Aamir’s suspense thriller with Reema Kagti titled ‘Talaash’ (earlier post updated)


Aamir Khan’s long talaash for the right title for his film has finally ended. The movie, directed by Reema Kagti, has been titled Talaash! Mr Perfectionist was keen on the right name and though it was being referred to as The Act of Murder and later as Dhuan, they were all working titles. The movie which also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji is slated to release in June.

PS: Talaash was the title of OP Ralhan’s 1969 flick with Rajendra Kumar and Sharmila Tagore. It was also the title of Suneel Darshan’s film with Akshay Kumar and Karisma Kapoor which released in 2005.


Now here’s a little mystery finally solved! After months of wondering what Aamir Khan’s next police film will be called, the title has been decided: Zakhmi. It is after Sarfarosh (1999) that Aamir gets to don the khaki again and looks like he isn’t playing the goody-two-shoes cop this time. Complete with a roguish stubble, Aamir will take on the bad guys as a Crime Branch officer in Reema Kagti’s film. Shooting for ‘Zakhmi’, also starring Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor, has already begun. In fact, Aamir, Rani and Kareena have already started attending workshops as part of their preparation for their roles.

Aamir, who generally takes things slow, has been on a roll this year. AK has not only signed up for Reema Kagti’s ‘Zakhmi’, but is also playing the bad guy in the Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra starrer, Dhoom 3. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also up for another venture with his 3 Idiots director Rajkumar Hirani!


After all the hoo-haa about Aamir Khan returning as a villain in Dhoom-3 or green-lighting Yash Chopra’s next directorial venture, here comes the actual film announcement. Aamir will return to the big screen in Reema Kagti’s suspense drama that is rolling in February 2011.

Reema who made Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd must be pinching herself a hundred times over. She’s the one who actually gets to direct Bollywood’s numero uno actor Aamir Khan in an untitled suspense drama.

The film will also release in the same year. So there will be plenty of superstar shenanigans. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan also have releases lined up in 2011.

Aamir’s new film is a joint production of Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. Says Farhan, “It feels great to be collaborating with Aamir a decade after Dil Chahta Hai. We had been hoping to do a film together since then. And I’m thrilled that it is finally happening with this script.”

Two leading ladies (whose names we know but aren’t writing because we don’t want to be spoilsports) will share screen space with Aamir.

Naaz Building Brokers( Bollywood’s stock exchange quotient) are excited because this is Aamir’s next announcement after 3-Idiots, a film that is the Hindi film industry’s highest grosser to date.

Reema’s film will be written by her and her film-making partner Zoya Akhtar, as is usually the case with their movies.

Aamir is also sitting with two more scripts and may surprise people with an another announcement later next year.


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  1. Thanks to Doga too for the link..

    The project sounds promising.. as always Aamir shifts gears and I think after the highs of Ghajini and 3I there is a definite attempt to go small with Dhobi Ghaat especially and also this.


    • mksrooney Says:

      (thnks to dogabhai only for link 🙂 i saw and posted!! as i became alive reading it)

      but u knw i cant believe it! i knw word surprising may be beaten to death.. but se this after rdb and fanaa-

      1) he got absent.. and surprise surprise we have a director/social/ child film

      2) now u expect something on that line and we have 8 pack/ghajini/ACTION MASALA

      3)he chooses a comedy, on coming of age, with raju based on five point some1 and a character of 22 years?

      4) any other acto and we did have anther big movie and this guy goes INDIE, and reasons are understood and less surprising but still diferent


      and now again when i expected

      1)action dhoom 3

      2) anurag kashyap- bombay velvet

      3) danny boyle

      4) yash chopra love story!


      and what do we GET-

      SUSPENSE? unbelievable !!


    • ideaunique Says:

      satyam, there are 3 producers for this film aamir, ritesh’s excel and farhaan akhtar – so by no means, this film is going to be small…..


  2. And adding icing to the cake, Aamir too said, “Yes it’s true. I found this script written by Reema and Zoya exciting and I am looking forward to working with Ritesh and Farhan once again.”



  3. DilChahata Hai is the most fabvourite movie of Amir ( may be the only one apart from Lagaan). I am sure this comibnation with Farah Akhtar rocks.


  4. salimjakhra Says:

    Song Of The Day:

    Can’t get enough of this – the high pitched starting settles into a beautiful melody. The Talat version is also great but the Lata one is naturally my favourite. And Madhu looks beautiful.


  5. Aamir’s not doing Dhoom3. Wow, what an unexpected development.


  6. Aamir is acquainted with Reema right from Lagaan days, when she was one of the ADs, along with Kiran Rao, and Priya, a psychiatrist on sabattical from NY. The three gang of girls were under the stewardship of Apoorva Lakhia, First AD–and together the bullied the actors, seniors, aamir, all into an efficient and productive unit. Info courtesy that lovely book, The Spirit of Lagaan.

    I think aamir gels well with efficient hard working women. His ex-wife Reena Dutta, current biwi ( and hopefully last) Kiran Rao, this Reema Katgi with a successful critically appreciated Honeymoon Travels already under her belt—I am hoping she makes a really worthwhile film with Aamir now.


  7. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    WOW…made my day…2011 goin to be a superb year..Excel enmt has two of the biggest projects of the year now…


  8. Rooney–Please, PLEASE–move heavaen and earth and get hold of the book! I have a small collection of books on cinema–among them two autobiographical books by David Niven–but this is one of my favourites. And not just because Aamir happens top be one of my favourite Indians. Woh toh hai, but also–the book is extremely well-written, all about the trials and tribulations of making a film thru’ six months in one of the most inhospitable climate zones of India. An international unit, camped in the desert town of Bhuj, from Jan 2000 to mid 2000, trying not to grow mad while going ahead with what looks like a mad project–pl read the book and appreciate how difficult filmmking can be, how one needs to plod on, because of faith in the original idea–and all this is told with a lot of humour, some very evocative B&W photos…the book is never boring, simply a breezy read, yet occasionally moving and empathetic. Written by Satyajit Bhatkal, Aamir’s lawyer friend who was part of the unit, who also made the documentary about the film’s making Chale Chalo.

    I am trying to get my hands on the Anupama Chopra book about the making of Sholay—the film was shot in another inhospitable area–the rocky wastelands of Karnataka, throgh many months, early seventies.


    • LS- cool.. now toh i would even move hell to get it 🙂 u really make it grand, dramastized.. (even i do it, so stating as compliment) .. 🙂 i dont what u do .. but u can sell a product with comment 🙂


  9. Don’t know about the truth of these speculations–but TOI is hinting that Aamir may make a couple of films more, as a quick follow up.Would be great if this specualtive news turned out true. Aamir fans are a seriously starved lot.

    Meena Iyer’s TOI report said it last night–and SAWF news is saying it too–that there could be more of aamir on screen, in the near future….

    Dekhte hain.

    ‘According to TOI, Aamir is looking at two more scripts as follow up projects.’


  10. Would this make Farhan Akhtar the most prestigous producer?
    He has the cream at present;
    SRK, Hrithik and now Amir.

    I love suspense, so look forward to this. Unfortunately am not very fond of action so Don 2 isn’t my cup of tea and the one with Hrithik is too much of a ‘men only’ kind of a film like DCH……Don’t like to watch a bunch of males prancing around and …fighting with bulls,hah!!


  11. Although Farhan Akhtar (as a producer/director) has disappointed me a bit lately, his movies definitely have a certain class to them. IMO his best work is still DCH, followed closely by Luck By Chance. With Aamir though, I think he’ll go places.


  12. I am kind of disappointed with Aamir’s selection. This looks like a very small offbeat movie. I was expecting a bigger movie in. After 3 idiots the audience is expecting much more.
    Hopefully this is along the lines of Kartik calling Kartik or 8 X 10. I love suspense movies but we have seen too may flops. Race was the only one in recent time that I liked and has done well at the box office.
    Even with Dhobi ghaat I am not expecting to make more than Peepli Live. Dhobhi Ghaat from the early reviews looks like a very niche movie aimed at the indie audience.
    Its good Aamir took some risks with TZP but i see him selecting more and more niche movies.


    • >i see him selecting more and more niche movies.

      I see this as a self preserving strategy. It might not be possible to surpass 3I or even Gajhani and that could be considered a failure. One has only to see how success, any success, is dismissed because it wasn’t anywhere near to these two (except Dabangg and Endhiran).
      A niche film isn’t expected to do this. It’s safe. It can get awards, good reviews, and avoid the failure of equalling past glories. Look at how people thrash SRK.


