Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate (older post updated)

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  1. Alex adams Says:

    The ‘compulsion’ of box office

    Read somewhere about aamir saying-” I never want anyone to lose money I. My film”
    Those words ring true in my mind
    Fu..in heck even making a damn reasonable home video-ish amateurish ‘abtract film’ takes effort
    And demands its pound of flesh ( not only related to ‘audition’ practices )
    As I’ve recently realised
    In my amateur hobbyish pursuits in Greece
    U do want the people (&girls) that worked for u to come out happy
    And rewarded
    U dont want to preside a ‘losing’ proposition-even if t means payig. From ones own pocket
    My views have changed recently
    From a bollywod perspective
    Respect for the likes of raju hirani, yashraj, kjo and imtiaz Ali has gone UP
    Its damn easy to be a self obsessed ‘maverick’ (read selfish sob!) to show off ones ‘capabilities’
    But it takes a relatively selfless person to think beyond his / her ego
    Be it. Greece or Mumbai or Hollywood
    ‘money on plate’ for your team SHOULD be a primary consideration (even of oneself doesn’t need any financial impetus)

    To this effect the likes of aamir khan are a shining example of ‘conscientiousness’
    God bless him
    (and the bunch of local buddies and pyts who’ve worked in my self indulgent ‘abstract film’ for free)

  2. What up with showing him eating fake food..I mean the thali didn’t even have (lot of) real food…he wanted a RDB type moment where he is speaking with mouthful of food and yikes to licking his fingers in the end, I know that that was for “bai” log–but so patronising and all ;-)

  3. “And demands its pound of flesh ( not only related to ‘audition’ practices )”
    Tu toh kabhi sudhrega nahi…giving you punishment of 10 hail marys (or whatever that equals in your religion)…lolz

  4. Alex adams Says:

    Hahaha Di
    Btw it’s fun to ‘act’ lik some auteur film maker
    The ‘perks’ can be unexpected
    Ps-what latest films/toyboys hav u seen Di :-)

  5. Alex adams Says:

    @ oldgold
    Met someone
    The Swiss health system apparently DOES work well
    U seem to be rite ;-)

    @amy -Do Yu like amber nectar (ie fosters)

  6. Alex adams Says:

    And satyam
    Is your ‘mysterious illness’ better now
    Hope u don’t need a ‘merkin’ now
    Bye satyam lately has becum quite low productivity
    What’s he busy with?

  7. alex, nice to see that u r upto sumthing really creative(making ur own video film, does it have any hot chick…lol). in school,even i with a group of similar morons, made our own ‘terminator’ and even created a cd out of it, sadly no one saw it …lol).

  8. Alex adams Says:

    “does it have any hot chick…”
    Yes-but they understand minimal English and I understand zilch of their language
    But who cares … :–) in ‘silent’ films

  9. Prateek Says:

    It’s been trending on Twitter in India from time to time since it was put up online. :D

    Nice promos, but could have been better. Have read and heard a lot about this show. I hope it’s good.

  10. Alex adams Says:

    A moving experience

    Perhaps one of the best films of its genre in India
    And one of the best performance by naseer in my book -masoom

  11. Alex adams Says:


    kapoors masterpiece
    Perhaps the singular BEST performance by a child artist in Bollywood ever IMO
    Naseer, rdb everyone is ace

    which version of this song better -male or female?

  12. AamirsFan Says:

    what does ‘Satyamev Jayate’ mean? thanks in advance.

  13. oldgold Says:

    The videos show an Amir so full of himself and a lot of BLUSTER!!

    Humming ‘dil deke dekho’ and that hard expression don’t go together.
    Anyway, does speaking with a full mouth amount to being down to earth/back to roots/oh so simple and natural/or what?

  14. Alex adams Says:

    Hahaha c’mon Oldgold give poor aamir a break :-)

  15. Alex adams Says:

    Even I enjoy pulling Aamirs leg once in a whole (& he gives lots of reasons) like his needing a month to prepare for a stage performance!!!

    Recently I met a European girl who was gushing about SRK (like Oldgold)
    When I asked her about aamir khan, she said “who?”
    And this is not new
    I was asked to show a sample of aamir khan

    I sent this one
    Now aamir baiters-plz find a fault in this scene -plz
    Ok Oldgold -plz show me a comparable scene from srks entire filmography ( I know a few though)

    Aamir khan in DCH

    • oldgold Says:

      • Alex adams Says:

        Good scene there Oldgold
        But probably got more to do with the direction and music
        What say folks

        Whose scene is better–Aamirs or Oldgolds
        Let’s have a poll :-)
        Raise your …s

        • Prateek Says:

          It’s now beyond frustrating seeing how insecure and obsessive fans drag their own favorite’s name in discussion of any other star. And it’s not just about Aamir and SRK here! Wouldn’t it be better if people discussed the topic and subject in question, than starting fan wars and spamming with videos and links of either stars?

          BTW, Mr. Alex, the European girl you knew might not have known Aamir, but many are there who do know him. BTW, the Aamir Khan China fans forum is quite excited about this show & asking other fans to provide translations in English. His promos are already among top most liked and most commented Indian videos on Youtube today for your kind information.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Lol @ aamir china fan forum asking for translations
            This sounds like the reports of German police on standby to prevent German gals committing suicide for SRK !!!

            C’mon folks -rise above fandom

            And prateek–how’s Amy Jackson
            U didnt answer
            Heard u r (more than) dating her
            C’mon don’t be shy- tell us
            Aamir won’t mind u discussing this on his thread-don’t worry :-)

          • oldgold Says:

            Prateek, I’m very secure, thank you.
            Alex asked for a scene and I supplied it.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Yes prateek: Oldgold ‘supplies’ whateva I ask for :-)

            Prateek babbar becums quiet, infact starts blushing whenever I ask about Amy jackson

            C’mon prateek : as your idol says in DCH
            ” be a man!”

          • Alex adams Says:

            Prateik : what’s this?
            U didnt even tell us
            Cmon man


            Ok: no more leg pulling sorry ;-)

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Compared to Aamirs scene above, this scene is a JOKE. SrK has AR rahman bg score and a sympathy driven scene of child labor, Even a non-actor like Rahul roy will bring tears to your eyes in such scenes, nothing to do with acting whatsoever. With Aamir, you dont even have sympathy angle working for him, he was a flirt and he got himself in that place, you not suppose to really feel sorry for the character, Yet with that particular scene, Audience finally comes around to him and takes him seriously. Nicely put by Farhan here, Even Aakash’s father takes him seriously now and calls him back home, (That’s what farhan was trying to show here). If you ask me, I wwould take a scene from Kabhi Ha Kabhi naa where SRK’s father finds out he has failed.Again, you dont feel sympathy for him cause he lies through out, you should not be feeling sorry for him, yet srk makes you feel that way. Brilliantly portrayed by srk there, I would never say this, but SRK in KHKN was his best ever. My personal favorite. And if I may dare say this, even Aamir in that time would not be able to do justice to that character what srk did with it.

      • I’m so glad SRK did this movie.

        Fantastic performance by him….loved it.

        Gr8 movie too…loved the msg

      • salimjakhra Says:

        Swades remains my favourite SRK performance, and it annoys me that he seems to make fun of the movie at award shows. The way RK was talking about Jagte Raho and MNJ was with such affection even though they failed, but SRK doesn’t seem to ever refer to Swades in that kind of way. Just because it wasn’t a hit?

  16. Alex adams Says:

    DCH-one of my loved films

    This begins with –
    “a story about the coming of age of ….”
    What the… :-)

  17. Alex adams Says:

    Finally, before I get caught out for ‘spamming’

    Vintage SRK
    Oldgold : one doesn’t need a serious brooding scene to prove class

    Check out SRK here
    In the ‘legendary’ scene from kal no na no
    A personal favourite -note how he ‘names’ the guy

    Dedicated to Amys and Oldgolds ‘ramdayals’

    love SRK here ROTFLOL

    Oops prateek babbar is watching :-)

  18. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    This looks great…will be interesting…

  19. The cynics are out with bared knives already–on usual place for such faltu talk–twitter that time-wasting useless site.

    • Alex adams Says:

      On d move but a b good point there kash about the scenes in comparison here
      Srk isn’t bad in oldgolds scene but he has everything from the emotional angle, arr music , direction going for him

      Aamirs scene above remains a class act
      Folks -note the quiver / tremble in the voice midway
      Got reminded of Tom hanks and Daniel day Lewis here Ian strange sort of way

      nf knwong aamir, he must have ‘prepared’ for this scene for ages
      To get and remain in the moment

      Reminds of day lewis who didn’t come out of a wheelchair remaining closeted for days for a scene…

      Well done aamir khan

      Ps -it’s easy to trivialise ‘light ‘ scenes but the Srk scene below ‘ramdayal’ is a personal favorite
      Only Srk could add that bit extra here
      Btw note the dig @ the ‘cool DCH hairstyle’
      As if kjo-Srk have the patented birth right to be ‘cool’ :-)

      • Aamir is brilliant in DCH….and in most of his movies.

        I think his weakest choice of roles/movies from 2000 – present have been Mangal Pandey…..it was an extension of Lagaan in a way…but a poor film.

        Also I felt he should have been slimmer for his role in RDB which was a fantastic movie though.

        A lot of ppl criticise Fanaa but I thought this was a brilliant movie….and I liked him better here than in RDB……the poetic guide and then the ruthless killer in the 2nd. I think he made a brilliant pairing opp. Kajol.

        • @ KM–thanks so much for saying it– ‘lot of ppl criticise Fanaa but I thought this was a brilliant movie….and I liked him better here than in RDB……the poetic guide and then the ruthless killer in the 2nd. I think he made a brilliant pairing opp. Kajol.’

          Quite a few people i know actually like Fanaa a lot despite its cons. Aamir was really effective and good in Fanaa–and paired with Kajol very well indeed. Fanaa and Veer-Zaara are two YashRaj films I like despite the fact that these films have a certain filmi quality.

          But I liked Aamir in RDB too, though RDB was terrific as an ensemble film. Mangal Pandey is another film that I like for my own reasons, despite its faults–a loose script, misplaced songs–though I loved the music

      • Also KHNH is a fave of mine and yes SRK rocked in tandem with Saif…..these 2 were a brilliant pairing.

        • Agree with KM again! Love KHNH; Good cast. Only unbelievable thing was the heart patient SRK being so active through the film, especially towards the end!

  20. hey, has anyone seen this little known film ‘gopichand jaasoos’ starring raj kapoor and zeenat aman?

  21. same here.(remember finding it pretty enjoyable back then).well it was coming on telly today. had to go sumwhere so couldn’t see it. will try to get my hands on this one before my college starts again. satyam, by the way have u seen kunal khemu’s ‘superstar’?

    • no.. I watch very few contemporary releases..

      • satyam, i may suggest u to give this film a try for the simple reason that it has sumthing which was an integral part of quite a few of the ‘masala’ films of yore- a well etched out and ably enacted ‘double role'(by khemu) which has almost disappeared these days. otherwise the plot is also fresh and the narrative works more often than not. not a great a film by any means but pretty enjoyable and has sum serious masala shades in the screenplay which works for most parts. u wouldn’t regret watching this one.

  22. and satyam, once u get to see agent vinod, do comment abt it on my note. it’s still waiting for ur views

    • Absolutely! Left this comment in response to something you said in another thread:

      “Saw parts of it at a friend’s place. The transfer wasn’t good but from what I could gather it seemed like a somewhat flat film. Not bad, just flat. Again haven’t seen the whole thing but from what little I did it seemed dramatically inferior to both EHT and Johnny Gadaar. A work in progress almost rather than a completed product.”

  23. satyam, u have hit the bulls eye with ur last line.but if u still plan to see the film in completion, do write sumthing on it. ur comments/notes r always interesting to read.

  24. Alex adams Says:

    Talking of Srks khnh -the film did have certain comedic moments like ‘ramdayal’
    But had no ‘sympathy ‘ for srks character
    Hear that he ‘made people cry’
    God sake -WHO are these people who ‘cried’!!
    Heck even oldgold wont have cried
    If there were any here who cried for Srk-plz let it be known lol

    Surprisingly the recent ra1 has been ‘stripped’ as ‘beaten up’ by everyone
    Think the first half Srk as the cliched tamilian was quite fun
    He seemed to be on home turf here and felt a bit uneasy when he ‘died’
    ( also bcos the second half version was horrible )

    • lol it may be surprising but when i went to watch it with my college gang of 6, except me and another friend, everyone was crynig in the climax.. – girls especially

      • Alex adams Says:

        Don’t tell me u were crying tony Montana
        Don’t worry -won’t pass judgements-tell the truth
        Only the truth
        (I’m surprised)
        And what about the Srk ‘gold standard’ fan aka oldgold

        Ps -heard satyam stoppe eating for a day or two after srks ‘death’
        So ‘sad’ was he :-)

        • only death scene of srk which was well enacted was in ‘baazigar'(my fav srk role along with kabhi haa kabhi naa and cdi). i believe baazigar to be abbas-mustan’s best effort alongwith race.

        • lol.. well i was a big SRK fan during those days..
          i loved the film but didnt like the climax (didnt cry – thought srk was tryin a tad too hard). thought it was overdrawn n too emotionally manipulative like most dharma productions.

          P.S. Satyam wont be too happy to hear dat !

          • Oh I cried too through the film..

          • Ohh No.. satyam.. plz say its not true

          • Alex adams Says:

            I’m a bit surprised seeing everyone so ‘moved’ emotionally by SRK in KHNH
            Though I really liked the ‘comedic’ elements
            Eg the ‘ramdayal’ scene

            Ok folks
            And this is for everyone

            Which are the scenes /films u cried literally -I mean ‘tears rolling down cheeks’

            Some girls I know– the question should be -“which film u did NOT Cry in”

          • Alex adams Says:

            “Oh I cried too through the film..”
            Satyam -that’s shocking :-)

    • Alex adams Says:

      The mother of recent ‘coming of age’ Bollywood flicks

      A crucial scene
      Wonder what happened to farhan akhtar the director after this

      Will his first film remain his best ever?

      • “what happened to farhan after this?alex,this is one of the common maladies which indians suffer from- in india ‘people want to become famous before they becum successful’.we have seen this happen so many times with our cricketers(sreesanth).farhan after directing 2 credible films realised that in india a director can really become famous,so he jumps on to the acting and production bandwagons and thus his direction took a beating. the worst case is don2-it was clear that not much effort went into the film

      • DCH was a very fine film. dont think i’d ever tire of watching it.

        The director came back with Laksya (a fine but bland film) n later he really lost it with Don n Don 2.. Though I still think he’s very talented and had been actively involved in producing good cinema with Rock On and Luck By Chance

        • Agree that Farhan’s best film was DCH and then Lakshya

          Don and Don2 were just not good enough….he’s better with human stories

      • Agree here – DCH was the father to ZNMD

        A classic/cult movie.

        Must say though that Aamir has a filmography every actor would kill for

        • The Graduate Says:

          “Must say though that Aamir has a filmography every actor would kill for”

          With stuffs like Baazigar,Darr,KHKN,DDLJ,KHHH,Yes Boss early in his career, with stuffs like Swades,K3G,VZ,Paheli,KANK in middle, and MNIK,RNBDJ,CDI,OSO..he need not die for an ordinary filmograpohy of Aamir that got elevtaed a bit due to his post 2000 efforts!

          Check the variety SRK had…his effort to portray roles with various flavour..is unmatched in present crop!

  25. Revisited Ittefaq last night.. A good hindi suspense thriller that won Yash Chopra his second filmfare award after Waqt. for those who havent watched here is the youtube ink:


    One of the first Hindi films without any song or dance numbers..

  26. tony, i saw this film way back as a kid and i remember being hooked to the screen.now that u told me i would luv to see this. by the way the first indian film i remember which was devoid of songs(though there is a staged dance programme in the film) was the black and white legal thriller B.R.Chopra’s ‘Kanoon'(ashok kumar,rajendra kumar,sadhana,jeevan). considered to be one of india’s best suspense thrillers, a film not be missed on any account.

    • yeah.. Kanoon – had heard about it though not sure whether ive seen it or no. will give it a try sometime

      Btw saurabh n others, can you guys recommend some good psychological thrillers – im talking concepts like Kaun.. I’m a fan of such genres..

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Not sure if I would consider 3 Deewarien as Psychological Thriller, But it falls in the similar genre. Good Film, (though it was inspired from a french or hollywood film). Another One I would recommend is Karthik Calling Karthik. Really well made underrated movie. Check em out.

  27. “Which are the scenes /films u cried literally -I mean ‘tears rolling down cheeks’ ”

    I remember crying buckets during Anand’s climax

    During confession scene of SRK to his father in KHKN and the aftermath

    In Akele hum akele tum, after aamir loses custody of his son, his son is being taken away to his mom’s house.. when his neighbour comes back into the house to get his son’s bat, she finds him breaking down.

    Ajay Devgan’s drunk scene in HDDCS

    • many more.. though these are what i recall from the top of my head.

      and yes, amitabh’s dying scene in deewar, aholay and MKS

    • Ajay’s scene in HDDCS was a game changer for him I feel. The audience really felt for him. He was brilliant in Zakhm as well. He’s a brilliant actor but due to his inconsistency at the BO earlier on his career he could not reach the same height as the Khans have…I would put Akshay & Saif in the same boat too from the 90’s generation. Great – good actors but are not held in the same regard as the Khans for many reasons.

      Akele Hum Akele Tum was a v.emotional film……..a tear jerker….well made movie and Aamir is brilliant from when Manisha leaves him

  28. Alex adams Says:

    Tony montana-a good heartfelt list
    Moreover the genuine forthrightness with which uve come up with this list is impressive-and not joking here
    Keep it up m8

    • alex,fav tearjerkers(not that i cried watching all of them but yes they gave me a lump in my throat)- 1)bachchan’s death scene in shakti,deewar,sholey,mks. 2)climax of sadma and ek duje ke liye.3) a lot of scenes from bhatt’s saaransh and kaash 4)khanna’s death scene in anand.5)sanju’s death in naam 6)sanju’s death scene from vaastav 7)climax of rdb 8)mohanlal’ death scene in thalvattam 9)salman’s scenes from tere naam

      • Climax of Sadma was bekar. Speaking of thrillers, have you seen a movie called Khamosh with Shabana, a VidhuVChopra (VVC) movie?

        • Dimple didi,khamosh dekhi hai maine. puri film me the film actors play themselves. vvc ki shayad pehli ya doosri film lekin bahot pehle dekhi thi.i remember naseer, soni razdan etc. bahot badhiya film thi. yes would want to see this again. film pe aapki ‘vishesh tippadi’ kya hai?

      • I thought Salman was poor in the dramatic/emotional scenes in Tere Naam….maybe that’s just me.

  29. in english- 1)psycho(all 3 parts)- the best in the genre 2)shutter island- i luved this one,scorsese and decaprio 3)the game-fincher at his best 4)talented mr. ripley 5)martha marcy- ami suggested me this one,was brilliant 6)manchurian candidate 7)seven- fincher again. 8)spider-cronenberg at helm,this one will shake u up 9)fight club 10)memento-luved this one 11)vertigo 12)strangers on a train 13)case 39 14)silence of the lambs 15)identity

    • thanx saurabh.. have seen many of them.. ill watch the others soon..

      • tony, do not worry i have 15-20 more left in the hwood list(which r equally good). in hindi, there r hardly any in this genre. the ones i know-1)dushman-the best 2)karthik calling karthik, 3)samay- do check this out-it’s pretty good,has sushmita and jackie 4) 3 deewarein- a brilliant film though not a psycho thriller. 5)strangers- remake of strangers on a train. 6)abhay-good one,has kamal haasan in a double role and raveena.7)dastak 8)red rose 9) bolo raam- remake of a very successful south film

        • dude, ive watched all of these.. i found bolo ram a little weird though.. what’re ur thoughts on it? apparently it was a critical / commercial washout

          • dude u have got quite an appetite for films.bolo raam was a remake of a big tamil hit ‘raam'(starring jeeva of ‘ko’ fame). regarding the film i will be truthful- i just couldn’t understand the film. it was full of wtf moments for me. did not even grasp the exact motive behind his mother’s murder.by the way a great ‘gothic thriller’ of bwood is bimal roy’s ‘madhumati'(dilip kumar, vyaijantimala, pran,johnny walker)- the film had its moments but found it too long and had too many songs. u

          • u asked me specifically for ‘psycho thrillers’ which r hardly made in india. if u would have asked for suspense-thrillers could have given u bigger and better list.

          • saurabh,

            I know that psycho thrillers are generally not made in india coz its a very risky subject and filmmakers probably wouldnt want to take such a gamble against indian audiences.

            I was asking about psycho thrillers in general.

            btw, by dushman.. did you mean the Kajol starrer.. I thought it was okay but only for ashutosh rana..

            samay was interesting though the climax was a direct lift from Seven.

            deewarein was brilliant

            abhay was, to be honest, a painful experience

            btw havent watched strangers, though i knew it was the hi6tchcok remake

  30. bliss-thanks a lot for posting this.what a superb first look! rgv is back. and dutt looks ‘royal’ here. would luv to see his exchanges with bachchan(who sadly only has a cameo here).i have a strong feeling this is going to strike gold at box office.

  31. Alex adams Says:

    ‘he’s not that into you’ -argh may be forced to watch it now…
    Anyone seen it? Worth sitting thru?

  32. bad film alex but it’s quite a hit in my college. my roommate luves watching it. i can’t stand it

  33. Alex adams Says:

    ‘payback’ time m8 for stuff like agneepath! Havin to sit thru this chick flick with certain aggressive n overbearing persons. Oops hav 2 behave engrossed-not much of it left yaiy

    • Alex adams Says:

      Actually watching a chick flick with chirpy hyper females is not bad fun :-)
      Not an atrocious film really but nothin great either
      Jennifer Anniston can act as we know
      Lol @ Gigi -Alex track
      There’s an ‘Alex’ here as well…
      And scarlet Johansson as a ‘yoga teacher’ saying ‘namaste’ was as funny as

      Enjoy: minor

      Sent from my iPad

  34. ok, finally i am all set to watch ‘birds'(had seen parts of it earlier). let’s see what hitchcock has to show here. other films to be seen after this- zack and miri make a porno and mithun’s teesra aadmi

    • Birds is a very good film.. Im sure you’ll like it..

      I want to say some things about it though it might ruin it for you.. but yes, one of my fav hitchcock starrers

  35. btw talking of hitchcock, can someone explain to me what the big deal about Rear Window was? Agree that it might’ve worked on a certain level in creating suspense but somehow couldnt see the point of it all, especially after its climax.. Not that i would argue with soeone who’s a die-hard RW fan..

  36. tony- what do u mean here by ‘after the climax’? r u talking about subsequent scenes after the culprit is caught?

    • well. not really. what i meant wasthat hitchcock created a mood and then made everything just so predictable. it probably was brilliant in the sense it created an atmosphere of suspense, but I had high expectations coz Psycho was the first Hitchcock film I had watched.. so was expecting something on the same lines.

  37. yes i luv psycho but i also like rear window a lot. firstly james stewart is one of my favs. secondly the way this film dealt with ‘voyeurism’ was unique-also see how stewart is shown as a passive guy- he is actively interested in what’s happening feet away from him but is cold towards his girlfriend. also because our hero is a peeping-tom he is not a typical innocent guy so when the murderer comes to attack him in the house we know that our hero is also guilty as he was poking his nose in other’s business

  38. and because we,just like him, have been following the murderer, we also share a part of our hero’s guilt. and u r dead right that after building up the tension nothing big happens in the climax- here hitchcock avoids the ‘payoff’- the orgasm never happens, it’s entirely ‘foreplay’ happening thruout. but this is what i liked because payoffs in movies have becum boring

    • hmmm.. some interesting thoughts there.
      might just revisit it inorder to be in a better position to make a judgement.

      expectations ruin experiences on most occasions :)

  39. luved ur last line,on ‘expectations’ in life remembered sum lines from title song of kaminey(meri aarzoo kaminey-sung by vishal himself) which i adore-‘kabhi zindagi ne maanga, pinjre me chaand laa do. kabhi laaltein deke, kahaa aasmaa pe taango.” also sum lines on the fact that ‘life’s ambitions never end’- “chhoone hai taare isey, chahiye saare isey”(luck by chance)

  40. Alex adams Says:

    Scarlett –ok minor, tony, Satyam –take her
    ( but handle with care)


    Sent from my iPad

  41. Alex adams Says:

    This ‘flirtsana’ wasn’t bad-now for some practical..
    Gud nite folks

    • Alex adams Says:

      This ‘flirtasana’ by Scarlett also reminds me about another Scarlett j film
      Woody allens ‘ Vicky Christina Barcelona’
      Loved it and may pen a few words on it later today
      Minor or Anyone else who has seen it-how do U rate te film and the three actresses
      And do u feel Penelope deserved an Oscar in it?
      Oops bak to work….

  42. Alex adams Says:

    I’m a bit surprised: not many hav seen Vicky Christina …
    A good film-go check it out folks when possible

  43. alex adams Says:

    something for aamir khan fans-
    esp for prateik babbar (and amy jackson)
    Like this song–a blast form the past
    Note how he was quite good even @ that stage–MUCH better than his ‘puppy’ nephew
    NIce to see a song on “brothers ‘ for a change
    heck-tired of love songs all the timehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDqknhkbB6c

  44. alex adams Says:

    the above link embedded here

  45. CNBC-TV18 coverage of Aamir-STAR TV’s biggest initiative Satyamev Jayate – http://www.moneycontrol.com/video/special-videos/storyboard-catch-star-india-push-aamir-khans-tv-debut-_689790.html?utm_source=Article_Vid

    [They say the show will be shown across all channels of STAR, in 8 different languages, show goes on air on May 6, 2012, scheduled to air Sunday mornings.
    STAR officials say the show is universal and has really inspirational content.]

