Ishaqzaade & Dangerous Ishq, Jannat 2 (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Alex adams Says:

    Apparently parineeti chopra is a finance graduate from the uk who came to bombay only as a chance!!
    She claims to be a ‘brainy nerdy office types’ b4 Bollywood ‘came’ calling
    Anyhow am interested to see what she does do from here on
    She’s fine in ‘main pareshaan’ though
    Can soemone sort out her ‘pareshaani’ blokes
    Be helpful

    This guy seems listless though whose main claim to fame being his dad and now his repeats tweets about how salman has been his mentor!!

    • I’ve posted a number of reviews that RAVE about her performance- Satyam is yet to let the comments through moderation.

  2. Ishaqzaade Has Decent Opening

    Friday 11th May 2012 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ishaqzaade has taken a decent opening in the range of 30-40% at most places with a good amount of shows. The collections are even around 50% at some places. If we compare to Band Baaja Baaraat which was also a new cast film from Yash Raj Films, the opening is much much better.

    Ishaqzaade should come out with a higher first day than all the small films released this year including super successful films like Vicky Donor and Kahaani.

    The film has competition in the North and South with regional films in the form of Taur Mitran Di and Gabbar Singh respectively.

    Gabbar Singh (Telegu) took a bumper opening in Nizam/Andhra but will not hit Ishaqzaade much as its business will be mainly from multiplexes of Hyderabad and Maharashtra side of Nizam circuit.

    The Punjabi film Taur Mitran Di took an average opening so it will not affect much unless it picks up in a big way.

  3. Dangerous Ishq Has Dull Opening

    Friday 11th May 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dangerous Ishq had a dull opening of around 10-15%. The 3D version was slightly better but still at very low levels.

    Last year Haunted which was the first 3D film in India also started slowly but picked up on Saturday. The opening of Dangerous Ishq is lower than Haunted as that was a horror film and horror films have a good market in some territories.

    Dangerous Ishq will have to show a big jump in business to make an impression and a big jump will be tough as there is a lot of competition in the form of Ishaqzaade, regional films and holdover films like Jannat 2 , The Avengers and Vicky Donor all competing for a share of the market.

    The type of growth Dangerous Ishq is looking for can only come with good reports coupled with limited competition.

  4. Jannat 2 Has Good First Week

    Friday 11th May 2012 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jannat 2 grossed a good 35.50 crore nett in its first week. The film has seen falling collections over the weekdays but still amassed a good first week figure.

    In Mumbai it has grossed around 13 crore nett, in Delhi/UP around 7 crore nett and East Punjab 3.15 crore nett approx. The collections in most circuits have come out slightly better than Murder 2.

    The second week will see a big drop as there is a huge reduction of shows with multiplexes going to around 4 shows daily.

    Single screens will keep the film afloat in week two and if it can get over the 45 crore nett mark for lifetime business from here it will be a good result.

  5. B.O. update: ‘Ishaqzaade’ starts very well, ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ unexciting
    By Taran Adarsh, May 11, 2012 – 17:02 IST

    Though it stars rank newcomers, Yash Raj’s new offering ISHAQZAADE fetched one of the best starts of the year at the ticket window. In fact, the morning and noon show occupancy of the film was much better than Yash Raj’s BAND BAAJA BAARAAT and LADIES VERSUS RICKY BAHL and also this year’s VICKY DONOR [which also stars newcomers] as well as KAHAANI. The film is expected to amass a good figure [for a non-star cast film] in its opening weekend, since the block bookings at multiplexes is very strong.

    On the other hand, DANGEROUS ISHHQ opened to a lackluster start of 10% to 15% at most screens. In fact, the start was poor even at single screens, where similar genre films have opened well in the past. The film will have to show a huge growth over the weekend, if it has to post respectable numbers.

  6. Both new releases – Dangerous Ishhq and Ishaqzaade are getting bad reviews.

  7. Watching Ishaqzaade tonight…feedback tomorrow !!

  8. its impressive that a finance graduate from UK speaks hindi with a clear diction. otherwise many KJo dress rehearsel type stars speak with an accent even after being abroad for a vacation.

    seems like Parineeti is something for which one has to sit up n take notice.
    I thought Ladies v/s ricky bahl was a fluke, but appears the girl can actualy deliver.

    Didnt go through these links in entirety, so assuming the film is one-time watch fare

    • ‘Otherwise many KJo dress rehearsal type stars speak with an accent even after being abraod even for a vacation.’

      LOL! Good one Tony! :-) Parineeti is really endearing:

      She’s the only actress who comes across in interviews as a real person with some personality whom I can relate to- apart from Vidya Balan/ Sonam Kapoor

      • Ami, u were so excited abt Ishaqzaade so I am telling u- as part of a bday treat a friend made us watch the film today- sadly a big disappointment

      • she has a raw personality.. pataka type.. ! :) have an inkling she might’ve overshadowed the Kapoor son easily

        • Yes, She ate up Arjun Kapoor. But the best actor in the film was Gauhar Khan- she is a livewire and even brilliant in emotional moments. someone please cast her as a lead. She has won me over man (ye chhokra use dekh ke jawaan ho gaya hai..LOL)

          • Ohh.. didnt know she had a role. Thought she was an item girl in this.

            Talking of Gauhar Khan, I thought she was great in Rocket Singh

          • Oh she creamed everyone in Rocket Singh. But Ayesha Takia can go to hell (she ditched me man), my new babe is Gauhar

          • LOL! Saurabh please watch Khan Sisters- your infatuation will be cured- it’s the most unintentionally funny thing I’ve ever seen.