      • This would mean that Aamir knew when he was signing 3I , it would become a blockbuster!!! As far as I know, Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat were completed much before 3I released! Yes, one can use this argument if he starts doing niche films from now on. This is not to say that I don’t agree that Aamir does have a bit of calculatedness in his choice of films.


  13. I did watch Dhobi Ghat, and posted some comments on it. Don’t know how to search for it now. But I liked it a lot, it’s definitely the most unconventional film and role Aamir has done. However, I think Prateik Babbar steals the show here.


  14. Kareena Kapoor to star opposite Aamir in Reema Kagti’s next?

    By Subhash K. Jha, November 3, 2010 – 11:51 IST

    A hunt is on for a leading lady for Aamir Khan’s next to be directed by in Reema Kagti. If the buzz is to be believed, Kareena Kapoor has been finalized.

    A source close to the project says, “Kareena is extremely keen to work with Aamir again. While shooting with Aamir for Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots, she got along very well with him. And the part in Reema Kagti’s film suits Kareena.”

    At the moment, Reema Kagti is not willing to reveal details about the cast. “The film has strong parts for two leading ladies. And we’re in talks with quite a few girls.” However, a source reveals that Kareena has been confirmed.


  15. No heroine yet for Aamir’s next

    She openly admits that Aamir Khan is God for her as far as show business goes. And once she gets on the subject of this Khan, beau Saif Ali Khan jokes that it’s going to be a three-hour conversation. It’s taken Kareena Kapoor close to 30 years to get a chance to romance sister Karisma’s Raja Hindustani. And despite the 15-year difference between them, Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots proved that the chemistry between the two is sizzling khandvi, dhokla, fafda, et al.

    Speculations are rife that the two will come together once again for Aamir’s next movie that is expected to flag off in February 2011. But Reema Kagti who made a promising debut with Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd in 2007, denies having locked Kareena as Aamir’s co-star in her second movie as director.

    Aamir KhanApparently, Kagti is being wooed by many A-listers, including Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and even Robot star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for this two-heroine movie. With bestseller Aamir heading the cast, the suspense drama that will be shot majorly in Mumbai, is one of the most coveted projects going.

    Says Kagti, “Almost every heroine in town is being considered but all these discussions are still in a nascent stage. All I can tell you is that no actress has been finalised yet.”

    While Kareena is one of the strong contenders, apparently Karan Johar’s home production with Imran Khan, Short Term Shaadi, will start filming in Las Vegas around the same time and that may put the actor in the unenviable position of having to choose between mamu (uncle) and bhanja (nephew).

    The actor already has a film each with all the top Khans next year, including Saif (Agent Vinod), Shah Rukh (Ra.One), Salman (Bodyguard) and Imran (Short Term Shaadi). This film with Aamir would make it a fab five for Kareena, whose Golmaal 3 is expected to make more money than Golmaal or Golmaal Returns. Kagti’s film is a joint venture of Aamir Khan Productions and Excel Entertainment.

    Aamir had earlier starred in Farhan Akhtar and Riteish Sidhwani’s debut production, Dil Chahta Hai in 2001, alongside Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna. The film is expected to release in the second half of 2011.


  16. Aamir Khan’s visit to Parliament unites MPs

    A visit by actor Aamir Khan to Parliament today saw a rare show of solidarity by MPs from ruling and opposition parties despite the standoff on the 2G spectrum issue as they joined him in raising awareness on malnutrition among infants.

    “I am happy that all political parties are united on this basic issue and hopeful that they will remain so,” Khan said after meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

    Flanked by BJP’s Shahnawaz Hussain, Congress MP Sachin Pilot and others, Khan addressed the media announcing his support to the cause.

    “I hope all the MPs will remain together on the issue of checking malnutrition,” the actor said.

    The 45-year-old superstar, accompanied by lyricist Prasoon Joshi, also met Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

    The MPs and staff members were equally excited at Khan’s visit and security personnel had a tough time controlling his admirers as they jostled to shake hands with the actor who was visiting Parliament for the first time.

    Khan said the campaign for promoting mother’s milk for babies is bigger than even the ‘Incredible India’ campaign that he was doing.

    He said that most of the medical problems of infants are due to the fact that they do not get mother’s milk soon after birth.

    “There is a need to spread awareness on how necessary mother’s milk is for babies,” the actor said.

    He said that MPs of various political parties, who have started the “Alliance Against Malnutrition”, had approached him earlier.

    “I and Prasun joined their campaign today. The Prime Minister has also welcomed our support,” Khan said.

    The superstar said it was his maiden visit to Parliament and he felt “very proud” to be here.

    Joshi said he would pen a song on the theme “pehla doodh amrit (First milk is nectar)” to increase awareness on the issue.

    BJD MP Baijyant Panda, who is part of the group of young MPs promoting the campaign, said around 100 MPs are already members and 25 others joined it today.


  17. Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao arrive at the red carpet for the opening US movie True Grit at the 61st Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin on Thursday.

    The actor is one of the seven jury members who will pick the winner of the prestigious Golden and Silver Bear prizes at the festival which concludes on February 20.

    Led by Italian-American actress Isabella Rossellini, the jury also includes Australian film producer Jan Chapman, German actress Nina Hoss, Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin, Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell and Iranian director Jafar Panahi.


  18. Am liking this new look with a hint of a paunch – though why it reminds me of Mohanlal I can’t imagine!


  19. I shouldn’t have acted in 3 Idiots: Aamir Khan

    He won hearts with his portrayal of an engineering student in blockbuster 3 Idiots and Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan says the only reason he decided to act in the film was that its subject was education.

    “I shouldn’t have acted in 3 Idiots as in no way do I look like an 18 year old. The only reason I did the film was because it was about education,” said Aamir.

    The Rajkumar Hirani-directed film is the story of three students in an elite engineering institute reeling under pressure from the current educational system to excel in their career.

    3 IdiotsThe 45-year-old actor has been passionate about the cause of education ever since he made Taare Zameen Par, the tale of a dyslexic child’s struggle to cope with the existing norms of education.

    “I was drawn towards stories about education ever since Taare Zameen Par and then 3 Idiots happened. Cinema has the ability to reach out to people and more films upholding this cause should be made,” said the actor.

    Besides education, Aamir is also associated with the cause of malnutrition. “All these issues are linked. I am working with the Women and Children Welfare ministry as well as the UNICEF for the betterment of malnourished kids.”

    The actor was in the capital today to launch the book ‘Colours of my Rainbow’ by Himani Verma, which chronicles the charitable work of Salma Ansari, wife of the Vice President of India Hamid Ansari.

    The book tells Salma’s struggles to set up schools through her Al-Noor Charitable Society to provide education to marginalized and underprivileged children in Aligarh.

    “It is very inspiring to see Mrs Ansari and her organisation trying to reach out to these children. Contribution in the field of education is one of the most important things to do,” said Aamir, who flew down from Germany where he was a jury member at the Berlin Film Festival.

    Bollywood actress Gracy Singh, choreographer Shiamak Davar and designer Rohit Bal were also present at the launch.


  20. Aamir, Rani caught inside a bungalow!

    Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji, who last shared screen space with Aamir Khan in `Ghulam’ and `Mangal Pandey’, have been secretly shooting for Reema Kagti’s untitled new film inside an old Parsi building in the Five Garden area since a week.

    Kagti’s film unit led by Aamir and Rani come alive to capture the old world charm of the bungalow when the residents go to sleep. Being a suspense drama were Aamir plays a cop, this dark and old bungalow provides the best backdrop to the suspense drama and is aptly used to enhance the impact of the story. The unit is tightlipped and guarded when approached to enquire about the ongoing shoot. “No one’s allowed inside the set, other than Aamir and Rani, the director, and the technicians,” informs a unit member.

    But Rani, excited at the prospect of working with Aamir after a long time didn’t mind. She gushed, “For me it’s wonderful to work with Aamir, especially after so long! `Mangal Pandey’ wasn’t based on us. But this one is more about us”. She further adds, “Over the years Aamir and my chemistry have only got better. If you don’t believe wait for this movie”.

    Ask her about the film and she just smiles.

    Even though there are a number of vanity vans parked outside the bungalow, the reticent residents of the area remained locked inside their own houses, mostly minding their own business. Even the usual cacophony of the film unit seemed to be subdued, keeping in mind the serenity of the Five Garden area. “We know there is a shooting going but we didn’t bother to be inquisitive. It doesn’t matter who is shooting as long as it’s not disturbing,’ says Percy Dastoor, a nearby resident.

