Images from Teri Meri Kahani (updated)

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  1. alex adams Says:

    priyanka seems to be saying–‘my bum is better than kareenas in EMET’
    The actual answer is ‘none of the above’

  2. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    I used to like Priyanka but she is so plastic and pose-y these days- it’s irritating. I wonder how she’ll change her image for international interviews once her pop album releases. If she’s too ‘bold’ she’ll alienate the Indian audience but her sati savitri, blushing at the mention of SRK’s name and giggling childishly all the time image that she has here will not work there either.

    • Agree with you Ami

      I used to like Priyanka…but she has become annoying!

      She’s lost that likeability on screen which she possessed

  3. Alex adams Says:

    Priyanka is any day much much better than kareena
    Oh is she is cuming with a music album
    She is talented no doubt
    Perhaps the best actress currently on the basis of ‘allround’ ability

    Did v well in that gowarikar film ‘rashi ‘- a class act criminally neglected..
    Btw there are more than rumours that uncle Srk has been upto something substantIal Finally with PC
    Watch the space
    Finally kjo has left him go lol

  4. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    I think that the SRK-PC rumours were just publicity for Don 2- if it was true those 2 would be denying the rumours and not fuelling them by constantly gushing about each other. Besides- PC can do a lot better than married SRK uncle. She’s been in LA recording her album and supposedly she’s hooking up with some hot, age appropriate musician there. There were some ‘leaked’ photos of the two of them up on some blog but they quickly got deleted. I don’t know his name but he was really cute.

  5. Alex adams Says:

    Didn’t know about that -so PC is busy…
    Think PC sings well-maybe heard her singing on some show ..
    Btw what happened to Diana
    Perhaps the “3some” was too much to handle hahaha

  6. Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

    I’m really interested in seeing the outcome of PC’s album- how well she is accepted in the States and how that changes the way she acts. Her music manager is also Lady Gaga’s manager and an American Idol producer is also involved- so her album is probably going to be a pretty big deal and well-promoted.

    BTW her good friend Jay Sean is collaborating on her debut album:

  7. alex adams Says:

    iv heard PC sing a couple of lines on a show somewhere
    She CAN sing unlike others who ‘feign’ singing
    think she should do this properly
    She may becum a big singing star –mark my words
    if she takes it seriously /handles it well
    btw like the way she has made it on her own–unlike the kareenas and the katrinas (although the latter has also done v well)

    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      She is talented I agree. But she made it because she was Miss World- that opens a lot of doors. In that sense most model-actresses in the industry are self-mad- so it’s not a big deal.

      But I like that she’s hardworking and accepts challenging roles and doesn’t try to just coast by on her good looks. Now if only she would was a little less plastic and a little more genuine.

      And I agree that she could make it big as a pop star- sings quite well, dances decently and has a great team working with her on her debut album. And obviously it doesn’t hurt that she is incredibly good-looking.

  8. alex adams Says:

    actually dont think she is ‘incredibly’ good looking though many times better than the likes of kareena
    infact thats perhaps the only thing stopping her from breaking into the madhuri/sridevi ‘allrounder’ domain
    Also dont think she can probably carry off oomph as Katrina has been doing lately
    There was a movie called whats your rashi
    not sure if anyones seen it
    She just owned it
    Im surprised @ how this movie got so unnoticed
    Even gowariker did well

    ps–Amy– I feel there is an actress/ creative artiste hidden in u waiting to be set free–lol-am i right?

    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      Lol- no actress inside me whatsoever- and I think that being a Bollywood actress is a sad job anyway- nothing ‘aspirational’ or ‘glamorous’ about it.

      I do think that Priyanka is incredibly good-looking- especially by the standards of the American media- if you know what I mean.

      She was very good in WYR but the movie itself was pretty terrible- so not surprised that her acting went unnoticed.

  9. alex adams Says:

    Think u do have an aptitude, understanding and talent for acting
    If u have any interest, why not give it a try…
    as the cliche says—follow your dreams (sic lol)

    U know, im thinkin of making an amateur film by handheld camera in spare time as a hobby (just for the kicks of it )
    may be an auteur type; varous locations of europe
    Target audience–myself
    not joking hahaha

    As for priyanka being goodlookin by american media standards–know what u
    She does have a certain poise, focus and ability to ‘move on’ (if u know what i mean) to suxeed

    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      Lol Alex- I highly doubt you can tell if I have a talent for acting through my comments on a blog. As for your film- go for it! I think it would be a really fun to be a writer/ director- if you have the aptitude for it. But not a Bollywood actress- that is a pathetic existence.

