Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan Most Trusted Bollywood Brands


Salman Khan is the most trusted cinema personality in India, leaving behind Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

According to a research report titled ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2012’, Salman Khan, who delivered two box-office hits – Ready and Bodyguard – last year, has been voted as the Most Trusted Cinema Personality in India. The Bollywood actor has also ranked third in the overall personalities list, only after social activist Anna Hazare and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

The report, released by Trust Research Advisory (TRA) on January 16 in Mumbai, is designed to select India’s Most Trusted Brands for various categories.

In the Most Trusted Cinema Personalities list, Salman is followed by Amitabh Bachchan, who ranks second (Amitabh is fourth in the overall personalities list). Bachchan is closely followed by Aamir Khan, who ranks third among cinema personalities and fifth among overall personalities. The other Bachchan who features on the list is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who is ranked fourth in cinema personalities.

No list can be complete without Rajnikanth, who features as the fifth Most Trusted Cinema Personality in India. The southern superstar is followed by veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar and actor Shah Rukh Khan at the sixth and seventh places respectively.
Salman Khan’s Being Human Most Trusted In Social Sector

Interestingly, Salman Khan’s charity ‘Being Human’ is also ranked first among a list of organisations in the Social Sector list.

When asked if Being Human had topped its category only because of brand Salman, CEO of Trust Research Advisory, Mr. N. Chadramouli, told, “I think both brands contributed to each other. Last year Salman was not there (on the list). Being Human brought him into focus, with every second person wearing a Being Human T-shirt. On the flip side, Being Human needs a personality like Salman Khan to bring it forth. There is a mutual synergy between the two brands.”
Star Endorsements: Not Effective Enough?

Sachin Bhosle, research head of TRA, clarified that there has been no connection of box-office success of an actor’s films with the survey and the list was purely about the recall value and positivity associated with the stars.

He added that there was no major impact on any consumer brand only because of a particular star’s endorsement. “Even though brands spend crores of rupees on getting endorsements by stars, yet brands might not be trusted in spite of the stars endorsing the brands being trusted by the public,” he said.

The basis for the report was a primary research conducted by TRA across 2,718 respondents in 15 Indian cities.


80 Responses to “Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan Most Trusted Bollywood Brands”

  1. I only trust Aamir with his movies……

    and then there’s the rest


  2. I only trust Amitabh with his movies……

    and then there’s the rest


  3. Alex adams Says:

    I only trust katrina kaif and nargis fakhri with their movies currently and then there’s the rest
    NOT lol


  4. More than the cinema side of things very happy to hear about ‘being human’ doing well. I ordered my shirt last month and its damn cool 🙂

    The shipping cost more than the t shirt 😛


  5. I only trust Naseerudin Shah…and then there is the rest!


  6. I only trust the golden films lead by Dilip Kumar and others….and then there are none.


  7. By the time Dilipkumar finishes batting and sqinting his eyes and before he utters a dialogue:
    Amitabh would have given 10 hit movies
    Dharmendra would have another marraige and another baby
    Abhishek would be playing with his grandkids.

    Yawn. What a boring actor he is!!! Tragedy king: because people cry out of boredom! lolz


  8. there are many kings/superstars in bollywood but there is only one emperor/supermegastar who is undisputed and still rocking at 70..the one and only ORIGINAL don/vijay dinanath chauhan/baap of bollywood…big b…No comparison..whatsoever (I wonder how all these Khans would do at 50?let alone 70)


    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      But these khans are giving quality films and huges grossers unlike Big B who was delivering cringe worthy films in his 40’s like Jadugar, toofan, Ajooba, Shehenshah, Mard, Coolie, Ganga Jamuna etc…


      • Mard, Coolie, Shahenshah were huge hits (with first two being big blockbusters) and even today these are most watched movies at satellite with highest TRP’s (And GJS and Toofan are among them, though not successful theatrically). No wonder even today audience found these movies better and more entertaining than Any khan movie.


      • And BTW .. Coolie and Mard was much bigger grosser than Any khan movie of today .. Both were like ATBB of today.


        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          Coolie was hyped due to Amitabh’s accident and collected whatever amount and was the biggest hit of Amitabh in 90’s…but did any of these movies were able to beat Shoaly which released in 1975?