    However, his wife Ketu, a huge Aamir fan is just waiting to catch a glimpse of the star if he happens to stroll out. “My son and I casually pass by the place few times a day just in case Aamir decides to step out for a walk in the five gardens”.

    For all you know, Aamir with his new look must have walked down the stretch several times, and Ketu and her son may have dismissed the unassuming guy with a stubble, short hair and ear rings walking by next to them as just another passerby!

    Trust Aamir, to fool you again, the way he did the public in Bhindi bazaar while shooting for Kiran Rao’s `Dhobi Ghat’ where he would sneak in and out of one of the old dilapidated building in the area just wearing a Burqa.


  21. vatikala Says:

    The title Zakhmi is not impressive. There were some past movies with that name.


  22. alex adams Says:

    agree vatikala—expected aamir to come up with a better title (and not so extremely tight trousers!!!)


  23. Like the look, gives him a certain toughness..


  24. ThinkCube Says:

    Aamir’s look reminds me of Manish Chowdary


  25. After Dabaang I guess everyone is going with a cop film with a moustache. Aamir with this movie, Abhi with DMD, Saif I think has one in agnet vinod. Sunny also rocking moustche in Mohall Assi. Bollywood is such a copy cat league, I remember when Gadar became a monster then you had all these heros films coming as Sardars, Abhi rocked the stuble look, and then everyone from SRK in Chank De, and Saif in Race had the same. I guess its just the latest fad for the heros “look” for the film


  26. I like this new mouche wala Aamir the cop ; he looks smart. But i am not to happy with the title Zakhmi–it’s not only the name of an earlier Bolly film–it sounds too Hindi filmi. Maybe it suits the film’s story—but I do wish they could come up with an alternative.


  27. Just saw on the net that the earlier Sunil Dutt starrer Zakhmee was produced by Tahir Hussain! Had quite a decent score from Bappi Lahiri including this ever popular Holi song-


  28. This wont be a big grosser.It might be like sarfarosh.Liked by some people
    but not a big grosser.


  29. Sarfarosh was one terrific film, among Aamir’s best, the film that turned me and possibly some more, into Aamir fans. If this new film can replicate the critical appreciation of Sarfarosh–nothing like it. A certain amount of commercial success will automatically follow.

    Here is a sneak look at a couple of pics from the sets of this new film.



    • LS, not sure why your comments were going into spam, it happens sometimes without reason.

      thanks for these images.


    • vatikala Says:

      Sarfarosh is a landmark film. Aamir excelled as a tough cop pursuing criminals. John Mathew Mathan made this tightly edited movie with no loose ends. Sonali Bendre)dont mind) looked good with Aamir and Nasiruddin Shah as usual gave a sterling performance. The chase scene was one of the highlights. The soft ghazals has a soothing effect even now. Reema’s film seems to be quite different with 2 leading ladies.


    • Can anyone enlighten me as to what was so “terrific” about Sarfarosh? I approached it near the end of my Aamir film viewing, having seen and been disappointed by his various other acclaimed films. When I got to Sarfarosh, I thought, “OK, this is the last hope for you, Aamir. If you don’t impress me in this, I give up on you.” And indeed I ended up giving up on him and starting on the SRK filmography. The most interesting character, and the most impressive performance for me was Naseeruddin Shah’s (I didn’t know who he was at that time). The film certainly had a great visual style, but as far as its content went, I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Aamir’s character exhibited no growth. He starts out hating terrorists and wanting to catch them, and he ends by still hating terrorists and catching them. No particular insights there. As a crime story it was almost laughable — finding “clues” still helpfully lying on the ground a month or two after the crime happens was one scene that particularly struck me. Online discussions of the film that I read kept referring to its “boldness” in naming Pakistan as the villain, instead of using euphemisms like “the neighboring country.” But it seemed to me that the real villains in the story, and the more interesting question to explore, were all the Indians who were aiding the Pakistanis. What was their motivation? That question wasn’t even asked, never mind examined. So just why is this film considered so great?


      • I don’t disagree with criticism but only qualm is that if you use same standards for most of the movies you will rarely like a bollywood movie!


        • I like most of them well enough for what they are — entertainment with good music and dance. If someone goes beyond that into praising a film as being “path breaking”, “setting new standards”, with “great performances”, then, yes, my critical faculties wake up. There are many “acclaimed” films that I don’t like, and many “flop” ones that I do.


      • Sarfarosh is best seen as a fairly gripping police procedural with a remarkable cast of well-written characters all round. I have always found this to be a very engaging watch but I don’t rate this as a great Aamir performance or anything.


        • I can’t agree about the “police procedural” part — that was the weakest link, and the “laughable” part for me. And all the discussion I had read about it before viewing did praise Aamir’s performance as something great, which is why I was so puzzled. At least I’m glad to know I’m not alone on this.


  30. alex adams Says:

    “But it seemed to me that the real villains in the story, and the more interesting question to explore, were all the Indians who were aiding the Pakistanis. What was their motivation? That question wasn’t even asked, never mind examined.”—sm, valid point. But the bigger point is how you go round and round and finally settle into an anti india and sometimes anti american point.
    Sense a certain “pattern” here. Did not wish to make this “personal observation” but could not resist after repeated subtle indications!
    Surprised ho the “indian element ” was what struck you most here —Its this “selectivity” that irks a bit.
    Have NO qualms about u not liking an performance of aamir which (among his other performance) is way superior than anything salman has ever done (barring dababng)—this is your personal choice but the comment above has other connotations.
    ANd plz take this observation sportingly and not personally (as always!!)


    • Well, when you make a personal observation, it doesn’t make any sense to say “don’t take it personally”, does it?

      In any case, I don’t see where you’re getting the “anti-India” vibe in this post, and it is even more mystifying why you think I have a consistently “anti-India” stance, but I’ll let that pass, since I don’t feel any need to justify myself to you.

      Restricting the discussion to just this film, then, we are repeatedly told, by various characters, that “Pakistan is our enemy.” If that’s a given, then the question of “why is Pakistan doing this?” never arises, since the explanation is already given. They are our enemy, so naturally they would want to destabilize our country. That is, in fact, the very definition of “enemy.” But, as the story is shown, the destabilizing activities of Pakistan could never have succeeded without the cooperation of the Indians who were full participants in the arms smuggling and other deeds. Then the question does arise, “why are these Indians doing this?”, because, as shown in the film, if they weren’t doing this, then the Pakistanis couldn’t do what they were after. So the simple solution (again within the world of the film) to stopping the Pakistanis is to get the Indians to stop helping them. The fact that this question is never even raised by the brilliant ACP played by Aamir made me question his intelligence.


      • recall those Sat Night live videos for the ’08 campaign where you’d have the Biden figure saying about McCain ‘now John’s a friend but he’s a raving maniac’!


      • vatikala Says:

        sm seems to be so naive. ACP is not some Raw official. He wants to catch the criminals whether they are Pakistanis or Indians. Using mercenaries is not new. The main enemy is Pakistan. And Indians who help them are greedy traitors.
        I was floored by Aamir’s performance which was so sharp and he made the ACP character the most memorable. He never wore the usual uniform. Sarfarosh was a polished and niche film.


        • Alex adams Says:

          Vatikala- agree with your views on aamirs brilliant performance and mathans nuanced work.
          But don’t think “naive” is how I would describe sm’s views on this subject and others like 26/11…
          Unfortunately, inspite of being so articulate, she has still not denied what we had suspected and one now knows where her main sympathies lie.
          Not surprisingly, she liked naseers character much more than aamirs Since it seemed the more “justified” one in her eyes…lol. And the dislike for aamir may have stemmed for his choosing to do roles like sarcarosh, lagaan while srk does main hoon naa, mnik!!!! And this impression is NOT based on one comment but a constant pattern.
          One has no problem with someone not linking Aamir- but it does irk when someone has quite obviously “differently motivated” views which even the same person is reluctant to share with others. Let’s not make it a personal psychoanalysis session of poor Sm– but satyams and vatikalas views welcome here!!!


          • vatikala Says:

            Alex, as I have recently joined, I am unaware of this. One thing strikes me is that many of Aamir’s fans crossed over to SRK due to his(SRK) never doing upfront anti Pakistani roles so far. And he never wants to upset this and thus he makes many supposedly clever statements. Even CDI falls into this category of wounded muslim psyche.


  31. alex adams Says:

    hmm. .. good rational response, sm…agree aprtly about the FILM not raising a few relevant points..
    But lets give u a chance to explain—“then the question of “why is Pakistan doing this?”
    Your comments will be really appreciated since u seem to be a “sitting on the fence” person on this question—good to have your (honest) perspective.
    And lets abandon political correctness for a while…
    Comments of others welcum as well…


    • I was only talking of the film.

