has got him where he is today. Where he is today is pretty much where every young actor in Bollywood dreams of being. And yes, very few people are born with that. So, after spending an hour with Ranbir Kapoor, I discover that he is one cool cucumber – dry, concise, charming in a feline way, with a high tolerance for silence that turns every answer into its own punch line and flushes people into reactions they didn’t even know they had. UK’s Harrow Observer columnist and Bollywood Hungama’s London correspondent takes you on a journey of love, despair, ego, angst and destruction, a journey of a rebellious ‘rockstar’.

    When was the first time you remember picking up a guitar or even playing one?
    I remember when I was young, around five or six years old and we were in London. I, my mom, my dad and my sister were walking on the street to go to a restaurant. It was raining very heavily. While we were walking, I saw a musical store with a medium size guitar, and as a kid I recall forcing my father to buy me a guitar. Well, my poor father had to go to the music store and buy me a guitar because I was refusing to enter the restaurant. I was very destructive as a child and I broke the guitar the next day. That was back then. I actually picked up the guitar two months before shooting for Rockstar. So my fascination for guitar continues.

    Ranbir KapoorMillions are singing the rock n roll ecstasy called ‘Sadda Haq’. Are you tripping on it too?
    Well, yes of course. I had the good fortune to be a part of the entire music making process since I play the musician in the film. Imtiaz encouraged me that I go with him to Chennai to Mr. Rahman’s place. So I’ve seen all the songs being conceived in front of me, how the lyrics were written, how Mohit Chauhan has sung these songs, the instruments that have come in use for the making of the music. For me, it’s a big part of my journey as this character. It was important for me to see the creation in front of my eyes. ‘Sadda Haq’ has a lot of meaning because it comes from the character, it comes from his angst. The character wants to express him by the songs he sings. I never wanted a hit song to attract more eyeballs. Imtiaz too believed in that.

    We missed you at the Teesri Manzil screening at the Mumbai Film Festival
    Yea, I know. I so wanted to be there. But we came back from Jaipur the same night at 11pm and so couldn’t make it in time. The sad part is that I still haven’t seen Teesri Manzil on the big screen. I am a big fan of Mr. Vijay Anand and the way my granduncle Mr. Shammi Kapoor played his character was just phenomenal.

    Have you ever felt blessed and proud of the fact that you were a part of Shammiji’s final journey in movies?
    My grandfather, Mr Raj Kapoor died when I was very young. I was around six year old then I think. I don’t remember him much. So, I’ve grown up with Shammi Kapoor being my grandfather. I became even closer to Shammi dadaji when he gave us an opportunity to work with him in Rockstar. Yes, I miss him and felt a great loss for the first time in my life by losing someone. But I wasn’t angry or sad because I knew that he lived his life to the fullest. He is the original rockstar of Indian cinema. No regrets. At this age he was driving his car, he was travelling the world, he was flirting with the assistant directors on the sets, etc. That kind of made me feel proud that I was a part of the man’s final journey who really lived his life and how!

    Ranbir KapoorJanardhan, Jordan, Rockstar, Ranbir. You’re leading many lives than just one buddy. So, who exactly are you?
    I am just an actor. There is a wrong perception of what you’re seeing on screen is me. What you’re seeing on screen is an amalgamation of lot of people’s efforts. There was a marriage of effort and thought and that’s when Jordan, my character, was created. If you tell me to hold the guitar and play it, I can’t do it. I need help and support of the crew around me. There are many phases in this character’s life that keep changing because the film spans over eight to ten years. Every phase was interesting. In fact, we went backwards while we were shooting this film. I really enjoyed the phase when my character is in the college because the rest of the film is a little hard for me, to go down that zone and live that experience. I like the college parts because he was that wannabe rockstar and somebody tells him that to become one you had to break your heart. He meets Heer, played by Nargis, and how he impresses her thinking that she will break his heart one day is the best phase of the movie according to me.

