Images from Shanghai (updated)

thanks to Ami…


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  1. Abhay looks good, Hashmi as always seems somewhat offensive!


  2. Alex adams Says:

    one of the most new directors -loved his every film
    THE most awaited bollywood film imo
    Dibakar banerjee-shanghai

    The cast and the presence of hashme notwithstanding
    Loved abhay deol in
    Lucky oye
    Even 140 ki last local
    And ofcourse dev D


  3. eagerly awaiting shanghai


  4. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    It looks live a very interesting project. It’s based on the Greek novel ‘Z’, which was earlier adapted into a French political thriller film. Apparently the movie is set in Mumbai at a time when the city is aspiring to be Shangai. There is also going to be an item number by a British dancer that satirises the Indian obsession with white skinned women called ‘imported Kamariya’.


    • so another film on revolution …

      i guess many are ready to millk anna’s political movement but very few came forward to support that


  5. Abhay looks like a boy playing grown up. Hashmi looks like Hashmi. It’ll be up to Banerjee to save his film from these guys.


  6. Alex adams Says:

    Hashmi adds a v uncomfortable sleaze/ downmarket vibe to this interesting project
    Mind u, he is not a bad actor, ‘intensity’ wise though
    Just that his past ‘sins’ won’t let him so soon

    Who is the female lead(s) here
    Lol@ an item number by a British dancer that satirises the Indian obsession with white skinned women called ‘imported Kamariya’.


  7. I think actors like Ranbeer (BBB), P.Babbar learn a thing or two from Hashmi (what to do and how to do, when you are not endowed with looks). Unfortunately for hasmi, he is “typecast” as offensive. I find the distaste for Hashmi, asrshad w. in the blogger a bit of a puzzle. Why this bias? After all these two are “outsiders” who made it. I would consider even abhay deol a sort of outsider.


    • I think two issues are often mixed up by people here. The insider/outsider argument might offer commentary on the working of this industry, one can certainly discuss the demerits here but this has nothing to do with how worthwhile or not a star is. It’s like Indira Gandhi got a leg up in life because of her obvious connections but she proved to be a great politician herself. Hashmi incidentally is not an outsider. He’s related to Mahesh Bhatt. But in any case these are two separate debates.

      But as a larger point I think one can’t get too sanctimonious about this stuff either. This is a country and society (not the only one by any means) where genealogy gets you very far in life in every avenue. You can even become PM! But we never ask these questions with the same passion when it comes to corporate or political families. Not just this, there is all kinds of nepotism and influence-peddling in ordinary life everywhere in India. So it’s not as if this is again only happening within the confines of the industry.

      Finally there is a cultural factor here. Sure the industry seems to be obsessed with genealogy but that’s because there’s also a market for the same. The audience gets excited with all of this! It wouldn’t happen if both ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ were equally rewarded at the box office.


    • I didn’t realize that there was any sort of distaste for Arshad Warsi. I quite like him. Hashmi on the other hand, typecast or no, projects a totally smarmy presence that even though he doesn’t quite torpedo the films he’s in, (if they are otherwise good enough) he certainly can’t outact his screen history and overcome that image he’s created.


      • there is no distaste for Warsi but Dimps is always bothered that he isn’t a very successful lead!


        • “there is no distaste for Warsi but Dimps is always bothered that he isn’t a very successful lead!”
          Somewhere you had said that Arshad was born to play circuit (only)….


    • thakursingh Says:

      Star children do get great opportunities to debut in movies but they have to prove themselves. If you look at the likes of Esha Deol and Zayed Khan, the audience gave them a chance but then moved on. Raj Babbar’s son Arya Babbar and daughter Juhi Babbar have also acted in movies that bombed and ended their careers. If Prateik Babbar is getting decent roles then there must be something that the filmmakers and audiences see in him.


    • Says:


      When you apply the mathematical correlation theory, once to those that are being disliked, and the second time to those that are doing the disliking, ALL becomes clear. I am not puzzled anymore. This is the power of science, it explains.

      Take care.