      I do not get into political discussions on the net. I disagree with several positions expressed by various members here on different occasions, but I did not bother to get into any discussions with them. So I will not initiate any discussion with you.


    • >But lets give u a chance to explain—”then the question of “why is Pakistan doing this?”

      But that’s an incomplete sentence. It continues as;
      >“why is Pakistan doing this?” never arises, since the explanation is already given. They are our enemy, so naturally they would want to destabilize our country. That is, in fact, the very definition of “enemy.”

      I don’t think it was meant to be a question that needed an answer, since everyone knows the answer.

      At least that’s how I understood it.
      I don’t know what your problem is adams?


      • alex adams Says:

        “since everyone knows the answer.”—exactly- oldgold.
        Thats what mosrt people feel about this toipic except sm…
        thats exaxctly why she is not “expressing” her “views” on this.
        I may be wrong but in her “Silence”, thats what one can infer.
        Ok, i will simplify it for u (if it was not already clear)—-Sm also believes that 26/11 was a predominantly indigenous “project” with minimal support from any foregin country!
        And if sm does NOT feel this, let her make it clear—but inspite of my tacit prodding, she has chosen to stay mum on this one.
        By the way, nothing personal here —but a case study of how to get a respnse on “contentious” issues!!!lol. By the way, what might have been ” obvious” to u oldgold, is probably not so obvious to sm (aleast on this issue)
        I just acted to tease this pout and make it clear….(not that it directly affects anybodys life on this blog). And by the way, im yet to support/condemn any one position.
        Sm has been “caught out” here–lol


    • alex adams Says:

      Agree Vatikala…
      SRK is not the “undisputed king of overseas” for nothing.
      There are major reasons for that–In this segment diaspora pakistanis not only match, but in many segments outmatch indian viewers.
      Nothing wrong with not doing anti pakistani jingoism—dont mind that.
      But recently saw parts of nain hoon naa—since i have not till date been able to watch it totally in one go…
      Was surprised and even shocked at the obvious agenda driven happenings signified by sunil shettys character. How can a “niave”, “politically correct” SRK who just dabbles in box office and “making people happy”, indulge in this in a supposedly low-IQ film.
      The fact that Aamir does not indulge in this makes it even more admirable. He is not naive enuf to know what all he can gain in viewership overseas if he takes srks stance..
      BUt thats precisely what seems to have irked people like sm !!!
      Not sure of others like oldgold who do seem to have “genuine” grievances against aamir and his acting style. BUt i have personally met people from a particualr background not liking aamir for being so passionate about displaying his nationalistic sentiments.
      Well, certain people do have twisted views of “nationalism”and “brotherhood”—Trying to needle satyam to come up with one of his longish ones—lol


  32. alex adams Says:

    Sm–And sensing your hesitation in responding–lets put some words in your mouth …
    26/11 —was it a predominantly indigenous “project” with minimal foreign support?
    As u see, im in a “direct” mood rite now…lol


    • I don’t allow anyone to put words in my mouth, either.

      You already have the combined wisdom of various members of the UPA government, the leaders of the Congress party, and highly regarded intellectuals and media commentators offering their views on this question; if that is not enough, you also have the wisdom of some respected members here. That ought to be enough for you to make up your mind. I see no need to add my input.


  33. alex adams Says:

    “I do not get into political discussions on the net. I disagree with several positions expressed by various members here on different occasions.”—hahaha. What is the normally hyper articulate sm trying to hide here????
    Cmon, sm—none of us have eother the inclination or time or desire to track/ hound you for your views. It s just a good analytical discussion–so dont be sp defensive suddenly for your views. Be proud of your views and cum out with them openly!!! lol


    • I don’t “cum”, either. 🙂

      I don’t get into political discussions because most people’s minds are already made up, and “discussion” won’t change them. I thus find them to be a waste of my time and energy.


  34. alex adams Says:

    sm —your “silence” here is worth thousand words…thats all i can say!!!


  35. alex adams Says:

    “I don’t “cum”, either”—Well Caught–lol
    “most people’s minds are already made up, and “discussion” won’t change them. I thus find them to be a waste of my time and energy.”–sm, if u take that sort of approach, one should not even think of blogging or even chatting.
    Cmon–one does get influenced.
    And im open to suggestion—so plz “cum” out with your eteemed views on this ! Dont disappoint us–we want the ” SM SHOW” -lol


    • You seem to be seriously confused, Alex. If you’re interested in “cum” and “SHOW”, I think you’re better off on the Dum Maro Dum thread, hunting up Deepika’s video.


  36. alex adams Says:

    sm—i suspect that u KNOW your views on this subject are not exactly “normal”. As i said ealier, Your “silence” has stated your stance—No offence—we understand!
    As for “show” and “cum”, even schoolkids will give you better sites than the dmd thread for that–lol?


  37. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Liked the look of Aamir in this movie…

    Well some how I am getting the feeling that the story of both DMD and Zakhmi may be in similar lines…A cop investigating a case and has a past memory chasing him…similar to Zanjeer or Zameen…..The title Zakhmi is giving a hint on that…and about DMD Rohan himself discussed the point in his interview…


  38. Second attempt at posting comment.

    @ alex adams. wow–it’s news to me that some Aamir fans have crossed over to SRK simply because Aamir wears his nationalsim on his sleeve–and does not do so with his religion.

    But many Aamir fans I know–Hindu, Muslim, Christian, any other religion or nationality–are on the same wave length, similar thought process.

    I am a Hindu who practices her religion to the extent felt necessary–but I don’t proclaim my religion loudly through action and word. I also criticize India’s urban squalor and inequalities, the corruption, a lot of other things– but simulataneously I am also a nationalistic Indian who speaks up for India on many occasions, as and when necessary. And I am so glad that my favourite Bollywood actor is like me, in this respect.

    I am glad that Aamir follows his own counsel, his heart–in these vital matters. India is a secular country–and religion is definitely a private pursuit, not meant to be displayed for profit or whatever else.

    I have a book recco to make–Being Indian by Pavan K Varma.

    And to return to the topic of Aamir’s Sarfarosh–it remains to me and many others– the essential Aamir Khan film. It was a complete film, not just a cops and crooks tale, an enemy publicly named.

    This article says it all.


    Do read this article–published in May 2009, on the occasion of the film’s 10th anniversary.

    This is a film where the young Aamir matched veteran Naseeruddin’s skills, every scene, right up to the clima


    • vatikala Says:

      Aamir chooses films which touches his heart and mind. That is why he is always in search of scripts more than big banners. Once he approves the script, he visualises about the cinematic appeal and then he starts to take full interest in the project so that the edited version lives upto his expectations. And he never forgets the target audience and their opinions. Nationalism or religion is only incidental to his films. Bhuvan could have been Ahmed but then that beautiful song and dance Isliye Radha Jale would not have been picturised. SRK’s initial success was purely on his charisma and not for any religious connotation. It is only afterwards, he somehow became the pride of muslims. Because he somehow dethroned the hindu megastar quite successfully and tried to sit on that throne. While SRK nowadays never forgets his islamic fans all over, Aamir just wants an Indian success first and foremost. And to Srk’s credit, he also played Rahul, Raj, Raju etc.with great flair. But those characters were not victimised minority. They are mainstream. To their credit, both the Khans are secular and big hearted.


      • alex adams Says:

        Agree Vatikala–the problem is not as much with the actors (who are essentially secular and responsible) but some of the “audience”!!
        And think we should stop letting this degrade this into a communal debate—which is what I initially had an objection to.
        Also, I realise we need to stop this “tirade” against sm who seems to have gone into hiding –hahaha
        Sm–Hope u take this sportingly and “cum on”–lol–We are just like this!
        Anyhow, enjoying sachin “milk” the south african bolwing right now.
        Hope the indian batting does not peak BFORE the knockout round!!


    • LS, thank you very much for the link to the Screen article. The historical context does help a lot in understanding the place this film has in the audience’s mind.