  10. alex adams Says:

    Amy—i do lots of things only as a hobby/ interest
    may not get time 4 it though but its just an idea….
    but intend to shoot a ‘film’ in my own quirky way
    may put it up on youtube if something good turns out

    and needless to say that the ‘hero’ wll be myself haha
    but the heroine(s) will be chosen by myself who will also be the director/ producer–there may not be any heroine -havent finalised a script lol
    in other words— a film for myself….
    Fortunately i can afford these sort of quirks (only prob is time)–god’s gr8

    ps- amy –im never wrong
    u may not like to act but u DO have a talent for film making/ media/ acting etc
    Hope u are able to explore this talent–dont underestimate it

  11. alex adams Says:

    and to clarify–
    wasnt making any casting couch-ish sort of wierd filmi offers
    just was sharing an idea floating in my mind
    dealing with the ‘germ’ of amateur film making
    and before satyam and others feel im on drugs, lemme move on to seomthin else lol

    ps—im planning to cast satyam (as the villian) haha
    and utkal uncle as the heros dad lol

  12. Alex & Ami – What is your Rashee would have been a good film if Gowarikar had cut down the songs and kept the length to about 2 hrs. Hrishikesh Mukherjee would have done a fine job of this movie with a short, simple and effective style. Priyanka did a good job in What is your Rashee. Other than that, she fails to impress me. I agree that she has become more plastic.

    As for the SRK/Priyanka rumours, it won’t be the first time that an ageing and declining super star has tried latching on to a younger and beautiful heroine in his declining years. I am sure the SRK fans are going to come down on me with a ton of bricks on this!

    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      But I do not see why Priyanka would want to date him. What’s in it for her? She’s not some desperate newbie looking to get her foot in the door- she’s a famous actress who has just signed a pretty impressive international recording contract. And as I said earlier- rumour has it that she is dating a (hot, young) musician in LA.

      • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

        I can believe that Akshay-Priyanka rumours because she was a newbie then. But I don’t see why she would do something like that now.

        • in the matters of heart, reason or rationale seldom works. Quite often women who are going through an emotional phase after a break up or death of a partner fall for the wrong guy who shows some empathy. My guess is some such thing must have happened with Priyanka after her break up with Shahid Kapoor.

          • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

            If she was even dating Shahid Kapoor ;-) I have a feeling that was for publicity- they were really milking the link-up rumours- singing on lots of joint endorsements and doing everything they could to encourage the speculation about their relationship- like spending half an hour flirting juvenilely on Karan’s couch and then denying their relationship. If they were genuinely together and didn’t want to acknowledge it- now way would they have done that show.

            And the same thing with SRK- if she was having an affair with him- no way would both of them be so open about their mutual admiration for each other and constantly gush. I think she is dating that musician- which is why photos of them were immediately removed from the blog that published them- because it was true and she wanted t deny it. She’s the most publicity savvy of all the Hindi actresses- I don’t believe any of her link ups which she neither denies nor accepts but uses just to get news space by acting in a way that fuels rumours, Nothing wrong with that by the way- I guess actresses need to do this kind of thing to stay relevant in the industry,

          • Alex adams Says:

            Wow that was deep FB^^
            So fb and Amy are our agony aunts
            Oops agony girls lol
            Good stuff gals – a welcom change from diet ‘coke’ lol
            Btw heard that the Srk -PC thing is/was purely mechanically physical only …
            Wrote something bout their ‘flight’- haha
            Think stk couldn’t ‘keep up’!!!

          • alex adams Says:

            just realised filmbuff has gone extinct
            god bless her soul-
            maybe she also got her internet access forcibly taken away /restriced like some others lol

        • Amy, her long time ex beau Harman Baweja (whom she kept referring to as her very good friend in her typical heroine style) has referred to her dating Shahid Kapoor and her affair with Askhay Kumar in an interview with Mumba Mirror or some such rag – it made rounds around the internet. Vidya Balan also referred to Shahid Kapoor suiting PC on the Coffe with Karan show.

  13. alex adams Says:

    Continuing the naughty gossip mania–

    Talking of SRKs mid life “resurgence”–Hope katrina is safe..
    by the way, the look on katrinas face immediately after the “peck” was priceless
    check this out

    Now —this pic deserves a thread of its own. This is a body language experts dilemma—Is that
    unease, fear or relief or fufillment
    WHAT is that expression on katrinas face lol
    throw the house open for commetns

    Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif’s close proximity is raising many eyebrows. It all started with a peck which was planted on Katrina Kaif’s cheek by SRK on the stage of Colors Screen Awards, which according to the sources was followed by a cozy meet in the superstar’s vanity car.