            However I do think that Gauhar is a good actress- sadly she does not have the looks or connections/ family to make it big.

          • “she does not have the looks”- Ami, she is the most delicious thing, girl…LOL. And I have not seen Khan sisters, do not see any serials

          • btw Ami do check out the trailers I have put on Gravity thread.

          • Khan Sisters is not a serial it’s a reality TV show based on Gauhar’s life- I had no idea what it was- it was on my recommended videos while I was watching one of the Ishaqzaade songs- it’s HILARIOUS.

            And she is really pretty- but she doesn’t look like a foreigner- which sadly means that she will not get that many film offers- especially because she doesn’t have a famous relative/ boyfriend.

          • Thanks for the info…I will watch anything for Gauhar… but reality tv is ironically is the most unreal thing on tv.. I only liked one such show- Roadies

          • I hate Roadies- I hate all reality TV except for Dragon’s Den.

          • Ami, why do u hate roadies, just curious? atleast its real.

        • Saurabh- Haha- OK- but do write a more elaborate comment later.

          Tony- Exactly. :-) That’s why I liker her. I think that she probably overshadowed Arjun too- he’s pretty unimpressive.

          • Arjun’s squeaky voice was evident from the trailers..
            Oops.. being too harsh.. :P

            Guess will check it out in a day or two, simply for Parineeti..

    • LOL Tony- that is a Vega sense of humour

  9. Kyaa kare yaar, zindagi khud hi ek nasha hai to daru ki kya zaroorat…LOL

  10. Here is a question for everyone Satyam, AMi, Tony and else- I found AMit Trivedi’s music the best thing about this film. SO my question is , is Amit Trivedi the best music composer currently after Rehman and Bharadwaj, I think so. C’mon guys what do u say?

    • a li’l too soon.. for someone’s whose most accomplished work is Dev. D , we must wait for a while before making that claim..

      • Not at all Tony, see his music in his first work Aamir- especially 2 tracks- Chakkar Ghumiyo and Haara, his guest composition Iktaara from WUS, my fav- the entire soundrack from Udaan and the brilliant bgm, the track “dilli’ from NOKJ which was the best thing abt the film, again Gal Mitthi Mtthi and Shaam from Aisha. EMAET was a disappointment but I liked Gubbare. And do listen to Dariya Ubaal from Admissions Open- the guy can do fusion like no one else can. And c’mon he won a National Award for Dev D. Just check out the variety in his songs

        • he’s a very talented guy no doubt. certainly one of the est / probably the best of this generation but Rahman / VB are in a different league altogether.. the day he comes up with an timeless music album a la Roja / Omkara i’d agree with you

          • tony, i said he is the best ‘after’ rehman and vb. btw one guy’s music i luved was viju shah- he was ahead of his time- 1st guy to bring ‘techno mucic’ in india- he did few projects but aced in allof them- look at his stuff from ‘gupt’, ‘mohra’, tridev, vishwaatma, bade miyaan chhote miyaan-

          • ohh, I get you now..

            yeh I liked Viju Sha tooo.. he just faded into oblivion after films like Gupt and Bade Miyan chote miya. his music though jarring at times was fun to listen too..

  11. ‘But there are plenty of positives, and Parineeti Chopra is the biggest one.’

  12. parineeti has arrived. surely many boys could later identify with her as ‘she reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. was bindaas’ ..

    the film does seem to have pacing issues though..

  13. Dangerous Ishhq
    By Taran Adarsh, 11 May 2012, 10:00 hrs IST
    After making a series of horror films, Vikram Bhatt enters a new zone with DANGEROUS ISHHQ. This one’s about Past Life Regression.

    For those not conversant with it, Past Life Regression is one’s expedition, through meditation or hypnosis, into your previous birth. An unsolved past life experience could be distressing in one’s current life. Past Life Regression or Therapy can significantly aid the person in understanding these problems and help them reclaim the quality of life by understanding and altering the root causes of these symptoms. In DANGEROUS ISHHQ, Karisma Kapoor attempts to unravel, through Past Life Regression, the mystery adjoining her past lives.

    But this isn’t the first Indian film on this topic. SONAR KELLA aka THE GOLDEN FORTRESS, helmed by the master storyteller Satyajit Ray, was, to my knowledge, the first film to tackle this issue on celluloid. It narrated the story of a small boy who remembered events of his past life. He even mentioned precious jewels in a golden fortress, drawing sketches of battles he had seen.

    The strength of DANGEROUS ISHHQ lies is its attention-grabbing plot, which the Indian masses can relate to instantaneously. With Vikram Bhatt at the helm of affairs, who specializes in narrating taut thrillers, you can be assured of a riveting plot with several heart-in-the-mouth moments. But, alas, it’s the screenplay that throws a spanner, with the over-stretched second hour and a formulaic conclusion ruining what Vikram had meticulously put together in the first half.

  14. Ishaqzaade
    By Taran Adarsh, 11 May 2012, 15:49 hrs IST
    Habib Faisal’s directorial debut DO DOONI CHAAR, starring Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor, depicted the aspirations of a middle-class family. It won immense critical acclaim, appreciation of the viewers and the Best Hindi Film National Award. Now his second film ISHAQZAADE has generated tremendous buzz thanks to its raw and edgy trailers, likable music and also for its setting — the Hindi belt where guns still reign supreme. And you aren’t disappointed either, for the film meets the lofty expectations, assuring you that the 2+ hours were well worth it!