          If you don’t believe BOI then go and check the Bachhan Box office site that is IBOS and see the collections of these movies.

          BTW Amitabh was 41 when Coolie released and 43 when MARD released. When he was 45 he was almost down and out. Compare the collections of Shehehsah with his other movies and the movies released in the same year.

          “even today these are most watched movies at satellite with highest TRP’s”

          LOL…seriously. from where did you get these information.


          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            ” biggest hit of Amitabh in 90′s”

            It should be 80’s


          • Dude .. No movie has crossed Sholay yet .. this doesn’t signify that there is no other blockbusters. Naseeb, Coolie, Lawaaris and Mard were All time blockbusers of Amitbh in 80’s decade.

            Though BOI refuse to give coolie even blockbuster openly, but they by mistake mention Coolie as ATBB in this article ..



          • Check TRP’s at .. you will get the reality check. Zee cinema is running just because of Amitabh movies .. Check Zee cinema rating of Any Salman/Aamir/SRK movie VS Amitabh movie .. Difference is as big as 10 times.


          • Just found this another eye opening piece of information.


            8 Exceptional Hits(Crossed 1 Crore per territory), 10 Superhits, 12 Hits, 22 Average, 18 Flops (Total 70 movies)

            This data is for upto 1984 releases. Out of 70 movies, 52 Success. This is around 75% success ratio.


          • Lolll … and Salman Khan/Shahrukh Khan don’t even have 20% success ratio (If we go by strict verdicts of FIlminformation/Trade Guide Just like we have for AMitabh). and merely 45% success raito if we go by BOI Maha Lenient verdicts.


          • * BOI Maha Lenient verdicts. specially designed for khans.


          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            “Dude .. No movie has crossed Sholay yet”

            I am not saying the inflated gross. I am just saying about the pure gross figure that is 15 crore. Like Aamir gave a Ghajini then a 3 idiots which is more than a Raja Hindustani.
            Through out the 80’s any of the Amitabh’s movie could not cross 15 crore not even 10 crore.

            “Check TRP’s at”

            Yes please give me the links. You must learn how to argue first. this was your earlier statement

            “even today these are most watched movies at satellite with highest TRP’s”

            now it has become zee cinema centric

            “Zee cinema is running just because of Amitabh movies .. Check Zee cinema rating of Any Salman/Aamir/SRK movie VS Amitabh movie .. Difference is as big as 10 times.”

            Ok i checked some of the trps..i am yet to see 10 times more trp.. Please show me a trp comparison which is 10 times…some random ones

            Taqdeerwala v/s Toofan



            Joru ka ghulam in 2005


            Pyar kiya toh darna kya


            KMG v/s Amar Akbar v/s Don no 1


            I AM WAITING TO SEE THE 10 TIMES TRPs of Amitabh movies


          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            Dude listen don’t give me the link for this Bollybusiness site. I know who runs this site. I have seen this drama for last 6 years. Every one knows that the owner is a biased Bachhan fan like u.
            Ask the owner of this site to consistently publish BO figures for at least two years and then we can take it seriously.

            See i said earlier u do not know the basics of argument. This argument was about Bachhan’s films in late 80’s to compare with the khans films in their 40’s/now. Why?

            Simply because of the hypothetical argument by Bachhan fans that we will see what the khans will do in their 60’s. So first compare all of them in their 40’s and how they were performing.

            I can argue very well on the whole Bachhan career also and how he survived with multi starrers in 70’s. But i am finding very difficult the way you are throwing imaginary statements in the air.


          • “I can argue very well on the whole Bachhan career also and how he survived with multi starrers in 70′s”

            you mean like D2, ZNMD and the upcoming Agneepath? Just trying to be clear on this!

            We all have our biases but there are some that are well into the realm of the ridiculous. But hey it’s a free country. There are naysayers on everything including Bachchan and Tendulkar. And Nehru! If one tries to rationalize in an Alice in Wonderland world perhaps the fault lies with oneself.

            Hence I should apologize for this comment!


          • Bhalo_Manush Says:

            “you mean like D2, ZNMD and the upcoming Agneepath?”