    The onlookers at the award function have revealed that apparently Kat was in SRK’s car for more than an hour. As soon as SRK left the van, Kat too left for her performance on the stage.

    Well, the peck on the cheek had already created ripples, we wonder, what would be the effect of the vanity car story on both Salman and Gauri Khan?

  14. Alex adams Says:

    ” what would be the effect of the vanity car story on both Salman and Gauri Khan?”
    KANK part 2 marries karan Arjun
    Directed by dharma

  15. Alex adams Says:

    “apparently Kat was in SRK’s car for more than an hour”
    In chakde : it was all about 90 minutes..
    Here just 60 min….!!

    • Kat is savvy about promoting her professional interests – so must have tried humouring KK (SRK’s other name) to ensure smooth work for their Yash raj prod.

  16. Alex adams Says:

    ” so must have tried humouring KK (SRK’s other name) to ensure smooth work for their Yash raj prod.”
    Haha-FB-pray suggest how this “humouring” takes place
    By doing a 60 min standup comedy in srks vanity van alone

  17. Alex adams Says:

    Quite busy but my daily gossip column is back on popular demand albeit briefly lol

    Mumbai: He calls her his 3 am friend, while she turns red even at the mention of his name. Few actors have shared the camaraderie Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra do, but it’s not a bond that hasn’t burnt some bridges along the way.
    May 2000
    Twelve years ago, when Shah Rukh Khan crowned Priyanka as Miss India, little did they know that their names would be spelt together, more often than they could have expected. He was her lucky charm, she had said back then.

    It was a time when apna Miss World was facing enough trouble from her then-secretary Prakash Jaju who sued her for non-payment of dues. The first time she sought help from Shah Rukh who ensured things would get better and encouraged her to concentrate on her career. She even accompanied him on the Temptations tour back then.
    August 2006
    After six years, the lady landed a role beside her favourite Bollywood star in Farhan Akhtar’s Don. Thanks to his allure and her acting abilities, both would often fall short of words of praise for each other. Priyanka said, “I still cannot believe I’m working with King Khan!” To which he responded, “She’s beautiful and the best actress we have today.”
    November 2008
    This was the year PC apparently found love with Shahid Kapoor while shooting for Kaminey (after breaking up with Harman Baweja of course. Remember him?) The relationship seemed fickle, yet feisty. Not to mention, it was one that good friend SRK approved of. The couple was seen spending time at Khan’s Bandra residence many times since then.
    January 2009
    By now Chopra’s love life was even more unpredictable than the Mumbai weather. Stories about trouble in the PC-Sasha paradise started doing the rounds every few months. The only constant was her affection for SRK. (By this time she had fallen out with Salman. She and Aamir on the other hand have never worked together).
    October 2010
    Don and his junglee billi were reunited as they began shooting for the Don sequel in Berlin. Apparently PC just couldn’t stop blushing after SRK complimented her at a press conference saying, “Priyanka looked prettier than Berlin.” Sweet!
    December 2010
    In the season’s hottest episode of Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan, PC gushed like a teenager when KJo mentioned how close she was to SRK. All poor Sasha could do was provide background score. However we hear that Gauri wasn’t too happy with it.
    January 2011
    In a surprise twist in the tale this time, it’s SRK who went out of the way to announce his fondness for her. At the Screen Awards co-hosted by Khan and Kapoor, SRK asked Shahid, “Is Priyanka your sister?” Ouch!
    February 2011
    Shahid was well out of her life, and she needed a friend more than ever. PC promoted both her films 7 Khoon Maaf and Don 2 with SRK who was hosting the show Zor Ka Jhatka. He went down on his knees for her and the cameras. “If he was one of the seven husbands in the film, I’d never kill him,” she said.
    September 2011
    By now their alleged closeness was too serious to be brushed off as a promotional gimmick for Don 2. Every time the media mentioned their ‘relationship’, she’d get defensive, while he took it lightly. This is when wife Gauri decided to throw an Eid bash.
    Priyanka was invited, but apparently ignored. Buzz was that Gauri’s friend Mehr Jesia walked up to SRK and confronted him about why Priyanka was part of the party. SRK jumped to came to PC’s defense saying she is a friend like most others.
    October 2011
    They appeared on friend Hrithik Roshan’s reality show Just Dance and spent more than quality time together.
    November 2011
    Buzz was that by now Gauri and SRK’s close friends had started smelling the coffee. Most of them empathised with Mrs Khan. A close friend was quoted in a magazine saying, “Priyanka is at every party that Shah Rukh throws. She’s always hovering around him. Of course, Gauri is upset.”
    December 2011
    Best friends Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Rampal walked out of Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar launch the minute SRK entered. A few days ago Priyanka was spotted in his office late in the night.
    January 2012
    Over the weekend, SRK and his new best friend hosted an awards function together in Macau.
    Excerpts from an interview that SRK and PC gave to HitList in November 2011…
    You both have never masked your admiration for each other. In all these years how has the equation changed?
    PC: Ever since I remember, I’ve wanted to grow up and be like him. Perhaps like a female version. He has always been associated with the most important aspects of my life ever since he crowned me Miss World. So he has been instrumental in honing me in a lot of ways.
    SRK: Personally, I am quite uncomfortable around actors. I get very conscious. But she makes me feel comfortable. She’ll fix my hair if it’s out of place. It’s nice working with a friend like that. Also she has realised that I am as insecure as anyone else.
    So there’s never been a disagreement?
    PC: I’d never have the guts to disagree with him…
    SRK: Actually a lot of people have told me that. They say you look sweet and all, but it’s not easy to dispute you. (Turns to PC) Should I tell them about that time in Malaysia where I was reprimanding you on a scene?
    PC: No….but yes, he reprimands me all the time. Just because he knows I can’t turn around and say anything back.
    Is there something you don’t like about her?
    SRK: Okay, there’s one issue I have with her as an actor. When she finishes a scene she says, ‘I killed it.’ You don’t ‘kill’ a scene. You ‘live’ it…
    PC: That’s just my way of expressing when I finally get it right…
    SRK: So use a different word. I’m not saying you show ‘kill’ is not what you do. You enthuse life into it.
    Why have you stayed away from working with other senior superstars like Salman, Aamir, Akshay, Saif?
    PC: I’ve done four films with Salman and Akshay.
    SRK: Darling, we’ve only done Don together. But I would love to do a full-fledged romantic film with her. I also think she’d be great at comedy.
    In the last three months much has been written about your growing ‘friendship’. It seems like a perfect publicity build-up to the film (Don 2).
    PC: You are the ones writing it. You should go and ask your fraternity.
    HitList: I can’t ask everyone around, so I’m asking you.
    SRK: As an actor when you put in long hours of work, and then you have someone who you really love or feel for to share that space, you feel fortunate. What’s unfortunate is when people give it a name or a tag. Sometimes friendships or relationships are beyond what people say. So when things out of the ordinary are said, it’s not embarrassing to us at least, because we know what it really is.
    So why do they say you don’t make friends in Bollywood?
    SRK: That’s a generic line. F*** off if people say so. I’m happy she’s around. I can take the advantage of calling her and asking her to do a three-day shoot for me, where all she’s doing is hanging from a rope. And she does it for me. She shoots on her birthday. It may be beyond professionalism, but that’s what friends do. The process of work becomes beautiful when you share that kind of relationship. I read what’s written, think about it, but it won’t come in the way of what we feel for each other.

