Dev Anand on Filmfare (May 11, 1956)


12 Responses to “Dev Anand on Filmfare (May 11, 1956)”

  1. salimjakhra Says:

    great cover


  2. alex adams Says:

    how r u salimjakhra—hope your work hasnt taken its toll on u lol
    which are your top dev anand films and songs


    • salimjakhra Says:

      I’m good thanks. Nah work is fun, doesn’t cause me any trouble!

      Fave films of Dev would include:

      Paying Guest
      Asli Naqli
      Jewel Thief
      Love Marriage
      Kala Bazaar
      Hum Dono
      Teen Devian

      I’ve not actually seen a single Dev film from after 1968! (Which is probably not a bad thing). Though i do want to check out Tere Mere Sapne and Prem Pujaari.

      Other films of his that I need to see are:

      Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai
      Nau Do Gyaarah
      House Number 44
      Bombai Ka Babu

      Listing his songs is an impossible task. All of the above have great songs, not to forget films like CID, Nirala, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Baat Ek Raat Ki, Solva Saal, Amardeep, Jaal, Baazi…these all have wicked songs too.


  3. Alex adams Says:

    Thanx salimjakhra
    Not seen many here
    Prem pujari is good — seen partly

    Surprising that shekhar kapoor is quiet
    Think he is a blood relative,..,


  4. Thanks for all these wonderful magazine covers of Dev Anand, Satyam. He certainly was one of a kind. My favorite of the legendary trio.

    PS. From the “Current Viewing” blog roll, I see that you’ve been watching some interesting films. Hope you share your thoughts on them at some point – especially the Bengali films and “Ek Bar Kaho” which is my favorite Hindi attempt at “An Affair To Remember.”


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