    Mint review of Satyamev Jayate promos – http://www.livemint.com/2012/04/06204421/Spot-Light–Aamir-to-the-core.html

  46. Prateek Says:

    Telegraph report on Satyamev Jayate – http://www.telegraphindia.com/1120405/jsp/entertainment/story_15334916.jsp#.T4HaczgXX9Y

    Directed by Corcoise Films’s Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy — the man behind the musical travelogue The Dewarists — the Satyameva Jayate teasers will total a dozen and play out on STAR Plus over a month.

    Every teaser will provide a glimpse of the tone and essence of the content. Closer to the telecast date, there will be another set of promos in which Aamir will give out a lot more information regarding the show.

    Dealing with “real people and real-life situations”, Satyameva Jayate, which the actor has repeatedly labelled as his “most ambitious project” has made Aamir traverse the length and breadth of the country — Srinagar to Sikkim. Set to be simulcast in eight languages, Satyameva Jayate is estimated to reach out to a cumulative audience of 400 million — a first for Indian television.

  47. Prateek Says:

    I did not like the latest promo. Not at all. :(

    • AamirsFan Says:

      lol i thought it was hilarious. maybe tha’ts how many of his films end up….

      the director: ummm aamir mujhe lagtha ki yeh scene nahi karna chahiye


      but yes i know..the initial promo’s just aren’t gelling well…at least not with me.

  48. oldgold Says:

    LOL! Perfectionist or neurotic?

    • AamirsFan Says:

      well in order to be a perfectionist of some sort..you have to be a little neurotic…little obsessive..a little off….that can be termed as genius in some people’s opinions….

      • oldgold Says:

        Here’s my take. I think he wants to be seen as *robedar* (रोबदार) but his height goes against it, so he wants to ‘create it by this angry jhidakna (झिड़कना) look which started in Gajhani, is seen in Talaash trailers and now one sees in these.

        • PS: AS for being neurotic because he’s perfectionist – I don’t think he’s a perfectionist to start with. It’s just another nonsensical title for a film star like so many others.

          • You always have this two-pronged move when it comes to Aamir and which is self-contradictory:

            1)He has all these faults.

            2)But actually he’s a fake when he pretends to have these faults.

            So he doesn’t do ‘different’ films, he only pretends to do them. He’s not a perfectionist, he’s simply pretending to be one. He’s somehow this Svengali figure who seems to have fooled everyone!

            The reverse of this is the SRK claim:

            1)He’s doing what Aamir is doing in terms of films but he’s not a fake like him.

            2)Even if he’s doing bad stuff or is bad he’s at least authentic.

            Note the further sleight of hand here. Aamir is actually a useful prop to make the case ‘for’ SRK (hey how is RDB or TZP better than CDI or Swades or whatever?), he is the ‘standard’. But when the shoe is on the other foot suddenly not even his ‘good’ film can be taken seriously. It’s a classic move here — even if you think his film is good don’t be fooled by it into believing so! Aamir is not making ‘bad’ films. He’s precisely making ‘good’ films to fool you!

          • oldgold Says:

            No, satyam;
            “He has all these faults”
            – which his fans are blind to, and give it high flown names as ‘perfectionist’ etc etc

            “He is a fake*
            – which is ALSO included/is a part of/is ONE of, the ‘faults’ mentioned above, and are not separable.
            I’m sorry, your attempts at playing with words to draw a picture with an entirely different colour isn’t working ;-)

            >He’s somehow this Svengali figure who seems to have fooled everyone

            NOT everyone!!! Only the fans.

            I’ve always maintained that I’ve liked his films (No, no, not that cringeworthy Gajhani) – I just dont see them with as much devotion as fans here – or elsewhere. Normal thing for them, I think.
            I don’t like him as what he comes across as a person.
            Now don’t hold that against me. I beg of you :-D

            As for SRK?
            Hmmmm. He’s nice…. as a person (in spite of his vulgarity)

          • Prateek Says:


            Do you even know how much he does for his films & every project? That you’re saying he is no perfectionist? :D

            Check out interviews of directors like Mansoor Khan, Mahesh Bhatt, Ashutosh Gowariker, Raju Hirani to see what they speak about how much he does for the film and its team! His involvement, discipline, dedication and commitment are acknowledged by everyone he’s worked with.

            Anyway, why to argue with you? Every SRK fan (who only dislikes Aamir and never bothers to actually look up info about him and is happy in his/her hate-coloured ignorance) thinks he is no perfectionist! ;)

            It doesn’t matter. The people who matter and who’ve worked with him, know how and why he is called perfectionist.

          • Prateek Says:


            His fans are blind and worship him? LOL! :D Look fan of which star is talking! ;)

            Of course Aamir is not a nice person. He comes across as a bad guy, though he’s never slapped colleagues or waiters at parties, never run over poor people on roads, never gone to jail, never cracked crass jokes in reply to female reporters at press conferences, never had friends who were accused in India’s biggest scams and scandals (like Lalit Modi, Karim Morani etc.) – still he is not a nice person.

            Others are nice despite everything! :D

          • The Graduate Says:

            1.Aamir Khan is smart and intelligent!

            1. Aamir does not get Memento[or shows he did not get it] and then takes a cheap sort of pride in making a rip off of another southern remake called Ghajini! How smart!!

            2. Aamir Khan is the “messiah” of people,so called social star!

            2. Last heard his unit has not coughed up the electricity bill of the village where PL was shot leading to a power cut there for months!

            3. Aamir Khan shunned FF awards silently making it apparent that they are biased.

            3. Aamir Khan is a hypocrite of first order as he himself said in 93 FF awards– “One cannot win every year”…and then expecting to win every year. :D

            Actually Aamir is a mediocre actor,not that SRK or Salman are great….and his very recent success cannot cement him a place in the list of “iconic” actors of BW.Guess that is why he still does not find a place on the cover of a book on Indian Superstars. The ones who find a place are Dilip,Amitabh and SRK. SRK in many ways is ahead of Aamir. Just that here many do not elucidate it.

            SJ cannot be criticised in any manner–how do you criticise a show on real people with tears flowing…pretty sure Aamir’s laboured expressions and montonous textures will paint the TV sets. In any case do not sere it becoming a trend of any sorts!!

        • @ oldgold–have your fun. Finally, i am hopefull that sincere efforts will be rewarded–and sceptics made to shut up. It takes guts to do whatever he has been doing all these years–starting with risks like lagaan–and this huge risk with tv.

          It took guts even to make Ra-1. i appreciated the film, despite its failings. Appreciate guts of SRK.

          Aamir’s height is always the tool used against him, the cheap tool.

          • if you use a different email that you haven’t used here before it automatically puts it into moderation.

          • Prateek Says:


            The lame height reference is the only thing these haters can come up with against Aamir! Ha! As if SRK himself is some giant, eh? :D

            Funny how ARR, Sachin Tendulkar, Tom Cruise’s heights don’t matter, but only Aamir has to be singled out – that too, despite him surviving and doing well for himself in this industry for 23 years now!

            I don’t think they have fun LS. These people start requesting ”don’t try to bait me” the moment someone counters them! ;) This is just ”timepass” and some way to let out frustration.

          • The Graduate Says:

            If Lagaan was a risk..Swades for an established romantic hero was a much bigger risk. And going by the “social” influences,swades has a much higher impact. If any one requires any scan related to it,Yours truly will be more than happy to provide it!

    • One neurotic on another neurotic? Made for each other.
      Otherwise the observation is bang on.

  49. Sanjana Says:

    Filmstars are generally neurotic if they have some talent. Because neurotic people think and think too much.
    Highly successful stars turnout to be megalomaniac. Not taking to criticism kindly.
    Therefore they are either neurotic or megalomaniacs. Some become bitter and cynical like our N.Shah.
    No one is a saint there.

  50. The moneycontrol video has people talking confidently about the show. I am hoping that the actual show is as good as the promise. the promos so far–umm, not exactly conventional; makes one wonder, hope for the best, a pleasant surprise, hopefully.

    • Sanjana Says:

      It wont be anything like Ghajini or 3 Idiots. It maybe like DG.

      • :D

        Star are going for simultaneous broadcast on there 9 channels, in 7 languages and I don’t think Star will do that for “like DG” :P ..

        Anyways, the show has gone thru routine “audience screen test” and it is believed to be “taboo” issue based ( in indian context) like foetus killing, marital rape and violence, substance use and like that…

        • Sanjana Says:

          Dont make Aamir fans more nervous. They are already in deep sorrow.

          • Lol…

            Sorrow is nothing but Joy Masked :D

            ps: Abt Nervous … Who Cares :)

          • Prateek Says:


            Aamir fans are not nervous. The promos got mixed response till now, but rest of the things we’ve read and heard about the show are promising. So there is NO need to be nervous or in ”deep sorrow”.

            Let the show come then we will see whether Aamir fans are in deep sorrow, or some other groups have to sink in deeper sorrows! ;)

          • oldgold Says:

            THe show itself will not be bad due to it’s subject matter.
            Even if bad, nobody dare say so, because you would be treating a grave subject matter lightly ;-)

            It’s the promos one (I) am commenting on, and his demeanour.

          • Prateek Says:


            ”THe show itself will not be bad due to it’s subject matter.
            Even if bad, nobody dare say so, because you would be treating a grave subject matter lightly

            It’s the promos one (I) am commenting on, and his demeanour.”

            – Why nobody will dare to say so? :D Aap hain na! There are several of you & your ilk. Who can stop you guys? ;)

            His demeanour is something you don’t like in general. What’s new about it? Anyone who checks out this blog even a little bit, knows about your expert commentary on his demeanour.

            As for the promos, even fans have said they aren’t great.

  51. alex adams Says:

    hahah good play of words by oldgold alias sanjana and bliss lol

    by the way –this 9 languages, x number of countries bit

    aamir or his fans wont admit–
    but knowing aamir, there seems an attempt to outdo the KBC phenomenon here

    after 3 idiots, breaking records becomes an addiction ansd a motivation..
    now he wants the biggest tv show crown

    Though i dont see anything wrong here..Good way of positive motivation….

    • Prateek Says:


      ”there seems an attempt to outdo the KBC phenomenon here”

      Only an SRK fan will have this warped thinking! :D

      Aamir is not after KBC. If he was in TRP game only, then he would have chosen a more conventional, entertainer type show and he would not have chosen a time like 11 AM, every Sunday as a time slot for the show!

      See the video mister, that time slot is the weakest slot nowadays and channels don’t even do movie premieres at the morning slot, because they fear less viewership!

      He is not desperate for any ”crown” like you know who. Not every star is the same. :D

      He just wants the show to reach as many people as possible! It’s about issues, and real people, experts on the issues addressed are going to be the focus of this show, he’s not making it to showcase himself.

      If he was desperate for crowns or wanted to outdo others, he would not have selected such a risky time slot for the show, and such a theme for the show – which is far from conventional entertainment!

      Aamir or his fans won’t admit, or is it Aamir detractors or fans of his rivals who won’t BUDGE from this notion? :D

  52. alex adams Says:

    lol @ satyam “two pronged moves”

    btw oldgold(sanjana)–how do u type in hindi here
    pray teach us..
    not pulling your leg–seriously–wanna learn :-)

    • oldgold Says:

      Here’s the magic secret.

      Click on this link;


      Write whichever hindi word you want to, using English letters like; ‘kar’, then ‘space’ and…. voilà…. the word appears in devnagari, which you can copy and paste.

      Sometimes the devnagiri word is slightly different. Then you have to click on the word and a list of various choices drop down, you pick the one you want.

      Eg: you could get कार for ‘kar’, but you want कर, so right click on कार, a list of words drop including कर which you choose.

  53. I fail to understand why do people indulge in useless SRK-Aamir debates and keep going in circles, when they very well know they cannot change the mind of the other person? What exactly do you guys try to prove, and to whom?

    even if you get an upper hand in an argument, what difference does it make? unless it brings any positive changes in one’s life, I see no point in encouraging such useless arguments. I am not pointing at anyone in particular, but to indulge in such conversations isnt to prove the worthiness of your favourite star – thats rather a camouflage to satisfy your egoistical need.

    • oldgold Says:

      It happens every time I see something, like the promo here, and express my opinion about it.
      There are half a dozen responses from fans who can’t bear it.

      It’s fun!!! :-D

      • everyone’s entitled an opinion.. and can express it
        I was just wondering who brought SRK in here.
        clearly i wasnt talkin abt you, but someone who appears only on this topic and elsewhere where SRK’s mention is missing.

      • Prateek Says:


        It is not fun dear. It’s just your way of letting out frustration. And it is not opinions you give. You barely talk about the product, you talk about Aamir in general. And then go ahead with ”I always thought he was like this” type blah blah, trying to reinforce your past comments.

        • oldgold Says:

          >trying to reinforce your past comments.

          You know about my past comments?
          But you seem to have just appeared on the scene some months ago. ;-)

          • Prateek Says:


            By past comments, I meant comments made previously, like a week ago or yesterday on some other thread. You use winking smileys so much…it’s more than the number of winks I saw in the Aankh maare song in Tere Mere Sapne! :D

    • Prateek Says:


      I agree. I also wonder why people like Alex and Oldgold deliberately bring SRK in every thread! Alex ji is especially an expert – and goes ahead posting videos and trying to make it debate about acting – even if the thread is about an entirely different topic!

      Nobody is talking to Oldgold to get her to change her mind. But it’s fun to reply to her and then see her leaving the discussion or trying to accuse her responder of ”twisting words” or ”trying to bait her” or ”misunderstanding her”! :D

      She thinks fans can’t bear it. Rather she looks to be the one who can’t bear anything with Aamir’s name associated with it. ;)

      • oldgold Says:

        Show my ONE thread where I brought in SRK when the thread was NOT about him.

        • oldgold Says:

          Well, today I took your bait (for fun) and indulged in this inane discussion. Maybe some other day when I’m in an indulgent mood like today I’ll join.
          Now I’m off.

          • Prateek Says:


            I dislike such inane discussions myself and have no interest to start them, this is why I told the guy Saurabh in that SRK related thread, that I don’t wish to discuss about Aamir or his performances in that particular thread, lest it becomes an SRK vs. Aamir fan war as usual.

            Maybe I should avoid responding to certain other people also, who have nothing else to do except bring comparisons with others all the time. [Especially the guy who tries to take all sides and sail in multiple boats at the same time! :D ]

            Personally, I am fed up of these useless X star vs. Y comments both in media and online by other people.

        • Prateek Says:


          There are too many threads on this blog for me to take out one thread and show it to you as a proof. Maybe then I am wrong, and you talk about SRK only when someone else talks about SRK and then you start responding. Or perhaps you don’t bring SRK in unrelated topics, but rather bring Aamir and bash him or show that he’s worse, when people are making not so positive comments in a topic related to SRK! :D

          • well, in OG’s defense, Ive hardly seen her bringing SRK’s name in an unrelated topic and also holding an unprejudiced opinion about him. as far as I know, she isnt a great admirer of Ra 1 / Don 2 either.

  54. Ok guys we’ve all made our points.. no point in extending this Aamir-SRK thing.. not fair on Oldgold anyway since almost everyone’s on the other side!

  55. alex adams Says:

    just saw this
    the way poor oldgold is being ‘cornered’ is a bit strange
    cmon guys —
    suggest we dont bind our “flight of ideas” by “threads”
    As for comparisons between srk or aamir or for that matter anybody/thing else, stopping em is like “censorship”.
    Let em come –better to learn to tackle “feedback” esp negative lol

  56. alex adams Says:

    rotflol @ me being an “srk fan” or an “aamir baiter”
    Im actually nobodys diehard “fan” (including of my own)
    Dont believe in default / standard positions
    The ability to enjoy something/one whilst maintaining enuf ‘detachment” to enable one to appreciate (and savour) the “grey: even perverse” elements in that personality is what i yearn for ..
    for eg
    Aamirs supposed targeting of kbc is only known to himself
    or his alledged postponing talash due to kahani

    Contrary to what many like aamir fans are so “defensive “about- i find this thoughtful deliberation a positive feature
    Infact a conscientious feature–which is not easy to achieve and akin to going against the tide

    ps–prateek babbar–think u r missing amy jackson–go hav sum fun and share the ‘details” with us :-)

    ps2-just winding up and found “Fanaah” playing
    Some interesting heavy duty poetry from aamir–lets see…

  57. alex adams Says:

    never watched “fanaa” properly before–bits n bobs
    Seems both aamir n kajol in form
    and man–what heavy duty poetry

  58. Alex adams Says:

    The rediscovery of ‘fanaah’- a haphazard viewing
    Have still not seen fanaah in totalilty only bits n bobs
    Had always considered this aamirs lesser efforts wherein he had shamelessly catered to the box office somewhat..
    While my view hasn’t hanged drastically -my impressio of fanaah is better now
    Has its moments–
    The music score is quite good -jatin lalit are quite good in this genre
    There’s some really nice poetry
    The kashmir (!) atmospherics are good
    Certain moments do appear cliched and a bit staged
    But there are also some where one gets involved
    And on a few occasions–I did get aware that am watching perhaps the mos. ‘competent’actor& actress in the mainstream Bollywood set up

    Note the operative word ‘competent’ here
    Since the way kajol and aamir go about their task of immaculate acting was quite different in their approach but with the same result-efficient brilliance

    • Aamir had interesting input on it (fanaa) on his blog…a while back. Always interesting to find out what motivated the actor and what was the most interesting aspect (of the character) for the actor etc. I have heard that he doesn’t blog anymore. I think he may need some face lifts if he wants to stay current as college student in 3-idiots part 2. rotflol

      • Alex adams Says:

        Yes Di
        Btw dot get me wrong
        Fanaah has cheesy cliched melodramatic crap galore
        But like all aamir efforts, in totality, it somehow adds up to a more than decent effort with enuf bright spots

        Two actors who I respect
        Btw kajol looked surprisingly good
        Infact perhaps the only mom who looked better after childbirth than earlier !!
        As for kajols acting, there were a few real humdinger scenes. Of who is the better actor (amongst all the din)
        The fact that the result remains inconclusive is a credit (for Amit khan!!)
        Kajol is simply fantabulou in some key scenes
        Rememwber smirkin when Kajol was awarded the best actress for this one
        Thought it was a consolation for comeback and childbirth etc
        She had far lesser chances to ‘shine’ here than aamir who clearly had to do everything in one film !!
        But felt that atleast in a couple of scenes , the instinctive kajol took aamir to school !!
        But overall a true ‘clash of titans ‘ and I’m saying that well aware to the ‘taste implications ‘etc of praising this sort of film /perormancw that much
        What many forget is that such a film should be judged keepin the sensibilities and discourse in mind
        Suddenly the bar should not become Coppola or fellini!!!

        • Alex adams Says:

          Btw just curious
          What do aamir diehard Prateek banner feel about my profuse praise of aamir now lol
          What’s the reason
          Maybe Amy Jackson can tell u ;-)

          Have seen enuf of them to call them masters @ their game
          Sad that one of them has to stop her career for ‘homely duties’ while the other continues to ‘make hay’ (with Kiran!)- there’s always a sting in the ‘tail’

          • These two made a gr8 couple…different from the SRK/Kajol…..more serious…more adult? Their pairing and acting was amazing….I actually seen this movie over the w/end – loved it

        • Also notice the start contrast in between Aamir’s character in the 1st half and the 2nd…….brilliantly well played

          • The Graduate Says:

            Lovely to see Aamir fans appreciate Aamir for the same role in which they detest SRK. clap clap!

          • I absolutely love Aamir in Fanaa; like the film a lot, despite it’s limitations. There is a romantic air to it, something which has touched a chord with some viewers. Some Aamir fans don’t like Fanaa, but many of us do, for whatever reasons–and that is why the film became a deserved hit. The Aamir-Kajol pairing was exquisite; would love to see them together in another mature love story.

          • @ Th e Graduate ( comment below–no reply tag attached to it)–why bother to bring in SRK into a discussion on an Aamir-Kajol film? What gives you the idea that Aamir fans ‘detest’ SRK in certain roles? Is it necessary to be an SRK fan-aamir hater? Some of us respect SRK as much as we love/like Aamir. kindly give it a rest, this Aamir-bashing.

    • The team could not shoot in Kashmir–due to the dangers involved–and had to finally shoot in Poland, since it is apparently quite like Kashmir.

      • Alex Adams Says:

        Thanx LS
        Thats why the ‘atmospherics’ looked much ‘closer home’than Kashmir lol

        Anyhow-a difficult question now
        For a change-no khan wars

        Who is the better actress -rani or kajol?

        • “Who is the better actress -rani or kajol?”
          Vidhya balan

        • Can’t take sides really. Both good in their own way. Maybe Rani has the edge.

          • I think both Rani & Kajol are brilliant.

            Rani is the Aamir
            Kajol is the SRK

            But both are gr8

        • I would choose Rani simply for Black! I doubt if Kajol could have pulled off a role like Michelle McNally’s! I once read her interview where she said she didn’t want to do many intense roles, just wanted to do light hearted stuff. Apart from Dushman and Gupt, I don’t find anything special or unique in what Kajol did.

    • loved Fanaa,…..dnt know why it is spoken as 1 of his gems but it definately is in my view…..he was superb

  59. Alex adams Says:

    The “aamir khan” effect
    What’s it that John math than more than fades away after a brillian warfarin
    What’s it that many years and films down the line-farhan akhtar hasn’t been able to touch DCH( though there are other reasons as well here)
    Why could gowarikar never scale a lagaan afterwards
    And RDB remains mehras most successful overall effort
    Y did game’s eminently mediocre director suddenly started getting praised like the best thing to happen to Bollywood after katrina kaif (!)
    And why did the lowly Kunal kohli suddenly and intermittently started giving ‘dangerously’ good scenes in fanaah ?
    Is aamirs green lighting a film project / script the ultimate ‘guarantee seal’ ?
    Inspite of the vagaries of box office and fickle ‘multiplex’ tastes,
    I’m being forced to say perhaps “yes”

    • hmmmmm…dhal mai kuch kala hai (to translate for you in Queen’s english: there is something black in the dhal). ;-)

    • i agree with u here

      Aamir has a some gr8 inputs

    • Aamir’s directors on his ‘support and involvement’

    • @Alex

      It is not only the fact that Aamir ”chooses” a film project. It also depends on his inputs. You should read books on making of Lagaan and 3 Idiots to learn how he works with the entire team. And older interviews of Rakeysh Mehra describe in detail, how RDB wouldn’t have been made if it were not for Aamir.
      I also came across a Mansoor Khan interview about JJWS, wherein he described how due to Aamir’s support and his (Mansoor’s) self belief, JJWS finally got made, though it was forever on the verge of being shelved.
      Media keeps insulting Aamir for being a ”perfectionist”, but his directors usually benefit from his work (labelled as ”interference” by media) on the film. After years, even Mahesh Bhatt admitted in an interview to Dainik Bhaskar in 2010, how HHRPK couldn’t have turned out the way it did, if not for Aamir’s contribution to it!

  60. ok, guys, finally got free from my sister’s bday. responding to alex’s ques, i will pick kajol over rani for the sheer fact that even in roles where she was restricted to being a wallflower, she was able to bring sumthing new to her character and was able to make her presence felt.i believe she was the last in the league of great mainstream actresses and this league ended with her. my fav kajol performances r- dushman, ddlj, gupt, fanaa, u me or hum, yeh dillagi

  61. Kajol aint a bad actress, but she is best when she plays subtle. In Dushman she was good parts. I dont like her screeching though – she gets on my nerves in her crying scenes.

    Liked Kajol in Fanaa. the lead performers made it work, without whom the film could’ve been a disaster.

    Talking of the film itself, watched it as mere timepass n wasnt disappointed. cannot sit through it again, though.

    • @Tony Montana

      I agree with you on all counts. I thought Kajol was insufferable in K3G. Otherwise she’s good in subtle parts.Fanaa, IMO, itself isn’t great or even very engaging or plain fun as a film. The leads and nice music saved it. The kid and Rishi Kapoor were nice as well.

      As for Dushman, for me, that film’s soul is Ashutosh Rana! The film is nothing without him and his performance. He was totally believable and even scary as the psychopath and serial rapist!

  62. tony bhai i know u didn’t like dushman too much. i found it really good(easily tanuja chandra’s best work).btw the point u made on another thread that rgv should return to the suspense genre is very valid (and cumpletely agree with u on darna zaroori hai). i even liked his jungle a lot. but one needs to realise, to create sumthing as brilliant as ‘kaun’, he requires a writer of the caliber of kashyap(even jaideep sahni wouldn’t do).b

    • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

      “(easily tanuja chandra’s best work).” funny, didnt know Tanuja Chandra made any other work that was even watchable, personally I thought Dushman was Over the top, Overacting ki dukan thi yeh film, every single actor. Thought Tanuja Chandra took her audience to be idiots and shot almost every scene so loud in the sense that “did you see that? don’t miss out”, About Kajol, never liked this chick she is srk’s counter part in overacting. She could be a fine actress if she restrained herself a bit. (Just my personal opinion)

  63. ‘overacting ki dukan thi yeh film’- LOL.btw nice to ur honest opinion on dushman.i like this film a lot, apart from kajol, i found sanjay dutt also good here. but the film belonged to ashutosh rana in his finest act till date.regarding tanuja chandra, she has made sum decent films- ‘sangharsh’ and lucky ali’s ‘sur’ were pretty watchable efforts.

    • jumping into discussion: I don’t think kajol could ever do a “black”. Rani is head and shoulder above cajole.

  64. di, in the same way i do not think rani can ever do a ‘gupt’ or ‘dushman’.i believe rani and kajol r almost equal in terms of acting talent, just that i like a kajol slightly more. sadly kajol never got as many author-backed roles(like black) as rani got in her career.

    • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

      I have to agree with Di on this one, the reason why she didnt get any authored back roles is cause the directors did not see her fit in those roles, Why wasnt she offerred black, No one Killed Jessica, or even Laga Chunari mein daag (All women centric films – ). Thats cause only K-Jo shouts from the roof tops that she is the best and what not and he is the ONLY one that cast’s her time and again. No one outside of Yash Raj or Johar really gave her any meaty roles recently (or ever). Screeching is not acting friend, some say she was good in K3G, i say she was the most annoying thing about that film. (apart from the film itself..lol).

  65. saurabh,

    wont debate much with you coz i truly respect your opinions. dushman excelled in parts thanks only to the scene stealer ashutosh rana (IMO he overshadowed both Dutt n Kajol despite the latter being in two roles) but on the whole was an unwatchable mess. I agree with bachchan1to10 in that Tanuja Chandra never made even a worthwhile film. Sangharsh again despite having Rana in form was again a aimless, violence-glorifying mess. Tanuja just comes across as a sorry protege of the Bhatts. What else does she have apart from these – Yeh Zindagi ka Safar? Zindagi rocks?

    But I must say Im rather impressed with your unabashed love for Hindi cinema. glad to see you passionately discussing your superb knowledge of the medium and sharing info on some of the lesser known yet good hindi films. Keep it up mate!

    • thanks a lot mate(and ‘superb knowledge of the medium’-LOL, only think i have a bit of a knowlege abt is cricket) . and tony, the respect is mutual. u know, unlike u, i never sensed that dushman is OTT and violent bcos i never looked at it closely. i mean i do not have an eye for observation as u have.(and btw still luv that line of urs -screams in the face of doug liman).all i possess is a good appetite for films(though far less than cricket). wish i could be even half as observant as u, ami or alex

  66. On the Kajol / Rani debate I’d say though Im not much of a Rani fan, I’d still gie her the benefit of doubt over Kajol. the former at her peak was probably the Aamir Khan among the lead actresses – trying her hand in diverse roles and making a good enough effort in each of them, even if she eded up being partially successful in portraying the characters. Kajol, though competent, never had the range of a Rani / Vidya but always had unnecessary cockiness on display. Never liked her as a person.

    Guess Johar has a thing for pompous stars.. turns him on or what? oops..

  67. Alex adams Says:

    Thanx for these comments
    And that’s y I initiated a Kajol vs rani question
    Need a break from khan wars (briefly!)
    It’s a actually a difficult question
    Maybe more responses from others
    Whom do u prefer Satyam -think Satyam has a ‘soft’ spot for rAni

    Ps-havent seen any tanuja chandra film to comment

    • yeah we need to discuss more female stars in a world of movie blogs where bloggers are obsessed with opening weekend numbers and star rankings every Friday. hehe

      nice initiative alex.

      btw we might have good actresses today but no one’s been a proper heroine material since Juhi!

      have had my share of wet Madhuri dreams too..

      sad that no actress does that to me today :P

      • the only actress which gave melted wet-dreams was ‘parveen babi’. she was a stunner in the true sense of the word.(incidentally the first bwood heroine to make it to the cover page of the asian edition of The Times).her image of a casual, i-give-a-damn kinda girl in that ‘club scene’ from scene from ‘deewaar’ where she and bachchan both smoke together, has been imprinted in my memory. i also found ‘ayesha julka’ very pretty.and then from the new ones, mrs.takia alongwith pri chops look rather good

        • Alex adams Says:

          Yes praveen Babi was good -infact prefer her to zeenat

          “have had my share of wet Madhuri dreams too..
          sad that no actress does that to me today “–haha
          Thanx for the frank admission there Toni

          Btw Satyam -any ‘wet dreams’ ..?

      • @Saurabh

        I say the same for Sridevi…particularly in her Jaanbaaz song [Har kisi ko nahin milta] and ”Kaate nahin kat te” song in Mr. India! :D

        Parveen Babi anyday beats even contemporary girls. Sometime back, Filmfare referred to her as ”poor man’s Zeenat Amaan”. What a bullshit statement IMO! I prefer her to Zeenat.

  68. And… I love tonymontana.. :D

    Just finished watching Scarface (properly for the first time) n enjoyed like anything. Gangster masala at its best, in the lines od Departed.

    Pacino’s acting is deliciously OTT

  69. so now do u know how many times pacino uses the ‘f word’? agreed completely on pacino. btw the final action scene with some really violent shoot-out is one of the best i have ever scene, also pacino getting killed by her sis was a real shocker. i have always de palma as a brilliant director(at his best, otherwise he gets self-indulgent like in ‘snake eyes)who is very versatile-look at his range of films-scarface,carrie,mission impossible,carlito’s way,carrie,untouchables,black dahlia.

    • qwll, i wasnt counting whenever Pacino used the F-word, but he did use it in almost every sentence, which is perhaps why the fil was so controversial coz of its profanity (among violence). The final scene was a knockout, but saurabh – pacino wasnt killed by his sis but by sosa’s men. his sis just shoots him in the leg, being distraught over her husband’s death, before being shot by one of the men

  70. Alex adams Says:

    Btw just read built yuvraaj Singh
    This is tailor made for a movie
    Has also the ups n downs
    Good debut then kicked out
    Won the world cup then ‘ cancer’
    Throw in some females and seems a nice script
    Ps-but this guy has had a bit of a roller coaster ride….
    All the best to him

  71. Here is is the Satyameva Jayate tv show’s title song– IMO, really good. Of course cynics are not going to be impressed. But some of us still have some hopes for India’s continuing unity–despite the loosening bonds.

    Finally after Mile Sur, another inspiring song with a soul-stirring air to it. My congrats to the song’s writer (Prasoon Jshi, if I’m not mistaken), music director Ram Sampath , singer Sukhwinder (I think)–plus the whole camera-directorial team and of course Aamir.

    [added to post]

  72. Link to press conf when new song was premiered, today.

  73. Hmmmm. Very filmi. Looks like a glorified promotion of 3 idiots…and Amir.
    Where’s the issue?

    Before people pick up their mass weapons of destroying me :-D let me say that this about the trailer, and the first thought that enetered my head.

    Now the real thing might just be different.

    • @Oldgold

      LOL!!! The show is about India first and not just some specific issue. So it is natural he will show various shots of India only to begin with! Biggest joke to compare it with 3I promotions! It’s far away from the Find Rancho videos.

  74. everyone’s entitled an opinion. otherwise the forum becomes just another ‘You scratch my back, and I scratch yours’ thingie!

  75. Had no idea it was a travelogue type of show. Makes this a lot more interesting. If the above promo represents snippets of the actual show it also looks quite nicely shot. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

  76. @mksrooney–this video is a composite of shots and scenes taken on actual locations all over India. Aamir and team did a bharat darshan earlier this year over a two week period (at least).

    • mksrooney Says:

      No No.. that i agree… that i even know!! but what i am saying the show … talk show is not shot all over india… its basically based in some studio… and footage from across india….

      • @Rooney

        Aamir’s team has shot some portions in different parts of India and Aamir has interacted with people from villages via video conferencing also.
        The studio thing started only recently.

        • mksrooney Says:

          @prateek.. that is what i meant.. he has not travelled and explored india.. for the show.. its more teleconference…

          • @Rooney

            He himself has also travelled. There reports from TOI of Aamir visiting places like Gaya.
            It’s a mix actually. Some parts have been shot with Aamir in different parts of the country and for some cases it is tele conferencing.

        • mksrooney Says:

          Ok thnx for info.. hope u are true .. fingers crossed!! thnx buddy

  77. These are the details about the song’s creators:

    Composer: Ram Sampath
    Lyricist: Prasoon Joshi
    Singers: Keerthi Sagathia and Ram Sampath
    Production House: Aamir Khan Productions Pvt. Ltd.
    Music: T-Series

  78. Despite his pretensions to seriousness, Aamir isn’t a serious thinker….so I am very skeptical the discussions on the “issues” will venture much beyond the liberal-urban chic cliches. But maybe I should be thankful that Aamir is at least trying when his contemporaries in the industry are so busy navel-gazing!

    • @Matrix

      Aamir is not just taking up urban issues. Here’s this news about Aamir interacting with villagers in Punjab (via video conference) on issue of alcoholism – http://www.tribuneindia.com/2012/20120210/main7.htm

      Not for nothing has he traveled to all parts of India himself. TOI also reported about his visit to Gaya sometime last year, to shoot for this show.

      It’s not only some urban chic issues being discussed in an air conditioned studio.

    • @Matrix

      Aamir is not a serious thinker or is pretentious? Maybe. But I read an update from Javed Abidi, chairperson of Disability Persons International (India), who had been on Aamir’s show. And he did write in praise of Aamir Khan’s knowledge and concern on the issues. The ones who’ve directly interacted with him, are surprisingly ”fooled” by his pretense I guess. :D

      • a lot of hype building for this……nervous excitement

        From Bollywood superstars only Aamir has tried something edgy/daring like this….and I think only he has the trust of the general public to do something like this on social issues.

        All i can say is – GO AAMIR!

  79. Here is a a good video of the Satyamevajayate song press conference from yesterday. The audio is clear, and the video is longer than the earlier tv grab I’d given yesterday. Interesting video.

    [added to post]

  80. Wonderful video ; Aamir speaks well, thanking the creative team and all concerned.Speaks easily and very well in Hindi, unlike most top Hindi stars.His English too is easy-flowing, but his Hindi seems a tad superior. Loved what he said , about not being presumptuous enough to change the world, rather his attempt to change himself. Also good to see that he enjoys participating in game shows, even if he doesn’t host any.

    • Re. Aamir’s language skills

      I think he speaks Hindi really well because he comes from an Urdu speaking family…I noticed the words he uses are a lot of from Urdu language as well. In 2004/5 he came to Pakistan to raise funds for Imran Khan’s cancer hospital and it was evident that his Urdu was extremely good.

  81. alex adams Says:

    reigniting some old sparks lol
    lol @ family man

    always fun

  82. I’m wondering whether his fans will notice the issues he wants to highlight once the films are shown, or will they continue in glorifying him in this soppy fashion about ‘Oh the only one to do’ ‘He’s so good’, what a great man’ etc etc
    And I am criticized for accusing Amir for doing things to glorify his name.
    I hope and pray it is the issue people will talk about and not him, the songs, the wonderful scenes.

    • @ oldgold — Not all aamir fans are soppy in the fashion you mention. Actually many internet fans behave in similar manner, praising their ‘Kings’, writing poetic reams about the Being human superstar…all that basically BS talk. Yes, i do defend/speak up for aamir whenever i feel him being unjustly attacked–but many of us also criticize him, politely but firmly–on his blog, fb, wherever needed.

      Agree –it is the issues that matter.

    • It is a hard life for his fans.

    • @Oldgold

      Both! People will notice the issue but at the same time admire Aamir also, for making a show like this, at a time others are doing shows mainly to fill their pockets like a superstar’s show on a channel which now shut down recently.

      If some stars can be glorified for taking Indian cinema to new levels with just special effects in a film (even if there is no story to speak of), then I suppose there is nothing wrong for giving credit to a guy for making a show on social issues, with his own resources.

      Aamir does things ”only” to glorify himself? :D Yeah right! As if other stars do things for humanity and not for themselves! If I remember correctly, some superstar recently listed all his philanthropic efforts to bag a prestigious fellowship from a prestigious foreign university! :D

      Oddly, Kajol got some ”Karamveer award” for her social work sometime back. Dunno what ”social work” she does. But good for her she got an award for it! ;)

  83. Alex adams Says:

    A pertinent point there by Oldgold aunty
    Aamir apparently is attempting something ‘noble’ and for the “good of society ”
    There is a certain element of good Samaritanism and social welfare vibe here (have seen only one promo though)
    Hope the actual ‘issues’ take centre stage than aamir the personality -suspect even aamir may (atleast should) agree with this!!

    • Agree about ‘noble’ & ‘good for society’ aspect

      In his movies and ad campaigns its evident that he’s trying to bring some sort of msg across for the greater good. The man has dignity

    • @Alex

      I agree if it is a show on social issues then mainly the issues should get attention and not the star himself. But then, if Aamir only wanted to showcase himself, then he could have done some other regular entertainer type or routine celebrity chat/game show or perhaps a fiction show on his name – like Karishma Kapoor did some years ago for Sahara One.

      The show is supposed to invite experts from different subjects to discuss each issue from every possible angle, in each episode. So there is little chance of ”Aamir the personality” getting more coverage than the show or issue itself.

      For now, I think it is only fair if Aamir dominates in initial promotions, so as to create awareness among audiences for this show.

      Anyway, he has kept ads featuring him away from the show and I am sure, atleast he won’t distribute copies of his own biography or products endorsed by him as ”free gifts” for people participating in this show, unlike some other superstar, who did all this in his show some 5 years ago (distrbuting expensive watches he endorsed and giving away copies of his biography written by his 4 AM friend). ;)

      • @ Prateek–last para–good one there. ha ha! (I am one of those not too fond of LOLs. Use them rarely. Dislike ROFL and detest ROFLAO).

      • The Graduate Says:


        You seem to be a delusional Aamir fan who thinks Aamir as a messiah.So here goes my response.

        Yes Swades is a bigger risk compared to Lagaan..making a film on a bland subject as against Lagaan having a cricket background which is itself popular in India[you have yourself called it a sport film],making a 3hr film pondering over the social disparities in India vs a film based on winning of underdogs[which was more beautifully done in CDI]..making a film which produces a social treatise vs a film that deals superficially with human emotions that fails to evoke any after effect..I would anyday rate Swades better than Lagaan and far more riskier than Lagaan. Prove it otherwise!! You cannot.Your opinion does not change much here,neither does mine but your intent to create a special arena for Aamir is surely busted.

        Lagaan Series ka to pata nahi–but heard CDI songs at WW and IPL too recently.Guess it runs in the blood of we Indians now– SJ song sadly does not fit that bill,neither will,But it was not about the song.It was about CDI being an accomplished product,flawed at places but emphatic,exploring several layers of human psychology and dealing them with adequate attention,a brilliant display of restrained acting,beautiful emotions at display. Save Lagaan and RDb I do not find that in any other Aamir film this decade.TZP is conceptually flawed vis-a-vis the problem whose solution is attempted.Infact even if Dyslexia and Aspergers are radically different,Johar and Bathija atleast tried to chalk out the details more nicely.Infact MNIk also becomes flawed after a time.But that to be later discussed!

        Now coming to your point on DG.

        Why shoukd I understand Dg to be something special? It was a full blown noraml cinema without any art attributes.Guess IMDb voters have also made it clear by voting it a point behind MNIK. The question was “Why didnt Aamir carry Dg beyond 15 crores[though like Satyam’s fav statement,I believe it did no more than 10]”…..You replied “Could SRK have taken it to beyond 20 crores”.

        My reply is: SRK in an arena beyond his usual disposition took Paheli to 13 crore Nett way back in 2005. A Rajasthani folklore is not an usual SRK arena–I guess so!! That too after him being doing urban centric roles. Let us not fool ourselves. Aamir failed big time with DG. Atleast Paheli was more colourful and an enjoyable fare,if not a great product! Aamir inspite of the fact atht he returned to the screen after a 200 crore affair could carry the film,howsoever arty it may be[which it was not] beyond 15 crores 6 years after a certain Paheli! So Aamir is nothing sort of exceptional there.Mind it,though I am debating against DG here for purpose of clarity in approach,I liked it too as I am deeply fond of Wong’s cinema from which it was inspired!

        You are saying–“We are listening to the statement “SRK will break Aamir’s record for 4 years”.

        My reply–Let him first beat SRK in number of hits and reach and iconic aspects and make up for his past rankings where he ranked even below Deol once,then shall we talk. Cant this be an option or should we chose what you offer.What say! Aamir’s recent success cannot undermine the fact that he has 14 neglected years behind him.Salman had atleast a respectable 90’s. Salman’s recent upsurge might have added extra bits of pressure on SRK but his past decade also puts him in a cornered situation. The only star whose films in prime time was doing in single digits when others were doing double digits. That is why I said It will take SRK just a big HIT to dilute it all. Consistency for a long period of time defines a career.SRK has that! Beat this my friend!

        You say Aamir cant mamke something like Ra.One.Mate he has made worse than this with a nose flaring documentary in MELA.But I am not into this mud slinging here.

        I see in you a desire to undermine SRK everywhere though he is miles ahead of Aamir in many senses.

        Ask him to pay the bill–PL hit credit goes to his production house but electricity billing is Anushka’s tension.Clap!Clap!

        He self invited himself or not is evident at how twitter world is laughing at him for doing this all for PR stuff!

        Why do I believe twiiter world now? Coz you had made Aseem Chhabra your Deity one day to suit your agenda!

        • @The Graduate

          I would have loved to reply to you, on each and every ”point”. But I would leave it, because it is useless to comment only to find it deleted after a couple of hours by Satyam.

          Who is delusional or insecure, that anyone can see for themselves.

          Keep belitting or ignoring Aamir’s achievements, keep ignoring your own favorite’s weakness/loopholes (whatever!) and keep making every thread an SRK vs. someone else war.

          I wonder why Satyam only deleted my comments but allowed your comment to remain. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have bothered to reply to this particular comment of yours.

          Of course, aap ko Lagaan ka toh pata nahin. None of your lengthiest comments can suffice to belittle Lagaan or take away its importance in not just cinema, but also as a cultural phenomenon.Keep writing guy!

          • Prateek, I kept a few of your comments and few of theGraduate’s. Many of his comments were deleted as well.

          • If these are the issues which the show is going to touch upon, it is indeed laudable !

            Natubhai Patel on Aamir’s Satyameva Jayate


            Natubhai Patel, famously known for his matrimonial services which help elderly couples has caught Aamir Khan’s attention.

            The superstar has invited Patel to his upcoming TV reality show, Satyamev Jayat’.

            Patel, 64, runs ‘Vina Mulye Amulya Sewa’ since last 11 years at his residence in Vasna. Through his initiative, he has found suitable matches for 37 senior citizens. Apart from finding partners for marriage, he has even found companions for 11 elderly single people.

            Patel was first contacted by Aamir Khan’s production team a week before Patel organized a seminar on live-in relationships for all lonely senior citizens on November 20. “Our aim was to find suitable partners for senior citizens who are either unmarried, divorcees or have lost their partners. Aamir Khan’s team learned about us, through a seminar organized earlier in Mumbai, which made headlines,” said Patel, who agreed to videograph the entire event by the production team.

            The production team contacted him on April 22 and asked him to fly to Mumbai for the shooting of the episode two days later with Aamir Khan. “The shoot was organized at Yashraj Studio in Andheri, where I was given a seat with 6 to 7 other distinguished guests invited by the Bollywood star.

            “The topic of the episode focused on problems faced by elderly citizens and the solutions to live a dignified life during latter part of your life,” said Patel after returning to Ahmedabad on Wednesday.

            Aamir Kahn even gifted Patel a framed certificate for his invaluable contribution to society.

            According to Patel, the shoot started at 9am and lasted for more than 8 hours. During the show Aamir Khan played the video clip of Patel’s seminar for more than 200 invitees.

            “He introduced me and then gave me a chance to express my feelings. Khan appreciated my efforts,” said Patel. His will be the 12th episode of Satyamev Jayate.

          • some real issues being addressed here…..good stuff

          • Satyam

            completely agree with your comments at :

            April 26, 2012 at 1:53 PM

            Regarding Aamir slow and steady rise…..and how he took a different route from SRK/Salman and other heroes of the past. His strength has definately been his script selection and uniqueness throughout his career.

  84. Let’s just hope this stint on television doesnt repeat the Narmada Bachao andolan controversy that put Aamir in a soup, despite good intentions.

    With Indian politicians and self-appointed moral policemen in the nation, anything’s possible.

    • @ tonymontana–That’s exactly my worry. Aamir has a knack of letting good sense and prudence be overtaken by his enthusiasm and high emotional key.

      I have been following him via media over a decade and find him to be sincere in his good intentions; his interviews in Tehelka, Outlook and elsewhere reveal a nationalist secular Indian with a genuine feel for real issues that matter –which is one of the reasons I am his fan, as are many others.

      But he is also a bit of an impulsive idiot, with a propensity to get into hot water unnecessarily, instead of getting on with the business of making films and money! I do hope his choice of ‘satyameva jayate tv show topics’–according to twitter talk some of the issues covered include substance abuse, disability, marital rape–does not lead to a situation where some political group decides to ‘spank’ Aamir for treading on ‘unsafe territory’. It will be terrible if such a thing happens. I remember how sorry I felt for him when his effigies were burnt, when some Gujarati committed suicide because Fanaa was shown by a brave film exhibitor.

      Soon after the Narmada crisis, Aamir’s cousin Mansoor Khan ( the director) spoke to mid-day–about how he was the one originally interested in the issue–his own land was taken by the government and that is how he got into the NBA movement-and how he had often tried to persuade Aamir to do his bit for the NBA, but the actor was unwilling, since he was passing through personal problems; how Aamir is a left-leaning person who finally took the plunge, on impulse, but he did not have the ability to explain what was in his head, his thoughts…I do hope that a similar ghastly scenario does not play out now. anything can happen in india–and good intentions can backfire. Look at poor loose lips Vivek Oberoi.

      • If I am Aamir, I will follow what heart says and not what others say even if they are my fans.

      • Among the actors….I always find Aamir trying to send out a msg to us to care for others and country…that is surely a good thing and something to be praised. He does follow his heard and it those morons in Gujrat feel that way…fair do’s

  85. Tony,

    What was striking about the Narmada Bachao issue was that Aamir came out morally trumps & it was the Modi’s govt. which ultimately landed in a soup ! The govt. had told Aamir that Fanaa would release in Gujarat if only he issued a simple apology. To their surprise and embarassment, Aamir refused to bend an inch from his stand…that resulted in Fanaa losing a few crores from its final collections but that is such a minor issue.

    In stasrk contrast, remember a similar controversy arose due to use of “Bombay” instead of “Mumbai” in Wake Up Sid…The MNS had raised its hackles…and we had Karan Johar going to meet Thackeray in order to pacify him !!

  86. tony, which profession r u in mate? just curious to know

  87. Satyam, I found this trailer exciting so I am putting it. It has Michelle Yeoh enacting the role of Aung San Suu Kyi – the film has released last week

  88. Aamir’s show looks fantabulous. quite keen to watch it.

  89. Alex adams Says:

    Just saw a promo of aamirs show
    There IS a certain ‘earnestness’ amongst all the din
    Interesting trailer on suu kyi there, Neha
    A truly remarkable person -interesting how things/ countries not under immediate us interests get second rate treatment by media and discourse!!!
    There’s also a certain Chinese artist who has been under ‘arrest’ just for criticising the Chinese regime!!!!
    But nobody including USA speaks up !!
    Heck not even the ‘maverick film makers ‘
    Just silence -even amongst the ‘free’ western media
    That’s probably the power of economics and ‘strategic influence’
    @ the end of the day-it’s a jungle :-)
    Btw certain ‘basics’ of the current Chinese ‘growth’ is simply untenable for long…

  90. The update is the same stuff…. highlighting issu…errr…..Amir.
    Amir on the train…on the motorbike…in a canoe(?), centre point among students, some poor people etc etc.

    • @Oldgold

      Madam, the issues will be shown in each episode of the show when it starts! You expect him to show issues 2 weeks before he starts the show? :D Good! ;)

      • Why not? This is cheating with all this song and travel and motorbike-riding flambuoyancy.
        He’s promoting this TV stuff like some major film release…and then stating he doesn’t care about TRPs. LOL. He’s as phony as his botoxed face to look youthful.

        • Can anyone explain what they saw in the promo to go all drooly about it?

        • @Oldgold

          Aamir promotes his every product with full passion. Whether he is making a commercial film, art film or a TV show on social issues!

          And his statement about TRPs, if with respect to content of the show. He’s not just made it for TRPs. And he mainly gives this ”I don’t care for TRPs” reply when people ask him about the unconventional time slot he’s chosen for this show & the length of each episode which is too much for any show.

          You call him phony? What about your favorite who first promoted his superhero film like crazy, added everything in it from special effects to special appearances from even Rajnikanth and even the kitchen sink to make it commercial and then claimed ”my heart does not know or understand numbers” or that ”I only make films to make people happy, I don’t understand money”!!! The guy whose fans and PR boast about his net worth every other day, claims he doesn’t work for money or understand numbers! :D

          At least Aamir is not going to tweak Satyamev Jayate’s content to make it commercially more viable and conventionally more palatable to audience, or deliberately choose primetime slot, to get TRPs!

    • this is a very nice segment..

    • Aamir’s purple patch continues…..

      he’s got an amazing line-up

      This show as host and producer

      Talaash – november

      Dhoom3 – summer 2012

      Hirani’s nxt – Xmas 2012

      This is some heavy duty stuff……..this guy is going up a level each time…..i feel that Aamir can do anything he wants – do some massy roles like Salman is doing to get 100cr BB at the BO but he’s got the balls to be patient…no films for 2yrs…and is doing something different…..remarkable

      • Yes he’s completely in the zone and you’ve hit the nail on the head. The reason he always seems to be in a great place is (and beside the obvious fact of his judgment with scripts and so on) because he is in no rush. It’s certainly frustrating to see him take these long gaps so often but it works in a sense — when you’re at the top of the pack and truly ahead of the competition you don’t even need to do films regularly to prove this! When you do something it’s important! So this becomes another way to measure his current status. He is the only star who can use time as he wishes and not pay any price for this either at the box office or in terms of relevance.

        • You are gushing like a schoolgirl satyam. I’m getting embarassed.

        • The Graduate Says:

          Not at all…i strongly disagree here. Any of the top 3 khans can take as long a break as possible.Infact they are equal on all parameters in a superficial sense. Public will go to watch any movie starring any of the three khans after any period of hiatus!

          So he is not the only star I guess!!