    Yash Raj Films returns to the era of action after a hiatus, but they have not done away with their core USP, romance, as ISHAQZAADE is a passionate love story, which is the emphasizing theme of the film. In fact, ISHAQZAADE is not only about aggression and romance, you also get a glimpse of the arrogance and conceit of people in small towns in India.

    The story unfurls in the idealistic and intimidating scenario of North India. ISHAQZAADE depicts the love story of two defiant, rebellious individuals. A passionate love story ignited by extreme dislike. It revolves around two disputing political families, two fiery individuals and their battle for control and superiority. The two characters, Parma [Arjun Kapoor] and Zoya [Parineeti Chopra], who have been told since early days to detest each other, are almost equipped to eradicate each other and then something happens in their life post which they realize they are actually quite alike. They start wondering when we both are so similar in our personality and stance, why have we got this extreme dislike for each other?

    In such a setting, when two people, who have been loathing each other all this while, fall in love, things go askew.

    The chemistry between Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra on screen certainly follows the model of the chemistry that was created in DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE, BUNTY AUR BABLI and BAND BAAJA BAARAAT. It’s infectious and that, in my opinion, is the hallmark of the film, besides the script of course. In the initial portions, both Arjun and Parineeti are at loggerheads, bartering cusswords, flaunting guns and trying to be one-up on the other. Their love story towards the middle of the first part is equally electrifying and the portrayal by Arjun and Parineeti gives the film the required sheen.

  15. A rare positive review of Dangerous Ishq by Subhash Jha

    Subhash K. Jha speaks about Dangerous Ishhq
    By Subhash K. Jha, May 11, 2012 – 12:57 IST

    Karisma Kapoor’s grand-slam of a return to form (and shape) in Vikram Bhatt’s startling mix of myth and mystery in Dangerous Ishhq makes us forget, even forgive, Madhuri Dixit’s disastrous comeback in Aaja Nachle.

    Yes, there is life after 30 for Bollywood divas. You just need to get a life. Vikram Bhatt so far consumed in making relatively small films about para-normal experiences, pulls out all stops in Dangerous Ishhq to make Karisma’s comeback a near-spectacular cinematic event.

    The film told through many eras of tumult, mythology and history engages our attention on many levels. It takes its interestingly-etched protagonist through several lives in search of her missing soul-mate. This commodious epic time-frame stretching from 2012 to the 16th century gives Karisma a chance to slip into several costume changes.

    Luckily for her and for the audience, Dangerous Ishhq is not only about getting into the right clothes. Amin Hajee’s script makes resonant existential statements without getting the plot tangled in ideas and concepts. Beyond a point it ceases to matter whether the audience believes in after-life or reincarnation. Vikram Bhatt’s splendidly executed mythological-thriller just makes you thankful for the gift of mythology, philosophy and cinematic technique that makes a film so daring in concept come alive in flaming colours of pain anger defiance and redemption.

    Indeed this is a film that takes us far beyond the accepted boundaries of entertainment to forge a new genre of cinematic experience where the pauranic katha of Savitri retrieving her husband from the clutches Yama the God of death, is taken to an unexplored level of cinema. In Raaz 10 years ago Vikram Bhatt had explored the same theme. Here he takes the theme to the arena of the unknown.

  16. I am dating Siddharth Roy Kapoor: Vidya Balan

    National award winning actress Vidya Balan has finally come out about her relationship with UTV head Siddharth Roy Kapoor but says she is in no hurry to get married to him.

    “I don’t have any plans yet… and there is no engagement ring yet. It’s a while away and I am in no hurry. But it’s on my mind and there is a plan at some point. There is someone in my life,” Vidya said.

    When asked whether she is dating the UTV movies honcho, Vidya said, “I will admit that I am dating him but not beyond that.”

    The ‘Dirty Picture’ star, 34, who has been recently appointed as a Bollywood Ambassador of Victoria, was here to promote the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne commencing from June 11.

    Asked about her take on Rakhi Sawant’s claim to appear as a better lead role in a Bengali version of ‘The Dirty Picture’, Vidya said, “I did my best and I am sure if she (Rakhi) brings her own originality to the portrayal of Silk, it will be great and I will be more than happy to watch her.”

    .Clad in beautiful white saree with black embroidered border, Vidya admitted that she was a bit apprehensive about how her parents wreact to her portrayal of South siren Silk Smitha in the film
    “I was finally relieved after my father came during the interval and said he could only see Silk rather than Vidya. There is no bigger compliment for me than that,” she said.

    “’Dirty Picture’ was a life time opportunity for me as an actress. It was an opportunity not to be missed also because it was completely out of my comfort zone. But it did take lot of time for me decide about the role,” she added.

    “The most encouraging part of doing this role has been that people now think that I am capable of doing this kind of a film,” she said, adding that she was highly satisfied after knowing that her performance in the film was seen as everything but “sleazy”.

  17. It’s so sweet of Vidya to answer the question about Rakhi without belittling her even though Rakhi has been using Vidya’s name for cheap publicity. I really hate the hypocrtically condescending attitude that KJo and friends take towards Rakhi, Mallika etc on Koffee with Karan- how is a Chikni Chameli in a Karan Johar production any different from what Rakhi and Mallika do?

  18. Ami, tony was bang-on when compared to vidya. Both of u r sharp (in a good way) with ur comments/obsevations yet r disarmingly honest with ur views. So it’s very tough to win a debate against u (as i lost the ‘foeticide’ won yesterday…lol)

    • LOL Saurabh! I don’t think I’m deserving of being compared to Vidya Balan AT ALL- but you and Tony are too kind.