  8. Alex adams Says:

    Arshad Warshis ego and self assessment have shades of narcissism laden with delusional element-though Minor but given his ‘achievements’ definitively disproportionate!!!

    As for Hashmi -will reserve my comments as of now- he is porn.

    But apparently he is quite a hero figure amongst some single screen patrons or even average joes who cheer his ‘exploits’ on screen
    So Hashmi does have a certain pull
    And unfortunately even more than abhay deol currently


  9. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Actually Hashmi is a fine actor and hasa strong screen presence as he has proven in film after film. He has a rajesh Khanna like intensity in his lover boy roles. His lustful passion for Prachi Desai was palpable in OUATIM, which was in sharp contrast to the highfalutin romanticism of the Ajay Devgan character. He is a natural in front of the camera and has his ow way of enacting songs. films like OUATIM , TDP and Shanghai will atke him to the next league.
    and yes, one can wipe off one’s cinematucopast if one is basically talented. Mumtaz acted for years in films of Dara Singh anda sleazy Feroze Khan before graduating to the vamp and finally to the prered romatntic lead against actors like Rajesh Khanna, Dharendra, Dev and and Sanjeev Kumar. and Sanjeev Kumar himself acted ina dizen B-grade swashbuklers nad lead in costume drama kike raj or Rank before geeting supporting roles and finally as heroo in films of Ramesh Sippy, and Gulzar.


  10. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    In fact the elevation of Hashmi is already on the way. He has just been confirmed by Rajumar Gupta’s Ghanchakar against Vidya Balan. First Shngaji , then this. Emran Hasdhmi has surely arrived.


  11. The people complaining that Hashmi’s ‘sins’ are the ones holding on to them. I didn’t find him remotely sleazy in OUATIM, Raaz 2 or the TDP. What are you guys talking about? The guy’s crafted an unusual path to mainstream fame no doubt and is certainly not to everyone’s taste, nor does he have to be but the disdain and mocking tone some here refer to him with is baffling and frankly off-putting. Comes across as a very elitist attiude. With his current lot of films on hand, I’d say some in the industry are starting to change their minds about him. He’s slowly trying to turn the corner. And yet, the snobs continue to disparage him. Strange.


    • Filmbuff Says:

      Hashmi did well in a film set in South Africa – it was all about match fixing in cricket – am forgetting the name of the movie. He was also good in OUTIM although it was more an Ajay movie. The one with Soha Ali Khan was also good. These are the only 3 films of Hashmi that i found interesting so far.


  12. Since OUATIM I’ve became a fan of his work…but the only way he’l shake off the ‘sleaze’ image is if he stops working with the Bhatts & making these crass movies.


  13. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Think about films that star stories rather than heroes, and you probably have two words in your head: Anurag Kashyap. Almost every contemporary filmmaker brings up Kashyap’s name in any conversation about the new Hindi cinema. Kashyap’s determination to make good, relevant, contemporary films and his support for anyone with the same aspiration is one big reason why there’s such a buzz about offbeat films now, they say. “The credit for reinventing cinema goes to Kashyap,” says independent producer Sunil Bohra. “He had the balls to make Dev.D. People now go to see his films, they don’t care who the actor is. Over the years he has developed that relationship with the audience and now he is extremely influential.”

    This ‘community’ is not a gang of friends pushing each other’s work. It is simply a bunch of people in various spheres of filmmaking, who, when they genuinely like someone’s work, will do all they can to support it. “They’re not under one banner, and yet they’re there for each other,” says Vikas Bahl, director of the National Award winning Chillar Party, former head of UTV Spotboy (the division of the entertainment corporate that focuses on small films with big stories), and now partner with Anurag Kashyap and two other filmmakers in Phantom Films. “It’s instinctive. Vishal (Bhardwaj) loved Amole’s (Gupte) film (Stanley Ka Dabba), so he helped him. Salman Khan doesn’t come from alternative cinema, but he did the same for Chillar Party. It came from his heart. You genuinely like a movie, you do it.”


