Rare Pic!


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  1. Sanjay Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Dara Singh, Amitabh Bachchan. Not that rare…I have this pic.


  2. Good pic
    Amitabh is looking unrecognisable and may I say one couldn’t ever imagine from this pic is eventual icOnicity

    Btw hi dimps —hows life


  3. How is you alex babua? Sab theek hai?

    Don’t u think Rajiv Gandhi should have tried filmworld? He looks very hot in this picture (as well). He would have still lived had he gone in some other field other than politics….


  4. “babua”—rotflol
    Dimps has a knack of providing entertainment—wanna do a film btw?

    Yes Rajiv gandhi wasn’t bad–

    But there was something “regal” about indira Gandhi –a born leader –one where the gender etc becomes incidental


  5. babua…sorry…forgot that you don’t know hindi. It is a term Amitabh Bachchanji also uses in his dialogues…sort of ghati-u.p.dehati term. Also most like Bubba of south (here in USA).
    Indira…she could have been an excellant actress in theater. Man what nawtanki she did!!!! She brought “politics” into indian political scene…till she came about, there was some idealism in indian politics!!


  6. alex adams Says:

    lol dimps
    thats quite an interpretation….
    reminds me-hows “bombay dyeing”—did try to “help out”
    hoho– btw did u watch desi boys


  7. oye…mai tere ko use type ki dikhti hun kya?!?!
    That movie…didn’t see…behind on most movies. But Rockstar kaa hero has given abhijit run for his money…one song of his (say sadda haq) has more “acting” in it then the whole player movie will have. hoho


  8. alex adams Says:

    Dimps–u know im “pulling your leg” lol
    btw who is abhijit?
    so did u like rockstar–what do u feel bout the heroine


  9. abhishek bolungi toh blogmaster will come after me 😉


  10. alex adams Says:

    oh poor dimps
    i have told satyam and he wont cum after you—dont worry–he is a good guy
    And u dont have to “hide” this thread…lol

    Agree—“saada haq” had a fair lot of “emoting” and “flairing of nostrils”
    Perhaps one of the best song in that genre from the subcontinent

    and what are your “expert” views on nargis f


  11. alex adams Says:

    And u dont have to “hide” #in# this thread…lol

    Cant believe that a gentleman like satyam is “harrassing” u


  12. nargis f. had to suck up to some people (pun intended) to get into bollywood. I think if the filmmaker of yore had freewill and ability to hire based on talent then there would be lot of smita patils around in present age. About Ranbir (I am NOT a fan) he owns the space. He is good. He is also very young. A.B jr still looks bit constipated and looks good when he has shades on and has no lines to speak…but even as a model he would bomb…he doesn’t have that “coolness” that say Arjun Ramphal (model) has even. Another thing I noticed (haven’t seen rockstar movie yet…just the songs), is that there were lots and lots of “cuts”…meaning few seconds and lot of cut and paste, in the songs. I am not technically astute in movie-,making business but I think if camera lingers then there is scope of “acting”…lol. Cut and paste phata-phat mai dhokha hai. So don’t know. I think Ranbir’s eyes look a bit “druggie” on the cons side. Lets wait and watch. But presently it seems that the mantle is passed onto Ranbir as far as talent/acting/future is concerned bypassing poor ab jr. He needs a hit like no tomorrow.


    • she shares one thing with vidya balan though that is controversy over her age where she was caught hiding it

      btw nargis looks to old in front of much younger ranbir in rockstar


  13. alex adams Says:

    dimps: thanx; howlarious stuff
    we need your humour more often

    btw oh my: u were too severe on poor nargis f–sort of hurtz…lol (do u know about the other newcomers…)


  14. Satyam ji, Good evening .After long time I back to your blog and saw many updates.Thanks for all.Just saw the rare photographs of AB Sir with Indira Gandhi ,Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards


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