  19. whatever. btw ami, 2 hindi thrillers ‘u’ should definitely see- nagesh kukunoor’s ‘3 deewarein’ and an old bwood one- “dhund” (available on youtube and is based on agatha christie’s “and then there were none”)- trust me u will not be disappointed. Also on ‘gravity trailer’ i have put up a trailer of norwegian thriller u will love to watch

  20. Alex adams Says:

    Parineeti chopra is drawing great buzz folks apparently on twitter
    Not only guys, some gals have liked her
    Found her ‘over the top’ and irritating in Ricky bahl
    In pareshaan, she is good
    Thinks its a bit too much though and too early to say that she’s the next ‘big’ thing yet
    Anyhow an interview

    Sent from my iPad

  21. Alex adams Says:

    Lol Good ‘hands on’ experience, guys
    @ Manchester business school !
    Apparently a friends girlfriend now claims to be a mate of parineeti!

  22. Alex,

    Ha ha…Parineeti is THE next “big thing” ! And no, am not going overboard even for a minute…need to give credit where its due !

    Watched “Ishaqzaade” at a late night show yesterday…fairly engrossing & unconventional romantic saga set against the backdrop of the lawless UP hinterland…a terrific 1st half but drags a bit in the 2nd and then picks up pace in the last 20 min…the ending is bold & is going to create a fair amount of debate amongst viewers…great music, decent dialogues & cinematography…the new boy Arjun is good for a debut film, will be interesting to see how he turns out in future.

    But the star of the show is Ms. Chopra without a doubt…a near flawless performance if ever there was one…effortlessly portraying a myriad of emotions, she is just fantastic ! In fact, there is a short period in the 2nd half where she has no dialogues & conveys volumes just through her expressions & body language…can safely say now that she is the most promising young actress I have seen in years, after probably Vidya Balan’s sensational debut act in Parineeta.

    • Alex adams Says:

      “Alex,Ha ha…Parineeti is THE next “big thing” ! And no, am not going overboard even for a minute…need to give credit where its due !”
      Thanx for the review Shubh
      “In fact, there is a short period in the 2nd half where she has no dialogues & conveys volumes just through her expressions & body language”-hmm impressive
      U write well and should post more stuff
      Ps1-yes: good to see u write something other than Aamirs SJ :-)
      Ps2-it seems that girls are liking parineeti more than guys
      Btw shubh have a hunch that u r a Bengali -correct ?

  23. Speaking of Ms. Chopra “eating anybody/everbody”, I personally thought she did that in “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl”…her Delhi Punju girl act was pitch perfect in terms of accent, body language & being hyper/over the top ( yes, the role demanded that!! )…Have stayed in Delhi earlier for a few years & have a fair knowledge of their over-the-top mannerisms.

    Not surprisingly, the girl walked away with almost every Best Debut award in sight !!

  24. Ishaqzaade: A remarkable film

    Subhash K Jha

    “As the Muslim girl Zoya, Parineeti Chopra fills the screen with a tempestuous charm. Natural spontaneous and vivacious she reminds you of the early Jaya Bhaduri.”

    Quite a compliment, must say !

  25. Ami and others, Vishal Bharadwaj is not going to direct “Ek Thi Daayan”-it will be directed by his assistant Kaanav Iyer. But will be producing the film alongwith Balaji and will compose music for the film. And the cast is finalised- it has Emraan, Koko and Kalki

  26. Alex adams Says:

    Unrelated–on Louis Malle
    Like both Jeremy irons and Julie binochet by Louis Malle
    Revisited bits of ‘damage’ (fatale)- brilliant chemistry

    Btw a film maker told me that louis Malle cosidering his best word to be the doucmentaries he made in/about India
    The first kaleidoscopic Stark portrayal of India
    Apparently this was found too negative by indian authorities and infact BBC was disallowed to film in India for many years since !!!

    A collectors item-Calcutta
    There are few more parts of this on YouTube

  27. Alex adams Says:

    Louis malles phantom India, Calcutta and others

    Phantom India was very much in the cinéma vérité tradition that first flourished in the 1960s when the appearance of lightweight film cameras made possible the capturing of “real life” activities in the practical affairs of society. But cinéma vérité in its early European manifestation was distinguished from its counterpart in North America, known as “direct cinema”, which tried to capture “objective” reality by attempting to make the cinematographers invisible. Cinéma vérité filmmakers, in contrast to that, tended to acknowledge explicitly the presence of the filmmaker and his or her involvement in the processes under study. This, in my, view is the more realistic approach and is likely to lead to a more accurately captured “reality” on film. Whatever is captured on film is inevitably altered by the presence of the watcher, and in addition the choice of camera angle and the flow of edited images inevitably reflect the ontological context of the watcher. It is best to recognize this state of affairs and work within that context. This is exactly what Malle did in Phantom India. Indeed, Malle’s film is an extended examination of the issue of cinematic objectivity. He is less concerned with the camera’s putative “invisibility” (there are many occasions when his subjects look straight into the camera) than with the inescapable fact that the director, as well as each viewer, brings to the film his or her own intellectual categories by means of which the perceived reality is to be constructed


    • Alex adams Says:

      Contd from above
      A film maker friend sent me this
      Louis Malle about madras film industry
      A collectors piece from the 1960s archives

  28. Ishaqzaade First Day Business

    Saturday 12th May 2012 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ishaqzaade collected around 4.50-4.60 crore nett on its first day. The figures for some circuits are as follows.