            I did not know that Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Rishi and Shashi Kapoors were similar to Abhishek, Uday, Farhan or Abhay in 70’s and Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehera were equal to Sanjay Gadhvi and Zoya Akhtar.

            Please let me know if Amitabh was no 1 who were the other actors in top 5?


          • Actually the point precisely is that there wasn’t a top 5 where Bachchan was concerned! Again I didn’t invent the 1-10 phrase. Even the anti-Bachchan Nahata and Adarsh have said as much in comprehensive reports that I could pull up if you’re interested. Even the anti-Bachchan BOI that play dirty with the ratings of his films have him as the top star year after year after for most of the 70s and the 80s. The historical record here is so overwhelming that even the most biased sources have to admit it somehow!

            The Bachchan graph was precisely that — that his hits/flops/average grossers or what have you operated on a scale totally removed from that of everyone else. He wasn’t 1-10 because he was getting the biggest ones but because the scale was somewhere else altogether. A Bachchan flop always made money, there are very rare Bachchan flops that did not for the longest time. Bachchan flops often grossed as much as the hits of other stars.

            Leaving this aside if you look at the box office of those stars without Bachchan it’s almost non-existent. Vinod Khanna was once called serious competition by an anti-Bachchan media. He was nowhere without Bachchan in terms of the numbers. Literally nowhere. The others were even further behind. But let’s look at Dharmendra who’d been a top star for longer. The thing here is is that post Sholay (1975) Dharam really doesn’t have much of a record barring in a couple of Desai hits (then around 87 or so he suddenly had a late surge where he delivered a number of plus films/hits but it was too late by this time). Dharmendra was not a peak star for very long after Sholay (he still mattered a lot in cultural terms but not in a box office sense as much). The projects reveal this. He had nothing significant after a while. Again I could go through a film by film year by year thing with you. I know what he was doing in the 60s, the early 70s and so on.

            The problem with all of these discussions is that one can come to these things as a partisan, say some ridiculous stuff, rely on dubious sources with an agenda and/or find like-minded people. I have noticed for years anyway there is this contingent online BOI-inspired or not where often there is an ethnic angle (Punjabi) or at other times simply an anti-Bachchan one. But in this worldview Dharmendra is somehow this great ‘almost-Bachchan’ star who didn’t get the credit he deserved, Sunny Deol is this legend from the 80s who was also dominant in the 90s, Bobby Deol is the great star who’s permanently unemployed and who makes a mark whenever he gets his 15 min (Players) and so on! One can believe anything one wishes. Sadly serious debate cannot be conducted this way. To believe some of this stuff requires extreme bias and extreme lack of information on the facts coupled with extreme lack of exposure to the the films and their times and the their larger histories or all of these combined. I suspect it’s the latter.

            Again we all have our biases but ultimately there is a certain realm of the factual that isn’t up for debate. If even this is not accepted for whatever reason it’s hard to continue talking about this stuff. But yeah there is the ‘Deewar is a multi-starrer club’ that some inhabit! My point is that substance abuse might be a better ‘solution’ for certain kinds of distortions.


          • ideaunique Says:

            satyam, how can i create a new post on a different subject?


          • as you’ve done so in the past.. not sure what you mean..


      • I think you can put Salman on par with Amitabh in terms of the quality of movies AB done in his 40’s and now Salman is doing.

        However most of the Amitabh movies from the 80’s were at least watchable….Salman with the exception of Dabang is churning out rubbish which is hard to digest. I think Salman doesn’t have the acting range or the intellect to go beyond South remakes. He is definately the Rajnikant of Bollywood….not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing 😉

        SRK has lost his way imo…..he’s still stuck in the 90’s when he was king….CDI/Swades/Devdas are the sort of movies he should be giving each year along with a more mainstream movie. He’s definately got more fire than Salman & Aamir but SRK falls in script selection, which is where Aamir excels…more than anyone in the industry imo.

        I honestly wish Aamir could give us 2 movies a year because he has so much to give…but the guy is sooooooo choosy. He’s definately the ‘Apple’ of the industry whereas SRK previously and now Salman are the Microsoft


        • “However most of the Amitabh movies from the 80′s were at least watchable”

          This phrase is correct for post 1988 phase. Before that he had many classics .. Right from Naseeb, Lawaaris, Bemisaal, Satte Pe Satta, Shakti, Sharaabi and Silsila … (though coolie is also iconic in my books).