          • alex adams Says:

            aa graduate-what did u feel about
            akyala—-and yes- haha–the ‘comparison’ has already been started –see umpteen comments above
            Im just directing it to a juncture where the graduate atleast gets the ‘space’ to put forward his/her views in a more ‘clean slate’ manner (typical me lol)-

        • He’s like Apple …….innovative and unique…but always in gr8 demand. Salman can only do masala to get the big numbers….Can anyone imagine him doing a TZP/RDB and still getting 100cr? I doubt it….only Aamir has that ability and Hrithik is slowly getting there imo.

          The gap between Aamir and the rest of the pack is huge imo

          • You mean the big numbers that Amir got were for some real super classy stuff? LOL
            And I thought SRK fans were the ones with silly ideas aboiut their star, calling him king etc

          • The Graduate Says:

            Stop this hyper-imaginative apple [which is way overpriced btw] and Aamir khan comparison.

            Can you imagine anyone else make a film on Hockey–a sport no one watches with 12 unknown girls and still taking it to a level that Chak De India becomes the sport anthem of the country.India wins the WW Cup and that is the first song to be played. CDI remains the epitome of any risk taken in past decade and if Lagaan was a risk that paid off via Oscars…Swades is a bigger risk that paid off via its cult impact and social effect. I can very eaily provide scans regards the scoial influence of Swades.

            Let not any Aamir fan think he is extraordinary for he is not. A poor filmography pre-2000 lifted to some extent by a beautiful Lagaan and emphatic RDB does not change anything for him much.Add to that the laboured expression he gives along with those fake monotonous looks!!

            Question that can be asked is Can Aamir give a 140 crore by making a BG?? Absolutely not!! He cant even give 117 crores by making a Ra.One.He is a content based star,not the star that falls in the lineage of true blue superstar. Thus if SRK’s and Salman’s bad or worse products cross 100 easily,it will take Aamir to vomit out his best to cross that. In that respect Ghajini is defintely superior to Ra.One and BG.

            Many questions can be asked,many facts twisted…one thing that creates a huge gap between the Aamirs and SRK’/Salman’s is the iconic nature of the latter,.the cultural significance.No debate can bridge that distance.You can have an apple or an ornage,I do not mind!!

          • “He is a content based star,not the star that falls in the lineage of true blue superstar.”

            Not that anyone here is arguing with you, but I think you’ve argued yourself into a corner because this might be the best compliment one could provide Aamir!

          • The Graduate Says:

            Why have i cornered myself.I do not undermine what is true. But reflect upon this:

            Half of Bachchan’s films would have met a dismal response at BO had any other actor been in them. A term “superstar” is way beyond that “content-driven” aspect of an actor. Superstars are enough to run even the most pathetic movie on their own shoulders…case in example— Even Akeyla got a very good initial as far as I know. BG would have collapse had Aamir featured in it.

            Thus seen from opposite end…what i said is equally glorious to SRK and Salman too. Just that eyes see what they want.

          • But you’re making a number of contradictory claims here. When it’s Aamir who’s in question you’re saying it’s not about him but about ‘content’ (isn’t it part of one’s talents to figure out ‘content’?) whereas Salman/SRK are more about stardom because they don’t depend on content. Except of course that you then also say that SRK is better on content than Aamir. So the earlier position doesn’t hold? With respect to Bachchan you again undercut your argument. You’re saying that half of his films wouldn’t have worked with others. Which is presumably the analogy for SRK or Salman. Except that you’ve already said the films of theirs that did not work wouldn’t have worked with anyone else either and only they got them that far. But following the Bachchan analogy if they couldn’t make successes out of them there’s nothing that really separates them from Aamir.

            I could actually add a dozen more questions here just based on your own responses. So it’s a bit hard to argue with anything you’ve said when you contradict yourself with every second sentence! This is a Mitt Romney-like case for SRK! So depending on what sentence one is reading you’re making all sorts of claims for SRK that are otherwise mutually exclusive!

            And on Aamir there’s a familiar narrative available in your statements. The basic idea here is to deny Aamir’s stardom and to account it to other things like content and social statement and posturing and what not. The problem is: if I’m producing or distributing those films I don’t exactly care ‘how’ Aamir got there. Presumably the audiences don’t either!

            Also it’s ‘content’ either way. Those who show up in droves for Salman also expect a certain ‘content’. It might be lowbrow or whatever but they expect a certain kind of narrative with Salman at the top of the pyramid. Aamir’s focus on more serious content increases his prestige but clearly you don’t get massive openings and grosses just because people expect to get ‘social’ lessons! Of course there’s some other slippage here as well. The very thing that are a star’s strengths are somehow held against him. It’s like Tolstoy being attacked for writing a fantastic novel while mediocre writers get by with far less ‘content’. Does that make any sense?! It’s like saying De Niro’s films don’t mean much because ‘hey they’re with Scorsese’ but let’s see who can do Adam Sandler!

          • alex adams Says:

            Folks-lets give the graduate some ‘space’ to express his views on srk -good to have some fresh ideas
            hmm –the graduate-u seem to one of the more educated and well read srk fan(with all due resepct to his other fans)
            Do respect your tastes as well
            also agree that there should not ne a ‘banket’ pulling down of srk as is being seen nowadays lol
            It is always good to see the other side perspective as well –i like it
            So how would u compare the ‘careers’ and achievements of srk and aamir–just curious

          • Oops.. here we go again!

          • I’m not arguing the definition of “superstar” here. What I am saying is that between what passes for a superstar these days and the kind of people who make good films on a consistent basis, I will choose the latter. Because there isn’t the sort of transcendent superstar like Bachchan these days to truly enjoy movies that are otherwise barely watchable.

            All this said, if the only thing it took to be a superstar was to turn the worst possible films into money spinners, Akshay Kumar would be the biggest star around. I don’t think anyone would argue this though.

          • The Graduate Says:

            Hey Alex..Hi.

            Let me begin my piece with a P.S. note—I do not hate Aamir. Would be crazy to do so. I have even loved likes of Kamal Sadanah and kishen Kumar for their gross inability to act. ;-)

            Aamir for me is more of a film-maker than an accomplished actor.He is more invested in the various routes that cinema provides dwelling upon them with sincerity.He certainly is not a great actor by any mile,howsoever his fans may gang up and proclaim.He is sincere and that counts.You may be the fifth in class in being genious enough to score a 70/100 in a test for which you have not studied,but if you are sincere it does have importance. SRK and Salman can score 85/100 in the same test. The “test” should be equated with films low on content but solely scored upon by sheer intelligence. SRK and Salman are the real descendants of Bachchan in that sense though they stand no where near him.

            Aamir is like a social statement that means a lot but the fact that he overemphasizes it to outgrow himself as a Messiah dilutes this effect for many. On the other hand without any noise SRK delivers Swades,MNIK,CDI in last decade and displays an emphatic acting prowess and also makes a social statement…does a masala OSO[crap however it may be]..does a Paheli[beautiful film if LS may agree]…does a KANK…does a VZ[the last of loved romantic movies]..does a RNBDJ[conceptually flawed but metaphorically strong,also driving it to a BB status alone with another two actors who themselves were knew to the whole scenario]..does a Ra.One[ howsoever one may dissect it,the effort needs some applause if one can applause Aamir for even sneezing in public]…does a Don 2[no one beats him at negative roles]…has a K3G,MHN,CC…in this decade.

            Aamir too has impressive filmography..Lagaan,RDB,TZP,3I.Ghazini are great attempts but I see no attempt to display an acting skill save in Lagaan which is the last coherent effort from the pantheon’s side who has shelled naturally beautiful roles in AHAK,HHRPK,Sarfarosh,Ghulaam,Rangeela. Thereafter he has grown stiff,laboured…lost his ability to emote.Even in DCH sans a few scenes he seemed so uncomfortable in front of Akshay Khanna who was so soothing in his act. I personally like the emotional breakdown of Aamir in DCH a lot though.

            I have nothing against Aamir but then when his fans desperately try to promote him as some maverick..I object strongly. Also with a BO success seen very recently post 2009,diluted to a great effect by Salman’s recent run…just 1-2 big hits by SRK will question that position further.

            Much more to say. I will. But looking forward to Sj with good intent!

          • The Graduate Says:


            Why is the parameter different?? You cannot escape by saying Bachchan was similar to SRK and Salman in capabilities but I love Bcahchan because I love his films.Presently I dont find films in similar vein entertaining.

            You are a fan of Bachcan,I too like him. I am atleast being constant in judgement and taste.If I can enjoy a brain wrecking Amar Akabar Anthony,I can seriously enjoy an OSO or Wanted!!

            Good films–what is the parameter…nothing..absolutely nothing.

            Those who rely on IMDb…must know.. a supposedly art film with classy deep stuff DG has 7.2 and MNIK has 7.3 with much more votes.

            Parameter is a self explained process..I build for myself..you for your own..but I am constant…you can claim you have varied taste!

          • alex adams Says:

            A refreshing read there graduate–and though i give aamir more credit, i do see your point. To me, blogging or any discourse if not about ‘gagging’ any alterante thinking. BUt i sense that u feel better with that off your chest. This should hold u in good stead with texts likee yamada lol

          • alex adams Says:

            Good thoughts there graduate–so what are your favorite srk films
            do u like any recent srk enuf to write a review on it–would be interesting read cheers–btw how did u find the much laughed upon don2

          • alex adams Says:

            “Aamir is like a social statement that means a lot but the fact that he overemphasizes it to outgrow himself as a Messiah dilutes this effect for many.”–hmm an interesting statement indeed

          • The Graduate Says:

            Don 2 was good..enjoyed it. Any other post Ra.One would have been bulldozed…case in example Akshay post CC2C..but SRK still delivered a 110 crore affair. That is what makes a superstar–the way you fight negativity.Even with all media backlash,Agneepath crossed 1.5 crore in Bombay then..that is stardom..true blue stardom. I had read a scan of old FF or SD where Amitabh expressed his helplessness that he cannot be what Anil is[as of 1988-89] and that critics dont seem to love him in his roles that had texture of the past! But still people thronged to watch Agneepath at least in bigger centres.Even HUM cretaed an impact,so did Aaj Ka Arjun and Khuda Gawaah. Salman fought a decade of pathetic films to emerge stronger again.

            I believe in Superstars because that is the base on which Hindi Cinema runs. Add to that the iconic nature of SRK in a post liberated India.You just can’t ignore him like many try to do here!!

          • But which is it? You just said there’s nothing special about Aamir’s films barring Lagaan and RDB. Now you’re saying he’s all about content. Meanwhile you said SRK has equally good content but now you’re saying he prospers in poor stuff too. Totally confused!

          • Alex adams Says:

            Unlike the other posts, agree with this latest post of yours totally
            One just can’t pull down srks undoubted iconicity even if one dislikes his acting (or him)
            U should also try writing a ‘review’ or note on Srk or any of his latest films
            It’s good to have a sense of ‘balance’ here
            Truly unbiased people like me (haha) love this ‘balance’
            So what ate your top five Srk films (& performances)-suggest u do come up with a ‘review’ on any one of em ..

          • satyam, i was reading thru the entire discussion silently but ur last comment has made me speak out. i completely agree with all ur points here but tell me what was the need of curtly dismissing the graduate’s point by saying- ‘totally confused’. u had already said everything in ur arguement before saying this. not trying to defend anyone but this comes off as ‘dismissive’ and ‘rude’.also when a person of ur credentials says something like this, the other blogger becums hesitant from presenting his point

          • But I am genuinely confused! As for the rest given the militancy of some of theGraduate’s responses I’m sure he can defend himself! But in any case one must be ready to handle deep water before one starts swimming in it! Sometimes ‘hesitation’ is called for!

          • The Graduate Says:

            Totally misconstrued commentary on my comment there.

            I never changed parameters.Infact I commented on GF who changed parameters.

            “When it’s Aamir who’s in question you’re saying it’s not about him but about ‘content’ (isn’t it part of one’s talents to figure out ‘content’?) whereas Salman/SRK are more about stardom because they don’t depend on content. Except of course that you then also say that SRK is better on content than Aamir. So the earlier position doesn’t hold? With respect to Bachchan you again undercut your argument. You’re saying that half of his films wouldn’t have worked with others. Which is presumably the analogy for SRK or Salman. Except that you’ve already said the films of theirs that did not work wouldn’t have worked with anyone else either and only they got them that far. But following the Bachchan analogy if they couldn’t make successes out of them there’s nothing that really separates them from Aamir.”

            Cant it be read this way:

            Aamir whatever he is as of now is not because he has some sheer traits of a superstar but an uplifted effort post Y2K. SRK on the other hand is a much more accomplished actor,IMO, as in yours is Aamir and also has variety of roles that Aamir does not boast of. When I was recounting SR’s effort,I was primarily focusing on his variety and effort to do roles with several layers rather than a conclusive view on any sort of quality and comparing it to Aamir’s laboured efforts post Lagaan.Mind it,I have also not barred myself from praising Aamir where necessary. The Bachcahn analogy holds true. If Aamr Akbar Anthony is a brain-wrecking film,it is.It’s another fact i enjoyed it. No other star rather than Bachchan could have taken it that far.A Deewar is inherently good/great but a AAA is not. Similarly a salman can take Bg to 140 w/o any major glitch. SRK’s worst Ra.One also closes in on 120 crores. There is just one qusetion that needs to be answered–Could Aamir carry DG to even beyond 20. If the argument is that it is a different city-based film with urban textures,then why such a great effort ranks 7.2 with 3 times less votes than a MNIK[which detractors fail to accept that it was not something that SRKL ordinarily does] which isa notch higher with almost 3 times the votes on IMDb. The fact si argument is twisted for Aamir.A film that has him after a 3I should have crossed atleast 20 crores but it didn’t!! Why??? Because Aamir works in only certain scenarios,in a perimeter beyond which if he tries going he fails. Case in example– MP,DG. Calling it an art film wont save any argument considering the target population that votes maximum on IMDb also finds it less intriguing than a supposedly flawed MNIK.

            Aamir is not denied any stardom as you make it. In the same vein it can be said SRk is denied much w/o reason and rhyme. There is a tendency in people to judge a lot. I had just compared a similar circumstance for Bachchan and SR/Salman and called them true blue superstars. And called Aamir a sincere film-maker who has recently developed stiff expressions and has lost the tendency to shell amazing performances.He stands out today mostly due to his choices. Agreed choice is a part of talent but isn’t having no choice and still making every chosen choice the flavour of the nation a bigger feat.Guess SRK has done that for over a decade…Salman is doing now.

            Where is the contradiction. If Aamir is a content based star,does it automatically imply his content is better than SRK? Where is the cut dear!! Aamir has impressive filmography,I agreed but then that statement does not automatically hold the added value that it becomes superior to SRK’s. Absolutely not! Why over-read? That is my point.

            When I said SRK/SALMAN can be compared to Bachchan,I also added they are nowhere near him making it amply clear that it was a reference point used,not a stark contrast and compare.

            If Aamir is denied any Stardom,then one cannot shy away from the fact that SRK has been denied the world here.Thats all!

          • So what is that ‘pure’ trait of a superstar that doesn’t depend on content at all? When I look at the great stars of the past I often find them doing some very good content as well. Who are those seminal stars who never did anything good and just prospered with junk? In fact shouldn’t the opposite case be made? That a true megastar is precisely one who cannot just depend on junk in the long run which is why despite all claims to the contrary Salman has never been in any ‘defining’ box office position in his entire career until recently with Dabanng and its aftermath (hope I won’t have to go through his entire career film by film, because I’ve done it before) and even now he cannot really match Aamir’s highest levels (because my attention span extends beyond the opening weekend! and if one wants to keep counting content as a ‘negative’ well so SRK was doing films that were considered the ‘best’ in their time and up there in the content department!), so even the ‘defining’ bit is questionable.

            Again you haven’t addressed the contradiction. Let’s accept for a moment that SRK has greater variety and does his roles better than Aamir (preposterous as this claim is). Doesn’t this then argue for content? So in effect then SRK isn’t in the Salman category? He isn’t really doing junk most of the time. In fact he’s doing meaningful stuff that even puts him ahead of Aamir. By your own count. Note what you’re doing. When you go to the Aamir side of the equation you say his stuff is no great shakes in the content department. But then when you go over to the SRK side you in effect use Aamir as standard and say SRK is either on par or better (whether he’s acting better or not is a more subjective and need not concern us here.. similarly whether Aamir is ‘labored’ or not is irrelevant.. of course the majority of the audience presumably doesn’t agree with you!).

            I shall not be addressing internet voting here!

            But the contradictions still keep multiplying. But before I point all of these you keep slipping in subjective criteria. For example I do not accept your proposition on AAA at all. To my mind it’s every bit as brilliant as Deewar in terms of what each is attempting to do. Obviously the latter is a more ‘profound’ film but that’s not the debate here. The kind of statement you’ve made about AAA I would make about a film like Khuddaar or Khoon Pasina or Yaarana. Substandard films one way or the other that Bachchan elevates. Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t elevate AAA or Deewar. But the AAA example here is a complete straw man.

            On SRK’s Ra One getting to 100 crores or more (though I don’t accept those exaggerated figures of 120 or whatever) let’s turn around this argument a bit. Let’s compare SRK’s own CDI to Ra One? So his own ‘content’ cannot match his own ‘worst’ effort?!

            It does not at all logically follow that because one does better films these must also be the highest grossers. Again let’s use my De Niro/Sandler analogy. Because Sandler can easily outgross a De Niro/Scorsese must mean something right?! Commercial films that have greater appeal for a much larger cross-section of the audience always do better than serious films, all else being equal, and these rules do not change even with major stars. But let’s take SRK again. His Swades did nothing, a fraction of what Ra One did (even accounting for inflation). So what you’re trying to prove vis-a-vis Aamir actually holds first of all for SRK himself!

            So again I am not even arguing with you on whether Aamir is a bigger star or SRK. That comes later. I am just trying to sort out your ‘make it up as you go along’ set of claims (harsh but true). What you’re essentially doing is selecting categories like ‘content’ and ‘box office’ and so on and defining them in completely contradictory ways depending on what star you’re talking about! I’m not going deeply into anything. Your claims are self-contradictory in a very immediate and obvious sense.

            Here’s the overall problem — one can like or dislike a star as much as one likes. But there has to be some sense of ‘reality’ that informs a debate. When this isn’t the case one is led down a path where one has to resort to increasingly outrageous and ‘absurd’ (mean this in just a descriptive sense) statements to back up one’s claims. Perhaps you can still unpack what you’ve said so far. I have the gravest doubts.

            In cricket terms you’re basically saying ‘hey Sachin plays very well on a fast track at Perth or in SA somewhere but when it’s a graveyard pitch at Ferozeshah Kotla or somewhere he can’t really do a lot better than Virat Kohli. And here Abhishek must be introduced. I think his very patchy record with the ‘different’ shows how difficult it is to get it right when one goes the ‘content’ way. SRK himself shows this (he’s failed 99% of the time doing different from Dil Se to Asoka to Swades to Paheli and so on..). So it’s not as if this is such an easy thing to do. If it were SRK and Salman would be counting some 200 crore grossers today! So even though the difficulty level at Perth is far greater let’s not count it! And this is the best way to end this point — Aamir is not even playing on the same pitch as Salman and SRK. The credit goes entirely in his direction. He has the harder job on his hands. Not they.

          • i agree with u here again. but this comment came from no one else but u( from whom atleast i don’t expect such things, not that u have to care abt my opinion). on a certain thread of ‘shanghai’, sumone praised abhay deol and u simply dismissed it by saying ‘i have never seen abhay act’- now u may not like abhay but wasn’t that too harsh a comment?- the guy is not aftaab shivadasani. earlier i would have myself been hesitant enough ti say this but now,when enough has been said abt me,i said what i felt

          • Not at all. I have ‘never’ seen Abhay act. It’s quite simple. I am not ‘trying’ to be dismissive. I ‘am’ dismissive when it comes to Abhay’s supposed acting skills. So what strikes you as a ‘harsh’ judgment seems merely factual to me. I say this far more about Sunny Deol though. Abhay I still don’t mind very much. But I have truly ‘never’ (‘never never’ as they say in the US) seen Sunny act!

            If someone wants to believe otherwise it’s their will and wish.

            The thing is stars are often effective on screen for lots of reasons. But people confuse this with ‘acting’.

          • A HUGE LOL at people who think Swades is a bigger risk than Lagaan or Lagaan has no other value ”except that it was nominated at Oscars”!

            As for scans of Swades’ social impact, there are hundreds of scans for social impact of TZP, 3 Idiots, RDB, Lagaan and even Sarfarosh!

            Swades’ cult impact is there, but nowhere comparable to those of Aamir Khan’s films.

            And what is the big deal of CDI song becoming an anthem? Every cricket series gets called Lagaan series by media! Many sports tournaments not just in India, but even some foreign countries have been named ”Lagaan cup”! CDI was no risk, considering how Lagaan had already set trend of sports films and audience had begun to patronise sports films post Lagaan, such as Iqbal.

            Aamir is nothing without ”content”? Indeed? So just because he chooses good content, does it belittle his stardom and success? What kind of reasoning is this?

            If SRK is so great, why couldn’t he manage a good content film like Swades to a hit status? If not hit then at least average?

            Aamir couldn’t have taken a Ra One to 117 crores? Ha! Firstly he wouldn’t have ever made a lousy film like Ra One, secondly, if he also had this drama like dubbed versions, extra screens, no competition, 3D versions – blah, blah, blah, then why only he? Anyone could have taken Ra One beyond 100 crore except perhaps Ajay Devgan!

            Dhobi Ghat is indeed an art film, with no proper end or definite story, no music, no songs etc., so it is laughable how SRK fans try to use it against Aamir! It is height of desperation to prove Aamir somewhat inferior! :D

            Dear Graduate, I ask, would SRK have been able to make Dhobi Ghat a hit? Forget hit, would he have been able to take that film to at least 20 crores if not 100? You use DG against Aamir, tell me considering the kind of film it was, would SRK or Salman have taken it to 20 crores minimum?

            LOL at the comments and bigger LOL at desperation of SRK fans to convert every thread into a comparison one! Someone praised Aamir, these guys jumped to bring in other stars’ names and make it yet another Khan war thread! How insecure!

          • @The Graduate

            ”just 1-2 big hits by SRK will question that position further.”

            This ”will” thing has been going on since 2008. 4 years have passed since then. Nothing happened. The hypothesis for an imagined future remains in SRK fans’ arguments against Aamir! :D

            As for Salman’s successes, they have not just ”diluted” Aamir’s success, they have also had impact on perception of SRK’s success! Don’t ignore that!

            You make a huge deal about SRK’s films managing to do 100 crore despite negativity! Tell me, if he were so special, then why didn’t MNIK do 100 crore in India being such a massive project and coming a year after RNBDJ which was successful?

            What’s the big deal if he did manage a 100 crore deal with no competition, festival release dates, and all gimmicks like marketing, special effects, special appearances, dubbed versions, 3D versions etc.? Even after all these gimmicks, his film barely manages to come near or marginally surpass nett collections of a 4 year old film Ghajini – which did 115 crore nett in 2008 itself, without half the razzmatazz of Ra One or Don 2?

            Mind you! Ajay Devgan crossed the 100 crore mark way before SRK with films like Golmaal 3 and Singham – that too, without an iota of promotion or marketing and all other hype and hoopla associated with him! Does it imply he’s a huge superstar? Or bigger than Khans because he got 100 crore deal without ever stepping out to promote his film or working with big banners?

            If you’re talking of defeating negativity, then or controversies, then even Aamir gave hit RDB just 5-6 months after the bashed ”The Rising”! It was yet another patriotic film, it released in January, which is not considered a good period to release films anyway, still it became a hit. Even his ”The Rising” at least set record for the biggest ever opening weekend and opening week when it released! He came after 4 years, other stars were on top, still he managed to set a new record! [Whereas fans of certain stars only keep boasting about highest 1 day collection record managed by their star’s film!]

            Aamir’s Fanaa made more money than both KANK and Don, despite never being released in one whole state – Gujarat! [But of course you guys will attribute its success to every other factor except Aamir!]

            I see you are an SRK fan, but deliberately using Salman also against Aamir. I would like to know where was Salman’s massive fan following and iconic stature pre-Wanted? Why did Tere Naam type nice films also struggle to succeed? If he can make even bad films big grossers then why did he give so many flops pre-Wanted in the 2000s decade?

            Aamir’s successes are either due to content, other factors like co-stars or filmmaker or marketing – or merely a fluke or discrepancy. While there can be a case for success and stardom even in other stars’ failures? Wow! *Applause*

            Ghajini was earlier being called crap, but now they say even that worked due to ”content”. How contradictory! Just sheer desperation to run down Aamir Khan or his stature in any manner possible! Futile attempt mister!

        • “Why is the parameter different?? You cannot escape by saying Bachchan was similar to SRK and Salman in capabilities but I love Bcahchan because I love his films.Presently I dont find films in similar vein entertaining.”

          LOL – what am I escaping, exactly? First of all I never once said Bachchan was similar to SRK and Salman. (Mainly because I’m still sane.) What I said was that Bachchan’s kind of stardom doesn’t exist today. Not from SRK, not from Aamir. No one. How you somehow read what you did from my comments I can’t fathom.

          And if you think AAA is of the same ilk as OSO and Wanted then we might as well stop discussing this because there’s no convincing either of us.

          • “First of all I never once said Bachchan was similar to SRK and Salman. (Mainly because I’m still sane.)”

            LOL, line of the day!

          • The Graduate Says:

            Will reply to Satyam’s piece once I am back from posting.

            But To Gf,

            That sanity you claim may well be a partial and baised observation.Just that it had Bachchan in it dpoes not absolve it of its idiocy that is rampant throughout. You cannot pick and chose. Neither is there a parameter to decide whether OSO/Wanted were better or poorer than AAA.

            Maybe you need a reality check!!

          • “Neither is there a parameter to decide whether OSO/Wanted were better or poorer than AAA.”