      As for the discussion of the film as a film, the main point seems to be that it was so different from the “typical” Hindi films of that date. I have no quarrel with that, and have already said that it was technically a very well-made movie. But this also brings up again the most problematic aspect of Aamir’s reputation for me. As I said, since discovering him via Lagaan, all that I had read about his past work mainly focused on how “different” he was as an actor and in his choice of films, and how he valued quality. Unfortunately, the most often cited films to prove this difference and quality were (in that period) remakes of Hollywood classics, so I felt that Aamir could not claim any credit for originality (which was another big positive attributed to him). Since Lagaan he is the one actor in the Hindi industry doing the most interesting projects, and I make sure not to miss any of his films. However, the films (excepting the “commercial” ones like Fanaa, Ghajini, and 3 Idiots), while celebrated for their innovation, strike me as lacking in some way or another. That is, yes, they are great compared to the run of the mill Hindi film — but is that the standard to which they should be compared? When the goal is to make “world class” cinema, as Aamir has stated many times, should they not be judged according to “world class” standards? And this is where they don’t come up to the mark for me, starting with Lagaan. With every one of his films post 2000, I find that the concept was indeed new and exciting, but the execution couldn’t quite follow through.

      Lagaan was on the whole a very tightly structured script, which is what impressed me — but all the English characters were basically caricatures, and the plot line of Elizabeth falling in love with Bhuvan was cringeworthy. It was a competent sports movie — but of the kind that Hollywood had been making for the previous 20 years.

      DCH started out in a very interesting way, but the most interesting story line to me was Akshaye’s, which the film maker copped out on, and the entire second half focused on Akash’s (Aamir’s) story, which was actually the most conventional and tried and true of the three.

      Mangal Pandey I was looking forward to more for the director than for Aamir, and I thought its main lack was that it never did bring the character of Mangal Pandey to life. I knew no more about him as a person at the end of the film than I did at the beginning. There were also some logical inconsistencies in the character and story as portrayed.

      Next, Fanaa. The less said about it the better. 🙂 I will only say that only Aamir’s acting kept me interested in watching it.

      Then, was it TZP? Again, a very interesting premise, and a great debut for Aamir as a director, but the second half got completely skewed by the introduction of Aamir’s character. I understand why he did it; I realize he needed to have some commercial elements, but it completely shifted the focus away from the child with the learning difficulties, and turned it into another “hero-centric” film. The other great drawback I found with it was that it did not sufficiently “Indianize” the learning disability, as all the examples given were from other languages/cultures and educational systems.

      Ghajini I didn’t watch, as I felt, from all the reviews, that it would be too violent for my taste. I might catch up with it one of these days. Public opinion seems to be divided on whether Aamir’s acting was “brilliant” or “over the top.”

      3 Idiots, I found extremely disappointing, for failing to deliver on what it was billed to be. Again this was a film where I was more excited by the director than the actor. I had read the book and thought it had great potential to be turned into a film, but also felt that potential wasn’t realized. I felt that too many compromises were made to make it commercially appealing, which it certainly was. Incidentally, I feel that Aamir’s acting has been declining since Fanaa, back into his pre-DCH labored style.

      Peepli Live again wasn’t what it was billed to be. It was neither about farmers’ suicides, a satire on the media, or an examination of the urban-rural divide, as Aamir claimed in its promotions, but an uneasy mixture of all of those elements. Ultimately it had a confusion of purpose and thus of message, which was its weakness, and prevented it from being satisfying. I never thought it had a chance at the Oscars (as I didn’t about TZP, either, because once again this was a subject that had already been done to death in Hollywood films, so the mere novelty of the subject, which was a big part of its appeal in India, could not survive abroad).

      Dhobi Ghat is the most satisfying of all the films Aamir has been associated with. I found it to be 95% satisfying. But there was that remaining 5% … While I found it to be technically brilliant, and flawless craftwise, I was left at the end with an incomplete feeling, a feeling of “so what?” I thought Kiran Rao had shown that she could make a film like those of the film makers she admires, but what originality of vision or voice is she bringing? To put it another way, what new insight does the film give to a person living in India, or even Mumbai, about their daily lives? The characters were something of stereotypes, and some of the situations somewhat contrived. But as I said, all these drawbacks amounted to no more than 5% of the total viewing experience, and I am very interested in seeing Kiran’s next film.

      So you see the problem? Undoubtedly Aamir is making interesting and different and even innovative films in the Hindi context (I won’t say in the “Indian” context, because I think there are many innovative filmmakers, even in commercial cinema, in other Indian languages). But, when put on a world stage, all those qualities disappear. The danger is that he might become complacent with the laurels he gets in India, and not strive for truly superlative heights. A secondary danger to my mind is that he will assume that the format determines the quality — in other words, that a film made in the “western” or “world” format, is inherently superior to a film made in the Indian format. The example of Enthiran is very instructive here, as that is a film made in a very Indian format, but that has nevertheless impressed many non-Indian viewers with its quality.

      So I look forward to each of Aamir’s releases, whether as actor, producer, or director, but I think he has not yet earned the media bestowed moniker of “Mr. Perfectionist.”


      • vatikala Says:

        You are finding holes where there are none. You are missing the big picture deliberately. Nothing of Aamir’s work will disappear in Bollywood which is what matters to him and his fans. And success never made him complacent as he approaches everything with new ideas. And 3 Idiots is the super blockbuster inspite of your disappointment at its success. Indian films at international still is shaky inspite of various claims. There is a difference between positive criticism and negative criticism dipped in sweet poison.


        • Seeing how the availability of obscure films made in the past and seen by old film enthusiasts like me (and many more) doesn’t prove anything by declaring Amir^s work will not disappear. Believe me, films like ‘havaa aane de’ will also be available and watched by old film enthusiasts 30/40 years from now along with ‘sarfarosh’ just as people watch pyaasa (1957) and ‘nastik (starring Ajit and Nalini Jaywant 1954 – and its available). LOL!


          • vatikala Says:

            Disappear has got a new meaning after the recent earthquake and tsunami. One fine day everything will disappear including me and you and there will be a strange peace all over. When nuclear reactors fail, when technology turns against human beings, when the life sustaining water itself turns lifetaking, everything loses meaning. Memory is as long as we exist and when we ourselves stop existing, memory itself will become a memory. Japanese had to suffer Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now this.


      • hmmm..Either you are a biased against Aamir (because most of the “star” bollywood movies are filled with bigger flaws/holes and you probably overlook them in stars you like) or like world cinema (which is definitely offer better in terms of screenplay , story and treatment)


  39. alex adams Says:

    LS–thanks for your comments.
    Agree with you about sarfarosh.
    Brilliant performance by aamir, screenplay, dirrection and an equally nunaced perfromance by naseer.
    Check out the “maa ko bechne” scene by aamir–exemplary performance.
    If u read the above exchange with sm—u will note how it was surprising that amongst all this how she “selectively picked up” that the aid by indians should have been more highlighted!!
    Obviously,, she did not have a similar problem with main hoon naa!!
    The issue of “nationalism” and “brotherhood” has been confusing for many!


    • I don’t understand this constant Main hoon na and CDI attacks.
      CDI was produced by YRF, so why not blame him equally?

      This attitude validates what the film shows at the beginning – that muslims have to prove themselves.

      *Amir has proved himself*!!!!!!…
      .. by doing the roles that alex and vatikala (and others on previous occasions) are raving about…. he’s so great “and never does roles showing his muslimness, only nationalism”
      His fanaa is ok he’s a muslim terrorist. Proves himself again as not supporting his muslimness but nationalism.

      I think his reinvention (playing his natiionalism card to touch the minds of many) is complete now.

      He’s great for not showing his religion in public.
      The other actors can. Visit temples, have their films blessed there etc etc
      They don’t have to prove anything.

      SRK has yet to prove himself.
      He has to keep his religion in his pocket or at home in his safe.
      He cannot be accepted and not attacked till he does.
      Others can be shown performing religious rituals in films. It’s oK.
      He has to either stop talking about Pakistan in this friendly manner or talk badly, to be accepted.
      YRF doesn’t have to (he continues to bring a friendly Pakistani angle in his films veer zaara, DBH), sunil shetty doesn’t have to prove himself as not being against hindus for playing that role.

      There are several parallels that can be drawn, but its a waste of time.

      Show your true side alex adams.
      Are you a member of rightist groups 😉


  40. Ah well, have read all comments after mine . Interesting discussion.

    Well, let’s hope Aamir doesn’t get complacent. –like our Indian cricket team. Imagine losing to SA after starting out so splendidly. What a tragedy.

    Of course the human tragedy in Japan–it helps put matters in proper perspective. Have heard that 10,000 people from a coastal village—have gone missing, possibly washed into the blue.

    In a few weeks, months we will forget this tragedy—and look forward to Ra-one, the SRK film appearing on screens after a long gap.

    Life chalta hai.


  41. Life is an English word–so wasn’t sure about its gender. Ha ha.

    Zindagi chalti hai…agreed.