          I am not considering boxoffice here .. otherwise he had many huge grossers which are not necessarily great but quite very entertaining like Coolie, Mard, Kaalia, Yaarana, Gireftaar, Khuddar etc …

          Woww .. quite a great list of classics and boxoffice hits. Khans combined Hits of their career are lesser than Amitabh hits of 1980-1985 phase.


        • I guess there are not enough good scripts being written in bollywood for Aamir to come up with 2 movies a year!


  9. LOL! I was waiting for someone to come up with ‘How old Salman looks in this picture’ the way one comes up promptly for SRK, but when no such comment was forthcoming, I decided to do the needful.


    • How old is Salman looking? He looks like a man in his 40’s, which is what he is.

      I think the comments on SRK are not about looking “old” per se (except some “haters”), but about not looking “well”, i.e., healthy.


      • Alex adams Says:

        Somehow I prefer the salman in late thirties /now looks wise..
        He finally got a bare minimum gravitas
        Earlier he was a’blowing in the wind ‘dickhead lol
        What say sm and others


      • I don’t think people talk about SRK’s unhealthy look, rather his ‘old look’, and compare it with Salman’s or Amir’s who (according to them) look *very young* (like not in 40s).

        I think the area around the eyes cannot be botoxed and gives the age away.


  10. Can you trust the results based on such a small sample size? “2,718 respondents in 15 Indian cities.” Considering most cities in India have population in millions, looks like this so called survey has had a dismal response.

    That aside, agree with Naveed about charity Being Human getting the recognition. Its high profile is definitely due to Salman’s popularity as a film star.


    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Can you trust the results based on such a small sample size? “2,718 respondents in 15 Indian cities.”

      A big YES if Bachhans are winning or at least present in the list.


  11. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    I only trust the rest and then there is Abhishek Bachhan…


  12. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    All of these brand analysis and what not in that are suddenly cropping up in Bollywood are an absolute unscientific, unprofessional joke.


  13. I think this “trustworthiness” refers to the products they endorse, not their films. 🙂


  14. Salman Khan with his past two movies has been one of the most untrustworthy fans, with the likes of Akshay n SRK.

    Wonder who the hell rated him ‘Most Trustworthy’ and placed Aamir Khan behind him! Speak of terrible tastes..

    Aamir should easily be at the top.. No competition with other Bollywood stars whatsoever


    • Its a typo.. I meant ‘Untrustworthy brands’ in para 1..


      • Yes Salman is very irrational at times. He doesn’t have the long term thinking which Aamir has

        Regarding Amitabh …..I have this view that yes he was brilliant in his pomp…but he should not have returned to do so much rubbish…..I honestly believe that he should have been severely selective in his scripts/movies….films like Black/Paa/Khakee enhance his CV/legend but nowadays for 1 good film he is doing 10 rubbish ones.

        In the long term – Is it worth it?

        This is the problem with many actors past their peak…they dnt know when to stop….


  15. i think people tend to have recent memories

    ab had even done exemplary work in period between 2000-2007 but ya lately due to health and other factors he had slowed down

    has been pretty sucessul in television and under him both star, sony and colours have acheived number 1 status

    was instrumental in patriach roles(a pretty long list again) for a long while and again reinvented himself but also did some brilliant thrillers like kaante and aankhein( the original trend of hollywoodized thrillers)

    paa, , baaghban , cheeni kum, sarkar where credible effort in terms of solo and that to in 60’s…such longevity really is surprising

    with salman the time is running out ….again rip off of southern movies won’t go forever but most of his big sucesses had that stamp

    after tere nam( remake of sethu ) again no entry was southern remake and those even get him more acclaim

    for srk what one have to say … after investing close to 300cr in 2 movies ( ra one and don 2 ) to claim supremacy its amusing to see the support of subsidy and niche film phenomenon that to after a promotion of close to 1 year which clearly indicates fading stardom ….time won’t be never like this year and competition will only increase and once when you begin to lose goodwill things will get tougher

    aamir is on different boat alltogether both commercially and critically and even his production house is yeilding more lnnovation and just like utv really touching diversity in terms of every genre