            Do you think there is a parameter to decide whether DDLJ is a better film or English Babu Desi Mem? What about between KKHH and Guddu?

            Again confused about what you’re suggesting. Surely you couldn’t be saying that there is ‘no’ parameter that could allow one to decide what’s better between two works (films or otherwise)?!

            Now you could ‘rephrase’ this and say that actually all parameters are just relative and hence someone could pick OSO or Wanted over AAA. And I suppose by the same token some could prefer Guddu to KKHH or English Babu Desi Mem to DDLJ. Or maybe if we just want to restrict ourselves to hits maybe one could value Houseful 2 more than Swades.

            Just not sure what you’re saying here.

          • Good answer graduate!
            Sanity which needs to be proclaimed and rests on comparing and contrasting stars is suspect.

          • Some people wouldn’t recognize sarcasm and irony even if these bit them on the nose!

          • satyam, just to play the devil’s advocate lemme try and frame graduate’s reply in a different way- i think what he means here is ‘that if one is hell-bent on picking OSO over AAA, one can do so irrespective of any criteria which is present.’

          • yes and if one is hell-bent on picking Guddu over DDLJ I suppose one can do this also!

            The point here is not to construct imaginary situations which are logically possible but to posit those which can be defended on some grounds or the other.

          • Graduate I simply disagree if you’re suggesting that there aren’t grounds for favorably comparing AAA over OSO or Wanted! If this is what you’re saying, I won’t say you need a reality check, but you could certainly benefit from revisiting those films!

            And again, you’re completely making up stuff that I never said. You and oldgold (who can always be trusted to jump into a discussion I’m having with someone else and insert a snide comment) are putting words in my mouth. Not once anywhere here did I get into the business of comparing stars or what have you. My interest in this discussion initially had to do with your arguing against Aamir (which is of course fine) only to then suggest (somewhat contradictorily) that he’s responsible for good content. I then thought your putting AAA on the same level of OSO and Wanted was, well, just plain wrong. Beyond having better performances, (not just from Bachchan) better music and more inspired moments, AAA has a political and social charge that neither Farah Khan’s preposterous circus nor Prabhudeva’s enjoyable actioner had. It’s ridiculous that one even has to justify this (!) and I could go on but it seems utterly pointless. A bit like comparing old Woody Allen to present day Adam Sandler . As I suggested, I think you could do with revisiting AAA.

        • The Graduate Says:

          No. I am not changing parameters while equating Aamir with SRK.Making it seem puzzled wont help an iota,I guess.

          I am saying contrary to the claims that Aamir has a great filmography[preposterous that claim may be—just an opinion as you have] and that his “content” is superior to others,I made a statement that SRK has more variety in characters displayed on screen and infact is not less,infact ahead of Aamir in quality. After all I do not consider you an authority to define quality for me,neither do you consider me gifted enough to do that.
          You claim that I meant that if Aamir is a content driven star,I applied this to his whole filmography and also did not apply the same to SRK where I steered the debate to an analogy with Bachchan.

          So let the reply flow:
          I also mentioned about a pretty ordinary filmography of Aamir pre-2000[also mentioned I liked quite a few amongst it] and said that his decent efforts post 2000 has made him at least significant enough from a position where he once was even behind likes of Deols!That does not automatically translate into a fact that his content becomes superior to SRK’s. That is an independent statement made with respect to Aamir against all tall claims. Frankly I see no special quality in a Ghajini.I see TZP as highly flawed conceptually.I see Fanaa as an extension of Raj sometimes.I probably respect RDB and surely rever Lagaan.Here again the cut is there.I rate Lagaan higher than Swades with respect to cinematic attributes like shots and angles but as a complete accomplished product with a moving capability,I rank Swades high enough.Lagaan was somewhat superficial in its exploration of human insecurities,Swades defined that beautifully for me.Can you change it for me? A rating of 8.2 on IMDb “may” suggest many are in tandem with me on that debate of Lagaan Vs Swades. And Imdb is still not my favourite tool as it is of many Aamir fans.I am just getting back at their theorem with their own theorem. Similarly I cannot change the fact for you that AAA is a well made masala cinema.Can I? I find it as braincrapy and enjoyable as a Wanted or Dabangg. So how do you decide the parameter for me to like a film and rate it better.I am all the while questioning a pattern of forcing one’s thoughts through less logic,more mockery here. For me Bachchan is more enjoyable in Do aur Do Paanch and Deewar and Abhimaan.I am not averse to saying I cannot accept you as any authority to make me believe otherwise.I certainly am not any authority. I perceive Bachchan thus and will continue to do so.And how do you decide that you are in majority. Interiors still flock to see Namak Halal more than Deewar and I am testimony to that.Again I may be wrong to extrapolate that small data to a wider horizon.So can be you!

          SRK’s analogy with Bachchan was related to the fact that he could manage atleast half the iconic aspect of Bachcahn that Aamir inspite of thousand attempts[brilliant by his fans] could not. I have recounted a few rebuttal movies of SRK to negate Aamir fan’s hollow claims,never claimed that OSO was better than a JJWS.Have I?That debate was mainly centred around Swades vs lagan and CDI vs TZP. By that I mean to say that even when I am calling Aamir’s pre-2000 most ordinary.and if I am not calling OSO better than JJWS,one can easily imagine how low on content I rate OSO[I find AAA also low on content,none can change my mind there] and still it managed to do a hefty amount back then. So the question remains about the pitch they playing on. I would strongly object to Aamir being called batting on a Perth’s bouncy wicket when he is strolling in Feroz Shah Kotla. Risk is more when an actor tries flavor in his role.I see a far more varied flavor in SRK’s attempts than Aamir. A Rizwaan is more heart warming than DJ, A Suri is far more enjoyable and layered than Sanjay Singhania, A Mohan Bhargava is far more deeply dealt tha Bhuvan for me. Preposterous is a very strong term I use.I could use terms like the same if I wish to considering your views on Abhishek and also selective interpretation of 70’s masala being superior to present day crop,when both present the same.
          You by your admission say that No actor can remain on top for long ife he cannot do something good.Guess SRK must have done immense good to hole forte for almost 15-16 long years.Now where is the argument.You may ask why did not SRK’s film do as well enough in past decade if they were on better content. Pre-2009,his films were doing constantly better than Aamir’s and with Dg it has been proved that his worse is still miles ahead of the worst of other actors.Guess certain KHJJS ended in single figures and another DG at 14.5 crores.SRK’s paheli,an alien arena for him did 13 crores way back in 2005.Now the debate may move in classifying the difference between the two films trying to show DG as far more riskier.Risky is also when you move radically different from your established arean.With Aamir having not even attempted playing a single risky role with layers,post Bhuvan which itself had a few flaws according to me,how do you expect me to accept that he is batting on Perth. You cannot dictate terms to an observer.We all are fans.You are a Bachchan fan,I am a SRK fan,Prateek is a Aamir fan.I can also say I find your arguments confusing or so awkwardly maniupulative but rather than that I tend to explain how I see it.And howsoever little one may understand,I get it that any view here seldom is the universal view. Why did not CDI do as much as Ra.One! Guess on inflation adjusted grounds it might have equaled it with being a slow beginner.That initial statement by you might be termed flawed.If we go by grosses,Salman beats any other star hands down.But guess then you all have a self-concoted “prestige” theory to save Aamir.
          Aamir is not denied stardom.No one denied Amitabh stardom after he made Vijay a culturally significant name.No one denied SRK that stardom when he made himself the face of an ambitious post liberated India and also went on to become synonymous with BW.No one denied Salman that stardom when one saw people flocking to see him in a shirtless avatar. No one denied Aamir the stardom when one saw people listening to his words,may be even imbibing it.But my argument here is that the gradation of stardom becomes more conspicuous when you see terms like iconic and culturally significant.None can refute that. I have my reservations about Aamir being a major feature in superstardom race,I also do not think he is playing at any different altitude and I can also think your views to be flawed and preposterous but on the contrary I love keeping my points.

          • TheGraduate.. I don’t want to keep going back and forth over this but a few points nonetheless stand out:

            1)Before 2000 Aamir had QSQT, Raakh, HHRPK, DHKMN, JJWS, AHAT, Rangeela, AAA, Earth, Sarfarosh. Now notice I haven’t included some blockbusters here like Dil or RH because I looking at either different stuff or at least ‘sensible’ entertainment. Now here’s the thing, one can disagree with this list and say there’s nothing special on it but who else has a ‘better’ list than this?

            2)On the iconic thing I think it’s time to address this because this point has been completely exaggerated beyond belief. Aamir started off as the iconic chocolate hero before everyone else (in his generation) and he was there for some years. What happened beyond a point is that he started moving away from this image and got into stuff that even when successful did not necessarily play to those ‘base’ strengths. Throughout the 90s he avoided most of the iconic formats around, most notably the SRK kind of love story but also the Dhawan kind of deal (Ishq was perhaps the closest he got to this). So there were consequences to walking away from this. Dil in the year of its release was the biggest hit when that very same year Ghayal was also a big and so was Aaj Ka Arjun. You don’t do that in a love story without being iconic (specially since this wasn’t his debut film).

            3)The ‘since-2000′ argument is a bit odd too since we’ve now spent 12 years ‘since’ 2000! By the same token why celebrate Salman at all? What was he doing for most of the past decade before Wanted arrived and especially Dabanng? Again this is an example of very convenient ‘selection’ that isn’t applied across the board. More importantly as I’ve said before there is often that event-like moment that just resets the clock. So whatever Aamir was doing before Lagaan just doesn’t matter because this film reset the clock. Much as Salman’s initials after Dabanng are not affected by what he was doing for years prior to this film. So on and so forth.

            4)Again you mix the subjective with the ‘factual’. You might prefer Swades to Lagaan or whatever. That’s not the issue here. The question revolves around the ‘kind’ of film each star does. So one might find many of Aamir’s movies overrated but he’s nonetheless attempting a lot of stuff that many of his peers didn’t and certainly not consistently. Again here’s the problem, the argument becomes self-contradictory and relies on mutually exclusive points. So for example the claims are:

            1)Hey Aamir wasn’t the only one doing different, SRK did too and his films were better.
            2)Aamir wasn’t doing anything that different to begin with.


            1)Aamir got where he did because of content and not iconic appeal, the others are still on par with him.
            2)actually Aamir didn’t get where SRK and Salman are.

            I could multiply these examples but once again you play it from both sides. When you go from aamir to SRK or vice versa you also change the terms of the debate!

            Once more I am not even arguing on the specifics very much (I did introduce those two ‘corrections’ on Aamir because I think that these have been exaggerated beyond recognition by many) because I am unable to spot any consistency in your claims. So saying stuff like ‘I was more moved by Mohan Bhargav’ and so on is irrelevant to the larger discussion here (besides of course being puzzling on its own because Bhuvan was certainly not trying to move anyone! It’s like saying I was more moved by Vijay than Anthony!). Similarly IMDB ratings are such an incredibly subjective criterion but moreover something else that has no relevance whatsoever to your overall claims. So you just mix up all kinds of stuff which is hard to argue with (even when one wants to as for example on the factually incorrect claim that SRK’s films were doing better than Aamir’s pre-2000.. this picture is not as ‘clear’ as it seems.. but also SRK also had a much worse hit to flop ratio than Aamir’s during that period..) because it seems to open up a whole different line of debate.

            I think we’ve both said all we’ve needed to on this. To reiterate I don’t ‘disagree’ with you too much because I haven’t so far been able to spot a consistent and coherent argument that I could disagree or agree with! I do detect a set of tactics and strategies that are all over the place and do not an argument make. Anyone could make such claims about any star by jumbling things up in this fashion. So I think we should end it here because despite repeated attempts you haven’t been able to introduce greater coherence in your claims.

        • Let us not Quote selectively ( I hv no fav, be it aamir, salman, bachchan or srk). They are Just stars and they get praise or flake from me depending how they add value to my Wallet n Time when I go to see there movies…

          IMDB list for aamir and Srk ( I m just quoting movies with rating of 8 above or arnd it)


          3 Idiots : 8.2
          RDB : 8.3
          DCH : 8.3
          Lagaan : 8.1
          Sarfarosh : 7.9
          AAA : 8.2
          JJWS : 8.1

          SRK –
          CDI : 7.9
          Sawdes : 8.2
          DDLJ :7.8

          So that all Srk movies are less than Most of aamir movie, excpt Sawdes??

          To me Both are so so actors and great stars.

          Depicting varied roles is like wearing any sort of cloth but what matters is carrying it convincingly, where they all fail( with some abberations).

          They are great stars not grt actors, IMHO and fans do see that… they live off by that extension of self, due to personal identification with a particular fav star…

          Look for what you want to see in movie and you are ready to shell out bucks for that. Simple as that. Fans tend to look at there own fav star and forget the movie and its substance..

        • The Graduate Says:

          Before i set on to answer your queries that still revolve around a political framework more than logical..I strongly object your dismissive behaviour. Each word was coherent in my response and I have very well demarcated my stance. When I said a pretty ordinary pre-2000 I did compare it to SRK’s–Darr,Baazigar,Deewana,DDLJ,KKHH,Yes Boss,Pardes wherein I find an earnest effort to perform a layered character with conviction.Barring JJWS and to an extent Sarfarosh and Ghulam,roles that i a fond of,I do not find Aamir in an earnest disposition out to prove himself. Thus the phrase used! You can use an attribute notches higher for Bachchan[though I amyself like him] but in the same vein if some other fan is highly appreciative of a particular star,a star who breaks the “politics” of the arguments in favour of Bachchan and Aamir,you start acting as if stuffs in response are incomprehensible. That is dismal from you. I can also say I wish to stop reading any further when you say Abhishek is trying “different” stuffs and that Aamir is surviving for a “prestige” unmatched.But I do not.Because I understand that it comes from a rigid bent of mind.Arent we all part of the game or you chose to be the grandmaster here!!

          Iconic Stuff! Aamir might have started from zenith but I do not even see him at the nadir of any iconic chart or table.I am sorry. A star whose cultural aspect is almost nil..iconic is not a word for him.In the same vein,I can reply “prestige” theory or “masala” theory of yours is stretched beyond imagination.But I chose not to because an opinion remains an opinion till it can be proven.None of these words like “prestige” and “iconic” can be proved.But we have opinions.So what is not coherent there,that I am not agreeing to your POV???

          We may not be going anywhere,on net forums seldom sicussions go anywhere but certainly I am not getting much from your twisted facts that make Aamir seem extraordinary while he is not!And in the sequence to prove this,I have also not changed parameters,I have fulfilled that query in my last response.Exaplained why I think so? The greatest ironic aspect of your response is that inspite of liking tonnes of non sensical cinema from Bachchan[again re-iterate I like many of them too,my family is a huge Bachchan fan,I am very fond of him],you claim to alienated DIL and RH from Aamir’s filmography just to consolidate a flimsy POV of yours that Aamir is a sensible star.Sorry dear,I did not find anything highly sensible in Fanaa,TZP[Its highly manipulative considering Aamir claims it not to be,I do not dislike manipulation but not if one boasts that manipulation is not present],Ghajini,Mangal Pandey and to an extent in 3I. I am equally dismissive of Ra.One,OSO and CC but then I find SRK ahead of any star presently when it comes to variety,strength and layered aspect of roles.Also find his celebrated movies high on “content”,”prestige”. You have the same opinion about Abhishek,Aamir!! Lets have opinions,each one’s is flawed but I am not coherent,honourable men!! I won;t accept that!

          • Don’t want to go in circles here except to repeat that your arguments are self-contradictory on your very own terms (in the ways I’ve pointed out scores of times by now) not on mine. I haven’t even really argued with your opinions so far. So again much of what you’re saying here is quite irrelevant to the point I’m making — you just don’t have consistent criteria to establish whatever ‘opinion’ it is that you want to get across.

      • The Graduate Says:

        Sid Basu remarked after watching SJ–“This is worse than Krishi Darshan!!”

        • Siddharth Basu’s tv company wished to co-produce SJ–but Aamir chose not to associate with him, since apparently, as per some media reports (read this a few days back, can’t find link now), Basu wanted to make the show more commercial than aamir intended. Finally, aamir found in star, a partener in tune with his own thinking.

          Aamir has repeatedly said that TRP’s are not important to him ; but they are important to any commercially responsible set-up like Star TV–so I’m hoping that the show is a decent commercial success. But, I would definitely take Sid Basu’s words with a huge pinch of salt.

          As an aamir fan and well-wisher, I admit I’m nervous for the man; the show seems an even bigger risk than Lagaan. I’m a cautious optimist though–and i’m hoping for the best, even while being prepared for disappointment…just hope that I will be proved wrong about my fears –that the show will be too ‘rotlu’, even while it is sincere and honest. There are far too many cynics around in present day Bharat–and the net is full of them at their expressive best.

          • Here is a recent quote from Siddharth Basu–When asked for a comment on the template, Siddharth Basu, Chairman and Managing Director, Big Synergy, which produced ‘KBC’, ’10 Ka Dum’ among other top ranking star shows as also ‘Aap Ki Kachehri’, said, “It’s a brave attempt to raise front-burner issues in a moving and thought-provoking way. We need that on our TV. I wish Aamir and the show the very best.”

        • @The Graduate

          LOL!! :D

          This expert comment is from some ”aloo bhajaa” on a blog called Moifightclub, which itself is run by a guy who prefers to hide behind a pseudonym and can’t even reveal his exact name! ;)

          You’re quoting it as if you heard it from Sid Basu himself! Since when did anonymous commentators online become reliable source of ”news”? :D

          • Prateek,

            The guy who writes under the pseudonym Cilemasnob on Twitter & runs Moifightclub blog is a two bit film journo called Somen Mishra from CNN IBN.

            The guy is a “snob” and that’s putting it mildly !!!

          • Thanks Shubh, always used to wonder yeh ChSnob kaun hai, I did enjoy some of his tweets but recently he tweeted some very disrespectful stuff about bachchan….. mere ko kaheen mil gaya toh ,do-chaar toh jad donnga waa key, bhai sahab !!!

          • In the Sujoy Ghosh interview when Sujoy said that no matter how big a director he becomes- Amitabh B will not need him, but Sujoy will need him…these A.Hloles made such a noise that Sujoy changed it to Aamir Khan….Sujoy however did praise Bachchan a lot ……

          • Saw Kahani again and found it as good, also saw tha deleted scenes and think some of them should have been in the movie …..

          • The Graduate Says:

            The same way for you suddenly Aseem Chhabra had become the voice of Martin Luther King Jr.

        • @The Graduate

          LOL! ;D Aseem Chhabra at least has a name and an existence! Unlike some ”Aloo Bhajaa”! ;)

          I marvel at your equating Aseem Chhabra to some anonymous commentator online! Good going! :P

    • The theme song is much better than the vast majority of Hindi film songs these days! Prefer some of these Southern versions though, not least because the Rahmanesque genealogy is a bit more apparent here.

  91. I would be extremely surprised if this doesnt hit the bull’s eye.
    Aamir is nothing if not an expert in managing expectations and he seems to have left no stone unturned here. I t would be fair that this is his most ambitious venture yet. He has the art of making things socially relevant without allowing them to be become preachy or boring.
    Go, Aamir

    • Expect it to put up some massive numbers.

      • I don’t doubt the show’s content or the way Aamir handled it. But the length of each episode is too much! 90 minutes! If I am not mistaken, this is the longest for any chat/discussion show. So far, only some dance/music shows like Boogie Woogie or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa have had such lengthy episodes. I wonder who would be game to watch a show on serious discussion about social issues for whole 90 minutes that too, on a Sunday morning!
        11 AM is a weird time he’s chosen. Nowadays, even movie premieres are not scheduled anytime before 12 PM.

        Considering its time slot and length of each episode, I highly doubt if it could manage good TRPs no matter how many channels he shows it on.

        But as some people say…Aamir’s been a gamechanger in past..so perhaps, maybe even this time his risks could pay off. Still, TV is a different ball game than movies. His strategies might backfire here given the kind of shows India’s TV audience patronises these days!

      • Satyam

        I hope so…..because Aamir is doing something very noble and as usual hatke

  92. Ninety minutes is long, perhaps–but when you wish to have a solid in-depth discussion–90 minutes may seem just right. I am guessing that ads will take up 30 minutes of time and the show proper will last for an hour. So break up may be as follows–just a guess–opening song for the particular episode, introduction to a particular person or group (Sikkim is on its way to becoming fully organic in its farming : this is there in one episode). Aamir converses to person or group. Studio audience interacts. Probably people from other states allowed to phone in with queries and comments (again, a guess). Closing , theme song of SJ show (what we’ve seen a few days back).

    Whatever–it looks like a show that won’t just skim the surface. Anyway, just watched this very interesting interview, conducted in well-spoken Hindi. Good 15 minute conversation, making quite a bit of sense. There’s sensibility too. Still, keeping fingers crossed for the show. There’s many a slip between cup and lip–but for Aamir’s sake, Star’s sake, TV audience’s sake–I hope the show works, creatively and commercially. I am apprehensive, yet hopeful.


    • LS,

      Agree completely…13 episodes of 90 minutes is perfectly fine considering the show will be aired only once a week i.e. Sunday morning…as compared to other shows previously which used to be aired 3-4 times a week.

      • @Shubh

        Discussions, debates and proper focus on issues is fine. Still, audiences’ attention span is not that much for any show, which is not a song and dance one. Even so-called super episodes of popular fiction shows never went beyond 1 hour. So it is quite a risk for a show on just discussion on social issues.

        BTW, Aamir Khan is still shooting for the show’s episodes and travelling to different parts of the country. He’s currently shooting at Varanasi, today. So it’s confirmed again it is not just studio stuff which he has done and hasn’t merely travelled to shoot a music video.


        Your link is not working. Could you please post it again?

  93. g2-f43c3cafe265122e2d6d746f877d815b Says:

    The usual culprits are already suffering from bouts of indigestion. A good sign for the success of the show.

    • Hard to know how the show will pan out. Much of the optimism is purely on the basis of Aamir’s attachment. I’d not be betting against it for the same reason.

    • But isn’t this statement becoming clichèd?

    • ”The usual culprits are already suffering from bouts of indigestion. A good sign for the success of the show.”

      HAHAHA! :D That’s the perfect way to look at it!

  94. alex adams Says:

    LS-actually share the fandom for aamir–wish all the best for this seemingly well intentioned effort by aamir (hope the actual issues take centrestage than aamirs career blitzkrieg !!)
    but feel (politely) that neither u or aamir deserves u to be en exclusive unidimensional aamir defender :-)
    there are many others for it lol
    ps–have u been readind any books lately (other than the aamir ‘autobiography’ by some christina now in the market)
    Hope to get some good recommendations for a quick breezy read
    ps2- reminds me where is moti uncle who seems to have disappered after the burman thread– there is a rise of folks with very specific (single) interests lol

    • @Alex

      Sorry to interfere in yours and LS’ exchange, but I would like to ask what is wrong if he does speak for Aamir?

      And it’s funny how you keep harping the same lines – ”for this seemingly well intentioned effort by aamir (hope the actual issues take centrestage than aamirs career blitzkrieg !!)”

      – Whatever he will do, at least it is a given that he won’t showcase himself the way some other ”superstar kings” do, by even giving away copies of their own biographies written by their sycophants, as free gifts to the common people who appear on his show! :D

      He’s shot episodes with experts across various disciplines, activists, real people for some reason. Not to highlight his own career blitzkrieg! If he had wanted to showcase himself or his career he would have produced some show on his own career/life like others’ production houses make ”Living with a superstar” or ”Live my life” or ”Inner and outer world of XYZ Khan”.

      Maybe you are used to certain stars using their production houses to churn out umpteen documentaries on themselves every 3 years, which is why you keep suspecting even Aamir Khan’s show on social issues, to be about his career blitzkrieg and not any issues! Ha! :D

      I suggest you first watch it before making assumptions about it.

      • @The Graduate

        Aamir’s so-called sycophants, taking him to attend a poor rickshaw driver’s function is anyday better than a guy and his coterie shamelessly indulging in self promotion at every given opportunity and churning out books and documentaries on one’s own self through one’s own production house and author friends – every 2-3 years! And giving away books on oneself in a gameshow! Many books have been written on Amitabh Bachchan, he never stooped down to this level, giving his own bios to contestants on KBC! Only some other ”King” is never satiated!

        Aamir did attend the function and the poor rickshaw driver is happy. You allege his story is fake, though the rickshaw driver’s own interview is available online, where he himself says he invited Aamir. It is of course, your own choice if you choose to ignore that and think Aamir faked it all.

        Whatever Aamir does, at least he does not shamelessly keep hardselling himself all the time.The amount of publicity Aamir will get from attending a rickshaw puller’s son’s wedding is nothing compared to publicity stunts of even international level masterminded by so-called iconic kings!

        BTW, SRK’s next film is probably about affairs, so is this why he is letting media spread news of his ”affair” with Priyanka Chopra? Advance publicity stunt for the film on a similar subject? Eh?

        One should not try to be holier-than-thou or question others’ genuineness if one himself has lots of skeletons in his own cupboard, which are forever on verge of tumbling out, no matter how much people try to keep the cupboard closed!

  95. Hi Alex. I can’t help speaking up for Aamir. The guy gets badly mauled– made fun of for his lack of height, supposed lack of acting skills; his contributions are dismissed…. and what’s a fan to do, but speak up . I don’t consider him a messiah, but neither will I let him be dismissed in the manner ‘The Graduate’ and other oldgolders and usual suspects do. I never speak out against any actor, as far as possible, even with reason to. but will defend when i feel the need.

    Have been reading as usual. Read The Help (the book source of the oscar nominated film). Really good, sensitive, all that..but am yet to watch the film. As for the unauothorized Aamir book by one Christina Daniels–have heard that it is underwhelming, poorly researched, writrten in a manner that does not indicate any empathy or even superficial knowledge of the subject. A net friend cum aamir fan is seriouisly unhappy with the book–and i have no intention of getting/reading the book.