    Delhi/UP – 91 lakhs

    East Punjab – 43 lakh

    CI – 20 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 30 lakhs

    Mysore – 15 lakhs

  29. Jannat 2 Drops On 8th Day

    Saturday 12th May 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jannat 2 dropped on its 8th day as it collected around 1.25 crore nett. The drop is 80-85% from its first day. The film should be able to cross the the 5 crore nett mark for its second weekend business as Saturday and Sunday should see good growth. The 8th day figures from some circuits are as follows with first day figures in brackets.

    Delhi/UP – 24 (150) -84%

    East Punjab – 9 (72) -87.5%

    CP Berar – 9 (59) – 84.75%

    Rajasthan – 8 (55) – 85.45%

    All figures in lakhs

  30. Vicky Donor Heads Towards 40 Crore Finish

    Saturday 12th May 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Vicky Donor keeps its strong run going in its fourth despite having two new releases and one of them being Ishaqzaade which opened well. Last week it was unaffected by Jannat 2 and this week Ishaqzaade has made no difference.

    The film collected 50 lakhs nett on its fourth Friday and now will hit the 35 crore nett mark by the end of its fourth week. A 30-35% drop from last week.

    Vicky Donor is looking at a 40 crore nett finish and if it does not get there it will get very close. It has two weeks before the juggernaut Rowdy Rathore hits screens and takes out every film playing but before that Vicky Donor can easily add another 4-5 crore nett in its fifth and sixth weeks.

    Department will release next week and is a major film but its a film for the Mumbai and Southern circuits film and will not be a factor in the North where Vicky Donor is having a run which has never been seen before for such a small film.

  31. Dangerous Ishq First Day Business

    Saturday 12th May 2012 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dangerous Ishq just about managed to cross the 1 crore nett mark as it grossed around 1.10 crore nett on its first day. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 40 lakhs

    Delhi/UP – 19 lakhs

    East Punjab – 6 lakhs

    West Bengal – 4 lakhs

    Bihar – 4 lakhs

    CP Berar – 9 lakhs

    CI – 7 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 8 lakhs

    Nizam – 6 lakhs

    Mysore – 4 lakhs

    Others – 3 lakhs

    TOTAL – 1.10 crore

  32. NY Times:

    May 11, 2012
    Movie Review
    Five Centuries in Love: That’s a Lot of Past Lives

    Forget “till death do us part.” In the Bollywood romance “Dangerous Ishhq” love transcends bodies and conquers time. After a knock on the head and some past-life regression therapy, the long-suffering heroine, Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor), learns just how long she’s been suffering: about 500 years.

    The plot loops back into Sanjana’s past lives, which include stops during the partition of India in 1947, a Mughal succession in 1658, and even earlier, when Sanjana’s transmigrating love story started in a flurry of boons and curses. It was then that her soul was bound in perpetuity to that of another (Rajniesh Duggall, a Mr. India turned actor), and also to that of a nemesis whose violent schemes have grown more elaborate through the ages. In the present-day story he has kidnapped Mr. Duggall’s character and, inevitably, wired him with explosives and strapped him to a chair.

    “Dangerous Ishhq” (“Dangerous Love”), directed by Vikram Bhatt, is meant as a comeback vehicle for the green-eyed Ms. Kapoor (Kareena Kapoor’s sister), whose big films were in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and whose appearances have been rare lately. But “Dangerous Ishhq” itself feels out of time, beamed from a long-ago era of preposterous plotting and cheesy effects.

    This is the kind of movie where the villain plants his feet and bellows at the heavens; things explode willy-nilly (watch out for the coffee cup in your hand); and the only comic relief is of the unintended kind. Ms. Kapoor and Mr. Duggall don’t have much chemistry, and the film is too silly to have any emotional traction. In Hindi cinema, that’s unforgivable.

  33. “and the film is too silly to have any emotional traction. In Hindi cinema, that’s unforgivable.”- ROFL at this .

  34. Btw Emraan Hashi is also in Raj Kumar Gupta’s (AAmir, NOKJ) next alongwith Vidya Balan titled “Ghanchakkar”

  35. bencho 40 crore for Vicky Donor is damn good total for a film highlighting such rarely talked about / sensitive issue, that some people could not even find uncomfortable in sitting through with their friends.

    I think what it has done it quite extraordinary, and kinda similar to what the 3 years-in-the making big budget Agent Vinod.

  36. Agreed Tony

  37. didnt like it. imo b r chopra always ruined the essence of an agatha christie book

    i always though he was a much ado about nothing sort of director. all the thrillers he made were either rip offs of agatha christie or unofficial remakes of forgotten american thrillers. i would much much prefer vijay anand’s works in similar genres

  38. Funnily enough you do find translated Tamil pulp fiction books in reputed book stores in Chennai. :-)

  39. AamirsFan Says:

    i love this movie genre!! this role seems like cake walk for sean penn…or maybe he just makes it seem easy. the cast is great.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      my fave from this genre:

      1. public enemies
      2. the untouchables(my most fave of this list)
      3. Road to Perdition
      4. Once upon a time in america
      5. goodfellas
      6. the departed
      7. the Godfather
      8. the Godfather part II
      9. American Gangster
      10. Heat

      • AamirsFan Says:

        a hindi film list would be:

        1. don(original)
        2. deewar(original)
        3. ramjaane(guilty pleasure)
        4. sarkar
        5. agneepath(original)
        6. satya
        7. omkara
        8. once upon a time in mumbai
        9. vastaav
        10. shakti

        • alex adams Says:

          Good lists aamirfan
          A tale of two princesses
          btw dont mind k8 middleton

          • Did The Guardian accidentally publish an article meant for the DailyMail? ;-) This has all the hallmarks of a DailyMail piece: needless fear-mongering and the gossipy, whiny, holier-than-thou tone of ‘concern’.