  14. alex adams Says:

    nice to hear from u , utkal uncle\
    have things been ok with u
    heard u were caught redhanded or somethign by aunty–joking
    wish to hear more form u
    and agree wiht this article
    More strength to anurag kashyap and this ‘coterie” unrelated to the incestuous circle of ‘family friends’


  15. omrocky786 Says:

    SRK played a Tamil game designer, Shekhar Subramaniam in his dream project. Now, in Dibakar’s venture, Abhay plays a 40-year-old Tamil bureaucrat.

    “I can say he did better than that (SRK’s Tamil act). Before the shoot began, for three months, he (Abhay) had asked for a Tamil coach who can teach him Tamil alphabets, language and the accent. He had also asked me to rehearse Tamil lines with him before the shoot,” Dibakar told reporters at the first look of Shanghai


    • …Or they could have gone with Madhavan. Don’t mean to disparage Abhay. Just don’t find him very interesting on screen.


  16. I increasingly find myself agreeing with GF.. Abhay Deol really looks like he’s dressed up for a fancy dress party!


  17. alex adams Says:

    somehow i dont mind abhay deol in general and here, he might spring a surprise though initially had my gross reservations.
    But he seemed to have hired a tamil coach and learning the accent for six months etc
    These efforts get ‘noticed’ and overcelebrated somewhat (irrespective of the actual quality-remember langda tyagi)

    Was planning to go for “battleship” but the reports have been average
    any1 seen it?

    a good british lead pair
    Dont mind blunt or ewan esp the former


  18. alex adams Says:

    Now is this a bridesmaid gang reunion or what!!
    And y has kirsten wiig taken what looks liek a supporting part
    anyone seen this?
    maybe Amy?


    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      I have seen it- it’s starring, written and directed by Mad Men/ Don Draper Jon Hamm’s partner Jennifer Westfeldt- the Bridesmaids cast don’t have much to do in it- they only appeared in guest roles because Jon Hamm and Jennifer are their friends- and Jon did them a favour and acted in a guest role in Bridesmaids as well. Megan Fox also has a tiny bit role.

      Don’t watch it- its self indulgent and smug. It has the world’s most contrived premise and every thing about it is trying too hard to be cool and hipsterish.

      The lead actress-Jennifer Westfedlt- who also wrote and directed the film clearly only got it made because of her contacts- the whole film is a showcase for how quirky and intellectual and witty she thinks she is- except she is charmless and boring and annoying to watch onscreen.


      • Ami and Alex, the trailer of new Judd Apatow comedy “This is 40”- stars Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Megan Fox, Albert Brooks, John Lithgow, Mel McCarthy, Iris Apatow, Maude Apatow-


      • Alex adams Says:

        Thanx Amy for that info
        The ‘premise’ here does sound ‘different’ and ‘novel’ though on the face of it (though impractical apparently lol)
        Agree that Westfield has used her PR skill and social circle big time here to put together this ensemble cast
        Am not really interested in Westfield at all
        Jon damm is good though
        I’m a bit unhappy with the bridesmaid tema though to do this sort of a ‘favour’ following the biggest success of their careers(put together!)
        “its self indulgent and smug. It has the world’s most contrived premise and every thing about it is trying too hard to be cool and hipsterish.”–interesting observation-haven’t seen the film but the female who initially raved about this film to me seems exactly that to me actually shh 🙂
        Ps-Megan f in that pic looks dangerous though (had a certain weakness )


  19. alex adams Says:

    megan f–pray dont look like that …..
    slightly dangerous lol


  20. Alex adams Says:

    Hmm this latest abhay picinthe white shirt does look good
    He seems tobe looking Tamil- maybe Satyam can confirm
    On revisiting znmd, had noted that his work was better than initially appeared
    Seems a special film


  21. alex adams Says:

    just came across this site
    a funny post –hold on–acknowledging ‘beth loves bollywood’
    her take on znmd


  22. Im also intrigued to check out what Dibakar has done with Farooq Sheikh here. Always considered him more than just a competent actor with an imposing screen presence.