    Janardhan, your character, stands in front of the poster of Jim Morrison questions himself. But is Ranbir a fan of Jim?
    I am a fan of Jim Morrison. But I have always been a bigger Hindi music fan. I’m a bigger Kishore Kumar fan, a bigger Lata Mangeshkar fan, a bigger Mohammed Rafi fan. Having said that, my exposure to English music isn’t that bad. All the rock bands like Led Zeppelin, U2, Pink Floyd, etc, I’m exposed to all of that. My father is a big world music fan. Yes, Janardhan likes Jim Morrison and wants to be like him but doesn’t know how to be. But at the same time, my character isn’t based on Jim Morrison. He is a fan for sure.

    And who gave you the name Jordan?
    Nargis gave me that name (smiles). Her character gave me the name. Janardhan Jakhad is a ‘jat’ boy from Delhi. Jakhad is a very ‘jat’ name. His name is a little off so the girl gives him the name Jordan and he keeps it from there on till he becomes a rockstar.

    Ranbir KapoorWhat was that one line before Imtiaz signed you on board that made you jump?
    Well, it’s actually funny but Rockstar happened because of me. I’ll take credit for it. I remember when I was working in Saawariya, I had started shooting and I had heard of this film being made with another actor. My friend and I used to go for long drives in the night discussing Indian cinema, as usual fans of Hindi films, and that’s when he told me that Imtiaz Ali is making a film and told me a one line of this story. He said that it’s a musical journey of this artist who finally becomes a rockstar after he suffers a heart break. Three years passed and that film never got made. Imtiaz came to me with another script and we interacted on that for a couple of days. One night while he was going home I asked him what’s happening with his ‘Rockstar’ film because it was really interesting. He said that there were script problems, budget problems, etc. He left, and after two to three weeks he called me and said that he couldn’t get his mind away from the ‘Rockstar’ movie and that he wanted to give it one more shot at the writing. After three months of working on the script, he came, narrated me the story and it was my good fortune to work with Imtiaz and Rahman sir who was on board. I loved the character of Janardhan Jakhad.

    “I’ve been called the ‘next big thing’ for the longest time” – Ranbir Kapoor: Part 2

    By Devansh Patel, November 9, 2011 – 14:54 IST

    Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor is charming, he is witty and he is ripped. He is as likeable as a guy that handsome can be. Yes, the days of his towel dance are over. It’s the guitar that’s taken over everything now, but that hasn’t changed the fact that he has yet again taken over the centre stage – getting all the attention, the screams, the kisses, the blessings and the undisputed love from his fans. But when I met Ranbir, he looked more to me like a rebel and that one quality any rebel would possess was pretty evident on his face as he answered my questions. It was his greed and anguish to get rid of the tag that he’s been wearing since his debut, ‘The Next Big Thing’. Ranbir quotes, “I guess it’s time for me to shake things up and prove myself. I’ve been called this ‘Next Big Thing’ for the longest time and if I don’t become the ‘big thing’ then someone from behind me will come and become the next big superstar”. With critical acclaim ringing in his ears and a multitude of projects on the go, here’s presenting you the unassuming, unpredictable and uncaged rebel – Part 2 of the Ranbir Kapoor exclusive only on Bollywood Hungama.

    “I detached myself from friends and family after I finished Rockstar. I felt very empty”
    This character was very difficult for me because I don’t know Janardhan Jakhad. I thought that I had got a role of a lifetime and I had to undergo a lot of prep work superficially. Imtiaz and I went to the ‘jat’ family. We lived with them; we got to know a lot of things: how they spoke, how they ate, their jokes, their relationships, the way they dress, the way they walk, we went dancing with them and also went to the ‘dhaba’. I also learnt how to play the guitar. But I did all this because as an actor I needed to grasp certain nuances. Once we finished the ground work, my aim was to marry Imtiaz’s mind. I remember that after I finished Rockstar I was feeling the void. It felt empty. I lied on my bed and detached myself from my friends and family for quite a few days. Of course, it was a temporary phase. But the whole journey of Rockstar was very gratifying indeed.