  42. I’m an obsessive actor: Aamir Khan
    Meena Iyer, TNN | Mar 14, 2011, 12.00am IST

    This may well be one of Aamir Khan’s busiest birthdays. He is shooting for Reema Kagti’s suspense thriller, bulking up for Aditya Chopra’s Dhoom-3 and getting ready to release Delhi Belly.

    He’s also learning to swim, speak Marathi more fluently and planning to enroll in a cooking class. In a quick Q & A, the actor confesses to his current highs.

    So who is it with you in Dhoom-3? Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone?
    Dhoom-3 will roll in January 2012. I’m only building my physique for it from now on. And why are you assuming that I’m involved in the casting. Aditya Chopra and Vijay Acharya Krishna (Victor) will select the heroine. I have no say in the matter.

    In an Aamir film, Aamir normally has all the say…
    Yaar nahin, I’m only an actor on set. I’m an obsessive actor but nothing more. Right now, I’m totally preoccupied with Reema’s film. It is a genre that neither I nor anyone else has dabbled in for a long time. It’s also got a strong emotional core.

    And, it has no title?
    Yeah, if someone gives me a title for Reema’s film, it will be the best birthday gift I receive today.

    Heard you are learning to swim?
    Yes, in fact I’ve enrolled for swimming lessons with Mickey Mehta. I have to swim in Reema’s film. Actually I’m very excited about this one. After 3-Idiots this is my next film. I was in Dhobi Ghaat, but it was more Kiran’s movie.

    You also have conversations only in Marathi?
    With my staff I only speak in Marathi. My teacher Suhas Limaye says that it is the best way to polish my language. I have poor language skills; I’m a little slow but I am thoroughly enjoying speaking the language.

    What’s this cooking thing you are getting into?
    Cooking is also something I want to learn. Honestly, I haven’t started.

    One hears Kiran and you have moved into your mother’s house?
    Yes, Kiran and I are now sleeping in the bedroom where I spent my childhood. My mother has come to live in my building; Kiran and I have moved upstairs to her home. Our things are still in our home downstairs but we sleep and wake up in mom’s house. After pack up, I go straight to mom’s house and I am with her till bedtime.

    What according to you is your biggest achievement in the year gone by?
    I have given the industry two women directors-Anusha Rizvi (Peepli Live) and Kiran Rao (Dhobi Ghat). I’ve supported talent that I believe in and I have also shown that art house movies which earlier collected two-three crores can collect as much as 15 crore-plus.

    Is Delhi Belly also art-house?
    No. It is a kameena commercial film.

    Are Shah Rukh, Salman and you still the front-runners?
    I don’t know about being number 1 or 2; I’m excited about my success. My fans are happy to see everything that I put out there in the market. That’s immensely gratifying.

    Do you feel any different at 46 than you felt at 40?
    Frankly, age is just a number. Physically, no one can counter age; to me it has never mattered. Goals can be achieved even when you are 90. The audience doesn’t ask an actor’s age when it comes to seeing his film.


  43. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Liked the interview…

    “And, it has no title?
    Yeah, if someone gives me a title for Reema’s film, it will be the best birthday gift I receive today.”

    LOL..so it’s not Zakhmi…


    • could be rumor but sometimes if the title is being secret actors don’t want to admit it.. so for example the Raavan title came out very early on, everyone denied it but this was the title.


  44. “I am waiting for Salman’s wedding and the day he weds that will be biggest day for me,” Aamir said.



  45. Everyone knows that Aamir Khan is playing a cop in Reema Kagti’s suspense thriller, but is he playing a ghost too?

    If reports are to be believed Aamir Khan’s character will die in the first half only to resurface in the second as a bhoot, reports Mid Day. Before Aamir, Salma related stories Aamir wants acting tips from Hrithik
    n Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have also portrayed ghosts in Hello Brother and Paheli respectively.

    Apart from this film, Aamir Khan is all set to portray a negative character in Dhoom 3.

    In Reema Kagti’s next, Aamir Khan would also be portraying a moustache. We now wonder if that will accentuate the ghost effect?


  46. According to BollywoodHungama’s recent article, the working film title is ‘Act of Providence’:



  47. Aamir Khan trumps Hrithik Roshan : Sony Entertainment pays Rs 40 cr for his new film’s satellite broadcast rights from Reliance Entertainment

    MUMBAI: Much ahead of its Republic Day release in 2012, Aamir Khan’s next film is making tills ring. Sony Entertainment has bought the satellite broadcast rights of the yet-to-be-named production for a record 40 crore from Reliance Entertainment, which had acquired the film’s distribution rights for 85-90 crore.

    This is the highest price paid for a film by a broadcaster, beating 37 crore paid by Sony for the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Krrish 3, along with the rights of three other Hrithik films from his home stable – Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish and Krazzy 4.

    The film is being jointly produced by Aamir Khan Productions and Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment at a budget of 40-45 crore, and will be released by Reliance Entertainment.

    Sony will hold exclusive rights for Khan’s new film for seven years, which is the time it gets to monetise the investment. Priti Shahani, chief strategy officer at Reliance Entertainment, confirmed the deal, but refused to share details. “Yes, the satellite rights have been sold to Sony and like all our recent blockbusters, this film too is a much-awaited and big-ticket film that has received its correct value,” she said.

    Manjit Singh, chief executive officer of Sony Entertainment Television, also refused to share details. “When the time is right, we will talk about it,” he said.

    Of late, Sony, one of the country’s top three general entertainment channels, has been consistently acquiring big-ticket films. These tentpole films, as the trade calls them, go a long way in garnering eyeballs for the channels, or gross rating points (GRPs). The higher the GRPs, the more the advertisers. Movies play a big role here and according to TAM data, movies contribute as much as 10.4% of the total GRPs. There are also intangibles that come along with a big film. For instance, the channels use these films to attract the audience to existing and new properties of the channel.

    For the past few months, satellite channels have been demanding a correction in the high rates of acquiring films, arguing that they would all end up as producers at the rates they are paying. But broadcasters don’t have much choice. “We are all spending ridiculous amounts on satellite rights of films. But we have to do this as others too are doing the same,” said Singh.

    Another factor is there are very few unsold big-ticket titles left, with Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2, Mausam, Karan Johar’s next, Student of the Year and Salman Khan’s forthcoming films, of which Dabangg 2 and Sher Khan are not even in the market so far, leaving just Yash Raj Film’s Ek Tha Tiger up for grabs.



    • Wow!

      think this will be the first ‘serious’ film which is to say something other than a completely commercial subject in established genres to gross a 100 crores or more.


    • TheBollywoodFan Says:

      You made my day! I was very worried about the fate of this film which had no buzz, no title, and thought it would be a niche film but i’m proved wrong this one will rock.


  48. Hope it happens…but then the time of release should also be favourable. Farhan Akhtar said it could release between Jan-March 2012:

    ”Reema Kagti’s film should release between Jan and March of 2012. The title has not been finalised yet.”

    The ET news came as a surprise…it’s quite unexpected for a serious film to fetch such an amount for satellite rights before release!


    • Kareena claims that the Aamir film is one of its kind and this sort of thing has never been seen in Indian cinema before. Wonder if she’s exaggerating just a touch. Not much, just a little.

      I came across the rumor somewhere that this might be inspired by Secret in their Eyes. Hope that’s not the case.


  49. Was really looking forward to it . Very disappointing its not coming on Republic day now http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/report_aamir-khan-avoids-box-office-clash_1587667


  50. TheBollywoodFan Says:

    So the film has been postponed and Kjo moved to 26 Jan 😀
    That proves that he was damn scared to clash with Aamir. Anyways who would have the guts to release his film against Aamir after DB vs BHTB? Ajay’s Tezz is in danger!


    • interesting synopsis but I am now more prone to believe what I thought was just a wild rumor that it was inspired from Secret in their Eyes. Hope this isn’t the case. The thing is I normally wouldn’t mind such inspiration but that film, itself hardly extraordinary, has a remarkable twist at the end and if a Hindi film now takes that up it will just seem like poor imitation. Not many have seen that film in India so it won’t matter in a box office sense and perhaps the film itself will be a good product. But having seen the original to have a complete repeat would be hard for be to digest.


    • That sounds so good. Have missed watching an interesting thriller for so long. Love interesting twists at the end.
      Haven’t seen Secret in Their Eyes so it’s all OK with me.


  51. So the film has been postponed and Kjo moved to 26 Jan
    That proves that he was damn scared to clash with Aamir. Anyways who would have the guts to release his film against Aamir after DB vs BHTB? Ajay’s Tezz is in danger!

    Aamir ran away from agneepath TheBollywoodFan.
    Aamir wont clash with agneepath.