  18. Alex adams Says:

    Ooops think this link above was ‘longer’ than I initially thought
    Anyhow-SRK uncle suddenly seems to be having some issues
    The ‘cup’ runeth over…

    Have first hand reports from an air hostess friend about the grossly inappropriate activities of SRK and PC

    Btw am not sure of the legalities, technicalities, logisitics
    To throw this topic open —
    Isnt SRK allowed by his religion to have many wives–what’s the limit, I don’t know–

    SRK uncle surely has more than a soft spot for PC-
    Maybe someone like Oldgold or sm can throw light here…

    Nothing derogatory -just curious

    • Yes….in Islam you can have as many as 4 wives…as long as they are muslim or revert to Islam

      There’s other criteria but that will lots of detail…

      these 2 have been fond of each other for a long time…..but it could be friendship who knows….

      Would SRK & PC really mess around on flights? I doubt it…but u never know nowadays

  19. Alex adams Says:

    Thanx for that clarification/ confirmation km
    Busy rite now but..
    “Would SRK & PC really mess around on flights?”-got anecdotal confirmation that “messing around” is an understatement here
    Wont go into the explicit details here lol

    Btw knowing a thing or two here and also having watched Srk over the years -feel for his dilemma hahaa
    He has never had this “affinity” for anyone (except kjo )
    So is it ok for him to do what KM has advised above lol
    What do people feel about the moral /ethical /personal issues here for Srk..
    Would we worth getting some education here..