  23. agreed on farooq. but the got type-casted very early. btw he was amazing in ‘lahore’- a very good film on kick-boxing which released 2-3 yrs back


  24. There is a huge gap between dream and reality: Dibakar Banerjee

    In an exclusive chat with MM Online, director Dibakar Banerjee talks about his upcoming movie Shanghai and his experiences

    Rounak Guharoy | MM Online Bureau

    Posted On Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 03:21:10 PM

    He’s known for his different and uncommon film subjects. His last film Love Sex aur Dhoka (LSD) was a cutting satire on lapsing social morals fuelled by materialistic greed and technological advancements. Carrying the genre of realistic cinema forward, director Dibakar is ready with an all new story: Shanghai.

    Talking about the film, Dibakar says, “Shanghai is a story about an Indian small town, which is gearing up for a multi-million investment because it’s becoming a SEZ.”

    Shanghai could be easily termed as a political satire on politicians and their false promises of improved infrastructures and comparing Indian cities vis a vis western cities. “It’s always a bit convenient to promise to the people that now we’ll become a shiny, western oriented free market city. But the reality is different; the reality is that our cities are choked with traffic, pollution and there is tremendous infrastructure shortfall; in short there is huge gap between dream and reality,” he adds.

    Couple of weeks back there were reports in the media that Dibakar was not happy with the inclusion of the Sufi song Khudaya. Rubbishing the reports, Dibakar clarifies, “These reports are completely wrong. Initially, I hadn’t heard the song and I didn’t know how well it would fit into the film. No one forced me, it’s just that both T-Series and I heard the album that Vishal-Shekhar had done for the film with all the five songs, we were completely blown away by the quality of it,” adding, “Usually, most hit albums have one or two hit songs and the rest are normal songs, but this one had four hit songs. When I heard Khudaya, I was completely blown away and that was the time I decided that this could be a fantastic promotional song and decided to direct the music video myself. So it was never that I wasn’t keen, but it was about how I figure out a way to integrate the song in the film,” he says.

    Apart from an uncommon plot, the film also features an uncommon team of Emraan Hashmi, Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin. It’s a very rare star cast and while Abhay and Kalki has been seen together in earlier, but including Emraan makes the casting a bit unique by itself. Commenting on the cast, Dibakar sounds very excited: “Casting all three of them in this film was one of the most exciting parts of the project. Coming together for the film was the most exciting cast assemblies that I could have. Emraan is an effortless actor, Abhay is one of the sharpest talents in the industry and if you see Kalki in the film, you’ll say that this is the best performance in Shanghai. The only reason why they are in the film is because they are the best people to act out these characters in Bollywood. So the film and the actors are made for each other.”

    A much been written and talked about factor is the look for Emraan in the film. Dibakar explains, “It was the screenplay, which gave us the character. When I sat with Emraan, I told him that he’s too good looking for this role; so he jumped and said; listen please make me ugly!!. And now, he relishes the concept of being ugly. So, it was me, Emraan and our costume designer, we all sat, discussed and decided his look.”

    The film will also see the return of Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee to Bollywood after 21 years. Commenting on this, Dibakar says, “I needed somebody who is unknown to the Hindi film audience and at the same time has tremendous star power and charisma. The role of Dr. Ahmadi, as a character is one of a charismatic man, who is a social activist carrying his followers by the sheer force of his persona. If I had taken a known star, the character wouldn’t have been that believable. So I wanted somebody new and at the same time I wanted somebody with proven star credentials.”

    Since, Shanghai is a political thriller, we were a bit curious to know whether Dibakar is trying to convey any message through this film. According to him, every film conveys a message. “I have no idea, if it’s a message or a social message, or a political one. There is something, something about the way we are, something about the way we ought to be and that I say it in in my own style,” he adds.

    We learnt that Dibakar has already started working on his next project, which will be a detective whodunit thriller set in Kolkata of the 40s. Ask him about the same, and he refrains to comment: “It has got a long way to go. Yes, I am writing a screenplay but right now I am only thinking about Shanghai and nothing else, but yes, I am writing a script.”

    Dibakar’s Shanghai is set to hit the screens on June 8, 2012.


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