  16. also box office and so called trustness never come attached

    ajay devgan in hugely ignored may be due to lack of pr skills( cmmon take out rascals ..a sanjay duttt production) ,…this guy is continiouslly giving good products

    atithi, ouatim, rajneeti , singham where good ( and this guy has shown if required to do mindless comedies that he can do better than akshay …like golmal series

    really the most versatile actor right now among his contemporaries in 40′s


    • Ajay is a fantastic actor and is on fire at the BO …he’s got more acting skills than Salman and better BO performances than SRK
      and add to that he’s regularly giving abt 3-4 movies p/year with variety….


  17. alex adams Says:

    Unrelated–but congrats to john abraham (if true)
    have always liked John esp in “no Smoking”
    Loved the film….
    Wonder why this “secrecy”–whys he so scared lol

    Things have been moving way too fast for Bollywood hunk John Abraham. Post his break-up with Bipasha Basu the actor got into a relationship in a huff. If rumours are to be believed, the actor who had marriage on his mind since quite some time, has taken the plunge, reports Mid Day.

    Rumour related stories
    LOVESTRUCK! John Abraham with Priya Marwah
    John Abraham spotted with girlfriend Priya Runchal
    Someone special in my life: John Abraham
    I wish to get married soon: John
    mills are abuzz in the social networking sites that John Abraham has secretly tied the knot with his investment banker girlfriend Priya.

    “John Abraham and his new girlfriend Priya Runchal got hitched (shotgun style) in West L.A two weeks ago, (her family is from Bel Air you see). Remember John also spent his birthday there on December 17th?” posted reputed blogger Miss Malini on her blog.

    And how come our paparazzi didn’t get to know about this? John apparently got married in Los Angeles two weeks ago, since his sweetheart’s family is from the USA, according to the tabloid.

    The tabloid also said that John also spent his birthday with Priya and her family.


  18. alex adams Says:

    Love him, hate him but can never ignore SRK
    One thing i like about hijm is he is never short of ambition
    Thinks big and usually manages to back it up with effort etc
    Lately age and other factors seem to be catching him though somewhat but hope that spirit stays

    incidentally “karan” is a character replete with numerous opportunities and one that has enthused me as well
    Hope he gets an able director this time

    It was earlier reported that Shah Rukh Khan is planning to make a film on one of India’s greatest epic Mahabharat and now rumours are rife that the film will focus on the character of Karna.

    The actor is apparently having detailed discussions with his team at Red Chillies and plans to pitch in the project at the Berlin Film Festival. It is likely that Shah Rukh himself will play the iconic character.

    According to an interview given to a London-based foreign newspaper, SRK is in talks with a foreign production house to market it properly into territories where Bollywood has never been. It will be a truly world commercial release.

    Reportedly, the film will be made on an even bigger budget than RA.One and SRK wants the special effects to be far more advanced than Avatar’s. He wants to make it into a trilology like the Lord of the Rings.


    • rip off of ideas

      aamir khan wanted to make it long back but shelved it

      and frankly this is not feasible as it will require at least 10 years of full reasearch to do it properly

      btw lotr and matrix, star wars etc where heavily inspired from some of so called indian mythology

      matrix 2 even ended with sanskrit sholakas


      • and there was there was avatar( so called sanskrit na,e of reincarnation ) on soul transfer

        its very sad to see they are copying just to beautifully and here we are only making so called big talks but no substance


  19. Only thing I would trust SRK with is – not to have sex with another WOMAN!
    Thop this week the net is abuzz with the story and pics of SRK-Priyanka walking out of his office at 3.15 am and how SRK’s security staff was going berserk trying to find the photographer.


  20. Alex,

    It is good to be ambitious on any project, but a completely different thing when it comes to actually executing it !

    The same noises were being being made loudly a year or so back about Ra.One…and the actual outcome is known to all !! What was even more concerning is that even the much touted “world class never before seen VFX in India” did not get much appreciation from the media & the paying public.

    The harsh reality is that we are a long long way away from even coming close to achieving the kind of visual effects / VFX seen in Hollywood films like Avatar, LOTR etc.