  20. alex adams Says:

    hahaha rotflol
    for minor, tony, satyam, qalandar–enjoy


  21. alex adams Says:

    man, saw this movie only half asleep in a flight sometime bak but seems will have to revisit it properly
    this ‘liquid’ does seem damn frustrated :-)

  22. Priyanka-Shahid’s Kahani

    Posted On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 09:17:42 AM

    Kunal Kohli’s Teri Meri Kahani starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra is on the brink of release. The film spans over three time period right from 1912 to 1960 to 2012. While Chopra related to her 2012 character, Shahid connected to his character based on 1912. Said Shahid, “I related to Javed of 1912. There was so much of me in it.

    Whether he was coming up shayari or playing a lover to the hilt, he was just the way I am. There is so much of magic in him. And there is so much of me in him. Javed is the man every woman would love to meet. Also, he is shown belonging to an era of 1912 that is what makes it special.”

    Priyanka enjoyed playing the 2012 role. “She is the girl of today so obviously I related to her. Like me, she is very contemporary in her outlook and believes in living her life to the fullest. I enjoyed playing that character,” Priyanka said.

  23. Alex adams Says:

    Ok hmm
    Just checked this Priyanka c pic on the top–
    ‘simple’ ‘innocent’ reading a book in a library..
    Good -more than lass marks
    Has a certain ‘old world’ ‘innocent’ charm

    • alex adams Says:

      well-none of the other pics are any good–the same predictable stuff
      except the
      ‘simple’ ‘innocent’ reading a book in a library..
      Good -more than lass marks
      Has a certain ‘old world’ ‘innocent’ charm”

      ps–this is a somewhat ‘dangerous’ pic :-)

  24. Alex adams Says:

    This Priyanka c pic reminded me of another song
    In a different way…

    My ‘introduction’ to aishwarya rai
    Watched this half asleep on a flight
    Btw don’t think a more stylised, dignified and graceful yet ‘modern’ presence has ever graced Bollywood

    Off to practice some ‘music’ ;-)

  25. We finally get the ‘Three Times’ (Hsou-Hsien) pitch with this latest image.

  26. alex adams Says:

    KJo’s birthday bash: SRK left Gauri inside to see Priyanka off!!

    happy birthday kjo


  27. alex adams Says:

    a song i enjoy- somehow symptomatic of srks plight, it seems lol
    check it out

    KILLER GUITAR and strumming patterns

    Some heavy duty urdu lyrics….

    “Milke bichad na to dastoor ho gaya
    Yadoon mein teri main jo door hogaya
    O Sanam teri yadoon ki kasam

    Samjhe zamaana ke dil he khilona
    Jaana hai ab kya hai dil ka lagana
    Nazroon se na yu humko girana
    Mar bhi gaye toh bhul na jaana.”

    • Alex, in these lines there is hardly too much urdu and it is hardly heavy-duty man. any random guy can understand this

      • Alex adams Says:

        Ya-agree -though still a bit much for me..
        Meant the ‘depth’ of lyrics lol maybe
        Love the guitar chords here
        The woman here btw is lucky Alis third Irish wife lol

        Anyhow –what’s your bet for iPl final tomorrow
        Chennai or kkr
        Amy v oldgold :-)

        Check out dhonis helicopter to Malinga I posted elsewhere

        • Saw that video (had seen the match, dhoni batted like his old self after yrs)- and as much as i am indifferent to ipl and find it ruining the game i love, i will pick chennai any day for the simple reason that the have big game players and r lead by the shrewdest of captains(and mainly bcos chennai has michael hussey,one of my fav players)- And i will choose my Ami over anyone man- she is my ‘sweet friend’ :)

          • Alex adams Says:

            Ha agree about chennai knowing his to win finals, so will have an edge
            As for dhoni, like him in this form
            This wasn’t a shot but a lifetime career–the bat speed and hand eye coordination that overcame modest skillset..

            As for amys chennai versus oldgolds (Srk) kkr-
            A final is always a final-u never know
            May have to work now to be able to catch SMJ and Ipl final

            Before disappearing to slog–
            The winner may decide the cocktail lead roles :-)
            Who gets the ‘flamboyant’ role and who gets the longer role though ‘bold’ scenes are needed in both etc hoho
            Joking -gud nite folks (should run now anyhow lol)

          • Alex adams Says:

            Breaking news
            SRKs KKR beats Chennai to win IPL final
            SRK goes berserk …..

  28. alex adams Says:

    Bella Tarr retires–but v v slowly :-)
    Watched a ‘Turin Horse’ auteur workshop- has a distinctive style of long takes–a unique experience
    My suspicion is that this is not an actual ‘retirement’ and there will be a ‘comeback’ sometime soon lol


    Priyanka’s attempt’s at appearing coy/ innocent/ cute are becoming seriously painful- and she appears to be dressed for a different season from the rest of the students on campus.

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