          • Ami, you might appreciate this clip….

          • Haha- that clip is GOLD!

          • alex adams Says:

            lol matrix-nice clip uve dug up
            best was the quip on ‘sun readers’…
            actually the newspaper readership IS quite illustrative of tastes n sensibilities as spelt out here
            though trends change somewhat…
            as an example—just check another article on k8–this time from daily mail
            just a slight variation in tone –if one goes for the different ones, the diff is maintained to keep the readership happy

          • Agree with you Alex.

            Speaking of The Sun, they ask their page 3 girls to give their opinion on serious matter like Iraq war, economic policy, budget etc….earlier I used to find that ridiculous, these days I find an absurdist humor in it….afterall people go to page 3 to read what 19 year old Emily from Essex has to say on an intricate subject matter so that they can make a better judgement!

            BTW Alex I hope unlike David Cameron you know that LOL doesn’t mean Lots of Love. :)

      • a very good list and agreed on untouchables. but ‘heat’ is not at all a gangster/mafia film. there r no gangsters here, only thiieves and cops- it’s kind of a ‘heist’ film. raamjane, though i quite like it, is a copy of ‘angels with dirty faces’

      • good lists here.. my favorite from the ones you’ve mentioned is probably the Leone. Among more contemporary releases I love Public Enemies. Not sure if you saw this earlier:

        • I also quite like Brian De Palma’s “Carlito’s Way” , Bonnie and Clyde and Sacrface

        • AamirsFan Says:

          yes i did have a chance to read that wonderful news…do you know if the extended version is out yet on DVD?? thanks again for it.

          @ saurabh
          i included heat only because it can be classified as a gangster/crime type of movie. i love michael mann. heat, collateral and public enemies are among my most fave movies.

          anyhow i am looking very much forward to this “gangster squad” movie. my most awaited after TDKR among hollywood movies.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Unrelated ‘news’
      SRK with scorsese-xtreme city-may finally happen

      Last year, a huge buzz was created with reports that actor Shah Rukh Khan might play a role in Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s Xtrme City.  But when Shah Rukh refused to confirm it, the news died down.

      Now, after several months, the actor says he’s keyed
      and is keen to meet Scorsese. “I had been very caught up with RA.One, Don 2 and then I straightaway got into Yashji’s film. So, I could not take any time off for Xtrme City. I haven’t spoken to anyone for a long time (regarding the project). A couple of days back though, I was informed that I need to send an email (about the film),” says Shah Rukh. He adds, “Yes, maybe when I am in the US next time without facing many problems (laughs), I plan to go and meet Mr Scorsese to see what development has happened to it. I haven’t been in touch with Mr Scorsese. But I am sure it will be an interesting film whenever we start it. It’s not a project that you can start immediately without thorough preparation,” he says.

      To be produced by the multiple Oscar-winning Scorsese, Xtrme City is to be directed by screenwriter Paul Schrader of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull fame. The film is a cross-cultural thriller, a tale about two men from radically different worlds. While SRK is likely to essay the role of an underworld gangster, makers are trying to rope in Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio to play a New York cop. SRK’s friend Mushtaq Sheikh has co-written the script of the film.

      • Sources have informed us that Scorcese has been waiting patiently for SRK to finish filming London Ishq so that he can now have the honour of meeting the Chubbs Fellow and creating a movie especially for him. Apparently even while making Hugo, Scorcese had this project foremost on his mind. It’s heard that Scorcese was so impressed by King Khan’s portrayal of Don in last year’s blockbuster hit ‘Don 2′ that he has been bombarding SRK with emails since saying that no one else would do for the part of the underworld villain in this film.

        It is also reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was so keen to co-star with SRK that he asked the director of ‘Great Gatsby’ to hire Amitabh Bachchan for the film with the explicit purpose of using Amitabh as a messenger to get through to SRK. It has been further hinted that the iconic arms outstretched scene on the Titanic with Kate Winslet was Leo’s humble tribute to the original lover boy SRK’s typical arms-outstretched dance move.

        We can also reveal that Paul Schrader had originally created the Raging Bull script for SRK, but he rejected it, and thus Robert De Niro scored his big break.

        Finally, we are happy to report that the UN director general- when asked for a quote concerning the infamous SRK security check fiasco of 2012, said that he was appalled by the whole issue and would take up the cause of persecuting Bollywood superstars and treating them like lowly commoners very strongly at the next security council meeting.

        In related news, it is rumoured that the director of Black Swan was so enamoured by Katrina Kaif’s sizzling dance moves in Chikni Chameli that he has planned to do a sequel to the film starring her titled Badnaam Black Swan- Part 2. She is also in talks to star in an Item number in Xtreme City that will incorporate unique elements of both American and Indian culture.

        • i don’t believe a word of it. srk in a scorsese project- bullshit! this guy’s media circus has again taken-off

          • Alex adams Says:

            Minor that’s a spoof, it seems
            Is that your own piece Amy?
            Btw do join in my live webinar on the SJ2 thread and contribute your bits to the ‘Nobel’ cause

          • Saurabh- I was joking! And of course it is nonsense. Forget the utter improbability of Scorcese wanting to work with SRK of all people- do you really think for a moment that the writer of Raging Bull is going to collaborate with Mushatqh Freaking Sheikh on a project as idiotically named as ‘Xtreme City’. And he has ‘I formed that he needed to send an email about the film.’ ROFL! Does anybody for one second bee live Tha Martin Scorcese is sitting in LA instructing his secretary to send off emails inquiring politely why SRK has been ignoring his film offers? COME ON! This is just outrageous.