    • Shubh,

      Forget comparision with Hollywood. the much touted special effects were tacky compared to some Indian stuff too.. I think a film like Robot was far superior in terms of both its content and the VFX. Not that I am a big fan of Shankar’s work, but I still found the film miles ahead of Ra.One

      The SRK starrer was a colossal waste of time n resources.


      • Because Shankar integrated the SFX into a good narrative. But also there was no comparison on the editing side of things. The SFX in Ra One just didn’t make enough of an impact even where they looked good. Leaving all these comparisons aside you just can’t do for 100-150 crores what you can for $100-200m! I mean, imagine they spent 175-180m on Hugo! Until India develops the right talent and technology locally there will just never be any competition on this score. so far India cannot even compete with East Asia. But again it’s not just about the pure SFX (there’s a lot of good stuff in Ra One on this score) but about how these are delivered in the right narrative. In Hindi cinema I think Rakesh Roshan is probably the only director today who is unembarrassed about his old school roots. Hence he might provide that right combo in the next Krrish. His only weakness here is that he isn’t enough of a technological wiz the way Shankar is. Still think he has the right cards to play here in terms of Indianizing things enough and of course having Hrithik spearhead the effort. The one thing they should be careful about is not trying to do too much. This is often a failing even in Hollywood sequels. Rakesh Roshan didn’t succumb to this between KMG and Krrish but for a while now and just based on all the Krrish 3 chatter one gets the sense that they’re trying to outdo everything else in sight. That’s never the best way to start out in these matters. They just need the right narrative, some more SFX than the last Krrish and that’s it. You get the huge initial, even with decent trending you get a very big total. And perhaps more if the film is better than the previous one. It’s a simply proposition really even if I think Hrithik waited far too long for a sequel this time.


    • Alex adams Says:

      Yes agree
      Atleast between the announcement and release of this “pathbreaking” film , Srk can continue to live/ project this delusion of cutting edge /taking the industry forward bit..

      Actually rakesh Roshan is quite good @stickig to the basics and knows how to indianise stuff
      Infact had he stated as director for kites, the fate won’t have been too bad

      And finally : brilliant point by satyam
      On the dilemma of all sequels
      This urge to go “one up”/ bigge better proves to be undoing for many sequels worldwide .
      On the other hand, of the basics are sound and some value additions are made, the initial momentum is usually enuf to carry it through

      The catch is -knowing where to say: that’s enuf….
      If the Roshan keep up with the basics and don’t try to upstage avatar, they should be fine..


  21. Btw watched The Prestige last night. A complex film but very well-made. Loved everything about it. Great acting from both Jackman and Bale.


  22. Agree…the visual effects of Robot much superior to Ra.One ! In fact, most films from the South are technically a notch above those coming out of Bollywood.

    Prestige is one hell of a mind bender & demands complete attention from the viewer ! What is quite astounding is how right from the beginning of the film Nolan throws clues left, right & centre as to Christian Bale having a double. This is when one goes in for repeat viewings.


  23. may this has been posted earlier bu I found it to be interesting-

    Bitter Koffee Break

    For some months now, there have been murmurs that all’s not well between an A-list male star and his close filmmaker buddy. The duo has delivered a string of popular hits together and is considered one of the most successful professional pairings in recent times, apart from being as close as family.

    When the filmmaker announced his latest project some months ago, the industry was surprised that it didn’t feature his actor friend. Troublemakers were quick to spread stories that the actor (who’d been going through a career low at the time) was so down and out that even his best friend wasn’t making movies with him anymore.

    Turns out, the actor has in fact taken it personally, and might be sulking. There’s been no great falling out or screaming match between them, however. The director remains particularly close to the actor’s wife, and still swears loyalty to his actor pal, even if he’s decided to work with a younger cast on his new film.

    Insiders say the actor’s hurt stems not just from being left out of the filmmaker’s new movie, but also from the fact that his Mr Congeniality director friend has developed warm relations with two or three of his biggest rivals—including two top stars around his own age, and one younger star who’s being tomtommed as his replacement on the popularity charts.