    “I’ve been called the ‘next big thing’ for the longest time but if I don’t, then someone from behind me will come and become the next big superstar tomorrow”
    I am searching for respect, I am searching for greatness in my work, I am searching for a nod of approval from my father. But I really haven’t figured it out yet. It’s been three and a half years and seven films old. I’ve just been lucky and been there at the right place at the right time. I’ve got much more than I deserve by the media, fans and the film fraternity. I guess it’s time for me to shake things up and prove myself. I’ve been called this ‘Next Big Thing’ for the longest time and if I don’t become the ‘big thing’ then I will always be called the ‘Next Big Thing’, and someone from behind me will come and become the next big superstar. I really need to get aware of my career now.

    Ranbir Kapoor “There’s a difference between interfering and involving. I try to involve myself as much as I can”
    I do give my inputs to Imtiaz and the crew. It’s simply because I believe so much in the subject matter. Filmmaking is not a dictatorship; it’s a marriage of mind. You have to have your point of view. You can’t just go there and do as you feel like just because someone tells you to. Imtiaz is not like that. He is very welcoming. He welcomes your point of view. It can also be Inder’s, my spot boy’s, point of view. He is someone who really likes to get everyone involved. There’s a difference between interfering and involving. I try to involve myself as much as I can but I had so much respect for Imtiaz’s talent, his intelligence, his patience, etc. He made the job easy for me. If Rockstar does well, eighty percent of everyone’s victory is Imtiaz’s victory because he has contributed so much.

    “I was feeling the heat while I was filming Rockstar with Nargis”
    I was feeling the heat while I was filming Rockstar with Nargis (laughs). I was just amazed at the ability of Nargis to give in so much to her role. She didn’t know Hindi, she didn’t know who Imtiaz and I were, she didn’t know who Amitabh Bachchan is, she hasn’t seen any Hindi movie, etc. But Imtiaz just loved her energy. He believed that she is the right girl to play Heer. Nargis worked hard for half a year before she embarked her journey in Rockstar as Heer. Today she writes and learns Hindi and when I saw the film I understood that a girl who doesn’t know craft of acting, really had to go through that experience. She had to feel the emotion. Heer isn’t an easy character to portray. She just doesn’t wear short dresses and runs around the bushes. She is actually the protagonist of the film because everything that happens to Janardhan is because of Heer.

    “As far as love is concerned, it’s the greatest emotion in the world”
    Love and relationships only adds to the person we become. The relationships you’ve had in life with your girlfriend, family or friends, it just grows you as a person. It enriches you. There are so many experiences that you share with that person. You have an exposure to different kinds of emotions too. As an actor it’s very valuable because you can use those emotions in your work because there is more sense of truth. As far as love is concerned, it’s the greatest emotion in the world. It can drive you to rage, destruction, happiness, bliss, etc. But you should have a sense and sensibility of life. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. You can’t just become angry and use someone else for solace. You should feel the heart break, feel the emotion, the pain, etc.


  50. A.R.Rahman with Orianthi during the recording of ‘Sadda Haq’

    The music of Rockstar composed by Academy Award Winner A.R.Rahman has already caught on like wild fire. While ‘Sadda Haq’ has become the youth anthem of sorts, the other tracks too are finding flavour with the audience.

    One of the highlights of ‘Sadda Haq’ is the guitar piece by international guitarist Orianthi. For those who don’t know, Orianthi is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist. She has worked as a guitarist with the likes of the late Michael Jackson. In 2009, she was named one of the 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists by a leading magazine.

    This picture shows Orianthi jamming with our very own A.R.Rahman during the recording of the song ‘Sadda Haq’ in Los Angeles. Indeed a picture perfect moment!


  51. A Rockstar SPOILER here:

    they reveal a new member of the cast and consequently reveal something about the film that I certainly wasn’t aware of..


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