    • Aamir ran away? Does he even need to run away? His record is most certainly much better than that of Hrithik in recent years!

      Here’s what Karan Johar said to HT – “I would never have opened with Aamir’s film. He is a humongous star and, along with co-producers Farhan (Akhtar) and Riteish (Sidhwani), a friend of mine. In fact, it was Riteish who suggested we take advantage of the national holiday that falls on Thursday, making it a four-day weekend. I immediately grabbed the opportunity,” says Karan.

      Link – http://www.hindustantimes.com/Agneepath-to-release-on-Republic-Day/Article1-746076.aspx

      They themselves were afraid to clash! Aamir doesn’t need to run away.


      • people just say this stuff (that Aamir’s running away) because there’s always a market for any kind of silly claim online. Leaving aside what Johar said the fact is that most producers even with the bigger film around just do not like competition. why do 70 crores in week 1 if you can do 80! Ultimately it’s about returns and not bravado though the latter makes for great media gossip. Again this is yet another area of the film industry where the media and online reporting is 99% either false or distorted reporting.

        It certainly helps agneepath enormously to have a 4 day weekend.


        • Agreed completely.

          The ”running away” dialogue has been doing the rounds on social networking sites through fans of all rival stars of Aamir. It’s frustrating how people make up such hollow arguments instead of having some actually solid discussion.


    • TheBollywoodFan Says:

      Instead of worrying about Aamir and his film you should focus on Joker Kumar who hasn’t had a clean hit since 2008(Housefull only exeption).
      Joker Kumar fans are more entertaining than his movies.


  52. Satyam did you find any similarity between the synopsis i posted and the film Secret in their Eyes ?


    • some of it could be a reworking of Secret in their Eyes.. again hope I’m wrong..


    • Have you seen Secret in their eyes? On surface there is no similarity.


      • I’ve absolutely seen it! Here’s how an Indian inspiration could go if that rumor has any truth to it. Aamir’s wife gets raped and murdered. He takes revenge in the manner of Secret in their eyes. The other girl is someone he eventually ends up with. Or maybe vice versa. So instead of a lawyer with a woman he’s long been interested in together dealing with the case of a couple where the wife undergoes that fate and the husband takes revenge in a singular way all of it could be compressed in a triangle. Again I’m still hoping this is not true but it is possible to take a couple of important plot elements from Secret… and Indianize them this way.


        • Was not asking you 🙂 I wouldn’t mind an Indianized adaptation. I loved the romance track in that movie.


          • sorry, these are the hazards of responding from the dashboard! I can’t see who the actual response is directed to.

            I suppose an Indianized adaptation wouldn’t be bad.. more could be done with the romantic track for sure.. but again the twist is too specific to be simply repeated.. perhaps they could think of something else. To be honest I liked the film but didn’t find it terrific at any point except towards the end when that terrible secret is revealed. And after this the film haunts you.

            Getting back to your point this film has a rather Indian scene of parting at the train station!


          • No need for sorry. I wouldn’t dare to ask something when you see much more than most of us.

            Have you seen “In a Better World”? Would be watching it. Loved director’s “After the wedding”.

            ps – I liked the train scene better than the Indian ones!


          • I’ve not seen a lot, believe me! Did see In a better world and liked it though probably not as much as After the Wedding. Check out Bouchareb’s Outside the Law among recent foreign releases if you haven’t already.


          • Thanks for recommendation. I see it is on streaming, so would watch it soon.


  53. The source which posted this ”synopsis” on Twitter also insists that Aamir is indeed re-shooting some portions of Dhuan. The shooting is not yet over. [The person claims to be in touch with someone on the sets of this film and says it is indeed tentatively titled Dhuan, but final title is not yet decided]

    Meanwhile here’s what BOI.co.in has to say about the delay:

    Aamir vs Ajay Devgn

    A few days ago, we told you that Aamir Khan wanted to set aside at least two months to edit his next mega-ambitious Dhuan (tentatively titled) being directed by Reema Kagti. Since Khan is busy with his TV debut and the shooting of Dhuan is still underway, it seemed impossible for the production house to release the film on January 26 as announced a few months ago.

    Now we hear that Khan recently met his co-producers, Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Reliance Entertainment’s team, and decided to postpone the film’s release to July 2012.

    That’s not all. If sources are to be believed, Khan’s Dhuan will clash with Rohit Shetty’s Bol
    Bachchan, which features Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai in the lead on July 6.

    Watch this space!!!

    Link – http://www.boxofficeindia.co.in/aamir-khan-versus-ajay-devgn/

    [Generally this site’s ”reports” about Aamir have proven to be true! They were the first ones to report that he’d signed the Reema Kagti film. First ones to report about his TV show, his item number in DB etc.God knows to what extent this latest ”report” is true. No matter what, July 2012 is too late…Excruciatingly long wait for Aamir fans… if it is indeed true… 😦 ]


  54. Actually in last 2-3 days many confusing articles are coming up about Aamir’s future projects. Most TV channels and websites insist he is indeed doing a TV show and is busy with it. Another one claims he is not doing any TV show. An older article on BOI.co.in claimed he was supposed to write Kiran Rao’s next! Some say shooting of Dhuan is complete, some say only 4 days of shooting are left, some say 20 days of shooting are left. Almost all sites insist he wishes to work on the editing of Dhuan himself and needs 2-3 months for it.

    Even I was wondering how he would manage a TV show, and two full fledged movies in one single year! And if Dhuan indeed got so delayed and released only in July, then how would he find time to complete D3 and ensure that it releases on Christmas 2012?

    Meanwhile, Aamir has not spoken on his film, but recently on some TV interview he denied reports of his hosting a TV show. Anyway, he’s known to deny many things but ”surprises” people later (like he hid about his role in DG or his item number in DB).

    Now that January is ruled out, then going by Farhan Akhtar’s tweet it could release in February perhaps? [Provided that BOI.co.in rumour is untrue] Even his tweets do not seem much reliable because earlier they had officially announced that it would release on Republic Day. Later they changed it.

    I only hope they don’t delay it for too long. July 2012 is just too late! I also hope D3 is able to release on time and that it doesn’t have to be postponed or delayed due to this film or his rumoured TV show!


  55. Wont worry about the spacing and timing of his releases etc. Aamir is more than capable/adept/bothered about this anyways.. so relax folkz

    and is that Rani in the pic with him—
    Some more political incorrectness
    this reminds me of how an entire generation of “short” heroines became favored so that they could “match” loads of stunted khans.
    Well, this was obviously not the only/main reason but tall/normal heroines did find it difficult in the times of the “short” hero (and still ongoing)


  56. i think aamir is unnecessarily delaying dhuan….


    • ^^at his current status , aamir has the prerogative to modify things– infact he SHOULD unlike some others who “go with the flow” trying to be minimally “controversial” and have multiple releases in a couple of months!!

      Lol @joker kumar above…
      As for Akshay , dont think he has done as bad as some others.
      He knew his limitations and played to his strength — aimed to cash in short term , made quick bucks, got some easy hits.
      He is not pretentious and doesn’t bother much about “legacy”(infact cannot bother even if he tries to.now.. )


      • TheBollywoodFan Says:

        If Joker Kumar films were 1% funny and entertaining as his movies eh would have got a Hit.
        Funny is that his joker fans are worrying about Aamir getting a flop or running from comptetition, you bunch of kids Aamir NEVER runs from competition! His film was supposed to release 2 weeks after Agneepath so why should he run? It’s actually Agneepth that was in danger. Why didn’t Kjo postpone Agneepath and clash with Aamir, it’s only after Aamir postponed Dhuan that he decied to do so, coz he was damn scared Aamir would eat him up.
        So ad I said, Jokers instead of fighting for Flopstar Akki unreasonnably you should encourage him to hom his talent and try to give a decent film and make it a Hit. Because now Ajay Dvgan, Imran Khan and Emraan hashmi are giving bigger openers than Joker. Hope Tees Desi Joker brings him back.