          • Haha- yes of course it’s my own piece Alex- who would publish something so silly? :-P

          • BTW- the price Alex posted is genuine- as in SRK genuinely said that. My piece is a joke.

          • Alex adams Says:

            That’s a very good piece of innovative writing there Amy
            So much so, that even minor thought it was srks media machinery
            The key is these things should’ve just the right amount of wit and believability element
            U struck the ‘balance’ right !!!
            Ps- missed your skills in my live webinar in SJ2 thread but better ‘late’ than ‘never’ (no pun intended though)

          • ami, sorry i didn’t know that it was written by u. otherwise, u know, i wouldn’t have said something so rude esp to u. btw it was really funny and very creative of u

          • On that note where has Di gone again? she came for a day and disappeared. is she fine healthwise? or is she angry with anyone/anything on the blog. even her last comments made here a day back carried a different kind of tone. i wish Satyam asks her to come back if she is pissed-off or something. i, for one, definitely miss her comments.

        • Ami – did you write it?

          • “Haha- yes of course it’s my own piece Alex- who would publish something so silly”

            — darn, you almost had me ! you can go places as a writer..

        • Haha- Leo’s spokesperson has already denied any such collaboration- why is SRK bringing it up again?

  40. Ishaqzaade Has Good Second Day

    Ishaqzaade did well on its second day as it collected around 5 crore nett as per early estimates. The film managed to show growth on Saturday though not huge growth.

    The film has collected close to 9.50 crore nett in two days and should do at least 15 crore nett over the weekend.

    Ishaqzaade is a huge earner for the makers as its satellite rights alone will cover more than the total investment and in terms of return on investment its bigger than most films released in last few years.

    The Monday figures will tell where the film is going as far as its theatrical business is concerned and with a good clear run in the next two weeks it has a good oppurtunity to put up a good lifetime number.

  41. Alex adams Says:

    Ok guys-just to take a short break from that exhausting gruelling interactive webinar on the SJ thread–
    A poll–who wins here
    Ps-shubh –don’t worry mate–u seem to hesistating from joining your own favourite SJ thread ;-)

  42. Ami, Satyam, Alex, Tony ( i have a feeling Tony has gone for a late night show of Isshaqzaade at Saket PVR with his gf/wife…lol) and all others- which r ur 10(or more) favourite bwood films in the last decade? c’mon guys come up with ur choices

    • Ideally, would’ve checked it out on the first day itself, but plans got somewhat delayed.

      (Psst.. I like going to movies alone) :P

      regarding your other question, its a very difficult task, but ill try to manage:

      Munnabhai MBBS
      Khosla Ka Ghosla
      Rang De Basanti
      Taare Zameen par
      Johny Gaddaar
      Black Friday

      notable mentions: TLOBS, Mumbai meri jaan, Maqbool, Kaminey, Veer Zaara, Swades, Ek Hasina Thi, Rocket Singh, Chak De India, Ab Tak Chappan, 3 Deewarein, Oye lucky lucky oye, Gulaal, Do Dooni chaar, A wednesday, Aamir, Dev D, Black, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Haasil, Gangaajal, Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots

      • and yes , Guru as well – to notable mentions list

      • will comment on ur choices after this but u actually like going for a film alone, not with a bunch of friends? and u don’t have to answer this but r u single or have a partner(i am assuming that u r not married)

        • I dont mind going to the movies with my friends but I believe taking along someone with you whose tastes might differ ruins the movie-watching experience, at least for me. Enjoying a movie alone lets you know your actual perspective of the film, without being affected by the tastes of who you’re taking along!

          • dude u r one hell of a movie-goer(and i guess u r not answering the 2nd part, i may be wrong but i believe u r a bit of a loner)- a damn good list- i more or less agree with most of ur choices apart from veer zara and gangaajal. i know it was a tough question so that’s why i did not put a bar on the number of choices

          • anyway my choices (the ones i can recall)- udaan,rdb,khaaki,LOBS,aks,lagaan,maqbool,eklavya,kaminey,a wednesday,99,superstar, mithya,jhankaar beats,socha na tha,hazaaron khwaishein aisi,hera pheri,mission kashmir,manorama 6 feet under,yeh saali zindagi,tzp,iqbaal,wus, bluffmaster,bose:the forgotten hero,oye lucky,LRMB,black friday,paanch,being cyrus,ouatim,chak de,kaante,dch,superstar,ek haseena,jonny gaddaar,apaharan,aakrosh

          • my current fav directors-1) bharadwaj 2)santoshi 3)raghavan 4)sudhir mishra 5)rakeysh mehra 6)gowarikar 7)raj and d.k. 8)anurag kashyap 9)sanjay gupta 10)vikramaditya motwane and neeraj pandey

          • sorry dude, didnt notice the second part of your question? I aint married – you can consider me a loner ! :)

  43. Ishaqzaade Has Good Second Day

    Sunday 13th May 2012 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ishaqzaade did well on its second day as it collected around 5 crore nett as per early estimates. The film managed to show growth on Saturday though not huge growth.

    The film has collected close to 9.50 crore nett in two days and should do at least 15 crore nett over the weekend.

    Ishaqzaade is a huge earner for the makers as its satellite rights alone will cover more than the total investment and in terms of return on investment its bigger than most films released in last few years.

    The Monday figures will tell where the film is going as far as its theatrical business is concerned and with a good clear run in the next two weeks it has a good oppurtunity to put up a good lifetime number.