    Can’t remember names of more books, right now–though i have been reading some good light interesting stuff.Will tell, when I remember.

    • >The guy gets badly mauled– made fun of for his lack of height, supposed lack of acting skills; his contributions are dismissed…. and what’s a fan to do, but speak up

      More badly mauled than SRK?
      Speaking up for him on this blog is like showing light to the sun.

      • PS: The ‘him’ is for Amir.

      • @Oldgold

        ”More badly mauled than SRK?”

        You finally did bring up his name, in an unrelated topic, but you had claimed you never bring up his name, unless someone else is already talking about him! :D

        LS talked about Aamir, and you brought up SRK’s name in response!

        You had asked me to show you one topic, where you brought SRK’s name if it wasn’t related to him. This one has become that! ;)

        Don’t mind my pointing it out. :P

        • No! I brought in the name of the **most mauled person**.
          If there was another, I would have taken that name.
          SRK=most mauled person.

  96. Alex adams Says:

    Thanx LS
    am a bit surprised that this is all you’ve read recently lol
    Probably uve been busy defending aamir from the wolves :-)
    Well ‘the help’ looks a bit morose for my (current) moods
    But may try it (when I grow up lol)
    As for ‘light interesting’ stuff u r reading -c’mon let’s hear it-that’s what we like
    Ps- as for Christina’s biography
    I’m a bit surprised how a person as
    Measured and conscientious and
    Conscious like aamir has allowed her to come out witha book on his life of its so ‘Ill researched’ etc. there surey are ways of
    ‘nipping these books in the bud’ if one wants!
    Surpising-maybe Christina has made him happy lol
    By her ‘attention to detail’

    Anyhow a recommendation from me-
    Milan Kundera -‘ the unbearable lightness of being’
    Miraculously read parts of it !!
    Yes -this is the same on which the Daniel day Lewis film is based upon

    • @Alex

      The book is on his films, not his life. And Aamir has no involvement whatsoever with this book.

  97. The Graduate’s assertions and reasoning have so big holes one can drive a truck through them.

    • The Graduate Says:

      On the contrary,it may seem so from far…coming close such trucks get reduced to compressed garbage. :D

      • Bro whatever gives you comfort :)…..speaking of comfort, your arguments earlier in the thread remind me of Ray Comfort who in this video presumes he’s making watertight case for creationism and against theory of evolution. :)

        • The Graduate Says:

          Why see the thing with your own perspective? You might just have said that as it made you comfortable. Guess we all have opinions..I might find holes big enough in yours to drive in a spaceship. Will that change your opinion…which you think to be true–which may be or may be not!

  98. LOL!
    One cannot but feel for the lot of SRK fans at times.
    But, it is their fault most of the times. It is OK to like SRK. That is a personal choice they are entitled to. But, then they get more ambitious and try to make him something more than what he is. He is certainly a very successful and in some ways an iconic star but he is not hugely talented, does not inspire visions of prestige and is certainly not the biggest star ever which is what his fans want him to be.He loses out by a lot to AB when claims to the biggest BW star ever, to Aamir in prestige and Salman when it comes to mega hits.
    Now, with Devgan and Akshay joining the 100 crores clubs, even his BO supremacy in the last decade is on shaky grounds.
    SRK fans end up looking clueless and frankly stupid when they try to go up against Aamir in prestige stakes or AB in greatness stakes. He has very few films that he can really be proud of and can stand the test of time.

    • The Graduate Says:

      Prestoghe Theory seems a cover up since Aamir cannot match SRK in many aspects. Infact Jr.B’s fans look more clueless after Players and KHJJS.

      He has really few films that he can be proud of and that can stand test of time.

      Thanks Rajen bhai but personal opinion cannpot be extrapolated so as to gags another!! If Abhishek is an acting prowess unmatched according to many here,I may well consider SRK greater than Montgomery Clift or Pacino!

      Box Office Hits of Salman–So Bachchan fans have now patronising even Salman whom they despised just two years ago. The man has a decade cut from his entire career. I think counting is not your forte then!!

      Prestige Theory Of Aamir– Prestige as to what— His best Lagaan is a notch behind Swades on IMDb–the so called tool of Aamir fans. His so called Wong Kar Kai cinema DG is a notch behind Johar’s so-called flawed MNIK. Where is the prestige? Just in thin air where many notions are concocted. You may have an personal opinion but that need not be an absolute gospel.

      Greatness of Bachchan— I already agreed no one is near him. I rank only Dilip ahead of him in many ways.

      • “Prestige Theory of Aamir – Prestige as to what “. Well, this is what :

        1) Walked the red carpet at the Oscars for “Lagaan”
        2) In 2010, Lagaan was ranked #55 in Empire magazines “The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema”.
        3) In 2011, the film was listed in Time Magazine’s special “The All-TIME 25 Best Sports Movies”
        4) 90 % critics rating for Lagaan on Rotten Tomatoes
        5) One of the finest cinema minds, Roger Ebert gave the film three and half out of four stars and said, “Lagaan is an enormously entertaining movie, like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and yet completely familiar… At the same time, it’s a memory of the films we all grew up on, with clearly defined villains and heroes, a romantic triangle, and even a comic character who saves the day. Lagaan is a well-crafted, hugely entertaining epic that has the spice of a foreign culture.”
        6) Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian described the film as, “a lavish epic, a gorgeous love story, and a rollicking adventure yarn. Larger than life and outrageously enjoyable, it’s got a dash of spaghetti western, a hint of Kurosawa, with a bracing shot of Kipling.”
        7) Lagaan was also listed as number 14 on UK Channel Four’s “50 Films to See Before you Die” and was the only Indian film to be listed
        8) Aamir was part of the prestigious international jury at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival
        9) Dhobi Ghat reached top 15 BAFTA awards shortlist in the Best Foreign Language category
        10) Cameron Bailey, head of the Toronto International Film Festival on Dhobi Ghat : “It took years for American independent cinema to develop its own narrative voices in contrast to Hollywood storytelling. In India, the emergence of a contemporary indie style is happening right now. Dhobi Ghat marks a major step forward for Indian filmmaking. It’s exciting that Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are taking that step together.”
        11) Peepli Live competed in the Sundance Film Festival, the first film from India to achieve this feat.

        So called “global star” SRK’s films are nowhere near achieving this kind of “prestige”. Also not to mention SRK’s overseas “prestige” has been severely sented with Aamir’s 3 Idiots being the highest grossing film from India.

        • Well said Shubh. Lagaan was a risk that paid off in a big way; I liked Dhobi Ghat too, esp the character of the girl in the video; admittedly Aamir himself was less than impressive in this film.

          Speaking of Aamir’s filmography–he himself says that his post- QSQT sign-ons, the early nneties flicks, were mistakes that he had to get through, commitments that had to be fulfilled, before he could take up good films–and that he did, one by one, save an odd mistake like Mela … i have no problem even with his Mangal Pandey.
          But my absolute fav Aamir films belong to the mid nineties–released with minimum hype, no expectations–JJWS, Rangeela (my fav film from 1995), HHRPK, AHAT, 1947Earth, Sarfarosh —these last two are in fact my fav aamir films and performances. Lagaan is there too, a good third place, ha ha.

          • Lagaan and Satyamev Jayate both have this risk factor. Any day I prefer the latter to the former.
            Bachchan and all the Khans have won BO several times and no failure will make them any less.
            Stop the wars and win Nobel Prizes for peace and sanity.

          • I will prefer SJ because it will work as a good sleeping pill for insomniacs.

        • @Shubh

          Not to forget Shubh, that Roger Ebert, gave glowing review to Lagaan, but wrote for Devdas that it is ”not even fit to lick the boots of Lagaan”! And this local, non-entity Aamir Khan is so much on Roger Ebert’s mind, that when he heard of MNIK, he thought it to be a documentary on life and work of Indian actor Aamir Khan – despite all global promotions of global King SRK![He actually wrote on Twitter asking his followers to check out this new film, from India, called My Name is Khan which is a docu on life of actor Aamir Khan! HAHAHA! :D]

          Aamir’s TZP was shown at UNESCO, and after LRM, it is Aamir’s 3 Idiots which was shown at UN Headquarters and also received standing ovation there.

          The only so-called prestige Aamir Khan is the youngest actor of India to receive the Padma Bhushan. This so-called prestige guy was the highest ranking Bollywood actor (male) in Forbes list of Most Bankable Stars in the World. And in 2011, he got voted only next to Mahatma Gandhi and Sachin Tendulkar in list of Most Trusted Brands in India.

          He was nothing at all, but somehow in a nationwide survey by Outlook magazine, in 1999, he got voted as the Best Actor of Bollywood, getting over 62% votes. Encycopedia Britannica of Hindi films described him as the best actor of his generation. But of course, how does this matter?

          He is the first actor to become visiting faculty at IIM-A, India’s top B-school. And the only film personality till date to have addressed IAS probationers at LBSNAA [it’s Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, for those who don’t know]. He was the first Indian actor to be invited to address students at Cambridge University, in 2005. His films are also a part of NCERT textbooks. Still, what is his prestige?

          Media in countries like Italy, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain and even Portugal are recommending his films as a must watch for parents and students and even for office workers, but still his prestige is merely limited to IMDb.

          Even earlier attempts like Holi and Raakh are being studied at film schools, still his filmography is useless except 3-4 films.

          He’s been voted best actor, beating his competition hollow, in several public polls and surveys in India, still he’s a non-actor and merely a filmmaker.

          All his achievements are useless or nothing in comparison to other greats. And his prestige is concocted or merely limited to IMDb. Social impact of one Swades is more than or equal to Aamir’s films. Yeah right!

          Ignoring the sheer respect and trust which Aamir enjoys in eyes of audience and the impact his films have made, is an exercise in futility! It’s funny how they can’t tolerate anyone saying a word against SRK, but can easily dismiss Aamir Khan’s achievements and stature or completely deny impact of his films or say impact of some Swades was same as impact of 3I, RDB, Lagaan, TZP!

          If their guy had got an Oscar nominated film in his career, they would be on cloud 9! But if it’s Aamir then what is Lagaan? ”Just an Oscar nominee”? They go orgasmic when MNIK makes it to Oscar ”reminder” list, but dismiss Lagaan as nothing more than ”just an Oscar nominated film”!

          Congratulations to SRK fans here, for yet again, turning away from the original topic and making a mere thread about a TV show, yet another Khan war saga! Haha! We believe our guy is superior, but somehow we need to create comparisons everywhere to ”prove” the same or ”laugh” at others! What an irony!

  99. Well, everyone’s entitled an opinion and so The Graduate has one.

    for those who believe he shouldn’t bring SRK everywhere and compare him to the greats (Amitabh, Aamir), even they shouldn’t pounce upon an SRK fan to constantly justify Aamir’s greatness.

    After a while it becomes monotonous and it’s unfair to see a fan being cornered just because he believes in something 95% of the people here dont agree with. It happens with oldgold all the time and now with this guy.

    Im no moderator, just an observer. So just sayig what I feel like.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Yes graduate should not be ‘pounced upon’ like that
      As for oldgold-she use to need my protection but has now learnt down self defence of her own-so can manage (usually!) :-)
      Also reminds me there were a v few salman fans (was it sm)
      To escape societal harrassment and persecution, she has undergone ‘extinction’!!
      So folks –save wildlife
      Ps-I’m also protecting some wild cats for eg :-)

    • @Tony Montana

      Sorry to say, I haven’t really seen Aamir fans ganging up on SRK fans to justify his greatness. I saw KM commented on Aamir’s ”greatness”. But I didn’t see him mentioning SRK anywhere either directly or indirectly. But somehow, some insecure SRK fan had to pounce on KM’s statements to make it an SRK vs Aamir war, for which, to his own convenience he also used Amitabh’s and Salman’s names.

      Of course everyone has their own opinion and right to express them, but I really wonder what drives them to get so worked up to see any other star being praised? Even if their own star has not been mentioned at all? [Referring to KM’s comment].

      You like your own favorite. Fine. Why feel the need to turn every other star’s thread into an SRK vs. someone else thread?

      You said Oldgold does not bring names. Tell me what was that when she brought SRK’s name in response to LS’ comment, which was not even remotely about comparison with any other star? What is this obsession with deliberately bringing SRK’s name everywhere, gradually bringing other stars’ names as well and turning EVERY discussion into a routine ”star war”?

      Is it The Graduate who is hell bent on writing verbose comments to pull down Aamir Khan, or was it Aamir fans who were constantly writing against SRK’s filmography or achievements?

      It’s actually funny! Even SRK does the same! He first starts it all by joking at other stars and their films in the name of wit and humour. Then cries foul if some other star or filmmaker also jokes about him and goes ahead to slap them!

      As the star, so are the fans! Start it all yourself and then when you get replies, behave like you’ve been cornered or people are unnecessarily ganging up against you! Or blame others for starting it all!

      • Prateek,

        Lets just admit every one of us does that. Its not just oldgold or Graduate but everyone’s judgements are clouded by prejudice of various kinds – towards a particular star or against one. Its just that we do not realize that 90% of whatever we say is influenced by perception. If oldgold brings in Aamir in SRK topic to bash him, some even bring SRK everywhere where he isnt needed.

        Being biased is actually fine. Not unethical. But it’ll be better if we acknowledge things at a point rather than stretching them beyond a limit. I actually forgot what Satyamev Jayathe was all about!

        • @Tony Montana

          ”But it’ll be better if we acknowledge things at a point rather than stretching them beyond a limit.” – This applies to everyone. Not just a particular section of people.

          I did not just point out at Oldgold. I am myself surprised how each of the Khans’ names finds its way into a discussion about either Khan’s thread!

          I was taken aback to see even the Oscars thread becoming an SRK vs Aamir thing here sometime back! How is an Oscars thread related to SRK/Aamir in any way?

          I don’t understand why people need to drag in either of the stars’ names in a discussion whether it is needed or not.

          I don’t believe in such constant fan wars, but I won’t even remain silent if people keep going on and on and even use other stars’ names to make a case against Aamir – in a thread which is just about a TV show which has no connection with any star or film. I don’t see anything wrong in case I or some other fans respond to such comments.

    • The tragedy is that we all times blame the problem lies outside, in world and the world is unreasonable but We( fans) don’t see that problem lies within, fans are so unreasonable n illogical about there own fav stars and likes and dislikes..

      In there own abstract world( fans), they think they have won the argument and feel happy and ego satisfied… Huh…

      Stars are no saints and epitome of perfection but its all economics driven by there own abilities and skills, now abilities and skill may vary from worse to good to better…

      “After a while it becomes monotonous and it’s unfair to see a fan being cornered just because he believes in something 95% of the people here dont agree with.”

      Agree but again 95% here are also unreasonable sometimes and Fans( of all stars) most of times..

      In the entire thread, I found only Satyam ( in some comments) being logical rest all indulging in Tu tu Main main… like Surf ad,
      Uski kameez( Star) meri Kameez se safed( better) kaise hain ?”

      Here,nowadays debate or discussion happens about personalities not abt Issues and Points raised… Sigh … Sad

      • In a way, that’s what I was implying.

      • @Bliss

        I agree with what you say. But then who discusses issues or even the topic at hand? It is amusing to see people posting videos of scenes from old films or calling out to compare actors, and if not actors, then actresses!

        I am surprised this thread is currently only an SRK vs Aamir thread and did not turn into an Aamir vs Amitabh Bachchan thread – though a particular user (who was also the first one to bring SRK’s name in this discussion) was commenting on how this show just looks like an attempt to beat KBC phenomenon!

        Why can’t people simply discuss the topic at hand instead of instantly bringing other stars’ names for comparison?

        I do agree wholeheartedly that no star is a saint and in real life, people don’t even take stars as seriously some people online do.

  100. tony, agree completely with u on this one.and even if one is making ‘absurd arguements’ according to sumone else, till the time he is civil and has no ulterior motives he shouldn’t be cornered like this. and if sumone like graduate is trying to put in so much of effort in presenting his POV, we should atleast make an attempt to read his comments before we dismiss him (and btw i don’t agree with ‘anything’ what he said till now but he has made a much better attempt at defending srk than some other fans)

  101. Alex adams Says:

    Oops before I go back to work, one more thing–
    Prateek–saw few minutes of ‘ek deewana that’
    Man hate to say-but it seemed ultracrap
    I wanna hang the director (& lead hero) upside down and kick their ..
    Oops but u were the hero-sorry oops
    But WHAT the heck were u doing
    And the director killed the Rahman tracks
    The only other saving grace was Amy jackson
    Wow -she looked an behaved more ‘Indian’ than ‘Indian’
    Btw u maybe wondering where’s she disappeared–she’s been abducted Prateek babbar!!!
    Whilst I were defending aamir here :-)
    Will Work now..

  102. Hey Alex–now you are being unfair to me. We all, , many of us read, watch films, discuss films and books, speak up for favourites–one is not exclusive of the other. One can be a sensible voracious reader AND a patron of good entertainment

    @ Tonymontana–You say– ‘for those who believe he shouldn’t bring SRK everywhere and compare him to the greats (Amitabh, Aamir), even they shouldn’t pounce upon an SRK fan to constantly justify Aamir’s greatness..’

    Come on–nobody is pouncing upon an SRK fan to justify Aamir, leave alone any greatness. This was an Aamir tv show thread–where as usual SRK was brought in by his fans–and the usual war, so unnecessary.

  103. “Come on–nobody is pouncing upon an SRK fan to justify Aamir, leave alone any greatness. This was an Aamir tv show thread–where as usual SRK was brought in by his fans–and the usual war, so unnecessary.”

    LS – Like I said.. Prejudice often clouds our judgement. I’d suggest you to follow this thread from the beginning and then see how SRK’s name was unnecessarily included against someone who was just expressing her opinion against Aamir.

    I agree she’s biased against Aamir but her statement was used to attack her personally, and dissing her remarks coz she’s the fan of a pompous star. I could present the same argument – Why did the person not argue with her without bringing in SRK?

    • and I find it extremely unfair if someone’s opinions against Aamir are ignored/ridiculed/scoffed at because he/she is an SRK fan! Dont think SRK was brought in either by oldgold or Graduate

      • Apart from context, history is also important!

        • History is the most illtreated subject with people twisting it to suit them.
          Context is always there, speaking for myself.

          • Not directed at you (or Tony) but blog traffic is normally overlapping and people have history and People recognize most of people when they comment.
            The comments which were deleted were like that because of the very reason.

      • @Tony Montana

        SRK was brought in this topic by Alex Adams. No one else started talking about him first.

        • and here I would say to Alex too that you [he] shouldn’t keep provoking people in various contexts. I know it’s meant to be fun but it doesn’t always work out that way and instigates people. Even if not directly then in going in certain directions. It’s not always ‘fun’ to stir up controversy.

  104. Alex adams Says:

    Forget aamir Srk folks
    Check out some Rahman song
    And ‘Oscar winning’ performance from Amy Jackson
    Heard she’s been signed a global ‘doll’ firm
    The ‘dolls’ for kid girls not for naughty
    Guys to clarify…
    Enjoy and
    Check out the ‘deep’ acting hohoho

  105. I’d like to lighten the mood here…….

    was flicking through these pics and I found this hilarious…thought both looked like retards (btw I’m an Aamir fan so take it as jest)


  106. I challenge anyone to come up with a comment where I have gone all gushy, drooly, starry eyed with excessive praise of SRK.
    So I find it interesting to poke my nose into such comments about Amir. That’s all.
    To do this I have to say the things which fans don’t see, and negate the things which fans see through rose coloured spectacles, as is the case with this TV serial.

    Not one thing about the show has even been hinted at.
    It is going on the lines of some sing song travelogue like ZNMD – and what do the fans do??
    They are going beserk with praise for Amir about the **show** which one doesn’t know anything about yet. LOL!!

    Personally, If I like the actual shows – I WILL SAY SO!!! – and not this silliness called *promos of serious issues**

    How can I sit back and watch such childishness and immature fan behaviour ;-)

  107. Ok guys let’s drop the whole Aamir-SRK thing. I had to delete about 20 comments. These had drowned out everything else and the discussion just wasn’t going anywhere.

    • Was it necessary and appropriate to delete so many comments where both sides hv talked about some pertinent points in large dough of garbage though???

      • yes it was because I have warned people about this many times. If it’s a very substantive discussion that’s one thing but when people are mocking each other over 20 comments and drowning out everything else it becomes problematic. sure there were some points being made too but I can’t be expected to ‘edit’ so many comments. As I’ve said just yesterday there must be a sense of proportion in these matters.

        • @Satyam

          Don’t mind, but I feel the exchange was very civil and had nothing offensive in it, so much so to warrant editing or even deletion.

          But it is your site and I respect your decision. So be it.

          • It wasn’t uncivil, I made that clear, but there was ‘too much’ of it. Beyond a point the same things were being repeated over and over again. I let some of the comments stand, so we do know what the debate was about. but it would be continuing right now and tomorrow probably if I’d let it go. On a different sort of more sophisticated blog it wouldn’t have been a problem as it wouldn’t have buried every other discussion. But here it does. So I wasn’t deleting for reasons of content in that sense, just that it wasn’t adding anything substantive beyond a point. It has nothing to do with you or thegraduate. This just an example. If you recall I’ve put up the social networking comment twice in the last two days. Again it isn’t against anyone but if it does become like that where people are just ‘chatting away’ it again drowns out other stuff. So one shouldn’t take this personally.

            In fact I offer apologies in advance to whoever has been affected by this so far and might be in the future but I have to maintain some discipline about these things. The silliness, the social networking, the pointless debates are all fine… upto a point.

          • @Satyam

            It’s fine. If it is necessary to maintain discipline on the blog and stick to the topic at hand, then it’s fine. Though it’s strange that my comments are gone, while the other guy’s reply to me is still there.

          • left a few in the thread.. but since everything you said was addressed to him or most of it I would have had to leave everything. I have removed very many of his comments as well.

    • Satyam, the discussion wasn’t going anywhere anyhow.
      All that was being written was fan soppiness and drooling – over silly self glorifying promotions which the fans were lapping up.
      I don’t call *that* discussion.
      You don’t call *this* discussion.
      The decision about deleting lies with you, but not what you call the comments ;-)

      I’m very curious about what you deleted.
      Were they showing the man concerned in unflattering and ‘real’ light? LOL

      • Correction:

        The decision about deleting lies with you, but not what you call the **comments**

        The decision about deleting lies with you, but not what you call the **discussions**.

      • Far be it from you to give me any credit in these matters (!) but what I deleted was stuff mostly involving theGraduate and Prateek where they were simply going round and round on Aamir’s the best/SRK’s the best. There were two pages or more filled up with this stuff. There were a lot of taunts thrown in and so on. Not that they were fighting. here’s the issue — if it’s not a substantive discussion, in other words if there’s no progression involved, or if there’s just silly banter being exchanged, so on and so forth, all of this is ok if it’s kept within proportion. Otherwise it drowns out everything else. If someone’s having a serious debate about something that’s fine. That’s happened many times on the blog on cinema-related or even political issues. In fact the other day I put up a comment about keeping the ‘social networking’ limited. Not that there’s anything wrong with this on its own but when it becomes solely about this and again you get very many comments it overshadows other stuff. Just today I told Saurabh about excessive trailers. Same principle.

        On the rest you know Oldgold Aamir is just going from strength to strength and has been for ages. This blog isn’t the reason why he is where he is! Your argument might be against ‘reality’.

        And this gets to a point I made yesterday. One can dislike him or anyone else as much as one wants to but surely one should be able to agree on some ‘facts’? I have never liked Salman and yet I never had a problem accepting what has been his obvious box office record for some films now (which weirdly some people think is a partisan move.. to highlight ‘facts’ becomes a partisan exercise because of course in the online universe and elsewhere people distort precisely the facts to get their points across). I lived through the Bush years, couldn’t quite stand what he symbolized. But he was there! One has to deal with reality. I have been the greatest Abhishek fan but I’ve not been saying the very same things about him whether it’s post Guru or maybe a year or two later and then now or for some time now. One has to deal with things. One might not like the shape of reality but one cannot simply be blind to the obvious.

        • Oh, I’ve never disagreed that Amir hasn’t had BO success.

          **You may not have noticed, but that’s never the point.**

          There are always people at the top, he isn’t the first person.
          And there always will be.
          The limit of success is ever rising. Amir isn’t the first and will not be the last.
          Starting from Kismet in 1943 which ran and ran in cinemas, one has seen this.

          You, and many others will **NEVER** see what I say, or give my opinion any weightage, but it doesn’t stop me (till you do someday, of course).

          • “There are always people at the top, he isn’t the first person.
            And there always will be.”

            This is so obvious a point it scarcely needs to be made. In other words who would argue with this?!
            Nonetheless phrased in such generalized it does create some problems. For example I could say Rajesh Khanna was on top, Rajendra Kumar was on top, Dilip Kumar was on top… and so on. The problem that being ‘on top’ doesn’t mean the same thing in every instance. Much as many cricketers top the rankings every year but they’re not all Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara. And this neatly takes me into your second point:

            “The limit of success is ever rising. Amir isn’t the first and will not be the last.”

            Not sure who among Aamir’s fans has ever said anything contrary to this. Who has claimed that his success is for all time?! But again I am uncertain what you mean by the limit of success always rising but if taken at face value I disagree with it. Certain benchmarks are either never crossed or they’re so high that the probability of someone ever crossing them is incredibly low. So I have no seen anyone play on Amitabh Bachchan’s level at any point in Bombay film history when it comes to the box office (one can argue about the performances and so on), and even after accounting for standards prevalent in different ages. Again the Tendulkar example. Could someone cross the totality of his records. Yes. Is it very likely. No. The same holds for Bachchan and perhaps to an even greater degree because there isn’t a box office Bradman before him.