    The director, meanwhile, has repeatedly told friends that no one can take the A-lister’s place in his life. He’s explained that he may be a social animal, but his loyalties lie firmly with his old friend. Apparently, he even spent New Year’s Eve with the actor and his family.


  24. always thought that superhero must be muscular built & over six feet tall,
    srk is five feet five,when making ra one did he ever thought its a huge blunder by a superstar.

    big lol for this!


  25. What explains India’s newfound love for South Indian Pop Culture-


  26. Reunion after 28 yrs

    Subhash K Jha

    Posted On Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 10:18:47 PM

    They shared screen space 28 years ago in T Rama Rao’s Andha Kanoon. And now we hear that Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth are gearing up to work together again, thanks to filmmaker Puri Jagannath.

    Mumbai Mirror has learnt that the director recently met Rajini in Chennai with a story idea. According to a friend of Jagannath, the superstar, who has been busy with his daughter Soundarya’s film, has agreed to come on-board the project.

    The source told us, “Rajinikanth was excited by the idea of coming together with Big B again. He feels Puri, is the right person to pull off this casting coup.”

    Puri, who has already worked with Big B in Buddah Hoga Tera Baap, confirmed the story and said, “Yes, I met Rajini Sir in Chennai. I’ve wanted to work with him for the longest time. So far I hadn’t dared to approach him because I could not think of a role that would do him justice. It’s been my life-long dream to direct Amitji and Rajini Sir.”

    On handling such a star cast, he added, “It’s a challenge that I would like to take on. Let’s see how it goes.”


  27. Salman’s ‘jaw pain’ returns

    The actor, who underwent a surgery for trigeminal neuralgia, has been complaining of a knot in his jaw lately

    Vickey Lalwani

    Posted On Friday, March 02, 2012 at 02:03:21 AM

    August 2011, while many of his fans prayed for his good health, Salman Khan flew out to the United States of America to undergo treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nervous disorder the actor had been detected with.

    After a five-hour-long surgery that involved removing blockages inside his mouth using coils and a few weeks of recuperation, the actor had come back home to start work on his YRF project. And while shooting for the Kabir Khan film in Cuba last month, Salman started experiencing pain again. According to a source from the film unit, “Salman is feeling a knot in his jaw.”

    Last year, when Salman had to eventually go for treatment overseas, he had been experiencing acute pain in his jaw. In fact, he wasn’t being able to eat properly. A return of the pain, though in a much lesser intensity is therefore a point of worry for the actor.

    While one may suspect that the strenuous stunts involved in the film might have triggered Salman’s condition again, the source from the unit said that Salman never showed any sign of discomfort while he was shooting.

    Describing Salman’s attitude towards the condition, a close friend of the actor told Mumbai Mirror, “Salman is on medication for the same. But he doesn’t worry about it much. People suffer from all kinds of conditions – blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol. This too a physical condition. This doesn’t mean that it will deter Salman from living his life to the fullest.

    Salman started experiencing this health problem about seven years back. The nagging pain however, vanished completely in a couple of years only to reappear in June last year.

    Despite repeated attempts of getting in touch, Salman remained unavailable.

    • Trigeminal Neuralgia is curable. It can resurface if the surgery was not done properly – Prof Aadil S Chagla

    Doctors Speak

    Prof Aadil S Chagla

    Trigeminal Neuralgia is curable. It can resurface after a surgery but that depends on how the surgery was done. If it is done well, 90-96 per cent cases do not experience a recurrence.

    I operated on the Principal of St Mary School, for Trigeminal Neuralgia. He is now a priest in Infant Jesus shrine in Nashik. He has been perfectly fine after the operation.

    Dr. Janak Nathan

    I would say Trigeminal Neuralgia is controllable. It can be controlled with surgery and/or medication. There are no dos and don’ts. But yes, it can resurface after two years or maybe even after two months. The triggering factor could be something cold – food or even a breeze. It’s all very individualistic.

    Dr. Paresh Doshi

    If one undergoes a brain operation to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia, the chances of recurrence are 10 per cent. But the latest and safer procedure is to treat it with Radio Frequency Coagulation, where the chances of recurrence are 15 per cent. If the brain operation does not yield fruitful results, one has to undergo Radio Frequency Coagulation.


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