  44. Jannat 2 collects 40 Crore Approx In Ten Days

    Friday 11th May 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jannat 2 took its total to 40 crore nett approx as it collected around 4.75 crore nett approx in its second weekend. The approx breakdowns were 1.25 crore nett on Friday, 1.50 crore nett on Saturday and 2 crore nett on Sunday. The film has dropped around 80% from its first weekend. The second weeknd numbers from some circuits with first week numbers in brackets are below.

    Delhi/UP – 94 (431) – 78.19%

    East Punjab – 35 (205) – 82.93%

    Rajasthan – 31 (148) – 79.05%

    Mysore – 17 (98) – 82.65%

  45. Ishaqzaade Has Good First Weekend

    Monday 14th May 2012 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ishaqzaade has had a good first weekend as it grossed around 15.50 crore nett as per early estimates over its first weekend. The film has fared very well in UP with a big jump on Sunday at all centres in the state.

    The approx breakdowns for the film are 4.50 crore nett on Friday, 5.15 crore nett on Saturday and Sunday is set to to come in around the 6 crore nett region.

    Ishaqzaade has done well all across with even single screens having very good collections for a new star cast film. Infact the single screen performance of the film is probably better than multiplexes.

    The film is a winner and the weekend trending suggests that collections on Monday should hold up well.

  46. May 13, 2012, 1:10 pm
    ‘The Avengers’ Holds Strong at No. 1

    Zade Rosenthal/Disney, via Associated PressChris Hemsworth, left, and Chris Evans in “The Avengers.”

    Tim Burton’s tepidly reviewed “Dark Shadows” wilted under the holdover heat of “Marvel’s The Avengers,” which took in an astounding $103.2 million at North American theaters in its second weekend. That No. 1 total pushed the domestic gross for “The Avengers” (Disney) to about $373.2 million, according to, which compiles box office data. “Dark Shadows,” a $150 million horror comedy starring Johnny Depp, was a distant second, with about $28.8 million in ticket sales.

    Based on the 1960s-era vampire soap opera, “Dark Shadows” (Warner Brothers) looked solid on paper despite Hollywood’s mixed success at adapting TV shows for the big screen: Mr. Burton and Mr. Depp have a track record for delivering hits, including the 2010 smash “Alice in Wonderland.” But “Dark Shadows” was wobbly even without “The Avengers” tidal wave. Warner’s marketing campaign, while visually stunning, had a hard time clearly positioning Mr. Burton’s offbeat movie (is it a comedy? a campy horror movie? an “Addams Family” update?), and some analysts worry that audiences are becoming blasé about Mr. Depp’s eccentric characters. Word of mouth was also chilly, with audiences giving “Dark Shadows” a B-minus in exit polls.

    “Think Like a Man” (Sony) chugged away in third place, taking in an estimated $6.3 million for a four-week total of $81.9 million. “The Hunger Games” (Lionsgate) placed fourth, taking in about $4.4 million for an eight-week total of $386.9 million, while “The Lucky One” (Warner) was fifth, selling about $4.1 million in tickets for a four-week total of $53.7 million.

  47. Alex adams Says:

    Haha actually kjo is having ‘run ins’ with both Kat n Priyanka…
    Btw –came across someone who worked on Kjos crew in EMAET in a party-technical side
    Feel it is quite fashionable and enjoyable for us to hav fun at kjos expense
    Apparently: That guy kjo DOES have clout…
    what he’s achieved at his age is no mean achievement
    Apparently he will be having nearly ten films on the floor th coming year-I was told..
    Have heard stuff of how keen some are to be in his films–all this relative but for most non-elite khans, getting kjo films is still a big deal…

  48. Ishaqzaade Holds Up Well On Monday

    Ishaqzaade held up very well on Monday with collections around the 2.75-3 crore nett mark as per early estimates. Delhi/UP was extraordinary with just a 30% drop from Friday. The all India drop on Monday was around 35% from Friday. The film has grossed around 18.75-19 crore nett in four days.

    The film should close the week around the 25 crore nett mark which would be a very good first week total for the film.

    If the weekdays remain steady then the film could even go on to 40 crore nett lifetime business. It seems certain to cross 35 crore nett at the rate is going at present.

    • Ishaqzaade looks to be a winner & deservingly so !

      Was a bit sceptical whether the heavy 2nd half & the climax would be accepted by majority of the audience…but have been proved pleasantly wrong, which I don’t mind at all !!

  49. My short take on Ishaqzaade

    Mixed feelings for Ishaqzaade. There are sequences that stand out but on the whole it seems overstretched and somehow didn’t connect with the characters, despite Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra putting in compelling performances. This one falls much short of Habib Faisal’s Do Dooni Chaar.

    An okay, one-time watch. Nothing beyond.

  50. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    #Ishaqzaade *actuals* Fri 4.54 cr, Sat 5.15 cr, Sun 6.22 cr, Mon 2.77 cr, Tue 2.64 cr, Wed 2.34 cr. Total Rs 23.66 cr nett. Superb!

  51. Department To Depend On Word Of Mouth

    Thursday 17th May 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Department is likely to depend on word of mouth as its opening is likely to be below the mark. The advance at single screens on Monday was low and single screens are its best chance.

    Action films are normally dependent on opening but Department will have to take a different route if it is to succeed at the box office.

    Department is likely to have a better market in Mumbai and South while in Delhi/UP and East Punjab there are chances that Ishaqzaade could come out with a better second weekend than the first weekend of Department unless the latter has good reports.

    Ishaqzaade is doing extremely well in the North especially Delhi/UP and in that territory Department will find it hard to beat Ishaqzaade.

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