            And the difference I would suggest is that of the ‘event’. Certain talents are of such magnitude that they reshape the entire field and this field can then never go back to being the same (in the older sense) again. In a sense the ‘event’ then transcends questions of performance or box office or what have you. Those are important of course, those are the building blocks, but something far more profound happens that cannot be accounted for as the sum of ‘these’ parts. Much as we can certainly examine how brilliantly Shakespeare writes verse or how he sets up his plays structurally, so on and so forth, but the Shakespeare event is so much larger than all of this.

            The ‘event’ is what ‘enframes’ us. We are never out of its orbit. The most recent ‘evidence’ of this in terms of contemporary Bollywood is the rush toward his remakes. The important point here isn’t about the particulars but that contemporary stars who are ambitious feel that the ultimate crowning moment can only come about when they take on an iconic Bachchan part. In other words they cannot generate that kind of transcendence without this crutch. This is what the ‘event’ is about. everyone who writes after Shakespeare learns something from him whether in direct or more subtle ways. Once upon a time Dilip Kumar was such a figure for Hindi cinema. A school for an entire generation of actors. With Bachchan something more happens, it is not just that he too becomes that school but that he alters the format(s) of commercial cinema. His kind of cinema overcomes every other kind. Etc etc.

            So without accounting for some of these specific differences one cannot adequately understand what’s going on. But it requires some good faith too with respect to the facts. One has to be willing to follow the evidence. If one is in a war ‘with’ the facts that’s a problem. With respect to Aamir I have been the first to shoot down any comparisons with Bachchan. For that matter I have even argued against comparing with Rajesh Khanna. The whole issue here precisely revolves around a comparison of Aamir with those in the last two generations or so. To the extent I have made a larger claim than this it has been simply this — that Aamir’s reliance on ‘substance’ to make himself the biggest box office star is pretty unique in Hindi annals. Which is to say that in this phase he hasn’t done it in obvious ways. It’s not as if he kept doing films like Dil or whatever, i.e. crowd-pleasing genres that get everyone in. He slowly built up his initial, very slowly in fact. Over time people had the sense that if Aamir was in a film it would be ‘good’. The initial kept increasing. Can’t think of any star who’s done it this way. Otherwise no matter how great the star there is a certain reliance on the bread and butter ‘signature’ film. A certain repetition thematically or otherwise. Not only has Aamir done this he’s maintained an uncanny success rate doing so. All of this counts for something. That doesn’t make him Amitabh Bachchan, that doesn’t make him Rajesh Khanna at his peak. that doesn’t even give him SRK’s iconic appeal. But that’s not the argument here.

            Which is why I said earlier your argument seems to be with ‘reality’. So if you’re going to say there’s nothing special about the films or his track record or what have you there comes a point when one is simply deeply conflicted about the ‘facts’. His grosses, his initials, his success across genres are there for everyone to see. I’m not making it up! Just as when he’s won various professional polls (India Today and so on) as the country’s most respected actor within his generation and beyond again that’s what people think. I’m not making it up. So whether he’s fake or hypocritical or whatever, as you claim, that’s all a bit relevant. He could be the worst human being on the planet and that still wouldn’t change the facts regarding his status as a star. There are some basics one has to agree on.

            You argued so much with me over Ra One. I offered lots of precise reasons why the film wasn’t working. You thought I was just a partisan. SRK himself made fun of the film’s box office and how it had flopped at this year’s Filmfares! How many who were blindly supporting Ra One at the time (sincerely or not) came back and accepted this? So it’s easy to accuse everyone else of being biased and so on but how fair is one about the facts when it comes to one’s own claims?

            No one is against you. The idea that your opinions are not being given weight is totally wrong. I have responded at length to many of your comments and this is one more example. You tend to react snidely even to these. From my side though if I wasn’t taking you seriously I won’t indulge in these responses. You might have many grievances about this blog and I’m not going to get into a debate once more about this but I can assure you that no reasonable person would consider your statements on Aamir or SRK as simply ‘neutral’ or that you were simply saying that stuff about Aamir to restore some sort of ‘balance’. Which is your prerogative but let’s not claim this is the whole world against you or something.

          • I have NO grievances.

            I don’t feel like a victim either.

            It DOESN’T disturb me when you write anti SRK stuff. I like to express what I think and to bring examples to support – I find that interesting;

            I have never said I’m neutral.
            A neutral person lacks the passion, the drive to *really* notice anything – in these matters of stars.
            It’s not *always* because of dislike.
            If you don’t believe this to be the case, then it applies to all your opinion about SRK. You dislike him as much as I dislike Amir. You aren’t ‘honest’ about it that’s all.

            There lies the problem. You come up with long comments to make your opinion sound authentic. A good (and patient) writer can always do that, but it’s **roots are the same** – dislike. So if my opinion doesn’t hold because of lack of neutrality, how should yours? Just because it is well written?

            I argued with you about the VFX of Ra 1 of which you gave your opinion after watching a pirated copy. I will still say it was good.

            My comments about “being on top etc” was because IMO you implied that it was because of this I was trying to run him down.

            There’s a lot to comment on on your comment, but I think this is enough.

          • On your first couple of responses it’s good you don’t feel this way because you have said things pointing in this direction at times. But I’m glad you feel this way. I have always said I wouldn’t want you to leave.

            I never said I was neutral. But it’s also a bit much to reduce everything in a long, comprehensive comment to ‘bias’. as if the entire comment is just an excuse to engage in bias. Aren’t there easier ways of doing the same? And when I engage in long comments on all sorts of things whether I like the star/film in question or not surely it’s unfair to constantly dismiss the long comment as a way of fooling people?!

            On SRK I’m rather amazed it’s a mystery to you that I don’t like him. I’ve written volumes probably explaining why I don’t! On your stance with regard to Aamir I’d rather not say more. We’d just be going in circles.

          • >you have said things pointing in this direction at times.

            I’m used to observing and making statements. They shouldn’t be construed as anything else. I’m tolerant too.

            >But it’s also a bit much to reduce everything in a long, comprehensive comment to ‘bias’.

            Didn’t I just say that in my comment about *my* non neutrality?

            >On your stance with regard to Aamir I’d rather not say mo

            Why is my stance any less than yours with regard to SRK? If you deduce opinion about him from his behaviour, why do you think I’m incapable of doing that from Amir’s?

            >We’d just be going in circles.

            We aren’t going in circles so much as your trying to “once again” (as I’ve written above) belittle my stance (as compared to yours) as well as feel wronged to have your comment considered biased while doing the same with mine.

  108. g2-f43c3cafe265122e2d6d746f877d815b Says:

    SRK fans back to playing victims! Poor babies.
    Guess they learn it from SRK. When all elase fails, play the victim.

    • -fans playing victims
      -fans getting indigestion
      -fans losing sleep
      -fans getting worried
      etc etc
      These are all ghisi pitty batein. Bring on something original – and new.

  109. alex adams Says:

    Satyam as Ra.2 !!!!
    And the ‘new improved’ and ‘hypervigilant’ satyam is back :-)
    in the second cuming of ra.1
    Presenting folks—Welcome with open hands ;-)
    protecting us from ‘trolls’ and all ‘offensive dangers’
    Satyam as Ra.2 !!!!
    and can we have satyams favortite song in the background –“Chhammak Chhallo”
    I am obviously the ‘casting director’ and will audition of potentail ‘chhammakchhalos’ opposite the male leads ;-)
    “How can I sit back and watch such childishness and immature fan behaviour “–haha
    bravo oldgold..

    ps3–yes folks–lets not get too much into this ‘fan’ business
    the only fan one should be in life of is “me, myself and …(not irene)”
    thats the only person who will hold u in good stead—“Yourselves”
    so moral of the story—- no more ‘blind idol worship’
    ok folks–so will leave u with this quote from ‘me myself and irene’
    “Just because I rock doesn’t mean I’m made of stone!!!!” :-)
    ps4-satyam Rocks–doesnt he (in the ra1 costume) :-)

  110. satyam, i require ur email-id, something urgent has come up, u may want to know abt it.

  111. sachin tendulkar today became a nominated rajya sabha MP http://ibnlive.in.com/../252430-37-64.html

  112. If there is a separate thread, I would like to share my happiness and congratulate Sachin and Rekha for getting into Rajyasabha.

  113. alex adams Says:

    just heard this song again–the lyrics are good and the girl as mentioned earlier seems to have learnt to crawl and sit/stand in FRONT of the camera
    The opening few words of this song signify the state of mind of many here :-)
    Main Pareshan pareshan pareshan …..
    From Ishakzaade
    enjoy–but dont stay ‘pareshan’

  114. Don’t know if this good comprehensive Interview has been posted before- Aamir talks about RamLakhan and about the show….good interview – he says he wanted the show on Star and DD, wanted it to be on Sunday Morning etc. and he got all of those so he is very happy ….

    • Rocky–thanks for this link. Real solid comprehensive interview indeed.Incidentally Aamir sounds dog tired, and sleepy with a sore throat to boot . Ha ha.

      I like what he said at 10..00 to 12 minutes, about needing to connect with all he meets beyond being a star; glad he mentioned satyajit bhatkal, the show’s director and the original person to suggest some such show, soon after he finished with his documentary and book about making of Lagaan. Bhatkal is a lawyer cum school friend of Aamir; he temporarily gave up his law practice and spent six months with the Lagaan unit in Bhuj, where the film was shot at a stretch.

  115. Alex adams Says:

    Poor oldgold seems to have got’senty
    Chill – not so difficult to ‘chill’ in Switzerland :-)

  116. The tv show seems to have been made with a great deal of sincerity and honesty. That is the feeling one gets while reading-watching certain media reports. Yesterday I read the piece put up above by Shubh.

    There is another episode about how Sikkim s now almost fully organic in its farming.I am very interested in the topic of organic farming,; since i believe that it is one of the main ways to ensure good health. However sadly , all our efforts at good health–these are being undermined by ever-present mobile phone tower related radiation–rampant in present day urban India, resulting in more and more cancer cases–a fit subject for discussion on any tv show–but knowing how industry works, one is doubtful if such important and relevant topics will ever be discussed, or allowed to.

    i feel sad at how this thread, meant to discuss Aamir’s nobly attempted tv show–it has been hijacked and steered in usual direction. Whatever–i am hopeful that the show will find a resonance among people who are interested enough in discussing things that matter, that even haters (there is simply no other word) of this show’s protagonist star–even haters, plus twitter-trash cynics will look beyond their petty feelings and accept a well-intentioned tv show. Keeping fingers crossed for Satyameva Jayate, even while I am truly apprehensive for the same!

    Meanwhile, here is Aamir in the second and final part of his interview to BH website’s Faridoon Sharyar. Some good stuff.


  117. My latest comment was in response to Shubh’s latest piece of info about Natubahi Patel and his service. But, somehow, it seems to have landed up elsewhere, some 7 comments above. Wierd.

  118. Satyam, good job

  119. Alex adams Says:

    Hail aamir for this Nobel endeavour
    The sikkim organic farming one seems good
    Agree with LS there
    Also just saw a promo and there is a certain ‘sincerety’ here to some degree
    Ps-LS–this episode on matrimonials by that natubhai person ..
    What ‘social good’ will that do
    Ok, guys like satyam may find it useful for matrimonial purposes etc but y this platform for that :-)

    • @ alex–ha ha, about the ‘social good’ question, ref finding companions for older people. Well, it is an unusual service–and plenty of lonely oldies will appreciate it, i guess. Maybe aamir wanted to bring in something quirky and unusual, besides the usual goody goody stuff.

  120. alex adams Says:

    one can feel the earnestness of folks like LS who really seems ‘charged up’ by this nobel endeavour
    welldone–but the only concern is that the real issues maybe submerged in all this ‘other’ din
    Well even that is ok as long as ‘some’ attention goes to the ‘real issues’
    But there seems more coverage on what aamir is eating–something ‘chokha’ in bihar earlier and ‘loddoss’ here
    check this LS :-)

  121. Title track of Aamir’s TV show to be screened in cinemas
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network ,Apr 28, 2012 – 11:33 hrs IST

    Trust Aamir Khan to come up with the most innovative marketing strategies. The actor who is known for his out-of-the-box marketing strategies has come up with yet another novel idea, that of screening the title track of his debut TV show Satyamev Jayate in cinemas across India immediately after the national anthem, Wednesday onwards.

    Apart from that the makers of the show are also planning an on-ground activity at two PVR cinemas. As a part of the promotional campaign, viewers watching films at selected multiplexes in Mumbai and New Delhi will be asked questions based on Aamir’s TV show and their answers will be recorded on video. The video clips of the correct answers will be shown during the film’s interval. This is for the first time that a TV show will be promoted across cinemas in India.

    Satyamev Jayate will air from May 6 on eight Star channels as well as on Doordarshan.

    • v.clever strategy from the Aamir camp……he’s always coming up with something different which does the trick

      • Very frank interview.

        The interviewer is on the attack bigtime saying Aamir exploits media for his own use and is not happy that Peepli Live attacked media. Also takes Aamir to task on his ‘selective activism’.

        Aamir on the defense and counterattacking. You can see he gets worked up here…..dnt think Aamir will give another interview to this guy in the future

        anti-Aamir fans will love this

        • Sanjana Says:

          Can we have the written interview in full? Will someone oblige?

          • Just finished watching Part2…..

            Most fiery Aamir Khan interview I’ve seen ever imo

            The interviewer was very piercing and direct with his questions

            However I felt in the end Aamir came out of it well, giving collected and rational answers in a composed manner

        • The interviewer, Arnab Goswami is called by many names, namely Angry young man, Rambo, Lone crusader and Indian E-Media is now divided into Pre and Post Arnab phase( Rightly or wrongly?)…

          He is Editor-in-chief of TimesNow

      • AamirsFan Says:

        thanks for posting the interview. good discussion. the interviewer to me was kind of rude at times, reading his notes while asking questions which lead to aamir asking “are you listening to me?”. overall a good discussion. aamir never scares away from this kind of stuff.

    • Thank you for the videos. Aamir being extremely tight-lipped about the show. The groundwork for this show started in 2010.

      • Aamir’s interview in Marathi

        He’s tried r.hard to speak as fluently as possible…gotto give it to him, the guy is a perfectionist

        • Aamir’s interview with Rajeev Masand

          Part 2 ……..talks about D3 & PK……Aamir is going to kick ass I feel in the coming 2yrs

          • I don’t understand Marathi at all but I’m pretty sure native speakers would take Aamir’s Marathi over Rajeev Masand’s English! His is always my nominee for most irritating accent ever! He chews on the words like gum.

          • Exactly. And this Masand guy seems to have a perpetual chip on his shoulders. The way he slams actors and films in his articles and review, seems he considers himself as Roger Ebert. And i remember him ranting against Bachchan a year back. He acted like a complete buffoon during that episode

          • Satyam

            Would it possible for you to keep this post on Page1 because the show is currently running and I think a lot of ppl will want to comment on it.

          • It will be updated when the shows become available on youtube.. at that point I will keep putting it on top.. otherwise there’s a section in the sidebar which lists the most active posts.

          • Uffffff!

            Really hard-hitting show. Hit me for a 6!

            Me and wife watched this and were spell bound because its just so shocking that people around us can be this evil and there are some ppl who areso brave and are out to right the wrong.

            I’m not sure which is worse ‘a girl from Bihar being bought and shared around 4 men in a house or acid thrown on a woman because she didn’t bear a boy?

            Lastly – Aamir well done mate! You deserve the highest honour!

            Here’s a link to episode 1


          • the youtubes are still not accessible outside India.

          • oldgold Says:

            Perhaps not ‘everywhere’ but in some countries surely, because I was able to watch the youtube link provided by Bliss.

          • oldgold Says:

            >still not accessible outside India.

            IT IS.
            or are you the ‘typical’ American who thinks US is the ‘world’? ;-)

          • Ha! Guilty as charged! Pax Americana! And on some others the sun has definitely set!

          • oldgold Says:

            Hahaha. Didn’t know what this outdated stuff (Pax Americana) meant.
            Come to the present – it’s *recession* the world is getting from there ;-)

          • but that too is the very definition of the Pax Americana. When America sneezes so does the world!

            Jokes aside even in decline empires can last a very long time (if indeed this is what it is with the US currently).

          • Hmmm…Big B has posted some cryptic tweets on SMJ :

            “T 735 – Charity needs to be done not talked about ! That is what I believe..today’s times it need to be talked of – to the Tv channels”

            “T 735 – No one listens to you today until you scream it out .. the new generation tells me ! But what if there is no voice to scream !!”

            “T 735 – Politicians during mid 80’s believed that, all issues, lasted not more than 3 weeks when brought up. Sometimes it goes to 25 years !”

          • Oh dear ! Look who has spoken !!

            Bal Thackeray wants Aamir Khan’s show telecast in Karnataka


          • Why is the show not being aired in Karnataka? Is it really not being telecast in Bangalore?

          • Not the Hindi version but Dubbed version is banned due to some absurd rule than no dubbed content can be displayed/telecast in cinemas and TV

          • Must say…..the impact that this show has created has surpassed KBC……everyone is talking about it! normal people, celebrity’s, newspapers/media – even politicians! That did not happen with KBC – anyone agree?

          • Let’s not get carried away here! The first KBC was a massive cultural event, redefined Indian TV and has unsurpassable ratings. Just for this most recent season the ratings were higher than most contemporary stars have been able to manage for their shows.

            I expect some fantastic numbers for Aamir’s show, even record-breaking perhaps but KBC will always remain a bridge too far. Not that there should be a comparison. Just responding to what you said. Obviously this is a message show (though note that when Bachchan began the polio campaign vaccinations jumped 400%..just recently he got the UNESCO award for being a big part of the eradication of polio in India).

          • Sandipan Deb, one of the few journalists I really admire writes the best piece so far on SMJ

            Satyamev Jayate: Let’s forget the cynicism for a minute


            Confession No 1. I’ve always viewed the imminent arrival of an Aamir Khan project with faint alarm. The mammoth marketing juggernaut that he unleashes every time there’s something to which he is connected in any capacity (actor/ producer/ uncle, whatever) is about to hit the screens sends me running for cover. And there’s hardly any place to hide, unless you insulate yourself from all media for a few weeks other than home shopping TV channels and properties supplements of newspapers. So it has been with Satyamev Jayate, Khan’s first TV show.

            Confession No 2. I am glad he did it— carpet-bomb us with ads, give dozens of interviews in the media to create the buzz, get the show carried on Doordarshan and regional channels.

            The first episode was on a topic a lot of us may know quite a bit about: female feticide. In fact, when Khan introduced the issue, I felt myself dreading that that it wouldn’t turn into an hour of general maudlinness and two-handkerchiefs dialoguebaazi. But throughout the programme, Khan remained restrained, almost matter-of-fact—perhaps too restrained. To many of us, almost nothing that he said was a revelation, but the effort and the depth of research was truly admirable. The numbers were presented simply enough for everyone to immediately grasp the extent of the problem. The case studies were chosen carefully to elicit the maximum horror, and, in one case (extremely necessary), to disabuse those of us who still believe—despite all facts and statistics—that this ghastliest of sins is a problem of rural India, and is a function of poverty and low literacy.

            As with all that Khan does, the meticulous planning was visible to anyone watching carefully—everything happened on cue as per the tightly controlled script with no room for any uncertainty or even spontaneity, emotional buttons were pushed at just the right moments, we had shots of members of the audience weeping, Khan called over the daughters of the victims to sit with him during the last song. Even the entertainment quotient had not been forgotten—how could he?—with an interview with unmarried men in Kurukshetra district designed to produce a few laughs. Maybe I should get my glasses checked, but whenever I look at Khan, I seem to see a super-thin synthetic sheen covering him: one is always aware of an intelligent and focused mind ticking away, but not revealing what lies beneath.

            But Satyamev Jayate is not for cynics like us. It is aimed at a mass audience where, when a star like Khan puts his might behind a social cause, the impact should be significant. At every step, his intelligence is on display. Khan is absolutely correct to have insisted that Satyamev Jayate appear on Doordarshan. In the show, when he kickstarts a campaign, he does not leave it at a generalised level, but brings it down to a focused actionable point—to petition the Rajasthan government to set up a fast-track court that will bunch together all the 140-odd cases being fought in various district courts against doctors who had been caught on hidden video cameras offering female feticide services.

            And his marketing efforts have hardly stopped with the audience. Khan has also roped in top corporates to the cause. Airtel will charge Rs. 1 for every sms sent by those who support the petition, and the money will be donated to a chosen NGO. People can also send money to a specially set up Axis Bank account. Funds coming in from the public will be matched by the Reliance Foundation run by Nita Ambani. In other words, commercial market mechanisms are being used cleverly at a very large scale to build mass participation, in a strategy that promises a universal win-win. Aamir Khan charges a hefty sum for the show, the channels make money on advertising, the corporates get the Aamir Khan and TRP rub-off and strengthen their social responsibility image, awareness is spread, money is raised, a clear verifiable change is attempted. I just hope it all works out.

            The juggernaut has hardly stopped rolling. The next morning, the media is full of reports of how the show’s site crashed within an hour of Satyamev Jayate airing on television (one hopes that wasn’t part of the marketing plan), and how the show went trending on tweeter (well, even Khan could hardly have stage-managed that one), and now he’s started a weekly column in a national newspaper.

            Let’s suppress the cynicism for some time. We should be glad that Khan has a giant marketing brain, an uncanny understanding of his audience and a keen sense of the space he has carved out in the popular and media imagination. This is the first time that a big star has used all his charm and intelligence to attack issues about which we as a nation should be hanging our heads in shame. And we should be thankful for Khan’s obsessive determination to succeed in all he does.

            Will all this make any difference? Do you have a better idea?

          • RE: “At every step, his intelligence is on display. Khan is absolutely correct to have insisted that Satyamev Jayate appear on Doordarshan.”

            Yes, I was very happy to see this also, i.e. it isn’t just appearing on Star Plus, and will have a much wider footprint.

          • I know there are many out there just like that NG poster who would remain cynical and agenda-based even if what Aamir does is for the greater good. There’s also this social-worker Shubh posted about who was unhappy about a star getting all the attention. I think she proved it right there that she wanted media attention rather than focussing her energy on addressing such issues.

            Why remain cynical and show your personal bias against an actor when what he intends is for the greater good? I believe this show needs to be watched by every Indian, irrespective of whether you like Aamir.

          • Satyam

            Just curious…..isn’t it better to have a normal page layout like NG rather than having to go up the page and find new comments? Just wanted to know really…..thnx

          • you’re quite right about that but the blog would have to be redesigned to do all of this.. to be honest I’m a creature of habit in these matters.. not willing to spend too much time on this side of things. Now having said that I could choose one of the other wordpress designs and have the comments on every page but for one reason or another I’ve not found those either convenient or attractive. But I do agree that the comments should be on every page.

          • Gr8 article highlighting what a lot of ppl have felt

          • Satyam,

            Agree completely ! Comparing ratings of KBC & SMJ are just plain silly considering the vast difference in the formats & content of the 2 shows.

            However, what makes SMJ truly stand out is its simul telecast on Doordarshan along with the satellite/cable channels. The telecast on Doordarshan has widened its reach to another level ! This was a masterstoke by Aamir & his team !!

          • An excellent article, a must read. This Cnn-ibn program talked about so many pertinent points.

          • it might be too early to say that SJ will have the same TRPs as KBC but I dont believe there has been any show after the latter that has been so much discussed, appreciated and reviewed since. Certainly it will be hard for SJ to come anything close to KBC w.r.t TRPs (courtesy the number of channels that have increased manifold since KBC) but is that really that important? At least watching exposure of real issues is comparable to a record-breaking TV show that revolutionized Indian TV

          • Tony,

            Couldn’t agree with you more !!

          • I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying here.. but I was getting to the ‘factual’ nature of KM’s claim.

          • Ohh.. didnt notice KM’s response above.

          • I can see this show is stirring everyone…not sure politicians will like this pushing them do somethnig…..admit their faults/flaws…

          • I think the last one is clearly about Bofors, not Satyamev Jayate…

          • Is this a dig at the show or just his view on issues?

          • Qalandar,

            This throws better light on the Karnatak issue

            Archaic Karnataka policy blacks out Aamir Khan’s tv show Satyamev Jayathe


          • Satyamev Jayate – a look at Twitter conversations


          • the link I posted above works….

        • Actually it’s pretty remarkable since he just started learning it recently.

          Oldgold, see how he’s faking it? He’s only pretending to speak Marathi and not really speaking it!

          • Well, as I am currently living amongst Maharashtrians, I can safely say that his Marathi is not that bad (considering the fact thathe started learning it recently)- one can easily see the effort

          • oldgold Says:

            He isn’t faking the ‘marathi’, but the sentiment behind it.

          • alex adams Says:

            now satyam–do u have any answer to that? ;-)

  122. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Aamir’s Interview on Satyamev Jayate.

    • As an Aamir fan…..I found the first 2parts extremely boring and sleep-inducing but the 3rd part is better. It may sound weird but Aamir’s interview are extremely personal…..a watcher can see through him and understand him as a person.

  123. Ace Khan Rocks Says:

    Swades was a bigger risk than LAGAAN? is it a Joke? i usually dont comment over here but Saw some one talkin abt Lagaan nd couldnt help… BTW,Lagaan had a tough competition like Gadar which was a hardcore massy film nd which released on the same day ,,but still it managed to emerge out as a box office success,,whereas Swades was a FLOP! what i want to say is … only taking risks isnt a big deal… u have deliver box office success too…playing diff kind of roles are’nt important,,playing it Brilliantly and make it the most memorable character ever matters! i.e Perfomance wise Anyday Bhuvan > Mohan Bhargav
    i really feel ashamed that even after cheap films like Ra 1, Don2 .,.srk fans still consider him superior…Even a Suspense Drama like TALAASH will vanish many big films this year MARK MY WORDS! Thsi is the Power of Aamir Khan!