  57. Lol@ tees desi joker.
    Btw “the” bollywood fan– u seem to be a rare male fan so much against joker kr–
    Have noticed that most find him innocuous (like me) but don’t have strong views /dislike since he doesn’t have attitude /legacy issues atleast .
    And agree that aamir has nothing to be scared of –least of all Akshay movie currently.
    Btw who are your favourite stars(male,female)….since “the” in your name seems to have a definitive finality to it–lol


    • TheBollywoodFan Says:

      Alex da, first of all I’m a woman 😀
      I don’ dislike Joker and I don’ even care about him or about his movies, his last movi I watched in theatre was KI. But his Joker fans are sometimes irritating and force me to write against him.
      My favourite actors are Aamir, Sallu and Ranbir.
      In females I like Kajol Kareena and Priyanka, and Kati too 🙂


  58. Hmmm– u seem to have a reasonable choice.
    But liking kareena ??
    Anyhow— agree about Akshay films.
    Btw have real embarrassment to declare that out of all Akshay crap movies— found all crap — Kambakht Ishq was not that bad– timepass guilty pleasure …
    Also Perhaps the ONLY film where the intolerable horrible kareena looked relatively tolerable..
    Didn’t mind a few songs of “blue”

    I don’t really have rigid favorites etc– keeps changing as per mood/preference/project but may become clearer if u follow things here– (if u haven’t already been doing so in a different name.as some do lol)


    • TheBollywoodFan Says:

      Hmm plz spare me from this discussion about Joker movies.
      Well I think you like Hrithik the most right? you like Kati and hate Bebo.


      • TheBollywoodFan Says:

        And you must eb kidding about Bebo in KI, I found her irritating as hell there. Yeah she looked gorgeous but overacted big time.
        She was good in that small role in 3 Idiots but looked bad there.


  59. But “gorgeous” will be an exaggeration but kareena looked good in KI–perhaps the only movie…
    as for”being irritating” that’s nothing new about kareena.
    Had a hypersensitive allergic reaction during bodyguard!!!lol

    Btw since u say u r a “woman” and seem a sensible / eloquent one– maybe u can give a theory — how and why is Srk so popular especially amongst the mAture female / aunty crowd– his biggest fans (not in a derogatory way– just curious)
    Your take ?


  60. Not much impressed with the working title ‘Dhuan’ though..


  61. Alex adams Says:



  62. >Stop Calling my film Dhuan

    *my film*
    I thought there was only *one* arrogant person in the whole of filmdom.

    Anyway Talaash is better, because Dhuan kept bringing to mind ‘Dhund’ (based on Agatha Christie’s Unexpected Guest) by BR Chopra which I had loved.
    Looking forward to this.


    • find the ‘my film’ comment unexceptionable but also your remark equally unexceptionable in the same way!

      I liked Dhuan a bit more than Talaash but not knowing the script (for sure) I cannot tell what the better choice was.

      Will say (and I’ve commented on this elsewhere in this thread) but I keep getting this feeling that the rumor about this film being at least partially inspired from Secret in their eyes seems not completely off the mark. Hope I’m wrong.


  63. Alex adams Says:

    “my film”—Well picked old gold …
    That is quite symptomatic and illustrative
    But not entirely negative
    Yes: it can be negative if someone with abhishreks script sense and choice, or tushar kapoors screen presence or fardeen khans box office record assumes that ownership
    But it becomes negative, when someone of amirs capability does not assume that role (like bachchan senior!)


    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with calling it “My Film” as he is the main lead and as far as I know he is co-producing this with Excel Ent, Just as Red-Chillies is with Don 2. which is very much SRK”s film.


  64. This films sattelite rights are sold for a record 40 crore.. even before its name was announced… really…i never thought 3 idiots to do such a huge business even before its trailer came out… The same feeling i am gettin for this film too… hope dat as alwyz aamir surely will surprise every1 🙂


  65. Agree ravi
    Don’t think aamir( or salman) will miss out on hitting the final nail(s) in the coffin of srks erstwhile “undisputed king” phase immediately after ra1

    Having said that: don’t like “talaash” either
    But then “mass tastes” are always different

    Heck—has kareena inserted her bad presence here as well—what bollocks
    This 1 needed a “fresh face”


  66. @Alex 🙂 heres the latest 😀 Aamir on facebook

    So, we finally have a title for my new film… its called TALAASH (which means : the search). What do y’all think? Like it? What is better DHUAN or TALAASH?


  67. DHUAN is better …. a movie named TALAASH starring akshay kumar & kareena was super flop few yrs back…. so its better to avoid this name….


  68. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    Really looking forward to this…I wonder how Reema and Zoya will handle the script…and how Aamir will market it. I really hope that its entertaining enough to rack up blockbuster numbers but still has a tiny bit of originality and intelligence, and maybe even passably well-written roles for the women – or at least for Rani. It’s probably too much to hope for though…


  69. Guess it’s indeed titled Talaash finally. Its first trailer would release with Don 2, Farhan Akhtar confirms on Twitter:

    Link – http://twitter.com/#!/FarOutAkhtar/status/136698800008998912


  70. 1st Look of Aamir in Talaash


  71. Aamir is the most wanted Dakoo

    Subhash K jha

    Posted On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 02:06:12 AM

    He has played a tapori. And he is busy essaying the role of a villain in YRF’s Dhoom 3. But Aamir Khan’s zaniest bad man avatar will be the one he essays in Maqbool Khan’s Chambal Safari. Reportedly, Khan will be heading to the Chambal valley to essay the role of Bachua Daku in the director’s unorthodox and wacky satire.

    When contacted, Maqbool refused to comment on his decision to cast Aamir and added, “It’s too early to discuss the cast. All I can say is, Aamir is the man for the part. I am making a black comedy Chambal Safari.” Though a friend of the director maintained that Khan has indeed been approached for the part.

    Talking about his film, Maqbool said, “It’s about a bunch of dacoits in Chambal going through a lean phase in their career as bandits. The Madhya Pradesh government has rehabilitated them under a scheme called ‘Chambal Safari’ whereby the dacoits have become tourist guides.”


  72. Better safe than sorry

    Aamir decides to pull out the first promo of Talaash from Don 2, wants it to meet his exacting standards

    Kunal M Shah

    Posted On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 02:06:12 AM

    That Aamir Khan is a perfectionist is no secret. And his latest venture had to go through his quality control test. Aamir has stopped the release of his film Talaash’s first theatrical promo that was supposed to hit the screens alongside Shah Rukh Khan’s December 23 release Don 2.

    According to a unit member of Talaash, three production houses had been appointed to make the promos of the film. It is only now, that one has been finalised delaying the process and missing the Don 2 deadline.

    Our source explained, “Talaash is Aamir Khan’s first film after 3 Idiots. While Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly, both his home productions did release, Reema Kagti’s film will be his next big commercial project.”

    “Since both Talaash and Don 2 are Excel Entertainment projects, everyone expected to see the promo of Aamir’s film with SRK’s. However, since the promo got delayed, Ritesh Sidhwani, Reema Kagti and Aamir Khan decided not to rush into it and work on the promo at their own pace. In fact, Aamir wanted to spend more time on the promo and give it a different look,” added the source.

    “Since Talaash is the biggest release during IPL, Aamir did not want to hurry things even if it meant missing the Don 2 deadline. And thus, the overseas delivery of Don 2, which went last week had to go without the Talaash promo,” said the source.

    When contacted, Ritesh Sidhwani explained, “We had assigned three different production houses to make the promos of Talaash. We did not much like the first or the second one. The third, created by a production house owned by Pahlaj Nihalani’s son was the closest to the film. Aamir has also liked it. Now we will send a new brief to the production house so that they can start work on the final cut.”

    “We are now targeting Agneepath. It isn’t true that it was Aamir who wanted to work on the promo. In fact, the promo wasn’t entirely ready. We will need to edit it a little and compose the music for it to be screen ready,” Ritesh said denying Aamir’s involvement in the delay.


  73. Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Talaash’ is the most awaited flick of 2012, according to the industry experts.

    Experts of Indian film industry have said that defeating all the big projects of renowned actors of Bollywood ‘Taalash’ is on No 1 position and will surely win the hearts of the audiences.

    Buzz is that director Reema Kagti’s forthcoming thriller has gained so much popularity ahead of its release in which Aamir is playing a cop. The movie is being made within a budget of INR 40 crore and its satellite rights have already been sold for INR 40 crore, six months before the flick’s release.

    Kagti’s second directorial project ‘Talaash’ is a hard-hitting thriller movie in which the glamour portion is being added by Bollywood babes Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. Although the movie contains songs but no ‘masala’ in it as lip-sync songs are lacking.

    It is said that Aamir has delayed the shooting schedule of his another Yash Raj movie ‘Dhoom 3’ so as to concentrate totally on his ambitious project ‘Talaash’. The promotions and marketing of the movie will start from April till June.

    The movie is Co-written by Zoya Akhtar and Reema and is likely to hit the box office in June.


  74. First First look of Talaash is out today In latest issue of Screen Weekly !


  75. Waiting For The Teaser Of #Talaash !! :)) #expectations are #Skyhigh !!


  76. Motion poster

    [separate post created]


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