    • I loved both Lagaan & Swades….but agree that SRK at the peak of his powers could still not make this a hit. I remember this well because in that year SRK had 2 other hits and he won a filmfare for this award. He beat Abhishek for Guru which was an outstanding performance and film.

      • I remember from the mid 90’s onwards it was obvious that in terms of acting Aamir was considered the real threat to SRK and only Salman was near to SRK in terms of BO success but Aamir slowly built up his initial and since 2006 his BO success has exceeded SRK & Salman

  124. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Aamir Poses with his son Azaad: If interesetd here is a link.


  125. Sanjana Says:

    Dont miss it. Its unexpectedly good.

  126. Yakuza Says:

    Satyamev Jayate .. Excellent Show. However we have seen many such shows in past which deals with society problems, but all those were led by not so big names (only Kiran Bedi was known name to some extent) .. so efforts of such a big name like Aamir is definitely commendable and will be more effective.

  127. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    It looks like Satyamevajayate has really touched a chord- one of my friends who considers Bollywood beneath her and never watches Indian TV shows just sent me a message absolutely raving about it and telling me to try watching it here- almost all of the Indian trends on twitter are related to the show as well- I’m happy for Aamir- I don’t know how good the show is- but it appears that his intentions are very commendable.

  128. I just finished watching the show and must say that I am relieved that one of my biggest fears – that of Aamir overshadowing the issues was unfounded. It was a show complete in itself – highlighting the problems, causes and offering solutions.
    Aamir himself was very easy going and very unobtrusive in his questions and demeanor with the participants.

    Now I understand why he postponed Talaash, with the kind of follow up he is expecting with every show, it will be impossible for him to concentrate on anything else

    • Sanjana Says:

      Yes. He was unonbrusive unlike Barkha Dutt and Arnab who try to cut, ignore and humiliate guests after inviting in the name of time constraints. Of course, he has got plenty of time as a host.

      • Alex adams Says:

        Thanx for the reminder Sanjana
        Had forgotten about this
        When does this start and which channels
        Any good ?

      • Prateek Says:


        He did not cut the speakers at any point. He allowed them to speak. The show was good. Though not totally different or never-seen-before kind of stuff. But Aamir spoke well and handled his audience nicely. It was totally about the issue of female foeticide, not about showcasing Aamir.

        • Sanjana Says:

          I said that Barkha dutt, Arnab tend to cut speakers when they are trying to explain their point of view.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Oh thanx for the earliest report Lata
      When did this start?
      Maybe this started earlier in india
      Is it not slightly ‘boring’ for general public
      (my bigger concern than aamir ‘hogging’ limelight )
      ie will people be hooked enuf to watch it week after week after the initial curiosity goes down
      My hunch is that the sensible aamir will have ‘sorted out’ that aspect somehow
      But that’s a typical dilemma in these ‘issue based social’ shows.
      One can’t/ shouldn’t go down the ‘easy entertainment’ route either

  129. 1st Episode on female foeticide

    • Alex adams Says:

      Thanx for the blissy
      It says-” uploaded has not allowed it in your country” !!

      I am makiing some ‘special arrangements’ to watch it thru a helpful Indian chick
      The main question is though-So is it worth watching?

      • Alex adams Says:

        Ok folks-All sorted
        Am being shown the first episode in a few minutes
        ( if don’t get distracted before lol)
        Will come up with some quick thoughts

      • sometimes they make it available later after the time difference has been adjusted for and the show has also been screened overseas.

    • oldgold Says:

      Fortunately I was able to watch it here. Thanks Bilss.

      Very very emotionally charged programme bringing tears to many eyes. Very informative too, with a lot of shock in store. Parvin(?) comes out as an extremely strong woman.
      It is common sense that this would be prevalant among the financially better off and so called educated people. They know about sonography and have the money.
      The information that many doctors induce an abortion just for money with the wrong information that it’s a girl when it’s a boy, might hinder many in future, hopefully.

      All in all a very good show, mainly due to the heart rending topic.
      I hope they succeed in influencing the Rajasthan government to see sense (thank god it’s not Gujarat).

      • Prateek Says:


        Thanks for your frank views. And glad you liked it. :) Parvin? The woman whose husband bit her face? That story was shocking!

        I agree the topic was heart rending. But even handling of the show was good. It was well researched and organised.

        I am happy about one thing that this show got people talking about the issues. It did stir people.

        The Satyamev Jayate website also has an option for people to donate to NGOs – http://www.satyamevjayate.in/ [Click to Give button]

        A very commendable initiative.

      • oldgold Says:

        In his interview Amir denied being an activist, but IMO it is exactly that if you want to mobilise people into supporting (written or otherwise) any issue.

      • oldgold Says:

        Important thing to be noted that a lot of such ‘woman’ problems involve not only men (husbands in this case) but also women, doctors, mothers in law etc.
        The picture of that woman doctor talking about where, and how to throw/get rid of the ‘bodies’ couldn’t be more horrifying than a murder story showing the culprits getting rid of their victim’s body.

  130. I saw the first episode earlier today: the format is a bit clunky and the show is preachy, so am not sure if it will be able to draw in the audience week after week. I might add that he’s also picked an interesting time-slot — 11AM on Sunday — for this sort of thing.

    But the minuses are related to the pluses: if the show is clunky and earnest, it’s a bit like Aamir himself, and is quite true to his persona. Even on a seemingly conventional issue (female foeticide; “conventional” in that most will not — at least in public — disagree on it), he makes sure he interrogates bourgeois assumptions to the effect that it only happens in XYZ milieus, or in villages, etc. etc.. So too with a particular image that he flashes across our screens — won’t give it away, but it is definitely bound to make the audience uncomfortable — on a Sunday morning, no less.

    On balance, I commend Aamir and Kiran Rao for producing this, and I certainly want to see where this show is headed. Amidst all the crap we see on TV day after day, it is heartening to see someone devote so much time, effort, and money, to something worthy.

    • Alex adams Says:

      The ‘Ace’ Conscientious khan
      Ok folks – watched the first episode thanx to an Indian friend
      Quite ‘disturbing’ ‘unsettling’ stuff as Oldgold pointed out!
      But kudos to aamir khan to bring these to the forefront
      And seems kiran rao is also involved somewhat
      They deserve all credit for being the ‘force’ behind this intiative
      Qalander thanx for your views but feel in these subjects, things like ‘clunky format’ and ‘preachy’ vibe becomes incidental and one shouldn’t really penalise them for this
      And one should overlook these relatively ‘trivial’ stuff
      Aamir rightly didnt hog the limelight (mostly) and stepped to the side, where needed nor did he resort to excessive theatrics (there is lots of scope for melodrama and ‘heroics’)-but mostly he steers clear of this temptation!
      As expected he looked somewhat self-conscious in the beginning but settled down slowly. It was obvious that most of the stuff he did was carefully planned but this didn’t jar.
      On a purely subject matter of view, was eye opening to know that this was once an ‘official’ governmental initiative (sure many didn’t know this)
      How this dovetails into the ‘genuine control population drive’ is the interesting off-shoot here and something which will again be missed in the din (though to clarify -the female infanticide is obviosuly definitely unethical, illegal and offensive)
      The song in the end was the ‘icing on the cake’
      Aamir did introduce stuff like those ‘bachelors’ waiting like Salman to get married and the song in the end to keep it ‘light’ n palatable
      Also hope that aamir doesn’t get into trouble for these endeavours and as surely he may be stepping onto some (influential) toes
      To summarise–
      Well done aamir and keep it up
      Thumbs up

  131. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    The level to which people will sink with their partisan politics is disgusting. Some Aamir hater has now written an article on how female feoticide is a ‘glamorous non-issue’ practised by bored, rich housewives- and a lot of the comments support him- terrible!


    But whatever the reaction- I’m happy that the show has at least inspired a debate on this issue- and hopefully some people have been positively influenced.

    • Well Ami, this kind of a mentality among Indians is precisely the reason why such things like female foeticide and infanticide is still rampant in India. A year back, I had gone with my mother, who is a gynaecologist and an obstetrician, to a village medical camp and some of the things I heard regarding female foeticide from village women was horrific. The manner and ways in which is done will scare you

    • Prateek Says:


      This is the problem! People just can’t look at anything beyond their ‘fan/hater’ glasses! Female foeticide is not an issue. Only someone living in lala-land would say so!

      I would any day support any star doing something for a good cause. These guys’ speaking for something makes more impact is at least better than anonymous people gossiping online and doing nothing – either for themselves or society!

      This is the extreme limit of hatred, that from usually making personal attacks at Aamir, people also go ahead and say the issue he’s raising is a non-issue.

      They are happy only with saas bahu serials and Roadies I guess – those shows are more crucial than fake or petty Satyamev Jayate.

      • oldgold Says:

        Not that I disagree with the sentiments of the linked comment behind Amir’s reasons for all this. IMO *THIS* has been a tool used for his *reinvention* but I do disagree that it isn’t an issue. I also think that one has to disregard Amir here for the sake of the subject.

        Even though done for self glorification I’m glad that it was brought to notice. Can’t say whether the following episodes will be this touching, but we’ll see.

        What I had expected has happened. People are going beserk over Amir under which the issue has got buried.

        MORE THAN AMIR IT IS THE TWO JOURNALISTS who risked so much to expose this.
        **They lost a lot** (being charged and running around from court to court)
        The irony is that unlike them Amir will gain a lot. I hope he can bring about justice to them.
        I’ll forgive him this self glorification if he does.

  132. Glad Aamir’s show is being liked by just about everyone. Even if it comes across as somehwta preachy, glad that at least someone fro the stars bracket in Bollywood had the guts to postpone his release to support the show, at a time when stars go for all sorts of promotions and book release dates to garner 100 crores +

    • oldgold Says:

      >at a time when stars go for all sorts of promotions and book release dates to garner 100 crores +

      Don’t get carried away tony ;-)

      Wasn’t that (100+/success/whatever you want to call it) reason why he postponed Talaash?
      He could have just had it released without much publicity, and devoted his time to this.

      • lol.. no yaar.. probably I wasnt too articulate in my above statement.

        I just wanted to highlight the contribution of a major star to something like this..

        • alex adams Says:

          the reactions seem to be positive
          their website has ‘crashed’
          some aamir baiters saying even thats a ‘deliberate’ crash

          • Prateek Says:


            Of course, whatever happens in Aamir’s case is ”deliberate” and not genuine at all. The show is getting highly positive response online, barring blogs or tweets of cynics and haters.

            So Satyamev Jayate and Aamir Khan being top Twitter and Google Trends were also manipulated by them?

            Some are also yakking without knowing facts how this show is also raising funds for NGOs working on the issues discussed. In their ignorance, they think STAR and Aamir only made a show, they’d get ratings but ”do nothing” for people!

            They are raising awareness and the funds! What else you want them to do? All conspiracy theorists’ bullshit is irrelevant. At least Aamir is doing something. What have these commenters done except gossiping about famous people online?

      • Prateek Says:


        ”Wasn’t that (100+/success/whatever you want to call it) reason why he postponed Talaash?
        He could have just had it released without much publicity, and devoted his time to this.”

        – He postponed it because he didn’t want it to clash with this TV show. If you’re not aware, I’d tell you the shooting of his TV show is still going on! Yesterday he shot an episode with school students. He couldn’t have handled Talaash along with this show.

        And the new date they’ve decided for Talaash (Nov. 30) is not even some profitable festive or holiday weekend chosen to get a 100 crore film.

        It’s illogical to think someone should have done something with little or no publicity. Nowadays even nursery schools clog media with their ads to get more admissions. Why shouldn’t stars do it?

        I agree with Tony Montana that at least it is commendable he utilised his time and resources for this unlike usual stars’ usual starry activities.

        • alex adams Says:

          prateek–it must be an important day for u lol
          btw congrats for a good performance by aamir today
          btw what did u think of my off hand thougths on aamirs debut today
          Curious to get a die-hard aamir fans perspective on mine just out of interest :-)

  133. OT:

    AB De Villers blasted away The Deccan charges today, smashing 47 off 16 balls.. the team required about 34 off last 17 balls.. in the end it was 1 run off 8..

    terrific entertainment

  134. Prateek Says:

    Aamir Khan’s column in Hindustan Times about female foeticide (issue addressed in first episode) – http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/ColumnsOthers/Daughters-are-precious/Article1-851796.aspx

  135. Try this–http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/celebrities/features/type/view/id/3356

  136. You tube link to first episode–

  137. Satyamev Jayate anthem lifted from Euphoria?

    By Bollywood Hungama News Network ,May 7, 2012 – 11:41 hrs IST

    Sunday was a day to remember with Aamir Khan’s TV debut that had the entire nation talking about more serious issues than just candy floss entertainment on television. Close on the heels of the show’s success comes a controversy with the band Euphoria alleging that the chorus of the show’s 22-minute anthem ‘Satyamev Jayate’ has been lifted from the band’s decade-old song that goes by the same name.

    Apparently, the lead singer of Euphoria, Palash Sen, was shocked to hear the chorus of composer Ram Sampath’s version as it is exactly the same as the song with the same name that Euphoria released in 2000. Palash has since sent a legal notice to them.

    Palash further adds that had the composer asked him for his song, he would have agreed to give it without asking for any compensation, except for a small credit to the band. On the other hand, Ram Sampath denied having any knowledge of the legal notice and refused to comment on the matter.

      • Bliss, thanks for the link. Just heard both the versions and yes the accusation of plagiarism seems completely baseless. But Dr. Palash Sen always came across a as a really nice person, i wonder why he had to resort to such cheap publicity. I am feeling ashamed that once I was a fan of his band

        • alex adams Says:

          is euphoria the guy who dropped out from being a doc
          dont like him or his band

          btw currently came across/ got hooked onto a “silk route’
          Dooba Dooba rehta hoon…
          lovely guitar strumming, flute, subtle backup
          as in rockstar, mohit chauhan shows how he makes up for his lack of ‘training’ and ‘technique’ by soul n attitude n a soft voice

          • Alex his name is Palash Sen, the band’s name is Euphoria

            And Alex, this is from Silk Route- it used to be my fav during school days, the song is titled “Boondein”

  138. alex adams Says:

    poor satyam is talking about ‘normal’ countries with ‘normal’ laws
    Not ‘neutral’ ones like swtizerland who HAVE to do something different (just to be different)!
    and why dont they put frickin sigpposts in english in many places esp with so many ‘tourists’
    joking ;-)

  139. alex adams Says:

    the feedback from aamirs show is growing
    orgasmic fan for aamir fans

    “the youtubes are still not accessible outside India”
    satyam–all folks like me and even oldgold have seen this ages ago –even before most in india
    Which ‘dark age’ dya live in-grow up beyond youtube :-)

    knock knock-oldgold–are u ok now
    no dress code now-relax ;-)
    oops–back to a bit of work (with music on)

    • not accessible in the US.. I think these ‘serious’ issues have to be ‘tested’ on the lower stages of civilization first..

      • alex adams Says:

        besides, in these things, the ‘maturity of the audience’ to handle ‘unsettling’ stuff needs to be ensured first!
        apparently this seem a problem with the states at the mo ;-)

      • oldgold Says:

        >I think these ‘serious’ issues have to be ‘tested’ on the lower stages of civilization

        But you are saying it is not accessible at your end?

        • This is for oldgold :)

          • AamirsFan Says:

            lol this was funny actually. in some ways true but i still feel Aamir’s heart is in the right place. this is not exploitation by him. he really wants to raise awareness of certain issues and make a real difference for his country.

          • oldgold Says:

            Hahahaha. That’s really funny. Was he really wearing green trousers? LOL!
            But I do feel if a man’s self centredness can bring about good by just attaching his name to an issue it’s worth something for the issue itself.

            Some trivia: Notice Amir’s ‘one eye’ focussed on – just like in Gajhani, just like in Dhobi ghat, and may be in a host of other films which I haven’t seen.
            When I saw it (it comes before the actual show when all that preaching is going on) I was quite annoyed with this very self gratifying Filmi Touch to it. Does Amir think that his fierce expression in the eye with eyebrows crooked up (while the forehead remains taut and wrinkleless) is impressive?
            Well, not if repeated ever so often EVEN in a show like this.

  140. alex adams Says:

    haha oldgold in form
    Satyam-im surprised u still stuck in the old american ‘insularity’
    btw have noticed how people in america are quite inwards looking
    Not talking about u
    News will devote 20 min on a cat caught on a roof in the neighbourhood
    And the knowledge of some of the american ‘youth’ esp girls is (less than) basic on anthing out of their town, forget ‘world affairs’ ;-)

  141. The first episode of this is very encouraging and has some really provocative, moving moments. In many ways this enterprise seems to be an extension of what Aamir has been doing in the movies (and outside) for the better part of the past decade. Not only has the vision that guided TZP and aided in the collaborations of 3 Idiots and RDB now found a more direct and in some ways more intelligible platform to speak, but it has also sustained its signature for doing the unique. This first episode has every bit of the sincerity and thoughtfulness one has to come to expect from Aamir. More importantly this seems to my mind a really unique show in the landscape of Indian television not only because we’ve got a movie star that’s not doing an inane game show, but because the show itself is a news magazine that seems to grapple with truly difficult questions and serious problems. Ultimately, the show, unlike any number of other star-centered television programs, seems the opposite of a miscalculated aberration; it is instead a most natural progression in the evolution of the artist at its center.

    • Very nicely summed up, GF, I should say aptly “located” in the arc of Aamir’s career. This is the only (non-sports; non-news) TV show I’ve seen in over a year, and it was worth it.

      • Your comment is on the money. I’ll be interested to see how they develop the format over time. Personally I hope they venture out a bit more into the India(s) we get glimpses of over the montages that precede the various interviews. Because there’s a chance to open the show up beyond the strictures of a studio-interview setting. Not that the interviews themselves aren’t gripping. The show has done a good job of getting compelling and varied interview subjects that really approach the problem from different perspectives and Aamir does what a good interview always should in asking brief, clear questions and letting his subject guide the conversation as much as possible.

    • ‘सत्‍यमेव जयते’ का असर: सिर्फ 1500 रुपये में कोख की हत्‍या

      इलाहाबाद: आमिर खान के शो ‘सत्यमेव जयते’ ने पूरे देश को झकझोर कर रख दिया है. इस शो ने इलाहाबाद में भी चिकित्सा विभाग के अफसरों को नींद से जगा दिया है. इन अफसरों ने छापेमारी कर एक प्राइवेट अस्पताल के डॉक्टर को लड़कियों का गर्भपात कराने के आरोप में रंगेहाथ पकड़ा है.

      इलाहाबाद का तेलियरगंज इलाके में आमिर खान का शो ‘सत्यमेव जयते’ देखने के बाद जब चिकित्सा विभाग के अफसरों ने सार्वजनिक मानव अस्पताल पर दबिश दी तो एक और झकझोरने वाली हकीकत समाज के सामने बेपर्दा हो गई.

      आरोप है कि इस अस्पताल का डॉक्टर हरीश चौधरी महज 1500 रुपये लेकर बेटियों को मां की कोख में मारने का कारोबार चला रहा था. अस्पताल में छापेमारी से पहले चिकित्सा विभाग के डॉक्टरों ने यहां नकली मरीज भेजकर स्टिंग ऑपरेशन भी कराया , जिसमें अस्पताल का संचालक डॉक्टर हरीश चौधरी 1500 रुपये में बच्चियों का गर्भपात करने को राजी होता देखा गया.

      छापेमारी में डॉक्टर हरीश चौधरी के पास से एक रिवॉल्वर भी बरामद की गई है. फिलहाल चिकित्सा विभाग ने प्रशासन से इस अस्पताल को बंद करने और आरोपी डॉक्टर को गिरफ्तार करने की सिफारिश की है.

    • Great comment GF.. have yet to see the show but will get to it today..

  142. Satyamev Jayate : More power to you, Aamir !


    Bravo, Aamir!


    Satyamev Jayate hits the heart!


    One-episode-old Satyamev Jayate strikes emotional chord with TV viewers


    Satyamev Jayate’ gutsy, sensible show: Viewers


    Satyamev Jayate : Why the cynics are wrong !


    Why the cynics are wrong


    TV Review: Aamir Khan strikes the right chord with Satyamev Jayate


    Reality bite: Aamir’s opening act a winner


    Aamir Khan’s a desi Oprah!


    Aamir’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ review — Truly soul stirring


    Satyamev Jayate : A Movement !


    Some questions raised by Satyamev Jayate


  143. AamirsFan Says:

    Song from the first episode:

  144. AamirsFan Says:

    Just saw the show online and obviously it’s very commendable what Aamir Khan is doing. This is a brave effort by any human being let alone a movie actor. But, I would hope that these issues are not something that people didn’t know about already. He did mention however that we tend to neglect these subjects on purpose because “it’s not our problem”. I truly believe Aamir’s heart is in the right place. We need more shows like these here in the US and abroad. Too much crap out here like Jersey Shore that does no good with society.

  145. Hmmm… so is Satyamev Jayate a KBC-like moment for Indian television?

    • Now I dont know what Aamir gains by this show. But to my mind he’s a true Indian – at least more than any of the big stars. the fact that he’s brought issues that are rampant deserves applause – at least someone’s talking about them. Whether its preachy or emotionally manipulative is a different matter altogether

      • AamirsFan Says:

        totally agreed. Aamir time and again has shown his patriotism and with this show again he is showing love and care for his country.

      • oldgold Says:

        >I dont know what Aamir gains by this show

        You don’t??
        Well just look around you. He’s being made into a God, being put on a pedestal, and being worshipped by his bhakts ;-)
        Look around you and see what is being talked about – the issue or Amir?
        Is that not good enough for an actor, soon to star in future commercial films like Dhoom3?

        I’m the only one insisting upon the journalists being recognized too and given more weightage. Why is no one discussing the content of the show at least (if not the issue, which, agreed has been around a long time).

    • FTN: Has ‘Satyamev Jayate’ redefined TV shows?

      Hi there, has actor Aamir Khan changed the rules of television? Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s first television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ has proved immensely popular after the very first episode was aired on Sunday. Simulcast on Star Plus and Doorshardhan, the show steers clear of glamour and celebrity and instead focuses on the serious gritty real issues that affect us all. The show carries a strong message of social change and calls for a fight against the evils of society. ‘Satyamev Jayate’ many say has created television history, others are calling it an exquisite piece of journalism. Has it redefined entertainment TV and perhaps even news TV?


  146. Satyam,

    Is there a way the comments posted earlier (but reflect right at the bottom of the page) be organized? Its kinda irritating to see these comments occupying a lot of space where they’re not needed.

  147. The video is now accessible everywhere..

  148. Okay, just finished watching the show. Its a very hard-hitting one, and despite the duration of more than an hour, it never feels as if the makers were stretching things beyond a point. Aamir’s a great host, and the efforts put in to show the reality associated with the issue were very, very commendable.

    What makes people, that too well-educated ones in the city, commit such heinous acts is beyond me. Glad that through this show, Aamir has brought this issue out in the open and appealing to the State Government about this female foeticide issue.

  149. Someone in NG had posted a topic criticizing Aamir for emotionally manipulating bored ladies in the audience and that female foeticide was a petty issue!

    even if Aamir stands to gain a lot more goodwill with this show, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with it. At least his stardom would be used for a noble cause. The cynics can still blame him or find faults with this theory but let them decide whether they’re more interested in these issues being addressed or more hopeful about Aamir getting the backlash for emotionally lackmailing his viewers!

  150. jayshah Says:

    Caught this and found it to be bold in the sense that most people would be familiar about the topic but to hear a full blown discussion on it anchored by a major star is unusual and can really allay the foundations for some things even if small to change.
    The format requires a little editing, also I can foresee the format of the show becoming a little repetitive but the plusses are in a word priceless and immeasurable.

    I don’t really think Aamir needs to do much in this show to make it work – it will be emotionally stirring enough and much like his movies which have good scripts, he’ll just need to turn up and do a job and the rest will work out for itself.

  151. Early Reports say SMJ has Broken TRP records .. Don’t know how reliable its is :)

    • Don’t find this hard to believe at all but the comparison with KBC is misleading.. if 8.7 is the opening for the show it certainly beats the last two seasons of KBC but I think KBC2 was significantly higher than this and that itself was significantly lower than KBC 1.

      • Note even here they’re talking about KBC 2, according to some reports KBC 1 at its peaks was around 20-22.

        “So did King Khan’s star power rival Big B’s magic touch? The current set of data put out by aMap doesn’t allow for such comparisons at an all-India level because aMap expanded its reach only after KBC II took off last year. But the data across three cities – Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata – clearly shows that Big B is so far well ahead of the race. Last year, KBC II generated 9.5 TVR in the city of Mumbai, whereas KBC III clocked 6.3. It’s the same story across Delhi and Kolkata. In Delhi, this year KBC III delivered just 2.5 TVR compared to 6.8 TVR last year. While in Kolkata, the TVR this time was just 2 as opposed to 5.4 in the Bachhan era. ”


        Of course KBC is also shown 4 times a week. Actually Bachchan has beaten every other current star with even the last two seasons (with the exception of Bingo’s first episode.. though he was a part of this too!).

        KBC 1 though was really the Sholay of these shows.

  152. Satyam, don’t know whether i should say this but will try. is it really worthwhile and conducive to put up an episode of a tv show even if it amazing. and if it is fine, shouldn’t we also put up videos of an entire film which has just released.don’t get me wrong, what i mean instead of these things, i would prefer a write-up esp by u(or someone) simply because it is far more entertaining and informative and also imo the true discussion which happen the blog come as a response to those pieces.

    • The writeups can be done irrespective of whether the video is put up or not. Don’t think that’s mutually exclusive. On the show itself I like putting up interesting TV-related stuff. Entire films is a different matter. Even with TV it’s not everything. This is a more unusual show than most others.

  153. AamirsFan Says:

    it might be time for a new thread on this…lol…i found i posted things that were already posted by other members earlier(like the song in the first episode).

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